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Selected articles 2 Bitter memory of a child By
Ibrahim Naoum Ebeid

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Selected articles 2 Bitter memory of a child By Ibrahim Naoum Ebeid

Selected articles 2 Bitter memory of a child By
Ibrahim Naoum Ebeid

Selected articles 50

in their struggle to liberate their occupied Palestine, which lies between the
Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.

I would like here to stress that the United States Imperialism and Zionism are
aligning themselves against the Palestinians and Iraqis at the same time in order to
subdue the spirit of resistance that was born in these two occupied Arab countries.
This resistance is destined to win and fulfill the Arab dream in realizing Freedom,
Democracy, and Unity.

As we have stated before, the Zionists were given the task to destroy Palestine and
its society and the American Imperialists entrusted to destroy Iraq and its
Destruction in Iraq and Palestine became overwhelming, displacing the
Palestinians and Iraqis became the tyrannical policies of this unholy alliance.
Last week, the news came out of occupied Baghdad that the American invading
forces attacked Hay Al-Baladiyat, a section in east Baghdad where displaced
Palestinians live. The cowards used helicopters, tanks, personnel carriers, armored
vehicles and infantrymen on a large scale to attack this section and destroy the
Haifa Sports Club, a children nursery and fifty computers in a learning institute.
Even the Palestine Red Crescent was attacked, the clinic and the medical
equipment were not spared, and several people were arrested and taken away from
their homes to an unknown destination. Children in the center were panicking. The
Palestinian Study and Research Center was destroyed.

We view this terrorist attack at the Palestinians and its institutions in Baghdad as
part of the daily attacks on the Palestinians in occupied Palestine. Indeed it was
launched on behalf of the Zionist entity. It is unjustifiable and should be
condemned by all the progressive people in the entire World. The daily terror
against the Palestinian and Iraqi people must come to an end and the progressive
movement should act without any hesitation to help stop such barbaric act.
Half way support will do no good for the Palestinians or for the Iraqis, Halfway
support means fifty percent support for the Zionists and Imperialists and will leave
the victims and aggressors on an equal level. The progressive movements cannot
be wished- washy, they must take a very clear, progressive and un-wavered stand.
We thank the progressive movement for the job well done in leading large
demonstrations around the World against the war and against the occupation of
Iraq, but we would like our friends in the peace and progressive movements to

Selected articles 52

fully support the liberation of Palestine and Iraq. And to support the restoration of
the legal government of Iraq whose members are in captivity.

Democracy is not granted by invading foreign powers. We have experienced
“Democracy” by Sykes-Picot, by the British, the French, by the Italians and by the
Americans. This “Democracy, brought us divisionism, fragmentation and made us
twenty-two occupied states under the control of Imperialism and Zionism. Our
wealth became in the hands of the occupiers, dictators were imposed upon us and
very few left to share the wealth with their masters who are controlling them. The
majority of our people have succumbed under the poverty level because our wealth
is not in our hands.

The Palestinians are not terrorists, they were living in peace and security until the
Zionist came and expelled them from their country, they were forced to live in
concentration camps, in the “West Bank” and abroad, their villages and cities are
surrounded, heavy guns and helicopters are storming them with bombs and
missiles inflicting death and heavy casualty upon them. The Palestinians did not go
to Europe or to America to kill and expel people from their homes and towns;
foreigners invaded their land and forced the majority into exile. Don’t they have
the right to resist? Would you call them “terrorists” and hate promoters? Don’t
they have the right to resist in order returning to the homes and towns from which
they were evicted by force?

Don’t the Iraqis have the right to resist and restore their sovereignty and their legal
government whose members are in captivity?

December 18, 2004

Arrogance Will Not Triumph
By Ibrahim Ebeid
August 22, 2004

Selected articles 53

President Bush is capable of leading a destructive war against any country in the
World that challenges him. He is armed with the most powerful technology of
mass destruction in the entire World. This unmatched power that he enjoys would
be very dangerous if the man in charge is arrogant and blinded by his arrogance
and hate to people who do not share his belief. This power would fire back at him
and would bring death and destruction to his country.

Selected President Bush enjoys all the qualities mentioned above. He is armed with
power and arrogance and he is bringing death, misery, and destruction to Iraq and
to its people. He is bringing death to the young soldiers who were forced to go to
Iraq and misery to their families as well, who were left with no support.
The American people must understand that Iraq does not harbor any hate to them.
Iraq and its imprisoned Leadership never caused any harm to the United States.
Iraq was concerned in building itself and developing its economy for a better life
for its people and for the peace and security of the area. It always believed that the
Arabs couldn’t be developed into a modern society unless they were united in one
The Arab people believe that all Arabs are part of one nation in the cultural and
spiritual sense. The countries, in which they live, make up a politically and
economically united fatherland. Iraq was blessed to have a leadership that believes
in these values. The other Arab countries, especially the Gulf States and the Saudi
regime were designated to guard the oilfields for the mighty global corporate and
its Imperialist regimes. The Arab rulers do not share the noble aspiration of Unity
and that’s why they took part in the destruction of Iraq.

President Bush keeps saying that he has brought salvation and progress to Iraq. He
keeps playing the same broken records that make the listeners tired and bored. He
does not hesitate to use the “misery” that he brought to Iraq and its people, for his
personal gain in his campaign for "selection" in 2004.

When selected President Bush took advantage of the performance of the Iraqi
football "soccer" team in the Olympics in Greece for his personal gains, the Iraqi
team was very quick to react against this arrogance.

Salih Sadir, a member of the team said he was angry at Mr. Bush's campaign ads
showing pictures of the Afghan and Iraqi flags with the words: "At this Olympics,

Selected articles 54

there will be two more free nations - and two fewer terrorist regimes".
The campaign ad was indeed an insult to Iraq and to Afghanistan. The fact is that
the people of Iraq are not free anymore. Their Leadership is in concentration
camps, the Iraqi legitimate leaders are prisoners of war and Iraq is occupied. No
peace, no security, no water, no electricity, no jobs no institutions and no oil.
One accused the US leader of committing "many crimes", and another said he
would be fighting US troops if not for Athens. Their comments were made in a US
Sports Illustrated magazine interview.

"Iraq as a team does not want Mr. Bush to use us for the presidential campaign,"
said the Iraqi player. "He can find another way to advertise himself." He called for
US troops to be withdrawn from Iraq. "We don't wish for the presence of the
Americans in our country. We want them to go away." Another star player, 22-
year-old Ahmed Manajid, asked: "How will [Mr. Bush] meet his god having
slaughtered so many men and women? He has committed so many crimes."
Mr. Manajid, from Fallujah, said if he was not playing football "for sure" he would
be fighting as part of the resistance. "I want to defend my home. If a stranger
invades America and the people resist, does that mean they are terrorists?" he
asked. "Everyone [in Fallujah] has been labeled a terrorist. These are all lies.
Fallujah people are some of the best people in Iraq.

But coach Adnan Hamad said he was concerned with what the Bush administration
was doing in Iraq. "My problems are not with the American people. They are with
what America has done in Iraq: destroy everything," he said. "The American army
has killed so many people in Iraq. What is freedom when I go to the stadium and
there are shootings on the road?"

The Arrogance of Bush and his mighty power are causing death; destruction and
misery to Iraq and the Iraqis know it. The deprived American soldiers are being
sent to Iraq to kill and be killed in the name of “Freedom”, and the majority of the
Americans do not know it. Arrogance and blind power will not triumph. The
people will.

Mr. President, it is a blatant aggression. It is an occupation

Selected articles 55

Your smart bombs and cruise missiles were killing innocent children, women, and
old. You are destroying the entire country and yet you call it liberation? Why don’t
you admit once and for all that you are waging this vicious war on behalf of your
friends in the Zionist entity and on behalf of the multinational oil companies?
You say that you are not interested in the Iraqi oil, and yet your plans are to rob
Iraq of its wealth by forcing Iraq to pay for the destruction that you caused?
Your agenda is very clear Mr. President. It is oil and “ Israel”. You occupied Iraq
and you want to install a puppet regime, a regime that is enslaved to your
Imperialist Zionist ideals. You want to create a new “Middle East” stripped from
its Arab identity. You want a greater Zionist entity, a dominant one that is able to
control the entire region. You want the Arab World to be weaker, ignorant, poor
and more fragmented.

Mr. President, you have exposed your wicked plans and showed the World, the
entire World, that you do not give a damn about Iraq and its people, Your bombs
and missiles are still killing them. You are ruining their economy, their cities, and
towns but not their dignity and spirit.

You installed retired Lt. Gen. Jay Garner as civil administrator in Iraq, and Barbara
Bodine, a former ambassador to Yemen, as his coordinator for the civil
administrator. This man is your Vice Roy and he entrusted to represent the US
Zionist Imperialist power in Iraq. This is an occupation.

We know that Garner is a staunch Zionist. In 2000 he expressed his support for the
Zionist entity declaring that the “Jewish “ state is an asset to the United States. We
know that the Jewish Institute National Security Affairs sponsors him. We also
know that the hard-line lobbying group linked to the idea that invading Iraq and
overthrowing President Saddam Hussein is good for both “Israel” and the United
You want to put the entire nation under your mercy and its wealth under your
control. You want to starve everyone, you already have. Mr. President the Iraqis
are not a nation of slaves and they reject your “liberation”. They have proved it to
you since day one of your aggression. The resistance will continue and will
become a war of liberation to expel your forces and teach you and your allies a
great lesson.

Selected articles 56

Do you remember Viet Nam, Mr. President? You are creating a new one. We are
sure it is coming.


Blood, Robbery, and Occupation

By Ibrahim Ebeid,

The Anglo- American aggressors are still slaughtering the Iraqi people. They are
continuing the massacre that they started more than a decade ago when they
imposed the deadly embargo on Iraq and its people. Their bombs and missiles were
guided to kill more civilians. Bombs were falling from every direction, twenty-four
hours a day. Arrogantly Bush and his henchmen are calling their murderous action
a ‘war of liberation”.

While these bombs were falling the Pentagon was busy working on tenders for
major contractors. The big multinational companies and US oil companies were
racing to get a piece of the spoils. They were planning the robbery of Iraq very
well. Their hands are already tainted with the blood of the innocents. They hope to
rob Iraq of billions of dollars and the oil will be theirs and not “for the Iraqi
Halliburton that was the employer of Richard Cheney, the current Vice President
of the United States, as well as Bechtel, Fluor and others were among the
companies that were racing for the spoil. The Wall Street Journal reported that
among the Kuwaiti businessmen looking forward to having part of the share of this
bloody robbery is Saad al-Barak, who manages Kuwait's largest mobile-phone
company. He has already placed two containers of cellular phones near his office.
Iraqis were forced to buy his cellular phones in order to get in touch with their
relatives outside occupied Iraq. Fatima who lives in the United States was
contacted by her brother from Baghdad at a cost of $10 dollars a minute. Indeed it
is a robbery and the Kuwaiti satellite is sucking the blood of the Iraqi people and
adding misery to despair.

Selected articles 57

Iraq armed with its Pan-Arab nationalist ideology stood up against the Anglo-
American war of aggression for more than 12 years. It fought alone and endured
the genocidal sanctions that were imposed on it to destroy it and weaken it.
The Arab rulers bear the responsibility for the occupation of Iraq. All of them were
part of the vicious war led by Washington that put Iraq in ruins. The crimes
committed by the Arab regimes will haunt them as long as they live. They are
criminals and they must pay the price on the Day of Judgment that will come soon.
Since 1968 the Arab rulers have spent billions of dollars to inflict harm on Iraq for
its nationalist Pan-Arab stand. This amount would have achieved the liberation and
rebuilding of Palestine if it was spent for this noble cause.

Some régimes were not helpful to the Iraqi cause. They have assisted the
aggressors with information detrimental to Iraq and its leadership. Some have
welcomed the CIA agents of the Iraqi opposition and refused to grant refuge to the
Iraqi Resistance in their respected countries. Others have betrayed the Palestinian
cause and signed Accords that legitimized the Zionist entity in Palestine.
Mubarak of Egypt has allowed hundreds of American and British warships to sail
through the Suez Canal to the Red Sea to rain their bombs and missiles on Iraq
causing thousands of injuries and deaths among the civilian population. He refused
to close the canal to protect a member state of the Arab League from an
Saudi Arabia allowed the forces of evil to use its bases and offered logistics and
full support to the enemy of an Arab Muslim state. As a matter of fact, the Saudi
regime assisted the US and British aggressors for 12 years of genocide against Iraq
and its people. The pretext was that the Americans were there to protect “Saudia”
from “Israeli aggression while the truth was to destroy Iraq who stood like a giant
against the Zionist entity and with the Palestinian people.

The rulers of Kuwait have no honor and no dignity. They have committed
unforgivable crimes against the Arab and Muslim nations. They have surrendered
Kuwait, the 19 District of Iraq to the Anglo-Saxons and helped destroy Iraq.
Qatar was the mainspring of the aggression where the Generals of Death gathered
to occupy the Free State of Iraq. The Gulf States with no exceptions are
accomplices of the crime and will pay the price sooner or later. They will be
condemned in the annals of history forever.

Selected articles 58

The Iraqi opposition, the agents of the CIA, individuals, and organizations who
entered Baghdad under the protection of American and British tanks and guns are
traitors and they have sold their honor to the US and Zionist Imperialism.
Many details are still hidden that we do not know about. The future will reveal the
facts behind the fall of Baghdad. Treason in a high level in the Republican Guard
was a factor that will be revealed to us very soon.

Those who are looking to profit from this war of aggression and occupation failed
to understand the resolve and the will of the Iraqi people to protect their land and
their wealth. The Iraqi people will continue to fight until the aggressors leave and
Iraq is liberated.

Carry your cross and go away

By Ibrahim Ebeid

Two US Zionist Christian missionary organizations are invading Iraq to help the
Imperialist powers, the Anglo-American-Zionist aggressors, to colonize Iraq.
They think that the Iraqis would welcome them and would embrace their type of
corrupt Christianity. They are hoping to impose their false doctrine upon our
gallant people and convert our Muslim brothers and sisters to their corrupt un-
Christian faith. They want “to address the physical and spiritual needs of a large
Muslim population”.

The Southern Baptist Convention, the country's largest Protestant Denomination,
and the un-Reverend Franklin Graham's Samaritan's Purse were near the Iraq
border in Jordan and were poised to invade as soon as it is safe.

We know both Graham and the Southern Baptist Convention and their
uncompromising support for the Zionist entity. We know that they are Zionist
Christians. We know their hostility to Islam and Prophet Mohammad. These
Zionist Christian missionaries share the same ideals of the Anglo- American-
Zionist Imperialist powers. They are one and the same. They think they can destroy
us and change our character. They want to convert us to their distorted faith. They
want to destroy our Islamic Arab Culture that enriched the World with knowledge,
faith, Science and saved the West from the darkness.

Selected articles 59

Two months after the Sept.11 tragic events, Franklin Graham called Islam "a very
evil and wicked religion" during an interview on NBC, the television network. In
his book published last year, "The Name," Graham wrote, "The God of Islam is not
the God of the Christian faith." He went on to say that "the two are different as
lightness and darkness."

On the eve of the Southern Baptist Convention in St. Louis last year, the Rev. Jerry
Vines, a former denomination president, told several thousand delegates that
Islam's Allah is not the same as the God worshiped by Christians. "And I will tell
you Allah is not Jehovah, either. Jehovah's not going to turn you into a terrorist,"
Vines said.

As a Christian Arab, I say to Graham and his likes: Carry your Cross and go away.
You are not part of me and your god is not our God. Our God, Allah, is a loving
God, a Merciful God, and a Compassionate one.

Our Christ is different than yours. Ours is one of us. He is a descendant of
Abraham of Ur and for your information, Ur is in Iraq, the same Iraq that you are
bombing and destroying. Christian Arabs as well believe in Allah. Allah is the
Arabic name of God.

Southern Baptists, Franklin Graham, take your Cross and your crumbs and go
away. You are not part of our Christ. Islam is above you and nobler than your un-
Christian Zionist faith.

Thank You, George

Ibrahim Ebeid

It is a new attempt to occupy the Arab World, this time led by the Anglo-American
powers. President Select Bush of the United States and Tony Blair of the United
Kingdom are trying to subdue the Arabs and put them under control. They are
trying to rip the Arab World apart into helpless mini-states. Their ancestors
invaded Palestine under the pretext of religion, but this time they are coming to
Iraq under the pretext of “liberation” and “democracy”.

Selected articles 61

Have Mr. Bush and Blair forgot the Sykes-Picot Agreement, which divided the
Arab World and placed it under French and British Occupation after the end of
World War I when the Arabs helped them to defeat the Ottoman Empire?
Certainly, we have not.

Have they forgotten to help the creation of a Zionist entity in Palestine, in our land,
in our villages, towns, and cities?

We have not.

Iraq realized the danger of the Western Zionist Imperialist intention and stood like
a giant against the aggressors. Iraq is being attacked for being the free voice of the
Arab nation. Its belief in freedom and Arab unity did not please the Zionist entity
and its stooges in Washington and London. Its strong support for the Palestinian
struggle for liberation drove these evil powers to madness and vengeance.
The Bush propaganda was very poor and their intelligence was miserable. It was
built on lies and wishful hopes, which did not materialize. The Iraqis did not meet
them with cheers and flowers but with guns and resistance.

The madness of the aggressors demonstrated its savagery by killing and maiming
hundreds of civilians every day, by bombing the popular areas in Baghdad, Najaf,
Karbala, Basra and other areas. Blood was everywhere, corpses and human flesh
scattered all over the bombed areas. Death was all around.

President Bush said he was concerned about the Iraqi people, “but if Iraqi people
are dying in numbers, then American policy will be challenged very strongly” said
Peter Arnet.

The Arab people have realized that the aggression on Iraq was a war against the
entire Arab nation. The brutality of Bush’s war became a major contribution to
Arab awakening.

As the aggression and occupation continue the resistance will be strengthened and
definitely it will liberate Iraq from the Anglo-American aggression and occupation.
The resistance will give birth to the true Arab revolution that will liberate the entire
Arab Homeland from Imperialist influence and dominance. The resolve of the Iraqi
People to liberate Iraq will triumph. Palestine will be liberated from the river to the

Selected articles 60

sea and the Arab Homeland will be reunited. Baghdad will be again the Capital of
the Arab Homeland.

Thank you Mr. Bush for your contribution to the rebirth of Arab Nationalism,
thank you, for you do not know what you are doing.

They are killing our women and children

By Ibrahim Ebeid - April 2, 2003-

On April 2, 2003, the US Marines near Najaf, a holy city in Islam, committed
another despicable crime. The American “heroes’ killed seven women and four
children viciously and savagely. This crime shows that the intention of the
Coalition is to kill and terrorize the people of Iraq not to “liberate”. Indeed,
Washington is adopting the Zionist tactics to the fullest extent, they are
slaughtering people in order to create”fear” and “dread”.

Crimes and massacres were committed in the South resulting in more deaths; all
were civilians and mostly women and children. A spokesman for the Red Cross
stated that he saw tens of ripped corpses and scores of wounded in the floors of Al
Hilla hospital that were moaning and dying. The doctors were working hard around
the clock trying to save lives but there were not enough medicines. A human
tragedy was inflicted on the Iraqi people by Bush and Blair. Since the beginning of
the aggression, more than 700 hundred civilians were killed and about 5,000
The killings near Al Najaf and elsewhere in Iraq by US and British forces caused
anger in the Arab world and consternation among other nations. European Union
spokesman described the horrendous crimes as “horrible and tragic" while other
international groups said it highlighted the need to protect civilians.
This slaughter reminded many around the world of the massacres in Viet Nam
committed by the United States of America. The New York Times, in an editorial
entitled "The death of innocents," recalled the My Lai massacre of civilians during
American aggression in Vietnam. The New York Daily News tabloid ran the story
on the front page with a headline that screamed, "Slaughter".

Selected articles 62

While bombs are still falling and killing people in every part of Iraq, the Iraqi
popular resistance is getting stronger. Arab fighters are joining their Iraqi brethren
to liberate Iraq from the Anglo-Saxon invaders. Thousands of Iraqis are returning
to their homeland to fight against the aggressors. The Americans and British are
being met with bullets and not with roses and songs. This war of aggression will
rally the Arab masses behind Iraq. American aggression will be defeated. Iraq will
remain the solid rock of Arab Unity and Dignity

At Last At Last, the US Is Not Free

By Ibrahim Ebeid

The Bush Administration does not differ from any other prior administration,
especially when the matter concerns Arab causes, particularly, the Palestinian one.
All the US Administrations present and the past stood up firmly with injustice and
always were and still are supportive of the Zionist movement and its entity in
Palestine. They were and still are hostile to the Arabs, Muslims and more so to the
On August 20, 2004, the Bush Administration moved to lend more support to
Butcher Ariel Sharon to expand the settlements in Palestine (West Bank). Bush has
declared in the past, publicly, that he was against the expansion of the settlements
but privately he was always part of the Zionist policies of more land grabbing and
Since the creation of the racist entity in Palestine, at the expense of the Palestinian
Arabs, the United States presidents were always pawns in the hands of the Zionist
leaders. They were manipulated willingly by “Israel” and served as its most loyal
servants. Billions of dollars are being shipped to this racist entity. These billions
are robbed from the pockets of the American taxpayers in order to kill more
Palestinians, to force more into exile to make more room for the Zionist settlers.
Palestine was robbed piece by piece, village by village, town by town and city by
city with the blessings and support of the West in general and the US in particular.
We are not surprised by the United States policies of biases and hostilities to the
Arabs because we firmly believe that the United States is not free. The Zionist
powerful lobbies that control the vast majority of the politicians dominate the US.

Selected articles 63

None of those dominated and controlled politicians and representatives will dare to
speak up for justice and truth. The conscience is dead. If anyone does, he or she
will pay a very dear price and becomes unemployed, his, or her seat will vanish
and will be a grab for another competitor.

The matter is different when the Senator’s term comes to an end. US Senator Fritz
Hollings boldly spoke about Zionist influence in shaping the policies of the United
States. He dared to speak up because he decided to retire from the Senate after
representing his state, South Carolina, since 1966. He dared to speak because he is
not worried anymore. He is a free man. He spoke boldly about Zionist power when
he said that Iraq was invaded “ to secure Israel,” and that “everybody” in
Washington knows it

Will more Senators come out and speak publicly and boldly about the power of
Zionism in the United States without waiting for their final term? Will any official
dare to work for the liberation of the United States from the control and
domination of Zionism?

As far as for the Arab and Muslim governments, the Arab and Muslim peoples lost
hope with these regimes. They are also dominated and controlled by the axis of
evil, Zionism and US Imperialism. But the people of these countries are waking up
and fighting for their salvation.

We know that Bush and Ariel Sharon are leading a vicious fight against Palestine
and Iraq with the blessing of the Arab and Muslim regimes. Most of those
miserable regimes are supportive or silent about the massacres committed in Iraq
and Palestine.

The massacres in Najaf, Kufa, Fallujah, Samarra, Baghdad, Jerusalem, Nablus,
Gaza, Khan Yunis, Jenin, and Rafah and in other locations in Palestine and Iraq by
Washington and Tel Aviv are creating mass graves in the name of “Democracy and
Killing Palestinians and Iraqis are intended to create fear among the population to
force them to accept the tyranny of US imperialism and racist Zionism. The
occupation of Iraq and Palestine are designed to help build a larger racist entity
that stretches from the Nile to the Euphrates.

Selected articles 64

The Iraqi National Resistance under the wise leadership of the Baath and the
Palestinian Resistance under the Nationalist and Islamist freedom fighters had
chosen the task of liberation. Every fighter in Iraq and Palestine had chosen the
road of martyrdom for the liberation. I can hear each one among them chanting the
words of the Palestinian poet, Abdul Rahim Mahmoud, who met with martyrdom
on the battlefield near Jenin in 1947.

I will hold my soul in my palm

And cast it into the abyss of death;

For me, either a life that pleases friends

Or a martyrdom that enrages the foe;

I swear I see death before me

Yet I rush ahead to welcome it.

My ultimate desire is my martyrdom,

Defending my usurped right, defending my homeland.

The processions of the Martyrs in Palestine and Iraq will continue and will defeat
the most sophisticated machine of death. They will destroy the mal-intentions of
Zionism and US Imperialism in Iraq and Palestine. Iraq and Palestine will be free.
US Imperialism and Zionism will be defeated.

August 28, 2004

Baghdad and Jerusalem are giving birth to the Arab Salvation.

Ibrahim Ebeid speaks up

Iyad Allawi, the self-admitted US and British intelligence agent and terrorist, was
rewarded for his allegiance to become the anointed Agent of terror in Iraq.

Selected articles 65

He took upon himself to terrorize the Iraqi people by the power bestowed upon
him by the United States with more than 150,000 foreign troops to pillage, ravage,
and loot.

Allawi and George W. Bush are claiming that the occupation of Iraq is ended and
Iraq is free and independent but the facts speak for themselves, Iraq is still
occupied, Allawi, the “Interim Prime Minister” and his government have no say in
Iraq but to obey the orders from Ambassador Negroponte, the new Vice Roy of
News reports coming from Baghdad reported that Iyad Allawi pulled a pistol and
executed as many as six Iraqi prisoners at a Baghdad police station, just days
before he was selected to be the representative of US Zionist terror in Baghdad.

Two eyewitnesses reported that handcuffed and blindfolded prisoners were lined
up against a wall in a courtyard adjacent to the maximum-security cell block in
which they were held at the Al-Ameriyah Security Center, in Baghdad’s
southwestern suburbs.

The informants told the Herald that Allawi shot each young man in the head as
about a dozen Iraqi policemen and four Americans from his personal security team
watched in stunned silence while the agent “Interior Minister”, Falah al-Naqib, is
said to have looked on and congratulated him when the job was done.
Another report said that Allawi went to a prison in Baghdad to supervise the
terrorizing manner of investigation. He took an ax and chopped the arm of one
captive forcing the rest to "speak" what he wanted them to say about the
This is the new Iraq and this is a new democracy that Bush and Cheney are giving
Iraq and its people. Terror, dictatorship, occupation supported by the most
powerful country in the World and by the most malicious powers in the entire
Globe, the racist Zionist Movement that is controlling and dominating the US
The Iraq National Resistance and the Baath Party have characterized and defined
the forces of evil. Their program is very clear and very genuine. The Resistance
under the Baath Leadership will not compromise and will not bargain with the
“Interim Government “of the traitors. The fight will continue until the last soldier
of US-Zionist occupation is gone and with them those who betrayed Iraq and came
on the top of the invading tanks.

Selected articles 66

The Iraqi National Resistance is determined to keep fighting to liberate the leader
President of Iraq and his comrades from the occupation concentration camps
The Resistance will continue to liberate every inch of Iraq usurped during the
British Mandate and during the US-British Aggression.

The Bush-Blair lies are already exposed to the World.

The truth is shining like the powerful son in the desert and will triumph.
American-Zionist Imperialism will be defeated at the threshold of Baghdad and
Baghdad and Jerusalem are giving birth to the Arab Salvation.

July 17, 2004

Bremer the New Percy Cox of Iraq

L. Paul Bremmer, the appointed American Civil Administrator of Iraq, should
learn a lesson from his predecessor Sir Percy Cox. Sir Cox was appointed by the
British government to rule Iraq in the 1920's. The British occupation of Iraq soon
after World War I was also for oil. For this reason, the district of Kuwait was
created by a stroke of a red pen. Cox, the British High Commissioner, carved it
away from Iraq. Like Bremer, he created a sectarian council to justify the British
agenda. The national resistance against the British continued for a long time. King
Faisal, his notorious uncle Abdulillah, and the Prime Minister Nuri Al Said were
toppled on July 14, 1958.

Mr. Bremer, the new Percy Cox, is not learning history lessons. He is following Sir
Cox's steps and repeating his faults. Mr. Bremer and the US Administration are
leading the United States into another Vietnam. This time it is in Iraq.
The newly created Council is not a democratic governing council. Its members
were appointed and anointed by Bremer, the viceroy of the Anglo-Saxon powers in
Baghdad. Most members of the council entered Iraq behind American tanks and
guns. They have no power to rule. They are legitimizing the occupation and
destruction of Iraq. The council is a rubber stamp in the hands of Bremer who

Selected articles 67

enjoys the veto power and who can override any resolution that might not be in the
interests of United States.

Ahmad Chalabi is wanted by Interpol. His story, of bankrupting Petra Bank of
Jordan and transferring the bank's funds to self-interest accounts is well known.
The rest of the appointees to the governing council are being used by the US
Administration to serve American interests. They help the United States in
fabricating lies to occupy Iraq and ruin its economy and kill thousands of innocent
Such a council has no conscience or shame; the appointed members are not popular
among the Iraqi people. They have passed a resolution to legalize the occupation of
their country and consider this occupation of Iraq as “liberation", this shameful day
(April 9) is considered a national holiday and other holidays important in Iraqi
history were annulled.

The majority of the Iraqi people are deeply upset and annoyed by seeing their
country succumbed under occupation and their wealth being robbed by US gigantic
corporations such as Halliburton, Bechtel, and others.

Certainly, the Iraqi people have no faith in movements that are supported and
nourished by hostile foreign powers, such as the Dawa party, the Supreme Council
of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, and the rest who were on CIA payroll living in
luxury in London and Washington.

The Iraqi people know that Washington and London harbor no respect for them but
the lust for the oil fields and the desire to pocket Iraq's tremendous wealth.
Iraqi popular resistance will continue with or without Saddam until Iraq is
Will Bremer and Bush learn from Percy Cox and history? Or will they drag the
United States into another Vietnam that might leave the US economy in ruins?
July 25, 2003

Selected articles 68

To African Liberation Day 2017

Comrades and Friends, Brothers and Sisters

Will the United States stop terrorizing the world and abandon its arrogance and
self-indulged supremacy or will it continue on this path until the world is
completely destroyed and no one left around, including us? Is the United States of
America infected by the supremacist chauvinistic idea of “the chosen people"?
These questions do not depart my mind and they haunt me like a nightmare.
One has to follow the news media and listen to top officials of the Administration
from the President downward, including representatives of both houses, Senate and
House of Representatives. All are beating the drums of war against many nations.
Brothers and Sisters

Today I limit my talk about Iraq, no weapons of mass destruction were found, the
war was launched on false pretenses and fabrications and Iraq was destroyed.
Millions of innocent Iraqis died. The infrastructure, the state, and private
institutions were demolished. Electricity became a thing of the past. The people of
the Two Great Rivers are thirsty and starving. Peace and security were replaced by
horror, chaos, and fear. Iraq is in ruins and the occupation of Iraq led to the birth of
many terrorist groups such as the Islamic State, known as ISIS, ISIL, and Daesh in
Arabic, but it is not the only one in Iraq , there are hundreds and they are equal to
Daesh or worse, the militias that are controlled by the sectarian government under
the influence of the clergies of Iran and commanded by General Qasem Suleimani,
all these militias, the Iraqi sectarian army and the US and coalition forces are
targeting the innocent people of Iraq and the Iraqi National Resistance ,and the
cities were not spared.

When Mosul fell to ISIS after the Iraqi army fled on the orders of Prime Minister
Nouri al-Maliki, the Iraqi army left its weapons and equipment for ISIS. ISIS
entered the city in large numbers of men came in from different countries of the
world (Arab, European and Asians).

The first criminal act carried out by Daesh (ISIS) was the kidnapping of five senior
Ba'ath Party leaders and more than 50 resistance leaders and officers suddenly
from their homes and their fate is still unknown. It also killed many of the Ba'ath

Selected articles 69

Party and the national resistance members. The leadership of the National
Resistance and the Ba'ath Party decided to freeze military operations and withdrew
from the field to avoid material and human losses in the event of a clash with this
criminal and savage organization, supported by regional and international forces on
the one hand and coalition forces and militias on the other. The National
Resistance is targeted by all these parties as well as by Daesh. The People
Resistance will return to the battlefield when the time is right and believe me it will
be soon.

Comrades, we have to support the legitimate right to resist occupation and to
refuse any interference in the internal affairs of any country in the World.
We have to condemn the forces of terrorism, extremism, racism, sectarianism,
corruption, and reactionary, we have to confront and resist them by various means,
and we have to help the Iraqis to restore a secular government and get rid of the
criminal sectarian one, and to get rid of the militias supported by Iran and the
United States that they are equal or worse than ISIS.

There are many Iraqis with tremendous experience in administering the state who
are capable of restoring peace and progress to Iraq that we must help and trust.
Relations between you and the Ba’ath Party and the Resistance, the revolutionary
and progressive forces must be strengthened in order to restore peace in Iraq,
Palestine, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Africa and here in the streets of America.
Long live the comradely relations between the Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party and All
African People’s Revolutionary Party

We will see you in liberated Baghdad

Stay strong

Ibrahim Ebeid on behalf of the Iraq Committee ALD, May 20, 2017

Selected articles 71

Bush-Cheney no more in 2004

By Ibrahim Ebeid, July 25, 2003

The nightly news In the United States reminds us of the Viet Nam era about
American soldiers killed in action but this time it is in Iraq. The Anglo-Saxon
leaders, Tony Blair of London and George W. Bush are responsible for the
bloodshed. They sent American and British soldiers halfway around the world to
kill Iraqis and to be killed for oil and for the Zionist entity.

During the war against Iraq in 1991, George Bush Sr. stated time and time again
that the reason behind it was oil and Israel. He promised the Arab stooges, the
rulers of the Arab world, that he would settle the Palestinian problem fairly and
squarely. But sooner we have learned that "Israel" the US ally was to be awarded
the lion's share and the Palestinians would get nothing more than the liquidation of
the Palestinian cause. Mr. Martin Indyk stated several times that the war in Iraq
was for "Oil, oil, oil, and Israel".

For oil and "Israel" selected President George W. Bush Jr. and Tony Blair went all
the way to Baghdad to secure the Zionist-Anglo Saxon agenda.

The lives of the innocent Iraqis and young Americans became cheaper than oil.
American soldiers are becoming edgy and nervous, they are getting killed and their
families are worried. The soldiers want to come home to be with their wives and
children and the Iraqis want the occupation to end. No one wants to see body bags
of young soldiers coming home. They want to see the troops coming home alive
and well.

"If Donald Rumsfeld were here," said one soldier, "I'd ask him for his resignation."
Another told a reporter that he had his own "Most Wanted" deck of cards. "The
aces in my deck are Paul Bremer, Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush and Paul
Wolfowitz." Meanwhile, career officers are telling reporters that the Iraq
deployment threatens to destroy the army's ability to recruit and retain its troops.
The President is arrogantly lying to the American people and his henchmen are
denying the fact that there is an organized Iraqi resistance to occupation. The
military has admitted what the Administration has denied. General John Abizaid,

Selected articles 70

the new commander of Imperialist forces in Iraq, hand-picked by Rumsfeld,
explicitly contradicted his boss in his first appearance before Congress Wednesday,
July 16, when he said that US forces are facing a "classical guerrilla-type
campaign" that is becoming more effective and may be organized at the regional
President Bush like his partner Blair is in deep trouble for fabricating lies and
baseless accusations to justify his war of aggression and his occupation of Iraq.
Among the many lies was the story of the Uranium. CIA Director George Tenet
was trying to save the president when grilled by some senators in a closed hearing
session Though he took full responsibility for the reference in Bush's State of the
Union speech to Iraq's alleged efforts to obtain uranium from Africa, he pointed his
finger directly at hawks in the White House and the Pentagon as the parties who
pushed hard for its inclusion. Indeed this war justified by lies and deception,
conducted by the highest authority in the land is a betrayal of the Constitution of
the United States and a crime against humanity.

The President is desperately trying to save his shattered image. He wants to
involve the United Nations in sending troops as " peacekeeping forces". He wants
more troops in Iraq to help him "crush "the resistance.

We agree with presidential candidate Kerry that the only solution for the United
States is to "Withdraw from Iraq". We might add that all who are responsible for
this brutal and unjustifiable war and for the fabricated lies should be responsible
and should resign immediately to save the world from their plots and wars against
The American people are not a herd of cows in the Texas ranches to be led meekly
to the slaughterhouse. We Americans will speak up on Election Day 2004.In 2004
Bush-Cheney no more.

His Popularity is Descending and his Arrogance is Ascending

By Ibrahim Ebeid:

January 17, 2006 - The popularity of George W. Bush is continuously descending
but his arrogance is ascending. The vast majority of the American people are

Selected articles 72

challenging his position on the war of aggression against Iraq, the war that is
causing many Americans and Iraqis to die and hundreds of thousands to be
maimed for life. His arrogance is taking a new level that humanity has not seen or
experienced before. The middle class that is ardently supporting this war has no
worries because the children of these strata of wealthy Americans are not dying for
corporate America.

The President’s speeches reflect his blind ambition and arrogance even when he is
apologetic for the false pretenses of the war. He had the nerve to ask the American
people for "patience".

The American people know better and they are realizing that this war of aggression
cannot be justified and tolerated because it is destroying an entire nation and
leaving it in ruins. George Bush is claiming that there is progress and Iraq is on the
road to "Democracy" and "Progress". What a lie and what a farce.

Iraq was the most advanced country in the Arab region. It was flourishing and
building real democratic institutions to be a model for the entire Arab Homeland to
attract the Arab people for Unity. Employment in Iraq before the war of aggression
that started in 1991 by George Bush Sr. was a hundred percent, Medical and
educational institutions were very advanced and free for all. Electricity and water
systems were covering the entire country including the remote villages until
George W. Bush, the arrogant, invaded the country. He claims that he is rebuilding
Iraq and the Iraqis are better off while in reality, he is not capable of rebuilding
New Orleans that was destroyed by Katrina and his negligence.

The American veterans are the most hurt in this war after the Iraqi people.
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 15% of the veterans aged 20-24
are jobless; this makes three times the national average. But the most tragic
situation for the veterans beside unemployment is homelessness. They were sent to
the slaughterhouse in Iraq and Afghanistan to die for corporate America and the
survivors were rewarded with ingratitude, unemployment, and homelessness while
the sons and daughters of the Middle Class and the hypocrites who say "we support
our troops" are enjoying the good living of America, expensive homes, and
luxurious cars, high paid jobs and privileges.

Bush is losing the war on all fronts; his failed "victory strategy" to win the war is
unworkable. It is illegitimate and based on illegal occupation, and there is no

Selected articles 73

viability in confronting the legitimate Iraqi National Resistance. The Resistance is
enjoying the support of the Iraqi people, Arab masses and the people of good will
in the World. His schemes to create a new "Middle East" under the domination of
Zionism will fail because the Arab people are determined to recreate a united
homeland free from foreign domination. The Iraqi National resistance under the
leadership of the Baath Party and President Saddam Hussein will be the spearhead
of Arab liberation and unification. It will be the spearhead for the liberation of
Palestine from the river to the sea. Mahatma Gandhi, in an article in Harijan,
November 12, 1938, before the creation of the Zionist entity in Palestine said "The
cry for Jews does not make much appeal to me. Palestine belongs to the Arabs in
the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French. It is
wrong to impose the Jews on the Arabs. The Palestine of the Biblical conception is
not the geographical tract… it is wrong to enter it under the shadow of British guns
– nothing can be said against the Arab resistance in the face of overwhelming
He was right, Palestine is Arab and it belongs to the Arab people, most of them are
not born yet. They will continue the fight and the future generations will carry the
torch of victory.

For the Anti-War Movement to be genuine it must unconditionally support the
aspirations of the Iraqi and Palestinian national resistance to liberate Iraq and
Palestine. The movement must realize that Imperialism and Zionism are based on
racist aggressive principles geared to dominate the World and oppress us all. The
Bush spying on the American people is part of this malicious scheme to control
and suppress humanity. The American soldiers will keep dying in the slaughter
House that Bush created. Bush and his allies are creating the "Republic of Fear".
Beware, America!


Ibrahim Ebeid January 6, 2009

I believe that President George W. Bush has no conscience whatsoever, and if he
ever had one, it is dead. He is an arrogant man who has no feeling or respect for

Selected articles 74

human lives and he doesn't give a damn for the Arabs or Muslims. The massacres
are continuing on a large scale in Gaza and probably will spread to the rest of
Palestine with his approval and blessing.

In his weekly radio talk to the nation on January 3, 2009, he blessed the Zionist
war of annihilation on Gaza; he condoned the mass murder of the people of
Palestine and put the blame on Hamas and the defenders of Gaza.

The whole world knows that Israel was created by terrorism and mass murder but
the arrogant Bush is accusing the victims of waging a campaign of violence against
"Israel", with the help and support of the United States, is killing the Palestinian
children, women and elderly. Land grabs and confiscation to build Jewish
settlements are widely spread, Olive trees which are revered since their existence
are being destroyed and wheat fields are being burned to starve the people, Water
is forbidden for the Palestinians, their animals, and their plants while the racist
settlers are enjoying green grass and swimming pools. Mosques, churches, schools,
universities, and factories are being destroyed and arrogant Bush is encouraging
and justifying the act of terror committed by the invaders.

He continues to say “Hamas committed an act of terrorism when it renewed rocket
attacks into Israel last month, provoking this week's air strikes by "Israel".
He ignores the bombing with one and two-ton bombs that savagely kill and destroy
and yet he blames the primitive rockets of Hamas? He ignores the deadly blockade
on Gaza that deprived the people of food, medicine, pure water, and bread. Fuel
does not exist in Gaza and the facilities can not run anymore.

The Zionist entity that the United States of America is supporting is pounding the
people of Gaza indiscriminately by land and by air and George Bush is
encouraging the mass murder.

Mr. President, the blood of the Palestinians and Iraqis is in your hands; history will
not forget or forgive

Selected articles 75


By Ibrahim Ebeid,

New York- November 9-2008

When Iraq was under the Hashemite family, the country was close to the West,
especially with Britain, until the 1958 Revolution took place when Iraq established
a relation with the Soviet Union. But as soon as the Ba’ath took power in 1963, the
relation with the West worsened because Iraq took a more independent path,
economically and politically, and in 1972 the Iraq Friendship and Cooperation
Treaty with the Soviet Union were signed.

Since then the West, and especially the United States, were furious and started
creating problems and conspiring against Iraq The preparation for war against
Ba'athist Iraq was in the making.

In 1978, Carter placed Iraq on a list of states that supported terrorism. Margaret
Thatcher, the British Prime Minister, and her friend President Reagan were
fabricating the lies that Iraq was building the largest cannon in the world, capable
of shelling Tehran and Tel Aviv. Later on the myth of the super gun took a new
form, a new lie, which told that the fabled weapon was designed to fire nuclear,
chemical and biological shells at US military targets in the Gulf, Middle East, Red
Sea and Mediterranean, as well as targeting Kuwait, Bahrain, Turkey and Israel.
This lie was circulated by DEBKA-Net-Weekly. Britain and the US adopted the
lies that were spread by DEBKA-Net-Weekly. US and "Israeli" intelligence were
taken aback to discover that not one, but three or four super guns, had just turned
up in Iraq's arsenal. In reality, the huge special pipes were ordered by Iraq from
Britain for a milk factory and for oil pipelines.

New lies were revived about the myth of the Super gun by DEBEKA WEEKLY on
January 2002 to help President Bush invade Iraq for "Israel" and for oil, of course,
not for "democracy." This was part of the myth of the weapons of mass
destruction; the lies were exactly similar to the previous ones.

All US Presidents since Carter were viciously hostile towards Iraq and Palestine.
Unfortunately, early indications show that President-elect Barack Obama is

Selected articles 76

following the same pattern as his predecessors. He did not break the wall of fear
and isolation; he will keep the American people living in constant fear by
illustrating the Arab Liberation Forces in Iraq and Palestine as terrorists and
attaching them to the myth of Al Qaeda. Already he is taking the side of the
Zionists and "Israel". He will keep anti-Palestinian sentiments alive to satisfy the
Zionist and Jewish Lobbies. He will continue supporting the "sectarian government
of the Green Zone" which his predecessor imported from Iran.

Sooner than most of us expected, he picked Joseph Biden to be his running mate.
Biden a devout Zionist and supporter of "Israel", once stated on Shalom TV, "I am
a Zionist; you do not have to be a Jew to be a Zionist."

Biden supports splitting Iraq into three states, a Kurdish in the North, a Sunni in
the Center and Shia in the South. He supported the invasion and occupation of Iraq
and now he will soon be the vice president of the US. He denies the right of the
Iraqis to unity, liberation, and independence.

Representative Rahm Emanuel, the son of settler colonialist terrorist in usurped
Palestine was welcomed by America's Jewish community as US President-elect
Barack Obama's best pick for the post of Chief of Staff. Emanuel was born in
Jerusalem and was an Israeli citizen until the age of 18. I would not be surprised if
he is still a citizen of the Zionist entity because a Jew is allowed to carry dual
citizenship, Israeli and another one. In his case, he is an Israeli-US citizen. This
prompted many Zionist leaders, in the US and in "Israel" to praise Obama. William
Daroff, the director of the Washington office of the United Jewish Communities
(UJC), said "Rep. Emanuel is also a good friend of Israel, coming from good Irgun
stock" referring to his father who was a member of the Irgun terrorist organization
that assassinated and killed Palestinians and British in Mandated Palestine in the
thirties and forties.

In his visit to occupied Palestine, Obama stated that Jerusalem should not be
divided but should be the eternal capital of "Israel" and like the rest of the previous
US Presidents he considers the Palestinians who fight for the liberation of their
land as terrorists, Also, he did not hide his agreement with the Zionist leaders by
denying the Palestinians the right to return to their land from which they were
expelled in 1948. At a press conference on March 2, 2008, Obama stated: "Any

Selected articles 77

negotiated peace between Israelis and the Palestinians is going to have to involve
the Palestinians relinquishing the right of return as it has been understood in the
If Mr. Obama is serious about ending the war, which I doubt, then he must
recognize the Iraqi National Resistance as the legitimate representative of Iraq, and
he must agree to the immediate and unconditional withdrawal. He must agree to
compensate Iraq for all the damages that the fascist war caused to its people and to
its infrastructure. He must disassociate himself and the United States from the
sectarian government which was brought from Iran to the "Green Zone." This
government is illegal and represents the interests of the Iranian and US
Occupations at the same time. All political, prisoners of war and the legitimate
Iraqi leadership must be released. These were some of the conditions of the Iraqi
National Resistance stated in its Program for Liberation and Independence, and
then he can sit down with the Resistance to facilitate the withdrawal of the troops
The possibility of Obama meeting with the Iraqi National Resistance is about as
remote as Adolf Hitler receiving a posthumous award from the B'nai Brith for
humanitarian activities. In November 2005, Obama mentioned the Iraqi Resistance
to the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations. He told the group, the U.S. must
"contain and ultimately extinguish the insurgency in Iraq."

Sadly, the overwhelming majority of Arab-American votes went to Obama, despite
his pandering to Zionist supporters and his many pro-Israel statements during the
campaign. In the last poll held prior to the election, 68% of potential Arab-
American voters said they would cast their ballots for Obama. They suffer from the
suspension of disbelief.

One may ask, "Well, McCain was not pro-Arab, why was it such a mistake to vote
for Obama?" The mistake of an Arab-American voting for Obama showed a lack
of knowledge of the candidates as well as a certain amount of self-hate. Two
candidates, Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney, ran fair and astute campaigns.
Both called for an immediate exit from Iraq of U.S. troops and both lambasted the
Democrats and Republicans for their pro-“Israel” positions. Sure, they were on the
ballot as minor parties, but they did not disrespect Arabs and force them to vote
against their interests. If Arab-Americans voted en masse for these candidates, they

Selected articles 78

would have sent forth a strong message that their votes should not be taken for
granted by two pro-Zionist candidates.

If Mr. Obama does not end the war, the United States will be defeated for sure,
occupation always end up with bitter defeat and humiliation, we are witnessing the
fallout in the economy and the American people are paying the price
If Mr. Obama ends the war, Americans and Iraqis would be triumphant; progress
and security would come to the area and to the rest of the World, including the
United States and we will hear no more of "Al Qaeda."

Ill-treatment of prisoners is a general practice in Iraq

By Ibrahim Ebeid

The International Red Cross Committee was informed many times about the ill-
treatment and torture of the detainees but no stand was taken by this institution.
The INCRC kept silent. The members of the legitimate leadership of Iraq
succumbed to severe torture and inhumane treatment. The Martyred President of
Iraq was mistreated and tortured, the Martyred Vice President, Taha Yassin
Ramadan, had to treat his wounds with water and salt: no one was spared the
abuse. Some of the detainees died from torture or by depriving them medical care
or good nourishment, such as Hikmat Ibrahim Azzawi and Tariq Aziz. Some
became very frail and are dying in their cells that are not fit for animals, much less
for human beings. All the prisoners in occupation detentions were transferred to
the jails of the sectarian government created by the US and Iran to be lynched and
Mr. Tareq Aziz who was the legitimate Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq was no
exception. His health deteriorated rapidly; he was approaching his death in a small
cell that according to his lawyer, was not fit for dogs.

The cells in whîch the leaders of Iraq are kept do not see the sun, only darkness,
and the prisoners are not allowed to exercise or see daylight more than a few
minutes a day.

Selected articles 79

Before Mr. Tariq Aziz died his family appealed several times to the Vatican, to

The Pope, and to many prominent Christian and Human Rights Organizations to

intervene on his behalf to help his release but there was no response. Not one

organization, religious or otherwise acknowledged the human cries of the family of

this great human being, they did not respond to his agony and suffering.

I have seen many appeals from the families of the detainees asking the world, in

the name of humanity, to intervene for the immediate release of their relatives. The

prisoners are old, frail and sick; they suffer from chronic and critical diseases.

Their families are in need for them since they were expelled from Iraq and all of

their belongings were confiscated, They became refugees outside of their beloved

country. They are penniless and desperate. They are waiting for the release of their

beloved ones.

The prisoners were tried for resisting the occupation of their land and for saying no

to the US-Iranian occupation. The trials were taking place for vengeance and the

courts were supervised directly by Iran with US blessing and cooperation.

How many times do we have to appeal to the Human Rights Organizations, Anti-

war Movements, and the world to take a courageous stand against the war in Iraq,

and to help release all prisoners and detainees.? Do they have ears to hear our calls

for help or deafness fell upon them? Do they have eyes and they cannot see the

atrocities committed by the forces of sectarianism and occupation, or blindness fell

upon their eyes? Are they ignored because they are Arabs and considered

"terrorists" by the Western World? Or has the world just fallen under the spell of

the United States and Zionism?

We hope that the citizens of the world wake up from their slumber and pressure
their governments, their anti-war movements, and human rights organizations to
intervene to release all Iraqi prisoners and detainees and to stop the atrocious
occupation of Iraq immediately.

Selected articles 81

In Plain English

Ibrahim Ebeid July 24, 2005

There is no doubt in mind that the Iraqi Resistance is approaching a decisive
victory against the US invaders and their allies. The United States, under the
leadership of the neocons, Bush and his Christian Zionists are facing a secured
bitter defeat under the heavy blows of the Resistance. Now Bush and his allies are
cornered inside the "Green Zone" in the center of Baghdad and none of his
generals and stooges can adventure out of these few square miles. And the "Green
Zone" with its fortification they are not safe from the raging anger of the Iraqi
people. There is no way safer for the invaders and their allies but to pack up and
The attempts to seduce some Iraqi "patriots" who are morally and politically
bankrupt to form some kind of an entity to try to negotiate with Resistance to ease
the entrapment of the occupation and to legitimize the stooges will be futile to the
occupation and its schemes. Indeed this is another desperate act to try to "split" the
Resistance and to contain the wide masses that are supporting the Resistance and
the full liberation of Iraq. The Allawis, the Jaafaris, and the Chalabis are already
consumed and a bitter end is awaiting them. The entire population of Iraq rejects
them and condemns them as being part of the destruction of Iraq and they were
behind the mass graves that the occupation created.

According to the statements issued by the Resistance, we conclude that the Baath

Party Regional Leadership of Iraq is leading the National Iraqi Resistance. In a
recent statement, the Leadership was calling upon the Ba’athists where ever they
are “to be extremely prudent, careful and alert and to reject any suspicious step,

and to boycott any meeting which adopts programs that are conflicting with those

of the Political and Strategic Program of the Resistance and the Party. According

to the strategy, the liberation of Iraq would be accomplished through the

"combating gun and not through compromised meetings" such as the coming
meeting in Beirut. The Ba’athists and the nationalists must act seriously to divulge

the erroneous attitudes that are strewn with mines; the attitudes of some patriotic

elements that were lured to such conference ought to be convinced to change their

minds. The Party and the Resistance "care to see every patriot in the Revolution

camp and not in that of the Occupation" according to what we read in the


Selected articles 80

In This Blessed Month, The Aggression Continues

By Ibrahim Ebeid

The blessed Month of Ramadan is back and the Arabs succumb under rulers whose
allegiance is to the Zionist Imperialist power. The Arab and Muslim peoples are
deprived and forbidden from progress. Iraq and Palestine were invaded and
occupied. The people of these two great countries are facing mass annihilation by
the US and Zionist forces. US Imperialist plot is going maliciously strong and the
Arab rulers are either silent or sharing the forces of evil in destroying Iraq and
Not one inch was saved from bombardment either in Palestine or Iraq. Arab blood
is staining our soil at the hands of the most brutal criminals in the modern history.
At the onset of this holy month, the Zionist racist army is slaughtering our people
in Palestine, our children, our women and our elderly are not spared because all the
Palestinians are “terrorists” according to the US Imperialist-Zionist dogma.
The Iraqis are being slaughtered, in Samarra, in Fallujah and in every part of the
Land of the Great civilization.

Mass graves are being created in Iraq. In Fallujah, a football field was converted to
a cemetery that contains one mass grave that contains the corpses of 750 victims of
U S aggression. These days the heavy bombardment is continuing against this great
city and probably it might find itself in need for another mass grave.

In this election year, in the United States, all candidates, from both parties, are
competing to prove who is more loyal to Zionism and its entity in order to win the
election, even if it means killing the entire population of Palestine. They have
ignored the plight of the Palestinians. They falsely charge the Palestinians who
defend their land and their very existence as terrorists. They are denying the
legitimate right to liberate their historic land. The Zionist entity has the right to
kill, destroy and confiscate every inch of Palestine.

The United States, with the help of its representatives, has succumbed to the
influence and domination of the Zionist entity, “Israel”. The interests of “Israel”
became above of those of the American people. The Zionist movement is very
aggressive in its drive to control the United Sates Congress passed many

Selected articles 82

resolutions to protect the interests of the Zionist ambitions, even resolutions to
suppress the hopes and aspirations of other people who refuse the Zionist
The US Congress passed The Global Anti-Semitism Review Act of 2004 and sent
it to President Bush. The legislation also would set up an office in the department
to counter anti-Semitism. (S 2292) This bill has one purpose only, one purpose to silence the
Arab people from liberating Palestine and to silence anyone who dares to challenge
the racist principles of Zionism. No doubt that this bill is directed against the Arabs
who are Semite. It will give a license to the United States to launch more
aggressions and “pre-emptive” wars against the Arabs at any given time and it will

ive the Zionist entity the license to kill more Palestinians and to cleanse Palestine
from its children.

The blind support of “Israel” is anti-Arab, anti-Justice and anti- Humanity that
must be stopped by the American people if they wish to gain friends and respect in
the World.

The American people should not wait for another defeat, Vietnam-like, to awaken
them. They should act swiftly and wisely to save their country from a further
catastrophe that might be awaiting them in Palestine or in Iraq.

There is no force in the World that is able to suppress the determination of the
oppressed people from liberating their occupied land. The Iraqis and the
Palestinians are determined and they will triumph. The strength of Washington is
the force of arms but the strength of the Iraqis and Palestinians is their will and
It is about time for us, Moslems and Arabs, to search deep in our hearts and souls
to find out what went wrong. The time is ripe to take a united stand to free
ourselves from the tyrants that were imposed upon us. It is about time to liberate
our occupied lands from occupation and foreign domination. Then we can say
Happy Ramadan, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Selected articles 83

Interview with the Party of Labor of Turkey

March 2004

1) What sort of events should we expect in Palestine after the murder of
Sheikh Yasin? All the world media expects that the Palestinian guerillas
will make 'shocking' actions to take the revenge, and the Israeli violence
against the Palestinian people will rise up. And then? Up to where will
this situation go?

As Palestinian who is living the Palestinian tragedy for more than 6 decades, I
say that the events will continue in a vicious circle. They Zionists will keep
committing crimes of genocide against the Palestinian people. The
Palestinians will keep resisting and fight the brutal settlers who occupy their
Sheikh Yassin was another martyr that is paving the way for the liberation of
Palestine. The brutal killing was a self-portrait of Zionist racist brutality, not
directed against this man alone but against the Palestinian cause and the
Palestinian people. Unfortunately the media, Arab and Western alike, is
ignoring the fact that Palestine is invaded and occupied. The Arab rulers are
not paying attention to the onslaught of the Palestinians. The Palestinians are
not vengeful people. They are fighting against injustice, against a vicious
racist enemy that is occupying historic Palestine. Millions of Palestinians are
forced to live in exile. Their lands are being grabbed piece by piece. Their
homes are being demolished every day. They are deprived of water while the
Zionist settlers are enjoying swimming pools and green gardens on the
account of the Palestinians. The Palestinians are not taking revenge; they are
fighting in self-defense against an international racist colonialist power. The
bad situation will keep going on for many years to come until radical changes
take place in the Arab and Muslim Worlds.

2) Zionists give some messages that they may target all the Palestinian
leaders, even Yasser Arafat. Is this only a trick to spread fear and terror;
or is Arafat really under danger?

Selected articles 84

The Zionists have been targeting every Palestinian for more than five
decades; even children and women were not spared. The Zionist Mossad
assassinated many Palestinian leaders. On April 9, 1973, Ehud Barak in
Beirut killed Kamal Nasser, Kamal Idwan, and Yousef Najjar. But this did
not deter the Palestinians nor it hindered the struggle. It is not a trick
designed for creating fear, it is part of their plan to inflict as much harm as
they can to silence every voice of truth and justice. They might kill more
Palestinian leaders and Arafat might be targeted as well as part of their
strategy to force the liquidation of the Palestine problem. Arafat has
bargained on many things to make “peace” but he refused to give concession
for the Right of Return. The Zionists want Arafat to silence the resistance,
disarmed it and disband it. The United States wants a new leadership in
Palestine to be under Zionist and American domination, like the one created
in Iraq. For this reason, Arafat might be targeted. Nevertheless assassinating
any leader will not stop the determination of the Palestinian people to
continue the struggle.

3) The Arab rulers are coming together at the Arab League summit on 29th
March. The two main agendas are the new wave of Zionist assaults. And
the American pressure on these countries to westernize them. (The
Greater Middle East Project.) How do you consider the Arab rulers and
their relations with the US?

like any other Arab Summit, they gather only to socialize. Their Resolutions
are already made. They will come with condemnation of “Israel” and they
will support the “New Iraq” under the occupation. They will beg the United
States to transfer power to the appointed “Council” and will call for
preserving Iraq unity. Their action will not go beyond what it was designed
for them. No one can cross the line designed to each by the Anglo-American
-Zionist alliance. He who dares to cross will be punished. Iraq was the
example. Concerning the new wave of Zionist assaults, the Arab rulers will
be satisfied to condemn such acts only but will not take a serious step to stop
the slaughter of the Palestinians. They are police states, corrupt and weak.
They will welcome the omnipresent occupation armies in Iraq and in the Gulf
mini-states and they will oppress their people further in order to satisfy their
masters in Washington, London and Tel Aviv. The Arab rulers do not

Selected articles 85

represent their people but they are convenient tools in the hands of the powerful
and mighty to suppress their own.

4) How can you describe the situation in Iraq? As we know, the resistance
groups are making efforts to build a united political front. How
successful are they? How do the Iraqi people support the resistance?
Iraq is under occupation. It was invaded by the Anglo-American forces.

The Iraqi leadership was well aware of the situation and the intentions of the
Anglo –Saxon –Zionist alliance. According to the resistance statements, the
leaders had an alternative plan if Iraq was occupied. The plan was
implemented since day one of the occupations of Baghdad. The Iraqi
Resistance was formed under the guidance and the leadership of the Arab
Baath Socialist Party. According to what is taking place on the battlefield, we
conclude that the resistance is gaining strength. Many of the Iraqi people are
joining the resistance as well as many groups, such as Ba’athists, Army,
Republican Guards; Islamic and Nationalist. The Iraqi people will continue to
resist until all the foreign forces that are part of the invasion left. The
Twenties are a prime example when the British invaders were defeated and
were forced to leave. The Political United Front is already there and the Iraqi
National Resistance is its military arm.

5) There have been bloody attacks at the offices of two main Kurdish parties
on the Sacrifices Day and against the Shiites on the Ashura. Who are behind
these attacks? How will the relations between different communities of Iraqi
people go forward?

No one has taken responsibility for these attacks. Most surprisingly the
occupation authority did not present any one to the public or to the media.
These acts seem to be the work of someone who wants to strengthen the
hands of the invaders or wants to drag Iraq into a civil or sectarian war, but
the Iraqi people were very quick to unite their efforts to thwart such attempts.
Common funerals for the victims took place in Sunni and Shia Mosques.
Both leaderships of the clergy called upon the people to be wise enough and
avoid falling into the trap designed to drag Iraq in sectarian strife. Some

Selected articles 86

clergy went further to point fingers at the American and to the Zionists.

6(‫‏‬In your article (The Arabs Should not Wait For a Miracle) you say: "The
Arab people have no other choice but to achieve a united front to liberate
the Arab Homeland and achieve Unity." Could you inform us about the
dynamics in the Arab Homeland for the liberation, national sovereignty,
and democracy struggle? for example; the trade unions, the political groups,
the local leaders and the intellectuals etc?

The Arab country is divided into many mini states; kings, sheiks, and
dictators rule them. All these rulers are controlled and directed either by
Washington or Tel Aviv. In fact, they do not represent the Arab hopes and
aspiration for a bright future. Most of the political parties are government’s
parties; trade unions and federations are established by those governments
and speak not for the people but for those who are in power. The popular
progressive parties that exist across the Arab Land are persecuted and
forced to go underground. These progressive movements ought to search
deep into their souls and stop wasting their time in blaming each other for
the failure of achieving progress. They are not safe from annihilation unless
they join each other in a united front and adopt a very progressive program.
This program must be geared towards unifying the struggle against
corruption, dictatorship, and foreign domination. The Iraqi National
Resistance and the Palestine Liberation Fighters have paved the way for
such unified struggle. The more they sacrifice towards this goal the more
they progress and the more they force changes in the entire region. The
more progress the Resistance achieves in Iraq the sooner will be the
approach to the Liberation of Iraq and Palestine. The more steps are taken
towards this end, the closer the achievement will be towards Arab Unity. A
free Iraq and a liberated Palestine are the only way to reach this noble aim.
By unifying the struggle a united front is achieved that will lead to Unity,
Freedom and Social Justice.

7) What is your message to the Turkish and Kurdish peoples in Turkey?

Selected articles 87

We as Arabs, have inseparable historic ties with the Turkish and Kurdish
people. Our culture, values, and heritage are similar. We live in the same
area and we are facing the same problems. Any achievement of progress in
any country of the region will be a plus for the region.

I believe that the Kurdish people of Turkey are an integrated part of the
country. Any difficulty that Turkey is facing with its citizens should be
solved peacefully and amicably, keeping in mind that Turkey should remain
united, free and progressive.

Thank you and I wish you well and progress.

Ibrahim Ebeid

Al-Moharer Weekly

Palestinian Activist

Born in Jaffa, Palestine

Forced to live in exile

Interview with The Party of Labor of Turkey

March 2004

Iraq and the Liberation of Palestine

Once again Iraq proved itself effectively to be on the side of the Palestinian cause.
Its creed that Palestine is Arab is deeply rooted in history. In the old days,
Nebuchadnezzar came from Babylon to liberate Palestine and when Palestine was
again occupied by the European settlers Salahu Deen came from Iraq and
destroyed the Imperialist European entity in Palestine and Palestine once again

Selected articles 88

returned to its Arab fold. The 1948 Iraqi Martyrs' Cemetery in Jenin, in North of
Palestine, is a witness of Iraqi continuous participation to liberate Palestine. The
belief and confirmation of the Iraqis that Palestine is Arab were repeated again and
again, in 1956 and 1967. In 1973, when the leadership heard about the war on the
radio, without any hesitation, the Iraqi troops were in the Golan fighting alongside
the Syrian Army against the Zionist enemy.

Despite the deadly blockade that Iraq is facing and despite the daily aggression
committed against it, Iraq allocated a billion Euros to help the people of Palestine
for this year. Its support is effectively being implemented while most of the Arab
regimes are supporting the failed peace process, which is directed against our
historic Palestine. Shamelessly they are supporting the Zionist entity and ignoring
the massacres of the Arab people of Palestine. The Saudi and Kuwaiti regimes are
conspiring relentlessly against Palestine by allowing the forces of evil to continue
its aggression against Iraq and its people in order to cripple the Iraqi efforts and
serious participation for the liberation of our land from the River Jordan to the
Mediterranean Sea.

More than six million Iraqi men and women had responded to the voice of
Liberation and are awaiting the opportunity to march to Palestine to save it from
the Zionist occupation and destruction. According to President Hussein, the
support that Iraq is giving to Palestine does not exceed the sacrifices that the sons
and daughters of Al-Intifada are offering. What Iraq had offered is considered as a
nationalist duty that Arab regimes failed to do. The Iraqi leadership considers the
cause of Palestine and Iraq is one, and if it were given the opportunity, the great
army of volunteers would be fighting the illegal Zionist entity to restore Palestine
to its people and the Palestinians to their homeland.

We salute the Iraqi leadership for its nationalist stand and we call upon the Arab
people to join the Palestinian-Iraqi trench of honor and dignity. Lifting the
embargo is the first step towards the full liberation of Palestine.

Written by Ibrahim Ebeid for Al-Moharer, December 23/2000

Selected articles 89

Iraq Was Correct In Its Confrontation

Before the Anglo-Saxon forces occupied Iraq, the images of US and British
schemes and political defeat were apparent on the horizon. Iraq decided to adhere
to political and diplomatic continuous confrontation that deprived Washington and
London of obtaining a legal cover-up from the Security Council for their
aggression. Indeed this was a political battle won by Iraq before the Anglo-Saxon
aggression and occupation took place.

Baghdad was trying relentlessly to have the unjust sanctions lifted. It had endured
unjust resolutions one after the other, which were amended and changed
continuously after they were fully implemented by Iraq. The intentions of the
aggressors were not the “weapons of mass destruction” but the regime change and
the colonization of Iraq. The agenda of the Imperialist power is to control Iraq’s
wealth, natural resources, weaken it and put it under American-Zionist domain.
The Iraqi leadership was correct to confront the most powerful aggressors in the
world. The occupation of Iraq and its destruction by the invading powers are a
testimony to the courageous position that Iraq took at the time and is still being
taken by the resistance. The Bush Administration is trying desperately to confront
the Iraqi National Resistance that is gaining a solid popular support. Bush took a
tour around the world and went to Spain to solicit support and financial help to
consolidate his conquest.

We object to any financial or military support to the coalition of evil that is
occupying Iraq and robbing its wealth. More money to Bush and Blair would
prolong the occupation and would add more suffering to the entire Iraqi
population. Billions of Iraqi funds are missing. A scandal erupted recently, claimed
that billions of dollars earmarked for “rebuilding” the country have vanished after
being handed to the Coalition Provisional Authority. This huge amount of four
billion dollars might have ended up in the pockets of the US companies, the
benefactors of the destruction and robbing of Iraq.

The forces of the coalition are facing a very stiff resistance in Iraq that they did not
expect. Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez admitted that the number of daily attacks
against his soldiers is on the rise as well as the number of wounded and dead.
The Iraqi Resistance had defined its aims as a National Liberation Front. It is

Selected articles 91

determined to expel the invaders, keep Iraq united and free for all of its citizens.
Iraq will be liberated and Palestine will be free

The occupation of Iraq by the Anglo-American Imperialists paved the way for the
Arab regimes to reveal their true identity because these sub-vassals of Zionism in
the Arab World are responsible for the catastrophe that befell Iraq and the rest of
the Arab World. Those Imperialist representatives, such as Mubarak of Egypt, the
Zionists of the Occupied Arab Gulf, the corrupt Saudi Family and the rest of the
“Arab regimes do not represent the Arab people by any means. Their interests are
tied up with the interests of the Zionist Western powers. They have employed the
Arab resources to help the destruction of Iraq and to legitimize the occupation of
The gathering in Sharm El Sheikh under the umbrella of George W. Bush is
certainly designed to destroy the Arab character of Palestine and to falsify and
distort its history. The Roadmap that Bush and his “Arab” allies are offering does
not concern the Arab people and to a lesser degree the Palestinians. This Roadmap
intends to force the Palestinians to relinquish their right to their homeland and it
legitimizes the Zionist occupation of Palestine. It also forces the Palestinians to put
their arms aside and surrender to the Zionist entity.

Mr. Bush, the godfather of the Roadmap, considers the Palestinian resistance as
illegitimate and describes the freedom fighters as terrorists who must be disarmed.
The “Arab” leaders of Sharm El Sheikh, including Abu Mazen, the Prime Minister,
lacked the courage to defy Bush for describing the Palestinian resistance as
terrorists. They agreed and vowed their best to help quell the Intifada and disarm
and disband the Freedom Fighters and the progressive organizations. These leaders
are short sighted indeed and lack the intelligence to realize that the Roadmap is a
failure like its predecessors, the Madrid, Oslo and the Clinton initiatives and
We have witnessed many agreements and resolutions initiated by the West that led
to the fragmentation of the Arab Homeland and finally to the occupation of
Palestine and Iraq.

The “Arab” rulers who embraced President Bush and his ideas are enhancing their
downfall sooner than they expect. The resistance in Iraq and Palestine will soon

Selected articles 91

triumph and will end the real terrorists and their sponsors who terrorized the people
of the Arab nation and “freedom will ring”.

The resistance in Iraq is gaining strength and already joined the front against
Zionism and Anglo-American Imperialism. Palestine will be free from the river to
the sea. Iraq will be liberated and Baghdad will be the Capital of our reunited
June 3, 2003

The Program of Liberation and Independence

By Ibrahim Ebeid

03 November 2006

The United States Media failed to bring to our homes the reality of the war in Iraq.
The war that our consecutive governments were launching against Iraq since 1991,
a brutal war accompanied with a genocidal blockade unprecedented in history that
created massive mass graves in the Land of the Cradle of our Civilization.

Our politicians and representatives are competing among themselves on how to
win the war of aggression in Iraq in order to gain our votes. None of them whether
Republican or Democrat has the guts to admit that we are the aggressors and the
war has to come to an end.

The events on the ground in Iraq assure us that America and its allies are losing the
war; our generals are admitting the fact that we are losing it but our President is
still lying to us and claiming that the war is to defend America against the
terrorists! Who are the terrorists but us? We have sent our troops thousands of
miles away, to kill people that never caused any harm to us, and to destroy a
country that gave us the foundation of our modern civilization.

Selected articles 92

We are creating massive mass graves, here in the United States and in Iraq. About
3000 US troops and more than 600,000 Iraqis already were slaughtered since 2003
to satisfy the ego of our President who keeps saying he “will stay the course”, “we
cannot cut and run”, and our candidates are dreaming how to exit from this mess
by supporting the war in their own way.

The democracy we are imposing on Iraq became a laughable matter, nobody in a
sound mind believes in it except our President, Mr. George W. Bush.
Recently, Al Jazeera Satellite Television broadcasted The Political Program of the
Baath and its National Resistance: The Program of Liberation and Independence.
The Program was well received by the millions of Arabs and boosted their faith in
the Iraqi Resistance. The Program reflected the conviction of the Iraqi people, the
Baath Party and the National Resistance for total Liberation and Independence of
Iraq. Our Media accustomed to putting us in the dark and did not mention a word
about this important document that may save our face and salvage what is left of
our smeared reputation in the World.

The Document offers the United States an exit and salvation; it would put an end to
the sufferings of the Iraqi people if our Administration accepts it and honors it, or
we would face a sure defeat and humiliation if we reject the offer.
We Americans must recognize the Iraqi National Resistance in all its armed and
political factions as the sole representative of the Iraqi people. We must admit that
the sectarian government that we installed in the “Green Zone” is not capable of
restoring peace, prosperity, and security to Iraq, therefore it must be abolished and
the legal government led by Mr. Saddam Hussein must be restored. The majority
of the people of Iraq are demanding its restoration, as it was demonstrated to us, in
the continuous demands of the release of President Saddam Hussein and his
Our government must totally withdraw from Iraq, unconditionally, in a specific
time determined between the Iraqi Resistance and the occupiers.

Iraq sovereignty and national independence must be recognized, respected and
To arrive to an honorable solution for an exit from Iraq, as stated by the Program,
the United States must accept serious, honest and constructive negotiations with
the Resistance leadership or with anyone representing the Resistance based on the

Selected articles 93

rights and the non-negotiable principles of the homeland and liberation, in order to
reach an agreement of the total liberation and independence.

Also, the United States must be responsible for its war of aggression and must
admit that it was in violation of International Law and Regulations.

The Courts, tribunals, the laws and the “Constitution” we enforced upon Iraq must
be annulled for their illegality.

All prisoners of war must be released, including the President and all members of
the Leadership.

The new sectarian “army” and “Police force” must be replaced by the old legal
army and police force.

All institutions that we annulled must be reinstated and Iraq must be compensated
for all the destruction, harm and injuries we inflicted upon Iraq and its people.
American children are dying for a war of our creation that we must be responsible
for and we must bring it to an end. We must recognize the Resistance as the sole
representative of the Iraqi People and we must accept its Program, or we must
brace ourselves for a more humiliating defeat than Vietnam.

Iraqi and Palestinian Resistance Is One and the Same

American Imperialism and Zionism are united and armed with racist expansionist
policies that are detrimental to the entire World. The aim of the Anglo-American-
Zionist is growing viciously and desperately against the Arab World. They are
determined to destroy the Arab and Muslim Worlds and reinforce fragmentation
and division among the Arabs to keep them “Middle Easterners” and Arabs no
more. This policy is designed to force the Arabs to accept the Zionist entity as a
genuine part of the mosaic Middle East created by the Zionist American
Imperialism and dominated by them.

The Zionist occupation of Palestine and the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq have
brought misery and insecurity to the area and are endangering World peace and

Selected articles 94

security. American policies towards the World are based on violence. They are
formulated to scare any nation that dares to oppose Washington and Tel Aviv. Iraq
was attacked and put under genocidal sanctions then invaded in order to scare
those who are not in line and reject the tyrannical policies. The invasion was
executed for the reason of dominating the entire Middle East. Iraq was the only
country that defied the tyranny of Washington and refused to accept an artificial
racist entity in the Middle of the Arab World. Iraq was the only Arab and Muslim
country in the world that lent its support to the Palestinians and refused to
The Arab regimes that lack vision and principles chose to be on the side of the
invaders of Palestine and Iraq, thinking, that by taking this position, they can
protect themselves and stay in power. They are shortsighted, standing with the
enemy will not serve them, and their day will come when they are proved not to be
useful anymore for the interests of “Israel” and Washington. History will consider
these Arab rulers as traitors and cowards and always will be condemned and
despised by the future generations.

The United States wouldn’t have been able to attack Iraq if the Arab and Muslim
governments did not keep silent for more than a decade. They kept silent when
Afghanistan was attacked; they kept silent about the slaughter of the Palestinians.
Shamefully they are strengthening their relations with the butchers of Palestine and
The Palestinian and Iraqi Resistance is well aware of the notorious and dangerous
plans of the US Zionist invaders. The Movement in Iraq and Palestine is armed
with the nationalist ideology that springs from Arab spirit, Arab aspirations and
Arab needs to revive the Arab nation and put it on the right track of liberation and
It is essential that the anti-war and peace movements remain on the side of the Iraqi
National Resistance and the Palestine Freedom Fighters. The Iraqi Resistance and
the Palestinian liberation groups took upon themselves the task of liberation. They
are very serious about it and they are going forward with it. There is no retreat. The
future of the Arab World depends upon them and the struggle to reshape the entire
World falls in their perimeter. They are fighting the same enemy that is occupying
Palestine and Iraq.

Selected articles 95

In the month of April, the Arab Baath Socialist Part was born. Fifty-six years later,
the same party gave birth to the Iraqi National Resistance. This National
Resistance along with the Palestinian one are leading the Arab World towards
Liberation, Freedom, and Unity. They are putting the Arab Nation on its right path
to take its place in history, to react with it and advance the welfare of humanity. Its
ideology is nationalist in scope and humanitarian in its outlook.

March 27, 2004

Iraqi Political Prisoners and the Anti-War Movement …

By Ibrahim Ebeid,

August 25, 2008

The political prisoners in U.S. occupation jails in Iraq have been suffering for more
than five years. They are being tried by the Criminal Court of Iraq, created by the
occupiers, on false and fabricated charges and some have been unjustly murdered.
There is a hidden and declared agenda behind all these trials. The agenda is
specifically designed to serve the interests of the occupation powers, whether
Persian or American, to rid Iraq of its leadership by any means.

These leaders who were tried, or being tried, represent the finest of Iraqis who
stood up in defense of Iraq’s independence and unity. Among those being tried is
Abdul Ghani Abdul Ghafoor whom I have known since the 1970s. I knew him as a
writer and as a leader, an honorable man who was dedicated to serving his country
to the best of his ability. Like the rest of the prisoners, this man is facing hostile
and adversarial brutal actions and humiliation. He was severely beaten inside the
dock by court guards and some employees under the sight of the court judge
(Mohammed Al Khalifa Irebi ), the prosecutor and his aides.

The captive Abdel Ghani Abdul Ghafoor complained to the president of the so-
called Supreme Judicial Council (Medhat Mahmoud), the president of the court
(Aref Al-Shaheen) about discriminatory treatment but he did not receive any

Selected articles 96

response. He sought to transfer his trial to Egypt, or any Arab or Islamic country,
except Iran, to ensure his integrity and safety.

The protection of rights of the accused and maintenance of any tampering or abuse
are openly violated. The court president, the prosecutor, and the court workers
contradict the application of constitutional provisions and law because they violate
the most basic rules and foundations, goals and objectives.

During the session held on March 12, 2008, there was an attack on Abdul Ghani
Abdul Ghafoor. He was insulted and beaten inside the courtroom by several guards
on the instigation of the presiding judge and under the eyes of the court and the
attorney general.

The court has not taken any action against the attackers. As a result of the attack,
the victim was severely injured and put under medical treatment for a month or so.
On April 15, 2008, Attorney General Mahdi Abdel Amir reiterated his hostile
position to the regime of President Saddam Hussein and members of the
government, claiming that his position on the men of the system is very clear. He
berated the Iraqi leadership and the prisoners using repugnant terms. His tirade did
not include neutrality and professionalism, traits that are paramount for an attorney
On June 29, 2008, Abdul Ghani Abdul Ghafoor was subjugated to abuse and
humiliation by a person inside the hall. He filed a complaint to the President of the
court but no action was taken. This incident was captured on television. After the
session, the same person threatened to assault him and kill him but a court guard
intervened and prevented the man from harming Abdul Ghafoor. It was revealed
that the attacker was sent by a sectarian party, who is part of the government of the
Green Zone, to assassinate Mr. Abdul Ghafoor.

Selected articles 97

Iraqis Reject Such Democracy

By Ibrahim Ebeid

The Zionist entity "Israel" is enjoying a false reputation of being the most
democratic "state" in the "Middle East". It is so described by its creators and
sponsors, the United Sates and the West in general. This “democratic” entity
usurped the land of Palestine in 1947 and committed crimes of genocide and it is
still committing them until this very day against the native of Palestine.

The United States also, like the Zionist entity, committed crimes of genocide
against the American Indians and established itself on the ruins of the natives. It
built its glory on the blood and sweats of the African slaves and claims to be the
most democratic state in the World.

The United States learned an infamous lesson from "Israel" its ally, a lesson of
terrorizing the people of Iraq. The destruction of Iraq, its occupation and
colonization are a proof of our allegation.

American soldiers used bulldozers to destroy the monument and grave of Michel
Aflaq, a modern Arab thinker, and a philosopher. His grave in Baghdad was
leveled to the ground. The museum and the mosque in the same compound were
demolished. This criminal move is directed against our culture, religion, history
and human values. Michel Aflaq was a respected figure and a giant among giants
who challenged tyranny and oppression. He was the champion of Arab values and
the voice of hope for Arab Unity, Freedom, and Democracy.

A few days ago, American soldiers took their bulldozers and uprooted palm trees
and destroyed orange groves and lemon trees in central Iraq as part of collective
punishment for not cooperating with the occupying forces. This is a lesson they
learned from their allies, the Zionists who occupy Palestine. Adding insult to
injury, they were playing jazz music in full blast. This act made the Iraqi farmers
more hateful of the Americans and their act.

Nusayef Jassim, one of 32 farmers who saw their fruit trees destroyed, said: "They
told us that the resistance fighters hide in our farms, but this is not true. They didn't
capture anyone. They didn't find any weapons." Other farmers said that US troops

Selected articles 98

had told them, over a loudspeaker in Arabic, that the fruit groves were being
bulldozed to punish the farmers for not informing on the resistance, which is very
active in this district.

The US exported “democracy” to Iraq brought them misery, starvation, poverty
and a destruction they have never experienced before the war. Along with this
“democracy”, drugs were brought to Iraq in order to ruin the health and minds of
Iraqi youth, a generation that suffered tremendously under the genocidal sanctions
that the United States and Britain maintained for more than a decade.
Peace and security are of no existence under the occupation. Iraqi women are
scared to go to the streets alone. They are afraid of being abducted and raped. Most
of the children are not going to schools and their parents rather have them stay
home for their safety.

Unemployment is at its highest level. Iraq became bankrupt. Its wealth is in the
hands of Washington. Bremer, the American ruler of Iraq, is the one that decides
who gets a job or not.

The Iraqi people know that "imported US democracy" is a hallucinating drug that
they reject and dare to say no to such democracy. The Iraqi resistance to
occupation is the only answer for Iraq liberation and salvation from the US Zionist
October 18, 2003

Is Bush a Road Runner?

Bush brought disgrace to the United States by launching a war of aggression on
Iraq. A war, which was built on lies, led to the occupation and destruction of the
Cradle of Civilization. It put the United States in a quagmire that brought misery
and insecurity to the United States and to the World. The blood of innocent Iraqis,
American, British and Italian soldiers stained his hands. He ignored the millions
who went to the streets across the vast land of the U.S.A. challenging him and
voicing their opposition to his war of aggression. But his ignorance, arrogance and
fanaticism led him to go against every voice of wisdom and against the World who
said "No to War" and is saying "End the occupation".

Selected articles 99

President Bush became a Road Runner, he is begging the World and the United
Nations for help to save him from the quicksand that is sucking him quickly and
without mercy in Iraq. The National Resistance was born from the womb of Iraq. It
is supported and nourished by the people despite the destruction of their homes by
the forces of aggression. The demolition of houses, a lesson that the Anglo-Saxon
forces learned from the Zionist entity, will not create horror among the Iraqis. It
will stiffen their resistance and will hasten the support of the entire population of
Iraq for the war of liberation from foreign occupation. American soldiers and their
allies are not safe on the land or in the skies of Iraq. They are being hunted on the
ground and shot down from the skies. They are not safe in their headquarters, in
the Palaces or in the hotels they occupy.

President Bush state visit to Britain was a failure for him and for his allies. The
Majority of the British people and the World are against his aggression. He was
forced to scrap his scheduled speech in front of the House of Commons for the
dread of being booed and heckled. His huge effigy was toppled in Trafalgar Square
in the heart of London and was treading upon by three hundred thousand strong.
But still, he does not get it.

Mr. Reg Keys, whose son Thomas was killed in Iraq, was not on the list of family
members of fallen British servicemen invited to meet George W. Bush in London.
He wished he were present. He had a message for the U.S. president. "I'd love to
meet him, but I'd refuse his hand," he said. "I'd say: 'I can't shake that hand. It's
stained with the blood of my son.'" "I think we were all deceived and I think
(Bush) has got a nerve to show his face after the deceit he's pointed toward us," he
added. "My son goes off to war thinking he's protecting the country -- he's gone off
deceived and lost his life deceived."

Mr. Reg Keys was right and expressed the feeling of millions around the Globe.
The President’s hands are stained with the blood of many American, British,
Italian soldiers and of thousands of innocent Iraqis. He will keep running, like the
Road Runner, until he is defeated in the Land of the Great Civilization.
November 23, 2003

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Is Freedom Really Free Under Bush?

By Ibrahim Ebeid, January 25, 2006

I was watching the State of the Union speech hoping that the President might come
up with something new, but my hopes faded away as soon as he started.
He failed to show a new excuse for his war of aggression against Iraq because he
has no more excuses left in his sack. Alas! He still pretends that he is God's
messenger to spread "Liberty" and "Democracy" around the World, especially in
the Moslem and Arab Worlds.

As an American from an Arab background, to be specific, from Palestinian origin,
I think I am more aware of the Arab situation, hopes, and aspirations and
definitely, I am more privileged to know more than he does about Islam and
The President thinks that he brought freedom to the Iraqis by dipping the fingers of
the "voters" in "pink ink". He thinks that he brought them "Liberation" by
occupying their country, killing thousands of innocent people, Iraqis, and
Americans, or by destroying the water and electrical systems, educational and
medical institutions and yet he claims that he is building Iraq. Iraq was the most
advanced country in the "Middle East" that Washington has destroyed and still is
As a Christian Arab who was born and reared in Palestine, and nourished with
Arab values, I believe that there is only one Islam, the genuine one, which was
delivered to Prophet Mohammad. There is no radicalism in Islam but love, peace,
and respect for human beings and to the entire universe. The word of Islam is
derived from peace and peace cannot be fanatic or radical or hateful. The President
must be wise and avoid lecturing us about “Radical” Islam because “Radical”
Islam does not exist. Since radical Islam does not exist we conclude that his war
against “Radical Islam” means to war against Arabs and Muslims.

The President failed to see that the majority of the American people do not believe
in him or in his false claims anymore. His war against Iraq was not for weapons of
mass destruction neither it was for “liberty” or “Democracy”; it was for oil and
“Israel”. This President never failed to show solidarity and support for "Israel" the
racial colonialist settler State, which was established on Arab land. He failed to

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