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Selected articles 2 Bitter memory of a child By
Ibrahim Naoum Ebeid

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Selected articles 2 Bitter memory of a child By Ibrahim Naoum Ebeid

Selected articles 2 Bitter memory of a child By
Ibrahim Naoum Ebeid

Selected articles 301

that he despised when he launched his flagrant aggression on Iraq that led to its
occupation and destruction. The President of the United States did not change his
attitude but continued to be aggressive and arrogant, he did not realize that the
World is fed up with his mantra. The man wants us to believe that Iraq is liberated
and not occupied. He claims that the World is better off and safer and everyone on
this Earth should support him and follow him because he is God’s sent savior to
the World, while in fact, he is creating more terrorism and havoc, which has made
the World became more dangerous as a result of his tyranny and blind policies.
Mr. Bush has violated the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that proclaims
the equal value and dignity of every human life. The President continues violating
the dignity of the Iraqi people. The mass graves that his father created in the
Desert, on the Highway of Death, between Kuwait and Basra, are being recreated
in every part of Iraq by his bombs.

Dignity is honored by the rule of law, by wise men, and violated by tyrants and
dictators who are quick to launch wars of aggression against other nations on
fabricated lies. Dictators do not listen to the voice of reason because they are
blinded by hollowed ambitions to control the World and its wealth. The President
of the United States has challenged the entire World and sent his troops to kill and
pillage and to get killed. They have tortured the Iraqi prisoners in various
concentration camps, from Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo, and the President of the
most powerful nation dares to talk about human dignity, peace, and security? Mr.
Bush does not honor the dignity and human rights are being violated by him and by
his thugs.

Mr. President, the Iraqi people did not do anything wrong, they have violated no
one's rights. They were never a threat to the World or to the United States. Why
did you invade their country and left it in ruins? Isn’t this the biggest violation of
human rights? Isn’t it the most tyrannical action in the World? Isn’t this action of
yours terrorism by itself?

Iraq was a thriving country, unemployment was not known until your father
launched his attack in 1991 and imposed the genocidal embargo, the deadly
embargo that caused more than a million and a half people to die, most of them
were children yet you, and your parrot, Allawi claim that Iraq is progressing?
Electricity and pure drinking water are very scarce. People are forced to drink

Selected articles 302

polluted water that your depleted uranium bombs created. Oil became very
expensive and the lines to the pumping stations stretch for miles.

Peace and security do not exist because Bush and Blair have destroyed all the
institutions of the Iraqi state. People do not venture away from their homes and less
at night, yet, Bush and his parrot Allawi, try to dupe us to believe that peace and
security are the rules of the day? Your speech Mr. President was no more than a
campaign to be re-elected or re-selected. You might mislead and dupe some of the
American people but certainly, you cannot mislead us because in Iraq we know the
Allawi, the so-called Prime Minister, does not represent us at all, by a matter of
fact he represents Bush and the Zionist entity. He was used by the Bush
Administration to dupe and mislead America. His speech was no more than a
collection of Bush’s words and howled sentences of lies to dupe the members of
the Congress. His words of deception found and open ear by most of the members.
None of the members had the guts to ask the guest about the advancement and
progress that were “achieved” in Iraq. Is the Congress duped? And for this reason,
its members ardently applauded the lies of Allawi? The Congress might be duped
but we are not.


By Ibrahim Ebeid, New York December 3, 2008

[email protected]
The Iraqi prisoners of war in U.S. occupation jails in Iraq are being exposed to
torture, lynching, and assassination at the hands of the reactionary sectarian
“Criminal Court”. This Court was created by the United States of America to kill
the legitimate Leadership of Iraq and pave the way for dividing Iraq and erasing its
Arab identity. In order to seize control over it and steal its resources, the occupiers
had to distort its history and create puppet entities to serve its bidding.

The so-called Criminal Court headed by criminal sectarian individuals such as the
presiding judge Mohammed Al Uraybi passed death sentences against several

Selected articles 303

leaders, among them Ali Al-Majid and Abdul Ghani Abdul Ghafoor. Other
sentences, varying from fifteen years to life imprisonment, were passed against
several civilian and military leaders who were part of the legal Government of
Martyr Saddam Hussein, who led the building of Iraq into the most advanced
country in the area.

As the cowardly judge, who does not dare to leave the four square miles of the
Occupation headquarters "Green Zone", read out the assassination order delivered
to him by his masters, the leaders were well composed, proud and courageous. Mr.
Abdul Ghafoor interrupted the judge. He proudly chanted slogans glorifying the
Arabs and Islam and saluted the Jihad liberation fighters, welcoming martyrdom
for Iraq. In a defiant and dignified manner, he shouted "Death to the U.S. and
Persian occupation. Death to the traitors. Long live Iraq, the Arabs, and Islam."
The trial has nothing to do with the political events of 1991 when criminal
sectarian parties came from Iran, under the supervision of the mullahs and their
officers, to murder Iraqis and to destabilize the country. Most of those who
attended the court as witnesses using false testimony are members of the
organizations who took part in these events, who committed crimes of mass
murder, robbery, mass rape, the burning of state institutions and other atrocities.
These sectarian organizations are now the rulers of Iraq under occupation
supervision and domination.

Mr. Abdul Ghani Abdul Ghafoor is an honorable man. He was in charge of the
south and it was his duty to protect the population and the government institutions.
He had to stop the mass murder and the atrocities of the criminals. Unlike his
present “accusers”, he rejected the course of betrayal of his people and his country,
which would have been destroyed and would have succumbed to the mullahs of
Those sentenced to be lynched for the Halabjah Gassing are true heroes, and I
salute the bravery of General Ali Al Majid, whom I have known as a valiant man
who defended his homeland against the Persian and American invasions. He and
Iraq have nothing to do with the Halabjah incident, and none of the Iraqi officials
committed any crime against that town and its people.

Stephen C. Pelletiere, author of ''Iraq and the International Oil System: Why
America Went to War in the Persian Gulf'', wrote a brilliant article about Halabjah

Selected articles 304

in which he was not surprised that President Bush lacked even “smoking-gun”
evidence of Iraq's falsely alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction. Mr.
Pelletiere revealed to the World that all we know for certain is that Kurds were
bombarded with poison gas that day at Halbajah. It cannot be said that Iraqi
chemical weapons killed the Kurds. This is not the only distortion in the Halbajah
The accusation that Iraq has used chemical weapons against its citizens is a
familiar part litany of falsehoods recited by the Bush administration as pretexts for
invading Iraq. The piece of hard evidence most frequently brought up concerns the
gassing of Iraqi Kurds at the town of Halbajah in March 1988, near the end of the
eight-year Iran-Iraq war. President Bush himself has cited Iraq's "gassing its own
people," specifically at Halbajah, as a reason to topple Saddam Hussein.
Stephen Pelletiere is in a position to know because, as the Central Intelligence
Agency's senior political analyst on Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war, and as a
professor at the Army War College from 1988 to 2000, he said I was privy to much
of the classified material that flowed through Washington having to do with the
Persian Gulf. In addition, he headed a 1991 Army investigation into how the Iraqis
would fight a war against the United States; the classified version of the report
going into great detail on the Halbajah affair.

Immediately after the battle, the United States Defense Intelligence Agency
investigated and produced a classified report, which it circulated within the
intelligence community on a need-to-know basis. That study asserted that it was
Iranian gas that killed the Kurds, not Iraqi gas or other substances.

The condition of the dead Kurds' bodies, however, indicated they had been killed
with a blood agent -- that is, a cyanide-based gas -- which Iran was known to use.
The Iraqis, who are thought to have used mustard gas during the course of the
hostilities, are not known to have possessed blood agents at the time.
These were some of the facts as stated by Professor Pelletier that put the lie to what
the Bush Administration, the Media, and even the “Antiwar Movement” claim.
Bush and his Administration lied to the American people and duped America to
launch a war of destruction and mass murder against Iraq and its people.
The Arab Ba'ath Socialist Party government built a very advanced country, with
many dams and huge irrigation systems that made Iraq self-sufficient in
agriculture. Petrochemical projects were developed; the healthcare system was the

Selected articles 305

best in the area, and unemployment negligible. Water and electricity reached to
furthest points of Iraq. Iraq became the Jewel of the Arab Homeland. Iraq was
strong and kept the Imperialists at bay, struggling to achieve and maintain self-
determination and promoting the welfare of the people. A united, developed and
strong Iraq under the Ba’ath infuriated America and its Zionist allies, prompting
the subsequent invasion and occupation. The Ba’ath and Iraq had to be destroyed
to facilitate the control of Iraqi wealth and natural resources, particularly oil. Iraqi
leaders had to be assassinated under verdicts reached by puppet Kangaroo Courts.
The US agenda for Iraq has burned America and its people. Thousands of
Americans have died in this atrocious war and hundreds of thousands have been
wounded or maimed for life. The American economy is in shambles and the
country is on the verge of bankruptcy. Homelessness is on the rise especially
among the veterans who were sent to fight a war, not in their interest. More than a
million and a half of Iraqis died since the occupation, and Iraq is in ruins, but the
Baath and the Resistance are alive and well. Iraq will be liberated and America's
arrogance will be defeated. Iraq is a very fertile land, fully capable and
forthcoming in producing leaders like the Supreme Martyr Saddam Hussein and
his comrades of leading the way to the liberation of their homeland.
Isn't it long past time to release all the Iraqi political prisoners, and put a stop to the
courts of death created by the US occupation, along with the Persians, which have
been murdering the Iraqi leadership and people?

Americans, is your conscience dead?


Ibrahim Ebeid New York October 7, 2008

John McCain, the Republican candidate for US President keeps orchestrating that
the surge is working In Iraq. Like President George Bush, he tells us that violence
is drastically down, a peaceful and secure Iraq is on the rise. He wants the
American people to believe that "American democracy" is working and the Iraqis
are better off and safer. This is not true.

Selected articles 306

A few days ago I talked to a Palestinian friend who was born and raised in Iraq; I
have had a close relation with his family since the early 1970s. He told me, in a
telephone conversation, that his son was injured by a bomb when he was coming
out from the mosque that is located near their house. The young man was seriously
hurt, fragments are still in his lower body and in his legs, and he is disabled and
cannot walk. The bombing was the act of the terrorists organization of the Mahdi
army, of which its leaders are part of the government that the United States
created. Another son faced a kidnapping attempt but fortunately, the attempt was
foiled by the Resistance.

The man and his family left Iraq after the sectarian militia evicted them from their
home and now they are living in exile. The man, whom I call Abu Mahmoud for
safety reasons, told me that there is no place safe in Iraq. The neighborhoods in
Baghdad are surrounded by walls. People might feel safer in the walled
neighborhood from sectarian killings but they cannot venture outside, they are
prisoners. Their children stopped going to schools, especially when schools are in
another area, and they live in constant fear. Darkness is the only companion they
have at night: no television, no water to wash or drink for most of the day (except
for contaminated water).

The Resistance is refuting what the US media and politicians are telling us. The
physical liquidations and assassinations are on the rise these days in the Iraq of
"American Democracy." Those who are opposing the occupation and Iranian
interference in Iraq are open targets. This was confirmed by Abu Mahmoud.
"Bombing returned to the streets at a high level and the target is the innocent
people," my friend Abu Mahmoud told me. He added, "The people of Iraq know
that these criminal acts are the work of the US, Zionist and Iranian forces, not the
Resistance. The Resistance is protecting the people and does not put bombs in
mosques or churches. The Resistance does not target public places or innocents."
According to the Resistance, the violence against the innocents is intended to
create fear and havoc in the streets to force the people to accept the "agreement of
security" to allow the Americans to stay in Iraq permanently.

We noticed that the violence against the civilians increased at the eve of the visit of
John Negroponte to Iraq, the expert and proponent of death squads, in Honduras
and in Iraq. It seems to me wherever Negroponte goes, death squads follow.

Selected articles 307

Both US presidential candidates fail to tell American voters that the war and the
invasion of Iraq were not mistakes: they were planned from the time of President
Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minster of the United Kingdom.
Both candidates ignore the fact about one-and-a-half million Iraqis died since the
invasion and they are still dying. They only recognize the financial losses and the
American soldiers killed in action but fail to acknowledge the Iraqis killed and the
complete destruction of Iraq and its institutions.

Just last Saturday, October 4, 11 members of the same family were killed by US
fire in Mosul, among them three women and three children. Were these children
and women members of Al Qaeda as we always told by US news media,
politicians, and generals?

If Barack Obama is elected President, and if he is serious about ending the war,
which I doubt, then he must recognize the Iraqi National Resistance as the
legitimate representative of Iraq. He must agree to the demands of the Resistance
as they are stated in the Program of Liberation and Independence. They are
legitimate and valid. If this occurs, I believe, the Resistance will facilitate the
withdrawal of the troops immediately, Americans and Iraqis would be triumphant,
progress and security would come to the area and to the rest of the World, and we
will hear no more of "Al Qaeda".

When it comes to Palestine, both major candidates, Republican and Democrat,
ignore the Palestinians and give their support to "Israel" and its mass killing of
Palestinians, and the destruction of Palestine is tolerated. We do have a few
presidential candidates from "minor" parties who want to deal fairly with the issue
of Palestine, but, with the US political system ignoring anyone who is not a
Democrat or Republican, the messages of reason are not heard.

With Friends Like These Do We Need Enemies?

The United States officials are blinded by their greed, ignorance, and arrogance.
Greed for oil and robbing natural resources of the Arab World and developing

Selected articles 308

nations are primary targets. Arab, African Asian and Latin American nations are a
high priority in their agenda.

Ignorance and arrogance are dominating the minds of many of these officials. Mr.
Wolfowitz, a key architect of US policy of aggression in Iraq, does not hesitate to
distort the facts by lying, like his boss George W. Bush. He continues to accuse
Iraq of cooperating with terrorist organizations in order to justify its occupation.
Arrogantly, he stated “We know that Iraq had a great deal to do with terrorism in
general and with al-Qaida in particular, and we know a great many of bin Laden's
key lieutenants are now trying to organize in cooperation with old loyalists from
the Saddam regime to attack in Iraq," a lie that he recanted a day later.
The Iraqi people know that the US forces and its allies in Iraq are not their friends.
They are there to colonize them. The continuous killing of Iraqis under the name of
democracy, ”progress” and security is a crime that must be resisted and that
Imperialist forces of evil must be expelled. Mr. Taleb Hamid, a 30-year-old
schoolteacher from Fallujah has spoken for the entire population of Iraq “We want
the Americans to leave our country because they have brought us only death. We
are fed up with their apologies. We will continue our resistance.”

The United States is giving full support to the Zionist settler colonizers to commit
continuous terror against the Palestinians, killing them, confiscating their lands,
assassinating their leaders and freedom fighters. Even assassinating Mr. Arafat or
expelling him from occupied Palestine will not stop the resistance to liberate
Palestine from the river to the sea. The terror practiced by the United States In Iraq
and its ally, the Zionist entity, in Palestine, will motivate the Iraqis and the
Palestinians to strengthen their will to continue fighting against occupation and
terrorism, until Palestine and Iraq are liberated and free.

Many poor countries have realized that the United States, Europe, and Japan are
trying to force poor nations into accepting trade rules that are not in their interest.
The World Trade Organization is run by the big powers and by rich Western
Nations that have no interest to see the poor nations develop and have control of
their economy and destiny.

The Arab, Muslim and the entire Third World Countries should band together and
stand united against Western domination. They are in need of a serious new

Selected articles 309

organization that looks after their security, political and economic interests.
The Arab World, Africa Asia, and Latin America ought to know that friends like
the big powers and rich exploiting nations are not friends.

Al-Moharer, September 16, 2003

You cannot deceive us anymore

June 26, 2003

The United States and its strategical ally, the Zionist entity, are working
relentlessly to dominate the Arab World. They resort to terror, aggression, and
threat to subdue the Arab people. What is happening in Iraq and Palestine is a
testimony to their crimes against humanity.

Both, the United States and the Zionists are the enemies of peace. They both are
killing our people in Iraq and in Palestine. They both occupy Iraq and Palestine.
They are pillaging and ravaging our towns and villages. Our wealth fell under their
control and the Arab oil became theirs.

The Arab people of Iraq and Palestine have to resist the Anglo-American-Zionist
occupation. Hamas is one of the legitimate resistance movements that is fighting
against the Zionist occupation. It has no other choice but to resort to all means
available to help liberate Palestine from foreign racist invaders.

Unfortunately, Mr. Colin Powell has ignored the Zionist terror against the
Palestinians. He knows very well that “Israel” was created by the West in Palestine
and millions of Palestinians became homeless and refugees living in crowded
camps and scattered in the four corners of the World. Mr. Powell should know that
the problem is not the Palestine resistance or Hamas but his government and the
Zionist entity that he supports. The Zionist entity and the West are responsible for
the destruction of Palestine and for the suffering of the Palestinian people.
Powell was encouraged by “Israel's” steps to dismantle unauthorized outposts by

Selected articles 310

Jewish settlers, but he ought to know that the whole Zionist entity is an
unauthorized racist colonialist settlement that must be dismantled and restored to
its legitimate people, to the Palestinian people.

The threats of Colin Powell and Sharon will not deter the Palestinians neither
would force them to surrender to the enemies of Humanity. The Palestinian cause
is just and legitimate and the resistance against the colonialist settlers will
continue. We will not be deceived anymore.

June 22/2003

You Must Know

Ibrahim Ebeid, January 18, 2004

Iraq, the easternmost region of the Arab world, was the central seat of the Arab
Abbasid Moslem State that stretched from the borders of France to the borders of
China. It was the home of the first world civilization. Under the Caliphate of
Baghdad, Iraq again became the center of learning and progress that contributed to
the advancement of science, mathematics, medicine, philosophy, and literature.
Under the leadership of the Arab Baath Socialist Party Iraq started to take its place
on the world stage. The economy flourished, science and modern technology were
advancing and Iraq became the most flourished county in the entire Arab World.
The hope of the Arab people for Unity, Liberation, and Independence was restored
to them. Baghdad became the Mecca of hope and aspiration.

Western Imperialism was always hostile to any progress or to any unity among the
Arab people. Arab Unity in one single state was not acceptable. Soon after the fall
of the Ottoman Empire the Arab World fell under Western occupation, then later
on new mini-states were created and the West appointed new rulers.

Several portions of the Arab land were cut off and given to neighboring countries.
Palestine was usurped and given to the Zionists and a new entity replaced Palestine

Selected articles 311

The Palestinians were evicted and became refugees. The saga of wars and terror
continued against the Palestinians and the neighboring Arab countries.

The aggression that started in January 1991 was intended not to evict Iraq from its
territory, Kuwait, which was usurped from Iraq by Colonel Percy Cox by a stroke
of a red pen but to kill any hope and aspiration for unity and liberation. It was the
prelude to invasion and occupation, which was fulfilled on April 9, 2003.
The Arab rulers who rallied behind the Anglo-American aggression in 1991 are the
same rulers who facilitated the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The price of this invasion
was very heavy. Iraq was ruined, its institutions were destroyed, its people are
starving and its children are dying. They brought misery and disaster to the entire
region. They offered the Arab wealth to the Imperialist powers and “Arab Oil for
Arab People” became “Arab Oil for Bush, Dick Cheney, and Halliburton”. These
rulers forgot Palestine and the Zionist entity became stronger and its influence was
strengthened by their barbaric acts. They put the Arab World under Anglo-
American-Zionist occupation and domination.

The invasion went further beyond Iraq and its occupation. It engulfed the entire
region, its culture, and religion. Islam and its teachings are targeted and labeled as
intolerant and terrorist. George W. Bush became the "grand mufti" of the Arab
rulers. His words are "legitimate" and "final". Programs of schools are being
changed. History is being distorted. Changes and distortion are being tailored to fit
the Imperialist and Zionist aims.

The appointed Iraqi Council will fail like those puppets that ruled Iraq under the
British occupation. Its members were fashioned to meet the needs of London, Tel-
Aviv, and Washington. They were the driving force behind the bloodshed in their
country and they are responsible for that catastrophe.

The hope of the Imperialist Bush to reap the spoils of his invasion of Iraq will end
in a devastating defeat for him and for his allies as well. The death of innocent
Iraqis and American soldiers will haunt him for years to come. The American
people will realize that the war and occupation are not worth the death of their
children in this senseless blatant war.

Selected articles 312

The Iraqi National Resistance was able to inflict severe blows to the occupation
forces, to their allies and stooges. Halliburton is not able to accomplish anything
besides robbing the Iraqi people from their wealth. The Iraqi people are behind the
resistance and against the occupation. The tanks, missiles and sophisticated
choppers cannot protect the aggressors from the rage of the Iraqi Freedom Fighters.

The Bush greed and the unwise decision to build an Imperialist Empire are being
shattered. His soldiers and the Bremmer Administration are demoralized. The Iraqi
resistance is forcing Bush to retreat and refer to the United Nations, but the Iraqi
Resistance made it very clear that internationalizing the Iraqi occupation is
unacceptable and rejected by the Iraqi people.

The progressive and peace and justice organizations must fully support the Iraqi
National Resistance. Internationalizing the Iraqi occupation is unacceptable and
rejected. Let us call things as they are, Aggression is aggression, occupation is an
occupation. Iraq is occupied. Occupation must be immediately terminated. The
Iraqi prisoners of war must be freed. Negotiations and plans for unconditional
withdrawal must be discussed with the members of the legitimate Iraqi leadership
who are prisoners of war.

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