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  16        Finnmark         Finnmark is in the northernmost part of         Continental Europe, where norway         swings eastward. in the midst of         wild and majestic scenery with steep         mountains and icy fjords, the conditions         are ideal for growing healthy fsh of         exceptional quality.         Operations in Finnmark were established in 1978 by  norwegian         fsh-farming pioneer  harald  volden.  in 2006 the  volden Group         merged with Grieg Seafood and was renamed Grieg Seafood         Finnmark.         Grieg Seafood Finnmark now includes a smolt hatchery and 24         licensed sites, complete with harvesting and freezing facilities at                                                 STRaTEGy > >         four clusters in different regions of Western Finnmark. The distance         between production clusters forms a natural barrier to the transfer         of disease and therefore represents a lower overall biological risk         in Finnmark.         Grieg Seafood Finnmark owns and operates the northernmost fsh         farm in the world, close to the north Cape. Our facilities in Finnmark         enjoy the shortest export route to Russia in norwegian fsh farming,         including the major cities of moscow and St. petersburg. most of         our production is exported to the EU, Russia and asia.         The company employs about 190 people.                                                                       From seasonal to steady income                                                                       Fish farmer Daniel Johansen, 24, moved back           Value Chain                                                 to his childhood village of Bergsfjord (pop. 135)                                                                       in Finnmark to start a family. He works at the                                                                       Grieg Seafood site in Høgsfjord, and recently           Brood- Freshwater Seawater harvest processing  Sales           stock                                                       became the father of a little baby girl.                                                                       in an area that is traditionally dependent on seasonal           Key fgures 2010                                             wild fshing, the aquaculture industry has provided a                                                                       steady income for many people.           Sales revenue:    TnOk 733 300                              - We can’t all work at the public school, daniel says with           harvest:      TOnS 20 705 (gutted weight)                   a smile.           EBiT/kg:      nOk 10,44 (gutted weight)
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