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Selected articles 2 Bitter memory of a child By
Ibrahim Naoum Ebeid

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Selected articles 2 Bitter memory of a child By Ibrahim Naoum Ebeid

Selected articles 2 Bitter memory of a child By
Ibrahim Naoum Ebeid

Selected articles 101

recognize the wishes of the Palestinian people for Freedom, Democracy, and Self-
Determination, his threat to sanction the Palestinians for advocating Hamas is not
democratic, and it is tyrannical.

The Democracy that the President is delivering to Iraq is producing racist sectarian
thugs in the “Green Zone” with the hope that these thugs will be able to control
Iraq in order to represent the interests of Zionist and US Imperialism. His objection
to Democracy in Palestine, which was demonstrated by his rejecting the will of the
Palestinian people, is a testimony to his intentions against the Arab nation.
"The Patriotic Act" and the spying on the American people demonstrate that the
Bush Administration does not believe in Freedom and Liberty. The President is
leading the United States on the wrong path. He is creating more animosity against
him among the American people and abroad. This is indeed the new dictatorship of
the "New World Order" that his father before him called for. His aggressive and
unwise leadership is leading the United States to be the most tyrannical country in
the World and the American people are paying with their blood and sacrificing
their freedom for his irrational acts.

The true believers in Democracy and Liberty must liberate Freedom from captivity
to make it flourish and thrive. Freedom must be free and the will of the people
must be respected.

"Islamism" Anglo-American Style Is Sectarian

By Ibrahim Ebeid, JUNE 14, 2006

"Islamism" as we see it in occupied Iraq is the creation of the Anglo-American
Occupation. It is sectarian and detrimental to Islam's values, to our Character,
culture, and heritage. We are witnessing its results where it is tearing Iraq and
ripping it apart. It is not part of the Arab character. "Islamism", this style, is alien
to us and will not replace our nationalism that binds us together.

Arab Nationalism existed before the inception of Christianity and Islam and it will
continue to exist. It is well rooted and entrenched in us.

Selected articles 102

Islam was born in an Arab environment. The Holy Qoran came to us in Arabic and
Prophet Muhammad was an Arab. It came through the Arabs but not for the Arabs
alone, it is a universal religion.

Islam motivated the Arabs and helped them to unify their homeland and establish a
large state with a very advanced civilization that was very important for the whole
World; the imported sectarians of occupied Iraq are ripping the nation apart and
casting it in an abyss.

Arab nationalism of our modern days is the renewal of Islamic values, and it is
humanitarian in its essence and depth.

Arabs are very proud of their identity and they are very proud to carry the banner
of Islam. We believe that our nationalism without Islam is like the body without a
Islamism, Iranian style or Al-Qaida-style or the Anglo- American style will never
find a fertile ground in our midst, it is alien to us and to Islam. Islam influenced our
nationalism through the ages, and for this reason, our nationalism is humanitarian
as well. We do not consider ourselves above other nations but we have our
characteristics and our identity that we want to preserve.

Our hope in the Iraqi National Resistance is very great to achieve victory, a victory
that will restore dignity, hope and put us closer to liberate the entire Arab

Islam cannot be judged or altered

By Ibrahim Ebeid

Islam is not a religion that can be distorted or altered. Its creed is well established
and entrenched in the Holy Koran and in our way of life. Islam heavily influences
our culture whether we were Christian Arabs or Muslims.

Selected articles 103

As Christian Arabs we believe that the banner of Islam was handed to our Arab
Nation through the Great Prophet Muhammad, who lived all his life in Arab land,
spoke Arabic and lived as an Arab.

Besides being the messenger of God the Prophet was a great leader who was able
to unify our nation in a new dynamic state that was Arabic in its essence and
Islamic in its spirit. This nation with its new spirit was able to spread the faith to
many other nations that became integrated with the Arab nation, the nation of
Muhammad with the new faith.

Christians and Muslims alike, in that modern State, were motivated by the new
faith and together they built the most advanced society in the world of that time. A
solid culture was developed that built a very advanced civilization that contributed
to the progress of the world. This great nation introduced modern science and gave
the world the Arabic numerals that contributed to the foundation of the modern
Those who claim that Arabs and Muslims hate the West in general and the United
States, in particular, are very naïve and arrogant. Muslims and Arabs hate no one.
They are angry with the West in general and the United States in particular because
they are robbing them from their wealth and depriving them of prosperity and
advancement and killing their children in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
Washington and the West are conducting a war of terror against them and against
their culture and religion.

As Christian Arabs, we believe that Bush and his Zionist entourage are threatening
our nation, our culture and our Arab Islamic way of life. His proclamation of
crusader war was not a slip of the tongue as his associates claim. It was an intended
attempt to rally anti-Arab and Muslim feelings to launch his war of terror against
them. This war was planned and prepared much before the tragic events of
September 11. Some American theorists, experts, and analysts are very maliciously
hostile on the subject when they consider Islam and Muslims as the new enemy of
the West.

The Bush Administration finds it very embarrassing to directly attack Islam; it
rather uses the term “war on terrorism” instead. But we know that Arab and
Muslim states are intended. It cannot proclaim its war against Arab and Muslim

Selected articles 104

States publicly but against certain Arab and the Muslim States and organizations.
Gradually the war of terrorism would continue until it engulfs all Arabs and
Muslims. Indeed already it started against the Palestinians, Iraqis, and Afghans.
We don’t exaggerate to say that the US Administration is targeting Islam itself,
Islam the religion, Islam the culture and heritage. It considers Islam a “terrorist”
religion that stands as a barrier that prevents Arab and the Muslim States to join the
“New World Disorder” under the US and Zionist domination.

Islam must be penetrated from within, thinks the Bush Administration; its values
must be changed and altered. This malicious thought led to US intervention in
educational programs in schools in some Arab and Muslim States, especially in
religious schools, for instance, in Pakistan, The United States objected to the way
the Holy Koran being taught and it went further to protest to the ‘Tafseer”, the
interpretation of the Koran.

New cultural centers and forums are spreading in certain Islamic countries covertly
encouraged by the CIA to advocate American values over Arab and Islamic ones.
Our values, culture, and heritage, are being threatened.

Bush is ready to send volunteers (Peace Corps) to Afghanistan and other Muslim
countries to preach “America’s values and American understanding, to dominate
us and to strip Islam and its revolutionary spirit from its values. He is conspiring to
further divide Muslims and Arabs. His attempt is geared to destroy our educational
and social standards and replace them with distorted ones that are foreign to us and
to our heritage and valued culture.

Bush wants a special brand of Islam, an Americanized Islam. He wants Arabs and
Muslims to be tamed, conditioned and stripped from their identity and free will. He
wants Arabs and Muslims that do not object to the invasion and occupation of their
lands or to the robbery of their wealth and natural resources. Washington wants the
Arabs and Muslims to return to the Imperialist domination and to consider
American Imperialism, Globalization and New World Order as good standard for
them and their way of life.

President Bush failed to perceive that Arabs and Muslims are equipped with values
and culture that have their deep roots in history. Islam, for us Christian Arabs and

Selected articles 105

Muslims, is our strength and our guiding light that never fades away. Bush or any
other human being cannot judge Islam.

Islam is the judge. It came not to be altered but to alter.

March 2, 2002

Islamizing Iraq Occupation Will Fail

By Ibrahim Ebeid

Selected President George W. Bush has challenged the peoples of the World who
rejected aggression and said: "No to War". He misled the US Congress
successfully to invade Iraq on false pretenses. He defied the American people and
is still defying the millions who want a genuine change in America’s attitude in
every aspect because American politicians are conceited by power and blinded by
arrogance. He invaded Iraq but he failed to conquer it. He is trapped in a war that is
destined to lead to his defeat at the thresholds of Baghdad and in the United States
in November 2004.

Since his infamous declaration "Mission accomplished" the situation became more
complicated and more difficult for him to save his own skin for another term of
tyranny and deception. A harder war started and is destroying every strategy that
he resorted to.

He failed to find the weapons of mass destruction because they never existed. The
weapons of mass destruction that pose a real danger in the "Middle East" surely
exist in the Zionist entity, in "Israel" a fact that the President has chosen to ignore
because these weapons are not directed against him but against the Arab people.
Weapons of mass destruction exist in the arsenals of the United States of America.
These mass killing weapons were used several times in history by various US
Administrations, against the American Indians, against the Japanese, against the
Vietnamese, against, the Balkans and against the Iraqis in form of depleted
uranium and deadly sanctions.

He tried to connect Iraq with Al-Qaida and the tragic events of 911. His allegation
did not journey very far for his own commission refuted it

Selected articles 106

Then he went to another excuse, he wanted to export "Democracy" to the Land of
the Two Great Rivers, to the Cradle of Civilization. He wanted to give us a lesson
in Democracy and make us “civilized’. For this reason, he destroyed Iraq, its
museums, its institutions, its economy and is trying to destroy its culture and
eliminate educators and scientists or to limit their tasks.

After challenging and insulting the United Nations and after getting stuck in the
burning flames of Iraq, he is crying for help and asking the countries that he
challenged and insulted to help him in his quagmire in Iraq. He is exploring
various ways and means to mislead the World again.

After failing to internationalize the occupation of Iraq Mr. Bush is resorting to a
new attempt. He wants to Islamize the occupation, by bringing forces from the
“Muslim” and Arab states to help him legitimize his aggression.

The United States and its Zionist allies trust the Saudi regime because this regime
is well known in plotting and conspiring against the Arab causes and progressive
projects. Let us not forget that the British created this regime. The Saudi family
was installed to rule Najd and Hijaz and all the parts of the Arabian Peninsula that
were annexed by the British, thus the Center of the Most Holiest Places for Islam
became under the domination of Western Imperialism. This reactionary and
regressive regime always represented and reflected the malicious ambitions of the
British and later the US-Zionist Imperialism in the Area, in the Islamic and the
Third World Countries. The wealth of the Arabian Peninsula, mainly Oil, became
the property of Imperialism and few hundreds of corrupt princes.
Recently the Saudi Regime, as instructed by the Bush Administration, suggested a
new façade of the Occupation of Iraq in order to “crush” the Iraq National
Resistance. This façade was the Attempt of Islamizing the occupying forces in
Since the Resistance made it clear from the beginning that its aim is the full
liberation of Iraq and the expulsion of all those who are part of the occupation
regardless of their nationalities, this latest attempt will fail like the previous ones
issued by Bush and his Administration. American Imperialism will suffer a
humiliating defeat at the hands of the Iraqi National Resistance and Iraq will be
free again. Baghdad will take its legitimate place in the World. It will be the true

Selected articles 107

spear of the liberation of Palestine. It will be the rallying point for the
Reunification of the Arab Homeland.

Mr. President, it is a blatant aggression and yet you call it liberation?

Your smart bombs and cruise missiles are killing innocent children, women, and
old. You are destroying the entire country and yet you call it liberation? Why don’t
you admit once and for all that you are waging this vicious war on behalf of your
friends in the Zionist entity and on behalf of the multinational oil companies?
You say that you are not interested in the Iraqi oil, and yet your plans are to rob
Iraq of its wealth by forcing Iraq to pay for the destruction that you caused? Your
agenda is very clear Mr. President. It is oil and “Israel”. You want to occupy Iraq
and install a puppet regime, a regime that is enslaved to your Imperialist Zionist
ideals. You want to create a new “Middle East” stripped from its Arab identity.
You want a greater Zionist entity, a dominant one that is able to control the entire
region. You want the Arab World to be weaker, ignorant, poor and more
Mr. President, you have exposed your wicked plans and showed to the World, the
entire World that you do not give a damn about Iraq and its people, Your bombs
and missiles are killing them. You are ruining their economy, their towns but not
their dignity and spirit.

Your wicked plan is to install retired Lt. Gen. Jay Garner as civil administrator in
Iraq, and Barbara Bodine, a former ambassador to Yemen, as his coordinator for
the civil administrator.

We know that Garner is a staunch Zionist. In 2000 he expressed his support for the
Zionist entity declaring that the “Jewish “state is an asset to the United States. We
know that the Jewish Institute National Security Affairs sponsors him. We also
know that the hard-line lobbying group linked to the idea that invading Iraq and
overthrowing President Saddam Hussein is good for both “Israel” and the United
You want to put the entire nation under your mercy and its wealth under your
control. You want to starve everyone, you already have. Mr. President the Iraqis
are not a nation of slaves and they reject your “liberation”. They have proved it to
you since day one of your aggression. If God forbid you were able to occupy Iraq,

Selected articles 108

the resistance will continue and will become a war of liberation to expel your
forces and teach you and your allies a great lesson. Do you remember Viet Nam
Mr. President? You are creating a new one.

March 27, 2003

It Is From the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River

By Al-Moharer Co-Editor

July 17, 2006

Since Palestine is occupied, we accept no less than its total liberation. It belongs to
our people since time immemorial. Our ancestors, the Canaanites, have lived there
thousands of years before the biblical stories came to existence without
interruption until the present time. They were Arab tribes, and we are their
descendants. Abraham and his descendants came from Ur of Chaldea, the
Chaldeans originated from Arabia, and they spoke Aramaic like many Arabs did.
Aramaic was an old Arabic language, which was replaced by the modern Arabic
language of the tribe of Quraish, the tribe of Prophet Mohammad in which the
Holy Qoran was revealed to humanity. The modern Jews have nothing to do with
the old Hebrews who were from Ur of Chaldea. They are not the same; they have
nothing in common, ethnically, culturally or otherwise.

No one has the right to Palestine except our ancestors who died long ago, our
generations who are struggling to expel the occupiers and the generations who are
not yet born.

Palestine was carved out of Syria, the Arab homeland was ripped apart and mini-
states were created. We lost our unity, our freedom and we became under the rules
of tyrants and oppressors. Our beloved Palestine was taken away from us by the
Western Powers and by the Stalinist Russia and given to the Zionists. Since then,
the Palestinians are resisting the foreign usurpation of the homeland and they will
keep resisting until justice prevails and the six million go back to their homes.
The aggression against the Palestinians did not stop since the beginning of last

Selected articles 109

century and the massacres of the Palestinians continue to this very day. The
massacres at large scale are considered genocide and the Palestinians are the
victims. The perpetrators are the Western Imperialist Zionists allies. The Zionist
forces are destroying our refugee camps, our towns, cities, farms, and
infrastructure and contaminating our waters in the Gaza Strip. They are killing our
women, our children and our people and the Western governments are giving their
blessings to the criminals on our land.

Forty-five year old, Mr. Mohammad Erheem, who lives in Al-Issraa’ west of Beit
Lahiya stated that the occupation Zionist forces killed the sheep on his farm by
burying them alive and he was jailed in one room of his house with the rest of his
The Zionist soldiers who occupied his house were drinking liquor, shouting and
laughing every time a sniper among them killed or wounded a Palestinian from the
town. These immoral racist soldiers were celebrating and dancing on our bleeding
wounds with no respect to human feeling, but the story did not stop there. One of
the soldiers took the family Quran, tore it and stepped on it.

Before withdrawing from the neighborhoods of Al -Atatira, Al Salateen, and Al
Issraa’, the soldiers destroyed many houses, bulldozed hundreds of acres, and
uprooted olive, orange and lemon trees. Vineyards also did not escape their
ravaging and destruction. They bulldozed the main and side roads, pulled down the
electric and telephone posts, The water pipes were blown up, the cemetery of Al
Issraa’ was desecrated and tombs were leveled. Then, two mosques, Al Huda and
Faith were severely damaged. The Zionists now expanded their war of aggression
against Lebanon and not a single Western State has the morality to put a stop of
this continuous war of aggression against the Arabs.

Israel” is a racist-settler-colonialist entity that has no legitimate right to exist on
our land. It poses danger to our existence as a nation and those who created it have
no conscience.

The Anti-War Movement and the progressive organizations in the West should
come to a conclusion that the racist settler-invaders do not belong to Palestine; they
should go back to the country of their origin or to the Mohave Desert to make it
fertile and blooming. The Land of Milk and Honey is not theirs. It is ours; this land

Selected articles 110

belongs to our people, to our martyrs and to our future generations. It is about time
to end the hypocrisy and injustice and to put an end to the genocide and starvation
against the Palestinians.

Moshe Dayan who once said: “The key to any city is no more than a piece of Iron
put under the "Israeli" tank to take the shape of the key we want… to suit the door
of the city we want to take over….” The gallant Gazans are fighting and facing the
Zionist tanks, planes, missiles and the siege of the Western governments. The tanks
of the Zionists that Dayan was speaking of are treading over the Zionist dreams,
his dreams, and the Zionist entity’s dreams

We tell all the friends and supporters of the Zionist aggression that our people will
keep fighting. The American tanks and missiles with all the heavy armaments and
the blockade and starvation policies imposed upon the Palestinians will not deter
them. Their determination is the total liberation of their land that stretches from the
River to the Sea


By Ibrahim Ebeid

August 21, 2005 - In order to keep the Zionist settlements around Gaza “Israel”
needed over 50,000 soldiers equipped with the most sophisticated weapons to do
the job. The Gazans who were equipped with faith and strong will, were able to
lead a war of attrition that forced the Zionist enemy to withdraw these settlers to
another part of Palestine.

The withdrawal was not a voluntary one, nor had a good intention to achieve
peace, as the Western media and the US Administration portrayed to us. It was not
for the sake of coexistence because the racist Zionists will not coexist with the
The artificial entity of “Israel” is a racist one and more vicious than that of General
Smut that existed in South Africa. "Israel" usurped the land of the Palestinians and
evicted the majority of them from their cities, towns, and villages to make room for
the imported settlers from every corner of the globe.

Selected articles 111

Do not forget that the creation of this racist state was in violation of the essence of
humanity. “Israel” was created by terrorist acts and by committing genocide

against the Palestinian people and the genocide is still going on. Every "Israeli" is a

colonialist settler because he/she lives in Palestinian homes and Palestinian cities,

villages, and towns.

The intention of the withdrawal was to lighten up the burden of the war of attrition

that the Gazans inflicted upon the settlers and their army. Sharon, the butcher of

the Palestinian people, is redeploying his armies in order to consolidate more land

to draw new borders for his entity. The Zionist leaders have done so several times

since the creation of this illegitimate state. In vain he is trying to kill the spirit of

the Palestinian people and break the will of their struggle for the liberation of their
land. The Zionist leaders were not satisfied by what the West and the “United
Nations” granted them, which was a large portion of Palestine, illegally and at the

expense of the Palestinian people. Now they are occupying the entire country of

Palestine with a large portion of Syria and other lands from around Palestine to
secure their ambition to build “Greater Israel”, which is part of the “Greater New
Middle East” of George W. Bush.

The withdrawal was no more than a concession to gather the forces of “Israel” for

further expansion.

The Palestinians are forced to live in isolation; each village, each town and each

city is isolated or surrounded by fences, walls, and loops of highways for the use of

the Israeli army and the settlers only. Any Palestinian who uses these highways

would be shot either by the army or by the settlers who are armed to the teeth.

The wall that Sharon is building has divided members of many families and it is

ripping Palestine further apart and is forcing the Palestinians to live in

concentration camps.

The Resolution of the Right of Return was never enforced. The majority of the
Palestinians in the Diaspora are still living in camps cramped in little concrete
houses that are freezing in winter and oven like in the summer with no running
water in most cases. The basic necessities to sustain the minimum requirements for
decent living are of no existence. The Zionist settlers are living in Palestinian
homes with luxury and abundance. Water is very rare for the Palestinians of the

Selected articles 112

“West Bank” and Gaza because water is allocated to the Zionists only to fill their
ponds and swimming pools while the Palestinians are thirsty.

The status of Jerusalem is being endangered; the creeping of the Zionists to East
Jerusalem is in high gear. They are confiscating more land to expand their
settlements in order to change the Arabic character of the city and to pave the way
for more Zionist settlers. One hundred and fifty thousand Palestinians are under the
threat of being evicted from their homes to achieve this evil purpose.

There are more than 250,000 settlers in the "West Bank", moving 8,000 settlers
from around Gaza is insignificant and unimportant. Sharon or any other Zionist
leader will never pull out from all the Palestinian territory occupied in 1967. This
is the nature of the Zionist entity that is blessed and supported by the United States
in particular and the West in general.

Defeating the Zionist illegal entity is not easy. It requires serious struggle on the
Arab part and it needs a better leadership than the present one.

The United States is willing to assist "Israel" at all levels, militarily, economically
and technically as it always has been doing since the eviction of the Palestinians
from Palestine in 1947. But the might of "Israel" combined with that of the United
States had not deterred the resolve of the Palestinian people to liberate their
homeland and restore their historic rights to Arab Palestine.

The people of the United States are suffering also from the domination of the
Zionist movement on their various successive governments. Most of the members
of the Senate and the House of Representatives are more loyal to "Israel" than to
the United States. Billions of dollars are being pumped into the "Israeli" economy
and armament while poverty and homelessness in America are on the rise.
But we should know that the relations between the United States and “Israel” is not
a relation of love and passion, this type of relation has no value in international
relations especially among imperialists. It is rather a relation of interests and it will
last as long as "Israel" remains the Guardian of American interests in the area. But
eventually this relation will come to an end as soon as the United States is defeated
in Iraq and when the American people put their country on the right track and save
it from the influence of Zionism.

Selected articles 113

The evacuation of the settlers was no more than redeploying of the Zionist army
around the Strip and converting Gaza into a large prison while other settlements in
the West Bank are being strengthened and enlarged. Only insignificant settlements
are being dismantled.

Peace will come when Palestine is liberated and when the millions of the displaced
Palestinians go back to their homes, towns, and villages. The Jews also have the
right to go to the country of their origin.

It is Time to Withdraw; it is Time to Act

By Ibrahim Ebeid

July 4, 2005

The American people are discovering that the President led them into a war that is
detrimental to them, to their economy and to their national interests. The majority
of Americans now realize that President Bush is responsible for starting the war
with Iraq a fact that we knew all along before the aggression took place. We wrote
about the subject and we warned the American people of drastic outcomes that
might not be in the best interest of the United States and its people.

We believe that the propaganda was very effective in brainwashing and
conditioning the minds of the American people to accept and support such a war.
The Administration was able to exploit the sad and unfortunate events of
September 11, wickedly employing them to its agenda in leading America into the
war in Iraq who had nothing to do with those sad events. Saddam Hussein never
caused any harm to the United States or to any of its citizens. The United States
started the aggression against Iraq in 1991 by George Bush the father. That was
followed by a deadly embargo and daily bombardment of its cities, villages, and
farms, men and animals. As a result, Iraq is suffering from the poisoned
environment, even the American soldiers did not escape the effects of the depleted
uranium that became known as the Gulf War Syndrome. The land was poisoned
and polluted, the water is not fit to drink, and the fish is not healthy in the
Euphrates and the Tigris. The school system and school buildings were damaged.

Selected articles 114

Writing papers and pencils were forbidden to manufacture or import. Even the

children milk factory was destroyed. The children shelter in Al- Ameriyah was

destroyed with “smart bombs” despite the sign of the Red Crescent on top of its
roof, no one escaped, 750 people died, mostly children. Al-Ameriyah shelter is one
of the mass graves that the American flagrant war has created in Iraq and is
creating to this very day. Chlorine to purify the water was on the forbidden list.
The sewer system was ruined. Institutions were erased, people were dying and they
are still dying, especially children for lack of medicine and proper nourishment and
from the savage smart bombs. Iraq was deliberately accused of accumulating
weapons of mass destruction and so on in order to justify the unjustifiable.

Despite the growing opposition to the war in the streets and in the Congress the
Administration is still deceiving the people and is trying to portray a fancy
“victory” in Iraq while the truth on the ground speaks differently. We noticed that
the Resistance is growing stronger and the fighters are very determined and well
organized. Unwittingly George Bush helped create the true Arab Liberation
Movement. Many US officers and soldiers admit that America already lost the war.
The United States military forces in Iraq and those who came behind it, foreign or
traitors are considered aggressors while the Iraqi resistance is considered to be the
national armed resistance. It is led and directed by the Arab Baath Socialist Party,
through its militant cadres, the heroic Iraqi army, the Republican Guard forces, the
valiant Special Forces, the Forces of the National Security and the Mujahideen of
the Saddam's Fidayeen organization and the Iraqi patriotic resistance. These are the
liberation forces that Bush claims to have dissolved and destroyed. He continues to
deceive the American nation and he claims only few suicide bombers from a
foreign land are causing the problems in Iraq. This is an insult to the Iraqi people
who stands firmly and solidly behind the National Resistance.

Yes, the Resistance is getting stronger and better organized. Its tactics and
planning superseded those of the aggressors. The American soldiers know the fact
that the United States already lost the war, since day one of the aggression. The
generals who are staying in Qatar, or in Washington D.C and in the so-called
Green Zone in the Air conditioned environment are the last to know that America
is losing this war. The American soldiers when they go in massive force might
control one small area, just temporarily, but when they stretch across a certain area
or withdraw the freedom fighters and the forces of liberations are in control.
However, 78% of all Democrats say that Bush is more responsible for starting the
War than President Hussein. Just 18% take the opposite view. If the large majority

Selected articles 115

of Democrats are really convinced that Bush is to blame and that this war is not
justified then why they do not act immediately to solve the problem? Does the
Democratic Leadership have the guts to stand up and face the Administration and
expose it to the entire nation? Or the majority of the Democrats is coward and lives
in a cocoon waiting for a miracle to salvage them? Are they living in isolation
among themselves and for themselves in denial of America and its interests? Are
they afraid of being labeled as unpatriotic by Bush and his entourage?
The solution is very simple; since we all know that the war is illegal and was built
on lies then we must act immediately to do the followings:

Rally the American people against the war.

Negotiate the withdrawal with the legal Leadership of Iraq whose members are
prisoners of war.

Take all those who came with them on US and British tanks because they are
illegitimate and the Iraqi people rejected them decades ago.

Compensate Iraq and its people for all the damages caused by this war since the
first aggression in 1991

I am not conveying any message from anyone but this is the logic that I believe in.

It was more than election… It was a referendum for liberation

By Ibrahim Ebeid

January 25, 2006 - Hamas is a Palestinian liberation group that has won the
election. It is dedicated to liberating Palestine from the River to the Sea. This
election was indeed a message to the World that the Palestinian people will never
sacrifice their right nor will they give up their hope to liberate their homeland from
the clutches of Zionism and Western Imperialism. This election was a referendum
and a rejection of the Oslo agreement and to all the agreements that followed
which were intended to force the Palestinians to accept the status quo, the rape and

Selected articles 116

the usurpation of their homeland. The people have said no to liquidations of our
historic land, yes to liberation.

The Palestinian people said it very loud and clear and we hope that Mr. Bush will
realize that the election was more than a “wake-up call” to the Palestinian leaders.
It was not only for “expressing the desire for honest government and good social
services, such as healthcare and education.” It is for dignity, for the homeland that
they were expelled from. It is for the Right of Return. It is for liberation. It is for
The result of the election in Palestine did not please Mr. Bush and his allies;
neither had it pleased the European Union. Mr. Bush was not able to hide his
feelings when he said: “I made it very clear that the United States does not support
political parties that want to destroy our ally Israel.” But he ignored the destruction
of Palestine at the hands of his racist settler colonialist allies. He has the nerve to
ask Hamas to renounce the part of its platform that calls for the liberation of
The European leaders already aligned themselves with the Zionist entity and
claimed that Hamas risks international isolation unless it renounces the use of
violence (Liberation). Also like President Bush, they have ignored the Zionist
violence that is taking place against the Palestinians.

The Democracy that Bush wants for the Palestinians has failed. It failed because it
is strange and alien to them. It means suppressing their desire and hopes to live in
their ancestral homeland that belongs to them since time immemorial.

Hamas will enjoy the support of the Palestinian people as long as it does not
deviate from the liberation of Palestine, the historic Palestine that stretches from
the River to the Sea.

The Palestinians who are living in the countries surrounding Palestine and in the
Diaspora were excluded from participating in the election. This is wrong, they are
part of the Palestinian people and they have the right to take part of the destiny of
their country. They must have some representative to defend their right and their
aspiration of liberating their land. They are more than six Million people and I am
one of them.

Selected articles 117

The United States and the European Union must realize that you cannot silence the
voice of truth and the Palestinian people have spoken.

June 30th

Ibrahim Ebeid

June 12/ 2004

The Iraqi National Resistance considers itself to be the legitimate authority,
certainly not those who were appointed by Washington and London. The American
Administration is desperately trying to exit from the accelerated crisis that it
trapped itself into. The Resolution that was adopted by the Security Council will
not help to calm down the deteriorating situation in Iraq. It will strengthen the
Resistance and its determination to expel the invaders, liberate Iraq and restore the
legitimate authority.

The Sovereignty Resolution of the United Nations Security Council on Iraq is
another attempt by the Anglo-Saxon invading forces to get out from the trap they
found themselves in. This desperate action taken by the United States and the
Security Council is another attempt to internationalize the occupation and
legitimize the plundering of Iraq and the looting of its wealth. The Iraqi Resistance
considers these countries that support such resolution as part of the occupation
power and being as such they became a legitimate target.

The US-appointed Prime Minister, Iyad Allawi and the rest of the Members of his
Cabinet are not capable or authorized by the Iraqi people to lead or rule. They have
barricaded themselves behind walls guarded by heavy tanks and heavy artillery in
the so-called Green Zone. They cannot venture out of this heavily guarded area
without American or British protection.

Iyad Allawi, according to news reports, was an agent of American and British
intelligence. In the nineties, he was engaged in terrorist acts against the Iraqi
people. School buses and movie theaters were targeted.

Selected articles 118

Chalabi, the other rival to Allawi was consumed, used and tossed away by his
masters. Chalabi is wanted by the Jordanian government for embezzlement and for
transferring millions of dollars to his family accounts that led to the bankruptcy of
Petra Bank.

The Iraqis have suffered enough since 1991 when the Americans, the British and
their allies attacked Iraq and impose a deadly blockade on the Iraqi people that
caused millions of people to die or maimed. This aggression and blockade started
by George Bush Sr. and led to the invasion and occupation of Iraq by his son and
cronies. Certainly, the Iraqi people do not need traitors, agents and thieves to rule
them because they have made their choice and determination to liberate Iraq. They
consider that the Résistance is the legitimate authority and their answer for
restoring their usurped Independence and Sovereignty. Allawi and his colleagues
are despised and traitors, they represent the Anglo-Saxon- Zionist alliance and
certainly not the Iraqi people.

Anyone with a sound mind understands that June 30 is not a day of transfer power
and sovereignty to the Iraqi people. It is a lie like the other lies that Bush bestowed
upon the World. These lies became very obvious and no one believes them
anymore. Liars are not trusted or believed in throughout history. They have
violated the code of honor and dignity they have lost it all.

The only transfer of power that will take place on June 30 is the replacement of
Bremmer by Negroponte.

Negroponte will be the representative of the White House in Baghdad and his staff
will be larger than that of Bush. The Iraqis will never accept the transformation of
their country into an American territory and will continue their fight to restore the
sovereignty and independence that President Bush deprived them. Restoration, not
Transformation is the answer and the Resistance is the only sovereign.
Just a quick look at one segment of Iraq that was under Saddam Hussein
School and education system in Iraq was very advanced and thriving
- The number of kindergartens rose from 71 to 119 between 1979 and 1990 with an
annual increase of 67.6 percent.

Selected articles 119

- The number of nurseries rose from 135 to 646 in the period 1968-1990 with an
annual increase of 212.1 percent. The number of children enrolled at the nurseries
rose from 14530 to 86508 with an annual increase of 468.3 percent.
- The number of teachers in these kindergartens and nurseries rose from 551 to
4908 with an annual increase of 324.6 percent.

- The number of primary schools rose from 5137 to 8725 in the years 1968-1990
with a rate of increase of 69.8 percent. The number of students rose from 1,017050
to 3,335 699 in the same period with a rate of increase of 123.2 percent.

- The number of teachers in primary Schools rose from 47058 in 1968 to 130115 in
- In secondary schools, the number of schools rose from 840 to 2700 with a rate of
increase of students enrolled at these schools rose from 285721 to 1,058331 with a
rate of increase of 27.4 percent in the period 1968-1990.

- The number of vocational schools rose from 44 to 289 in the same period 1968-
1990 with a rate of increase of 556.8 percent. The number of students enrolled at
these schools rose from 10600 to 142822 with a rate of increase of 1247.3 percent.
The number of teachers at these schools rose from 1002 to 9127 with a rate of
increase of 810.8 percent.

- Students enrolled at teacher-training institutes rose from 10861 to 30962 with a
rate of increase of 185 percent. The number of teachers rose from 442 to 1782 with
a rate of increase of 303 percent in the period 1968-1990.

- The number of universities rose from 5 to 12 in the same period above with a rate
of increase of 1.4 percent, whereas the number of their students from 31086 in
1968 to 179542 in 1991 with a rate of increase of 477.6 percent. The number of
university teaching staff increased from 1879 in 1968 to 10548 in 1990 with a rate
of increase of 461.4 percent. In the Kurdistan Autonomous Region, the indicators
of progress in this sector were as follows:

- The number of kindergartens rose from 3 to 61 in the period 1971-1990, with a
rate of increase of 19 percent. Their students increased from 354 in 1971 to 4297 in
1991 with a rate of increase of 11 percent. The number of teachers in these
Kindergartens rose from 24 to 347 with a rate of increase of 13 percent.

Selected articles 120

- The number of primary schools students rose from 93596 in 1971 to 411265 in
1990 with a rate of increase of 34 percent. The number of their teachers rose from
4615 to 14544 with a rate of increase of 21 percent.

- The secondary schooling showed a great progress. The number of secondary
schools rose from 118 to 292 with an increase of 14 percent. The number of their
students rose from 17903 in 1971 to 101127 in 1990 with an increase of 46
percent. The number of secondary schools teachers rose in the period 1971-1990
from 820 to 3751 with an increase of 35 percent. Considerable progress was also
achieved in vocational education, in the Kurdistan Autonomous Region. The
number of vocational schools rose from 6 to 34 in the period 1970-1990 with an
increase of 46 percent. The number of the students rose from 974 to 13201 with an
increase of 12 percent.

Kwame Ture Remembered*

By Ibrahim Ebeid

November 16, 1998, a great man and staunch freedom fighter departed us to
the unknown. This man was Kwame Ture, formerly known as Stokely Carmichael.
I have the honor to have known Kwame since 1967 and since then we became
friends and comrades in the struggle. He has taught me many lessons in the
struggle, courage, strength, and patience.

He believed in Africa, in African Unity and Africans and its sons are strong as long
as Africa is strong. He fought against oppression and injustice where ever it

Zionism and Imperialism to him were not the enemies of the Arab nation but
to Africa and to the Africans in the Diaspora. He believed that Palestine
is Arab as America is Indian and Zionism is the enemy of humanity.

"Israel" should be dismantled and replaced by a Palestinian state and the
Palestinians should return to their homes.

Selected articles 121

I always am thankful for him because he introduced me to the Nation of
Islam and to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, a great leader, and a
just man. Also through him, I knew the American Indian Movement and the
plight of the American Indians whom I always call the Palestinians of the
Ten days before his departure ha was ready to take a freedom ride to Libya
and Iraq to challenge the United States and its embargo on Libya and Iraq.
A hospital plane was provided to him for this purpose by Muammar Al
Qathafi. He was ready to go but Death did not give him a chance. In his
last Declaration he said:

Today, we say "Hell yes, we are going to Libya." We are traveling nonstop,
all the way, from Conakry to Tripoli, and we warn the U.S. government not
to interfere. We are certain today, that the people of Cuba and Libya, under the
steadfast leadership of Fidel Castro and Muammar Qathafi, will be
victorious. The embargo and travel ban against Libya, Cuba, North Sudan,
Korea, Iraq, and Iran are finished, as of this day. The All-African People's
Revolutionary Party is honored to make our humble contribution towards
this end. We thank you. As African youth worldwide say, "the beat goes on."
Yes, Brother Kwame "the beat goes on" and the planes are flying to Baghdad.
The Embargo is crumbling. The children of the stones are fighting the
Zionists and their allies. They are paving the way for a free Palestine and Palestine
will return to its Arab fold.

* Kwame Ture was Central Committee Member of the All-African People's
Revolutionary Party and the Democratic Party of Guinea Conakry, Guinea.

Selected articles 122

Le elezioni sotto la minaccia dei fucili non sono una soluzione

Ibrahim Ebeid

Un stato in una piccola porzione della Palestina non è una soluzione al problema
palestinese; è piuttosto una legittimazione all'occupazione della Palestina da parte
dell'Occidente Imperialista e Sionista.

una concessione ai piani Sionisti ed Imperialisti contro la nazione Araba. I
capitolazionisti che stanno dietro ai tentativi di far passare questa come una
soluzione non riceveranno mai un avallo e in nessun modo rappresentano il popolo
palestinese. I Palestinesi non hanno lottato invano contro l'entità straniera nella
loro terra. La liberazione totale della Palestina è il loro scopo finale e ritengono che
un mini-stato non avrebbe la possibilità di essere indipendente e liberato. Un mini-
stato negherebbe i diritti dei Palestinesi alla loro terra storica. Costringerebbe
l’intera area della terra Araba a cambiare il proprio carattere e a diventare
definitivamente una serie di nazioni mediorientali frammentate e divise, deboli e
permanentemente sotto la dominazione straniera.
La lotta per la liberazione deve continuare basandosi su quel carattere nazionale
della Palestina che i capitolazionisti vogliono negare. Il nostro popolo crede
fermamente che più noi lottiamo e ci sacrifichiamo e più vicini saremo al
raggiungimento della liberazione della Palestina e più vicini alla realizzazione del
ritorno del nostro popolo disperso nella loro terra dalla quale furono espulsi nel
La “democratizzazione” della Palestina mediante l’elezione di un nuovo presidente
ed un nuovo corpo di governo sotto occupazione, non è un atto legittimo
specialmente nel momento in cui tale processo ignora i milioni di Palestinesi che
vivono nei campi profughi fuori dalla Palestina ed i Palestinesi sparsi in tutto il
mondo nel loro esilio forzato. Questa elezione è un tentativo ulteriore di
comprimere i Palestinesi e di spogliarli del diritto a continuare la lotta per liberare
la loro terra e a stabilire il proprio stato nella Palestina storica che si estende dal
mar Mediterraneo al fiume Giordano.

Selected articles 123

Una soluzione rivoluzionaria al problema fu già intrapresa decenni fa quando i
Palestinesi ricorsero alla lotta armata per liberare la Palestina e preservare il
proprio carattere arabo. Il nostro popolo ha adottato questa soluzione e migliaia di
loro hanno sacrificato le proprie vite e hanno bagnato il nostro suolo con il sangue
per realizzare questa nobile causa. La nazione Araba sa molto bene che i governi
arabi non vogliono seguire questo percorso rivoluzionario, perché la liberazione
della Palestina vorrebbe dire la fine del loro dominio e la fine dei loro regimi, che
sarebbero sostituiti da una nazione Araba unita con uno stato che comprenda
milioni di arabi, dall’Iraq e dal Golfo Arabo fino all'Oceano Atlantico, al Marocco
e alla Mauritania.

Chiaramente la soluzione rivoluzionaria non piace alle potenze Imperialiste e

Sioniste che vogliono che gli arabi siano frammentati, divisi e deboli sotto la loro


I capitolazionisti dell'autorità Palestinese, che calpestano la Carta Palestinese, sono

parte in gioco nel processo voluto da Sionisti e Stati Uniti, non vogliono seguire il
percorso rivoluzionario, ma hanno scelto di essere parte del “Nuovo Medio
Oriente” in cui l'entità Sionista è accettata come potere dominante coloniale e

colonialista in rappresentanza degli interessi degli imperialisti americani nell'area.

L'era di Arafat deve essere abbandonata e non deve continuare, è stata basata su

false promesse che conducono alla resa incondizionata della Palestina, a Oslo,

Madrid e in altri accordi si è stati accomodanti con l'entità Sionista legittimando
così l'occupazione della Palestina e lasciandoci nella condizione di “nazione”

dispersa. Noi abbiamo bisogno di leader che vengano dalla lotta rivoluzionaria e

che sono disposti e capaci a portare la lotta sino alla fine. Noi abbiamo bisogno di

leader che sono fedeli alla causa e che credono che la Palestina Libera si situerà tra

il mar Mediterraneo ed il fiume Giordano e che resterà araba per sempre.

La causa palestinese affronta oggi l'ultimo atto, in cui si dispiegano i progetti per la

liquidazione concepiti dall'alleanza tra Imperialisti, Sionisti e reazionari. Ed è per
questa ragione che l'Imperialismo Sionista e degli Stati Uniti ha sostenuto l’idea
delle elezioni “democratiche” in Palestina ed in Iraq. La sporca alleanza
dell’Imperialismo degli Stati Uniti con il Sionismo sta camuffando le sua ostilità
ed aggressività dietro questa nuova facciata di “democrazia” sotto la minaccia dei

fucili per far eleggere degli uomini che li rappresentino in Iraq ed in Palestina. I

candidati principali sono scelti da Washington e da Tel Aviv sotto il loro controllo

e dominio e sono disposti a sabotare qualsiasi avanzamento che la Resistenza in

Palestina ed in Iraq stia realizzando. La scelta di Allawi in Iraq e di Abu

MazeninPalestina è una necessità per realizzare i piani Imperialisti nella regione

Selected articles 124

Araba. Gli Stati Uniti hanno dichiarato di voler schierare più di 35.000 soldati nella
città di Baghdad per forzare l’elezione dei suoi candidati contro la volontà del

popolo Iracheno. Ma la Resistenza Irachena si sta dimostrando sempre più forte e

sta guadagnando sempre maggiore sostegno popolare. Le operazioni di liberazione

in terra irachena sono sempre più numerose e più efficaci che mai. La Resistenza in

Palestina ed in Iraq è determinata a vincere la guerra di liberazione.
L’Imperialismo ed il Sionismo saranno sconfitti alle porte di Gerusalemme e di

Baghdad. La vittoria sarà prima di quanto la maggior parte di noi si aspettano. Il

popolo Arabo rovescerà i governanti che si sono rafforzati sulle loro spalle per poi
arresendersi al Sionismo e all’Imperialismo. La liberazione e l’unificazione della

terra Araba verranno realizzate.

Le Front de libération nationale d'Iraq

par Ibrahim Ebeid et Hussayn al-Kurdi

De loin la plus importante histoire, le secret le mieux gardé des media occidentaux
a été la croissance constante de la Résistance iraquienne contre l'occupation
conduite par les États-Unis.

Alors que les services d'information des États-Unis et de leurs complices
focalisaient l'attention sur la violence entre les communautés ethniques et
religieuses, le Parti Baath socialiste arabe poursuivait une politique d'unification et
de coopération entre ceux en Iraq qui se montraient décidés à débarrasser leur pays
de l'occupant, rétablir son indépendance et reprendre son rôle aux avant-postes de
la lutte arabe contre l' impérialisme et le sionisme.

L'occupation de Bagdad par les forces étasuniennes suivie par la déclaration de
«victoire» de Bush en 2003, a marqué le commencement de la résistance
iraquienne conduite par des dirigeants du parti Baath. Saddam Hussein et d'autres
dirigeants baathistes, en consultation avec des habitants de Bagdad se sont
dispersés à travers l'Iraq dans le but d'engager une guerre de libération nationale et
de résistance de longue durée. Ils n'ont pas voulu rester concentrés à Bagdad afin

Selected articles 125

d'éviter sa destruction et pour mieux réussir la transition vers une lutte de guérilla
ou de guerre populaire.

Alors que les États-Unis lâchaient leurs escadrons de la mort, composés d'exilés,
contre le peuple iraquien, ciblant ceux qui soutenaient le Baath ou qui étaient
autrement opposés à l'occupation; le Parti Baath, ses alliés et ses partenaires
opéraient contre l'ennemi, ses pantins et ses hommes de main compris, des
engagements de caractère militaire, en prenant scrupuleusement soin d'éviter de
heurter des innocents, tout en encourageant l'unité des Iraquiens de toutes les
affiliations religieuses, ethniques ou politiques épris de liberté et prêts à défendre la

Malgré diverses tentatives pour coopter, discréditer et diviser le Baath, il est
remarquable qu'aucun membre éminent n'a été amené à trahir les principes du
parti, la promotion de l'unité arabe, et la lutte pour libérer les terres arabes des
occupants étasuniens et israéliens, et cela dans la perspective d'une société
socialiste au service du bien-être des classes populaires.

Saddam Hussein a émergé comme un dirigeant, grand et résolu, martyr et père
fondateur, champion de la cause arabe et de l'Islam dans la tradition de Salah al-
Din al Ayyoubi, le fabuleux «Saladin» qui avait chassé les Croisés de Jérusalem et
mis en échec leurs efforts pour occuper la Palestine et subjuguer les forces de
l'Islam. Les activités de Saddam et son exemple ont contribué de manière
incommensurable à la réémergence du parti Baath dans le cœur et la tête de la
Résistance. Cela reste un secret bien gardé aux États-Unis et en occident. Même
des cercles gauchistes et soi-disant «progressistes» qui dans le passé ont soutenu
des mouvements de libération nationale tels que celui du Vietnam, ne se sont pas
manifestés avec des expressions de solidarité similaires pour le cas de l'Iraq. Ils
disent plutôt que le Baath «est mort avec Saddam», que la Résistance a été écrasée
et il ne reste dans leur vision que la «guerre civile» que propage leur presse. La
Résistance, pour eux, n'existe simplement pas. Heureusement, non seulement elle
existe mais elle se bat en ce moment avec férocité partout dans le pays.

Selected articles 126

Le «Conseiller à la sécurité nationale» du régime fantoche Mouwafaq al-Roubaie a
confirmé lors de sa récente visite à Washington que Saddam avait implanté un
«virus incurable» dans les esprits des Iraquiens. Ce «virus» était le refus d'accepter
l'occupation et son gouvernement fantoche. En même temps, al-Roubaie a affirmé
que lui et ses associés avaient «choisi une fois et pour toutes leur allié stratégique,
les États-Unis d'Amérique».

Un événement significatif a eu lieu le 26 septembre quand 22 groupes de résistance
iraquiens se sont réunis en Congrès d'unification dans une partie libérée de Bagdad.
Le Congrès a résolu d'unir tous les groupes présents sur la base de la libération
totale de l'Iraq quel que soit le temps nécessaire. Le Congrès a aussi décidé que
l'adhésion au Front unifié de la Résistance serait ouverte à d'autrès groupes ou
combattants qui voudraient s'y joindre. Un Commandement suprême du djihad et
de la lutte de libération a été institué et lzzat Ibrahim al-Douri, le Secrétaire général
du parti Baath et Président de l'Iraq a été élu Commandant suprême du Front.

Le Commandement suprême a alors tenu une réunion où l'état-major a été créé. Le
lieutenant général Amir Muhammad Amis a été nommé Commandant suprême en
second, chargé des affaires militaires, alors que le Cheikh Ali Abdallah el Oubaidi
a été choisi pour conduire une structure consultative religieuse. Un conseil de
sécurité nationale a été formé, dirigé par le général Khalid Sulayman Khalaf. Un
conseil des affaires administratives et financières a été créé sous le commandement
du lieutenant général Muhammad Salih Alqan et un Bureau d'information et de
mobilisation a été créé sous le commandement du général Salah ad Din Ahmad. Le
Dr Kan'an Amin a été nommé porte-parole officiel pour le Djihad et le
commandement de la libération.

Le commandement suprême a déclaré que le Djihad et le Commandement de
libération observaient des «principes sacrés» qui ne pouvaient être violés. Aucun
parti n'était autorisé à prendre part à des négociations avec l'ennemi étasunien sauf
sur la base de ces principes.

Selected articles 127

Les conditions pour des négociations avec les forces d'occupation étaient
clairement stipulées selon les termes suivants:

 Reconnaître officiellement la Résistance patriotique et toutes les
organisations de résistance patriotiques, nationalistes arabes et islamiques
qu'en font partie, comme seul représentant légitime du grand peuple

 Annoncer officiellement le retrait inconditionnel des forces d’occupation,
que ce soit immédiatement ou par étapes.

 Arrêter toutes les attaques, les poursuites, les assassinats, les destructions,
les sabotages, les dépossessions et les expulsions et retirer leurs troupes
d'occupation de tous les centres de population.

 Libérer tous les prisonniers et détenus sans exception et les dédommager.
 Remettre en service l'armée iraquienne et les forces de sécurité nationales,

et les rétablir selon les règles et les traditions en place avant l'invasion
étasunienne. Ils doivent aussi être indemnisés pour les dommages subis.
 Promettre de compenser l'Iraq pour les pertes et les dommages causés au
pays par l'occupation.
 Abroger toutes les lois, décrets et autre législation promulguée lors de

Si l'ennemi tient à se retirer de manière à sauver la face, il devrait s'asseoir et parler
directement avec la Résistance concernant l'implémentation de ces principes
sacrés. Sinon, il ne leur resterait que l'effondrement et la fuite.

Après la préparation d'un programme pour l'implémentation de ces principes,
auront lieu des réunions et des dialogues dans le peuple iraquien qui permettront au
gouvernement intérimaire d'engager des pourparlers avec les États agresseurs en
vue de reformuler les relations officielles sur la base de l'égalité et la non-ingérence
dans les affaires intérieures, le respect de l'indépendance, de la souveraineté et de

Après le commencement du retrait de l'ennemi de notre patrie, les forces de
Résistance se rencontreront pour la formation d'un Conseil national (Shura) pour la

Selected articles 128

surveillance de la phase transitoire et pour nommer un gouvernement intérimaire
pour une période déterminée, afin de préparer des élections législatives de manière
à ce que le peuple puisse élire librement ses dirigeants.

Les 22 groupes représentés à la rencontre étaient les suivants:

1. L'Armée de la confrérie Nakshabandya
2. L'Armée des compagnons du Prophète
3. L'Armée des Mourabitines
4. L'Armée de Hamza
5. L'Armée du Message
6. L'Armée de Ibn Al-Walid
7. Le Commandement unifié des moudjahidin (Iraq)
8. Les Brigades de la libération
9. L'Armée du Farouk
10. L'Armée de libération de l'Iraq
11. Les Escadrons des Chouhadas (martyrs)
12. L'Armée des Sabirines (Patients)
13. Les Brigades du Djihad sur la terre de Mésopotamie
14. L'Armée du Chevalier (dans la région «autonome») au nord d'Iraq.
15. Les Escadrons du Djihad à Bassora
16. Les Escadrons du Djihad à Fallouja

Selected articles 129

17. Le Front populaire national pour la libération de l'Iraq
18. Les Escuadronas Altaf al-Husseiniya

19. Les Compagnies de la libération du sud Salay Tahrir al-Junoub
20. L'Armée de Hanin

21. Les Compagnies de Dyala pour le djihad et la libération
22. Les Compagnies de la gloire pour la libération de l'Iraq.

Traduction de l'arabe Al-Moharer et de l'anglais Alexandre MOUMBARIS
Éditions Démocrite No 123


Par Ibrahim Ebeid, Mayo 2006

Les Etats-Unis et l'Union Européenne, dominés et contrôlés par le mouvement
sioniste et son entité, se rabattent sur une nouvelle forme d'armes de destruction
massive contre les Palestiniens, de la même manière qu'ils ont organisé un blocus
mortel sur l'Irak.

Les Palestiniens sont bloqués, leur pays est en passe d'être volé morceau par
morceau et ils vivent dans des réserves entourées de murs de béton et des
fortifications armées sionistes, les colonies. Leurs maisons sont explosées, leurs
champs et leurs oliveraies détruits ou confisqués.

En avril 2006, les Etats-Unis ont coupé toute aide humanitaire à la suite de la
victoire inattendue du Hamas. En tout, 411 millions de dollars d'aides ont été
annulés ou suspendus parce que cet argent aurait pu aider le nouveau
gouvernement palestinien dirigé par le Hamas.

Selected articles 130

Les Etats-Unis, l'Union Européenne et d'autres donateurs ont déclaré qu'ils ne
traiteraient pas avec un gouvernement dirigé par le Hamas tant que celui-ci ne
reconnaîtrait pas « Israël », ne renoncerait pas à la violence et n'adhèrerait pas aux
accords négociés avec « Israël » par le précédent « gouvernement » palestinien.
Les Etats-Unis et l'Union Européenne ignorent les réelles victimes, en l'occurrence
les Palestiniens et ils distordent tout simplement les faits et l'histoire. Ils ont ignoré
que les Palestiniens n'ont jamais usé de violence contre des nations paisibles, ni
envahi aucun pays, ni expulsé leur population, ni proclamé que la terre conquise
leur appartenait. Ils se battent pour recouvrer leurs droits sur leur terre natale,
revenir dans leurs maisons, dans leurs villes, et y vivre en paix. La lutte est
légitime en regard des lois internationales et rien ne les en dissuadera. Le Hamas a
été élu démocratiquement par le peuple qui vit sur ce qui reste du territoire
palestinien. Les élections n'ont pas été montées comme elles le furent en Irak
occupé, et ceux qui ont été élus n'ont pas été amenés par les chars des envahisseurs
américains et de leurs alliés. Les membres du Hamas font partie du peuple
palestinien, ils n'ont pas été importés et ne représentent aucun pouvoir ni intérêt

Le monde devrait savoir que la tragédie de la Palestine a commencé avec l'accord
Sykes-Picot en 1916 et fut couronné par la création de l'entité sioniste en Palestine
en 1948. Les organisations militaires sionistes ont utilisé la terreur et le sang contre
les Palestiniens pour les chasser de leurs cités, villes et villages pour désarabiser la
Palestine et la judaïser dans sa totalité.

William Zuckerman, l'éditeur de la « Jewish Newsletter » du 3 octobre 1960, fait
une remarque intéressante. Il dit : « La fuite des arabes de Palestine, qui a créé le
problème des réfugiés, ne fut ni un acte spontané, ni la conséquence de la
propagande des chefs arabes, comme les sionistes le répètent. Ce fut un plan
froidement calculé et exécuté par l'Irgun mais avec l'aval de la Haganah et de
l'Agence juive de l'époque. »

Selected articles 131

Les massacres en Palestine ne se sont pas arrêtés avec Deir Yassin où 250
personnes ont été massacrées par Menachem Begin et son gang. Les crimes de
masse ne se sont pas arrêtés en 1948 ; ils continuent aujourd'hui. Mais cette fois, le
massacre du peuple palestinien est plus vicieux. Il combine le blocus mortel, le vol
de la terre, la destruction des champs et la privation de nourriture. Les Palestiniens
sont encagés dans de grandes prisons aux conditions pires que celles des camps de
concentration en Europe. Les Palestiniens ne sont pas seulement menacés par
l'entité sioniste mais par le Président Bush et par l'Union Européenne.

Malheureusement, la plupart des Américains et des Européens ne savent pas que la
Palestine est arabe, ils ne savent pas que les « Israéliens » sont de nouveaux
colonisateurs installés dans des maisons et sur une terre qui ne leur appartient pas.
Ils ne savent pas que les Palestiniens ont été chassés de leurs maisons et qu'environ
6 millions d'entre eux sont des réfugiés vivant dans des camps et dans tous les
coins de la planète, et ma famille en fait partie.

La plupart des gens ne savent pas qu'en 1918, les Juifs de Palestine ne possédaient
que 2% de la terre et que lorsqu' « Israël » a été créé le 15 mai 1948, les colons
possédaient moins de 6% de terre obtenus par l'achat ou la terreur.

Plus de 6 millions de Palestiniens attendent l'exécution des résolutions des Nations
Unies pour revenir dans leurs maisons et leurs villes, en Palestine historique qui
s'étendait de la mer Méditerranée à la rivière Jourdain, pour établir leur Etat, pour
vivre en paix, en dignité et en prospérité.

Le gouvernement des Etats-Unis, sous Georges W. Bush, veut donner 10 millions
de dollars à une ONG comme aide aux Palestiniens assiégés. Nous disons à Bush
que les Arabes palestiniens ne sont pas des mendiants et qu'ils n'attendent pas les
miettes qui tombent de la table des impérialistes pour remplir leurs estomacs. Les
Palestiniens sont très fiers, très industrieux et très créatifs. Ils avaient un pays dans
lequel ils vivaient, en paix et en prospérité, jusqu'à ce que les puissances
occidentales lemettent en pièces en 1916 et le donnent aux sionistes en 1948.

Selected articles 132

Les Palestiniens ont le droit d'élire le gouvernement qu'ils souhaitent pour les
diriger et ils rejèteront toute solution imposée ou tout gouvernement importé. Ils
ont le droit de se défendre par tous les moyens pour défendre leur terre.

La Palestine est arabe, elle s'étend de la Méditerranée au Jourdain, et nous y
reviendrons, même si cela doit prendre un millier d'années. C'est notre terre, elle
appartient à notre peuple, "quelques-uns sont morts, quelques-uns sont vivants
mais beaucoup sont à naître".

Traduit par M.R.

Lettera aperta all’America di un veterano del Vietnam, Ibrahim Ebeid

Cari concittadini americani,

siamo veramente consapevoli del perche’ la gente nel mondo non ci ami e non
senta rispetto per noi? Abbiamo mai pensato perche’ la gente nel mondo ci "odi"?
La maggior parte di noi non ne conosce la ragione, perche’ ci stanno nutrendo di
falsa propaganda, che si e’ ormai radicata nelle nostre menti, e perche’ ci hanno
costretto a credere che la gente nel mondo invidiasse il nostro stile di vita ed
odiasse la nostra democrazia.

Per conoscere la realta’ dobbiamo fare un attimo di pausa e lanciare uno sguardo
profondo alle politiche ed alle azioni dei nostri governi. Cosi’ facendo, puo’ darsi
che scopriamo i fatti e le ragioni per le quali la gente prova avversione nei nostri
Per quanto i fatti siano a volte dolorosi, dobbiamo accettarli, allo scopo di sradicare
le cause del male e purificare noi stessi.

Vorrei essere molto franco coi miei concittadini e dir loro alcune delle ragioni per
cui la gente ci detesta. Io sono nato in Palestina. Ho sofferto a causa delle politiche
inique ed ingiuste degli Stati Uniti. Il prezzo che la mia famiglia ed io abbiamo
pagato e’ stato molto alto e pesante. Quando, nel 1948, fu creato lo stato sionista,

Selected articles 133

perdemmo tutto cio’ per cui mio padre aveva lavorato. Centinaia di migliaia di
Palestinesi furono espulsi dalla loro terra e divennero rifugiati. Furono costretti a
sopportare il freddo intenso dell’inverno sotto gli alberi, gli unici fortunati
trovarono riparo in tende di tela di canapa donate dall’Agenzia delle Nazioni Unite
per l’Assistenza ed il Lavoro. Quei luoghi, in seguito, furono convertiti in
accampamenti provvisori, finche’ non fosse stato fattibile per i rifugiati tornare alle
proprie case. I rifugiati ed i loro discendenti stanno ancora aspettando.
Il Sig. Harry Truman ignoro’ quella tragedia umana e fu assai rapido nel
riconoscere [lo Stato di] "Israele", 11 minuti dopo il suo annuncio. Da allora, ed
ancora oggi, gli Stati Uniti hanno fatto fluire miliardi di dollari ed inviato le armi
piu’ sofisticate dell’arsenale USA per aiutare i sionisti a coronare ai loro sogni:
uccidere altri arabi ed accaparrare altre terre per i coloni sionisti. Conformemente
ai leader sionisti, i Palestinesi sono considerati subumani, o come scarafaggi, e
devono essere schiacciati. "I Palestinesi dovrebbero essere spiaccicati come
cavallette... le teste fracassate contro i massi e i muri" cosi’ il Primo Ministro
israeliano Yitzhak Shamir, in un discorso ai coloni ebrei riportato dal New York
Times il 1° aprile 1988. " [I Palestinesi sono] bestie che camminano su due zampe"
dichiaro’ Menachim Begin in un discorso al Knesset israeliano, citato in Amnon
Kapeliouk, "Begin e le Bestie" New Statesman, 25 giugno 1982.

Ed ancora, noi americani, che pretendiamo essere il popolo piu’ libero del mondo,
che crede nella liberta’ e nella democrazia, stiamo sostenendo una tal entita’
razzista, costruita su terra usurpata, i cui leader sono pieni di odio e stanno
commettendo genocidi contro i popoli palestinese e libanese!
Noi americani veniamo derubati dall’amministrazione, similmente sia essa
Repubblicana o Democratica. Stanno utilizzando i soldi dei contribuenti per aiutare
"Israele" a lanciare continue guerre per uccidere migliaia di persone e distruggere
nazioni intere col "nostro" appoggio incondizionato. La Palestina e’ stata
completamente usurpata e la sua gente sradicata, il Libano viene attaccato e morte
e distruzione si stanno diffondendo per tutto il paese. Ci aspettiamo che la gente
abbia fiducia in noi?

Il nostro presidente, il Sig. George W. Bush, e’ divenuto la voce piu’ canora del
sionismo nel mondo. Lui non si preoccupa della pace nel mondo. Lui sta
incoraggiando gli "israeliani" a commettere ulteriori crimini e massacri contro i
Palestinesi e sta inviando armi ancora piu’ distruttive ai sionisti per uccidere altri

Selected articles 134

Palestinesi e Libanesi. Entrambi i loro paesi vengono distrutti e mandati in rovina.

Entrambi i paesi sono assediati e bloccati e si stanno ammazzando bambini arabi
senza provare alcun senso di colpa. Ed ancora noi definiamo l’America mediatrice

di Pace e Giustizia?

Il 18 aprile 1996 i sionisti attaccarono Cana, in Libano, ed uccisero 110 donne e
bambini che si erano rifugiati nell’edificio delle Nazioni Unite. L’orrendo crimine
e’ stato ripetuto nuovamente il 30 luglio 2006, quando gli stessi criminali sionisti
hanno attaccato un edificio a Cana ed ucciso piu’ di 60 civili innocenti che vi si
erano rifugiati per evitare la bestialita’ del nemico. Fra i morti vi sono circa 40
bambini, se non di piu’. Sono stati uccisi con bombe di fabbricazione americana
che il presidente Bush ha donato ai perpetratori. Uccidere persone innocenti, ed in
particolar modo i bambini, fa si’ che la gente in tutto il mondo odi e disprezzi gli
Dal 1991 incessantemente abbiamo continuato a scatenare una guerra selvaggia
contro il popolo della Culla della Civilta’. Il 13 febbraio 1991 le nostre bombe
intelligenti a guida laser distrussero il rifugio di Al-Ameriyah ammazzando oltre
400 civili iracheni, soprattutto donne e bambini.

Un numero sempre maggiore di persone e’ assassinato dagli occupanti statunitensi
e dalle milizie settarie del governo settario che noi abbiamo creato in Iraq. La gente
viene sepolta in fosse comuni che noi stessi stiamo fabbricando e di cui stiamo
incolpando la Resistenza irachena.

Gli USA hanno massacrato piu’ di 200.000 Iracheni durante l’invasione illegale
del marzo 2003 ed a migliaia nel seguito. Ora, la media e’ approssimativamente di
100 assassinati al giorno.

Il nostro cieco disprezzo verso tutto cio’ che non e’ americano ha provocato la
morte di piu’ di due milioni d’Iracheni durante la prima Guerra del Golfo e durante
l’embargo genocida e le "no-fly zones", che abbiamo imposto all’Iraq. La maggior
parte dei morti erano bambini e la nostra rappresentante alle Nazioni Unite, la
Sig.ra Madeleine Albright, tollerando l’uccisione dei bimbi iracheni disse: "E’ il
prezzo che vale la pena pagare". Venne poi ricompensata con il portafoglio di
Segretario di Stato. E voi vi aspettate che siamo riveriti ed amati dai popoli del

Selected articles 135

Stiamo inviando migliaia di truppe in terre straniere, in Afghanistan ed in Iraq, ad
uccidere persone innocenti e a costringerle ad accettare la nostra "democrazia"
esportata. Questa sorta di democrazia sta causando miseria a molte famiglie in Iraq
ed alle famiglie dei nostri militari, che muoiono invano per soddisfare l’ego del
Presidente George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice e
dei sionisti "alleati" di Washington.

Il Sig. Bush spedi’ due volte Condoleezza in "Israele" a portare appoggio e
rassicurazioni ai sionisti, che commettessero pure atrocita’ ed operassero
distruzioni in Libano, ed il risultato fu enorme e devastante. Stanno macellando i
bambini con le nostre bombe e voi vi aspettate che gli Arabi ed il resto del Mondo
Musulmano ci ami e sia a favore della nostra democrazia che, in realta’, significa
la loro distruzione?

L’attacco a Cana, ed il massacro dei bambini libanesi e delle loro mamme, ebbe
luogo mentre Condoleezza Rice, il nostro Segretario di Stato, si stava incontrando
con Ehud Olmert, il Primo Ministro israeliano. Cio’ indica chiaramente che
l’attacco ebbe luogo sotto gli occhi e con la benedizione degli Stati Uniti. Il leader
sionista Ehud Olmert richiese l’approvazione USA ed ulteriore tempo per
continuare la guerra contro il Libano ed il suo popolo. Cio’ che sta succedendo in
Libano e Palestina, a Cana e Gaza e’ veramente un massacro, un crimine contro
umanita’, un crimine d’odio, ed un crimine razzista contro dei popoli per il solo
fatto che sono arabi o musulmani. Gli Stati Uniti sono responsabili per tali crimini,
perche’ dietro uno "Stato" di tal genere, dietro a "Israele" vi sono tutte le risorse ed
il potere che il nostro Presidente e la sua amministrazione stanno mettendo a
disposizione. Le tasse, i nostri soldi vengono impiegati per commettere crimini di
guerra invece di essere spesi per la pace o a casa nostra, per l’educazione, la
medicina, la ricerca, per costruire case per i senzatetto ed i poveri, per creare nuovi
posti di lavoro, ecc.

Noi mandiamo i nostri giovani ad uccidere, stuprare, commettere atrocita’ ed a
morire in guerre fatte negli interessi dell’America ricca delle multinazionali e
soprattutto in favore d’"Israele", che ci sta tenendo in ostaggio.

Siamo responsabili per gli atti del nostro governo?

Selected articles 136

Si’, noi siamo responsabili, perche’ noi permettiamo a persone di tal fatta di
rimanere al potere; noi li abbiamo eletti ed ora stiamo pagando il prezzo. I popoli
del mondo ci odiano. I nostri giovani, ragazzi e ragazze, vengono uccisi, e noi ci
stiamo creando altri nemici. Non abbiamo abbastanza lavoro; i nostri anziani non
possono permettersi di comprare medicine; paghiamo la benzina a caro prezzo; e
paghiamo tasse gravose per sostenere i costi delle guerre perpetrate dal nostro
governo e dai nostri alleati sionisti. Noi diventiamo i macellai del mondo anziche’ i
fautori della pace.

Dovremmo smettere di sostenere "Israele" con armi di distruzione.

Dovremmo smettere di sprecare i nostri miliardi per la macchina da guerra
Dovremmo fermare tutte le guerre che stiamo lanciando per il mondo, pecialmente
in Afghanistan e Iraq.

Dovremmo costruire ponti di fratellanza e di amicizia fra le nazioni.
Dovremmo trattare tutte le nazioni con uguale rispetto.

Dovremmo stare sempre dalla parte della giustizia.

Dovremmo ritirare le nostre truppe da tutto il mondo e riportarle a casa vive.
La nostra politica estera scaturisce dal nostro interesse a costruire pace e emocrazia
nel mondo?

La risposta a questa domanda e’ un no assoluto. La nostra politica estera e’ stata ed
e’ ostaggio degli interessi della minoranza: dell’America delle grandi compagnie,
dei ricchi che vogliono diventare sempre piu’ ricchi a costo di scatenare guerre per
rapinare altre nazioni. E chi paga il prezzo per queste fameliche ambizioni? La
risposta e’: i poveri, i giovani americani. Sono gli unici costretti ad andare in
guerra a versare il loro sangue ed il sangue di altri per il petrolio e per "Israele". A
proposito della prima Guerra del Golfo: l’allora ambasciatore statunitense a Tel
Aviv, il Sig. Martin Indyk, una volta affermo’ che si faceva per "il petrolio e
Israele". Effettivamente fu cosi’ ed ora la maggior parte degli americani lo sa.
La politica estera americana e’ sempre stata ed ancora e’ scellerata, specie quando
e’ rivolta agli arabi e musulmani. Gli USA non permettono mai che al Consiglio di
Sicurezza dell’ONU passi alcuna risoluzione di condanna contro lo stato

Selected articles 137

d’"Israele" per i crimini di guerra e le atrocita’ che commette, perche’ "Israele"
secondo le amministrazioni che si sono susseguite, e’ il nostro alleato piu’ fedele.
Queste sono alcune delle ragioni per le quali la gente ci odia. E’ ora di mettere
l’America sulla retta via. E’ ora di congiungersi al genere umano ed esser parte di

un Mondo pacifico e civilizzato.

Libération et non Élection sous Occupation, voilà la Réponse

Par Ibrahim Ebeid

L'élection en Palestine et en Irak ne reflète pas l'espoir et les aspirations des
peuples palestiniens et irakiens. Elle sert les intérêt de l'occupation sioniste US en
Irak et "Israélienne" en Palestine, pour imposer des gouvernements devant être
manipulés comme des robots sans intelligence. Les candidats en Irak sont arrivés
sur les chars américains détruisant tout sur le passage.

Les envahisseurs en Irak tuent des civils, des hommes, des femmes et des enfants
qui n'ont aucun rapport avec les opérations militaires. Les soldats américains
mutilent les cadavres et éliminent physiquement les blessés. Ils ont détruit, et
détruisent toujours, ce qui reste des systèmes et des services essentiels comme
l'électricité, les ponts, les cliniques, les hôpitaux et les autres infrastructures. Les
maisons ont été endommagées ou complètement démolies sur la tête de leurs
occupants. Les casseurs envahisseurs attaquent les églises et les mosquées. Les
gens innocents sont enlevés pour des rançons et exécutés parfois pour diffamer la
réputation des vaillants combattants de la Résistance.

George W. Bush se considère comme le représentant de Dieu chargé de répandre
"la démocratie", "la sécurité" et "la Justice" sur Terre. Ses machines de pointe
terrorisent et sément sans retenue la mort et la destruction sur cette planète . Lui et
on allié, l'entité sioniste en Palestine , veulent légitimer l'occupation de l' Irak et de
la Palestine. Ils veulent étouffer tout espoir de liberté et d'unité chez les arabes dans
un état démocratique libéré du Sionisme et l'Impérialisme.

Selected articles 138

Le président Bush a recouru à la nouvelle tactique pour légaliser l'occupation
illégitime et le hold up armée de l'Irak en organisant la conférence de Sharm El-
Sheikh en Egypte. Ceux qui y ont assisté ne représentent pas le peuple irakien,
ceux-là mêmes sont responsables du pillage, de la destruction et des massacres du
peuple irakien.

La déclaration finale de la conférence a été préparée par les puissances occupantes
à Washington et à Tel-Aviv. Elle a été adoptée sans amendement et sans avoir
même été lue par les délégations présentes.

Il est clair, le but de cette conférence est de protéger Allawi et d'aviver le
sectarisme en Irak. Nous le voyons sur le terrain. Les religieux réactionnaires et les
partis pro-iraniens agissent avec la bénédiction des impérialistes US sionistes
permettant ainsi à l'Iran de jouer un role dans le démantèlment de l'Irak et d'avoir la
main mise sur le sud du pays.

L'élection en Palestine ne représentera jamais le peuple palestinien pour la simple
raison qu'une élection libre qui représenterait vraiment le peuple palestinien sera
réalisée quand la Palestine sera libérée du fleuve à la mer et quand les Palestiniens
de la diaspora seront revenus chez eux pour établir leur État démocratique.
Ce sont la Résistance nationale irakienne et la Direction de l'Irak - sous Saddam
Hussein- qui ont la légitimité pour diriger l'Irak dans la liberté et la démocratie, une
démocratie, authentiquement issue du peuple et non imposée par l'Impérialisme et
le Sionisme. Cette Démocratie Révolutionnaire sera réalisée quand l'Occupation
sera défaite et que l'Irak sera libéré.

Un mouvement international progressiste et pacifique pour la paix et la sécurité
devra prendre en considérations les points suivants:

1. La Palestine est arabe et elle appartient au Peuple Palestinien.
3‫‏‬. Les Palestiniens ont le droit de retourner dans leurs maisons
dont ils ont été expulsés par la force en 1948.

Selected articles 139

3. Les Palestiniens ont le droit de choisir leur direction sans
influence étrangère.

4. Les Palestiniens ont le droit d'établir leur état démocratique dans
la Palestine historique qui s'étend de la Méditerranée au fleuve

5. Ceux qui sont venus en Palestine pour des buts de colonisation
doivent retourner dans leurs pays d'origine.

Les Palestiniens ont le droit de réaliser tout ceci par tous les
Les mouvements internationaux progressistes et pacifiques oivent
reconnaître que :

1. La Direction irakienne sous Saddam Hussein est celle qui est
légitime et non celle d'Allawi et de ceux qui sont imposés par
2. Les Irakiens ont le droit de résister à l'occupation par tous les
moyens disponibles pour libérer l'Irak et le garder uni.
3. Tous les prisonniers de guerre doivent être libérés et la Direction
légitime rétablie.

4. Toutes les forces d'invasion doivent se retirer immédiatement et

5. L'Irak doit être indemnisé pour tous les dégâts et pour la
souffrance qu'il a subis sous l'occupation.

Traduction par André COMPTE December 4, 2004

Selected articles 140

Lies and Facts

Ibrahim Ebeid

US Committee for Iraq

[email protected]

George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George Bush, the father, and President Obama
took part in the destruction of Iraq; they are responsible and history will not
absolve them for destroying the cradle of civilization.

The secular government of Iraq was replaced by a sectarian one cornered in four
square miles protected by the United States and Iran. The Iraqi members of the
legitimate government that built Iraq and made it flourish are suffering in the
occupation jails; some of them were executed, like President Saddam Hussein,
some died in jails like Tariq Aziz and Hikmat Ibrahim Azzawi and others.
The occupation of Iraq was not for democracy because democracy, security, and
progress do not exist in the new Iraq. It was for oil and for "Israel", the Zionist
racist settler entity in Palestine as Martin Indyk once proclaimed.

US intelligence, military sources, and Western media confirmed to us, many times,
that "Israeli" military advisers were helping US Special Forces build assassination
squads to murder Iraqis, a fact that we knew long ago.

The Zionist supporters in the Bush Administration were behind pushing the United
States to invade Iraq. The "Israelis" helped train US soldiers and Marines for urban
warfare, conducting clandestine surveillance missions in the western Iraqi desert
and permitting the United States to place combat supplies in occupied Palestine,
"Israel".( USA TODAY 11/03/2002.)

What happened to the murderers? Absolutely nothing! They came to Palestine and
to Iraq to give us a lesson in Democracy, as Bush and his cronies claimed. Even
Mr. Obama claims that Iraq is better off without Saddam Hussein. Mr. President, I

Selected articles 141

would like you to read the following paragraph about Education in Iraq before the
United States and its allies started the war of aggression against the Cradle of
The occupation brought murderers to Iraq and gave birth to terrorist organizations
such as the sectarian militias and the HASHD “the sectarian Popular Mobilization
Army” commanded by Iranian officers, and ISIS “the Islamic State. The United
States Administration is taking part along with the murderers to destroy cities, such
as Mosul and Al -Qaim and kill innocent people, especially women and children,
millions were evicted out of their homes and forced to live in the desert without
shelter, food and medicine and you call Iraq it is better off without Saddam
December 7th. Another massacre was committed in a marketplace in the city of al
– Qaim, in Al- Anbar, near the Syrian borders in which more than a hundred
people died and scores wounded, the Iraqi government denied that the air raid took
place then it said that the victims were members of ISIS but the facts revealed that
the victims were Civilians. The massacres and terror continue while at the time of
Saddam Hussein that the United States murdered Iraq very safe, prosperous and
advanced and terrorist organizations did not exist, even the United States and
Europe were safe until the United States and its allies including Iran occupied Iraq
and destroyed it, Iraq is in shamble and chaotic.

Just a quick look at one segment of Iraq that was under Saddam Hussein
Schools and education system in Iraq was very advanced and thriving
- The number of kindergartens rose from 71 to 119 between 1979 and 1990 with an
annual increase of 67.6 percent.

- The number of nurseries rose from 135 to 646 in the period 1968-1990 with an
annual increase of 212.1 percent. The number of children enrolled at the nurseries
rose from 14530 to 86508 with an annual increase of 468.3 percent.
- The number of teachers in these kindergartens and nurseries rose from 551 to
4908 with an annual increase of 324.6 percent.

- The number of primary schools rose from 5137 to 8725 in the years 1968-1990
with a rate of increase of 69.8 percent. The number of students rose from 1,017050
to 3,335 699 in the same period with a rate of increase of 123.2 percent.
- The number of teachers in primary Schools rose from 47058 in 1968 to 130115 in
- In secondary schools, the number of schools rose from 840 to 2700 with a rate of

Selected articles 142

increase of students enrolled at these schools rose from 285721 to 1,058331 with a
rate of increase of 27.4 percent in the period 1968-1990.

- The number of vocational schools rose from 44 to 289 in the same period 1968-
1990 with a rate of increase of 556.8 percent. The number of students enrolled at
these schools rose from 10600 to 142822 with a rate of increase of 1247.3 percent.
The number of teachers at these schools rose from 1002 to 9127 with a rate of
increase of 810.8 percent.

- Students enrolled at teacher-training institutes rose from 10861 to 30962 with a
rate of increase of 185 percent. The number of teachers rose from 442 to 1782 with
a rate of increase of 303 percent in the period 1968-1990.

- The number of universities rose from 5 to 12 in the same period above with a rate
of increase of 1.4 percent, where as the number of their students from 31086 in
1968 to 179542 in 1991 with a rate of increase of 477.6 percent. The number of
university teaching staff increased from 1879 in 1968 to 10548 in 1990 with a rate
of increase of 461.4 percent. In the Kurdistan Autonomous Region, the indicators
of progress in this sector were as follows:

- The number of kindergartens rose from 3 to 61 in the period 1971-1990, with a
rate of increase of 19 percent. Their students increased from 354 in 1971 to 4297 in
1991 with a rate of increase of 11 percent. The number of teachers in these
Kindergartens rose from 24 to 347 with a rate of increase of 13 percent.

- The number of primary schools students rose from 93596 in 1971 to 411265 in
1990 with a rate of increase of 34 percent. The number of their teachers rose from
4615 to 14544 with a rate of increase of 21 percent.

- The secondary schooling showed a great progress. The number of secondary
schools rose from 118 to 292 with an increase of 14 percent. The number of their
students rose from 17903 in 1971 to 101127 in 1990 with an increase of 46
percent. The number of secondary schools teachers rose in the period 1971-1990
from 820 to 3751 with an increase of 35 percent. Considerable progress was also
achieved in vocational education, in the Kurdistan Autonomous Region. The
number of vocational schools rose from 6 to 34 in the period 1970-1990 with an

Selected articles 143

increase of 46 percent. The number of this students rose from 974 to 13201 with an
increase of 12 percent.

Now the Iraqi people are revolting against American "Democracy" that brought
them destruction and illiteracy. The Revolt is taking a new form; military councils
were established under a unified command. A Political Council was formed to
represent the Iraqi people and lead them to freedom and liberation and to restore
Iraq to the way it was before occupation and away from American Democracy".
The Iraqi people have the right to rebel, Mr. President.


Ibrahim Ebeid, Iraq Palestine Committee

November 14, 2010

Iraq, known in history as the Cradle of Civilization, never knew terrorism.
Security, progress, and the pursuit of happiness were enjoyed by all its citizens and
residents until the Cradle of Civilization was invaded and occupied by the dual
occupiers of the odd couple, the United States, and Iran. Their intent was to
weaken Iraq, rip it apart, and to destroy it. They would not be content until they
eradicated Iraq’s Arab identity and stole its wealth as spoils of war.

The chief terrorists, Maliki, his Dawa Party, the Badr Brigades, the Supreme
Islamic Council of Hakim and others were trained and financed by Iran and
installed as “rulers in the “Green Zone” by the United States. They and their
sectarian militias are behind the mass murder that is occurring in Iraq on a daily
The attack on the Lady of Salvation Church was designed and executed by Maliki
and Iran. A reputable source, Munathamat Al-Rasd wal Maloomat Al-Wataniah, an
Iraqi monitoring intelligence organization, informed The Iraq Palestine Committee
with the following information:

Murtaza Kashmiri, a high-ranking commander in the Iranian Itlaat planned and
supervised the criminal attack on the church in Baghdad with the approval and

Selected articles 144

blessing of Maliki’s office headed by Sadeq Al-Rikabi a close confidant of Maliki.
Al-Rikabi is a long time Itlaat agent who was recruited in 1986, his code name
Abou Jaafar al-Iraqi. He took part with Dawa Party in the bombing and blowing up
the Iraqi Embassy in Beirut on December 15, 1981.

Seven people were recruited to commit the crime; two of them knew about the plot

between Itlaat and Maliki, while the others only knew that they were going to
participate in a “jihadi” mission. All of them were Salafis, fundamentalists, close to

al Qaeda operating in Chechnya. Only the leaders of the group, Ahmed al-

Shishani, and Sibghatullah fought in Afghanistan and Iraq with al Qaeda, which is
financed by Iran.

The terrorists were instructed to attack a church. They were given a cell phone
number to contact, supposedly belong to the Ministry of the Interior and were told
to speak classical Arabic demanding the release of prisoners in Egypt. The phone
number was that of Baghdadia Television, belonging to Awn al-Khoshlook. For
this agreement, Al-Baghdadia was paid $150,000. The coordinator was Abdul
Hameed al-Saleh who received $30,000 sent to his account in Damascus where he
lives with his cousins.

One of the terrorists was instructed to blow himself up to make the operation a
genuine terrorist act.The rest of the terrorists would have stayed three days in the
church to conduct negotiations. But the order from Itlaat to al-Maliki was to
eliminate all the terrorists immediately so none of the terrorists was allowed to exit
I, Ibrahim Ebeid, a Christian Arab, lived and worked in Baghdad for a few years in
the 1970s and visited Iraq before and after. I never witnessed or experienced any
discrimination or heard of any indiscriminate killing under the Ba’ath. All religions
were treated equally. Saddam Hussein helped finance the building of churches, as
well as maintaining and renovating them. Christians were part of the fabric of Iraq,
They held high jobs; they served in the Armed forces; they were pilots, engineers,
doctors, and educators, who participated in building Iraq until the Americans and
the Persians invaded the nation. They spread terrorism and destruction. Not only
Christians are under attack, all Iraqis are. Bombs fall on civilians while mosques
and other places of worship are being blown up. Terror is all over, conducted by
the militias and gangs of the sectarian government and parties that the US and Iran
Mr. Obama is not serious about ending the war in Iraq. He continues to support the

Selected articles 145

sectarian terrorist regime of Maliki and others who were created by Iran. More
than 50,000 US troops and 100,000 mercenaries are still terrorizing the people of
Iraq. The war has not ended.

If Mr. Obama is concerned about the state of Iraq and wants the Iraqi people to
enjoy democracy, security, and prosperity, he should recognize that the Iraqi
National Resistance is the one entity that is capable of achieving these goals, not
the agents in the Green Zone.

My Reflections

By Ibrahim Ebeid, West New York NJ March 16, 2003

In unison, the World’s cry against the Anglo-American aggression on Iraq
thundered “No war against Iraq” From Tokyo and Sydney in the East to San
Francisco and Los Angeles in the West, millions of people went out to the streets
chanting in unison “Peace now” No war for oil”, “ Do not kill the Iraqi people”
“Stop the Bush-Blair madness” and “Lift the sanctions now”.

More than 100,000 people demonstrated against Bush and his appetite for war in
the Nation’s capital. 100,000 came out in San Francisco and well over 50,000
dares the heavy rain in the streets of Los Angeles to voice their opposition to this
aggressive war.

Busses poured into Washington D.C. from several cities and state to take part in
the rally and demonstration, some drove more than 20 hours, they came from
places as far as Florida, Chicago, Maine, Boston Minnesota, etc.

Some people might ask, are these demonstrations and protests useful for stopping
the war? Will they stop the US Administration from launching this war of
aggression against Iraq? In my opinion, these protests are very important to expose
the aggressive nature of those who favor the killing of the innocent Iraqi people,
especially the children, women and the old.

Selected articles 146

President Bush is converting the United States into an aggressive country and
anointing himself to be the most powerful tyrant of the World. With his zealous
distorted “Christian” belief, he thinks that he is divine. His motto, “If you are not
with us you are against us”. Mr. Bush is, arrogantly, challenging the World. His
reasoning is blinded by power. He failed to rally the World behind him. The
United Nations is opposing him and opposing his plans. Over a hundred Cities in
the United States passed anti-war resolutions and the latest was New York City
where the tragic events of September 11 took place.

He is creating enemies and I am afraid that he is becoming the Godfather of Terror.
Unfortunately, the media have become an active tool in causing the people to live
in a continuous nightmare. September 11 is becoming a pretext for thousands of
similar massacres to be committed in Iraq by the US armed forces commanded by
Mr. Bush.

While I am writing my reflections, a global vigil is taking place, my area included.
People are in the streets concentrating in main spots in the cities or in front of their
homes solemnly carrying candles hoping that the light might enlighten the hearts
of those who are geared towards war and aggression

The Global Vigil is endorsed by Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu,
who recently said: "On Sunday evening people in every corner of the globe will
shine beacons of light throughout the world. May our candles rekindle the light of
reason and hope so that war will be averted in Iraq and peace will prevail in the
I am afraid that all the efforts that are taking place in the United Nations led by
France, Russia, and Germany or by the people of the World, might fail in stopping
the aggression. They might fail indeed because the Arab and Muslim rulers are
living in a different World, away from reality and away from their people. The
Suez Canal is under the aggressor’s command; warships are passing through to
position themselves in the Red Sea to rain missiles of death on the Iraqi people.
The Arabian Sea and the Arabian Gulf are occupied and American and British
battleships will send hell on Iraq and its people. The Arab Gulf States are bases
and fortresses for the forces of evil and they are the points of departures for the
horrible war.

Selected articles 147

Iraq is a rich country. Before the war of 1991, it was the most advanced the most
prosperous in the Arab and Muslim World. Iraq was the first country in the Third
World to break the barrier of technology, which was forbidden by Washington and
its allies. Iraq was and still is the only Arab country that is not compromising the
Palestinian cause. It believes that Palestine is Arab and must be liberated from the
River to the Sea. It is the only country that is supporting and helping the
Palestinian people. Of course the Iraq stance did not please the Zionist entity and
its partner the United States and for this reason, it was singled out. It was singled
out for” Oil…Oil… Oil and Israel”

We learned through a trusted source that before passing the unjust Resolution 1441
Iraq was approached to recognize the Zionist entity “Israel” and accept two million
Palestinian refugees to be relocated in Iraq for the sanctions to be lifted. Iraq
believing in the just cause of Palestine and in the right of the Palestinians to return
home rejected this offer as it had rejected many offers of the same kind over the
last decade.

Are the Arab rulers indeed anti-war and pro-Palestinians? If they were indeed then
why do they not stand with Iraq and Palestine? If they firmly do then the war
would be avoided for they are the only ones who can stop American and Zionist

No Difference between Bush and Obama

Ibrahim Ebeid

July 20, 2010

The President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama is no different from his
predecessors, especially when it comes to Palestine and Iraq. When he was running
for president he deafened our ears with slogans displaying his opposition to the
war. Many believed him and hoped that he would stop the war in Iraq, but slogans
were slogans, empty and meaningless because he chose the way of George W.
Bush and widened his wars of terror against Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan and

Selected articles 148

gave his unflagging support to the Zionist entity. His withdrawal from Iraq is no
more than redeployment.

George W. Bush handed President Saddam Hussein over to be killed by the pro-
Iranian illegitimate government quislings in Baghdad. We know that Iran, through
its agents in Iraq, was behind the killing of Saddam and the rest of the leadership.
This was a reward granted to Iran by the United States for the common interests
between them to eliminate the leadership of Iraq and the Ba’ath Party which led to
the destruction of Iraq.

Again, the same scenario was repeated, this time under President Obama. On July
11, 2010, the US occupying forces handed over 26 prisoners, representing the
legitimate Iraqi leadership, to the Maliki government. Among them were Tareq
Aziz, the Dean of Arab Diplomats and Hikmat Ibrahim al-Azzawi, one of the
brains behind the dynamic Iraq economic development under the leadership of
Saddam Hussein, the martyred legitimate President of Iraq. Mr. Tareq Aziz and
Hikmat Ibrahim al-Azzawi are very sick and now they are deprived of proper
medication. They were transferred from Camp Cropper to Kathimiya prison which
is known to Iraqis, since the occupation, as the slaughterhouse where executions
and torture take place.

According to a statement issued by the Baath Party of Iraq on July 14, 2010, the
US occupying forces addressed a letter to the Red Cross a few days ago informing
the Organization that they shall not hand over the prisoners because the Maliki
government's justice minister told the US that his ministry is neither capable of
having the prisoners nor guaranteeing their rights. This notorious prison has no
healthcare facility or any service of this sort and the Red Cross Organization is not
allowed to administrate medicines to the prisoners.

Surrendering prisoners to their vengeful enemies is in violation of the Geneva
Convention, and President Obama, as a Commander-in-Chief of the occupation
forces, is responsible for the prisoners’ safety and well-being. The American
people, the so-called antiwar movement, and human rights organizations must act
immediately for the release of the Iraqi prisoners otherwise they will be
condemned in the annals of history if they fail to do so.

Selected articles 149

No Link to September 11 and the President Keeps Lying

By Ibrahim Ebeid -

Selected President George W. Bush used fabricated lies to persuade the American
people to support his invasion of Iraq. This war built on lies and deception will
always remain a stain in American history.

Finally, the President was refuted and exposed by the Commission investigating
the 2001 terrorist attacks. The facts discovered by the Commission could not be
clearer and more factual. There was never any evidence linking Iraq to Al Qaida or
linking President Saddam Hussein to the tragic events of September 11, announced
the Commission.

Mr. Bush and the "President behind the scene", Dick Cheney, are still trying to
justify their occupation and destruction of Iraq. It seems that the White House
Administration does not read the reports of its Commissions or just President Bush
and his Cabinet believes the lies they have created as facts. Mr. Cheney said Mr.
Hussein "had long-established ties with al- Qaida. "He was backed by the President
who claims that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who may be operating in Baghdad, is "the
best evidence" of al- Qaida link. This was particularly astonishing because of the
Director of Central Intelligence, George Tenet, told the Senate earlier this year that
Mr. Zarqawi did not work with the Hussein regime.

We believe that the Bush-Cheney team is a detriment to the United States and to
the World. The United States would be more secure without such Administration;
therefore they must be voted out in 2004 and replaced with a wise leadership that
should restore the legitimate leadership of Iraq and its Institutions.

The President of the United States said on June 17 "The reason I keep insisting that

there was a relationship between Iraq and Saddam and Al Qaida is that there was a

relationship between Iraq and Al Qaida," Is this the evidence? This sentence
reminded me when he was asked about the list of those who supported the ”
coalition of the willing” before launching the war of aggression against Iraq, he
said, “do you want me to say the names of the states in the coalition? The list is big
it goes on and on and on” He has said nothing then and nothing now but lies and


The lie of weapons of mass destruction that led to the occupation and destruction

Selected articles 150

of Iraq was revealed and the whole World realizes now that President Bush was
lying, these weapons were not found in Iraq, however, they do exist in large scale
in the United States of America, in Britain and the in the Zionist entity. 98% of the
Iraqi people aligned themselves with the Resistance and they want the occupation
forces to leave immediately. They do not trust the newly US-appointed
government because it does not represent them, nor it represents the interest of the
Iraqi people. Give us the Proof Mr. President.

The Investigators of the September 11 attacks exposed another major lie that Bush
and Dick Cheney used in justifying the devastation and robbery of Iraq. Iraq and
Saddam Hussein were proven to have no link to Al Qaida or to the tragic events of
September 11, Mohammad Ata was not in Prague at the alleged meeting with Iraqi
intelligence. He was in Florida at that time.

The New York Times has asked the President to apologize to the American people
for his dishonesty and lies. This is a fair demand but apologies will not do any
good to the Americans or Iraqis, who already died. Apologies will not do any good
to those who were tortured, abused or raped by American soldiers in the
occupation jails, in Iraq, and in Afghanistan. America must hold George W. Bush
and his team responsible for all the crimes that were and still are being committed
in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is the Commander in Chief. He must be liable.
The lies of President Clinton about his affairs with Monica Lewinsky were an
impeachable offense. He almost lost the presidency while President Bush and his
Administration are going free for lying about a war that was and still is devastating
Iraq and its people causing young Americans to die senselessly. They must be
impeached and tried in the Court of Law. They have violated the Code of Honor
and the Constitution of the United States.

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