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  12        Rogaland         Rogaland in southwestern  norway is mainly           Why farm fsh when you can fnd oil?         a coastal region with deep, cold fjords, white                                                              you can fnd Grieg Seafood Rogaland’s fsh farms in the picturesque         beaches and small islands. The salmon we farm        Ryfylke fjord basin, just north of Stavanger. The town of Stavanger                                                              is well known as the administrative centre for the successful north         in Rogaland is primarily consumed in Continental     Sea oil and gas industries. With big oil money so close at hand, why         Europe.                                              would people here want to work as fsh farmers?                                                              it is no secret that industries compete for the best people in this         Our ventures in Rogaland, norway, are a result of mergers with and  scarcely populated country. We need better innovations to secure         acquisitions of smaller fsh-farming companies in the region. during  our values and our future.  We think of aquaculture as a sustain-         the last fve years, the company has made substantial investmentsin   able use of the natural resources along norway’s coast. as long as         both smolt production and farming facilities. This has enabled deep-  we handle our environmental challenges well, we can provide large         water fsh farms that reach down to 40 metres, where the ideal   quantities of healthy food with minimal impact on nature. however,         temperature for farming conditions can be maintained year-round.  the industry depends on innovative solutions to maintain our most                                                              important asset – the clean, cold, oxygen-rich fjords where we grow         Grieg Seafood Rogaland has 3 smolt licenses with which we operate  our fsh.         our salmon hatchery. The salmon farming activity in Rogaland has         16 growout licenses, and Grieg Seafood also is responsible for   Our best people know this, and they work hard every day to fnd         harvesting and freezing. in the frst quarter of 2011 Grieg Seafood   better solutions so we can continue to produce the world’s best         aSa bought 100% of Erfjord Stamfsk  aS, a broodstock (roe)   salmon for future generations.         company. We employ about 90 people including Erfjord Stamfsik.           Value Chain           Brood- Freshwater Seawater harvest processing Sales           stock           Key fgures 2010           Sales revenue:    TnOk 476 100           harvest:      TOnS 12 839 (gutted weight)           EBiT/kg:      nOk 10,20 (gutted weight)         GLOBaL Gap:                                          ERFJORd STamFiSk:         ThE  OpERaTiOnS in ROGaLand aRE  CERTiFiEd in aCCORdanCE  WiTh   ERFJORd STamFiSk  aS in SULdaL  On  ThE  nORWEGian SOUTh  WEST  COaST         ThE dEmandinG GLOBaL Gap  SChEmE. (WWW.GLOBaLGap.ORG).  ThiS iS   pROdUCES  BROOd  STOCk  FOR  ThE  nORWEGian  SaLmOn indUSTRy.  ThE         a  vOLUnTaRy  CERTiFiCaTiOn aGREEmEnT  ORiGinaLLy dEvELOpEd  FOR   COmpany’S TOTaL pROdUCTiOn COvERS 18 % OF nORWEGian FiSh FaRmERS         aGRiCULTURaL pROdUCTiOn, BUT haS RECEnTLy BEEn TRanSFORmEd TO ThE   nEEd FOR SaLmOn EGGS. GRiEG SEaFOOd nOW OWnS 100% OF ThE COmpany.         RELEvanT paRamETERS FOR ThE maRinE FaRminG indUSTRy.   pLEaSE viSiT WWW.ERFJORd.nO FOR mORE inFORmaTiOn.
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