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Selected articles 2 Bitter memory of a child By
Ibrahim Naoum Ebeid

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Selected articles 2 Bitter memory of a child By Ibrahim Naoum Ebeid

Selected articles 2 Bitter memory of a child By
Ibrahim Naoum Ebeid

Selected articles 151

No Offence

Ibrahim Ebeid

July 07, 2004

The progressive movements and peace loving organizations have done a great deal
to advance the cause of Palestine and Iraq. They could be more effective and more
serious in their stand towards the Arab Cause if they acknowledge that the Anglo-
American-Zionist aggression in Palestine and Iraq is one and the same.

A separation between the Iraqi and Palestinian struggle and differentiation
between them is hypocritical and detrimental to the cause of liberation and unity of
the struggle. A serious and true stand must be solidly behind the Iraqi and
Palestinian Resistance.

They must recognize that the real character of Palestine is genuinely Arab while
“Israel” is an artificial entity that usurped Palestine and distorted its history and
Arab-Islamic character. This entity was created by shedding Palestinian blood and
was built 100% on Palestinian land.

The United States of American is supporting the Zionist state by all means.
Billions of US dollars are siphoned to this racist entity depriving the American
poor of advancing themselves to take a portion of the pie of the American “
dream”. .The blind support of “Israel is contributing to keeping millions of
Americans to continue in the abyss of the American nightmare. American guns,
tanks, and Apaches are being used indiscriminately against the Palestinian people
and especially the stone throwers, the children of Palestine. Mr. Bush and his
Administration consider these children terrorists and dangerous for peace and
stability in the region. The blind support for Zionist terrorism against the
Palestinians and its people is taking the form of systematic annihilation of the
Palestinian people and what is left of Palestine.

The Palestinian people are being caged in between walls and fences. Their roads
are dug and destroyed. Towns and villages are cut off. Water is rare for the Arab
towns and villages while the Zionist settlements are thriving with green grass, even

Selected articles 152

ducks are enjoying the water and the Palestinians are “dying’ from thirst.
The attack on Iraq was partly for controlling oils and mainly was launched on
behalf of “Israel” Changing Administration will not help because both parties
Republican and Democrat are both pawns in the hands of Zionism when it comes
to Arabs and Muslims. Both Candidates are taking an anti-Arab stand in Palestine
as well as in Iraq. A change of mentality and attitude is needed.

We firmly believe that Iraq was invaded in order to accommodate the Zionist entity
and facilitate the destruction of Palestine and to further disperse its people around
the World and maybe to oblivion. The Iraqi government was the only Arab country
that refused to succumb to Zionist pressure. Iraq was the only country in the entire
World that challenged Zionism and its strategic ally the United States of America.
Iraq was able to build itself to become the most advanced country in the Middle
East. It was the only Arab country that offered full support to the Palestinian
people in their struggle to liberate their historic land, Palestine, from the
Mediterranean Sea West to the Jordan River East. These progressive attitudes of
the Iraqi leadership were enough reason for American Imperialism and Zionism to
stage their aggression on Iraq and its people.

Those who say that America should be evenhanded had failed to recognize that
evenhandedness might take place between two legitimate countries, Palestine is
legitimate,” Israel” is not, “Israel” was created in 1948 in Palestine and
Palestinians were driven out of their homes by force with the blessing of the West
to make room for the Zionists from around the World to establish their entity. Even
though “Israel” is an artificial entity, the United Sates had taken and still is taking a
very biased attitude against the legitimate Palestine and always favoring, “Israel”,
the artificial one. All those who were working for “peace” between the Palestinians
and the Zionists were either Zionist Jews or Zionist by heart and drastically failed
to be evenhanded.

Dennis Ross, who served as Middle East envoy for the Clinton administration and
worked as an emissary for peace is now handling an entirely different role with a
think tank created by the Jewish Agency for “Israel”. Now he has exposed his real
identity that he was and still is a fervent Zionist, anti-peace, anti-Arabs, and anti-
Palestinians. He is not for “peace” but for continuous aggression against Palestine
and its people.

Selected articles 153

The restoration of the Iraqi government and leadership must be supported by the
entire progressive and anti-war organizations. The government of the British
citizen and terrorist Iyad Allawi is illegitimate. Allawi and his cabinet do not
represent Iraq or the Iraqi people. They were aliens to Iraq and they were appointed
by US Imperialism and Zionism not to serve the interests of the Iraqis but those of
the invaders. American troops and their allies must withdraw from Iraq
immediately to facilitate the restoration of the legitimate government of Iraq.
President Saddam Hussein and the entire leadership of Iraq must be freed from
captivity to resume their duty to restore peace and security to Iraq and to prepare
the new Iraq free from American and Zionist control and influence.

The Iraqi resistance and the Palestinian freedom fighters are the legitimate ones.
The must be supported unconditionally and with no reservation. They are the
sovereign ones and the anti-war movement must direct its energy 100% behind
them if we were serious about liberation. We must keep in mind that the Liberation
of Iraq is the spearhead of the Liberation of Palestine. The struggle is one and the

November 2, 1917- A Day No Arab Should Ever Forget

We will never forget the grand betrayal of the Western powers to our cause of
Unity and Liberation. Without Arab help and support the West wouldn't have
achieved victory against the Ottomans. As soon as First World War ended a secret
agreement between Britain and France, known as Sykes-Picot, to divide the Arab
homeland into mini-states under their Imperialist domination was revealed by the
Bolshevik revolution in Russia.

This notorious Sykes-Picot agreement (15 May 1916) was struck as a prelude to
facilitate the creation of the Zionist state in Palestine at the Arab expense. The
Balfour Declaration granting a National Home in Palestine to the Zionist
movement followed a year and a half later, 2 November 1917. For this reason,
Palestine was carved out of Syria and put under the British Mandate.
The Balfour Declaration had treated Palestine, as it was a piece of real estate

Selected articles 154

owned by Britain and granted it to the Zionists. It referred to the Arabs of Palestine
who comprised 92% of the population as "non-Jewish communities of Palestine",
this intended to give a false impression that the Arabs of Palestine were an
insignificant minority occupying a position subordinate to the Zionists.

The Arabs were able to diagnose the malicious intention of the British government
and understood the real danger behind such a declaration, robbing them from their
land and secure it for the Zionists.

Palestine was victimized and partitioned further in 1947. The USSR and the US
played leading roles in bringing about a vote favorable to the usurpation of our
land. Unauthorized US nationals and organizations, including members of
Congress, notably in the closing days of the General Assembly, brought pressure
on various foreign delegates and their home governments to induce them to
support the US attitude on the Palestine Question.

US Ambassador to the UN, Warren Austin, had opposed his country's position on
Palestine. He could not comprehend "how it was possible to carve out of an area
already too small for a state a still smaller state. He thought it was certain that such
a state would have to defend itself with bayonets forever until extinguished in
blood. The Arabs, he said, would never be willing to have such a small state in
their heart".

Mr. Warren Austin was right. The Arabs will not tolerate such a settler colonialist
state in their midst. The Western powers and their Zionist allies terrorized the
Palestinians and forced them into exile. Injustice will not survive. The Palestinian
fighters will continue their struggle by all means necessary to secure the total
liberation of Palestine and for the Return of the Palestinian people to their villages,
towns and cities and homes.

November 7, 2003

Selected articles 155

Statement from IPC: Comrade Tariq Aziz

October 30, 2010

"We will welcome the Americans to Baghdad. Unfortunately, we’ve run out of
candy so we will have to substitute bullets." Tariq Aziz, March 2003
We all are stunned and saddened by the abrupt announcement that Tariq Aziz has
been condemned to hang. He was found guilty on bogus charges by the illegitimate
court in Baghdad that tried various Ba’ath Party officials, including President
Saddam Hussein. At that time, he received a sentence of 22 years in prison,
assuring he would die before he again saw daylight. Now, he is sentenced to hang.
Tariq Aziz was a man of many skills. He was eloquent and represented the Ba’ath
government internationally with great aplomb. Once imprisoned by the US, he was
badgered into testifying against Saddam Hussein at the president’s equally phony
trial. All he had to do was take the stand and make a few discrediting remarks
about Saddam Hussein and he probably would have been freed soon after. On the
stand, Tariq Aziz did not denigrate Saddam. In fact, he praised him and said he
was privileged to be a part of the Ba’ath administration. He refused to capitulate
when he could have saved his own skin.

The following is an interview conducted by Malcom Lagauche with Ibrahim
Ebeid, advisor to the Iraq Palestinian Committee, on May 9, 2008. Ebeid worked
side-by-side with Tariq Aziz on many occasions and was a true comrade and friend
to him. The interview begins with Lagauche speaking of the upcoming trial of
Tariq Aziz in 2008.

Reminiscing Tariq Aziz

Tariq Aziz is about to go on trial for the murder of 42 people in Iraq in 1992. The
verdict, as with all the so-called trials of the Ba’ath regime members, is a foregone

conclusion. Aziz will be found guilty.

If you remember, the judge who sentenced Saddam Hussein to hang, Abdel-

Rahman, quickly left Iraq shortly after the murder of the president and claimed

asylum in Great Britain. Since then, little or nothing has been heard about him.
Mysteriously he returned to Iraq and will be the judge in Tariq Aziz’ case.

Selected articles 156

The first time I saw Tariq Aziz on U.S. television was in the aftermath of Desert
Storm. His voice was the only one that made sense of the political scene at the
time. For once, I heard the truth about many items that had been twisted beyond
recognition by the U.S. administration and media.

Aziz’ eloquence in the English language intrigued me. Most U.S. government
spokespeople could have used an elementary school refresher course in English,
yet there was an Iraqi who, like Baghdad Bob, spoke better English than the
president of the United States.

The last time I saw Tariq Aziz on U.S. television was a few months before the
illegal March 2003 invasion. At the time, the U.S. was calling the Iraqi government
a supporter of global terrorism and also began to mention the Iraq/Al-Qaida link.
The accusations were believed by the U.S. public. To this day, many Americans
believe Saddam was in cahoots with Bin-Laden in bringing down the U.S. trade
Tariq Aziz gave an extraordinary explanation of the difference between terrorism
and revolution. He added that terrorism was the enemy of revolutionary
movements. The TV program appeared at 3:00 a.m., so few people watched it.
And, if more viewed the presentation, most would not have understood Aziz’
eloquent offering.

Shortly before the 2003 invasion, many U.S. pundits said that the Iraqi people
would welcome the U.S. soldiers with flowers and candy. Aziz took another view.
He stated, "We will welcome the Americans in Baghdad. Unfortunately, we’ve run
out of candy and will have to substitute bullets." His assessment was far more
accurate than those of the myriad retired generals who painted a rosy picture of the
impending military action.

There is much information about his savage treatment in prison after he turned
himself into U.S. authorities so I will not delve into the issue here. I would like to
publish an interview with a former comrade and friend of Tariq Aziz. He is
Ibrahim Ebeid, a Palestinian-American activist.

ML: When did you first meet Tariq Aziz?

Selected articles 157

IE: I first met him in Baghdad in 1973. That was my first trip to Baghdad from the
United States. I was a guest.

I knew him before, but not in person.

ML: What was your first impression?

IE: He was a young man, very intelligent. He was my age so we related together.
When I joined the Party in the early 1950s, most of my generation also joined the
movement. I was living in Palestine at the time. What I heard from people is that
Tariq Aziz joined the movement in the 1950s, even before the Iraqi portion was
formally started in Baghdad, when it was underground.

After that, I went almost every year and I saw him frequently. We became friends.
When I met Tariq Aziz, he was not in a high leadership position. Later on, he
became a member of the leadership of the Iraqi branch of the Party. He was very
ML: Tell us about the well-known assassination attempt against Tariq Aziz in
1980. You have good knowledge of this because you were at the scene on the day
of the incident.

IE: I went from the United States to attend a conference on April 1, 1980, at Al-
Mustansiriyah University. Thousands of students from the Arab world had
assembled to attend various conferences. They were awaiting Tariq Aziz to listen
to his speech. Tariq had been scheduled to inaugurate the International Economic
Conference, organized by the National Union of Iraqi students, in collaboration
with the Asiatic Students Committee.

There was a young Iranian man in the crowd. When Tariq Aziz made his entrance,
amid cheers, the Iranian hurled a bomb in his direction.

The president of the Student Union, Mohammed Dabdab, hollered, "Comrade
Aziz, a bomb, a bomb!" Everyone threw themselves on the ground. Dabdab and
Tariq Aziz were wounded, but two people, a male, and a female were killed.
The Iraqi authorities apprehended the perpetrator right away. According to later
statements by pro-Iranians, they intended to kill the "unbeliever" Tariq Aziz
Because of the circumstances; Tariq Aziz was unable to give his speech. He

Selected articles 158

supervised the taking of the injured in the ambulance then he went along with the
ambulance and delegated someone else to deliver his speech. They decided to keep
the conference going on.

On the day of the assassination attempt, I was there at the university. I talked
briefly to Mohammed Dabdab and he asked me to stick around to see Tariq Aziz,
but I had to leave to go to a Baghdad hotel to meet with some members of the
Arab-American delegation. Minutes after I left, the attack took place.

ML: Did the incident bother Tariq Aziz immensely?

IE: It gave him more strength to continue practicing his principles.

ML: How many times did you meet Tariq Aziz?

IE: Many times. Every time I was in Iraq with a delegation, we went to dinner.
ML: What kind of human being was he?

IE: A very sensitive man. Very friendly. He cared for the people. He never
behaved like a high-ranking man.He never looked down at people.
One time, he was speaking to an African-American delegation from the United
States and he asked me to sit by him because I knew the people who were invited.
He forgot the English word "avoid." He asked me in Arabic and I told him. Then,
he told the crowd, "You know, sometimes you forget the simplest words. Thanks
to my colleague Ibrahim, I remembered it." That’s the way he was, a very humble
man. He remained that way even

after he took high command in the Party in the Foreign Relations Bureau and later
as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

ML: Many naysayers say that Tariq Aziz should be tried because he was part of
Saddam’s "inner circle."

What’s your take on that?

IE: What I would say is that Saddam never had an "inner circle." He had a
leadership. The members of the regional leadership of Iraq were also the members

Selected articles 159

of the Revolutionary Council. Every time they had a meeting, the whole Party met
to decide the policies for Iraq. Saddam never took action on his own. They used to
discuss things and the majority ruled. We read and hear that Saddam was a
dictator. He was a leader, not a dictator and he was very intelligent in his
When he used to visit people in their homes, he used to ask them what they think,
what they need and what the government should do for them. He used to take the
notes himself. If he was hungry, he used to ask what they had to eat and sit down
with them.

ML: What do you think about the U.S. treatment of Tariq Aziz and what’s the
reason for the Americans to treat him in such a way?

IE: The reason is very obvious. A major reason for the war was to eradicate the
leadership of Iraq and the Ba’ath Party. They went after the leadership because
they think that by executing them, they killed the spirit of the Party and the Party
would become weak and the hope for Arab unity and the radical changes the
people called for would be diminished. That’s why they came up with a new name
for the area: the New Middle East. We don’t even call the area the Middle East.
We hate that term. We call it the Arab Homeland

ML: Has this backfired on the U.S.?

IE: Of course. And you can see how the Party in the Arab world after Saddam’s
execution has spread like fire.

ML: Not one person in the Ba’ath leadership turned on Saddam after the 2003
invasion. Some have been executed and some are awaiting the gallows. Each could
have won his freedom and a handsome payday for testifying against Saddam, yet
they chose death. Tariq Aziz, when he testified at Saddam’s trial, told the world he
was proud to have served in his regime. This upset many observers because some
in the U.S. administration wanted him to denigrate the president. In your opinion,
why did the regime members, including Tariq Aziz, show this incredible loyalty?
IE: They were committed to their principles. The leadership of the Party was
elected according to their merit in the struggle.

Selected articles 160

Don’t forget, it was not only the U.S. that wanted to destroy the leadership of Iraq.
Iran became a partner in the occupation of Iraq. Maybe they are getting more
benefits than the United States.

ML: What will Tariq Aziz’ legacy be in the Arab world?

IE: He will go down as a well-respected person, whether they execute him or
indirectly kill him by keeping him in jail until he dies. They don’t give him proper
medicine and they don’t treat him well. They want him dead.

Ibrahim Ebeid’s Response to the Announcement of Tariq Aziz Receiving the
Death Penalty

(October 30, 2010) The news of death sentences against Mr. Tariq Aziz and his
comrades, Saadoun Shaker, Abdul Ghani Abdul Ghafoor, Dr.Sabawi Ibrahim al-
Hassan and Abed Hammoud did not surprise us. These sentences took place to
fortify the criminal policies of the occupying powers to rid Iraq of its capable and
leaders to rule and rebuild Iraq after the illegal invasion of 2003.The judge who
passed the assassination sentence was very rude; the expression on his face
indicated hate and grudge. Three other judges refused to agree to authorize the
sentence but they were forced to sign. We do not know even if there was kangaroo
trial or not, but for sure his lawyers only found out about the sentence through the
news media. This is American democracy exported through conquest and under the
barrels of guns

The members of the legitimate leadership of Iraq experienced severe torture and
inhumane treatment. The martyred president of Iraq was mistreated and tortured
and the martyred vice president, Mr. Taha Yassin Ramadan, had to treat his
wounds with water and salt. No one was spared the abuse of the malpractice of US
Some of the detainees died from torture, or deprivation of medical care or adequate
nourishment. Some became very frail and died in their cells that were not fit for
animals, let alone human beings.

Mr. Tariq Aziz, the legitimate deputy prime minister of the legal government of
Iraq is no exception. His health is deteriorating very fast and he is rapidly

Selected articles 161

approaching his death in a small decrepit cell. The health of Mr. Aziz is very
grave. He suffered strokes. He has no teeth. He cannot speak clearly as a result of
the strokes, diabetes, and lack of teeth. He was sentenced to death by a court
established by the United States to eliminate the leaders of Iraq and all the brains
that were behind Iraq political and economic progress. Thousands of scientists,
doctors, and educators were killed or forced to leave Iraq and Iraq was left for
imported criminals to master the art of killing and daylight robberies. Schools,
hospitals and all he institutions of Iraq are destroyed. Ignorance and illiteracy is
spreading widely under the new generations of US "democracy and liberation"
Tariq Aziz never held any administrative post; he was a diplomat representing Iraq
abroad. He was brilliant and respected locally and internationally, and he was a
victim who was marked for assassination by the sectarian Dawa Party of Maliki.
He was wounded at Al Mustansiriyah University in Baghdad while other students
were killed by members of Maliki’s party.

I had the honor to know Mr. Aziz and Mr. Abdul Ghani Abdul Ghafoor. They are
intelligent, well-educated, and humble, and so are the others. They lived among the
people and for the people and they are sacrificing their lives for the liberation of
Tareq Aziz did not surrender to the Americans, as the news media say, but his
sister informed the Americans where he was about with the intention of saving his
life from a heart attack he suffered.

The butchers in Baghdad not only killed and tortured Sunni Muslims. Muhammad
Hamza al-Zubaydi, a prime minister under Saddam was tortured to death at a U.S.
jail in Iraq on December 2, 2005, at age 67. By the way, he was a Shiite. Al Arabia
TV broadcast a photo showing a US soldier stepping over his body.
The only reason Tariq Aziz will be hanged is revenge. He is not a criminal. His
accusers and the cowardly hangman are the real criminals. He will die with dignity,
like Iraq’s president did in 2006. In a reversal of places, the hangmen in 2006 wore
masks, while the president refused to don a piece of cloth over his head as he took
his last breath. Tariq Aziz and President Saddam Hussein have set a remarkable
standard of integrity that all freedom fighters in the world admire. Their legacies
will long outlive those of the quislings in Baghdad and the US imperialist actions.

Selected articles 162

The Baath and the Resistance will triumph and Iraq will be united and free. January 27, 2007

The Bush Democracy

President George W. Bush has exhausted every attempt to justify his aggressions
against Iraq and Afghanistan. Now he portrays himself as the champion of peace
and Democracy. His war against Iraq was not for "weapons of mass destruction"
nor was it for Democracy.

The "weapons of mass destructions" were not found because simply they do not
exist. The war definitely was for colonizing Iraq for its oil and wealth and to
support the Zionist occupation of Palestine to keep the Arab World divided and
We are witnessing the Democracy American style in Iraq. This Democracy has
destroyed Iraq, its institutions and helped to instill fear and spread chaos and terror
among the people. Both Bushes Administrations created poverty, illness, and
unemployment across Iraq. They put the infrastructure of Iraq in ruins. Millions of
Iraqis suffered under the unjust sanctions. Thousands of children under the age of
five died needlessly as a result of those sanctions.

Under the pretense of "Democracy,” Iraqi soldiers were buried alive in mass graves
by the forces that his father commanded. General Colin Powell's troops slaughtered
Iraqi soldiers who were withdrawing from Kuwait along with civilians who were
fleeing the terror of war on the Highway that became known as the Highway of

Young Iraqi women are afraid to go out alone. Parents escort their children to
schools Water is not fit to drink. Electricity is not available. Life is disrupted and
miserable like never before.

In one town alone, in Al-Khaldiyah, 11 women were arrested. Women are taken as
pawns, or hostages by the American forces to be used as pressure to force their
children and husbands to quit the resistance and surrender.

Selected articles 163

Maybe George W. Bush was able to control the appointed Arab dictators, but he
certainly failed to control the Arab people across the Arab land. The Iraqi
Resistance is growing, gaining support and spreading to Basra, Imarah, Babel,
Missan, Thiqar, Najaf, Karbala, and Kirkuk, etc… In Palestine, the Zionist forces
failed to intimidate the Palestinian people. The Palestinian Resistance is
determined to fight until Historic Palestine is liberated and democracy is achieved.
The Arab masses know very well that the Bush "Democracy" is an attempt to keep
us divided into mini-states and to prevent us to be united in one homeland that will
bring us progress, liberty, and freedom.

The Bush style "Democracy" for export means terror, domination, colonization,
and daytime robbery that Arabs, Muslims, and good Americans reject and
condemn. It means certain death to American soldiers who are forced to die for the
Corporate USA and "Israel".

The Arab people, excluding the rulers, consider Palestine the center of their
struggle and it lies between the Mediterranean and the River Jordan. It is Arab and
Islamic in Character that the Zionists usurped with the help of the West. The Arab
masses know very well that the Bush ” Democracy” is an attempt to keep us
divided into mini-states and to prevent us to be united in one homeland that will
bring us progress, liberty, and freedom.

Democracy will be achieved when The Palestinian freedom fighters liberate
Palestine from the river to the sea and when the Iraqis liberate their land from
occupation and colonization.

Mr. Bush is neither a friend of the Arabs nor a friend of the Iraqis or the
Palestinians. He might be a friend of the Arab "rulers" but certainly not a friend of
the Arab masses. He is pro "Israel" 100% and against Arabs 100%. His pro
"Israeli" stand is evidence to our allegation. He is not pro-Democracy but pro-
occupation and colonization.

November 9, 2003

Selected articles 164

The Clinton Plan Is a Zionist One

By Ibrahim Ebeid

President Clinton did not come with a new plan for "peace" but he indeed
reaffirmed the Zionist and Western design over Palestine to turn it into Jewish
Clinton, like his predecessors, the Zionist leaders, is calling for dispersing the
Palestinian people and scattering them further more around the World in violation
of United Nations Resolutions, 194 and 394, which call for the return of the
Palestinian people to their land.

Unfortunately, the United States government does not differ from the Zionist
leaders who are calling publicly to expel the rest of the Palestinians from the rest of
Palestine. As an example, we find this similarity between Clinton and Zangwill.
Zangwill a Zionist leader called for the removal of the Arab people of Palestine
into Syria in order to be replaced by Jews. Mr. Clinton endorsed by George W.
Bush is calling to settle the Palestinians in the World. In fact, Clinton is endorsing
the Zionist plan to give the Palestinians nothing but the right to worship in few
Mosques and Churches in Al-Quds (Jerusalem) while the sovereignty would be
under Zionist control.

The occupation of Palestine took place in stages and always was with the full
support of the Western leaders. British Ormsby-Gore accepted Weizmann's
demand to settle 40,000 to 50,000 Jews per year in Palestine in confiscated lands
(State lands). The British and the Zionist leaders were calling on Europeans and
Jews to develop and stabilize the" Near East". In the view of the British and Zionist
leaders, "Islam was the main danger" and the Zionist Organizations provided the
required human elements to man the Palestinian outpost in their fight against Islam
and the Arabs.

Professor Arnold Toynbee described the Western-Zionist criminal acts in Palestine
eloquently when he said:

Selected articles 165

"The evil deeds committed by the Zionist Jews against the Arabs that were
comparable to crimes committed against the Jews by the Nazis were the massacre
of men, women, and children at Deir Yassin on 9th.

April 1948 and the subsequent deliberate expulsion of the Arab population from
districts conquered by the Jewish armed forces e.g. From Akka in May, from
Lydda and Ramlah in July and Beersheba and Western Galilee in October 1948"
Unfortunately, the Western leaders are still supporting the Zionists who commit
Nazi-like operations in Palestine. President Clinton has laid down a set of
proposals for Bush to continue US support for the Zionist entity to completely
diminish Palestine and to banish the Arabs of Palestine permanently in the
This plan is a Zionist one which fulfills their dream to have full control over
Palestine and with full Jewish population. And for this reason Ehud Barak, the
"Zionist leader" was quick to endorse it

We hope that Mr. Arafat would come to realize that a portion of Jerusalem is not a
substitute for the total liberation of Palestine neither for the Return of our people to
Yaffa, Haifa, Deir Yassin and the rest of our land.

Palestine is not a piece of real estate that lies in a Zionist ocean.

Palestine is the land that extends from the Mediterranean Sea in the West to the
Jordan River in the East, from Syria and Lebanon in the North to Egypt and the
Red Sea in the South.


By Ibrahim Ebeid

September 3, 2005 - When I first read the draft of the Bush Constitution
designated for Iraq I realized that the original copy was written in English and not
in Arabic. It was very clear from the style and expressions and it does not need any
intelligence to arrive at this conclusion. Yes indeed, Zalmay Khalilzad, the Bush

Selected articles 166

representative in occupied Iraq, prepared it in the offices of the Kurdish Zionist
agents, Talabani and Barazani.

This “Constitution “ is another attempt to continue ripping the Arab Homeland
apart into mini-states to render it with no power, and no control over its natural
resources and wealth. The first attempt took place soon after World War I, which
was known as the Sykes-Picot Agreement, followed by the Balfour Declaration to
transfer Palestine to the Zionist movement.

President Bush is reversing every progress created by the Baath in Iraq into
backwardness even if it takes more killing and destruction to achieve his evil goals.
This modern-day Dictator is responsible for the total chaos in Iraq and for the
destruction of the advanced infrastructure that Iraq enjoyed under Saddam Hussein.
Iraq was secured, peaceful and economically very advanced until his father started
the War of Aggression in 1991 and imposed the genocidal sanctions.
The government that Bush created to rule Iraq on his behalf is a sectarian and
reactionary one. It is geared to split Iraq into mini-states under sectarian and ethnic
groups to enable the Zionists and their allies, Bush and his followers, to enjoy the
wealth of Iraq and to erase its Arab Character.

The war against the Baath is a war against the Arab Nation, the Arab people, and
against the hope to achieve their Unity, Freedom, and Liberation. The Baath Party
carries these hopes and principles that are instilled in every Arab no matter where
he/she lives. These hopes and principles are indestructible and the Baath is
immortal, the Baath means resurrection and resurrection are life.

The Legal Iraqi Constitution adopted under President Saddam Hussein is a secular
one and it is the most advanced constitution in the Arab World. It prohibits all
forms of discrimination, gender or other and guarantees freedom of expression as
part of "the revolutionary, national and progressive trend." The constitution of Iraq
under the Baath confirms “The sovereignty of Iraq is an indivisible entity.” And
“The territory of Iraq is an indivisible entity of which no part can be ceded.”
President Bush and his followers, the reactionary leaders of the Dawa Party, the
Islamic Council of Al-Hakim and the parties of Talabani and Barazani are ripping
Iraq apart to facilitate its occupation to be under the influence of foreign
domination and control.

Selected articles 167

The Bush War in Iraq is spreading chaos, fear, and insecurity. The Iraqis now have
no food, no water, no electricity, no security, no freedom, no peace, no genuine
education, and no life.

The people of Iraq do not support the "Constitution" of Zalmay Khalilzad because
it means the disintegration of Iraq. They have demonstrated their dismay and
hatred to the constitution, to the sectarian government, and to the occupation and to
Bush. The people in the streets of Baghdad, in Baqouba, in Basra, in Najaf, in
Kirkuk and in many parts of Iraq chanted "Ya Bush Irif Zein Kulna nhib Saddam
Hussein": "Bush you must know well that we all love Saddam Hussein" "Bil rooh
bil dam nifdeek ya Saddam" which means "We sacrifice our blood and our lives
for you Saddam". The cries against Bush, his lackeys, occupation and the
"Federation" were very high.

These desperate steps taken by Bush and his followers will not triumph but will
fail like all the previous ones. The Bush Administration is on the verge of
bankruptcy it will run out of excuses and lies. Its box of lies and deceptions is
drying up.

Taha Yassin Ramadan joins the Caravan of Martyrs

By Ibrahim Ebeid, March 20th, 2006

The Police and Army Forces that President Bush established in Iraq are no more
than "Death Brigades" who are committed to kill, rape, pillage, rob and assassinate
educators, scientists, students , professors, pilots, generals, lawyers, women and
children They are killers, robbers, thieves and car detonators in places of worship
and public markets.

The Occupation Forces of the United States violated the Geneva Convention
Agreement and continue to violate. It surrendered Mr. Taha Yassin Ramadan, a
prisoner of war, to the 'Death Brigades' of the "Government of the Green Zone" to
be executed, and executed he was despite not finding any evidence against him.
The execution of this Leader who was a prisoner of war came after he was

Selected articles 168

sentenced to life, but this sentence did not please Iran of the Mullahs or Bush and
his cronies in Washington, the sentence had to be changed from life to death. This
kind of 'Democracy and Law and Order' only exists in "the 'New Iraq' that Bush
Assassinating Taha Yassin Ramadan on the Persian New Year, on the Anniversary
of the criminal occupation, and few hours after the Speech of Lies to the Nation
reveal the intentions of the US Administration and Iran to rid Iraq from its Lawful
Leaders to create a 'New Iraq' without the Baath, an Iraq loyal to Iran, the United
States, and the Zionist entity.

Certainly, the efforts of Bush will fail no matter what he does or plans to do., the
Resistance is well established and its roots are deeply entrenched in Iraq. His lies
nobody believes anymore except the few who are full of hate and blind to the facts.
The Criminal High Tribunal which was staged by the United States is ordered to
continue to liquidate and assassinate a large number of the Prisoners of War to rid
Iraq of its nationalist and progressive Leaders.

The US Administration will continue to encourage this policy of vengeance to
destroy Iraq and split it into many mini-states dominated by the US and Iran in
order to control the wealth of Iraq and to satisfy the illegal Zionist entity.
The Vice President of Iraq, Mr. Taha Yassin Ramadan, was assassinated because
he refused to betray his Leader, Saddam Hussein, his Party, and country by
testifying against the Legal President in return to be out of jail and assume the
Presidency of Iraq. He refused the offer and chose Martyrdom. What a great and
honorable man he was!

His death and the death of President Saddam Hussein, Barazan Al Tikriti, Awad
Bandar al-Sadoun and those who might join the Caravan of Martyrs will strengthen
the Resistance and the resolve of the People of Iraq to liberate their land from the
US- Persian occupation. Taha Yassin Ramadan was one of the founders of the
Resistance and he believed in the principles of the Baath Party, in Freedom, Unity
and Social Justice and he gave his life for these principles. He joined the Caravan
that is led by the Master of all martyrs; his Excellency President Saddam Hussein
Sectarianism will end by the defeat of the new Nero, who is burning Iraq and the
young Americans in his inferno. The American people know it and the History will
condemn the wrongdoers and the Neo-cons. Liberation is on the horizon, we can
see it coming and very soon.

Selected articles 169

Ten Years Later

Al-Moharer,February 28/2001

Ten years ago more than four hundred Iraqis were slaughtered in Al-Amiriya bomb
shelter in Baghdad by the United States war mongers, George Bush Senior, Dick
Cheney and Colin Powell. This crime was similar in magnitude to the massacres of
Wounded Knee against the American Indians, Deir Yassin of Palestine and Milai
of Viet Nam.

Ten years later, the same arrogant perpetrators committed another heinous crime
against the people of Baghdad that caused the death of several civilians and injured
many others on 16 February 2001 George W. Bush is showing his cowboy
machismo to prove to the World and to the American people that he is not a puppet
of Colin Powell and Dick Cheney. His cowboy mentality will lead the United
States to lose credibility and respect in the World and will create more hatred and
animosity towards Washington.

Tony Blair, the instigator, claims that the crimes were for "humanitarian purposes"
to protect the Iraqi people while his bombs are killing the "Shias" in the south and
the Kurds in the north.

The No-Fly Zone that the criminals maintain is in violation of the United Nations
Charter and International Laws. It is an act of war, and we hold the United Nations
liable and a partner of this act for not taking severe measures to stop American and
British aggressions.

The sanctions, that the US and its partners are maintaining, are war crimes that
should not go unpunished.

The regimes that offer the facilities to the United States and Britain to launch the
daily attacks against Iraq are partners in crime and should be treated as such.
This latest aggression is a "routine one" and similar to the daily bombardment of
Iraqi cities and villages in the North and in the South to kill and maim more
innocent Iraqis. The same warmongers are supporting the Zionist occupying forces
unconditionally , and arming them to the teeth, in order to help them commit

Selected articles 170

genocide against the Palestinians and to continue the destruction of Palestine.
The Anglo-American aggressors claim that their strategy towards Iraq is to protect
the World from Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. The fact is that their weapons
of mass destruction killed millions of peoples around the world, especially
American Indians, African Americans, Japanese, Vietnamese, Iraqis, and
Palestinians and so on.

The claim that Iraq poses danger to its neighbors is a false one intended to cover up
the Western robberies of Arab oil and wealth and to protect their forefront entity in
Palestine, the Zionist entity.

Colin Powell, "Go back, we don't need you". Our people made their voices known
to the World that Zionist America is our enemy and the cause of our suffering and
misery. We know that your bombs and bullets are killing our people in Iraq and
Palestine. Your "smart sanctions" and "smart bombs" are weapons of mass
destruction. The blockade imposed by your strategic allies are killing and starving
the Palestinian people with your blessings and support.

The United States of America should realize that its role as the world policeman is
not appreciated and its policy of "containment" is a tyrannical one. The people of
the world are determined to liberate themselves from US-Zionist Tyranny and
domination. You should realize that the way to Baghdad is the way of our salvation
and the Iraqi Leadership is the symbol of our faith, hope, and motive for liberation.
The way to Washington is the way for enslavement and misery.

Palestine and Iraq are our formidable rock on which we will build our liberation,
Freedom, Unity, and Independence. We will not give one inch of our Palestine to
anyone. Our Palestine is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan
River. It is our Arab land and forever it will be. Your guns and bullets do not scare
us because we are armed with faith, truth, and stones from our land.

We demand the United Nations work diligently to ban the United States and
Britain in further producing weapons of mass destruction. Also, we urge the United
Nations to pass and implement a resolution to destroy US and British huge stock of
weapons of mass destruction.

Selected articles 171

Article 14 of UN Resolution 687m calls for establishing in the Middle East a zone
free from weapons of mass destruction, and all missiles for their delivery and the
objective of a global ban on chemical weapons.

Will the above article be strictly and equally enforced upon "Israel"? Will the
United Nations dare to bar the United States from developing any more missiles
jointly with "Israel" its ally?


By Ibrahim Ebeid

Al-Moharer- June 24, 2006

U.S. "democracy" is inflicting terror in Iraq with the sectarian government's gangs
roaming the streets of the land terrorizing the entire population. Some of these
terrorists wear uniforms and some do not but they are all servants of the Iranian
and American occupation. Women lost the freedom they were enjoying under the
Ba’ath regime and now they cannot venture outside their homes without a male
family member escort, nor can they walk the street without a head cover. Men are
being killed for wearing shorts. The list is big and has no end. Educators, scientists,
and writers are being assassinated systematically to bring down the level of
education. Educators, fearing for their lives, are staying home or leaving the
Death squads of the sectarian regime are roaming the streets of Baghdad,
kidnapping people and executing them en mass. They are so brazen that they
kidnap innocent people in daylight. Some of these gangs have centers in Al-Sadr
City, east of Baghdad. A guard from the center of the death squad group of Abu
Dir’e Organization, (which means "the shield"), says, "We storm the houses, arrest
the men, set a fast trial and execute them immediately. We do not want any of
them to stay alive." The execution takes place in a special room and that room is
full of blood and corpses. The victims are killed by an electric drill, acid, fire or
they are butchered by cutting off some parts of the body, he was boasting.
Another organization that belongs to Sheikh Abu Zahra Al Sueidi is doing the
same as the Abu Dir’e: kidnapping and killing people in the same manner. The

Selected articles 172

people of Al Sadr city are living in fear also and cannot cope with such sectarian
crimes committed among them because these acts produce counteracts
The savages of our modern time, the real terrorists who are exporting "democracy"
to the Cradle of Civilization, the Land of Hammurabi, and the Law Giver ruin the
land of law and order. They brought sectarian brutality and terror to the Iraqi
The latest organized terror we have seen was the assassination of Mr. Khamis Al
Obaidi, one of Mr. Saddam Hussein’s lawyers. On June 21, he became the third
defense lawyer for Saddam to be killed. Three of his colleagues have been targets
as well. Adel Muhammad Abbas, the lawyer of Mr. Taha Yassin Ramadan was
assassinated on November 8, 2005. Mr. Thamer Hammood Hadi, the lawyer of
Barazan al-Tikriti, the brother of the president, was severely wounded. Saadoon
Al-Janabi, the lawyer of Mr. Awad Al Bandar was gunned down on October 19,
Mr. Al Obaidi was taken from his house by scores of men, some in police uniform
and some in civilian clothes, who identified themselves as being from the Ministry
of Interior Brigade, They told his wife he would be back after routine questioning.
The man was brutally murdered; his body and face were riddled with bullets and
he was found hanged on an electric post six miles away from his home on June 21,
The show court that was established by the occupation, lifted security protection
and the lawyers became a target. This represented a green light to the sectarian
brigades to go ahead and assassinate the third lawyer from the defense team.
Justice was assassinated.

Bushra Al-Khalil, a member of the defense team, a Shia from Lebanon, was
threatened several times as well as the other lawyers. After the occupation forces
lifted their protection, she warned the lawyers of the defense team that their lives
were in danger.

Even the defense witnesses were tortured, beaten and threatened after the presiding
"judge’ revealed their names and identities.

This criminal act was intended to intimidate the lawyers and force them to quit so
the occupation and their stooges can fulfill their plans by assassinating justice.
Unfortunately, human rights organizations, in the United States and around the

Selected articles 173

world, are not concerned about the brutality of the exported democracy. They do
not hear the cries of the victims of this brutal war against Iraq, which started about
two decades ago and was crowned by the occupation of Iraq.

While the savage invaders are slaughtering thousands of Iraqi children, women and
elderly, the media remain silent, because this is a war against "terrorism," but when
an American is killed in occupied Iraq, this is designated as "barbarism." When a
whole city, like Fallujah, is ruined and thousands are killed and buried in their
backyards or in the football field, this is considered "liberation.

I hope that the American people, who claim to be anti-war, for peace and justice,
will wake up and activate their conscience to immediately stop the massacres of
the Iraqis and Palestinians. United States activists must tear the veil that was put in
the eyes of the American people by their administrations. The American people
must realize that Iraq was not involved in terrorism. Saddam Hussein was not a
threat to the United States. He has done no harm to any American, but Bush did.
He is sending your children to the slaughterhouse while his children are enjoying
the good life in Washington D.C. and in the White House.

The trial of the Iraqi leadership is a false façade of American justice

Terrorism created by irrationality

Ibrahim Ebeid

Terrorism is not genuine in the Arab Homeland. It is not of our nature neither it is
of our creation but the invaders brought it upon us at the beginning of last century,
to be specific after World War I when the Western Allies ripped our homeland
apart and later on, through terrorism, they created the Zionist entity in our midst at
our expense.

Since then security, stability, and peace for the area were not allowed to take
shape, every move took place by the Nationalist Movement to improve the

Selected articles 174

situation was suppressed by the Imperialist –Zionist forces and by their allies the
Arab regimes.

A United Arab Homeland means Freedom, Progress, and Independence that the
Imperialist -Zionist forces do not wish to see. President George W. Bush became
the champion of FREEDOM PREVENTION and SUPPRESSION. He resorted to
creating terror and continuous wars against the Arab nation. His war against Iraq is
intended to be the beginning of his schedule to subdue the whole area for a new
“Middle East” under his control and domination, or to be more specific, to satisfy
his ally, “Israel”.

The irrational policies of Washington under the Bush Administration are
responsible for the chaotic World we are witnessing and especially in the Arab
land. New gangs of terror are being created, financed and supported by the
Pentagon under the pretense to fight against “Islamic terrorism”. The US
Corporations working together with the Pentagon are robbing Iraq from its wealth,
they are recruiting mercenaries from around the World and they are hiring soldiers
of fortune in Iraq. Captain Bill Craun. Army Rangers. Sgt. Jim Errante, military
police, Cpl. Ernest Colling, US Army, and Will Hough, US Marines went to Iraq
months ago as private security contractors. They worked for an American company
named Custer Battles, hired by the Pentagon to conduct dangerous missions
guarding supply convoys.

"I went there for the money," says Hough. "I'm a patriot," says Craun. "You can't
turn off being a soldier," says Colling.

In an exclusive interview, the four former security contractors told NBC News that

hey watched as innocent Iraqi civilians were fired upon, and one was crushed by a
truck. The contractors worked for an American company paid by U.S. taxpayers.
"What we saw, I know the American population wouldn't stand for," says Craun.
They said heavily armed security operators on Custer Battles' missions — among
them poorly trained young Kurds, who have historical resentments against other
Iraqis — terrorized civilians, shooting indiscriminately as they ran for cover,
smashing into and shooting up cars.

Selected articles 175

The chaos is spreading beyond any control, the sad events that took place in
Lebanon that took the life of Ex-Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri were very
sophisticated to be committed by local forces who differed with him. Syria has no
reason to be behind it; it has no interests of committing such a horrible act. This
crime must be the work of a group or a state that is very hostile to the Arabs and
has an interest in seeing the Arab World in chaos, weak and divided. Accusing
Syria of being responsible for the assassination is another irrational accusation. It is
another pretext for attacking Syria.

Terrorism in Iraq and in Palestine committed by the invaders and occupiers is
breeding freedom fighters with a clear vision to liberate Palestine and Iraq in order
to establish unity, freedom and true independence.

February 19, 2005

Terrorizing the World American Style

Will the United States stop terrorizing the world and abandon its arrogance and
self-indulged supremacy, or will it continue on this path until the world is
completely destroyed and no one is left around including Americans? Is the United
States of America infected by the supremacist chauvinistic idea of “the chosen
people"? These questions do not depart my mind and they haunt me like a
One has to follow the news media and listen to top officials of the Administration
from President Bush downward, including representatives of both houses, Senate
and House of Representatives. All are beating the drums of war against many
nations. Some of the top officials estimated that 60 nations might feel the wrath of
that self-appointed "god" in Washington who claims again and again “if you are
not with me then you are against me". I must punish you. I must destroy you. I
must starve your children to death. I must level your country to oblivion.
Some of the preachers who faithfully abide by the doctrine and principles of the
little "god" in Washington showed their hate to Arabs and Muslims in public. Most
of these Evangelist preachers did not hesitate to hide their hatred towards Arabs,
Muslims, and Islam. Pat Robertson once said, "The looming conflict in the Persian

Selected articles 176

Gulf is not simply a battle for Kuwait, or even for mastery of Middle East's oil. It is
the latest chapter in a 14-century-old battle between East and West, between Islam
and its monotheistic rivals, Christianity and Judaism." He claims that the nations of
the Earth came together in fulfillment of the Hebraic prophecies to give birth to the
World New Order to defend "Israel" and to take revenge from Babylon "Iraq".
Because Babylon had tortured the people of God and drenched them in tears."
Jerry Falwell, a well-known evangelist, attacked Islam when he told in a religion
website ''the Moslem faith teaches hate,'' Then a few days later he added that his
comments were aimed at Islamic political states such as Iran and Iraq, not
American Muslims.

Franklin Graham is one of America's most powerful "Christian" leaders. He is
close to President George W. Bush and delivered the benediction at his
inauguration. This man attacked Islam viciously and falsely called it "wicked,
violent and not of the same God." "I don't believe this is a wonderful, peaceful
religion," said Graham. "When you read the Koran and you read the verses from
the Koran, it instructs the killing of the infidel, for those that are non-Muslim."
Asked by NBC News to clarify his statement, Graham repeated his charge that
Islam, as a whole, is evil. Then he continued, "It wasn't Methodists flying into
those buildings, it wasn't Lutherans," said Graham. "It was an attack on this
country by people of the Islamic faith."

Without any reservation, I must say, these evangelist preachers like Robertson,
Falwell, and Graham has a strong and effective influence on the American political
life especially among the religious conservatives. They have the ability to mislead
and brainwash a very large segment of the American society. These "Gospel"
preachers have a short memory to remember that Hitler who committed many
atrocities belonged to the Christian faith. Also, president Truman who nuked two
Japanese cities was Christian. Not to forget that the President of the United States
who is launching a terrorizing war against many nations and threatening others is
of the Christian faith and the list is very long.

American lawmakers and Administration members are no less evil than the
evangelists. They are expert in lying to the American people and to the world.
Their main concern is to satisfy Zionism and its entity "Israel". They do not
hesitate to siphon billions of dollars that come out of the American taxpayers to
that racist state. They are creating many unnecessary enemies and are dragging the
American people to continuous wars that have no end.

Selected articles 177

According to American officials, about sixty nations are awaiting American
terrorizing war. The Arab World is the main target of this terror. The Zionists (who
are westerners) are attacking the Palestinians for more than half a century with the
full support of Washington. That self-appointed "god" in D.C. is demanding the
Palestinians to stop resisting the atrocious war waged upon them by the Zionists
and the enemies of humanity.

Arafat, the man that the Zionists and American Administration supported already
became a target. Plots to remove him from the seat they bestowed upon him are
already in process. He is being asked to stop the resistance, to give up the Arab
historic right to Palestine and to abolish the Right of Return. He must comply with
Zionist demands or face the consequences.

The American-Zionist war of Terror is escalating engulfing Palestinians and Iraqis.
The Palestinians have been under atrocious attack for more than five decades. The
blockade on Iraq already claimed millions of lives while the drums of war became
louder and louder.

Zionist voices are calling for the complete destruction of Iraq and the liquidation of
what is left of Palestine. Washington is responding to the evil voices and preparing
for a massive escalation of its war on terror. Washington already gave the green
light to the Butcher of the Palestinian people, Ariel Sharon, to complete the
destruction of Palestine while the US would concentrate on Iraq to fulfill the
Zionist dream.

Will the United States stop terrorizing the world and abandon its arrogance and
self-indulged supremacy or will it continue on this path until the world is
completely destroyed and no one is left around including Americans? Will the
American people put an end to Washington's atrocities and save the United States
and the World from extinction?

Selected articles 178

Thank You, George Bush

By Ibrahim Ebeid

Al-Moharer [email protected]

March 30, 2003

It is a new attempt to occupy the Arab World, this time led by the Anglo-American
power. President Select Bush and Tony Blair of the United Kingdom are trying to
subdue the Arabs and put them under control and probably rip the Arab World
apart into helpless mini-states. Their ancestors invaded Palestine under the pretext
of religion, but this time they are coming to Iraq under the pretext of liberation.
Have Mr. Bush and Blair forgot the Sykes-Picot Agreement which divided the
Arab World and placed it under French and British Occupation after the end of
World War I when the Arabs helped them to defeat the Ottoman Empire?
Have they forgotten the creation of a Zionist entity in Palestine, in our land, in our
villages, towns, and cities?

Iraq realized the danger of the Western Zionist Imperialist intention and stood like
a giant against the aggressors. Iraq is being attacked for being the free voice of the
Arab nation. Its belief in freedom and Arab unity did not please the Zionist entity
and its stooges in Washington and London. Its strong support for the Palestinian
struggle for liberation drove these evil powers to madness and vengeance.
The Bush propaganda was very poor and their intelligence was miserable. It was
built on lies and wishful hopes, which did not materialize. The Iraqis did not meet
them with cheers and flowers but with guns and resistance. The popular defiance
along with the armed forces are inflicting heavy casualties on the aggressors and
are forcing them to change their plans and call for more troops.

Mr. Peter Arnett was able to see and perceive the Iraqi will to defend their
countries when he said on Iraqi TV in an interview with Mr. Said Hammeed: US
war planners underestimated the determination of Iraqi forces and are re-writing
their battle plans as a result.

The madness of the aggressors is demonstrating its savagery by killing and
maiming hundreds of civilians every day, by bombing the popular areas in
Baghdad, Najaf, Karbala, Basra and other areas. Blood is everywhere, corpses and

Selected articles 179

human flesh scattered all over the bombed areas. Death is all around but firm
resistance is growing stronger by each bomb that falls. "President Bush says he is
concerned about the Iraqi people, but if Iraqi people are dying in numbers, then
American policy will be challenged very strongly," Arnett said.

The Arab masses are rallying around Iraq. The Arab people have realized that the
aggression on Iraq is a war against the entire Arab nation. The brutality of Bush’s
war became a major contribution to Arab awakening.

Arab volunteers are pouring into Baghdad by the thousands. Thousands of Iraqis in
exile are returning to carry arms and defend the Homeland.

As the aggression continue the resistance will be strengthened and definitely, it
will liberate Iraq from the Anglo-American aggression. The resistance will give
birth to the true Arab revolution that will liberate Palestine from the river to the sea
and re-establish the United Arab Homeland. Thank you, Mr. Bush for your
contribution to the rebirth of Arab Nationalism. Thank you, for you do not know
what you are doing.

The Aggression against Syria

October 9, 2003

Since the creation of the Zionist entity by the Imperialist powers, the Arabs
became the target. Palestine was totally occupied in 1947-1967 by the Zionist
racist settlers followed by the occupation of Iraq on April 9, 2003, by its strategic
allies London and Washington.

Iraq was a relatively strong nationalist state that broke the technology barriers. It
was the only Arab state that was able to stand against the Imperialist Zionist
designs. A strong Iraq did not suit the entity and its allies. This was one of the
reasons that prompted the United States and Britain to attack and occupy it. The
Western Imperialists created "Israel" in Palestine to help them control the "Middle
East" and dominate its wealth.

Selected articles 180

The Zionist entity was entrusted to occupy Palestine. The Americans and the
British were left to terrorize the Iraqis and steal their wealth. Bush and his
Administration have adopted the Zionist tactics and schemes against the Arabs.
They are stuck in a quagmire in Iraq and unleashed "Israel" against Syria. Syria is
an Arab country that refuses to submit to the new doctrine of Bush and his allies. It
refuses to be part of the terror campaign against Palestine or Iraq.

Zionist terrorism had struck deep inside Syria, ten miles north of Damascus, under
the pretense of fighting "terrorism". Ra'anan Gissin, Senior Advisor to the butcher
Ariel Sharon threatened to transfer Zionist terror anywhere, anytime and wherever
Palestinians live.

According to the "Israeli's" terrorist policies, no country in the World is immune.
Any country in the World might be hit and bombed by Sharon and Ra'anan and
their likes because "terrorist" Palestinians are living there.

Mr. Bush was very quick to support Sharon and his aggression against Syria. "I
made it very clear to the prime minister that Israel's got a right to defend herself,
that Israel must not feel constrained in terms of defending the homeland." The
homeland that George W. Bush was referring to is the usurped land of Palestine.
The United States is in collusion with the enemies of humanity and considers the
Arab and Muslim nations a target in the campaign of terror. Syria might be next
but at the hands of the Zionists and with the support and protection of the United
Just people know that the Palestinians are freedom fighters. Their country is
occupied. Foreigners are living in their homes and the majority is forced to live in
camps. The rest are scattered all over the World. They have the right to fight by all
means against those who occupy their land, homes, and towns. They have
terrorized no one. They did not occupy or colonize no one's land.

Can anybody stop the Zionist Anglo-American Imperialist colonization except the
freedom fighters of Palestine and Iraq? The Arab regimes cannot. They lost their
will and dignity since they sold out.

Selected articles 181

The American Soldiers Must Know

By Ibrahim Ebeid*

February 26, 2005

Certainly, democracy and freedom are not part of George W. Bush plans for Iraq.
This Commander in Chief is not telling the truth to the soldiers who were sent to
Iraq to die or to be maimed for life. He does not have to worry because he has no
family members in any branch of the US military forces to face the danger of
dying. He has friends in Corporate America and family members who are robbing
the wealth of the Iraqi people and the American soldiers are paying the price with
their blood.

William H.T. Bush, the uncle of the president and youngest brother of former
President George H.W. Bush, cashed stock options a net value of nearly half a
million dollars in the St. Louis-based ESSI (Engineered Support Systems). And
what did the American soldiers cash? Absolutely, nothing, they were forced to go
Iraq to kill and be killed while the Bushes are getting wealthier on the account of
the victims.

“Uncle Bucky”, as the President calls him, sits on the Board of Directors of this
company that is benefiting from the bloodshed of innocent Iraqis and young
American soldiers. His company is supplying armors and other materials to the US
military. In an earnings report issued recently, the firm disclosed that net earnings
for the first quarter ending Jan. 31 reached a record $20.6 million, while quarterly
revenue hit $233.5 million, up 20% from a year ago. As a result, the company
boosted its projected annual revenue to between $990 million and $1 billion.
While the innocent Iraqis and US soldiers are dying for lies and deceptions the
situation in Iraq is worsening. The Iraqis are suffering under the new “freedom and
democracy” that Bush brought upon them. The pro-Iran “religious” parties such as
Dawa and the Iraq Council of Islamic Revolution, the most reactionary parties that
Iraq ever has known, are imposing themselves on Basra and on the rest of the
south. With the support of the forces of occupation and the Mullah of Iran, they are
terrorizing the people and forcing the population to accept and enforce very
reactionary codes. The barbers are being killed or attacked for shaving beards of
their customers. Women are being forced to wear hijab against their will;

Selected articles 182

Christians are being killed for selling liquor and for working in liquor stores. They
are creating a Republic of Fear, an Iranian style republic.

People are forced to abandon their jobs and business because these jobs did not

meet the standard of the reactionary Mullahs or they face death. Ibrahim al-
Ja’afari, the head of Dawa party, might be installed ‘Prime Minister” under

occupation and under the Iranian Ayat Allahs, such as Sistani.

The Arabs in the south are being robbed of their Arab identity because Iran is

spreading its influence there through fear and threats and not through popularity.

The government buildings are occupied by the Iranians who stormed Iraq since the
beginning of the occupation, Abu Ali Hussein says that “life was much better

under Saddam, we were able to conduct our lives the way we want, we were living

in prosperity, our women were able to choose their dresses and we were able to get

haircuts to our liking. Now everything is gone, strangers and fanatics are ruling us,
they are choosing for us.”

Iran and the United States joined hands against Iraq, they have cooperated together

in staging the fake election, Iran worked closely with the United States to win
support among the pro-Iranian “Islamist” parties who were in Iran for more than a


Iranian Envoy to Britain, Muhammad Hussain Adeli said that Tehran was ready to
work again with the US to ensure “stability” in the Middle East when their

interests converged.

"For the recent elections, there was not only implicit but explicit indirect and direct

cooperation between the two, Iran and the United States, in order to keep the
“majority” calm and in favor of the election," Adeli said

Your Commander in Chief, George W. Bush reminds me of the lies of my
Commander Lyndon B. Johnson during the Vietnam War. His irrational policies
brought defeat to the United States and unnecessary death to American young
President Bush said that the war in Iraq was for the link with Bin Laden, it was a
lie. The link is between his family and the family of Bin Laden, they conduct
business together.

Selected articles 183
He said it was for weapons of mass destruction, weapons of mass destruction were
not found in Iraq, and certainly the weapons exist in the United States and were
used before in Japan, Vietnam and in Iraq. They do exist also in ”Israel” the
strategic ally of the United States that devoured Palestine and expelled its people
into exile with your money and Washington’s help and support.

He said that it was the threat of Saddam Hussein to the World and to America
while the real threat is Bush and his blind and fanatic policies. Iraq was a threat to
no one, the United States under his father put Iraq under a genocidal embargo that
killed a million and a half innocent Iraqis, mostly children under the age of five.
And Bush, the son, caused more than 100,000 innocent Iraqis to die in his invasion
and more are still dying.

He said that the war was for freedom and democracy but he brought Allawi the
butcher and the most reactionary Islamist parties from Iran to terrorize Iraq and
spread fear among the Iraqi people.

It is time for America to stand up firmly against the Commander in Chief and bring
the soldiers home alive. We do not need to bring 55,000 or more in black bags
wrapped with flags.

* The author is a US Vietnam era veteran, 25 Infantry Division

The Arab Nation has the Right to be Free

By Ibrahim Ebeid

The Arab nation, basically like any other nation, has the right to live peacefully
and enjoy security and progress within its own borders. It does not differ from any
other nation except in its character that makes it distinct. It has a common history
and same hopes and aspiration. Islam has been a special catalyst in shaping the
Arab character and nationalism that are humanitarian in scope and vision.

Selected articles 184

We Arabs consider ourselves one nation; we have the natural right to live under
One State and to be free in running our own potentials.

In the past, we lived under one state united in progress, peace, and security until
the Western Imperialism and Zionism came and divided us and forced us to live
under Imperialist mandates which resulted in the creation of mini-states that go
against our hopes and aspirations.

The occupation of Palestine and Iraq was part of the old Imperialist- Zionist
agenda that is hostile to us and to our aspiration to reunify our land and our
fragmented nation.

But despite all the plots to keep us divided and fragmented we believe that the
Arab Homeland is an indivisible political and economic unity and that no Arab
country can make up for the conditions of its existence away from the other Arab
Our people from the Arabian Gulf to the Atlantic Ocean form one body. All
differences existing among us are casual and trivial. They can be removed by the
awakening of the Arab conscience.

Our homeland belongs to us and not to Bush or to the Zionist entity. Iraq is Arab
and must stay united and free from the Alawis and the Anglo- Saxon –Zionist grip
and its legitimate government and institution must be restored.

Palestine must be liberated and returned to the Arab homeland and its Arab
character must be reestablished.

Iraq and Palestine are an integrated part of the Arab Homeland, this Homeland
belongs to us we alone have the right to administer its affairs, wealth and the
running of its potentials.

Freedom and Democracy will be achieved when we are free from foreign
occupation and when we unite our land and when Jerusalem is free and Baghdad
becomes our capital again.

Selected articles 185

Mr. Bush and his entourage do not understand the aspirations of the oppressed.
This is natural because oppressors cannot see and comprehend; they are blinded by
phony glory and fake power.

Mr. Bush anointed himself to be God’s messenger and the new messenger that
carries freedom and democracy to the entire World. If you are not on his side and
accept his style of democracy then you are to be eliminated and destroyed. His
tyrannical and destructive mission became globally well known especially in Iraq
and in Palestine.

In Palestine, he forced Abu Mazen on the Palestinian people. A man who is ready
to obey the orders from Washington and Tel Aviv to suppress the Palestinian
aspiration and hope to return to their usurped land to live in peace and security.
He launched his war on Iraq and on its people under false pretenses. This war was
very destructive and all Iraqis are looking at Bush as an occupier and not as a
Forcing the people to vote under the gun and terror will not lead to peace and
security but to more misery and tyranny, a tyranny that reflects the Zionist-
Imperialist schemes for the entire Arab and Muslim Worlds

This attempt of forcing a fake election with fictitious candidates will not succeed in
enforcing the Bush “Democracy’ but will lead for the final crumbling of the Bush
“Empire” and Zionist and US Imperialism.

The situation on land speaks differently than Bush and his Media. The “insurgents”
that we call freedom fighter embodied within the Baath and the Iraqi National
Resistance are the ones who are planting the banner of freedom and democracy.
January 29, 2005

The Arab Summit and the Zionist Entity

Al-Aqsa rebellion proved itself to be the spearhead of the Arab Revolution. In a
matter of hours, rebellion spread to the rest of Palestine and engulfed the Arab
homeland challenging the defeatist rulers and exposing their impotence and
unwillingness to liberate Palestine and the Holy Places. Across the Arab land, the
entire Arab nation sent the cry of Allahu Akbar and showed the will to fight and
sacrifice to liberate Palestine from the racist Zionist occupation.

Selected articles 186

This gallant stone rebellion shook the foundation of the American-Zionist alliance
which prompted the United States, the Biased Broker, to send President Clinton for
a hasty Summit in Sharm-El-Sheik in order to lend its support to the racist Zionist
entity and to help quench al-Intifada, through appeasement, threat and rallying
their friendly rulers.

The “Zionist” Arab leaders have betrayed the trust of the Arab people and aborted
the call of the Arab masses and the progressive Arab regimes for armed struggle to
liberate Palestine and the Summit was concluded in favor of the Zionist enemy.
We are not a nation of war and we did not choose the enmity of the United States
but the opposite is true. Washington has chosen to be the protector, the friend and
the strategic ally of the racist “Israeli State”, against the victims of that racist
entity. We were living peacefully in our beloved Palestine until the racist Zionists
conquered our land and evicted us from our towns and villages with the help of the
Western World and especially London and Washington.

The United States acting as a biased broker did not leave any choice for the
Palestinian children but to fight with stones, faith and strong will against the
injustice inflicted upon them for more than fifty years.

The Arab people have no alternative but to intensify the fight against the rulers
who joined the enemies’ trench, especially the Saudi and Sabbah families who
allow the US and Britain to launch the tools of death against our people in Iraq.
Simultaneously, the US Zionist ally,(Israel) is launching a war of genocide against
our people in Palestine.

Yes, we want peace. We are a nation of peace. Peace will come when the powers
of evil retreat from our Arab Gulf and from our beloved Palestine. Peace will come
when Palestine is liberated from the River to the Sea and when our people return to
their homes villages and towns.

October 28, 2000

Selected articles 187

The Arabs should not wait for a miracle

Ibrahim Ebeid

[email protected]

Western Imperialism that was built on racism, aggression, and expansionism gave
birth to the Zionist Movement. This movement grabbed all the evils of the
Imperialist West and especially that of Nazi Germany and put it in Practice in
The usurpation of Palestine was not enough for this racist movement nor was the
expulsion of millions of Palestinians from their land. The Zionists are practicing
crimes of genocide against the Palestinian people every day. They are terrorizing
the Palestinians, killing scores of innocent people daily indiscriminately.
The massacres of the Palestinians and the crimes committed by the Zionist entity
since its illegal creation on our land are well documented. The entire World knows
about them but unfortunately few give a damn. A few days ago the Zionist settler
colonialist army attacked Gaza and slaughtered twenty-seven people and about
eighty were wounded. Among the Palestinians, dead were four children, Mahmoud
Abdullah Yunis 11, Mohammed Amer Abu Zuraiq 12, Mohammed Ali Badawi 15
and Haitham Mohammed Al-Issawi 16. Our children have no value because the
“price is worth it,” said Madeline Albright.

Unfortunately, the slaughter of Palestinians, as usual, goes unnoticed in the
Western media and especially in the United States. The Zionist propaganda is
dominating the press and it portrays the victims as terrorists who are there to
destroy the Zionist entity. The Press and the US officials are calling Arab and
Muslim Freedom Fighters “haters of the Civilized World and anti-democracy”.
The fact is we hate no one. We committed crimes against no one. We have not
expelled anyone from his or her country. We occupied no one’s country. The fact
is that the Zionist entity, “Israel” eliminated Palestine and changed its name to
“Israel” The Palestinians are fighting back to liberate their land in order to enjoy
life and prosperity in their homes which were forcefully taken from them by
western settler colonialists more than five decades ago.

Selected articles 188

The Zionist army killed 2,930 Palestinians in the last 41 months since September
28, 2000, to January 2004. Among the martyrs were 534 children and 191 women.

8,562 were wounded including 5,660 teachers and students.

Thousands of our people are suffering in 22 Zionist jails.

Our homes did not escape the destruction about 60,000 homes and buildings were
completely or partially destroyed, 12 schools and University were closed 302
schools and learning institutions were bombed. 43 schools were converted into
military bases.

The farms were not spared 61,685 Dunums were bulldozed and rendered
unproductive, 982,333 olive trees were uprooted. 445 agricultural buildings were
demolished. 11,714,007 chickens were destructed. 257 wells and 21,826 Dunums
of irrigation nets were ruined beyond repair.

The United States gives full financial and military support to “Israel” to terrorize
the Palestinian people. At the same time, it turns a blind eye to the suffering of the
Palestinian people and calls them “terrorists”.

The so-called Arab League which was established to serve the ambitions of the
Imperialist interests is in collusion with the Zionists against the entire population
of the Arab Homeland. These regimes are suppressing the people who are
opposing the schemes of the Zionist-Anglo-American Imperialism. The Arab
League was created to keep the Arab World divided and away from achieving
Freedom, Prosperity, and Unity. For this reason, the Arab rulers conspired against
Iraq and surrendered it to George W. Bush in order to suppress any voice of Justice
and to deprive any genuine support for the liberation of Palestine.

The Arab people have no other choice but to achieve a united front to liberate the
Arab Homeland and achieve Unity. “The Arabs should not wait for a miracle.
Palestine cannot be liberated by the governments but by popular action.” Iraq and

Palestine are the two wings of Arab revolution and its major factor for its

continuity. It is our unshakable belief that the Freedom Fighters of Palestine and

Iraq will not only liberate Iraq and Palestine but the whole Arab World. Baghdad

will return to its glory and will be the capital of the Arab Homeland again.

Selected articles 189

Our international friends who are pro-justice, peace and freedom should know that
Palestine was usurped and its people were expelled from their land, persecuted and
scattered all over the World. The Palestinians have the right to fight back by all
means for the liberation of Palestine and establish their state in the entire historic
March 13/2004


By Ibrahim Ebeid

Unity has been a pursuit of the Arab Nation since it has been afflicted with
fragmentation. The Baath did not create the demand or the objective of unity but
gave it a new understanding that makes it realizable says the Founder of the Baath,
Mr. Michel Aflak.

The Baath has adopted the fundamental demands of the Arab Nation for Unity,
Freedom, and Social Justice and carried this banner since the inception of the
Baathist ideas in the mid-thirties and by 1947, on April 7, the First Convention
took place and the Arab Baath Socialist Party was born.

Since the Establishment of the Arab Baath Party, the plots did not cease to crush
this movement. The plots failed and will keep failing because the Party has its
ideas deep rooted in the history of the Arab Nation, and it carries the legitimate
aspirations of the Arab Population to achieve One Arab Homeland united and free.
Every time the Baath was exposed to conspiracies to ruin it and to split it, the Party
reappeared to be healthier and stronger.

The Imperialist Powers and their allies, the Zionists, and the Arab Reactionary
Regimes discovered that this Movement was formidable and was posing danger to
their interests because it is calling for radical changes to the imposed status quo of
Arab fragmentations. These Powers are desperately trying to keep the Arab
Homeland divided and weak so they enjoy the abundance of wealth that the
regions have. One way to do it is to attempt to destroy the Baath and occupy Iraq.
Baathist Iraq under Saddam Hussein represented the noble ideas of Arab Unity,

Selected articles 190

Freedom and Arab Liberation. Saddam Hussein built a very progressive and
prosperous Iraq where healthcare and schooling at all levels were free for all and
where "o child was left behind'. Science and technology barriers were broken; Iraq
became the Mecca of the Arabs and the progressive peoples around the World.
Many Students from around the Arab World were educated in Iraq and went back
to their regions to participate in building up a prosperous Arab Homeland; many
scholarships were given to students from the Third World Countries, especially
from Africa and Latin America to study in Iraq.

The Iraqi Leadership realized that Palestine was the center of the struggle and Arab
Liberation would not be complete without the liberation of Palestine. The support
of Palestine and its Freedom Fighters and their families were unconditional.
The war in Iraq started in 1990 by President Bush Senior, the infrastructure of the
country was ruined. A Genocidal Embargo that reaped millions of lives was
The wise and determined Leadership of Iraq under the Baath challenged the
embargo. It was able was able to rebuild Iraq. Electricity and Water systems were
quickly restored under the harsh conditions of the Blockade. This scared the hell
out of the US Administrations and their Zionist Allies, Iraq was invaded in March
2003 and Baghdad was occupied in April of the same year but the National
Resistance was born and the Mother of All Battles gained strength.
President Bush. Iran of the Safawid Mullahs and their sectarian agents are sunk
deep in their illusion believing that lynching President Saddam Hussein and his
colleagues and probably most of the captured Iraqi Leadership would lead to the
desperation of the Baath Party and the Resistance and force them to abandon the
fight for National Liberation and Independence, illusion is not reality. The
Assassination of President Saddam Hussein gave the Resistance determination and
motivated it to continue the fight more forcefully and faithfully to the principles of
their Martyred Leader.

The President of the United States and his colleagues, and their supporters think
sending more troops to the slaughterhouse of Iraq would force the Resistance to
give up and surrender. It will not, instead it will give a booster to the National
Resistance and to the Iraqi people. The Resistance is not the Sunni Fighters, nor it
is the Al Qaeda, the Resistance is genuine Iraqi, it is made up of Sunnis, Shiites,
Christians, Turkmen, Kurds and others. If they were some fanatic Sunnis and

Selected articles 191

Qaeda as Bush and Cheney claim then why the War is still going on? And why the
Iraqis don’t support the Occupation and the Government of the Green Zone?
The Bush Plan to integrate the Peshmergas "Kurdish militias", the Mahdi Army

and Badr Corps "pro-Iran sectarian terrorists" with the Army and police force and
the National Guard to launch attacks on the guidance, protection and participation
of the US occupying forces in Baghdad liberated areas such as Al Karkh, Azamiya,
Al Dorah, Ameriyah, Al-Fadl, Hay Al-Jamilah and others.

The United States intention is not to achieve victory with these forces; these forces
have failed in the Past, but to nourish the feeling of vengeance among the Iraqis, by
pushing them into bloody battles that might lead to the disintegration of the
The American forces might hit some certain elements of the Mahdi Army only as a
tactic to help cover-up its effective role in forcing the people of Baghdad eviction
in a new way by integrating it, (the Mahdi Army) with the collaborating Army or
National Guard. This was the intended role of the Mahdi Army since early last year
as stated by the Baath Party of Iraq. To confirm our allegation Moqtada Al-Sadr
ordered his group to rejoin the Occupation Sectarian Government, and at the same
time, he instructed his followers not to attack the US or the Occupying Forces.
Attacking the “Saddamists and the Baathists” was urged because they are
"terrorists" and not liberators in his words. This Army is part of the Occupation
Powers of the USA and Iran.

Some individuals who falsely pretend to be Spokesmen for the Baath and the
Resistance claim that Izzat Ibrahim Al-Duri, the Secretary General of the Baath
Party, and the Commander of the Iraqi National Resistance is willing to accept a
truce with the American occupiers in certain areas of Iraq, to give a chance to the
occupying forces to fight the sectarian Mahdi Army and the Badr forces. This is
not true but a desperate fabrication of the Occupation Power stated a spokesperson
of the Baath, in order to split the Resistance. The US Occupation is using
unprecedented measures to dislodge the Baath Party, the backbone of the
Resistance, believing if it succeeds then the Resistance would vanish and
disintegrate, and the Arab Nation’s back would be broken, its ability to achieve
freedom and independence would be relinquished for hundreds of years to come.
Those people who claim to have written letters from Izzat Ibrahim Al-Duri are liars
and in no way, they represent the Baath, they never have been in the Baath Party
according to the Baath and its spokesperson.

Selected articles 192

Iran and the United States and some neighboring countries of Iraq have joined the
wagon, they are trying to split the Baath Party. They are using a score of ex-
Baathists who either left Iraq and the Party after the occupation because they were
cowards or because they were expelled. Mohammad Younis Al-Ahmad and Motti
Mozher Awaad are openly calling for a conference to take place in Damascus to
replace the Party Leadership. This call falls against the Bylaws of the Party and its
Internal Rules. The Party is well aware of these plots and its members cannot be
Is this attempt a desperate plot to convince the leadership and the advanced Cadres
of the Baath to attend this "Conference' to be assassinated or captured? The Baath
hopes that Damascus would not be part of this trap and would not allow such a
conference to take place in Syria under these conditions.

According to our sources, the Party in Iraq is well cohesive and united behind its
All the branches of the Party in the Arab World have exposed these traitors and All
Party Organizations inside Iraq and out confirmed and support the leadership of Al
If the Anti-War Movement does not take serious steps to bring a stop to the Bush
madness the price would be higher and more lives would be lost only to satisfy the
ego of the modern times Nero.

The Continuous Call for War

Ibrahim Ebeid

The United States lawmakers do not cease to fabricate excuses and lies in order to
continue the war of terror against nations that do not subscribe to the US and
Zionist domination. Among those nations that are targeted are the Arabs, especially
the Palestinians and Iraqis. Since the creation of the Zionist entity in Palestine in
1948, America became an "iron clad ally" of this racist settler colonialist entity.
The similarity of establishing both states was very striking. The United States was
built on the skulls of the Red Indians and its infrastructure on the sweat and blood
of the African slaves. The Zionist entity with the support of the West and
especially Britain and the United States was established in Palestine, and Arab
land, on the skulls and blood of the Palestinian people. The remnant of the Red

Selected articles 193

Indians was isolated in reservations to suffer poverty and disparity. Palestinians
were dispersed and the majority was forced to live in camps while the Jews
enjoyed the Palestinian lands and homes.

The American lawmakers accused the Palestinians and Iraqis of being dangerous to
their neighbors and to world peace and security. They are robbing the Arabs from
their right to resist the racist wars of terror forced upon them by the Zionists and
Anglo-Saxon Imperialist powers. Ten leading members of US Congress have
urged President Bush to make Iraq the next target of their racist war of terror.
Among those infamous "lawmakers" were Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott,
House International Relations Committee Chairman Henry Hide, the ranking
Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Jesse Helms, former
presidential candidate Sen. John McCain and former Democratic vice presidential
candidate Sen. Joseph Lieberman. The United States and its Administration claim
that the war is not directed against Islam or Arabs or Arab and Muslim culture,
while in fact the Arab and Muslim existence and culture are targeted and
The Palestinians are already stripped of armament except for their stones and faith.
Iraq is not allowed to arm itself for self-defense while "Israel" is armed to the teeth
with all kinds of weapon including arms of mass destruction.

Massacres are continuing against the Palestinians at a large scale and the Western
nations are blaming the Palestinians and labeling them as "terrorists". The Arab
leaders are not any different than the Zionists or Anglo-Saxon "lawmakers". They
are silent and at best come out with condemnation of the Zionist action.
Shamelessly, the kings, sheiks, and emirs of the Gulf are lending support to the
American invaders. Some Arab "leaders" are calling on Arafat secretly to finish off
any kind of resistance and freedom fighters by all means. These "leaders" are doing
the enemy a grand service when they distort history and facts of history. They are
ignoring our historic right to our land. They are willing to accept a mini-Palestinian
state anywhere in the universe maybe in the moon, or somewhere else. They say
they are with the Palestinians and Iraqis but in fact, their swords are against Iraq
and Palestine. The Saudi and Sabbah families know best.

Selected articles 194

The Crimes in Karbala and Baghdad

Ibrahim Ebeid

The whole country is in chaos and all the Iraqi institutions are destroyed. The
golden age that Iraq enjoyed in the seventies and eighties was ruined. The weapons
of mass destructions that the Anglo-American Imperialist used against Iraq
whether it was depleted uranium or genocidal blockade were very effective in
destroying Iraq and millions of its people. Generations of Iraqi youth are suffering
from incurable diseases that were inflicted upon them by the United States and
those who supported it.

The “Democracy” that was imposed upon Iraq means suffering, poverty, and
insecurity. It means death en mass; it means more mass graves, like those created
by the American armed forces when they killed thousands if withdrawing Iraqis
from Kuwait in 1991. It means the death of hundreds of children who were
incinerated by Washington in Al-Ameriyah Shelter in Baghdad on Valentine's Day
President George W. Bush continued his father’s mission of terror and destruction
by occupying Iraq and destroying what little left after the continuous war and
deadly sanctions. His mission of horror is still taking place in every village, in
every town, in every city in every hospital and in the Holy Shrines around the
country. The city of Baghdad, for example, has no steady current of electricity, if
lucky, eight hours a day. The sewer system is not working, stagnant and
contaminated water fill the streets, hospital basements and schoolyards to spread
more disease among the population.

The Council that the United States appointed to rule Iraq is indeed a convenient
tool in the hands of the Anglo –Saxon Imperialists to further deceive the World
and make it believe that the United States and its allies are really concerned about
the welfare of Iraq and its people.

Since the occupation of Iraq and the "dissolving" of the most powerful and
effective institutions, the Baath Party, the Police Force and the Army, Iraq became
the land of chaos and lawlessness. Assassins are roaming the streets, killing,
pillaging and destroying buildings and offices save the building of the Ministry of

Selected articles 195

Petroleum. The occupation forces with its stooges in the Council and pro
occupation police force are not giving a damn about the chaos and lawlessness.

The allegations that Al-Qaida and foreign "terrorists" were behind the atrocities in
Iraq are not convincing. We have not witnessed any details about those who were
"captured" or killed by the occupying forces. We know that General Abizaid and
others who are spreading the fear of a sectarian war in Iraq is not a coincidence.
This propaganda is planned upon a scheme intended to push for such war. Dividing
Iraq into Sunni and Shia Muslims or to ethnic lines is planned and intended to
scare the Iraqi people and force them to accept the status quo of occupation and
adhere to what the Imperialist powers dictate. Already the United States and its
allies divided Iraq into three segments (mini-states), the north is Kurdish, the
Center is Sunni and the South is Shia. A status quo that the Iraqi people reject and
will fight against. The Americans forced a new sectarian constitution that stripped
Iraq from its Arab identity. The propaganda that the Shias are the majority and
were persecuted by the Sunnis is a demonic scheme to encourage the sectarian
The occupation is responsible for the crimes against the Iraqi people and especially
those committed in the Holy Shrines in Karbala and Baghdad, in the holiest days of
We, Iraqis, are sure that these heinous crimes were not the work of the Iraqi
National Resistance but the work of those who want to keep Iraq under occupation
and facilitate transferring Iraq into permanent Anglo-American bases. According
to Tass, the Russian News Agency, the United States is planning the redeployment
of its bases from "Saudi Arabia" into Iraq. To avoid international criticism and
dismay Washington is creating an Iraqi "government' loyal to it and under its
domination. This unpopular government will not represent the Iraqi people, it will
represent the Zionist and US Imperialism, and it will allow permanent bases in Iraq
to be used against those who dare to challenge the Zionist or Washington
The occupying forces along with the "Israeli" intelligence the Mossad, the
opportunists, elements of the Iranian and Kuwaiti mukhabarat (intelligence) are
behind the chaos and political assassinations of Iraqi personalities, such as
scientists, educators, and political figures. These criminal acts are committed to
justify and support the occupation of Iraq for many years to come or to serve the
interests of these regimes.

Selected articles 196

When the legal government of Iraq was in place peace and security were
overwhelming. People were able to walk the streets without any fear of being
attacked or killed. Women were able to go to work at any time without being afraid
of abduction or being raped.

The Iraqi National Resistance, through its behavior, statements and program
defined that the enemies of Iraq are those who occupy Iraq and those who
cooperate or lend support to the occupying forces. The Resistance genuinely
depends on the Iraqi people for protection and support. It does not divide the Iraqi
people into ethnic or sectarian divisions. The Resistance is to help the people
liberate themselves from the tyranny of US Zionist Imperialism and it will never
inflict harm on the people. It came from the people, by the people and for the

The Democratic Party criticism of Bush is not genuine

The Democratic Party’s increasing scrutiny and mounting criticism of Bush will
not absolve them because they are as guilty as Bush is.

Their unjust and unprecedented support of the war was a factor to the aggression
and the destruction of Iraq. The Democrats, as well as the Republicans, are
drowning America in a quagmire that is firing back at them and on their country.
American boys are being killed and coming home in plastic bags every day. The
economy is suffering tremendously and unemployment is rocketing to a high level
as a result of wars.

The Democratic criticism of Bush is not genuine. It is designed for personal gains
in the presidential campaign. None of the candidates is calling for amending the
injustices committed by Washington. No one is calling for withdrawing the troops
but for sending more American troops to Iraq to kill and be killed for Corporate
America, for oil and for the Zionist entity "Israel".

Mr. Kennedy, the Dean of the Democratic Party, had expressed doubts about how
serious a threat Saddam Hussein posed to the United States in its battle against
"terrorism". He said Administration officials relied on "distortion, is
representation, a selection of intelligence" to justify their case for war. "There was
no imminent threat. This was made up in Texas, announced in January to the
Republican leadership that war was going to take place and was going to be good

Selected articles 197

politically. This whole thing was a fraud," Kennedy said, but Mr. Kennedy has
failed to lead his Party to prevent the war and to this moment he has failed to rally
the Democratic Party to call for the immediate withdrawal of the US troops from
Iraq to save lives on both sides.

Democrats and Republicans are geared to internationalize their entrapment in Iraq
by enlisting the United Nations to support and legitimize their blunder. The
destruction of the infrastructure and institutions of Iraq were deliberately done by
the Anglo-Saxon forces in order to transfer Iraq and its wealth to the American
The U.S.-led Imperialist occupation authority in Iraq has ordered the takeover of
fundamental elements of Iraq's socialist economy and establishments by foreign
companies, i.e. American companies, under the pretense of reconstructing Iraq.
The new policy, enacted by US aggression administrator L. Paul Bremer, allows
American firms to enter and potentially dominate key elements of the economy,
from banking to manufacturing that had been off-limits to outside ownership. The
Iraqis will have no say and will lose all the gains that they have achieved in the
past 35 years.

Democrats and Republicans are leading America to economic and political
disasters. The United States needs to be overhauled to save itself from the
arrogance and tyranny of its rulers and it is up to the American people to do the
Al-Moharer (September 27 2003)

The Forced Transfer of Palestinians

Ibrahim Ebeid

August 10 003

The word transfer in the Zionist dictionary means expulsion and uprooting of the
Palestinians from their homeland to make room for the Zionist colonialist settlers
in Palestine.

Selected articles 198

When Palestine was separated from southern Syria and occupied by Britain, to
facilitate the creation of the Zionist entity, Weizmann asked for preferential
treatment and for state lands to settle 40,000 to 50,000 Jews per year.
Ormsby-Gore, who was attached to the Zionist Commission as Political Officer of
the British Government, accepted Weizmann’s arguments and was in favor of
granting his requests.” in favor of encouraging non-Muslims, Europeans and Jews,
to develop and stabilize the Near East in view of the fact that “Islam” was the main
danger. Since the Zionist Organization provided the required human element to
man the Palestinian output in Europe's fight against Islam, it is in the interest of
England to assist the Zionist Organization and any other organization, which may
cooperate with them in the practical development of Jewish colonization in
The Weizmann Ormsby-Gore move was realized in 1948 when thousands of
Palestinians were murdered or expelled from their land to make space for the
Zionist settlers. Palestinian refugees and their descendants are forced to live in
miserable camps and in exile. They number over six million at present and I am
one of them.

Hating Arabs and Islam by the West was very apparent in the Western Zionist
relations. The agreement between Weizmann and Ormsby-Gore was a clear
demonstration of theses prejudice policies. The ripping apart of the Arab homeland
at the end of World War I, the raping of Palestine and the occupation of Iraq are
few examples related to Western Zionist anti-Arab behavior.

The United States of America had the strongest hand the in the Palestinian problem
since the inception of the Zionist entity. Its leaders were always putting the
interests of Zionism above those of the United States. Billions of dollars, needed in
the United States, are finding their way to the Zionist entity to kill more
Palestinians, to confiscate more lands, to force more Palestinians to go into exile.
House Republican Majority Leader Dick Armey called for the ethnic cleansing of
Palestinians from the occupied territories and endorsed Zionist’s conquests of
those lands. Armey "is content to have a Palestinian state" but is "not content to
give up any part of “Israel” for the purpose of a Palestinian state." He defined all of
historic Palestine as “Israel”. He also said he has "thought this through for a lot of
years" and believes that Palestinians living in the West Bank should be removed
outside of their native land, "There are many Arab nations that have many

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hundreds of thousands of acres of land, soil, and property and opportunity to create
a Palestinian state."

David Ben Gurion, the Polish Zionist settler in Palestine, right before the creation
of the illegal entity was working tirelessly to transfer the Palestinians from
“Western Palestine” to Iraqi and maybe to Jordan and “Saudi” Arabia. He wrote in
his diary "We will offer to Iraq ten million pounds to transfer one hundred
thousand Arab families from Palestine to Iraq.” “ If there is a chance, we should
approach them with this plan.

In an undated (early 1939) document headed "Future Policy", Ben-Gurion again
put forward a plan for the transfer of Arabs from Palestine. "A proposal should be
made to Iraq and to Saudi Arabia for ten million pounds to transfer 100,000 Arab
families from Palestine. The document continues with the reaction of Dr. Selig
Brodetsky, Head of the Political Department of the Jewish Agency in London, who
agreed that the Jews "should, as suggested by Mr. Ben-Gurion approach the Arab
States, with the proposal of taking Arabs out of Palestine, but the scheme should
perhaps not be linked to the conception of compulsory transfer.

The Conception of compulsory transfer was adopted by, Ben Gurion, and the rest
of the Zionist leaders did not hesitate to use force to expel the Palestinians. They
have committed many crimes against the Palestinians that were considered
The transfer of Palestinians to Iraq gained more support among the Zionists and
their allies. Before the occupation of Iraq by the Anglo-Saxon powers, Iraq was
approached several times by various liaisons asking Iraq to sign a peace treaty with
the illegal Zionist entity and to settle about two million Palestinian refugees in
southern Iraq, in return for lifting the genocidal sanctions and the cessation of
hostility against that country... The Iraqi leadership refused this proposal in a
matter of principles because it believes that Palestine is Arab from the Jordan River
to the Mediterranean Sea and “Israel” is an illegal entity.

Selected articles 200


By Ibrahim Ebeid

August 28, 2009-

The Iraqi political and war prisoners are ignored by human rights organizations
and equally by progressive and anti-war movements. These establishments must
know that some of these prisoners were assassinated or died in jails by torture or
negligence. Others are still detained awaiting a kangaroo trial by courts established
by the forces of occupation, by the United States of America, to be killed or rot in
jails. The evidence of torture of these prisoners is overwhelming. We have
witnessed much of the evidence of torture and abuse in Abu Ghraib and other
prisons and camps across Iraq.

President Obama claimed, during his campaign, that he was the President of
Change: he spoke loudly against the war and promised to stop the war and torture.
The war that he promised to halt is still going on and the torture did not stop in
Iraqi jails. Everything is the same as it was during the administration of President
George W. Bush.

The US Administration is planning to transfer the Iraqi political and war prisoners
to the puppets and stooges of the US invaders to be killed and eliminated for
reasons of vengeance.

Many leaders were killed, such as the legitimate president of Iraq, President
Saddam Hussein and his colleagues. They were killed because they refused to
succumb to the US and Zionist domination, and they refused to surrender Iraq and
its wealth to them. The "crime' of Saddam Hussein and his colleagues was the
building of Iraq and breaking the monopoly of modern technology. An advanced
and independent Iraq did not please the United States and its ally the Zionist entity
"Israel" Saddam Hussein and his colleagues believed in Arab unity and in the total
liberation of Palestine. They believed in restoring Palestine to the Palestinian
people and the Palestinians to Palestine. These fundamental positions enraged the
US and its strategic ally, "Israel". I understand very well why the US government
is destroying Iraq and why it is trying to exterminate the Iraqi leadership but I do
not understand why the human rights organizations and the so-called anti-war

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