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                                                                                                          Grieg Seafood   15        British Columbia         Grieg Seafood’s farm sites in Canada are         located on the east and west coast of         vancouver  island, and on the mainland         north of vancouver in British Columbia.         Grieg Seafood started farming in Canada in 2001 in Esperanza         inlet on the west coast of vancouver island, British Columbia. The         company’s activities have expanded, with farm sites now located         in nootka Sound, on the east coast of vancouver island, and on the         Sunshine Coast.         all our farms are reached and serviced via small coastal         communities. Gold River (population 1,200) on vancouver island’s   The  farms  may  be  located  in  remote  fjords,  but  our  company’s         west coast, is home to our freshwater hatchery and also serves as   close proximity to the US, Canadian, and asian markets allows this         the main staging area for our production in that region. The village   production region to directly supply these markets and ensures         is renowned for its sport fshing, majestic scenery, and friendly   that there is no compromise in delivering the freshest fsh to our         people. more than 25 local residents work in our hatchery, and our   customers. Grieg Seafood has a crucial proximity to the american         operations help support the tourism and marine transportation   market, with transport costs $1-1.70 lower per kg than our Chilean         sectors as well. it takes a full day to travel to this region from BC’s   competitors.         largest city, vancouver, but thepristine waters and superior farming         conditions are well worth the effort.                 Grieg Seafood BC Ltd. holds 21 farm licenses, has its own hatchery                                                               in Gold River, and owns a small processing plant on BC’s Sunshine         Our operations on the Sunshine Coast include farming atlantic and   Coast, in Egmont.  during peak production times we employ         Coho salmon. We also have a small processing facility in Egmont.   approximately 130 people, most of whom live in communities far         Located 120 km northwest of vancouver, our farms and processing  from British Columbia’s large urban centres.         facility seasonally employ over 50 people from the surrounding         communities.  This sparsely populated region is famous for its         gorgeous isolated bays and inlets nestled in the Coast mountains.                                                                 Value Chain                                                                 Brood- Freshwater Seawater harvest processing  Sales                                                                 stock                                                                 Key fgures 2010                                                                 Sales revenue:    TnOk 554 300                                                                 harvest:      TOnS 13 682 (gutted weight)                                                                 EBiT/kg:      nOk 5,05 (gutted weight)         GOLd RivER:         iT TakES a FULL day TO TRavEL TO ThiS REGiOn FROm BC’S LaRGEST CiTy, vanCOUvER, BUT ThE pRiSTinE WaTERS and SUpERiOR FaRminG COndiTiOnS         aRE WELL WORTh ThE EFFORT.
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