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                                                                                                          Grieg Seafood   17         -  you really  only had two career choices  in   Grieg Seafood Finnmark employs 193 people         Bergsfjord; working on a fshing boat or at the fsh   and is a major employer in the region. The nature         receiving station.  These are seasonal jobs, and   this far north of the arctic Circle is beautiful, but         before i started at Grieg Seafood we were laid off   often rough. Winters are long, cold and dark, but         due to low activity.                      the summers are blessed with midnight sun and                                                   crystal waters.         daniel is a carpenter by education, and his         handyman skills and attitude is important for a   - nature is important to me; it’s a major reason why         fsh farmer. Salmon is continuously grown and   i want to live here instead of moving south. i grew         harvested at the Grieg Seafood sites, and the   up here, and i want my children to have the same         employees usually work one-week shifts.   wonderful connection to nature as  i have, says         -  i have  to take ferry  to get  home to  Bergsfjord   daniel.         from the site, so the work shift suits me well. and         i get more time to spend with my little daughter         when i’m home.
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