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Selected articles 2 Bitter memory of a child By
Ibrahim Naoum Ebeid

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Selected articles 2 Bitter memory of a child By Ibrahim Naoum Ebeid

Selected articles 2 Bitter memory of a child By
Ibrahim Naoum Ebeid

Selected articles 251

investigate “what went right and what went wrong.” Everything went wrong and
the President will not investigate himself.

Will the American people realize that with such a government the United States
would be devastated and ruined? It is time to put the country on the right track and
save it from destruction.

* The author is a US citizen and a Vietnam era veteran

To the American People

Al-Moharer, February 2, 2002

President George W. Bush proved himself to be dominated and controlled by the
Zionist movement. He was taught skillfully how to manipulate the Palestinian
cause for the benefit of his strategic allies and friends in the Zionist entity.
Distorting the facts willingly is forgery and dishonesty. Distorting them
unknowingly is ignorance.

Right became wrong and wrong became right in order to falsify history and facts.
Injustice became the rule of the day of the New World Order under the control and
domination of Zionist Washington. The United States sees the World from a
narrow perspective, from a scope confined to selfish interests. It cannot see itself as
part of the world but the world is part of it.

The President and his Administration know very well that the Zionist entity is
racist and a settler colonialist one which uprooted the Palestinians from their native
land by violence in order to establish their illegal entity. The President and his
Administration are willingly distorting facts and falsifying history and knowingly
are bringing more misery to the Palestinian People.

With American guns and support to the Zionist “state,” the Palestinians are dying
because the “price is worth it” for an American candidate to be elected or in Bush’s
case selected.

Selected articles 252

George W. Bush claims that he is “disappointed in Yasser Arafat”. The US
President and Sharon are in agreement to eliminate any legitimate resistance to the
new crusade under the “star” of David. Unfortunately, the President is representing
the aspirations and ambitions of the butcher of the Palestinians, Ariel Sharon.
The American Administration is legitimizing the criminal acts of the Zionists
against the Palestinians. Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary
Donald Rumsfeld are more hawkish than Bush and Sharon put together. Their
senior aides have in recent days advised Bush to suspend relations with the
Palestinian Authority and even went further to use sanctions to inflict more
suffering on the Palestinian people. Bush himself went further to accuse Arafat of “
enhancing terrorism”(That means that Mr. Arafat is a terrorist according to the
Bush doctrine) and Mr. Arafat is not welcomed in the White House until he fully
complies with Zionist demands to arrest and eliminate all the Palestinians forces of
The US government is practicing a new war against the Arab people and Islamic
Nations. A renovated crusade is being used under the pretext of the war on
terrorism. The new war consists of deadly blockades, smart bombs of mass
destruction and so on. These inhumane actions are being taken against the will of
the American people; they are taken not to serve the US interests but to serve those
of the Zionist movement and its criminal wars against humanity.

Recently, President Bush sent messages to the Arab rulers assailing Arafat and the
Palestine Authority insinuating that the Palestinian people are terrorists. Colin
Powell revealed the racist stand of the American Administration when he claimed
that Washington has “open options” towards Arafat. This stand is representing the
racist stand of the Zionist entity. It has several meanings that might include the
Palestinians in America’s war on terror. Also, it might mean the unfledged support
of the Zionist racist war in Palestine.

We advise the American Administration to be fair and just in its dealing with the
world in order to achieve peace.

We call upon Washington to represent the interests of the American people and not
that of the racist interest of the Zionist entity

Selected articles 253

We call upon the US Administration and representatives to stop funding billions of
dollars from the taxpayers to the Zionist “state.

We call upon the US Administration to enforce All UN Resolution on “Israel”
since its illegal inception.

We call upon the United States of America to terminate the unjust deadly embargo
on Iraq immediately and to stop the threat of widening the war of terror against
other nations who are not friends of Zionism.

American forces engaged in aggressive wars must be brought home where they
belong to help rebuild the American economy, which is suffering due to
aggressive, polices.

Palestinians have the right to go to their homes, towns, and villages and must be
compensated for their sufferings.

Jews must be welcomed to return to the countries of origin where they have
relatives and interests.

Above all, the United States must be part of the world and not above it in order to
earn its respect and eliminate terrorism.

To The Anti-War and Anti-Imperialist Movements

Ibrahim Ebeid

The Bush Administration is facing barrages of attacks from every direction for its
lies and for misleading the United States in its brutal war against Iraq and its
people. These lies are haunting President Bush and haunting all members of his
Administration. Fear is so overwhelming that they might lose the bid for the White
House in November 2004.

Relentlessly Bush's men were and still are lying to the American people in order to
polish his tarnished image for reelection. They pretend that the Administration

Selected articles 254

never said that Iraq was an imminent threat to the United States. They are trying to
convince America and the World that the Administration should be absolved and
the blame should fall upon the CIA for misleading them about the Iraqi "weapons
of mass destruction".

Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, in an attempt to redeem the fading trust in
the United States was trying to improve the President’s image by blaming the Arab
news media and television networks of distorting the reputation of the United
States abroad and portraying it as Imperialist. He also was justifying the
occupation of Iraq and blaming it on President Saddam Hussein: "It was his choice,
and if he had chosen differently — if his regime had taken the steps that Libya is
now taking, there would have been no war". What the Secretary said was a
contradiction of what really happened. Iraq was cooperating fully with the United
Nations while the United States was in total violation of UN Resolutions. It kept
rejecting all reports that might give Iraq a "Bill of Health" that might clear Iraq of
having "weapons of mass destruction". But the agenda of the United States was not
to end the suffering of the Iraqi people or lift the embargo. Its intention was the
occupation of Iraq and robbing it of its wealth and natural resources. Rumsfeld said
there was more at stake in Iraq than just banned weapons. He asserted that the wars
in Iraq and Afghanistan have “liberated” 50 million oppressed people. Facts were
turned around, occupation, destruction mass killing of civilians and robbery
became liberation and freedom.

Failing to find any stockpile of biological or chemical weapons in Iraq President
George W. Bush and his Administration resorted to a new refrain’ “that man
(Saddam Hussein) was a dangerous man, a mad man, the World is better off
without him”. Indeed the CIA did not lie to Bush but facilitated the way for him
and his Hawks to launch the aggression. When Bush was sure that Iraq was no
longer a “threat” and its biological and chemical weapons were destroyed in 1991,
and long-range missiles ceased to exist, he launched his war of mass destruction.
Mr. Russert of Meet The Press on February 8, 2004, asked President Bush: Now
looking back, in your mind, is it worth the loss of 530 American lives and 3,000
injuries and wounded, simply to remove Saddam Hussein, even though there were
no weapons of mass destruction? The President: Every life is precious. Every
person that is willing to sacrifice for this country deserves our praise, and yes. The

Selected articles 255

President answer reminds us of Madeleine Albright when she said, "The price is
worth it".

To cover up for his aggression and failure to find any stockpiles of chemical or
biological weapons George Bush appointed a “Presidential Commission” not to
investigate him and his hawkish entourage for the brutal war but to investigate the
intelligence and its discrepancies. The commission will not be able to work
objectively because it is limited and hand tied. It has no mandate to investigate but
to justify the war for the Administration’s credit. The so-called Presidential
Commission will report after the Election 2004 in order to protect the President
and give him a chance for another term. Of course, it will justify the US war of
terror and the destruction of Iraq and will put the blame on President Saddam
Hussein for not revealing his programs and whereabouts of the alleged "biological,
chemical and nuclear weapons".

For about fourteen years, Iraq was under meticulous inspection. No weapons were
found. When the inspectors were close to declaring that Iraq is clean and has no
such weapons or programs, the United States sabotaged every attempt and say
“find the weapons or else”. The saga continued, even after the invasion and
occupation of Iraq. The US inspectors under the CIA supervision failed to find
those weapons that in reality did not exist because they were destroyed in 1991
according to the testimony of many UN inspectors. David Kay the CIA chief
inspector came to the same conclusion and admitted that there were no stockpiles
of biological and chemical weapons in Iraq.

Two weeks before the invasion of Iraq President Saddam Hussein denied that there
were any biological, chemical or any unconventional weapons in Iraq. The United
States and its allies rejected the fact that Iraq had no such weapons because the
intention of Washington was to invade Iraq and to change its legal government and
to appoint a government who is loyal to US and Zionist interests.

Now the truth was revealed. No weapons of mass destruction were found. The war
was launched on false pretenses and fabrications. Iraq was destroyed. Millions of
innocent Iraqis died. The infrastructure, the state, and private institutions were
demolished. Electricity became a thing of the past. The people of the Two Great
Rivers are thirsty and starving. Peace and security were replaced by horror, chaos,

Selected articles 256

and fear. Uniformed foreign soldiers are ravaging the country under the name of
The Democratic Party whose presidential candidates supported and voted for the
US war of terror on Iraq are blaming the disastrous aftermath of the war on Bush
and his Administration. They are trying to absolve themselves from the mess they
have created, while in fact they are part of it and they are as responsible and as
guilty. The frontrunner of the Democratic Party, Senator Kerry, voted for the war
and supported the Congressional Resolution authorizing the invasion and
occupation of Iraq. Also, he supports sending 40,000 additional US troops to bases
of aggression around the World. He like Bush wants to drag the United Nations to
legitimize the US aggression and Iraq occupation.

Since the Democrats and Republicans supported the war and the occupation of Iraq

and failed to let reason triumph over aggression, then America is in need of a

genuine movement that is capable of introducing radical changes and saving
America and the World from Washington’s tyranny. The hope for change lies in

the anti-war and anti-Imperialist movements to adopt a very progressive platform
that includes the followings:

On The Iraqi Level

The United States must apologize to the Iraqi people and to its legal Leadership for
the suffering and the destruction of Iraq.

The United States must withdraw its troops from Iraq and the Arabian Gulf
immediately and unconditionally.

The United States, its allies and all those states that were behind or facilitated the
aggression and destruction of Iraq must compensate Baghdad totally and fully.
The United Nations who was part of the aggression and the genocidal sanction
must not involve itself in any affairs that might legalize and support the US
occupation of Iraq.

On The Palestinian Level

The massacres of the Palestinian people by the Zionist entity must stop
immediately. The Palestinian Freedom Fighters and Liberation Forces must be
recognized and supported.

Selected articles 257

The Right of Return of the Palestinian people must not be ignored and it must be
fully supported and fulfilled.

Establishing the Palestinian State in historic Palestine must be realized and
The West and all those who were behind the destruction of Palestine must
apologize to the Palestinian people and to the Arab nation.


By Ibrahim Ebeid

Will the Democrats put America on the right track and take a new direction as they
have promised before the election? Will they have the courage to end the war of
aggression against Iraq and bring the troops home alive?

The American people gave them the mandate and they expect them to deliver,
otherwise, they will lose the confidence of the American people and the trust of the
Ending the war must take a priority for the sake of America and for the sake of
peace in the United States and abroad. If the Democrats are really concerned about
ending terror and want to live in harmony with the rest of the world then we have
to start from within.

We have to clean our house first before we accuse other nations as terrorists or
“axis of evil” members. We have to admit that we and our allies are the “axis of
evil,” not Iraq or other states that do not agree with us or refuse to be under our
We are the ones who attacked Iraq and destroyed it and the Democrats gave their
full support to the war. The war against Iraq was not the war of the Republicans or
Bush only, but the War of Democrats as well.

If the Democrats are really sincere in their call for a new direction, we hope that
the direction will be in admitting that they were wrong in supporting this horrible
war and mass killing of Iraqis and young American men and women in uniform.

Selected articles 258

Because the war of aggression was launched against Iraq with false and fabricated
intentions, we should recognize the Iraqi Resistance and not those who were
installed by the Bush administration.

We should release the legal Iraqi leadership whose members are captives in our
jails and concentration camps:

All the institutions of Iraq that we destroyed should be reinstated.

The legal military and police forces should be recognized and restored: the
sectarian ones that we established should be dissolved.

All the laws, rules, courts, tribunals, and the sectarian constitution, which were
created under occupation, are illegal and must be replaced by the original ones.
The sentence which was passed upon President Saddam Hussein and his colleagues
is illegal and in violation of the international law. It is against the rules of the
Geneva Convention because Saddam Hussein and his colleagues are prisoners of
war and detained by the occupying forces.

We should compensate Iraq for all the damages and sufferings we brought upon
the country. Doing so, we save billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money that will not
be needed to continue the violence in Iraq and we can divert other billions saved to
improve the lives of the poor and deprived Americans.

The Baath Party and the Resistance have offered us a dignified way to get out of
the quagmire of Iraq. It is well-stated in the Program of Liberation and
Independence; they have offered us conditions that we should not ignore.
The Democrats must take a new direction and should realize that the Palestinians
are still dying, children, young and elderly with US guns and Zionist soldiers.
Their homeland was usurped and they were forcibly kicked out, also with US guns
and support. When the Palestinians defend themselves our president and officials
call them "terrorists." The ones who are killing them with our support and blessing
are ignored and their criminal acts called self-defense.

What is going in Palestine is mass murder and people are buried in mass graves.
The ongoing killing of Palestinians in Gaza Strip, and especially in Beit Hanoun, is
undoubtedly an act of genocide of which Democrats and Republicans are silent.

Selected articles 259

The body count in the last few days will never be known to us; we have lost count.
An entire family of 18 was wiped out, including children and women. Children,
who were waking up, getting ready to go to school, were bombed and blown apart.
Body parts were scattered in the streets and among the ruins.

Our administration was calling for "Democracy and free election in Palestine."
When the Palestinians elected their representatives and Hamas won, our Democrats
and Republicans objected and put the Palestinians udder embargo. Children are
starving and their bodies are barely clothed. They have no medicine and no
nourishment. America has punished the Palestinians for being democratic and this
attitude must be changed.

The Democrats are as guilty as the Republicans, but will they take a new direction
towards peace, harmony, and equality among nations? Will they take a fair stand
towards the Palestinians?

* The author is a US citizen and a Vietnam era veteran, 25 Infantry Division.
November 10, 2006

To The International Community

The heads of Arab states, without any exception, are responsible for the state that
we Arabs are in. They are not concerned about their people as much as they are
concerned about their own status to stay in power. Their status is protected as long
as they are loyal to the Zionist-American agenda.

Their loyalties to the Zionist Imperialist powers led to the repression and
persecution of their people. Political freedom and expression in the entire Arab
world are those of the whims of the rulers and their masters. If someone or any
political organization jumps the conditioned "freedom" then, jail or death is
awaiting this individual or organization.

Sanctions are being practiced by those leaders in their respected countries against
those who dare to contradict the status quo of the deteriorated situation.
Deprivation of jobs forced thousands of people to leave their countries to seek a
loaf of bread or to look for “better” situation for their families in a foreign land.

Selected articles 260

The policies of repression led to draining the manpower out that is needed to build
the country. These policies were practiced to satisfy the Zionist Imperialist power
The Arab rulers who rallied behind the Zionist American aggression against Iraq
since 1991 are partners in the crimes that led to the present deterioration of the
situation in the Arab world, especially in Palestine and in Iraq.

The Iraqi National Resistance made clear to the entire World the following:
The occupation of Iraq was neither for weapons of mass destruction nor for the
Kuwaiti prisoners. None of these things existed but in the Imperialist Zionist mind
in order to destroy Iraq in order to rid the Arab world from the voice of conscience.
Iraq, in the opinion of Bush and his Zionist allies, was not tamed or conditioned
like the rest of the Arab regimes; it was out of the domain.

The continuous aggression is aimed at Iraq for its nationalist pan-Arab stand, its
wealth, and independent vision. It is directed against the Arab Baath Socialist
Party, its ideology, theories and progressive programs for Arab Freedom, Unity,
and Socialist agenda. The attempt to "uproot" the Baath and the Iraqi political
leadership has its purpose in the Bush strategy. This aggressive strategy is aimed to
liquidate the Palestinian cause for the interests of the Zionist movement.
The Zionist-American alliance succeeded in rallying “Arab” regimes to commit
themselves to such flagrant aggression and conspiracy. This conspiracy is
unfolding and revealing itself clearly and aggressively in Palestine and Iraq. The
Mubarak regime of Egypt became the godfather of all conspirators and fact-
distorter. These regimes dedicated themselves to play major conspiratorial roles
against the Arab nation, especially against Palestine and Iraq.

The National Resistance that the Baath is leading in Iraq will expand and get

stronger to deal severe blows upon the conspiracies and occupation. The resistance

warned all forces of occupation and their agents of severe strikes inside Iraq and
wherever the aggressor exists. The Baathists and all the freedom fighters “will
punish the aggressors, their allies and those who cooperate with them” and they are

determined to carry the fight until Iraq is free and the aggressors abandon their


The International organizations that are concerned with peace and justice must

totally rally their forces behind the demands of the Iraqi National Resistance and
the Freedom Fighters of Palestine with no reservation.

Selected articles 261

The Progressive Organizations and the Peace Loving People must support the
legitimate demand of the Palestinian people to return to their homes and establish
their Palestinian state from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea.
The Progressive Organization and the Peace Loving People must work intensively
for the withdrawal of the Anglo-American troops from Iraq and the entire Gulf
area immediately and without any hesitation. Also, they must work for the
immediate release of the Iraqi and Palestinian prisoners in the American and
Zionist concentration camps.

The American forces of aggression must negotiate with the members of the Iraq
Leadership who are Prisoners of War for the plans of immediate withdrawal.
Al-Moharer believes that above-mentioned demands are legitimate and it hopes
that the International Organizations will support them in the upcoming rallies on
March 20, 2004.

January 25, 2004

To the US Anti -War Movement

By Ibrahim Ebeid [email protected]

The Iraqis and Palestinians are looking for the upcoming demonstration on
September 24th, 2005, with the hope that the American Anti-War Movement
would be able to unify its forces to help end the US-Zionist aggression once and
for all.

The movement must keep in mind that the Iraqi and the Palestinian struggle is one
and the same, it is directed against the foreign invaders, against US Imperialism
and its strategic ally, the Zionist movement. This is an essential task and must be
included in the program of all Anti-War Movements and International Peace
You must bear in mind that not the Iraqi or the Palestinian people alone are
suffering from this illegal racist war launched against the Arab nation in Palestine

Selected articles 262

and Iraq. You are suffering a great deal too and you are victimized by this
unprecedented Administration. Your children, especially the unprivileged ones, are
herded to Iraq to kill innocent people and get killed for the blind ambitions of Bush
and Dick Cheney. President Bush lied to you and lied to the World about the War
in Iraq. He claimed that the war was to seek and destroy the weapons of mass
destruction, but there were none in the possession of Iraq. The weapons were in the
hands of President Bush and his allies that they used in this ongoing aggression.
His allies, including “Israel”, also have a large amount of various weapons of mass
destruction that must not be tolerated or ignored.

Then the tune of the war was changed to get rid of the legal government of Iraq.
Getting rid of the leadership they did, but they replaced it with an illegal,
reactionary, non-Iraqi sectarian “government” headed by Zalmay Khalilzad, of
Afghan origin stationed in the Green Zone, in a small portion of Baghdad, in the
Iraqi Presidential Palace, What a shame!

Then Bush and his friends came with a brand new lie that the war was launched to
import democracy, American style, but terror, poverty, and horror were imposed
on Iraq and its people and mass graves were created by the weapons of Bush and
the bullets he imports from the Zionist entity.

The latest lie was that the war was to eliminate the ideology of hatred? What
ideology does the President mean? In Iraq, there was no ideology of hate. The
Iraqis and Palestinians have done nothing wrong, they have not caused any harm to
the United States; on the contrary, they were victimized. They did not attack the
US with weapons of any kind, but he did and he is still doing it.

The Ideology of Iraq under its legal leadership was a progressive one with
humanitarian scope and aims. It considers all Arabs as one nation and that the Arab
Homeland must be reunited. Freedom and Socialism are an integrated part of the
struggle of the Arab masses to reunite their homeland. We have written many
articles about this subject and we will continue to write in Al-Moharer This progressive ideology was one of the reasons that
prompted the Western Imperialism to create the Zionist entity in Palestine in order
to prevent the Arab Nation from being reunited, independent and free again.
The war on the Arab Nation and especially against Iraq and Palestine was indeed a

Selected articles 263

war against the Arab Ideology, which represents the hopes and aspiration of the
Arab masses for Unity, Freedom, and Social economic justice. Bush was not happy
with Iraq and its leadership; he wanted to eliminate such leadership and what it
stands for. He wanted to dominate the Arab World and control its wealth. He
destroyed the Iraqi region and created chaos and fear in the entire world. Both
Bushes eliminated the progress and prosperity that Iraq enjoyed before the war that
they started in 1991.

The Iraqi leadership was aware of the US Imperialist- Zionist plot and was
determined to fight the invaders and their allies whether domestic or foreign. The
plan was drawn before the invasion and now it is being widely implemented.
The Iraqi Resistance would not accept any negotiations according to the statements
that were issued by the Resistance and the Baath Party.…/baath_statements-e.htm. The Resistance made it very
clear that the Iraqis will keep fighting until all the Iraqi territories are liberated and
the invaders and those who came with them are expelled. The Iraqis must be fully
compensated for all the losses and suffering they endured from the war that started
in 1991 until the present time.

The Iraqi National Resistance that is led and directed by the Regional Leadership
of the Arab Baath Socialist Party is the sovereign one. It is in charge of the struggle
and trusted by the Iraqi people. It is the sole representative of the Iraqi People and
Saddam Hussein is the Legal President of Iraq according to the many statements
issued by the Resistance and the Baath Party.

Many Americans put the blame on Bush for the war. They want to impeach and
replace him with another, but would the US succeed with another president to lead
on the same path of the previous administrations? Or would it need a radical
change in attitude and abandon the arrogance and free itself from the chains of its
creation? It is about time that the United States follows a humanitarian ideology in
which it looks at the World as equal and not as subordinate. Our hope in the Anti-
War Movement is great. We believe that the movement is able and capable of
carrying the mission and achieving the best for America and the World.
August 6, 2005

Selected articles 264

Tony Blair is not learning his lesson

By Ibrahim Ebeid , March -14-2005

The democracy and freedom that President Bush and his colleague Tony Blair are
exporting to the Arab nation mean servitude to the Anglo-Saxon-Zionist
Imperialism. This servitude was accepted by the Arab rulers in order to maintain
themselves in power and to protect themselves from the rage and anger of the
people who have chosen the freedom and democracy through the struggle on the
road of a unity of the homeland.

The British Imperialists at the beginning of last century were looking for cheaper
and cleaner energy to run their vast fleets. Coal was very laborious to extract and
more space required storing on the ships. Winston Churchill soon after he became
First Lord of the Admiralty in 1911, declared oil to be of paramount importance for
the supremacy of the Imperial Navy.

During the Great War, Sir Maurice Hankey, Secretary of the War Cabinet, advised
Foreign Secretary Arthur Belfour in writing that control of the Persian and
Mesopotamian oil was a “first-class British war aim.” The British were very quick
to turn their attention to Iraq because oil was discovered in abundance. To control
the oil they resorted to occupying Iraq after ripping the Arab Homeland apart and
Iraq was put under British Mandate.

Gen. F.S. Maude, commander of British forces in Iraq in 1917 described the
Imperialist army as liberators. He had the nerve to say to the Iraqi people "Our
armies do not come into your cities and lands as conquerors or enemies but as
liberators. Your wealth has been stripped from you by unjust men ...The people of
Baghdad shall flourish under institutions which are in consonance with their sacred
laws...The Arab race may rise once more to greatness!" But soon enough after
these lies, Iraq was merged into a blood bath and about 10,000 people were killed
in 1920 by the invaders.

The British were not welcomed with flowers and roses as liberators but with
bullets and guns as invaders and occupiers.

Selected articles 265

Unfortunately, the Prime Minister of Britain did not learn the lesson. 83 years later,
he repeated the same mistake that his ancestors did. The Prime Minister has said
that the campaign in Iraq will be carried out to minimize the suffering of its people
and to safeguard the wealth of the country for their future prosperity. But alas, this
time he took part in the invasion in support of his colleague George W. Bush. The
main reason behind this invasion was not for the weapons of mass destruction or
for freedom and democracy but for oil and “Israel”. The Iraqis are being stripped
of their wealth, their oilfields are in ruin, the whole economy is destroyed and the
people of Iraq are living in poverty that they never experienced before.
Mr. Blair and President Bush are not benefitting from the previous mistakes of
1920. They have put their countries in a deep sticky hole. Their armies are stuck
there and became a target for the growing National Resistance. The Iraqis are
looking at them as occupiers, invaders, and robbers.

Two Thousand Years Later, the Story of Issa Renewed

By Ibrahim Ebeid

Your Excellency President Saddam Hussein, we have known you for a long time in
the battlefield of Jihad and struggle. You are our guiding light and the force that
motivates us to carry the banner of our nation. We assure you that we will never let
it fall. It will stay as high as your spirit.

Two thousand years ago, our compatriot, Issa Al Massih, Jesus Christ, whose
ancestors came from Iraq to Palestine, was assassinated, like you, for his principles
that he stood for, the Romans and their allies in the area sacrificed him in the Day
of Sacrifice, the Passover. ‘

It is no coincidence that the sectarians, the traitors of the Arab nation who betrayed
the principles of our nation that you have preached to us until the last moment,
sacrificed you on Eid Al-Adha, the day of sacrifice. It was an honor for you to die
like Issa Al-Massih with courage, dignity and fearless.

Selected articles 266

Your executioners were terrified and they covered their faces with masks, they
have no courage but cowardice runs in their veins.

You have stayed faithful to Islam, your faith in the Arab nation, to Iraq and
Palestine, the names of these two beloved regions were pronounced ardently when
you embraced death valiantly and courageously.

The World should know that you were assassinated because you believed in the
principles of Arab Unity, Freedom and Social Justice for all the citizens of the
Arab Homeland without any exception. You were assassinated because you
mission will continue, we will follow your guiding light and we will remain
faithful to the same principles you believed in.

The enemies of Iraq, The Chalabis, the Talabanis and the Barazanis, Abdul Aziz
Al Hakim Al Tabtabai, Moqtada Al Sadr, Karim Shapur, Al-Maliki and all the
commanders of the sectarian militias and the Death Squads were dancing in
Jubilation for killing Iraq and its symbol. While you Mr. President sent a message
of love and forgiveness when you said to your followers and to the Iraqi people:
Remember that God has enabled you to become an example of love, forgiveness
and brotherly coexistence…

I call on you not to hate because hate does not leave a space for a person to be fair
and it makes you blind and closes all doors of thinking and keeps away one from
balanced thinking and making the right choice…

I also call on you not to hate the peoples of the other countries that attacked us and
differentiate between the decision-makers and peoples…

Yes, Mr. President, you will remain dear to us, to every Arab, to every Muslim and
to every believer in freedom and human dignity in the World. Rest in peace and
May God Bless your soul.

December 30, 2006

Selected articles 267

Two Years in the Making

President Bush was never interested in weapons of mass destruction. He knew very
well that Iraq did not have them. He knew that Iraq was no danger to the United
States or to the World as he and his men falsely declared. The word WMD
miraculously has vanished and disappeared from his speeches.

He has ignored that the Iraqi program of armament was nothing comparing to that
of the United States and of the Zionist entity. "No other country is in the same
league in military spending as the United States," reports the Center for Defense
Information. Based on statistics provided by the CDI, no country in the Middle
East has more weapons of mass destruction than "Israel", and no other country in
the world has escaped the scrutiny of its nuclear arsenal, as has the Zionist entity.
The Bush Administration never gave any attention to the Zionist arsenal of these
deadly weapons. This is another proof that the allegation of Iraq having weapons
of mass destruction was baseless. Oil and "Israel" were the reasons for the
occupation and destruction of Iraq.

The Telegraph of the UK reported that documents released under America's
Freedom of Information Act revealed that an energy task force led by Vice-
President Dick Cheney was examining Iraq's oil assets two years before the latest
war began. The papers were obtained after a long battle with the White House by
Judicial Watch, a conservative legal charity that opposes government secrecy and
which is suing for the dealings of the task force to be made public.

The emergence of the documents could fuel claims that America's war in Iraq had
as much to do with oil as national security. It also indicates that the Bush
administration is beginning to lose the battle to keep its internal workings secret.
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said: "People will draw their own conclusions
about the documents, but that is what an open society is about. Given the delay in
their release, the Bush administration clearly did not want them to come out."
Te occupation of Iraq causes unease and concern among the people of the United
States and at the same time lead to more death among the deprived Americans who
are forced to fight a war of aggression that is not in their interest.
The quagmire in Iraq is forcing Bush to attempt to "buy" foreign troops for a
proposed 30.000 multinational force in Baghdad. "When they were seeking U.N.

Selected articles 268

support for a war on Iraq, they were twisting arms," one Asian diplomat said.
"Now they are offering carrots in exchange for our troops."

The online site of the weekly Der Spiegel magazine reported. that American Nobel
Prize laureate for Economics George A. Akerlof lashed out at the government of
President George W. Bush, calling it the "worst ever" in American history, "I think
this is the worst government the US has ever had in its more than 200 years of
history. It has engaged in extraordinarily irresponsible policies not only in foreign
policy and economics but also in social and environmental policy,"

We agree with the Professor that this government must be changed. Its policies are
detrimental to world peace and to the United States. "This is not normal
government policy. Now is the time for (American) people to engage in civil
disobedience. I think it's time to protest - as much as possible," and we may add
"Cheney and Bush no more in 2004". America deserves a better president than
Bush. Both Bushes administrations had caused millions of innocent Iraqis to suffer
from the wars and from the harshest and deadliest sanctions that were ever unjustly
imposed upon a country and its people.

Occupying a country that was one of the founders of the United Nations
Organization is a violation of the Charter of this International Body. The
destruction of Iraq and robbing its oil and wealth are crimes against humanity that
should not go unnoticed. Iraq must be compensated and all foreign troops must be
withdrawn immediately. Iraqis should be allowed to control their own destiny
without any interference or intervention.

August 2, 2003

Until Freedom Rings

Ibrahim Ebeid , July 22, 2006

When oil had not been discovered, the Arabs were advanced and prosperous. The
world shared their vast knowledge in mathematics, engineering and all branches of
science and medicine. But, when the oil was discovered and it was abundant in the

Selected articles 269

Arab land, their misery and poverty became immeasurable. The imperialists, in
coalition with the Zionists, went insane and they released their destructive power
against the Arabs and ripped their countries apart in order to steal their wealth and
To legitimize stealing the wealth, the imperialists needed local partners and a
wedge to keep the Arab world apart. The local agents are the Arab rulers,
especially the kings and emirs of “Saudia” and the mini emirs and little sheiks of
the Arabian Gulf. Unfortunately, the wedge was struck in the heart of the Arab
homeland, in particular, Palestine.

For more than a century, the Arab people were and still, are fighting for their
existence against Western and Zionist aggression and threat. Many generations,
like their parents and grandparents, were born in war and unfortunately will die in
the war that was imposed upon them without their choice.

The war that is going on against our nation is a war between two civilizations; the
humanitarian one of the Arabs and that of the West which is tainted with racism
and hatred to everyone else who is not Western. It is a war against the values of the
Arab Islamic culture with new dimensions and methods.

This war was deliberately inflicted upon the Arabs, and the governments of stooges
were imposed upon them to facilitate the robbing of their lands and wealth and to
deprive them of prosperity and advancement. Parts of the land were given new
names after the rulers who were imposed on them and whose descendants are
controlled by imperialism and Zionism.

Hijaz and Najd were changed to Saudi Arabia, after the tyrant family that is
stealing the oil revenues in partnership with British and American companies.
Jordan, which was usurped from Syria, was given to the Hashimite family that lost
Hijaz and Najd to the Saud House and became the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan,
Palestine was given to foreign peoples who were gathered from every place in the
world and its people became refugees. The United States and its fascist allies
occupy Iraq and divided it into mini sectarian and ethnical federal states, and a
sectarian constitution was imposed upon its people.

The war is taking a heavier toll on the Arab people because it is taking a new form
and new ways. Now the imperialist and Zionist allies are using the deadliest
methods, such as devastating blockades, and the Arab cities are besieged. Bridges

Selected articles 270

are blown up and destroyed and so are the infrastructures of Iraq, Palestine, and
Lebanon. Poverty is spreading among people; for instance, poverty in Gaza Strip is
78 percent.

There is not enough medicine and food. Farms are being bulldozed, trees are being
uprooted and the produce of the farmers are getting spoiled and rotten at the
checkpoints. In Palestine, people cannot move freely from one place to the other.
Patients die at the checkpoints waiting to be allowed to cross to go to get medical
treatments. Even dead people are not allowed to cross these checkpoints without
delay. My uncle died in Gaza at the age of 92. It took more than 24 hours to
transport his corpse from Gaza to his hometown in the center of Palestine. A nun
was allowed to accompany the dead man but not his son who was the pastor of the
Catholic Church in Gaza. When the car of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
reached the checkpoint at the northern part of the town, it had to stop for more than
two hours to transfer the body to another car to carry the dead man to the church
for the funeral. Usually the trip does not take more than one hour at most, but in
this case, it took more than 24 hours.

The United States is not hiding its hostility and hatred of the Arab people. It is
more revealing now than ever before. The Zionist forces are pounding the Gaza
Strip and Lebanon 24 hour a day and the arrogant U.S. President is saying that
“Israel” has the right to defend itself and on this basis, he rejected a cease-fire on
the Lebanese and Palestinian fronts.

The Bush administration is rushing a delivery of precision-guided bombs to the
Zionist entity. “Israel.” This decision was taken to boost the Zionist aggression
against Lebanon and Palestine. The munitions that the United States is sending to
“Israel” are part of a multimillion-dollar arms sale package approved last year that
Israel is able to draw on as needed, the officials said. But Israel's request for
expedited delivery of the satellite and laser-guided bombs was described as
unusual by some military officers and is an indication that “Israel” still had a long
list of targets in Lebanon to strike. There is no doubt in my mind that the trip of the
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to the area is to instruct the Arab stooges to
execute the Zionist agenda in the area and to assure the Zionist state that
Washington is behind them.

Selected articles 271

Also, the stooges of the Zionist entity, the Arab rulers of Egypt, “Saudi Arabia”

and King Abdullah II of Jordan are blaming the freedom fighters that have the guts

to stand up for the defense of the people of Palestine and Lebanon. These rulers

chose to be in the enemy trench. They have given the green light to the Zionist

soldiers to destroy Lebanon and what is left of Palestine. The aggression against

Lebanon was extended to the Christian area of Beirut and now bombs are falling

all over Lebanon. Hundreds of civilians have been killed; among them children and

women. The south of Lebanon might be occupied again and a new human tragedy

might be in the making with the knowledge and support of Washington.

It seems that the Zionist entity and the United States are preparing to widen the

aggression to engulf Syria or maybe to include the entire region in order to create a
greater Zionist entity to fulfill the Zionist dream “From the Euphrates to the Nile”.

The war against the Arab nation that is taking place in Palestine, Lebanon, and Iraq
is not for “freedom of press and religion.” This war is directed against the Arabs to

kill their hope for freedom, liberation, and unity. It is directed against the Arab

liberation movement that we are witnessing in Iraq, in Lebanon and Palestine. It is

not a war against terrorism but a war of terrorism against the hopes and aspirations

of the Arab people for a better future, free from foreign domination.
The killing of Iraqi children was justified by Madeline Albright as the “price is
worth it” We are talking about the killing of more than half a million children

under the age of five. The killing of the children in Palestine and Lebanon is also
justified “for self-defence,” by President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The Anglo-American- Zionist Imperialism justifies this war because Zionism is

racist in its essence, ideology, and practice. Tony Blair and George W. Bush said it
was for self-defense and “Israel” has the right to kill, destroy and occupy more

territories. The US Imperialists and the Zionist Leaders consider the Arabs

worthless and insignificant, and for this reason, Bush sends more arms to kill more

Arabs, in Lebanon, in Palestine, and in Iraq. Here are few quotes from some

Zionist leaders that reflect the racist nature and practices of the Zionist entity that

Washington and London support.

"There is a huge gap between us (Jews) and our enemies, not just in ability but in
morality, culture, the sanctity of life, and conscience. They are our neighbors here,
but it seems as if at a distance of a few hundred meters away, there are people who
do not belong to our continent, to our world, but actually belong to a
differentgalaxy." Israeli President Moshe Katsav, The Jerusalem Post, May10,2001

Selected articles 272

"The Palestinians are like crocodiles, the more you give them meat, they want
more" Ehud Barak, Prime Minister of Israel, at the time, - August 28, 2000.
Reported in the Jerusalem Post August 30, 2000

" [The Palestinians are] beasts walking on two legs." Menachem Begin, speech to
the Knesset, quoted in Amnon Kapeliouk, "Begin and the Beasts". New Statesman,
25 June 1982.

Saddam Hussein, the freest leader in the Arab homeland, was the only one to give
full support to the freedom fighters in Palestine and Lebanon when according to his
lawyers: he sent his greetings and support to the Palestinians and Lebanese for
their steadfastness. He declared that everyone who carries the gun against the
Zionist US enemy is considered in the nationalist trench. It is our duty to help and
He also warned against the Iranian ambition to utilize the situation for its own
agenda that is hostile against the Arab Nation. He also called for solidarity and
support for Syria that it might be exposed to an aggression in order to keep the
formula unbalance to serve the interest of the enemy.

We hope that Sayid Nasrallah, the leader of Hizbollah, would take a nationalist
stand on Iraq and condemn the political process which is taking place under
The freedom fighters in Lebanon should realize that the sectarian militias and the
sectarian fight in Iraq would weaken the struggle in Lebanon. The Iraqi National
Resistance is part of the struggle against Zionism, and it is in the Nationalist
Trench. The Sectarian Government“of the “Green Zone” is in the trench of the
Imperialist Zionist enemy and must be declared as the enemy of the principles of
the nationalist struggle.

Unity of the struggle is the way towards the liberation of Palestine and towards
victory in Lebanon and Iraq. The Arab freedom fighters will keep fighting until
“freedom rings” from the Arabian Gulf to the Atlantic Ocean and until Palestine is
liberated and free.

Selected articles 273

Uprooting Security and Peace

Security, law and order and peace were uprooted from Iraq by the coalition forces
of evil. Chaos and lawlessness became well spread in every corner of Iraq. The
economy and all the Iraqi institutions were destroyed and Americans became in
charge of a ruined Iraq.

To subdue the Iraqi people the invading forces resorted to creating fear among the
population. They destroyed the water system and the electric power. This criminal
act caused many people to die, and many people to suffer in the tremendous heat of
the summer that reaches 115 Celsius. Coalition forces are roaming the cities with
posters that read, "Give us the security we give you water and electricity."
The Governing Council and the newly appointed 25 Ministers are in no way
representing the Iraqi people. Washington runs each Ministry and each Department
in Iraq. The Ministers and the Council are no more than servants in the Imperialist
Court, and they are interpreters and informers. They are charged with a dangerous
task that serves the Washington agenda to spread fear among the Iraqis and create
a sectarian fight in Iraq.

The Ministry of Defense and Religion were abolished for obvious reasons; the
Americans do not want the Iraqis to restore their army and defense institutions in
order to keep them weak and defenseless. Washington knows that Iraq was the
strongest Arab country and it was the sole Arab country that was able to face the
Zionist aggression. It was the only Third World country that was able to break the
monopoly of modern technology and modernize its industries, military, agriculture
and all means of production.

The Ministry of Religion was annulled for a wicked reason in order to control our
way of worship and our belief. They want to control and distort the teaching of
Islam and the Holy Koran to fit the schemes of George W. Bush and his
Fundamentalist Christian Zionists such as Falwell, Robertson, Franklin Graham
and others who preach hate towards Islam.

The 25 stooges, members of the Governing Council, were very quick to accuse the
Iraqi resistance of killing Mohammad Baqir Al-Hakim. Some went further in

Selected articles 274

insinuating that the Sunni Muslims were behind the killing of this man. Their
accusations were baseless and malicious. They were intended to create and
encourage sectarian strife and further divide Iraq and the Iraqi people religiously
and ethnically. Sooner after the malicious accusations, Mr. Saddam Hussein was
very quick to refute their sinister allegations.

Has anyone, with a conscience, asked himself or herself what was the motive
behind the killing of Al-Hakim in front of the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali? Did the
occupying forces or their agents or the “Israeli” Shabak possibly execute it in order
to drag Iraq into civil or sectarian strife? Was it in order to divide Iraq into mini-
states to secure the Anglo-Saxon occupation and robbery for many decades to

US Administrations Bonded With Zionism

By Ibrahim Ebeid , March 20/200

The US Administrations whether Democratic or Republican, with no exception,
have always been fervent supporters of "Israel" and have always considered this
illegal entity as their strategic ally. "Israel" shares the same ideas as the United
States in conquering other nations, evicting the indigenous people from their land,
and annihilating the majority of the population to establish their state on that land.
When I was a young man there was no "Israel", Palestine was under the British
Mandate. The majority of the population was Arab despite the rush of the
organized Zionist immigration, supported and encouraged by the Mandate
Authority and the Western Allies. The Anglo-Saxons that are occupying Iraq
nowadays were the driving force behind expelling the Palestinians from their land
and establishing this entity in 1948.

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian families were expelled and thousands were
slaughtered. My family was one of the thousands who was expelled from Jaffa. I
remember vividly, it happened in 1948, to be specific on April 13, two days before
the establishment of the Zionist entity while the British were still there.
The American Presidents along with their religious guides are always enchanted

Selected articles 275

with Zionism and its racist ideology. Each one since the creation of the racist
entity, “Israel” is destined to show unfledged support and allegiance to Zionism
and to "Israel".
Just listen to the 700 Club of Pat Robertson or to Jerry Falwell and others, you will
reach a conclusion that they are blinded by Zionism and their hate to Arabs and
Muslims is very powerful and unmatched. Their followers are dominated by false
ideas and falsehood. This Fanaticism brought George W. Bush to the White House
for a second term and to a certain degree, it plays a remarkable role in US politics.
Sadly, every President gladly commits himself to working with the Congress to
help "Israel" financially, economically and militarily to keep it repressive and
aggressive in order to suppress the Palestinians who defend their historic rights to
Former President Clinton, in a speech to the Zionist Knesset (Parliament)
said "I am committed to working with our Congress to maintain the current levels
of military and economic assistance. We have taken concrete steps to strengthen
Israel's qualitative edge. The U.S.-"Israel"

Science and Technology Commission, unprecedented Israeli access to the
U.S. high-technology market, and acquisition of advanced computers --
all these keep "Israel" in the forefront of global advances and competitive and
global markets."…/Clint…/ClintonIsraeliKnesset94.html
Advancement and modern technology is forbidden to the Arab nation. When Iraq
was able to develop its economy and was able to break the barrier of modern
technology was brutally attacked and occupied. Its economy is destroyed; its
scientists are in jail or being assassinated by the thugs of occupation. Even women
scientists who worked hard in agriculture and farming were put in jails in the
harshest conditions. Huda Saleh Ammash is a notable example, she is sick with
cancer and still in jail for no reason other than to be a committed scientist for the
advancement of her country and her people.

The Arab countries are not allowed to advance nor they receive any financial,
military or economic assistance on the same level of "Israel" An Arab State must
stay weak but the Zionist entity must stay strong and aggressive. It is allowed to
violate UN Resolutions for "self-defense" and the victims, the Palestinians and

Selected articles 276

Arabs are not allowed to defend themselves against the terror of Zionism, and they
are considered terrorists by the US Administrations.

Clinton said to the Zionist Knesset "I have also taken steps to enhance Israel's
military and your capacity to address possible threats not only to yourselves but to
the region. F-15 aircraft are being provided, and F-16s transferred out of U.S.
stocks. We work closely with you to develop the Arrow missile, to protect against
the threat of ballistic missiles." (See link above)

Clinton formed a bond with his pastor when he visited the gravely ill cleric.
He promised him to be loyal to "Israel". He told his pastor that he might become
one day President of the United States, and then the ill Pastor told him "If you
abandon Israel, God will never forgive you." He said, "it is God's will that Israel,
the biblical home of the people of Israel, continue forever and ever". (See link
It amazes me how these presidents of the most “advanced democracy” in the world
are able to twist the facts and distort history. It is very strange how they ignore the
fact that Palestine is Arab since time immemorial and the Palestinians have the
right to liberate their land and establish the democratic state on the entire land of
The Arab regimes that accepted the Bush “Freedom and Democracy” are traitors to
the Arab cause; they have chosen to be on the side of the enemy against their
Recognizing the Zionist entity and normalizing relation with this illegal state
means relinquishing the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and the Arab
nation to their own land. These rulers who recognized "Israel" have accepted the
criminal usurpation of Palestine and have renounced the Right of Return.
We hope that the international community and the anti-war movements understand
that Zionism and US Imperialism are one and the same. They are the reason behind
the trouble and insecurity in the World. To be a peace loving movement and a
progressive organization you have to take a very clear stand against Zionism and
imperialism. You have to be on the side of the liberation movements in the World
especially in Iraq and Palestine. The Palestinian State must be on the entire historic
land of Palestine, from the river to the sea. Iraq must be liberated and its legal
government and institutions must be restored.

Selected articles 277

US And Zionist Cooperation

The United States is facing a nightmare in Iraq that might be worse than its
experience in Vietnam. The national resistance is growing bolder and inflicting
heavy casualties among the occupying forces. Fear and horror are widespread
among the soldiers who are fighting on behalf of corporate America, for oil and
But the extreme fanatic right that rules the United States is blinded by the cowboy
mentality that dominates Bush and his group. The Administration is seeking ways
and means to strengthen its weakened machine of terror in order to consolidate its
occupation and colonization of Iraq. For the last six months U.S. Army
commanders, Pentagon officials, and military trainers have sought advice from
“Israeli” intelligence and security officials on everything from how to set up
roadblocks to the best way to bomb suspected guerrilla hide-outs in an urban area
reported LA Times in its issue November 22, 2003.

Stephen Cambone, undersecretary of Defense for intelligence admitted that the
United States and “Israel” are working together; the cooperation of both countries
about Iraq is highly classified. "Those who have to deal with like problems tend to
share information as best they can."

The Zionist forces, in occupied Palestine, are entrusted to terrorize the Palestinians
while the US Administration is doing the same job in Iraq. The same tactics are
being used against the Palestinians and Iraqis. The cooperation between the Zionist
entity and the United States is getting stronger for years. "There are routine
channels that have been there for years, and those channels have been energized," a
Zionist official said of the communications. "The American military has been very
interested in our lessons … in how do you do surgical strikes in an urban zone,
how do you hit the bad guy with minimum collateral damage." Of course, the "bad
guys" are the freedom fighters in Palestine and the national resistance fighters in
US Special Forces and the Zionist army train together, in the United States and in
occupied Palestine. The Zionist defense minister visits the Pentagon three to four
times a year. Shaul Mofaz, met with Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld on
November 10, 2003, of course, the subject of Iraq and Palestine were on the
The United States and "Israel" are joining their forces in Iraq and Palestine. They

Selected articles 278

are sharing the same tactics of terror and the same agenda to further rip the Arab
homeland apart. They are using a vicious force and are trying to create chaos and
instability in the "Middle East" so they can enjoy our wealth and our natural
George W. Bush claims that he is bringing us "Democracy" but in reality, he is
oppressing us, robbing us and destroying our culture and heritage. Bush and his
strategic allies claim that the Zionist entity is the most "democratic" state in the
"Middle East" while in reality; it is the most racist entity in the world. It is illegal.
It was created by the West and it exists in our land.

US Lawmakers have no conscience

The Majority of the US Lawmakers have deviated from the principles of Justice
and the spirit of humanity. Their conscience is dead. They became tamed and
conditioned by the racist Zionism and they have fallen under its spell.
These Lawmakers do not represent the American people as much as they represent
the Zionist racist interests. They see the crimes of genocide being committed by
the Zionist entity against the Palestinian people and they lend unconditional
support to the murderers.

Representatives Henry Waxman, from California and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen from
Florida, are circulating a letter in the House of Representatives urging President
Bush to support the Zionist demand to include the Palestinian forces in his
"terrorist" list. This time they are targeting the Al-Aqsa Martyr Brigade, Tanzim
Fatah and Force 17.

Since coming to Congress, Waxman did not hesitate to display himself as a loyal
servant of the Zionist entity. He became an effective proponent of American aid to
guarantee the superiority of "Israeli" aggression, besides the finance committee,
that he presides in the Congress he is also on the Advisory Council of the
Washington Institute for "Israel" Health Policy Research. These positions help him
to divert billions of dollars out of the United States to the murderers of the
Palestinian children. Henry Waxman and Ileana Ros-Lehinen are supporters of
terrorism and according to the Bush "Doctrine", they are terrorists.
Waxman and Ros-Lehtinen are continuous phenomena of American official policy
that has no will of its own and is geared to terrorize nations who struggle against

Selected articles 279

racist Zionism and Zionist occupation. To Waxman and the rest of those un-
American politicians, including the Administration, Zionist terrorism against Arabs
and Muslims is valid and legal.

Since the inception of the Zionist entity, the United States fell under the spell of
the racist settler colonialist "state" and became a loyal slave. Billions of US dollars
are used to murder Palestinians and to create more terror and misery.
Since President Lyndon B. Johnson in the 1960s US policy towards the Zionist
nuclear weapons was officially formulated in exempting the Zionist entity from the
US stance against the spread of nuclear weapons in return for "Israeli" ambiguity
on the subject.

The blind support for the illegal entity and to Zionist terror by US Officials and
Legislators reveal to us the malicious intention of the racist strategic alliance that is
geared against Arabs and Muslims and against our Arab Islamic culture. It is a new
US-Zionist Crusader War.

March 2, 2000

US Presidents under Zionism

By Ibrahim Ebeid,

The Zionist organizations are well entrenched in US institutions and undoubtedly
in command. Successive presidents, senators, and congressmen were under the
spell of Zionism and were integrated part of its power long before the illegal
creation of the Zionist entity in Palestine.

President John Quincy Adams in a letter to Major Mordecai Manuel Noah said, "I
believe in the rebuilding of Judea as an independent nation".

Selected articles 280

Not long after the Emancipation Proclamation, President Abraham Lincoln, the
American icon, met a Canadian Christian Zionist, Henry Wentworth Monk, who
was an advocate for the creation of a Zionist state in Palestine "by restoring them
(the Jews) to their "national home" in Palestine." Lincoln replied that this was "a
noble dream and one shared by many Americans."

President Woodrow Wilson also endorsed the infamous Balfour Declaration and
found himself in agreement with the British to illegally grant Palestine to the Jews
by stating "The allied nations with the fullest concurrence of our government and
people are agreed that in Palestine shall be laid the foundations of a Jewish
Dwight Eisenhower, like the rest of the Zionist influenced US presidents,
supported the disbursement of the Palestinian people to make room for the
European Jews when he bluntly said "Our forces saved the remnant of the Jewish
people of Europe for a new life and a new hope in the reborn land of Israel. Along
with all men of good will, I salute the young state and wish it well."
"I know I was elected by the votes of American Jews. I owe them my victory. Tell
me, is there something I ought to do?" -- U.S. President John F. Kennedy speaking
privately to Ben-Gurion (p.90 A & L Cockburn 1991). He also summarized the US
Zionist position of his predecessors by stating "This nation, from the time of
President Woodrow Wilson, has established and continued a tradition of friendship
with Israel because we are committed to all free societies that seek a path to peace
and honor individual right. In the prophetic spirit of Zionism all free men today
look to a better world and in the experience of Zionism we know that it takes
courage and perseverance and dedication to achieve it." "Israel was not created in
order to disappear-Israel will endure and flourish. It is the child of hope and home
of the brave. It can neither be broken by adversity nor demoralized by success. It
carries the shield of democracy and it honors the sword of freedom.

Nixon was not any different, he arrogantly denied the existence of the land of
"milk and honey" and claimed that it was a desert and the miraculous usurpers, the
Jews, made it fertile and blooming gardens, when he asserted, "Americans admire
a people who can scratch a desert and produce a garden. The Israelis have shown
qualities that Americans identify with: guts, patriotism, idealism, and a passion for
freedom. I have seen it. I know. I believe that."

Selected articles 281

Admiral Thomas Moore of the Joint Chiefs of Staff along with others had realized
the Zionist control over the United States and its institutions including the
presidency and without any exaggerations, he said "I've never seen a president_ I
don't care who he is- stand up to them [the Zionists]. It just boggles your mind.
They always get what they want. The Israelis know what's going on all the time. I
got to the point where I wasn't writing anything down. If the American people
understood what grip those people have on our government, they would rise up in
arms. Our citizens don't have any idea what goes on."

The late, Chairman Senator Fluorite on Face the Nation October 7, 1973, admitted
that " The Israelis control the policy in the congress and the senate... somewhere
around 80 percent of the Senate of the United States is completely in support of
Israel-of anything Israel wants..."

The Zionist Settler, Shimon Peres, frankly admitted that Clinton was the "best
friend' that the entity ever had in the White House. And as one Jewish writer said
that Clinton was like a child, simply he was not able to say no to "Israel". "We
have exhausted our requests. President Clinton has answered all our needs. There
has been no American president in history like President Clinton, in his support of
Israel and the Jews. (Shimon Peres, Washington Report July 1996 page 17)
In the four decades that I have lived in the belly of the beast, the United States, I
discovered that the United States had lost its will and totally became a stooge to the
Zionist entity. Its Senate and Congress became representatives of the illegal state
of Zion.

American interests became secondary compared to the interests of Zionism. The
Media is controlled. Brainwashing the American people by hiding the facts or by
distorting them is playing a big role in the service of Zionism.

.... And the feeble minded "Arab" leaders, like the Saudis and Kuwaiti regimes,
became a tool in the hands of US Zion and became partners in crime against
Palestine and Iraq. The support that they give to Zionist America is unprecedented
in the history of mankind. They are conspiring against Palestine and they are
helping the Zionist entity by participating in the war against Iraq in order to
weaken it and cripple its role in the liberation of Palestine.

Selected articles 282

US Zionist Campaign of Terror

The crimes being committed against the Palestinians are horrendous and genocidal.
Since 1947 the Palestinian people are subjugated to Zionist terror supported by
those who created their entity in Palestine. These crimes are going unpunished and
if there were an attempt of condemnation by the Security Council the United States
uses its power of veto to derail it.

The Zionist forces destroyed over 150 homes and damaged over 100 in the refugee
camp in Rafah October 10 –12 - 2003 in “Gaza Strip”. A new wave of Palestinians
became homeless again. This time, the victims were also the children and
grandchildren of those who were forced out of their homes in 1948 at the hands of
the same aggressors. The operation of terror lasted three days and left 9 killed,
among them two children and hundreds wounded.

Peter Hansen, head of the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) which helps
Palestinian refugees, said about 1,500 people had been left homeless as a result of
the operation. "We have had very, very significant damage to the refugee camp ...
It would appear between 100 and 120 shelters/houses were completely destroyed
and completely demolished," he said, after inspecting the site himself on Sunday
12 October 2003.

Hundreds of towns and villages are surrounded. "Israeli" armed forces and tanks
are practically on every door and every street. Villages and towns are isolated and
people are living in horror. They are besieged and starving. Ambulances are
prevented from reaching the dead and wounded. Water is very scarce while the
settlers are enjoying green lawns and swimming pools. Acres of olive orchards are
being bulldozed and crops being damaged or destroyed.

This terrorist act against the Palestinians in the refugee camp of Rafah was
supported and justified by the United States as self-defense. When Richard
Boucher of the State Department was asked to comment about it, he said: "We
continue to be very concerned about terrorism. We understand Israel's need to

Selected articles 283

defend itself. We've always said that Israel needs to consider the consequences of
its actions and that's all we have to say about those particular events."

The campaign of terror against the Palestinians is coordinated by a similar one
performed by the Anglo-American forces in Iraq. The Iraqi - Palestinian resistance
is destined to fight in one trench to defeat the US and Zionist Imperialism in
Palestine and Iraq, then the World might be safer and peace might be achieved.
With a growing resistance against the US-Zionist terror in Iraq and Palestine, the
World is in need of a Revolutionary Anti-War Movement that lends its support to
the Iraqi and Palestinian people. Unfortunately, such an international movement
does not exist.

The great Leader Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael) in his call for a Revolutionary
Anti-War Movement in May 1991 said:

"American imperialism thinks it has scared the world's people into bowing down
before the New World Order, which is the old order without justice. They scared
no one. And. if they think they have ended the Palestine problem, they have only
created more hatred for the U.S. and Zionism,"

Ibrahim Ebeid

Al-Moharer, October 18, 2003


By Ibrahim Ebeid

Al-Moharer February 13, 2005

Certainly President Bush has to read history and learn a lesson from the Vietnam
election staged by President Johnson. He should learn from the facts on the ground,
which proved that the winners would be the Iraqi people. The Resistance is
controlling the streets days and nights, the forces of liberation are living among the
people, supported by the people and protected by the people. The Resistance is

Selected articles 284

gaining momentum every day while the invading soldiers are becoming an easy
target; they are exhausted, confused and tired, they are losing. They were driven to
the gates of hell by their leaders to die for the dreams of Bush that has become a
nightmare for all who are involved in this aggression. The New Iraqi Army and
police force, created by Bush, are being hunted down and the lucky ones defect or
abandon their units.

Indeed the election, which was staged by the Bush Administration and orchestrated
by the news media, was not overwhelming and pleasant as George Bush claims.
The majority of Iraq did not vote and the culprits are losing their lives.
The new military force of Iraq is largely made of the Allawi followers who were
living in Britain, Bader Brigade of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution
trained by Iran, Al-Dawa Party, a pro-Iranian party, the traitors of Marx and Lenin
(the Iraqi Communist Party) and the Peshmerga of the Barazani and Talabani in the
Kurdish north. All these parties were cooperating with foreign powers, especially
with the US and British intelligence and some with “Israel”, not to forget Ahmad
Chalabi, the wanted man for grand theft in Jordan. These forces took a major part
in the destruction of Iraq. And were used in forcing a certain segment of the Iraqi
people to vote and in many cases they were threatening people who were hesitant.
In many cases, boxes were already full in favor of these political parties that the
Iraqis never knew.

Who was running?

Was the candidacy transparent and open for every strata and segment of the Iraqi
society, or was it limited to those who favor the Bush-Zionist agenda? There is no
doubt that the Candidates were not known to the public, their names were not
announced and had no platform other than the support of the Imperialist USA to
legitimize and prolong the occupation. There was no campaign because there was
no need for it; the agenda was prepared in Washington and in Crawford Ranch
with cowboy manner and mentality.

American soldiers were leafleting and urging the people to vote while they were
carrying the guns and protected by tanks roaming the streets. The Iraqis were not
out on the streets doing the job because the campaign and the elections were not in
their interests.

Selected articles 285

Some of the candidates did not know that they were candidates at all and they
asked to cross their names out because they were not interested. All the parties who
were allowed to run are those who came atop of the invading tanks and under the
protection of the occupation guns. Those parties are agents for Iran and for the
United States and Britain.

The United States of America spent millions of dollars on these stooges and
created and trained their militias that are being used now to suppress the Iraqi
people as part of the coward members of the new army, National Guards, and
Police force.

Some people voted because Sistani the head of Marjayiah misguided them with his
Fatwa” a religious rule” if they do not vote they will burn in hell Sistani is Persian
and his allegiance is to the Mullahs of Iran and not to Iraq. The Shia Arabs, like
Imam Al-Khalisy and Moqtada Al-Sadr, did not participate in the election and did
not take part in this circus performance but unfortunately did not issue any Fatwa
banning the voting because they did not want to offend Sistani. There were no UN
observers or any international body present in Iraq; the closest observers were in
Amman Jordan. The Media was reporting from the” Green Zone” with remote
cameras connected with five centers which were open for the media, mainly in the
South and in the North. The rest of Iraq was not open for the press because it did
not fit the stage and the actors.

The presence of voters in most of the election centers was very low and in others
was no existence at all. The news media were asked to film few centers which
were filled with security personnel in some certain areas in Baghdad and
elsewhere. The scene was filmed many times repeatedly showing us tat the place
was stormed with voters, a trick that was known to the majority of the Iraqi people.
The representatives of Abu Dhabi and Al-Arabiya satellite televisions were taking
turns, in a Hollywood style, filming those who were present in the voting center of
Karrada Mariam, since the early morning of the staged process. Other centers in
Baghdad and its surroundings were completely empty. In “Sadr City, Hay al-Amil,
Al Sh’ula, Al-Hurriya and all areas where the majority of our Shia brethren live
were almost idle and the presence of voters was very weak.

Selected articles 286

The same situation prevailed in the districts of Al-Anbar, Salah al-Din, Ninawa,
Diyala; even Al-Ta’amim (Kirkuk) had witnessed an apparent boycott
The presence of voters was concentrated in the three northern districts. In Najaf,
Karbala, Qadissiyah, Muthanna, Wasit, and Misan, the presence of Iranians who
crossed the borders and given Iraqi identity cards, was very noticeable. There was
a very strong boycott in Basra, Dhi Qar, and Babel as well as in the rest of the
country. The people’s Struggle Movement who provided us with information was
told by those who supervise the so-called election “not many people participated,
no more that 35% of the 14 million eligible to vote”.

President Bush lied to the American people when he claimed that the majority of
the Iraqi people took part of the election despite the forgery that took place.
The result of this staged election was known and the “winners” were decided upon
ahead of time. Some of the people, especially in the South, voted with a good
intention and for other reasons than those of Bush, they voted to end the
occupation because they support the National Resistance to liberate Iraq.
Withdrawing the troops is not the intention of President Bush and Democracy for
Iraq is not seriously in his plan and never will be. He refuses to set a timetable for
departing and handling the power and sovereignty to the Iraqi people. "We will not
set an artificial timetable for leaving Iraq because that would embolden the
terrorists and make them believe they can wait us out," President Bush said in his
State of the Union address. "We are in Iraq to achieve a result: A country that is
democratic, representative of all its people, at peace with its neighbors and able to
defend itself." A top general of Mr. Bush, James Mattis, confirmed to us that
staying in Iraq and in Afghanistan is not for Democracy but for shooting
indigenous people for fun "Actually, it's a lot of fun to fight . . . . It's fun to shoot
some people. I'll be right upfront with you, I like brawling," he said at a forum in
San Diego. "You go into Afghanistan, you got guys who slap women around for
five years because they didn't wear a veil," he added. "You know, guys like that
ain't got no manhood left anyway. So it's a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them." This
is the mission of the new Imperialist power headed by Bush, stay in Iraq and
Afghanistan and have fun shooting people raping women and torture prisoners.
Let us wait and see what will happen in the months or weeks ahead. I believe that
the Iraqi National Resistance will get stronger. The Shia will be more positive and
more active against the occupation and more will join the Resistance. The so-called
Iraqi Army, National Guard, and Police Force will become weaker and will vanish.

Selected articles 287

There will be no more recruits and the American and British invading forces will
be forced to retreat and the lies of Bush about Democracy be revealed to the
American people. Vietnam will be repeated and triumph will be on the Iraqi side
sooner than we expect. A Mural will be erected in the Washington Mall with a
script “They Died In Vain And For Lies” and God knows how many will they be.
President Johnson said the same thing about the escalating war in Vietnam. His
rhetoric was typical on Jan. 12, 1966: "We fight for the principle of self-
determination – that the people of South Vietnam should be able to choose their
own course, choose it in free elections without violence, without terror, and
without fear."

Later on, the saga of terrorizing the Vietnamese people was ended by defeating the
US forces and the Vietnamese were able to liberate their country, and their self-
determination was realized when their country became one again.

But it seems that George W. Bush and his cronies are not learning the lesson. He is
still misleading the American people and portraying himself as the carrier of the
“flag of liberation and freedom” He is depriving the Americans of enjoying the
good living in order to achieve his malicious acts of aggression in Iraq and in
Afghanistan. Probably more aggressions would be committed somewhere on
Planet Earth.

His war is widening beyond Iraq and Afghanistan, it is reaching the United States
itself, it started against the elderly, the poor and deprived, it is against the majority
of the American people. He unveiled a $2.5 trillion budget eliminating dozens of
much needed domestic programs, including funding for education, environmental
protection, and business development, while proposing significant increases in the
military and international spending, according to White House documents. 150
programs would be eliminated or radically cut back to boost his programs of
The budget would cut $440 million in Safe and Drug-Free School grants, $500
million in education technology state grants, $225 million for the Even Start
literacy program, $280 million for Upward Bound programs for inner-city youths
and a $150 million talent research program, according to the documents.
The war in Iraq, Afghanistan and the American people should be a number one

Selected articles 288

priority in the agenda of the progressive American organizations in order to derail
Bush and his malicious ambitions.

The elections were intended to create an assembly to approve a constitution that is
tailored in Washington to serve the interests of US Imperialism, to support a
government that approves and supports the occupation of Iraq and to “permit” the
Americans and their allies to have permanent large military bases

The Resistance is well aware of the plot, its vision is very clear and it is going
according to its program, it is advancing and the foreign forces in Iraq are
retreating and they will be defeated. Bush should take a notice from Vietnam
where the US suffered a humiliating defeat and from Iraq of the Twenties when the
British left in shame.

Mr. President, do we need another wall in the Mall, Do we need 55,000 more

Waging a war of hate is not Democracy

By Ibrahim Ebeid, [email protected]

March 16, 2006

Illustrating the prophet of Islam, as a “terrorist”, is, in reality, a battle cry of a war
of hate against the Arab-Islamic culture and against Islam. Apology at this point is
not required because the damage was done and it is beyond repair. The groups of
hate who were behind it must be stopped and brought to justice and punished
according to the law.

The cartoons per say did not hurt Islam at all because Islam is above all the
malicious intentions of these evildoers. The arrogant act of many newspapers,
which published these caricatures, was indeed well studied and it was based on an
agenda of a wider scheme, to incite Arabs and Muslims and to provoke them to
take irrational reaction, in order to make them look like savages and democracy-
haters. But the Arab people and Muslims around the World were wiser and more

Selected articles 289

attentive to foil the plot. They understood that this evil intrigue is part of a
“Crusader war” that President Bush and his allies are launching against “radical”
Islam and Arab ideology, Iraq, and Palestine. Many leading members of the US
Congress who are born-again Christians and members of the Christian Right
already are among the bands that are waging this vicious war. They are behind the
invasion of Palestine and Iraq and they are very supportive of Zionist terrorism in
Many influential individuals who claim to be Ministers of Christianity describe the
Great Religion of Islam as a terrorist religion. Falwell, Franklin Graham, Pat
Robertson, among others, have repeatedly called Islam "evil".
Franklin Graham, who is one of George W. Bush's favorite theological friends,
who gave a prayer at his inauguration, said that God of Islam is not the same God
of the Judeo-Christian faith, it is a different God, and I believe a very evil and a
wicked religion.

Moody Adams (Evangelist) stated: I like Muslim people. Those that I have known,
I think they are very nice people. I think they are being victimized be a very, very
dangerous book—the Koran. Also, he stated: When a Christian kills, he’s
disobeying Scriptures and he’s refusing to follow the example of his leader, Jesus
Christ. When a Muslim kills, he's obeying his Scripture. He’s following the
example of his leader, Muhammad.

Pat Robertson, Fox, US.TV. September 18, 2002, hosted by Sean Hannity and
Alan Colmes: All you have to do is read the writings of Mohammed in the Koran.
He urges people to attack the infidels. He urges his followers to kill Christians and
Jews. He talks about eradicating all of the Jews. This man was an absolute wild-
eyed fanatic. He was a robber and a brigand.

Freedom is an essential requirement in a democratic society, in order to benefit
human beings and human needs and to create harmony and understanding among
individuals and nations. But when freedom of speech is used to spread hate among
nations then it becomes distorted and harmful, as we have witnessed in the past and
the present.

We the Arabs have suffered enormously from those who claim to be democratic
and freedom spreaders. Under the distorted democracy they preach, wars were

Selected articles 290

waged against us. We have suffered in Iraq and because a President claims that he
is God’s envoy to spread Democracy, Liberty, and Freedom after he failed to find
the Weapons of Mass Destruction. He failed to find them because he was looking
in the wrong places instead of looking in his backyard, in the United States. Also,
he should have looked in the Zionist entity, in “Israel” which is terrorizing the
Palestinian people, where the weapons exist and democracy means killing the
Palestinians, confiscating their land and destroying their trees and crops and caging
them behind walls and fences.

During the rise of Islam, the Christians helped their Muslim Brethren in building
the foundation of the Arab Muslim State. Many of them held the post of Viziers,
among them was St.Yuhanna Al Dimashqi who was Minster of Finance. King
Jubla Ibn Al-Ayham who was Christian joined the Arab Muslim Armies to liberate
Palestine from the Roman occupation. Just last week, many meetings took place
between Muslims and Christians in Gaza and in Ramallah, in Lebanon and around
the Arab Homeland in solidarity with the Muslims to defend Islam and our great
Arab Prophet Muhammad from the vicious attack by certain fanatics in the West.
Christians and Jews always were considered part of the fabric of the Arab Islamic
culture. They were never persecuted and they were always respected and protected.
There are no verses in the Koran that call for the killings of Christians and Jews as
Pat Robertson claims.

Waging a war against the Arabs is waging a war against Islam and the opposite is
also true because of the special relation between Islam and the Arab Nation. The
Christian Arabs are part of this Nation, their culture is the same. Their traditions
and habits are the same. Muslims and Christians worship the same God that we call
in Arabic Allah.

My ancestors, who were Christians, fought against the Crusaders; they fought
against Napoleon in Akka (Acre) in 1797. My family also fought against the
British and Zionist invasion of Palestine, and I am fighting against the poisonous
venom of the fanatic "preachers", and will fight until justice and truth prevail.

Selected articles 291

Wake up Arab rulers

McCain and Lieberman, both, potential candidates for US presidency, are leading a
notorious campaign to drag the United States into more wars of terrorism, both are
leading the voices of warmongering against Iraq and the other Arab States. They
are urging the US Administration to consider Iraq as the next target.
The reason behind this campaign is to serve faithfully the Zionist design against
the Arab states to fragment them and to weaken them further more.
The “war on terrorism” became a slogan and an outcry against all the states that do
not conform to American and Zionist principles and domination. Bush and other
top US officials made it very clear that “if you are not with us you are against us”
and beware.

Both Mc Cain and Lieberman are taking the opportunity to build the campaign for
their own benefits and what else they can do besides threatening Iraq to satisfy the
Zionist movement that controls the United States institutions,

Senator McCain and his Zionist colleagues in the US Senate are taking every
opportunity to beat the drums of war against Iraq, its leadership and people.
Aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt McCain showed his arrogance quite clearly and
like a fool he was yelling

“ Next up Baghdad!” Later he told a reporter that Iraq presents “a clear and present
danger'' to the United States. ``I think Iraq is going to have to be considered'' as a
target after Afghanistan, McCain said.

After failing to link Iraq to the September 11 events, the Hawks have been pressing
the Bush administration to attack Iraq. They are fabricating lies and creating fear in
the minds of the American people. They are spreading a relentless propaganda that
Iraqi President and Iraq are “a threat to the United States” and they are accusing
Iraq of building an arsenal of weapon of mass destruction and in the mean time
they are ignoring the huge arsenal of weapon of mass destruction, nuclear and
biological that might be used any time by the Zionist entity, their strategically.
McCain was touring the region with eight other senators, including Joseph
Lieberman and Chuck Hagel. They were rallying the rulers of the Gulf and Turkey
behind the United States for a new aggression against Iraq and other states. Fred

Selected articles 292

Thompson of Tennessee said all states‫‏‬that harbor terrorists must be dealt with, not
just Iraq. He mentioned Somalia. Some Senators and prominent figures are calling
to include Syria, Yemen, Iran and even Saudi Arabia.

Yes, I believe that the United has no permanent friends nor permanent ally, but
permanent interests. Their main interests are “oil, oil, oil and Israel” Indyk and
other top officials from the President down said this repeatedly.

Saudi Arabia is not exempt, even if it considers itself a friend of the US and better
to say it thinks that the United States is its friend while in fact, the United States is
not a friend of any Arab State or a Muslim State. It has no friends but interests. The
analysts and many other Zionist hawkish figures are accusing Saudi Arabia of
contributing money, men, and support to Al-Qaida and to Osama Bin Laden. They
claim that most of the alleged hijackers who slammed the airplanes in the World
Trade Center and the Pentagon are Saudis. Also, the Saudi regime according to
them is not doing enough to join the war on “terrorism” and the regime should be
The nine Senator delegation was very concerned that the United States should not
go alone against Baghdad but that an international support is needed and especially
from the Middle East or to be specific from Turkey and the Arab Gulf States. They
have “assured” Ankara that the aggression on Iraq does not mean the splintering of
Iraq and the creation of a Kurdish State right on the borders of Turkey. Joseph
Lieberman said he had “assured” Turkey that Washington would take into account
Ankara's fears that any action against Baghdad might lead to a splinter Kurdish
state in the north of Iraq.

Turkey should know also that Washington has no permanent friends but permanent
interests. An aggression against Iraq will hurt Turkey and its economy as well; I
would like to remind Ankara that the Turkish economy is already damaged as a
result of the blockade on its neighbor Iraq. Turkey has lost billions of dollars that
cannot be replaced unless its ties are strengthened with Iraq and help smash the
unjust embargo.

It is undeniable that the trip of the Nine Senators Delegation to the Gulf region is
to consult with the Rulers about a war on Iraq. If this war of aggression takes
place, it will lead to a world disaster. This visit was followed by William Burns the

Selected articles 293

assistant Secretary of State who was paving the way for Colin Powell to do the
final consultations to set the stage for the new war of terrorism against Iraq, and
the entire region including the Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon.

We need an answer from the Vatican

By Ibrahim Ebeid

January 22, 2005

The editorial of Professor Vittiorio Parsi, of the Catholic University of Milan, was
very hostile and very offensive to the Arabs and to the Iraqis. Calling upon the
West to master their armies from NATO and send those troops to Iraq to join the
Americans in their brutal war to kill more innocent people is indeed outrageous.
Helping the Allawi bandits to be selected in the phony election is part of the
Zionist-US process to suppress the Iraqi people and it is part of the operation that
serves the aggressors. I wonder if he has obtained the blessing of the Pope and the
leadership of the Catholic Church in Rome? I would say yes, because the editorial
was published in the Avvenire newspaper (September 26, 2004), which is headed
by the Italian Bishops Conference and by the organization’s president the Pope’s
Cardinal Vicar, Camillo Ruini.

Unfortunately, the professor twisted the facts and blamed the situation in Iraq on
the Baathists and on the freedom fighters. This was a distortion of the facts of
history and carries the germs of hate to the Arabs. I wish that his flagrant article
reflected his own thinking and not the thinking of the Vatican. He arrogantly stated
“What they want is, in fact, not "Iraq for the Iraqis," but "Iraq for the assassins,"
assassins above all of the Iraqi people. When the last foreigner – whether soldier or
volunteer – leaves the country, the terrorists will have won, and the Iraqi people
will again have lost. Thus all of Iraq will become a colossal common area for
fundamentalist terrorism, for the brigands of Baath, and for the most extremist
Shiite mullahs”.

Selected articles 294

As an Arab man from a Christian background, to be specific from Roman Catholic
upbringing, I express the feeling of the Majority of the Christian Arabs who
condemn such position whether it was taken by the Vatican or by this arrogant
Professor Parsi.

The call to send the NATO troops to Iraq is an act of war against the Arab people;
the support of the Allawi government is a support of the brutal occupation that the
church should be against.

Iraq is occupied and the occupiers are the assassins and the robbers, the thieves,
and the brigands. The professor and his supporters whether they were bishops or
Cardinals are becoming part of the process of ruining Iraq and adding more
suffering to Iraq and its people.

Iraq was very advanced under the Ba’athists; no one in his senses can deny that the
Baathists were the ones who built it. Iraq of them became the most advanced and
the most progressed in the Arab World. The Bushes, the Blairs, and their
supporters savagely ruined it. They created mass graves to swallow innocent Iraqis
and the wise professor put the blames on the Baathists?

The election under the guns that the professor calls for to impose the government
of Allawi and his likes will not produce progress and the “intelligent” professor
knows it. Any government that might come out of this masquerade is pre-designed.
Its task is already prepared. This government represents the interests of the new
Crusaders that want to dominate the Arab World and exploit it for the interests of
Zionism and Imperialism.

We demand an answer from the Vatican. As Christian Arabs, we would like to
know where the stand of the Catholic Church is, is it with the oppressed or with the
oppressor? We would like to know if the call for more European troops was
designed to kill more Iraqis and destroy the Iraqi society or is it part of a new
Crusade against us?

Selected articles 295

We will adhere to the Principles of Michel Aflaq

By Ibrahim Ebeid

The Arab people and the Arab Freedom Fighters highly revere the 15th.
Anniversary of Comrade Michel Aflaq leader and founder of the Arab Baath
Socialist Party, he enlightened us and paved the way for the Arab masses to
continue the struggle for Arab Unity, Freedom, and Social Justice. He was a great
man and great men will never disappear or fade away but will continue to be the
source of hope, knowledge, and nourishment. His influence will continue to
motivate us and he will be eternal as the mission he believed in. He was a historic
leader, a pan-Arab thinker with a humanitarian scope.

The Party that he founded is leading the struggle and the resistance against the
most flagrant aggressive force in the World. The Baath Party is fighting on behalf
of the Arab Nation against the Anglo-Saxon-Zionist forces to preserve the National
Arab progressive thought that the forces of evil are trying to uproot, distort and
destroy. The Zionists and their Imperialist allies are launching a vicious war
against the Arab nation in order to destroy our spirit to weaken us and put us under
their domination and control.

Our Nation and the principles of the Baath will never be destroyed by the enemies
of Humanity. We are a nation with a humanitarian mission and our Civilization is
stronger than the forces who are trying to destroy us. Our history cannot be
distorted by George W. Bush or by his Zionist allies. Our history and civilization
are deep-rooted in the human missions that we carried to the World.
The Baath Party and the Iraqi National Resistance solemnly swear by the
principles of Michel Aflaq to continue the fight and struggle to liberate Iraq that
embraces the corpse of the Founder of the Arab Baath Socialist Party.
The Resistance solemnly swears by the Secretary General of the Party, Saddam
Hussein, to intensify the struggle until Iraq is liberated and the last soldier of the
invading forces is expelled.

We will continue to adhere to the principles of the Baath until liberation and until
our Arab Nation is reunited and Palestine is liberated.

Selected articles 296

Weapons of Mass Destruction Must Be Destroyed and Eliminated

The United States government is very desperate to find weapons of mass
destruction to justify its occupation and colonization of Iraq. For six months, its
1500 “weapon” hunters are roaming Iraq looking for things that do not exist. David
Kay and his team were not able to find these weapons that Bush, Cheney,
Rumsfeld, Powell, Rice, Wolfowitz and Perle claim that Iraq possesses.

Kay was appointed by the CIA in June to work with the “Iraq Survey Group”, a
Pentagon outfit that is looking for evidence of Iraqi chemical, biological and
nuclear weapons. His team illegally replaced the UN inspectors headed by Blix in
order to justify the brutal colonization of Iraq by the Anglo-American forces. This
is a blatant violation of International Law and Order and of the Charter of the
United Nations.

As long as Iraq is occupied the CIA team would stay searching for WMD that only
exists in President George W. Bush’s imagination. The team will stay to satisfy the
President’s ego and blind ambition to become another Nero that might put the
United States and the rest of the World aflame.

We are indeed concerned about weapons of mass destruction and we call upon the
United Nations to intervene and put an end to it anywhere in the World.
The Zionist entity “Israel” has about 500 thermonuclear weapons and a
sophisticated delivery system. It has quietly supplanted Britain as the World's 5th
largest nuclear power, and may currently rival France and China in the size and
sophistication of its nuclear arsenal. This major culprit in the region has been
largely ignored. The Zionist nuclear arsenal includes "neutron bombs,"
miniaturized thermonuclear bombs designed to maximize deadly gamma radiation
while minimizing blast effects and long term radiation, in essence, designed to kill
people while leaving property intact. “Israel’s” weapons also include ballistic
missiles and bombers capable of reaching Moscow, cruise missiles, land mines (In
the 1980s it planted nuclear land mines along the Golan Heights), and artillery
shells with a range of 45 miles. In June 2000 an Israeli submarine launched a
cruise missile, which hit a target 950 miles away, making Israel only the third
nation after the U.S. and Russia with that capability.

Selected articles 297

Ariel Sharon, the butcher of the Palestinian people, boasted about his arsenal of
banned weapons when he threatened the Arabs; "Arabs may have the oil, but we
have the matches." This is a serious threat to the security and stability of the
Middle East and to the rest of the World that requires the intervention of the United
Nations to disarm this entity from these weapons.

The United States of America had used weapons of mass destruction at a large
scale. Japan, Vietnam, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq are a vivid testimony. Its vast
arsenal of weapons of mass destructions must be scrapped and eliminated. UN
inspectors should be allowed to go to Britain, France, Russia, India, Pakistan, India
and China to look for these deadly weapons and destroy them once and for all.
Occupation of Iraq must be terminated and the US and British forces must be
withdrawn immediately. Iraq must be compensated for the destructions and
sufferings unjustly inflicted upon it by Bush and Blair.

October 9, 2003

What Else But a Crusader War

By Ibrahim Ebeid

[email protected]
Weizmann, the Zionist leader, delivered a speech to his followers in Tel Aviv on
April 23, 1936, in which he said that the Arab-Zionist struggle was one between
the forces of the desert and destruction on one side and the forces of civilization
and building on the other. President Select Bush echoed Weizmann words
describing the Palestinian and Iraqi Resistance as “terrorists” and “enemies of
freedom and civilized World”. Bush agrees with Weizmann that the Arab and
Muslim Freedom Fighters are forces of "destruction" and only the Zionists and the
West are the "civilized" World.

The US occupation of Iraq and the Zionist colonization of Palestine are one and the
same. It is a new Crusader war directed against the Arab nation to annihilate our

Selected articles 298

existence, hope, aspiration, and values. This war started in 1916 when the Sykes-
Picot was revealed, and sooner followed by the Balfour Declaration. The Arab
World has ripped apart, and new mini-states were created. Puppet rulers were
appointed by the Western powers to control the Arab population and to prevent
Arab Unity from being realized.

Later on in 1948, the Zionists with Western help and support occupied Palestine
and as a result, Palestinians were forcefully evicted from their land and homes.
Crimes of genocide were committed against them. Millions of Palestinians are
living in exile and in refugee camps waiting to return to their homes to establish
their own democratic state in Historic Palestine.

The Western Powers in general and the United States, in particular, are preventing
the return of the Palestinian refugees to their homes. Some church leaders, such as
Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and Franklin Graham, and US officials are leading a
dirty war against Islam and Prophet Muhammad. The attack against Islam is a
crusader war and nothing else. It inflames their followers and encourages the
fanatics to commit crimes of hate against Arabs and Muslims.

Army Lt. Gen. William G. "Jerry On" Boykin, recently nominated to be deputy
undersecretary of defense for intelligence, confirmed our fears that this war is a
crusade one. He denounced Allah and described him as an "idol"; Arabs and
Muslims worship this idol. He told a large congregation that the United States
being a Christian nation, a Judeo-Christian nation, must be on the side of the
"Israelis" i.e. must be anti-Muslims and anti-Arabs. "That means we've got a
commitment to "Israel". That means it's a commitment we're never going to
abandon". "We will never abandon Israel; we will never walk away from our
commitment to Israel because our roots are there. Our religion came from Judaism,
and therefore these radicals (Arabs and Muslims) will hate us forever."
The general and the so-called reverends must be ignorant of the fact that Christians
also worship the same God of the Muslims. We Christian Arabs call Him Allah.
They must be fanatics and Arab/Muslim haters. President Bush also described his
war against Iraq and Muslim Afghanistan as a Crusader one that he later on, under
pressure from his advisors, repealed.

Selected articles 299

President Bush and his allies misguided the Americans and led them to a quagmire
in Iraq. The Iraqi "weapons of mass destruction" do not exist but his deadly
weapons do exist all over Iraq. His depleted uranium contaminated the water and
soil of Iraq. It is creating massive problems for the environment in Iraq. It is
hurting man, animal, and plants. The problem will last for decades to come. Cluster
bombs are scattered across the land and are killing people and animals alike.
The select President of the United States is taking a desperate stand in Iraq. He
cannot see that his 200,000 uniformed foreign soldiers crossed the borders of Iraq
to colonize it and to terrorize its people.

The Iraqi Resistance is a legitimate one. The Iraqis are fighting the occupying
forces. Coalition soldiers are paying a high price for Dick Cheney’s Halliburton,
for Bechtel and for "Israel". American soldiers should come home immediately
alive and not in plastic bags. Aggressors never win wars of aggression. History
taught us that they would always be defeated.

November 9, 2003


Al-Moharer , July 7, 2003

Either President George W. Bush has a wild imagination or he is lying to us. In his
interview with Polish TV on May 31, President Bush said banned armaments have
been found in Iraq and searchers had found weapons of mass destruction and
biological labs.

Can the President tell us where these weapons that his researchers found are? The
World is very anxious to know.

In Camp Doha, later on, this frustrated President turned to his Vice Roy, Paul
Bremer, asking him "Are you in charge of finding WMD?" Bremer said no, he was
not. When Bush put the same question to his military commander, General Tommy
Franks said it wasn't his job either.

Selected articles 300

No, Mr. President, none of your men is in charge of something that does not exist.
They are in charge of keeping your invading forces in Iraq in order to protect the
oil wells and oil fields from their rightful owners, the Iraqi people, and to secure
the Iraqi wealth for American coffers.

The occupation of Iraq will cost the United States dearly and the toll will be heavy
in America. American soldiers are already being killed every day in occupied Iraq.
They are dying not in defense of freedom but for Bechtel, Halliburton, and oil.
The President and his Administration had fooled the American people several
times but not anymore. The resistance in Iraq had exposed them. It is gaining
momentum and for sure the Iraqi people are meeting the occupation forces with
guns and bullets, certainly not with cheers and roses. The $25 million dollars
bounty on Saddam Hussein and the $15 million on his sons will not help Mr. Bush
to smother the will of the Iraqi people and their desire to liberate their land from
Anglo-Saxon occupation. History had taught us good lessons. The Mongols, the
Ottoman Turks, and the British occupiers are gone.

We know that God is Love. He is a just one and not an evildoer. Bur Mr. Bush
claims that God had instructed him to strike Saddam. Here are his exact words,
quoted by Haaretz: "God told me to strike at al-Qaida and I struck them, and then
He instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to
solve the problem in the Middle East. If you help me, I will act, and if not, the
elections will come and I will have to focus on them." Does he believe that he is
Joshua reincarnated?

Where are Peace and Security, Mr. President?

By Ibrahim Ebeid


This week, George W. Bush bombarded us with more lies about Iraq, its security,
and progress. His speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations did not
add anything but more lies. The speech did not impress anyone except the simple-
minded, naïve and shallow. His tone was not reconciliatory with the Organization

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