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                                                                                                          Grieg Seafood   21                                                                                          35      34%         Salmon use the energy from fodder twice as effectively as poultry   Energy effcency         and  70% more effectively than pork. an important reason that fsh                30         require less feed than land animals is that salmon do not use energy   Compared with the production         to keep a stable body temperature. in addition, salmon can produce   of other livestock that are fed   25         several thousand  spawn  per  fsh  and  can  be sustained  on  a  few   concentration-based diets,   20  20%         parent couples; whereas land animals like pigs and cattle reproduce   salmon farming is extremely   17%         in modest quantities. Finally, salmon are 65% muscle, giving more   effcient in terms of the   15                                                                  utilization of energy and         meat than other farmed animals; and excess waste from butchering   protein in the feed.         is reused for feed production.                                                   10                                                                  The graph shows digestable   5   Salmon  Chicken  Pigs                                                                  energy. Source:                                                                                           0
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