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  18        Shetland         Grieg Seafood hjaltland has its business         in Shetland, with activities on 31 farm         sites divided between fve clusters.         Grieg Seafood hjaltland is the largest salmon producer in Shetland,         employing about 180 people. harvesting is performed by Lerwick         Fish Traders Ltd., which is a fully owned subsidiary of Grieg Seafood         hjaltland. Lerwick Fish Traders Ltd. is one of the largest salmon         packing and processing companies in Shetland. about 70% of the   Organic salmon from Shetland         salmon production is delivered as whole fsh, and 30% as various         types  of  fllet.  The  company’s  new  £4.2  million  processing  plant   Grieg Seafood hjaltland is a pioneer in production of the verybest         houses six trolley kiln smokehouses for smoking both hot and cold   quality salmon from Shetland and is the world’s largest producer of                                                              organic salmon. Oily fsh, and salmon in particular, is renowned for         salmon.  it also boasts an automatic salting line for curing, four   its health benefts. With consumers  demanding healthier and more         slicing lines and a packing line. This means our new facility allows   sustainable foods, Grieg Seafood  hjaltland made the strategic         Grieg Seafood hjaltland a daily production capacity of twelve tons  decision to produce organic salmon on a wide scale.         of smoked and marinated salmon.                                                 STRaTEGy > >   having recently acquired sites on which organic salmon were         Shetland Products Ltd.                               already being raised, the company has the capacity to produce         Grieg Seafood hjaltland has developed a large customer network in   approximately 2,500 tons of organic fsh per year.  This move is         the Uk, Europe, Far East and north america.. The sales department   in  direct response  to  market  demands  and  demonstrates  the         sells its own products through Shetland products in addition to fsh   company’s fexibility to respond to customer preference.         from external producers. Salmon is effectively delivered through   Organic salmon is a niche product in the market –         distributors to some of the larger Uk supermarket chains, such as   and this requires us to adapt our farming practices.         Tesco, Sainsbury’s and morrisons. The export ratio is 65% export   Our organic fsh meet rigorous standards set by the         (EU) and 35% domestic (Uk).                          Organic Food Federation and naturland.         please visit for complete product   Our organic salmon is sold under the  WildWaters         portifolio and further details about the company.    brand.           Value Chain           Brood- Freshwater Seawater harvest processing  Sales           stock  (pending)                    primary                                               Secondary                                               value added           Key fgures 2010           Sales revenue:    TnOk 660 300           harvest:      TOnS 16 988 (gutted weight)           EBiT/kg:      nOk 10,51 (gutted weight)
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