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Selected articles 2 Bitter memory of a child By
Ibrahim Naoum Ebeid

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Selected articles 2 Bitter memory of a child By Ibrahim Naoum Ebeid

Selected articles 2 Bitter memory of a child By
Ibrahim Naoum Ebeid

Selected articles 2

Bitter memory of a child

By Ibrahim Naoum Ebeid

January 20, 2002

We were living peacefully in our towns and villages until the Zionist entity was
created in our land and we were brutally evicted from our homes to make room for
the colonialist racist settlers. Thousands of our people were murdered and
hundreds of our villages were demolished. Those foreigners now are living in our
homes and on our farms and we are refugees scattered around the world. Millions
of us are living in miserable camps waiting patiently for the conscience of the
world to wake up. But will it?

When I was eleven years old, in Jaffa, I witnessed few Zionist terrorist acts that I
have never been able to forget. They dwell in my mind and never depart; they have
become part of my experience of the Palestine tragedy.

Once I was with a few kids from my school "playing hockey" or skipping classes,
our favorite hideout was the busy and crowded vegetable market in Jaffa. A
pushcart exploded. The explosion was very powerful, few people were killed and
scores were wounded, some so seriously, that, later on, died from the severe
In intent to blow up "The Barracks‫"؟‬, a large building, used to house some British
Police Officers in Jaffa, located in Al Ajami section, few meters behind our house,
the Zionists dressed like Arabs were driving a caravan of camels loaded with
bombs. The bombs were exploded, the camels were killed and their parts were
flown all over. Our house was cracked right from the corner. Luckily we were not
hurt and I wonder if anybody was killed or seriously injured, I do not remember.
Fouad Kobti, a kid from my school living in my neighborhood, was shot in the
chest but he survived.

Palm Sunday 1948. The worshipers were praying in a procession around St.
Anthony Roman Catholic Church when Zionist mortar bombs started to fall all
around the churchyard and Terra Santa School, The Prayers were disrupted and the
people were panicking.

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A bullet pierced our wooden door and struck against the wall missing my father’s
head by one inch.

Omar ibn al-Farran (Omar the son of the baker) was about fifteen years old and
used to assist his father in the community bakery where we used to bake our bread.
Like any other child of his age, he had his hope and dreams. But alas his dreams
were not fulfilled; the bakery was blown up by Zionist gangs artillery fire in the
residential area where the bakery was located. His life was cut short and his body
ripped apart into many pieces. Young Omar was gone and we were not able to see
him anymore ,neither we were able to carry the dough to the bakery to bake bread.
Omar and the bakery were gone and Jaffa too.

On May 1948 my family was forced to leave Jaffa and left the beautiful orange
grove of the Jallad family behind to settle in our village, Birzeit, in one room
apartment that we used to spend few days every summer.

Summer 1948. Thousands of refugees, mostly women, children and elderly,
hungry, thirsty and overwhelmed with panic and fear were filling the highway
from Lydda to Birzeit. I joined scores of people from the village to help them. We
offer them water and food. Thousands settled in caves and under olive trees. They
made hasty shelters from rags and bushes to protect them from heat and to give
them some sort of privacy.

Winter 1948. It was bitter cold. Most of those refugees who have never seen snow
before found themselves under a heavy blanket of that cold stuff that made them
desperate and fearful for their lives away from the warmth of their homes.
Birzeit with a population that did not exceed the two thousand swelled to fourteen
thousand or more. Seeing this human tragedy befalling their brethren and the
tragedy widens, the people of Birzeit opened their homes, schools, and churches to
shelter the victims of Zionism and Western imperialism which helped create this
Schools were closed and the situation was unbearable and everyone felt pain and
despair. Fear was very dominant. The hope for the immediate return to their homes
was shattered and they were forced to go to live in permanent camps which lacked
running water and other basic facilities.

Years later the refugees started building their dwellings with tin, mud, and stones
collected from the surrounding areas. These refugees with their descendants are

Selected articles 4

still living in these miserable conditions impatiently waiting for the conscience of
the World to wake up if it ever does.

A Day of Infamy

By Ibrahim Ebeid

November 2, 1917- A Day No Arab Should Ever Forget

We will never forget the grand betrayal of the Western powers to our cause of
Unity and Liberation. Without Arab help and support, the West wouldn't have
achieved victory against the Ottomans. As soon as First World War ended a secret
agreement between Britain and France, known as Sykes-Picot, to divide the Arab
homeland into mini-states under their Imperialist domination was revealed by the
Bolshevik revolution in Russia.

This notorious Sykes-Picot agreement (15 May 1916) was struck as a prelude to
facilitate the creation of the Zionist state in Palestine at the Arab expense. The
Balfour Declaration granting a National Home in Palestine to the Zionist
movement followed a year and a half later, 2 November 1917. For this reason,
Palestine was carved out of Syria and put under the British Mandate.
The Balfour Declaration had treated Palestine, as it was a piece of real estate
owned by Britain and granted it to the Zionists. It referred to the Arabs of Palestine
who comprised 92% of the population as "non-Jewish communities of Palestine",
this intended to give a false impression that the Arabs of Palestine were an
insignificant minority occupying a position subordinate to the Zionists.
The Arabs were able to diagnose the malicious intention of the British government
and understood the real danger behind such a declaration, robbing them from their
land and secure it for the Zionists.

Palestine was victimized and partitioned further in 1947. The USSR and the US
played leading roles in bringing about a vote favorable to the usurpation of our
land. Unauthorized US nationals and organizations, including members of
Congress, notably in the closing days of the General Assembly, brought pressure
on various foreign delegates and their home governments to induce them to
support the US attitude on the Palestine Question.

Selected articles 5

US Ambassador to the UN, Warren Austin, had opposed his country's position on
Palestine. He could not comprehend "how it was possible to carve out of an area
already too small for a state a still smaller state. He thought it was certain that such
a state would have to defend itself with bayonets forever until extinguished in
blood. The Arabs, he said, would never be willing to have such a small state in
their heart".

Mr. Warren Austin was right. The Arabs will not tolerate such a settler colonialist
state in their midst. The Western powers and their Zionist allies terrorized the
Palestinians and forced them into exile. Injustice will not survive. The Palestinian
fighters will continue their struggle by all means necessary to secure the total
liberation of Palestine and for the Return of the Palestinian people to their villages,
towns and cities, and homes.


African Brothers and Sisters,

I salute you on this great African Liberation Day, and I assure you that our relation
was reared on the same solid ground of the struggle and it will continue to be so.
We share the same hopes, the same aspirations for the Liberation and Unification
of our Homelands. As I firmly believe in the reunification of the Arab Homeland, I
strongly believe that Africa will be liberated and unified with the continuous
struggle of its children, on the main continent and in the Diaspora.
Sisters and Brothers,

The Arab homeland was divided and ripped apart by the Western Powers, mainly
Britain and France after the First World War, by the infamous Sykes-Picot
Agreement. A few years later the same Imperialist powers that ripped Africa apart
created the mini-Arab states and Emirates and installed Kings, Emirs, and rulers
that did not, and do not represent the people's desire for freedom and
independence. The Arab Baath Party and Saddam Hussein, when they were in
power in Iraq, represented all the ambitions and hopes of the Arab Nation for
Freedom, Unity, and Social Justice. For this genuine reason, they should be
Iraq now is occupied and the Iraqis have the legitimate right to resist the

Selected articles 6

occupation. The Baath Party is the leader of the Resistance that will liberate it
from the Anglo-American Zionist occupation. The liberation of Iraq will be
achieved very soon and a very progressive leadership will be born that will lead the
Arabs to liberate historic Palestine. As a result Arab Unity will be closer to being
realized and will embrace it sister United Africa.

The United States and the European Union dominated and controlled by the
Zionist Movement and its entity, are resorting to the new form of weapons of mass
destruction against the Palestinians in the same way that they used in the deadly
blockade on Iraq.

The Palestinians are blockaded, their county is being taken piece by piece and they
are living in reservation camps surrounded by concrete walls and Zionist armed
fortifications and settlements. Their homes are being blown up; their fields and
olive trees are being destroyed or confiscated.

The Iraqi National Resistance that led by the Baath should be recognized as the
sole representative of the Iraqi people.

The leadership of Iraq, whose most of its members are in captivity, must be
recognized, supported and released, they are the ones along with the leadership of
the Resistance who are able and capable of restoring security and progress to Iraq.
Also, we demand our friends in the World to lend their support to the hundreds of
thousands of Prisoners of War held in the occupation jails and in the sectarian
militia secret prisons and work seriously for their release.

We must work harder to force Washington to bring the troops home immediately
and unconditionally.

Since the Palestinian struggle is inseparable part of the Arab National struggle we
call upon all honest people in the World, especially in the United Sates, to take a
firm stand in supporting the Palestinian people in their struggle to liberate their
land from the grips of Zionism.

The struggle goes on …

Ibrahim Ebeid, 22, 2006

Selected articles 7

A New Stage of Occupation Camouflaged

By Ibrahim Ebeid

The US occupation of Iraq is taking a new stage camouflaged by an Iraqi face in
order to continue misleading the World in general and the American people in
particular. Every step that President George W. Bush has taken led to a failure. His
strategy to subdue the Iraqi people suffered an unprecedented defeat and was
exposed to the entire World. His lies were exposed.

The weapons of mass destruction were not found in Iraq because they were the
creation and fabrication of the Bush Administration and the Zionist entity. The
Democracy that he claimed to bestow upon the Iraqi people was a terror that we
have witnessed in Abu Ghraib jails and in other concentration camps across Iraq.
His troops that he hoped to be met as liberators were received with fierce
resistance; they are considered as invaders and colonialist occupiers to achieve the
Zionist dream for greater "Israel" from the Euphrates to the Nile.

The appointment of the illegitimate Iraqi government is no more than a phase to
give President Bush legitimacy for his brutal war against Iraq and the Arab Nation
on behalf of "Israel". He desperately is trying to save his troubled situation for
another term in the White House.

The newly appointed Prime Minister Iyad Allawi admitted that his group practiced
terrorism in Iraq that caused innocent Iraqis to be killed or maimed. Iyad Allawi
shamelessly admitted that he worked for the US, British and other foreign
intelligence and probably for the Zionist intelligence as well.

Allawi and all members of his "cabinet" cannot venture outside the "Green Zone"
and less in Baghdad or the other areas of Iraq. He knows very well that he cannot
move without his armored car and without the protection of American soldiers.
His token prize for the betrayal of his country was a title in unsafe "republic" in the
Green Zone where the generals of the invaders are hiding.

The start of the trial of the Legitimate President of Iraq, President Saddam Hussein,
is not more than a show to cover up the failure of the Bush Administration in his

Selected articles 8

war against the Iraqi people. Mr. Saddam Hussein appeared in the court like a giant
who put the invaders and their stooges who betrayed Iraq on trial for destroying
Iraq and its institutions. He silenced the appointed judge when he told him that he
is the President of Iraq, his residence is in the hearts of the Iraqis and in every
home in Iraq. He refuted the legitimacy of the court and its setup.

The President of Iraq will stay strong and presidential; he will never compromise
the principles of the Baath. He will never fail the Resistance that he built and
prepared to achieve the total liberation of Iraq. He proved himself to be the only
Arab Leader who is capable of leading even in captivity.

The head of the kangaroo court that was set up by the Occupation is not legitimate.
He is the nephew of Ahmad Chalabi that was used by the Bush Administration and
the Pentagon to mislead the US Congress and the American people for the invasion
and destruction of Iraq. According to Counterpunch columnist Dave Lindorff, the
problem with Salem's heading the Hussein tribunal isn't "just that his uncle is
Ahmed Chalabi. Salem himself is linked directly to the Bush administration. His
business partner Mark Zell runs a law firm in partnership with U.S. Undersecretary
of Defense and long-time neoconservative Iraqi War hawk Douglas Jay Feith -
whose office oversees the graft and scandal-ridden reconstruction program in
Iraq.". Mark Zell is a fervent Zionist who has an office in Jerusalem.
The Iraqi people realized that the trial of their Leader is directed against them,
against their sovereignty and against the Arab Nation. Many Iraqis were enraged
and angered to see their leader in this situation. Mr. Ahmad Abdallah a resident of
Athamyiah, a borough of Baghdad said "I do not know why they are trying Mr.
Saddam Hussein. He is not guilty. He has done nothing wrong. If we have the
power in our hands we will restore him as our president immediately and without
any hesitation." Yes, Mr. Abdallah, the Power is in your hands, the legitimate
resistance will restore the leadership of Iraq and Iraq will be free again.
Mohammad Sammaraai summed it all when he said "Saddam is being punished by
the Americans because he stood up against their greed and challenged their
aggression. We had better living under Saddam than we have now." He added that
‘Saddam was part of our life for 25 years and he will be in our hearts forever.
The events on the ground prove that the initiatives are in the hands of the Baath
Party and the Iraqi National Resistance. The Resistance has the upper hand because
it is based on the interests of the people. It is from the people and for the people. Its
task is the full liberation of Iraq.

Selected articles 9

The so-called interim government of Iraq is another phase of the occupation of Iraq
camouflaged with Iraqi faces to help save Bush in the upcoming election. The Iraqi
people are well aware of the Bush misleads. They have taken their position and
their choice is the Resistance that will liberate Iraq, expel the invaders and restore
the legitimate government.

July 03 2004

A Year Later

Ibrahim Ebeid

A year has passed since the invasion of Iraq by the Anglo-American forces. They
have created mass graves swallowed more corpses of Iraqi victims who were killed
by the invaders. The unofficial source estimates that around 60,000 people were
killed or slaughtered by the evil forces or by their agents. The mass graves are still
swelling and devouring victims every day. Most of the victims were from the Iraqi
forces that were killed by the Americans during the invasion. Cluster bombs,
depleted uranium, cluster and phosphorous bombs were used not to kill combatants
but civilians as well.

A year has passed; Baghdad and other cities and towns in Iraq are still bearing the
scars of the invasion. Destruction and devastation are still apparent to the eyes.
Ruined and burned down buildings are still in existence all over the streets and
avenues of Baghdad, in every section and in every block of this vast city.
Lawlessness and insecurity are increasing; the people of Iraq are living in fear and
despair. Unemployment is mounting up and poverty is spreading like fire in dry
grass. Over six million Iraqis are unemployed; many families do not have the basic
necessity to secure an acceptable standard of living. The majority of the Iraqi
families are living under poverty level. Millions lost their jobs and became
unemployed under the “New Iraq”, the occupied Iraq.

Health standards in Iraq after the Zionist American invasion reached the lowest
ever. It became sub-humane. The whole system collapsed. This miserable situation
might lead to a massive health tragedy. More than a thousand cases of typhoid

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were reported. Lung cancer is rising among the population, especially in the south
where depleted uranium was used at a large scale.

The birth defect is going up as a result of radiation from the depleted uranium and

the bombardment and destruction of the Atom facility in Tweitha, south of


The Iraqi people know very well that Bush invaded Iraq under the disguise of
finding “weapons of mass destruction” that did not exist. The weapons of mass
destruction exist in his arsenal and in the arsenal of his strategical ally, “Israel”. He
invaded Iraq and totally ruined it on behalf of the Zionist “state” and for the oil.

Iraq, for the first time in its history, is importing oil and Halliburton is reaping the


We are very thankful for our leadership who are in captivity for setting the way for

us to liberate our land from this vicious occupation. The Iraqi National Resistance

is the only hope to deliver us from Bush and from his Zionist allies.

We salute all our Arab and Muslim brothers and sisters who support us and stand
with us in these difficult times.

We salute our international friends who support Iraq in its fight against the
invasion. We demand them, in a comradely way, to support the withdrawal of the
invading forces from Iraq immediately and unconditionally.

Iraq was the shining star of the Arab World. It was the sun that was eclipsed but
soon the eclipse will end and it will shine again with all its might and glory.
March 22, 2004

Al Gore Exposes Bush But…

The Bush-Cheney leadership is jeopardizing the World security and peace. Their
reckless policies and “arrogance in Iraq have put Americans at risk around the
world. "The unpleasant truth is that President Bush's utter incompetence has made
the world a far more dangerous place and dramatically increased the threat of
terrorist attacks against the United States," said Gore, the former Vice-President.”
He (Bush) planted the seeds of war. He harvested a whirlwind," Gore added. "And
now the corrupt tree of a war waged on false premises has brought us the evil fruit

Selected articles 10

of Americans torturing and sexually humiliating prisoners who are helpless in their

care." Gore said soldiers who abused prisoners in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal

were acting on policies "designed and insisted upon by the Bush White House,"

including attempts to evade the Geneva Conventions' rules on the treatment of


Vice President Gore was right in attacking the Bush White House policies about

Iraq, We thank him for this noble stand, but he failed to criticize the American
policies in Palestine and the unconditional US support of “Israel”. He failed to
condemn the killing of the Palestinian children at the hands of “Israel”
Washington’s ally.

The Democratic Party that Al Gore belongs to is not any different than the

Republican Party. Both parties are very hostile to the Palestinians and to any Arab

progressive movement that might call for a radical change in the Arab Homeland.

Mr. Gore, Mr. Kerry and Bush are very similar when it comes to Palestine. They

are all fervent supporters of the Zionist movement and to its entity. They do not
dare to take a courageous stand to direct a criticism to “Israel” but they do not
hesitate to condemn the Palestinians and call their liberation fighters “Terrorists”.

Both parties are pawns in the hands of Zionism. They are competing with each
other for their loyalty to the Zionist movement and to “Israel” forgetting their

allegiance to the United States and its people and far less consideration to


Iraq is a very important issue. The American politicians and policy makers were

and still are responsible for the brutal invasion and occupation of Iraq. Both party

representatives have voted for the war and both parties have brought shame to the

United States.

Invading a foreign country, occupying it and destroying its institutions on false
pretenses is a war crime that should not be pass unnoticed. The United States, its
allies, and the United Nations Organization will never be able to bring peace and
security to Iraq. Instead, they brought misery and disaster not to Iraq alone but to
the entire area and to the families of American soldiers who are dying in Iraq.
The appointed Ruling Council is not legitimate and does not represent the Iraqi
people but the ambitions and interests of the United States and Zionism.
For the World to avoid a larger disaster the United States and its allies should
withdraw from Iraq immediately.

Selected articles 12

The legitimate government of Iraq and Iraq’s institutions must be restored and Iraq
must be compensated for all the damages caused by the United States and its allies
since 1991.

The Iraqi National Resistance is growing stronger and healthier. It is legitimate,
authentic and genuine. The Resistance and the Iraqi people are capable of restoring
peace; security and progress to Iraq and Iraq would be capable of healing its
May 29, 2004

All Causes of Terrorism Must Be Eliminated

The attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon is a crime against
humanity that we strongly repudiate and condemn. We do not consider it a war
against the United States but a crime against innocent civilians perpetrated by a
group or individuals who are not yet clearly identified. This horrible attack was
described as a war against the United States and against what it stands for;
however, it would be wiser to search for the causes behind it while looking for the
perpetrators in order to bring them to the court of law and justice.

The Zionists and their sympathizers exploited the tragedy and used the media in an
attempt to mobilize the injured emotions of the American people against the Arabs
and Muslims and especially against Iraq and the Palestinians. The US politicians
jumped on the bandwagon intensifying the call for revenge and for war against
certain states and countries.

This exploitation of the people's emotions and unwise calls for war led to exposing
Arab and Muslim Americans to the danger of being harassed or attacked. Hate
crimes were committed against Muslims and Arabs and their Mosques and
Churches in the United States, Australia, London and elsewhere in the Western
Countries were attacked and few were burned. A campaign of terror by thugs was
launched against Arabs, Muslims and dark-skinned people, even the Indian Sikhs,
were not spared. Arab students were forced to abandon their studies and return
home. Pilots refused to take off while Arabs and dark skinned people were aboard
unless they were evicted.

Selected articles 13

A remedy is needed to eradicate all forms of terrorism whether groups, individuals
or governments conduct it. To eradicate terrorism the causes must be eliminated.
The US Administration must recognize that such a tragedy that took place on
September 11 might have resulted from the US unjust economic, military and
foreign policy. These unfair policies caused millions to die and millions to starve.
These policies must be revised and conducted in a manner that is fair and just for
the whole World.

Blind retaliation and unwarranted violence, as proposed by US leaders, will lead
the World to a continuous brutal war and violence will become perpetual,
uncontrollable and will consume millions of lives.

The West must realize that the expulsion of the Palestinians from their homeland
and their replacement by Jews is an unprecedented crime and will remain a stain in
the forehead of the West forever. Six million Palestinians are deprived of returning
home to their houses, to their villages, to their towns, and to their cities. The ones
who remain in the "West Bank" and in Gaza are under siege. They are surrounded
by Zionist military settlements. More lands are being confiscated; more homes and
farms are being destroyed. The cities in the West Bank and in Gaza are being
attacked, bombarded and the Zionist forces are assassinating leaders of the
Palestinian resistance with the blessing of the United States and with US
The World must recognize that the Zionist entity was created by terror, entire
villages and towns were eliminated and thousands of Palestinians were brutally
massacred by the leaders of the entity. The perpetrators of these crimes became
America's strategic allies and the Palestinians who were the victims became
"terrorists" Everything was reversed by the West, the victims are called terrorists
and the terrorists are called victims and freedom lovers, Palestine became "Israel"
and the Palestinians became refugees.

The West, especially the United States, must realize that Zionism poses danger to
the World, to humanity and to the stability and advancement of mankind. It is a
racist movement that must be condemned and labeled as such, not to be defended
by the United States and the European West as it happened in the World
Conference in Durban. The United States must free itself from Zionist control and
America must be free in representing its people and its interests, not the interests of
The continuous terrorizing war against Iraq waged by the US and Britain is another

Selected articles 14

example of Western terrorism against peaceful people. The genocidal sanctions
enforced on Iraq by the United States and Britain already claimed more than a
million and a half civilians, mostly children under the age of five. These sanctions
are terrorizing and causing a savage agony to the entire population of Iraq.
Most of the World had suffered and still suffering from the awful practices of
Washington and its allies. No state in the world is allowed to control its own
destiny and has control over its economy. The policies of “If you are not with me
then you are against me," announced by President Bush is dictatorial and a threat to
other nations and states that are not under Washington control. It is a threat to
While we are writing these lines the drums of war are beating vigorously and the
US mobilizing its forces for an Armageddon that might engulf the whole World
and eliminate mankind instead of causes of terror.

We hope that sanity and reason replace the calls for war, revenge and blind
retaliation. The United States must revise its policies and amend them for the
goodness and not the bitterness of mankind. An International Conference must be
held to find solutions to all the problems that cause people to suffer and wisely
remedy and eliminate these causes that might drive people to commit terror.
Finally, Our deepest sympathy to the families of those who perished in New York,
Washington and Pennsylvania and we hope the dead would be honored by
eliminating all wars and wrongdoings to other nations.

Ibrahim. October 6, 2001

America is losing

By Ibrahim Ebeid, 25 April 2007

The Arab Liberation struggle has reached its peak in Iraq and the Iraqi National
Resistance is leading the struggle against sectarianism and occupation, while the
occupation forces are reaping defeat and are retreating or trying to develop new
failing ideas and strategies, or new schemes to control Iraq. Since the inception of
the occupation, the US generals, and their lackeys have been caged in a small area
of Baghdad that became known as the “Green Zone,” as they thought that the Zone

Selected articles 15

was safe, but realized it was not, as it became a target for the National Resistance
artillery and rockets.

So, the dreams of George Bush and his neo-conservatives have been shattered, and
the wealth they sought to gain at the expense of the Iraqis did not materialize from
this brutal and illegal occupation. In addition, billions of dollars were wasted and
thousands of American lives were sacrificed for the Zionist entity, "Israel" and the
absurdity of President Bush and his allies while trying to achieve their imperialist
Building walls surrounding certain communities are viewed as Nazi concentration
camps but renewed on a larger scale, and those orchestrating it are Hitler
President Bush and his supporters must remember that the demands given by the
Zionist entity to build walls did not break the spirit of the Palestinian Arabs, even
though more than 500,000 people were affected by the land confiscation, uprooting
their trees and inaccessibility to lands and water, while preventing them of their
freedom of movement within their communities with concrete walls and electric
Moreover, the walls that the US occupation forces are building in Baghdad, in
particular, Adhamyiah, and the walls they intend to build in various neighborhoods
in Baghdad will not lead to security or their safety, but to an imminent disaster to
the US that will result in a bitter defeat. The US troops and their agents of the
sectarian army will be trapped inside the walls and will be a target for the
Resistance and for the people who are disgusted with the Bush “Democracy” and
Finally, it is important to note that during President Saddam Hussein's time, Iraq
was a united, progressive and prosperous nation. There were no walls of separation
or death brigades; there were no mass graves and there was electricity, water, jobs,
hospitals and schools on all levels, scientists, educators, and medical services. The
country was the most advanced in the area until the US and their allies destroyed it
without any remorse.

Will the American people wake up and put an end to the Hitlerism in Washington?

Selected articles 16

America must be put on the Right Track

By Ibrahim Ebeid

Moharer August 18, 2003

The Majority of Americans feel that President George W. Bush and his

Administration deceived them. Indeed they were tricked to believe that America

was in grave danger and Americans might die by the thousands if Mr. Saddam
Hussein released his “weapons of mass destructions and his intercontinental
missiles” across the oceans into the United States. Or he might give his
“destructive weapons” to some American hater organizations in order to create

havoc, terror, and death. This dread spread across America, people were frightened

and America went astray.

Bush was successful in rallying the Majority in the House of Representatives and
the Senate behind him to launch his aggressive war against Iraq that led to the
occupation of that country.

Former Vice President Al Gore said in reference to the war in Iraq, “The direction
in which our nation is being led is deeply troubling to me -- not only in Iraq but
also here at home on economic policy, social policy, and environmental policy. “
President Bush has betrayed the American people and American values Millions of
us Americans share the “feeling that something pretty basic has gone wrong in our
country and that some important American values are being placed at risk.” We
want the people to control America and we demand our Representatives to restore
the dignity of America and restore and protect our values. We demand our
Representatives to put America back on its right track.

Former Vi‫ؤ‬e President Al Gore was right again when he said, “The way we went to
war in Iraq illustrates this larger problem. Normally, we Americans lay the facts on
the table, talk through the choices before us and make a decision. But that didn't
really happen with this war -- not the way it should have. And as a result, too many
of our soldiers are paying the highest price, for the strategic miscalculations,
serious misjudgments, and historic mistakes that have put them and our nation in
harm's way.”

Selected articles 17

The policies of the United States are creating many problems in the World. These

policies that are motivated by blind visions and selfishness of our present and past

Administrations must be changed. Our foreign policies should be based on peace,
justice, and equality. Human values and respect of other nations’ right to decide

their way of life and destiny must be revered and respected. Cooperation between
nations must replace domination.

President Bush occupied Iraq on false pretenses that many of us Americans came
to see clearly. He violated the Charter of the United Nations as well as our
Our young men and women are dying in this war that will have no end until this
Administration is replaced and the mistakes are corrected, cooperation must
replace domination and our troops must come home to build America and revive
its economy.

President Bush is not concerned about the problems that America is facing at home
and abroad. He is concerned to build an empire and claim himself the dominating
ruler of the World. He continues to create fear and havoc to scare the American
people in order to secure his election in 2004. The danger that America is facing
could be avoided if we replace the policies of domination for cooperation, then
everyone will love and respect America.

The President is avoiding the real major problems that America is facing. Problems
such as Poverty, Homelessness, Unemployment, Housing, the Elderly, medicines
for the old and the poor, and the list is very long. If he continues in this path
America will crumble and fall. We need to rescue America and to replace his
regime with a new wise and peace loving Administration that cares for America
and respect other nations.

America should stop wasting our money on building empires. We should stop
wasting billions of dollars on wars and on far away countries that the
Administration wants to put under our domain.

The billions that we are spending on armaments and wars should be spent on
America in order to help secure good life to all Americans. Those billions are
needed here to help eliminate all the serious problems that America is facing at
home. Such as:

Selected articles 18

Homelessness is a big problem in the United States, according to figures provided
by the US Department of Health and Human Services, up to 600,000 men, women,
and children go homeless each night in the US.

Recent evidence confirms that homelessness among families is increasing. A
survey of 25 U.S. cities found that in the year 2000, families with children
accounted for 36% of the homeless population (U.S. Conference of Mayors, 2000),
with requests for emergency shelter by families with children increasing an
average of 17% from previous the year.

In New York City alone, city officials estimated that there were 30,000 people
utilizing the shelter system on a daily basis, more than at any other time in the
city's history.

Unemployment is another serious problem that the Bush Administration is
ignoring. Millions of people are losing their jobs or are accepting cut off in their
salaries. When people lose their jobs certainly they cannot pay their mortgages or
their property taxes and at the end, they lose their homes and become homeless.
People with low in income are prone to become homeless as well.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor reports the
unemployment rate is the highest in nine years.

The unemployment rate rose to 6.4 percent in June.

The number of unemployed persons increased to 360,000 in June to 9.4 million.
Teenage unemployment rose to 19.3%.

There were 2 million persons unemployed for 27 weeks.

478,000 persons are considered discouraged workers who have given up looking
for work because they believe no jobs are available for them.

Manufacturing cut 56,000 jobs, bringing total job cuts in the sector to 2.6 million
in last two years.

The rise in the employment rate was greater than the 6.2% that had been predicted,
surprising economists who had forecast a lower increase.

Selected articles 19

In addition, the New York Times reported recently that this is the worst job market
in twenty years. The economy has lost more than two million jobs since the most
recent recession began in March 2001.

Senior Americans

This grave problem should be tackled and corrected. Our seniors spent their entire
lives working and building this country. Contrary to George Bush and others in the
Administration, the majority of them have served this country in war and peace.
Some of them are veterans and live in poverty. Senior citizens cannot afford to pay
for medicine. The price of medicine is sky high and our Administration is busy in
launching wars around the World and ignoring our seniors. It is time to reward the
elderly for their great contributions to building America. The money is needed
We need a regime change right here in Washington. Let us spend our money here
in America to provide a decent life for all of its citizens. Let us provide food,
homes, education, and medicine for everyone. We can do it. Let us follow the
policy of cooperation, not domination and occupation.

America must destroy the Wall of Fear and Isolation

Ibrahim Ebeid *

September 28, 2006

Most of us, Americans, are forced to stay stagnant as if we were destined to live
behind a huge wall that prevents us from seeing beyond it. This wall has been
erected by past administrations and in the present one, we have allowed President
Bush Jr. to force us to live in the Republic of Fear. Whenever we look at television,
we hear the “experts” parroting President Bush’s lies about a threat that is coming
to us, and if we do not react in advance to prevent such a threat from occurring
then the war will be here on our doorsteps. The Republic of Fear created by our
Administration is producing wars and chaos in the rest of the World, especially in
Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine.

Selected articles 21

Afghanistan was occupied, Iraq turned into chaos as a result of occupation, and a
sectarian regime was created and nourished by the US, Anglo-Saxon and Zionist
Triangle of Evil.

Since the beginning of the brutal invasion of Iraq, the President, members of his
Cabinet and advisers have been trying to keep us, Americans, in darkness. They
are bombarding us with the idea of a terrorizing enemy of their creation, described
as Islamist fascists and Islamist terrorists, Saddamists or Baathists who are
indoctrinated to attack us because they hate us and they hate democracy. In reality,
we attacked the Muslim and Arab countries, and we destroyed their institutions.
We are trying to eradicate and distort their values that have their roots in history
for thousands of years, values that were the fundamental basis of Western
Civilization. With our help and support “Israel” was created in Palestine and the
Palestinians were forced into refugee camps facing death, starvation, and misery
while foreigners took over their lands, homes and defaced the history of Palestine.
He arrogantly accuses the freedom fighters who resist tyranny and occupation as
extremists who spread propaganda claiming that the West is engaged in a war
against Islam. He claims that he respects Islam and yet his war in Iraq killed and
still is killing Muslims, Christians and others by the thousands. He brought anti-
Arab sectarian fascists to legitimize the occupation, the robbery and mass killing in
Iraq under the protection of more than 140,000 US troops. The sectarian militias of
the thugs that he brought from Iran are killing people with acid, electric drills,
saws, and fire, under the eyes of his commanders. The United Nations affirmed
that 6600 Iraqis were butchered in the last two months; most of them carrying
signs of torture before they were brutally killed.

A friend of mine who was a scientist in Iraq had to flee her country a month ago
with her husband and two children. She told me “the Baghdad you know does not
exist. Wherever you look there are destruction and concrete piles. We were afraid
to go out or drive around; women have to cover their heads and are not allowed to
continue their education. At present, very few go to higher education. The sectarian
government is against anyone who is educated and they are assassinating scientists
whenever and wherever they find them. Shahristany was my boss in the seventies.
When it was discovered that he was an agent to Iran and to the CIA he was
arrested, then in 1991 he ran away to Iran and took with him all the names of the
scientists and employees in the department he was part of. After the occupation, he
came back to Iraq and now he is the Minister of Petroleum. This sectarian man
gave all the names of the scientists to the sectarian militias and they started killing

Selected articles 20

the scientists, sometimes three or four a day. They do not distinguish between a

Sunni or a Shia, to them an educated Shia is more of a target than a Sunni. Before

the Occupation we never experienced the difference between Shia and Sunni, we

felt like were all one family, and religion never played a role in discrimination. My

husband and I were alarmed, especially when we were witnessing the killings of
our friends at the hands of the sectarian militias of the “government” that Bush

forced upon us. We received a serious threat and we were forced to escape. We lost

our workshop, our car, beauty salon, our apartment, and house, we had to escape.
Now, we are scattered and live in different parts of the World”. One of my brothers

was a Colonel in the Iraqi Army and the other one was a professor at one of the

universities in Baghdad. Schools were very advanced, all of us got our education

under the Baathist government, and education was free at all levels. Then I asked
her about the Resistance, she said, “the Resistance is very strong and it is gaining
more strength, the people are behind it and it is our hope.” Then she added, “the
Iraqi people are missing the golden days when Saddam was in power.” (The

Scientist happens to be a Shia.)

We Americans are not Liberators, we are brutal occupiers. Just on the 27th of
September, the Associated Press reported that American troops killed eight people
from the same family, four of them were women, and two were pregnant. Manal
Jassim was in a different room when she heard the shots and the screaming of the
victims. She ran away, but when she came back she found eight members of her
family brutally massacred. The American Occupation Command shamelessly
claimed that these victims were “terrorists”. Manal said that the family members
were sleeping when the soldiers entered the house at dawn and committed the
certainly, the relatives, friends, and neighbors of this murdered family and the rest
of the Iraqis will hate American values enforced upon them by President Bush.
American values to them mean terror, mass graves and genocide and a war against
Arabs and Muslims.

US guns and bombs supplied to “Israel” are killing Palestinians and Lebanese by
the thousands. And he dares to say that he desires peace and prosperity for the
“Middle East”? UN humanitarian chief Jan Egeland said the UN Mine Action
Coordination Center had assessed "nearly 85 percent of bombed areas in south
Lebanon" and identified "359 separate cluster bomb strike locations that are
contaminated with as many 100,000 unexploded bomblets." "What's shocking and
I would say completely immoral is that 90 percent of the cluster bomb strikes

Selected articles 22

occurred in the last 72 hours of the conflict when we knew there would be a
resolution when we knew there would be an end," he said. "Every day, people are
maimed, wounded and are killed by these ordinances," the UN relief coordinator
said. He also stated that the bombs may have been manufactured "in a number of
places," including the United States.

In an interview with Der Spiegel on August 15, 2006, former President Jimmy

Carter was very critical of the Bush Administration. He affirmed that hatred to the
United States through the Arab World was as a result of the invasion of Iraq, and”

he matter has gotten even worse now with the United States supporting and
encouraging Israel in its attack on Lebanon”.\We wonder why President Bush
always justifies any “Israeli” aggression while the wiser former President said “I

don't think that Israel has any legal or moral justification for their massive bombing

of the entire nation of Lebanon. What happened is that Israel is holding almost

10,000 prisoners, so when the militants in Lebanon or in Gaza take one or two

soldiers, Israel looks upon this as a justification for an attack on the civilian
population of Lebanon and Gaza. I do not think that's justified, no”.
We, Americans, must realize that President Bush’s irrational support to the
colonialist racist entity, “Israel”, is causing a perpetual war against the Palestinian

people. The Palestinian people and the Arab nation are not our enemies. Their

ideology is not hostile to anyone but the ideology of Mr. Bush is.

In his speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations, President Bush was

misleading us and far away from truth and reality. There has been no progress and

democracy on the march in Iraq or in Afghanistan as he was claiming.

His speech was another attempt to dupe us and force us to stay in darkness. He

pretends that he respects the United Nations and its Charter while he was the one to
challenge the rest of the World and the World’s Organization and blatantly

violated its charter when he invaded Iraq and ruined it. Now he is caged in and he

is trying desperately to convince the World Body to come to his rescue.

Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf, a dictator who was not favored by the Bush
Administration until he received a threat to join the war on “terror” or else,

confirmed that the United States threatened to bomb his country back to the Stone
Age after the 9/11 attacks if he did not help America's war on “terror”. The threat

was delivered by Richard Armitage, the then deputy secretary of state, to

Musharraf's intelligence director, said the Pakistani leader to CBS-TV's "60

Minutes." Musharraf said he reacted responsibly, i.e. he succumbed to the threat.

It is very hard to believe that our President was stunned and shocked and that he

had no previous knowledge of the threat that his Under Secretary of State

Selected articles 23

delivered. Has he forgotten his infamous message:” if you are not with us then you
are against us”? This message speaks for itself and reflects his threat to the nations

who disagree with him. Should we believe Musharraf or our President who always
hides the truth from us?\“As liberty flourishes, nations grow in tolerance and hope

and peace. And we're seeing that bright future begin to take root in the broader
Middle East”, the President told the General Assembly of the United Nations! But

the reality is the opposite, the Palestinians and Iraqis are not experiencing progress,

prosperity or security. They are experiencing poverty, chaos destruction and fear

imposed upon them by us and by our allies. Security is part of the past that does
not exist in the “new Iraq”.

Why do we allow President Bush and his extremist neo-conservatives fortify this
wall and keep us living under fear? This question haunts me wherever I go and
every time I watch our President, or the experts of the media, theorizing and
distorting the facts without any remorse.

Will America destroy the wall of fear and isolation? Can we be part of the civilized
World? Can we be more productive than destructive? The answer is with you
* The author is a US veteran, Vietnam era.

America the Duped and Misled

By Ibrahim Ebeid

Feb. 01 2004\George Bush’s former Treasury secretary Paul O'Neill revealed that
the president took office fully intending to invade Iraq. In January and February of
2001, at the first meetings of the National Security Council, Bush asked his
advisors to find a pretext. "It was all about finding a way to do it," 'That was the
tone of it. The president saying 'Go find me a way to do this.'" (Interview, CBS
News, 1/11/04)

The claims that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction were mere lies fabricated by
the Bush Administration and his Zionist allies to create havoc and fear among the
American people in order to help Bush secure a second term in power.

Selected articles 24

Weapons of mass destructions exist in the United States, Russia, United Kingdom,
China, "Israel" and other countries who have close ties with Washington and the
Zionist allies. It is permissible for these states to have such weapons for various
reasons such as to "defend" the "Civilized World' from the danger of the so-called
rogue regimes and nations who dare to say No to Anglo-American-Zionist
The weapons of ‘mass destructions” that the Zionist American Alliance claim that
some Arab and Muslim states have are of nonexistence, if they do, they have no
significance, they do not exceed a drop in a bucket compared to what the Zionist
entity has. None of the Arab or the Muslim States ever used any of these weapons
against any other nation on a large scale, as the American did in Japan in 1945 or
in Vietnam, Iraq and the Balkans. The cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima were
completely destroyed and more than half million Japanese died at once. Thousands
of tons of depleted uranium were used in the Balkans and in Iraq where the
environment, land, and water were polluted and poisoned. Its effect killed and still
is killing people, plants, and animals for years to come. American and Coalition
soldiers did not escape the epidemic of these terrible weapons. The soldiers are still
suffering from what is known as the Gulf Syndrome.

Mr. Bush always avoids mentioning the weapons of mass destruction arsenal that
"Israel" has. He does not dare to demand to disarm the Zionist entity from its
deadly and threatening arsenal, while he continuously keeps threatening the
Palestinian freedom fighters and portraying them as "terrorists'.

The Washington Post published an extensive front-page report that "Iraq's Arsenal
was only on paper." Since the first Gulf War, illegal weapons "never got past the
planning stage." (WP, 1/07/04)

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace stated, in a study released a few
weeks ago that "administration officials systematically misrepresented the threat
from Iraq’s WMD and ballistic missile program" by treating possibilities as fact
and "misrepresenting inspectors’ findings in ways that turned threats from minor to
dire." (Boston Globe, 1/09/04)

Selected articles 25

It took David Kay and his team nine months to search for weapons of mass
destructions and a budget of $600 million. Like the United Nations inspectors
before him, he failed to find any.

Last week Mr. David Kay resigned his post and testified that everyone involved
was duped under false intelligence and everyone “was wrong including himself.”
The allegation that Iraq has large stocks of weapons of mass destruction was

proven to be wrong. No such weapons were found.

The evidence that weapons inspectors in Iraq found was that President Saddam
Hussein's regime quietly destroyed stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons
in the mid-1990s, according to former chief inspector David Kay.

Iraq had always maintained that it had destroyed all these weapons and it had no
weapons of mass destructions in its arsenal. It opened the entire country for the
inspectors who at many instances violated the sovereignty of Iraq for the benefits
of the Zionist entity, "Israel".

President George W. Bush and his allies must be responsible for the destruction of
the State of Iraq, its institutions, its wealth, and economy. Above all, they must be
accountable for the death of many innocent Iraqis and for the death of the
American soldiers who were forced to sacrifice their lives for the coffers of
Halliburton and Corporate America.

Howard Dean, a prominent candidate, from the Democratic Party, was part of the
evil process that was created on false pretenses. "Those of us who, over the past 6
months, have expressed deep concerns about this President's management of the
crisis, mistreatment of our allies and misconstruction of international law, have
never been in doubt about the evil of Saddam Hussein or the necessity of removing
his weapons of mass destruction."

John Kerry, a Democrat, who might be the presidential nominee for President also
was "misled" and voted for the war of aggression and occupation of Iraq "Why is
Saddam Hussein attempting to develop nuclear weapons when most nations don't
even try? According to intelligence, Iraq has chemical and biological weapons...

Selected articles 26

Iraq is developing unmanned aerial vehicles capable of delivering chemical and
biological warfare agents..."

Wesley Clark was not any better; he also supported the Administration’s war of
aggression on Iraq "He [President Hussein] does have weapons of mass
When asked, "And you could say that categorically?" Clark responded:
"Absolutely." (On CNN, Jan. 18, 2003). On finding the alleged weapons Clark
said: "I think they will be found. There's so much intelligence on this."
The American people must wake up before it is too late. They must come to a
conclusion that politicians on both sides of the aisle, including the presidential
candidates and their country, erred drastically. The United States is being led to
economic and political catastrophes. Change of regime is needed, not just change
of Presidents and Administrations. Change of attitude and morals must take place
soon in order for America to be accepted amiably in the World. America needs
leaders who are not easily misled and duped in dragging the country into savage
wars for the interests of Corporate America.

American troops must be withdrawn, unconditionally and immediately, from Iraq
and from all bases of aggression around the World. They must return home to build
America for the benefits of the people, not for the benefit of Halliburton and
Iraqi prisoners of war must be freed to resume building Iraq economically,
politically and to restore law, order, and security.

The United States and its allies must compensate Iraq for the destruction and
killings that they have caused.

Those who were behind the aggression must be accountable and must face an
International Court for war crimes committed against Iraq.

Zionist atrocities dependent on US support against the Palestinians must come to
an end. Palestinians must return to their homes and a Palestinian state must be
established in historic Palestine, between the Mediterranean Sea and The Jordan

Selected articles 27

An Interview with Ibrahim Ebeid

Published May 12, 2006

Neo-CONNED News recently conducted an interview with Ibrahim Ebeid, an
Editor with the Arab website, The interesting site has frequently
been the primary source of statements from leading Iraqi government figures such
as Saddam Hussein, Tariq Aziz, and Taha Ramadan since their imprisonment. We
took the opportunity to seek his opinion on matters rarely discussed in the
mainstream media, whatever its political color, and to get his thoughts as someone
who speaks with some authority on the "other side of the fence."

Ibrahim Ebeid, could you tell us something about your background?

I was born in Palestine in 1935. I spent my childhood in the city of Jaffa until May
1948 when we were forced to leave under the guns of the Zionist gangs while
Palestine was still under the British Mandate. I have lived and seen the tragedy of
Palestine unfolding. These bitter events shaped my life and I became an activist for
the Palestinian cause as the central focal point of the Arab struggle. I am an Arab
nationalist who believes in the liberation of historic Palestine from the Jordan
River to the Mediterranean Sea. I believe in the unification of the Arab Nation and
this must be achieved through continuous struggle. I was a member of the PLO
offices in New York at the United Nations in the early Seventies.

You are involved with Al-Moharer - which means what in English? What are the
aims of the site; what role do you play in it; and how influential do you think you
are in the English-speaking and Arabic-speaking worlds?

I joined Al-Moharer in 1997 and became the Co-Editor, in charge of the English
Al-Moharer means the “Liberator” or the “Editor“; both meanings are valid and
important. The English Section is dedicated to enlightening the world about the
justness of the Arab cause, and to clear up the distortion that clouds the minds of
too many people about our struggle against Western Imperialism and Zionism. Al-
Moharer is a Pan-Arab weekly publication and it is read by a large audience in the
Arab Homeland and by Arabs who live across the World.

Selected articles 28

The most urgent matter now for us is that of Palestine and Iraq where the neo-cons
and Zionists are launching a vicious criminal war against us to erase our existence
as a people and as a civilization.

Our efforts are very humble. We are dedicated individuals and we are volunteers,
but the result is tremendous and rewarding. Many people, educational institutions,
and organizations provide us with positive feedback, whilst the enemies of
humanity send us nasty letters. Our readers are in the millions from around the
We have to develop the English and French Sections. The Arabic one has the best
writers from every corner of the Arab World. Our articles are being translated into
several languages and being published on several websites and in newspapers
around the world.

There are a good number of sites on the web which are against the Anglo-
American occupation of Iraq. What appears to distinguish you from most of them
is that you take a strongly pro-Ba'ath Party, pro-Saddam Hussein line. Why is
Al-Moharer is a Pan-Arab publication; most of the writers are Arab Nationalists,
who are committed to the principles of Liberation and Unity.We feel for the Baath
because the Baath is an Arab Nationalist movement which considers the Arab
people are one, and that the Arab countries must be reunited in order to be free and
independent. Here we meet and we share the same principles.
The Arab homeland was divided and ripped apart by the Western powers, mainly
Britain and France after the First World War, by the infamous Sykes-Picot
Agreement. A few years later the same Imperialist powers created the mini-Arab
states and Emirates and installed kings, Emirs and rulers that did not, and do not,
represent the people’s desire for freedom and independence. The Arab Baath Party
and Saddam Hussein, when they were in power in Iraq, represented all the
ambitions and hopes of the Arab Nation for Freedom, Unity, and Social Justice.
For this genuine reason, we support them.

Iraq now is occupied and we feel that Iraqis have the legitimate right to resist the
occupation. The Baath Party is the leader of the Resistance that will liberate it from
the Anglo-Saxon Zionist occupation. We feel that the liberation of Iraq will be
achieved very soon and a very progressive leadership will be born that will lead the
Arabs to liberate historic Palestine.

Selected articles 29

As a result, Arab Unity will be closer to being realized.

Yes, indeed we support Saddam Hussein because he is the legitimate President. He
is a prisoner of war and those who are living in four square miles - the so-called
“Green Zone” - are both traitors and illegitimate because they are the puppets and
agents of the occupiers. In no way do they represent the people of Iraq or our
Saddam Hussein represents the hope for freedom, unity, and liberation. He is a
firm believer in the liberation of Palestine, and, therefore, he deserves our support.

But as a Catholic, surely you believe that the Ba'ath Party, under Saddam in
particular, was virulently anti-Christian? Surely you are not suggesting that
most/all of the accusations of an anti-Christian bias are without foundation? If you
are saying so, what proof to the contrary would you offer not only to fellow
Catholics and Christians but to those people who are anti-war but who seem to
believe most of the media's accusations against Saddam?\

The Baath Party is a secular pan-Arab party and the founder of the Party, Michel
Aflaq, was a Christian. It is the party of every Arab. It has members who are
Christians, Muslims, Druze, seculars, and atheists. Freedom of religion and
worship is guaranteed and respected. The Christians were always and still are part
of the fabric of society in the Arab World as well as in Iraq. New Christian
churches were built and many were renovated under the Baath and Saddam in Iraq.
Tariq Aziz, a Roman Catholic, among many Christians in Iraq enjoyed a high
position in the Party and in the government. He is a member of the National
Leadership of the party, a member of the Iraqi leadership. He was Minister of
Foreign Affairs and he is still the legitimate Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq and a
Member of the Revolutionary Council.\Alas now, no Christians and no Muslims
are safe in Iraq, under the occupation because Bush and Blair destroyed Iraq and
brought sectarian parties with them to terrorize all Iraqis regardless of their
religion. These sectarians are killing Muslims and Christians. Liquor store keepers
are being assassinated. Barbers are being killed for shaving beards. Women cannot
walk the streets alone and without a head cover of some sort. Mosques and
Churches are being attacked and blown up. These things did not happen before
under Saddam Hussein. Saddam is a builder and not a destroyer.

Selected articles 31

An Iraqi Bishop related to our correspondent that Iraqi Christians belong to one
of the oldest Christian communities in the world and lived for hundreds of years
with their fellow Iraqis with no problems whatsoever... When the Zionist
sponsored Kurdish Ephemera - militia bandits and gangsters in truth - emptied
Iraqi Christian villages in the north, they raped, kidnapped, killed and persecuted
thousands of Christians, changing even their millennia old churches into cowsheds
and pigsties. The survivors were forced to quit their homes. However, the Baath
leadership and Saddam Hussein were there to provide help, and to welcome the
suffering Iraqi Christians either in Mosul or in Baghdad and offered the necessary
The Iraqi religious authority known by his initials A.B.H. indicated that the Zionist
Mossad has provided the puppet US-Iranian trained Iraqi police force, with the
necessary remote controlled explosive devices to target Iraqi Christian Churches
and sow chaos and intensify civil strife in martyr Iraq.

Sister Mary, an Iraqi Roman Catholic nun, told the Iraqi League 'When the

criminal US forces of occupation entered Mosul, our Muslim neighbors ran to

protect the Monastery and assured us that they would protect everyone as long as

they lived. This wonderful gesture had the greatest impact on all of us, and gave us
great comfort and happiness in these difficult and hard times’.

Sister Mary also attacked vigorously those who are working tirelessly for the
promotion of sectarianism and ethnic violence. She said 'we have never known
these ugly labels, and it is certainly foreign to our culture and our beloved Iraqi
society. Iraq is well known for the brotherhood and mutual forgiveness amongst its
people over its history. There is no doubt that there are sick people who are
conniving, plotting and brainwashing people to push them into committing acts of
utter stupidity which are foreign to the well-known character and personality of
As a Christian Arab who lived part of his life in Palestine and in Iraq, I never was
treated like a detested minority. By the way, the Christians are not a minority, since
they belong to the majority of the people because they are Arabs by blood, by
identity and by culture. Jubla Ibn Al Ayham, who was a Christian King in
Palestine under the Romans, helped the Arab Muslim Armies, to liberate Jerusalem
from the Roman occupation.

Selected articles 30

Issa Ibn Al-Awam, the Commander of the Christian Brigade under Saladin, was
the first to enter Jerusalem when it was liberated from the Crusaders.
Under Saddam, the Christians held high ranks in the State and its Institutions.

What is your opinion of the Iraqi Resistance? Do you think that it has a viable
future - ie that it can oust the US from the country - or do you think that it will
eventually burn itself out?

My opinion is very clear: the Resistance is legitimate and those who are part of the
occupational political process are traitors and enemies of the Iraqi people. They
should be treated as such.

No liberation movement ever failed to achieve its aim of liberating its occupied
country. Iraq is occupied and the Iraqi National Resistance is well organized as we
can see on the battlefield. It was organized and formed before the occupation and
now it pours its burning flames on the occupiers and their agents. The stooge
government only exists in the so-called Green Zone, only in four square miles of
Baghdad. They do not dare to walk out of this zone.

The occupation Generals and the Imperialist representative, Zalmay Khalilzad, are
cornered in this “Green Zone” and they cannot expand beyond this zone. The
Resistance controls most of Iraq. Day by day it gains strength and more support. If
you read its program you will see its seriousness. Its aims are very clear: the
destruction of the sectarian illegal government, firstly, then the expulsion of the
occupier. At the same time, it is inflicting heavy casualties on the Anglo-Saxon
forces and their allies.

Burning itself out? No. The Resistance is depending on the Iraqi people and on
their support. The occupiers are destroying Iraq and terrorizing its people. Iraq was
occupied before. It was invaded by the British in the Twenties but eventually, they
were defeated and expelled. I am sure that the same fate is awaiting the present
Anglo-Saxon forces and their racist sectarian stooges.

By invading and occupying Iraq the Americans were looking for profits and profits
they did not reap. The oil they did not get and they cannot pump it steadily. The
Resistance keeps blowing up the pipelines, pump stations, and other facilities.
They cannot keep losing money without any profit. Therefore they will be forced

Selected articles 32

to withdraw. The American casualty rate already is very high and the troops are
now desperate and demoralized.

Most mainstream media analysts argue that the Resistance is a purely Sunni
phenomenon. Do you believe this? If not, why not?

The mainstream media are very biased. They are part of the occupation forces and

mostly ignorant of Iraq and its people. The media correspondents are spoon-fed by
the Generals of the “Green Zone”. They report only what is said to them and what

suits the interests of the occupation. They do not see the battles; they do not talk to

the people.

Not only Sunni Arabs are part of the Resistance. The Resistance is made of all
parts of the Iraqi nation. It has Arabs, Kurds, Christians, Muslim Shias and Muslim
Sunnis. It is made up of the legitimate Iraqi Army, Republican Guards, Baath
Party, Saddam Fedayeen, Arab Nationalists, and Islamists.

It is not true that the Resistance only exists in the “Sunni Triangle”. It is in the
North, at the Center, in the South, in the East and West. In every city and in every
part of Iraq and it is growing. You have published an article in your books, Neo-
CONNED, by Mr. Baghdadi a Shia Muslim from Iraq in which he states that 60%
of the Baath party was Shia Muslim and likewise in the Iraqi Armed Forces. These
people are part of the Resistance. Those who are part of the sectarian parties are
either of Iranian origin or are pro-Iran and pro-occupation.

For example, Ibrahim Al-Jaafari claims to be originally from Oshahijer in Arabia
but in reality, he is of Pakistani origin. His mother is Iranian. He used to speak
against the Great Satan, the United States, and then he became a strong ally of the
Great Satan. Iran installed him as the head of the Dawa Party, a pro-Iran sectarian
terrorist organization.

Mohammad Baqir Al-Hakim and Aziz Al-Hakim, the heads of the Supreme
Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI), are both Iranians from the city of
Yazd. They were living in Iran and there they formed the infamous Badr Brigade
whose role was to guard the Iraqi prisoners of War during the war with Iran. After
shooting their prisoners they buried them. Their commanders were Iranians and
they came to Iraq with the occupying forces. Later they joined the Iraqi Army of
the occupation so as to strengthen their position. Bayan Jabir, the puppet Minister

Selected articles 33

of the Interior, the head of the assassination squads and head of the torture prisons
in Iraq, is an Iranian from the city of Al-Lar. His real name is Baqir Solagh.

Moqtada Al-Sadr is an unusual figure in contemporary Iraq. On the one hand he is
anti-occupation, pro-Resistance and Shi'ites, whilst on the other hand, he is anti-
Ba'athist. Do you have any thoughts or insights on the man and his possible future
importance in the direction of Iraq?

Unfortunately, Moqtada Al-Sadr is an inexperienced young man. He is a tangle of
self-interested causes that he cannot harmonize because he has trapped himself
within the occupational political process. The other sectarian parties will not let
him compete with other leaders like Al- Sistani, who is Iranian citizen and serving
the interest of Iran and the Anglo-American-Zionist occupation. Mr. Sadr claims to
be against the occupation and pro-Resistance. If this is so, then why is he against
the Baath that forms most of the Resistance and leads it? And why is he part of the
political process which was created by the occupation and controlled by
Washington? If Moqtada Al-Sadr is really sincere, then he should reject everything
that the occupation offers and join the Iraqi National Resistance by faith and deed.
Action speaks louder than words. Just recently he said: if Iran was attacked by the
United States, then he will order his Mahdi Army to attack American forces in
Iraq. Doesn’t he realize that Iraq is occupied by the United States? Then why he
doesn’t fight the Anglo-American occupying forces in Iraq? Is his allegiance pro-
Iran and or pro-Iraq? The other day the US and the sectarian militia that forms the
“Iraqi” gangster army killed several members of his army in a mosque in Baghdad,
in his neighborhood. I hope that Mr. Al-Sadr will wake up one day soon and join
the Resistance that he claims to support.

His future in Iraq will depend upon his choices in relation to the Resistance’s
Political Program. Those who are fighting against the occupation will have the
right to form the government of Liberated Iraq. Those who became part of the
political process will be washed away with the occupation.

President Hussein said recently during a session of the American-government
sponsored show trial in Baghdad that he was the only person - along with the
Ba'ath - who could bring peace to the country again. Is this a sign that he is losing
touch with reality, or is it a sign that he knows the reality better from inside a
prison than those who claim to be running the country from the outside? President

Selected articles 34

Hussein here speaks as the legitimate President of Iraq and as the Commander in
Chief of the Armed Forces - which is now the Iraqi National Resistance. He has
stated many times from his prison cell that Iraq will be liberated with him or

without him, whether or not he is killed by the stooges of the Occupation Forces or
its “court.” Yes, he is able to restore peace, security, and progress to Iraq along
with the Baath party and with the other organizations in the Resistance and
certainly not by those sectarians who live in the “Green Zone” under that
protection of some 200,000 foreign troops. The stooges and the Occupation forces
have failed to restore vital services to Iraq, things like water, electricity and other

essential services. Saddam Hussein restored all the services, including electricity
and water, in just six months, after the war with Iran ended. President Saddam
Hussein knows Iraq and the Iraqi people much better than those who came under
cover of Anglo-Saxon weapons. He is a son of Iraq and a proud Arab, while the
stooges are foreigners who do not care about Iraq and its people. They are
interested only in filling their bank accounts with Iraq’s stolen wealth. Saddam
built Iraq before and the stooges ruined it. Certainly, he is capable of rebuilding

Iraq and restoring its institutions in a short period of time following liberation.

What do you think people should be doing in light of all you've said before?
We hope that people who believe in the cause of liberation will send their articles
to Al-Moharer to be considered for publication if these articles meet our standard.
But for the support of the Iraqi people, we hope that the Anti-War Movements and
Human Rights Organizations would lend their full support to the liberation
movement of Iraq, and show their unqualified support for the legitimate leadership
of Iraq and the Baath Party since it is these that lead the struggle.

I may add, too, that the Anti-War movement must support the Palestinian struggle
without reservation and they must realize that Palestine is Arab. It belongs to the
Arab people and the Palestinians have the right to liberate all of Palestine and build
their state according to their own wishes and designs.

Selected articles 35

An Interview with Krista and Mark of Bruderhof: The Deadly Embargo

Conducted by Ibrahim Ebeid 12 March 2000

Krista and Mark Clement of Bruderhof are working for peace and justice in the US
and around the world. They are active in opposing racism and injustice, the death
penalty, US sanctions on Iraq and Cuba, and all forms of capitalistic imperialism.
They are very active in resisting the genocidal sanctions which imposed unjustly
upon Iraq and its people.

They participated with other members and other organizations in taking medicine
to the children of Iraq thus challenging the US tyrannical rules and risking jail
because theybelieve, the price is worth it, to save a child.

Al-Moharer has the honor to introduce to its readers the following interview With
Krista and Mark Clement.

The Unjust Deadly Embargo

Al-Moharer: Krista, as an American mother who is witnessing the results of the
genocidal sanctions and their effect on the Iraqi children, what would you like to
tell the American people and what would you like them to do?

Krista: I would tell them that the suffering and anguish of the Iraqi mothers cannot
be described with words. They must go there themselves.

And I would tell the American people that their government has deceived them and
lied to them about Iraq. The oil for food program is a farce and does not provide
the Iraqis with what they need to survive.

We destroyed the infrastructure of Iraq with our criminal bombing in 1991 and
now, we refuse to allow the Iraqis to acquire what they need to rebuild their
sanitation and electrical equipment by claiming that this equipment would have a
dual purpose. At the same time we take a large portion of the oil for food money
from Iraq and use it to pay reparations to Kuwait and other nations for damage
sustained during the Gulf War. Prior to the sanctions Iraq had free medical care
and education for all. This has never been the case in the US and our medical and
educational systems are a shambles today.

Selected articles 36

Yet we blame the Iraqi Government for the suffering of the Iraqi people when in
reality it is our sanctions that prevent them from providing the people with what
they had before the sanctions. I would urge Americans to go to Iraq and see for
themselves what is happening. I would ask them to meet the Iraqi people as fellow
human beings and look into their eyes and ask them for forgiveness for the
suffering our government has inflicted upon them. I would ask them to go to the
graves of Iraqi children with the parents of those children and grieve with them for
their child that we killed with our brutal policies.

Al-Moharer: Krista, can you tell us about the agony and feelings of the mothers of
the Iraqi children that you met in the hospitals?

Krista: It is not possible to convey the agony of the mothers of Iraqi children as
they helplessly watch their children die. I have five children of my own and they
have had their share of sickness and injuries. But each time we were able to get
excellent medical care and my fear and anxiety for them were quickly laid to rest
as the doctors dealt with their problems. I cannot truly imagine what agony it must
be for a mother to watch her child die a slow and agonizing death with no medical
help available. Even pain medication is in very short supply because of the
sanctions. Imagine watching one's own child in agony day after day because of the
policy of a foreign government. As one stands beside the bed of a dying Iraqi child
one realizes that again a slaughter of the innocents is taking place. This pain and
suffering is written on the faces of the mothers and I could only stand by them and
try to comfort them. Their courage and spiritual strength impressed me deeply.
Their faith sustains them in their anguish and they forgive me, an American,
believing the American government, and not the people, is responsible for what
our country has done to them.

Al-Moharer: What would you, like to tell Hillary Clinton who is known for her
concern about the state of children in the United States and abroad, but she ignores
the Iraqi children?

Krista: I would ask Hillary Clinton if she truly believes that an Iraqi child is of
less value in the eyes of God than a child born in the United States. I would ask her
if she believes that children should be slaughtered on the altar of her husband's
foreign policy just because he does not want to admit that sanctions are a failed and
bankrupt attempt by his government to control the oil in the Middle East. I would
tell her that if she truly cares about children she would go to Iraq and see for

Selected articles 37

herself what our policies are doing to the children and mothers of Iraq. If she truly
does have a heart for children she would then come home and plead with her
husband on behalf of these children.

Al-Moharer: What would you like to tell the Secretary of State who said the
"price is worth it" about the Iraqi children?

Krista: I believe that these words from Madeline Albright are among the most
shocking, cruel and heartless ever uttered in the history of the world. And they
came from the mouth of a mother. I would ask Madeline Albright if she believes in
I would also tell her that I stood beside a weeping young mother as she helplessly
watched her child dying, the third child, she has lost to the sanctions.

I would ask Madeline Albright, who has three daughters of her own, if she would
be willing to meet this mother, look into her eyes and tell her that her children were
dispensable and worth the price.

Mark Clement

Al-Moharer: Can you inform our readers about the type of work that you and your
Organization Bruderhof are doing in helping Iraq and its people to break the unjust
Mark: We have sent six delegations to Iraq with two of our sisters scheduled to go
to Iraq on March 12 on board the jet that George Galloway has chartered to fly
from London to Baghdad with a load of medicines. Our delegations have taken
extensive video footage of the suffering of the children and mothers and have used
this footage to produce a short and a powerful documentary called "Worth the

We have distributed this across the United States and around the world in the hope
that it will change people's hearts and turn them against the sanctions. Our
delegation in February 1999 cleaned the Leukemia ward of the Saddam Hussein
Pediatric Hospital and afterward produced a small booklet, Tears of the Heart that
depicts the suffering of some of the children who lay dying in the hospital while
we were cleaning. These items are available for use in working against the

Selected articles 38

Al-Moharer: Also can you provide our readers with the addresses of the
organization in the United States and in Europe?

Mak: I would suggest contacting us through my e-mail:

[email protected]

Al-Moharer: Did you notice any worsening in the state of health and medical
services between your visits?

Mark: It is not possible to quantify the change in conditions, but I had the strong
impression that conditions had worsened during the eight months between my

Al-Moharer: As a father, did you feel the agony of the Iraqi fathers who lost their
children to the sanctions, or of those who cannot provide their children with
necessary nourishment to help them grow healthy and toys to keep them happy?

Mark: Yes, I felt the agony of the fathers. I have met many fathers in Iraq who
have lost their children to the sanctions. It is heartbreaking. Krista and I have five
sons and they have each been sick or injured in accidents. Had they contracted
their illnesses or sustained their injuries in Iraq during the period of the sanctions
they would almost certainly no longer be alive. This would be a very hard thing for
me and my wife to carry. Our children have been able to get a good education and
have had what is needed for proper physical, emotional and educational growth.
This is being denied millions of children in Iraq because of the sanctions. For the
parents, this is a great need. This is a crime against humanity and will have results
that last for generations.

Al-Moharer: Did the resignation of the Humanitarian Workers in Iraq tell a

Mark: The resignation of the Humanitarian workers underlines what was already
known - Security Council Resolution 1284 is a smoke screen behind which the
United States wants to continue the sanctions. It is a grossly unfair and deceitful

Selected articles 39

resolution. Hans von Sponeck and Jutta Burghardt have recognized the fact that
with this resolution The United States has made it virtually impossible for the
sanctions to be lifted. Iraq has every right to refuse the resolution.

Al-Moharer: .... and what would you like the presidential candidates to know?

Mark: I would tell the presidential candidates that the sanctions have already
created legacy of justified hatred and mistrust in the Arab world towards the
United States government that will last for generations. If they are truly concerned
about the wellbeing of the United States and the world their first act as US
President would be to call on the UN Security Council to revoke the sanctions.
Their second act would be to call on Congress to appropriate however many
billions of dollars would be required to help Iraq rebuild its infrastructure and to
make reparations for the damage we have done to their country, including the
Depleted Uranium pollution.

An Open Letter to America

Dear Fellow Americans

Are we really aware of why people around the world don't harbor love and respect
for us? Have we ever thought why people around the world "hate" us?
Most of us do not know why because we are being fed with false propaganda,
which has become ingrained in our minds, and we have been forced to believe that
people around the world "envy our way of life and hate our democracy".
To know the reality we have to pause for a while and take a profound look at the
policies and actions of our governments. When we do so then we might discover
the facts and reasons why people dislike us. Though facts sometimes are painful,
we have to accept them in order to eradicate the evil causes and purge ourselves.
I would like to be very frank with my fellow citizens and tell them some of the
reasons, I believe, why people hate us. I was born in Palestine. I suffered under
unfair and unjust US policies. The price my family and I paid was very heavy and
high. We lost everything that my father worked for when the Zionist state was
created in 1948. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were expelled from their
land and became refugees. They were forced to spend the bitter cold of winter

Selected articles 41

under trees; the lucky ones were sheltered in tents made of canvas donated by the
United Nations Relief and Work Agency. Those places, later on, were converted
into temporary camps until such a time feasible for the refugees to return to their
homes; the refugees and their descendants are still waiting.

Mr. Harry Truman ignored that human tragedy and he was very quick to recognize
"Israel" 11 minutes after its announcement. Since then, the United States was and
still is siphoning billions of dollars and sending the most sophisticated arms from
the US arsenal to help the Zionists fulfill their dreams: to kill more Arabs and to
grab more lands for the Zionist settlers and for greater "Israel". Palestinians are
considered subhuman, or like roaches, and must be crushed according to Zionist
leaders. "The Palestinians would be crushed like grasshoppers... heads smashed
against the boulders and walls," "Israeli" Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir in a
speech to Jewish settlers reported the New York Times on April 1, 1988. " The
Palestinians are] beasts walking on two legs." Menachem Begin stated in a speech
to the Israeli Knesset, quoted in Amnon Kapeliouk, "Begin and the Beasts:" New
Statesman, 25 June 1982.

And yet, we Americans, who claim to be the freest people in the world who believe
in freedom and democracy, are supporting such a racist entity that is built on
usurped land, its leaders are full of hate and they are committing genocide against
the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples.

We Americans are being robbed by Republican and Democratic administrations
alike. They are utilizing the taxpayers' money to help "Israel" to launch continuous
wars, to kill thousands of people and destroy entire nations with "our"
unconditional support. Palestine was completely usurped and its people are
uprooted, Lebanon is being attacked, destruction and death are spreading all over
the land. Do we expect people to have faith in us?

Our president, Mr. George W. Bush, became the most vocal voice of Zionism in
the world. He is not concerned about peace in the world. He is encouraging the
"Israelis" to commit more crimes and massacres against the Palestinians, and he is
sending more destructive weapons to the Zionists to kill more Palestinians and
Lebanese. Both countries are being destroyed and ruined. Both countries are being
besieged and blockaded and Arab children are being killed with no remorse. And
yet we call America a broker for Peace and Justice?

Selected articles 40

On April 18, 1996, the Zionists attacked Qana, in Lebanon, and killed 110 women
and children who were taking refuge in the United Nations compound. The
horrible crime was repeated again on July 30, 2006, when the same Zionist
criminals attacked a building in Qana and killed more than 60 innocent civilians
who were taking shelter to avoid the savagery of their enemy. Among the dead
were about 40 children, if not more. They were killed with American-made bombs
that President Bush donated to the perpetrators. Killing innocent people, especially
children, with American arms, make people around the world hate and despise
We are launching a savage war against the people of the Cradle of Civilization
since 1991 with no cessation. Our laser-guided “smart bombs" destroyed Al
Ameriyah shelter on February 13, 1991, and more than 400 Iraqi civilians were
killed, mostly women and children.

More and more people are being killed by the US occupiers and by the sectarian
militias of the sectarian government that we created in Iraq. People are being
buried in mass graves that we are creating and blaming on the Iraqi Resistance.
The United States has killed more than 200,000 Iraqis during the illegal invasion of
March 2003 and thousands more after. Now, the average is about 100 killed a day.
Our blind hatred to everything that's not American caused the deaths of more than
two million Iraqis during the First Gulf War and during the genocidal blockade and
no-fly zones that we imposed on Iraq. Most of the dead were children and our
representative at the United Nations; Ms. Madeleine Albright tolerated the killing
of the Iraqi children and said, "The price is worth it." Then she has rewarded the
portfolio of Secretary Of State. And do you expect us to be revered and loved by
the people of the world?

We are sending thousands of our troops to foreign lands, to Afghanistan and Iraq,
to kill innocent people and to force them to accept our export of "democracy." This
type of democracy is causing misery to many families in Iraq and to the families of
our servicemen who die in vain to satisfy the egos of President George W. Bush,
Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice and the Zionist "allies" of
Mr. Bush sent Condoleezza Rice to "Israel" to give his support and assurances to
its leaders to commit atrocities and destruction in Lebanon and the result was very
vast and devastating, Children are being slaughtered with our bombs and you
expect the Arabs and the rest of the Muslim World to love us and favor our
democracy, which in reality, means their destruction?

Selected articles 42

The attack on Qana and the killing of Lebanese children and their moms took place
while Condoleezza Rice, our Secretary of State, was meeting with Ehud Olmert,
the "Israeli" Prime Minister. The massacre of the children and women did not sway
President Bush from lending his full support to the "Israeli" aggression, because
"Israel" has the right to defend itself according to our President.

Ehud Olmert requested more time to continue the war until foreign troops occupy
South Lebanon on behalf of Israel. This request coincides with the President's
condition for a ceasefire, and it means the continuation of destruction and killing.
What is taking place in Lebanon and in Palestine, in Qana and in Gaza is indeed a
massacre, a crime against humanity, a hate crime, and a racist crime against people
for being Arabs or Muslims. The United States is responsible for such crimes
because our President and his administration are putting all our power and
resources behind such a "state," behind "Israel." Our tax money is going towards
committing war crimes instead of spending it for peace or at home, on education,
medicine, research, building homes for the homeless and poor or creating new
jobs, etc.

We send our young people to kill and to die for wars in the interests of the rich,
corporate America and above all on behalf of "Israel" that is holding us hostage.
Are we responsible for the acts of our government?

Yes, we are responsible because we allow such people to hold office; we have
elected them and now we are paying the price. People around the world hate us.
Our young men and women are being killed, and we are creating more enemies.
We do not have enough jobs; our senior citizens cannot afford to buy medicine; we
pay high prices for gasoline, and we pay heavy taxes to supply the costs of wars
committed by our government and by our Zionist allies. We became the butchers
of the world instead of the advocates of peace. and we created a less secure world.
We should stop supplying “Israel” with weapons of destruction.

We should stop wasting our billions on the "Israeli" war machine.

We should stop all the wars that we are launching around the world, especially in
Afghanistan and Iraq.

We should build bridges of love and friendship among nations.

We should treat all nations with equal respect.

Selected articles 43

We should always stand with justice.

We should withdraw our troops from around the world and bring them home alive.
Is our foreign policy stemming from our interests in building peace and democracy
around the world?

The answer to this question is a flat no. Our foreign policy has been a hostage to
the interests of the few: to corporate America, to the rich who want to be richer
even by launching wars to rob other nations. And who pays the price to these
greedy ambitions? The answer is the poor, young Americans. They are the ones
who are forced to go to wars to shed their blood and the blood of others for oil and
"Israel." Mr. Martin Indyk, the then US Ambassador to Tel Aviv, once said about
the first Gulf War it was for "oil and Israel." Indeed it was and now most of the
Americans know it.

American foreign policy was always and still is not fair, especially when it comes
to the Arabs and Muslims. The United States never allows the United Nations
Security Council to pass any resolution condemning the state of "Israel" for war
crimes and atrocities that it commits, because, "Israel" according to our successive
administrations, is our staunchest "ally.

These are some of the reasons why people hate us. It is about time to put America
on the right track. It is about time to join the human race and be part of a peaceful
and civilized World.

Yours truly,

Ibrahim Ebeid.

US citizen and a veteran of the Vietnam era

July 24, 2006

Selected articles 44

An Open Letter to United For Justice And Peace

July 24, 2006

Ms. Leslie Cagan, National Coordinator

United for Peace and Justice

Dear Ms. Leslie Cagan,

I was shocked and horrified to learn that your movement is recognizing the
sectarian regime of Al-Maliki. Al-Maliki and his colleagues came on the invading
tanks and under the protection of the occupying forces, his government was
appointed by George W. Bush. His hands and the hands of his master are drenched
with the blood of the Iraqis. He spent decades plotting to destroy Iraq and to topple
its legal government to be replaced by a sectarian racist one.

A movement that is requesting a meeting with such a man is not a movement for
peace and justice. A movement for peace would support the Iraqi National
Resistance as the only representative of the people of Iraq.

Al-Maliki and his group do not represent the Iraqi people. And they are not well-
liked in Iraq. They live apart from the Iraqi people and they do not venture beyond
the so-called Green Zone. They are protected by 200,000 foreign troops who are
terrorizing the Iraqi people and you are recognizing such a man and such a
government? Isn’t that recognition of occupation and sectarianism? If this man or
any of his followers venture outside the Green Zone they would be dragged in the
streets until death.

Real peace comes when your movement takes a clear and a courageous stand in
supporting the following principles for peace, issued by the Resistance:
Recognizing The National Resistance as the sole representative of the Iraqi people.
The invading forces must withdraw from Iraq, all parts of Iraq immediately and
Before talking about peace, all forms of oppressions, persecutions, killings,
destruction, kidnapping and ethnic cleansings and expulsion by the sectarian
militias and occupation forces must stop.

Selected articles 45

All prisoners of war and jailed detainees must be released, with no exception.
The Iraqi armed forces and security forces must be reinstated as they were before
the invasion.

All the laws that were issued by the occupation must be annulled and all
ordinances of the jailed legal government must be restored.

The integrity and the identity of Iraq and its people must be protected.
The Iraqi people must be compensated for all the injuries and the harm they
suffered as the result of the occupation.

Iraq must be fully compensated for all the destruction that the invaders caused to
its economy and infrastructure

Without these conditions, there will be no peace according to the National
Resistance statements.

No, Ms. Cagan, I will not contribute one penny for an ad in an Iraqi newspaper in
which you beg to meet with such a criminal and a traitor. Instead of wasting money
and energy on such an act, you should call for a demonstration in support of the
legitimate demands of the Iraqi people and the Iraqi National Resistance.
Hope to hear from you.

For the liberation of Iraq

Ibrahim Ebeid

April 7, the Baath and the Resistance

Ibrahim Ebeid

April 7, 2006, is the fifty-ninth anniversary of the establishment of the Baath Party.
It is also the third anniversary of the birth of the Iraqi Resistance against the
Anglo-American invasion and ongoing occupation of Iraq. Ba’athists, Arab

Selected articles 46

progressive and Nationalist Movements across the Arab Homeland celebrate and
salute this dear occasion.

AL-Moharer, its staff, and friends pay tribute to this great party which is leading
the Resistance in Iraq against the aggressors and the enemies of humanity whether
Imperialist invaders, sectarians or Zionist racists.

The Arab Baath is a nationalist movement that addresses itself to Arabs of all
religions and sects and looks at all religions and faiths with equal respect. It
regards all Arabs as being part of one Nation both in the cultural and spiritual
sense. The reunification of the Arab Homeland under freedom and social justice is
its aim.

This great party is not alien to the Arab masses. It sprang from them and its roots
are very deep in Iraq and all over the Arab Homeland. This movement represents
the hopes and aspirations of all the Arabs and those who live on Arab lands or
identify themselves with the Arab cause.

The De-Baathification –uprooting of the Baath- Bill introduced by George W.
Bush will not work. It might work only by killing every Arab that exists across the
Globe, this is impossible to achieve. It is impossible to annihilate an entire nation
while most of its sons and daughters are not born yet. It is impossible to eradicate
the Baath because Baath means resurrection and resurrection mean rebirth, life
forever. Baath is against death, it is life, and it is continuity.

The Acting Commander in Chief of the Resistance, Izzat Ibrahim Al-Douri, made
the voice of the Resistance clear and loud to the American People and other
nations: we tell the American people and all the peoples whose governments joined
the aggression against us that, we the people of Iraq, who taught Humanity what it
didn't know, and whose civilization history goes back to ten thousand years, when
half of this world was plunged into oblivion, though we appreciate everyone,
honest peoples, their interests and their right to live in a secure and peaceful
environment! Rather we are on their side against tyrants, despots and against
injustice, against aggressors, against terrorists, and against terrorism. Our hope is
big in these peoples to see them wake up, press their governments and force them
to get out from our soil and stop the bloodshed which struck the innocents, sick

Selected articles 47

people, elderly, children and women and which destroyed the very foundations of

everyday human life, otherwise this proud and dignified country will be a furnace

and a graveyard for their children and death will reach them if the Occupation is
due to the last longer… for if the aggression continues, it will destroy its people

wherever they are.

On this dear occasion, Al-Moharer hopes that the Anti-War Movements recognize
the Iraqi National Resistance that is led by the Baath as the sole representative of
the Iraqi people.

Those Organizations that were established under occupation are illegitimate and
represent the occupation interests only and not those of the Iraqi people.
The leadership of Iraq, whose most of its members are in captivity, must be
recognized, supported and released, they are the ones along with the leadership of
the Resistance that is able and capable of restoring security and progress to Iraq.
Also, we demand our friends in the World to lend their support to the hundreds of
thousands of Prisoners of War held in the occupation jails and in the sectarian
militia secret prisons and work seriously for their release.

The Anti-War Movement, especially in the United Sates, must work harder to
force Washington to bring the troops home immediately and unconditionally.
Since the Palestinian struggle is an inseparable part of the Arab National struggle
we call upon all honest people in the World, especially in the United Sates, to take
a firm stand in supporting the Palestinian people in their struggle to liberate their
land from the grips of Zionism.

The Palestinians have the right to fight the Zionist invaders, liberate their historic
land, return to their homes and establish their state on the entire land of Palestine.
Finally, on this dear occasion, we salute the International Anti-War Movements for
their heroic and noble stand for justice and peace but we expect them to do more

April 1947 and 2004

The thirties had witnessed the birth of a nationalist movement that embodied the
aspirations of the Arab people for Unity Freedom and Social Justice. Its ideology
was not strange to the Arab masses because it was deeply rooted in their hopes for

Selected articles 48

restoring the glory and dignity of the Arab World to be reunited in a single state.
This movement held its first national convention on April 7, 1947, and declared the
Birth of the Arab Baath Socialist Party. Its founders were well aware that Palestine
would not be liberated by the Arab government but by means of the popular armed
struggle. The entire party, slightly over two hundred men carried arms and went to
Palestine to take part of the liberation. The same Party gave birth to the Iraqi
National Movement on April 2004 to liberate Iraq. This month is very important in
history. It is the month that gave birth to the Arab Revolution that we should revere
and celebrate.

When the Zionists invaded Palestine and later on the Anglo-Saxon invaded Iraq,
the invaders did not know what they were encountering. Golda Meir of Wisconsin
claimed that there were no Palestinian people; other Zionist leaders said, "Palestine
was a wasteland full of snakes and scorpions". The Americans wanted us to believe
that they were "liberators" and they wished the Iraqi people to receive them with
roses and joy, but the People of Iraq and of Palestine, armed with a humanitarian
and progressive ideology, refuse to succumb under the Anglo-Saxon and Zionist
domination who came to destroy them and to destroy the rest of the Arab World.
The Palestinians-Iraqi Resistance is indeed the spearhead of the Arab Revolution
that represents Arab hopes and aspiration.

Iraq never posed any threat to the United States nor to any other state in the World.
Iraq was concerned about protecting itself and the Arab World from deterioration
and further fragmentation. Iraq was armed with the Arab Baath ideology that
challenged the Zionist one and believed in justice for the Palestinians, their just
cause, and in the total liberation of Palestine. George W. Bush invaded Iraq on
behalf of his friends in the Zionist entity because Iraq was the only obstacle in the
Arab World that stood against the evil racist ambitions of Zionism. The reason
behind the invasion was oil and "Israel".

The ambitions of Bush were shattered in the Land of the Cradle of Civilizations.
The Iraqi people have risen. The fierce resistance of the Iraqi people is taking place
in Basra, in Fallujah, in Ramadi, in Kirkuk, in Baaqoubah, in Baghdad, in Najaf, in
Karbala and in every inch of our land.

Selected articles 49

The Palestinian resistance had forged the Unity of the Unified struggle with the
pioneers of the Baath fighters who went to Palestine on 1947. The Unity of the
Unified struggle will lead to the total liberation of the entire Arab Homeland from
the tyrant rulers, Arab reactionaries, foreign invaders. Palestine will be free again
from the river to the sea. Baghdad will be the capital of our Homeland and Al-
Quds will be the spiritual one. This blessed month of April that gave birth to the
Arab Revolution will definitely give birth to Arab Unity. The struggle goes on.

Aqaba is an endorsement to Zionist Agenda

By Ibrahim Ebeid

June 5, 3002‫‏‬

The Aqaba Summit was an endorsement, by those who attended, to the racist
nature of the Zionist entity. The chief in charge of this conference, George Bush,
arrogantly and bluntly endorsed Jewishness of the Zionist entity. “I'm pleased to be
here with Prime Minister Sharon. The friendship between our countries began at
the time of Israel's creation. Today, America is strongly committed and I am
strongly committed to Israel's security as a vibrant Jewish state.” President Bush
had liberated his conscience from morality by stressing the Jewishness of this
illegal entity. He ignored the Palestinians who remained in occupied Palestine of
1948 and legitimized the Zionist principles that non-Jews are considered lower
class citizens. Recognizing the entity as a Jewish state entitles Zionists to expel the
remaining Palestinians and negate the Right of the Palestinian to return, this is in
violation of UN Resolution.

The security of the Palestinian people was ignored. Killing the Palestinians on
daily basis, bombing their homes, destroying their farms confiscating their land
and depriving them of water and other fundamental needs are ignored. President
Bush stressed the friendship between the US and the racist entity and he stressed
the unwavering US support for this illegal state.

The Arab leaders at the Aqaba like those at Sharm ElSheikh endorsed the US
Zionist agenda and totally ignored the Palestinian plight and cause. They agreed to
fight against Palestinian” terrorism” and Mohammad Abbas Mirza, Abu Mazen,
who supposed to represent the Palestinian side, went along the US Zionist side. He

Selected articles 51

lamented the Jewish sufferings and ignored the sufferings of the Palestinian

people. He promised to quell the Palestinian legitimate resistance by all means and
the popular Intifada would be dealt with, he exclaimed. “We will exert all of our

efforts using all our resources to end the militarization of the intifada and we will
succeed. The armed intifada must end.”

The roadmap created by Bush and his Zionist allies is a racist one. It only endorses

the Zionist agenda and legitimizes the Zionist occupation of Palestine. It ignores
the Palestinians’ historic rights to their homeland and it is in violation of Human

rights. It prevents the Palestinian people from having the right to liberate

themselves and their country from foreign racist occupation. It is dead since its

inception because it was conceived by a foreign mind to serve foreign racist

The unjust imposed “solutions” will not contribute to peace. Peace without justice

will create more violence and more misery. Peace will come when the Palestinians

go back to their homes and when Palestine is liberated from river to the sea and the
state of Palestine is established in all of Palestine.

If President Bush is concerned about the Security of the Zionist Jews then why
doesn’t he grant them the State of Vermont or New Jersey to establish their Jewish


Aren’t they attacking the Palestinians and Iraqis on behalf of Zionism?

By Ibrahim Ebeid

Unfortunately, some people of the “progressive movements” who claim to be
progressive anti-Imperialists are very sensitive to the question of Zionism and its
entity. They pretend to be anti-Imperialists and at the same time, they justify the
racist act of this illegal state that exists on usurped land that belongs to the
Palestinian people. These “progressive anti-Imperialists” are Zionist at heart
disguised in “progressiveness’ that the real progressive movement should beware
of and watch if the anti-Imperialist progressive movement wants to progress and be
more effective. The Movement should come right in the open in condemning
Zionism and its illegal entity. The movement should support the Palestinian people

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