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Selected articles 2 Bitter memory of a child By
Ibrahim Naoum Ebeid

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Selected articles 2 Bitter memory of a child By Ibrahim Naoum Ebeid

Selected articles 2 Bitter memory of a child By
Ibrahim Naoum Ebeid

Selected articles 201

movement are silent or condoning the occupation and its atrocities. The US anti-
war movement raised the mantra "We are against the war but we are glad that
Saddam is gone." What a shame and what a cop out.

Among the forgotten Iraqi prisoners and leaders is Comrade Hikmat Mizban
Ibrahim Al-Azzawi who held the portfolios of finance minister and deputy prime
minister. He was captured on April 18, 2003, and he is still in jail without any
charge and awaiting trial if there is any. He will die in jail if the world keeps silent.
Al-Azzawi is a very intelligent man and very capable. Under his leadership as the
head of the Central Bank and as the Minister of Finance and Commerce, Iraq
achieved giant steps in developing various projects and made Iraq very advanced
and economically independent. He was an exceptional brain among the brains who
participated in developing the country and creating jobs for all Iraqis and for those
who lived in Iraq. The US sought to eliminate him and to eliminate all the
legitimate leaders of Iraq who were builders.

I had the honor to accompany him to the Soviet Union in October 1977 to sign a
protocol of cooperation between the Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party and The Soviet
Communist Party. We visited several States of the Union; among them was
Lithuania, the cities of Vilnius and Kaunas. One place that struck us emotionally
was a compound where the Nazis killed many victims, among them Arabs from
Morocco and Algeria. It was a very sad moment for both of us. The man did not
know that 26 years later he would be a prisoner of US occupation in Iraq. He was
captured and detained in these horrible jails that are equal to or worse than those of
the Nazis because no one came to rescue him and his comrades.

His children are living in exile and his wife died in Amman, Jordan, away from her
husband and from her beloved Baghdad and the world is silent.

Will the political prisoners keep suffering and being ignored?

Will the human rights organizations and Anti-war Movements keep silent?

Selected articles 202

The Foundation of the Ba'ath

By Ibrahim Ebeid,, April 7, 2007

This Revolutionary Party was officially founded in 1947 in Damascus, Syria with
genuine principles for radical changes against fragmentation, backwardness,
poverty and social illnesses in an effort to restore the Arab Nation to its rightful
place and to correct its history, which was distorted by the enemies of humanity,
and the Arab reactionary rulers and their Zionist allies. The elements of Unity,
Freedom, and Socialism are an inseparable part of the struggle since its foundation
and they are the antidote for all the illnesses that the Arab Nation has faced since
World War I.

As the words of Michel Aflaq, "The Arab Nation is the victim of the harshest
injustice known to this age. It cannot combat an injustice of this historic magnitude
and overcome it unless it deepens its struggle in such a way that it touches the
roots of humanity and meets every human and historic struggle." The harshest
injustice inflicted upon the Arab Nation was dividing the Arab Homeland into
mini-states by Western Imperialism and Zionism, and the occupation of Palestine
by the Zionists, and the allies of Britain and the United States in 1948.
George W. Bush and Tony Blair armed with the most sophisticated arms of mass
destruction invaded Iraq four years ago and continue to occupy sovereign Iraq.
Death Squads created by Iran of the Mullahs and the United States are committing
mass murder.

The occupiers will fail and indeed they are failing because four years ago the
second birth of the Ba'ath Party took place. The Party renewed itself and was
baptized with blood and fire and the Iraqi National Resistance against the US-
Iranian-Zionist occupation was born, this time in the Land of the Two Rivers, the
Land of Hammurabi, in Great Arab Iraq.

Trying to eliminate the Iraqi Leadership in hopes of crushing the Resistance and
the Ba'ath Party will not work. The Ba'ath will continue renewing itself, and new
leaders will continue producing through the struggle, simply because the
foundations of the struggle were built on solid ground and Ba'ath means renewal.
Moreover, assassinating President Saddam Hussein, the legitimate President of

Selected articles 203

Iraq and his comrades will not hinder the Liberation of Iraq, but rather enhance the
struggle and strengthen it. The threat to assassinate more leaders will help create
new ones with the same courage and equal determination to liberate man and Land.

The Geneva Accord Is another Conspiracy

The so-called Geneva accord which was agreed upon by some “Palestinians and
Israelis” in Jordan ignored the Palestinian “Right of Return” and legitimized the
Zionist occupation of Palestine. The Palestinians reject such accord and consider it
void and null. Palestinians all over the world stand firmly behind their legitimate
rights to liberate their homeland and go back to the towns and villages from which
they were forcefully evicted in 1948. They have the right to establish their state in
all of Palestine from the river to the sea.

In the last paragraph of the “accord”, conspirators of each side agreed that the UN
should adopt the document in full and pass a special resolution that would replace
and annul the previous resolutions on the Zionist -Palestinian conflict, and most
importantly it would nullify General Assembly Resolution 194 about the Right of
Return of the refugees, according to this draft (accord), few Palestinians are
allowed to go back to join their relatives in 1948 occupied Palestine, some would
be absorbed in the mini-state and the majority would be forced to stay in
permanent exile forever, in the countries they live in.

This “accord” is intended to liquidate the cause of Palestine by those who sponsor
it, and by those who are desperate to have a demilitarized mini-state in a small
portion of Palestine in lieu of the total liberation. The conspiracy of force-
transferring the Palestinian people to other countries goes back to the time of
Weizmann, when he suggested to the occupying power, the British government, to
develop land in Trans-Jordan to settle the Palestinian Arabs. In recent years it was
intensified and supported by Western powers. Iraq was asked to accept two million
refugees to be settled in Southern Iraq for a possible lifting of the imposed
sanctions. The Government of Mr. Saddam Hussein rejected this offer because it
was in conflict with the principles of the Baath party that believes in the right of
the Palestinians to return home and establish their state in the entire Palestinian
territory that lies between the river and the sea.

Selected articles 204

The West has to learn that “Palestine is Arab. It belongs to our people. Some are
dead. Some are living and most are not yet born”. Some of our people met with
martyrdom, some are fighting, but the majority of the fighters are still to come.
The old crusaders colonized it for more than two hundred years. They were brutal
and arrogant and they were defeated. The present colonizers who enjoy the support
of the modern crusaders will be defeated and Palestine will be liberated. The call of
“Allahu Akbar” will thunder in its plains, meadows, deserts, and valleys and on the
top of its mountains. I can hear it though I would be long dead.

Moharer October 24, 2003

The Invasion of Iraq is an expansion of that of Palestine

By Ibrahim Ebeid

September 11, 2004

The Zionist occupation of Palestine is not merely an invasion motivated by
material greed, but rather, it is a racist religious invasion that has no parallel in
history, except for the crusades, attempting to destroy our existence.
The Zionist invasion was encouraged, coached and supported by the Western
Imperialist powers, especially by Britain, then by the United States of America. It
was encouraged because the Zionist movement was born in the West. It is a
product of Western Imperialist thought and philosophy built on racist ideology and
it is the strategic ally of London and Washington.

The Arab progressive nationalists are well aware of the dangers of Imperialism and
Zionism. They are right when they consider that Imperialism, new and old, is their
first enemy and the Zionist entity "Israel" is its consequence. The fate of "Israel" is
linked up with the fate of Imperialism, not necessarily its tool, but definitely its
partner and ally, when Imperialism is defeated and smashed, the Zionist entity will
have no strategically to depend on, the link between both will be smashed as well
and the entity will end.

Selected articles 205

Palestine was destroyed, but it will be rebuilt, the Palestinians were uprooted, but
the will return, and crimes of genocide are being committed against them in many
ways and forms. The Zionists and their Western allies converted historic occupied
Palestine into a military base in the heart of the Arab homeland to keep it divided,
weak and fragmented, in order to prevent the reunification of the Arab nation in a
united homeland.

We are not against a Jewish minority in our midst, there are many minorities
among us, but we are against the Zionist entity that was imposed upon us by the
enemies of humanity, the Imperialists, and the Zionists. Palestine is our homeland
and our people were living there since time immemorial, we have to protect it and
restore it to its rightful place.

The British and US Imperialists are frantic from the idea of any progress in the
Arab homeland; they panic from any Arab liberation movement that is destined to
liberate Palestine. They realize that the Iraqi National Resistance and the
Palestinian liberation fighters are the spearheads of Arab liberation that leads to the
reinstitution of Arab Unity.

The Zionists and their Western Allies, mainly the United States and British
Imperialists, are trying maliciously, to fragment any effort for the liberation. For
this reason, they turn their guns against the Palestinian freedom fighters trying to
obliterate them in order to silence them and put the Palestinian people into
In order to prevent any effort to liberate Palestine, the Anglo-Saxon Imperialists
decided to invade Iraq, the free voice of the Arab Nation that was very supportive
of the Palestinian cause. Iraq was our pride and our hope to lead the Arab nation to
take its legitimate and rightful place on the World stage. The Liberation of historic
Palestine was the aim of Iraq and its leadership. It is the uncompromising principle
of the Arab Baath Socialist Party. Arab Unity would never be complete without the
liberation of Palestine. The more we approach the liberation of Palestine the closer
we get to achieve Arab Unity.

The Zionist entity realized that Iraq was the main obstacle that stands against
Zionism and the entity’s malicious ambitions in the area. Iraq believed in a

humanitarian and progressive ideology from which it derived its strength and faith

while the artificial Zionist entity believes in Zionism from which it derives its

racist belief and hate. Racism is a common factor that binds Zionism and

Selected articles 206

Imperialism, together in a strategic alliance, that is hostile to humanity and to Arab
hopes and aspiration.

A progressive Iraq, armed with a progressive ideology, did not please the Bush-
Cheney Administration. Iraq was a formidable fortress that stood against the Bush
vision for a "Greater Middle East" in which to keep any Arab Unity checked
because Arab Unity meant Arab liberation and the erasing of any artificial entity.
In order to control the Arab wealth and prevent liberation that might endanger the
artificial Zionist entity Bush, and his allies, launched their war of aggression
against Iraq. Iraq was invaded and occupied. Iraq and Palestine became a
battlefield against the invaders and a new liberation movement was born.
The Zionists, who are the masters of deception and viciousness, forced the United
States to join the war against the Arabs in order to realize the common Zionist-
Imperialist schemes in the area.“ Israel” was given a free hand to terrorize the
Palestinians and to slaughter as much as they can in an attempt to silence them.
The daily bombardment of the Palestinian refugee camps, towns, and cities, killing
women and children have their agenda, to force the Palestinians to leave their
homes for new Zionist immigrants to move in their place.

The daily bombardment of Iraqi cities and the killing of Iraqi people en mass is
intended to create horror and panic among the Iraqis in order to force them look at
the American invaders as "liberators", not as occupiers, and to help the Zionist
entity realize its goals for a greater "Israel" that is mighty and strong.

George W. Bush and his allies do not know the history of the Arabs. They do not
know what dignity and honor that shape the uncompromising character of the Arab
individual means. George W. Bush, blinded by power and conceitedness, led the
American people into a quagmire that he will regret for the rest of his life.
The Arab ideology will prevail, Zionism and US Imperialism will be defeated, the
struggle is advancing and the Iraqi-Palestinian front is widening. The ignorant
fanatics with a distorted vision will suffer a bitter defeat and will be cursed forever.

Selected articles 207

The Iraqi National Resistance

A Speech given by Ibrahim Ebeid

The People's Peace Conference, Rutgers University NJ January 19, 2008

The US President and his advisers have no knowledge or even a slight
understanding of the Iraqi people, and for this reason, they dragged us into a costly
war. They claimed that the Iraqis would receive the Americans as “Liberators” and
welcome them “with flowers and candy”. But the Resistance to the occupation was
born long before March 2003 and the invaders were greeted with bombs and
bullets. The American war in Iraq did not start in March 2003. It started on January
16, 1991, and since then the Iraqis were fighting and are still fighting against
Washington and its allies with stamina, courage, and determination. Can the
American People endure so much? Can they endure genocidal sanctions and wars
for many years? definitely not. Even they cannot endure electric failure for only a
few hours, let alone days or weeks at a time.

The occupation of Baghdad by U.S. forces and Bush's declaration of "victory" in
April 2003 marked the beginning of the Ba’ath led Iraqi Resistance. Saddam
Hussein and other Ba'ath leaders, in consultation with people in Baghdad,
dispersed throughout Iraq and began to fight a protracted War of national liberation
in resistance to the occupiers.

The Iraqi National Resistance is made of two wings, a Political one which is
known as the Patriotic, Nationalist and Islamic Front which was established in
2005, and the military wing, which is known as The Jihad and Liberation Front.
The Political wing is made of several political parties who believe in the liberation
of Iraq, and of various union organizations. This Front works diligently to support
the Resistance at all levels: financially, politically and educationally.

These two wings have a very clear program, the political and strategic program of
the Iraqi Resistance which was announced by the Baath and its Resistance in
September 2003. This Program was followed by (The Program of Liberation and
Independence) in October 2006 which led to the unification of 22 resistance groups
and electing the Jihad and Liberation Command. Later on, the Front expanded and
it is still expanding to include more groups. Now more than 80% of the Iraqi

Selected articles 208

Resistance is unified. The Rest of the groups will follow according to the
Resistance sources.

The US Government and the News Media do not tell you that the Iraqi Resistance
is not made of Al Qaeda; the Resistance has nothing to do with this sectarian
organization, which was established by the CIA, and financed by the Saudi family
to fight against the Russians in Afghanistan. Al Qaeda, the creation of the CIA
came to Iraq behind the occupation tanks. Al Qaeda and Bin Laden do not harbor
love to the Baath and to the Martyr Saddam Hussein but hatred and hostility. The
Baath in the view of Bin Laden and his organization is Kafir; Ba’athists are
unbelievers, and all secularists or Islamists fall in this category.

The Resistance is not strictly Baathists, or totally Islamist but for sure the Baath
and its resistance organizations form an important factor in the body of the
resistance. The Resistance is made of All the Iraqi fabrics, It has Muslims, of
course, they are the majority, and the majority of the Baathists are Muslims, it has
Christians, atheists, Arabs, Kurds, Chaldeans, Turkmen, Yazidis, Sabaeans and
others of the Iraqi fabric. They are all in agreement to rescue and liberate Iraq.
Of course, the Army, The Republican Guards, Fidayee Saddam, the Security
Forces, the Baath Party Organizations, the Popular Army, The Islamist Patriotic
and Nationalist groups, Arab fighters from Arab countries and others with various
names are the backbone of the National Resistance.

Izzat Ibrahim Al Douri was elected as the Supreme Commander. Later on, the
Supreme Command convened its own meeting at which a General Staff was
created. Lieutenant General Amir Muhammad Amin was named Deputy Supreme
Commander for military affairs, while Shaykh 'Ali Abdallah al-Ubaydi' was
chosen to head a religious consultative body. A national security board was formed
to be headed by General Khalid Sulayman Khalaf. A board for administrative and
financial affairs was created under the command of Lieutenant General
Muhammad Salih Alwan and an information and mobilization Bureau set up under
the command of General Salah ad-Deen Ahmad. Dr. Kan'an Amin was selected as
official spokesman for the Jihad and Liberation Command.

Selected articles 209

In its program, the National Resistance declared that the fight against the US and
Iranian Occupation will continue until the invaders leave Iraq unconditionally and
until Iraq is fully liberated.

Will The Resistance Negotiate with the Occupiers?

The Resistance declared that the Jihad and Liberation Command upheld "sacred
principles" that could not be violated, and that no party is authorized to enter into
negotiations with the enemy, but the Resistance is willing to sit and talk with the
Americans if the Americans agree to the terms stated by the Resistance in its
Program to facilitate the occupiers unconditional withdrawal from Iraq, and if the
United States Recognizes the National Resistance as the sole legitimate
representative of Iraq and its great people.

If the US halts all raids, pursuits, killings, destruction, sabotage, dispossessions and
If the US is willing to withdraw the occupation troops from all population centers.

If the US free all prisoners , detainees without exception, and compensates them
for their losses.

If the US agrees to the restoration of the legitimate Armed Forces and national
security forces as they were before the invasion and occupation.

The Americans must pledge to compensate Iraq for losses and injuries to the
country caused by the occupation.

All laws, decrees and other pieces of legislation issued during the occupation must
be canceled. These are some of the terms put by the Resistance in its program for
Liberation and Independence.

Last but not least, The Programme declared that after the liberation is achieved the
leadership of the Iraqi Resistance will proceed to form a temporary Shura Council
(Consultative Council) which will include 50 to 100 patriotic personalities in
amongst the armed Resistance factions, parties, movements and patriotic
personalities who resist and reject the occupations and its stooges.

Selected articles 210

The Shura Council will form a national unity government from Iraqi patriotic
personalities for a two-year period, supervised completely by the Resistance
leadership and the temporary Shura Council to undertake and execute the
principles stated by the Program of Liberation and Independence.

These are some of the main principles of the Program of Liberation and
Independence for peace as stated by the National Resistance and the Baath Party
that we should recognize and support. If we keep silent and ignoring the war then
we will be partners in creating many more mass graves, here in the United States,
and in Iraq. If we keep silent then we will have no friends left in the World; only
enemies. If we keep silent then we will be slaves for the Neocons and Corporate
America and our children and the children of Iraq will keep dying. America, do we
need another Memorial Wall in the Mall?

The Month of April Will Never Be Forgotten...

By Ibrahim Ebeid

On the night of April 9, 1948, the Irgun Zvei Leumi surrounded the village of Deir
Yasin, located on the outskirts of Jerusalem. After giving the sleeping residents a
15-minute warning to evacuate, Menachem Begin’s terrorist groups attacked the
village of 700 people, killing 254 mostly old men, women, and children and
wounding 300 others. Begin's terrorists tossed many of the bodies in the village
well, and paraded 150 captured women and children through the Jewish sectors of
On April 10, 1973, terrorist Ehud Barrack assassinated Kamal Nassir, a poet and a
member of the Executive Council of the PLO. He was killed in Beirut in his
apartment. Kamal Al Idwan a member of the Executive Committee of the PLO
along with Mohammad Youssef Al-Najjar, a prominent leader of Fateh were killed
at the same time by the same terrorist group led by Ehud Barrack.
Amazingly, on this month also, the United States of America, the strategic ally of
the Zionists who occupied Palestine and murdered thousands of Palestinians and
expelled millions of them from their homes, entered Baghdad and left it in ruins,
without water, electricity and over 100,000 innocent civilians dead.

Selected articles 211

The events of this month motivated the Arab freedom fighter in Palestine and in
Iraq to organize with the determination to liberate their occupied land, Iraq, and
President Bush is destined to lose this war because aggressors always lose. He is
fighting this war on behalf of Corporate USA thinking that he can rob Iraq from its
wealth while in fact; he is robbing America from its sons and daughters who are
being sent to the pit that devours everyone who approaches it.

The Baath and the Resistance in Iraq are in full control. They are always ready to
fight without fear while the aggressors are afraid to walk the streets. They are
surrounded by the Iraqi people who reject them and who are fighting them like
tigers and will choke them to death. They have no way to hide but to return to their
President Bush and his stooges in Iraq have failed in conquering the Baath and its
ideas. The idea of liberation, freedom, and unity that the Baath represents are
entrenched in Iraq and they will never be conquered or defeated. Iraq will be one
despite the conspiracies to rip it apart and will remain Arab and always will be.
Every attempt and a desperate idea that come from Bush and his stooges will fail
and he will reap a bitter harvest.

The Baath is stronger than Bush and his tanks and his weapons of mass
destruction. Al-Baath is an ideology derived from the needs and necessities of the
Arab people to revive the nation. It is life, it is resurrection and resurrection is
more powerful than death. The struggle of the Baath and steadfastness is the
backbone of the National Resistance, which legitimately represents the Iraqi
Bush will be defeated sooner than most people expect. Corporate America cannot
afford to lose more billions in this war of aggression. The hope of Corporate
America to control Iraq and its wealth has reached a dead end. Everything is under
the control of the Resistance and the oil is not under the control of Bush. America
is paying billions of dollars for its aggression and above all, it is paying with its
youth whose lives are being cut short.

We Salute the Baath in its Anniversary and may we benefit from its determination
and principles. May we renew our determination to liberate man from oppression
and our land from occupation and fragmentation?

Selected articles 212

The Month of April will always remind us of the terror and massacres committed
against the Arab people by the US Imperialists and their allies the Zionists. April 7
will always remind us of the birth of the Ideology that renewed itself and gave
birth to the National Resistance in Iraq and Palestine.

The Iraqis and Palestinians are fighting for life; they are defending their homeland
while the US soldiers are dying for Zionism and Corporate America.

April 4, 2005.

The New Crusaders

By Ibrahim Ebeid

The brutality and hatred of President George W. Bush and his Christian Zionists to
the Arabs have surpassed those of the Crusaders and the tartar. The Crusaders
murdered thousands of innocent lives in the name of religion. They ravaged cities
and towns across the land of Palestine. The crimes that his strategic allies are
committing in Palestine have outnumbered those committed by the Crusaders. The
crimes of the invading forces in Iraq have dwarfed those crimes committed by the
Tartars when they invaded Iraq.

Sharon like the other Zionist butchers is targeting the Palestinian leaders. He had
threatened to get rid of Abu Ammar (Yasir Arafat). He succeeded in assassinating
Abu Ammar but he failed to realize that the Palestinian people would carry the
struggle to the end. Palestine to the Palestinians is located between the
Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. They will never accept a mini-state in
their own land.

President Bush released his anger at Fallujah and at the Iraqi people as revenge for
not being welcomed as a liberator and as God’s messenger to impose his version of
“democracy”. He keeps lecturing us about the lack of democracy in the Arab and
Muslim World and wants to impose the “democracy” of death on us after he failed
to find the weapons of mass destruction. We have to remind him that the weapons
of mass destructions are in Fallujah, in Mosul, in Baghdad, in Najaf, in Basra,

Selected articles 213

as well in Sammara, Kirkuk and every village and city where his bombs are falling,
and his soldiers are killing innocent people, and ravaging cities and towns.

He claims that “terrorists” are responsible for the destruction of Iraq and for the
killing of the mass graves. We agree with him that terrorists are responsible for all
the mass killings, for the destruction and mass graves in Iraq, those terrorists are
wearing British and US uniforms.

The media wants us to believe that the attack on Fallujah started a few days ago
while in fact it started more than two months ago when the US airplanes and field
artilleries were, and are, still dropping bomb and rockets all over the city. The
attack on Fallujah left many innocent people dead, children, women, old and young
are falling everywhere. Water and electricity were cut off to punish the population;
the wounded have no medicine and are left to die in the streets and on the
sidewalks. People are dying from starvation and lack of water. They have no food
to eat and they drink unpurified water. People are getting seriously sick. They are
crying for help but no one hears their cries.

The Arab leaders are ignoring the brutality of this unjust war. Some of those
“leaders” were hoping that the slaughter of the people of Fallujah to end soon and
quickly. These leaders live on another planet, away from earth.

Fallujah became a large torture room and a huge ugly slaughterhouse, the butchers
are the American soldiers and the militias of the reactionary parties who came on
top of the aggressors’ tanks, they are the real terrorists. This assault on our towns
and cities is intended to force us to accept the illegal government. The awaited
elections are already made, the candidates are those of the criminal parties who
betrayed Iraq and sanctioned the slaying of the Iraqi people. They have made Al-
Fallujah a field of death and a killing field.

Our legitimate leaders made it very clear to the World that the conditions of
negotiating an end to the occupation are as follows:

1) The withdrawal of US forces from Iraq without conditions.

Selected articles 214

2) The return of the national and legitimate Iraqi leadership to power and at the
very top the leader Saddam Hussein, and the abrogation of the unjust
resolutions made by the Occupation and its puppet government.

3) The committeemen of the US and their allies, through a United Nations
Security Council resolution backed by neutral countries, to establish a fund to
rebuild Iraq under the supervision and the management of its legitimate national

4) To compensate all Iraqis morally and financially.

5) The recognizing of the US and their allies of the crime of war against Iraq
and to bear all the incurring consequences.

6) The Baath and the Resistance and Liberation Leadership, commit themselves
in front of God and in front of the Nation to unite and to establish a pluralist
national government based on the respect of human rights and liberties,
safeguarding the unity of Iraq, its independence and its national wealth and the
formation of a national and honorable government composed of Mujahideen
movements and of fighters.

We believe in these conditions and we call upon the peace loving people in the
World and upon the progressive organizations to put their full force behind the
Palestinian and Iraqi Freedom Fighters and liberation forces.

The other face of Hillary Clinton

Ibrahim Ebeid

Senator Hillary Clinton of New York is another US Senator that is controlled and
dominated by the Zionist entity. She appears more concerned about Zionist
interests than those of the United States and New York State.
In the past, she has pretended to be for the oppressed and the destitute and for
justice and peace but as soon as she started campaigning for the Senate seat from
New York she turned 180 degrees and became an advocate of Zionism and its
racist terrorist entity. This appears to be the case for every American in order to be
As soon as she arrived at Occupied Palestine on February 23, 2002, Senator

Selected articles 215

Clinton was very quick to pay homage to the terrorist entity by reiterating U.S.
“solid rock” support for that Zionist “state” and jumped on the bandwagon to
blame Yasser Arafat for the Zionist crimes committed against the Palestinian
people. She has ignored the American arms that the Zionist soldiers are using to
demolish Palestinian homes, farms, and properties. She failed to see the unarmed
children being killed by Zionist bullets made in the USA and yet she puts the
blame on the Palestinians.

It seems to me that the Zionists are skilled in altering the minds of most American
Officials and Lawmakers for the benefit of unjust causes and oppression.
The junior Senator is racing against time to earn credits for her ambitions for the
Presidency. To become President in the US she must prove herself to be better than
anyone else in loyalty to “Israel” and Zionism. Arrogantly she confirmed the
unprincipled union between US and Zionism against the hopes and aspirations of
the Palestinian people when she said: "It is imperative that we do everything within
our power not to give the terrorists [Palestinian freedom fighters] any victory no
matter how small or mundane.”

She went further in exploiting the horrible events of September 11 for the benefit
and interest of the Zionist colonialist “state”. She claimed that following the Sept.
11 attacks on New York and Washington, the bonds between “Israel” and the
United States are firmer than ever. According to her the United States and “Israel”
share the same way of life, same religion, same democracy, and same culture and
the Zionist and US way of life is in danger of being destroyed [by Arabs and
Muslims?]. The United States and “Israel” stand together in "resolve against those
who would try to undermine and destroy us," she said. To us and to many peace-
loving peoples in the world her statements were inflammatory, unethical and
incitement for wars against Arabs and Muslims.

Shamelessly the Senator from New York shared the same podium with Benny Elon
who is a well know racist who wants to expel the Palestinians from their land, who
wants to close their universities, make their life miserable and unbearable so they
“voluntarily” leave.

Clinton made it very clear that she is pro-Israel, which means, that she is anti-
Palestinians and committed 100% to the “security of “Israel”.

Selected articles 216

Palestinians, according to her must be punished for defending themselves and their

families from Zionist terror. She is supporting the enemies of humanity to continue

the aggression against the Palestinians. She openly called Palestinian legitimate
resistance “terrorism” and those freedom fighters must be punished and destroyed.
“Arafat bears the responsibility for the violence that has occurred, it rests on his

shoulders, even today he could do more to end the terrorism," Clinton said.

March 2, 2002

The Palestinians are not a Nation of Beggars

By Ibrahim Ebeid June 14, 2006

The United States and the European Union dominated and controlled by the
Zionist Movement and its entity, are resorting to the new form of weapons of mass
destruction against the Palestinians in the same way that they used in the deadly
blockade on Iraq.

The Palestinians are blockaded, their country is being taken piece by piece and
they are living in reservation camps surrounded by concrete walls and Zionist
armed fortifications, settlements. Their homes are being blown up; their fields and
olive trees are being destroyed or confiscated.

In April 2006, the United States cut off all non-humanitarian assistance after
Hamas unexpected victory. In all, $411 million in aid were canceled or suspended
out of concern that the money could help the new Hamas-led Palestinian
The United States, the European Union, and other donors have said they won't deal
with the Hamas-led government unless it recognizes “Israel”, renounces violence
and adheres to agreements with “Israel” brokered by the previous Palestinian
“government”. The United States and the European Union are ignoring the real
victims, in this case, the Palestinians and simply they are distorting the facts and
history. They have ignored that the Palestinians never committed violence against
any peaceful nation nor have they invaded any country, expelled its population and
claimed that the conquered land is theirs. They are fighting to restore their right to

Selected articles 217

their homeland, to return to their homes, to their towns to live in prosperity and
peace. This fight is legitimate according to international laws and they will not be
Hamas was elected in a democratic way by the people who live in what remained
of the Palestinian territory. The election was not staged like the one in occupied
Iraq and the ones who were elected were not brought on top of the tanks of the
American invaders and their allies. Hamas members are part of the Palestinian
people, they are not imported nor do they represent any foreign power or interests.
The World should know that the tragedy of Palestine started by Sykes-Picot
agreement in 1916 and was crowned by creating the Zionist entity in Palestine in
1948. The Zionist armed military organizations implemented vicious terror and
resorted to bloody violence against the Palestinians to evict them from their cities,
towns, and villages to de-Arabize Palestine and make it entirely Jewish.
William Zuckerman, the editor of the ‘Jewish Newsletter” on October 3, 1960,
provided us with a revealing remark. He said “The flight of the Palestine Arabs,
which created the Arab refugee problem, was not a spontaneous act, not due
entirely to the propaganda call of the Arab leaders as the Zionist have claimed all
along. It was coldly calculated plan executed by the Irgun but with the knowledge
of the Haganah and the Jewish Agency of the time”.

The massacres in Palestine did not stop in Deir Yassin where 250 people were
massacred by Menachem Begin and his gangs. The mass killing did not stop in
1948; it is still going on until this present day. This time the slaughter of the
Palestinian people is more vicious. It is combined with a deadly blockade, land
grabbing, field destruction and starvation. The Palestinians are caged in large
prisons that are in worse conditions than the concentration camps in Europe. The
Palestinians are being threatened not only by the Zionist entity but by President
Bush and the European Union.

Unfortunately, most of the American people and most of the entire population of
Europe do not know that Palestine is Arab; they do not know that the “Israelis” are
new settler colonialists living in land and homes that do not belong to them. They
do not know that the Palestinians were evicted from their homes and about
6,000,000 of them are refugees in camps and in every corner on Earth, and my
family is one of them.

Selected articles 218

Most of the people do not know that the Jewish land holdings in Palestine were
only 2 percent in 1918 and at the time “Israel” was created on May 15, 1948, the
settlers owned less than 6 percent through forced purchase and terror.
More than 6,000,000 Palestinians are refugees awaiting the fulfillment of the
United Nations Resolutions to return to their homes and towns, to historic Palestine
that stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River, to establish their
state, to live in peace, dignity, and prosperity.

The US government, under George W. Bush, wants to donate $10,000,000 dollars
to a non-governmental organization as an aid to the besieged Palestinians. To
Bush, we say the Palestinian Arabs are not beggars nor are they waiting for the
crumbs that fall from the tables of the Imperialists to fill their stomachs. They are
very proud, very industrious and very creative people. They had a country in which
they were living, in peace and prosperity, until the Western powers ripped the Arab
Homeland apart in 1916 and Palestine was usurped and given to the Zionists in
The Palestinians have the right to elect any government they wish to lead them and
they will reject any imposed solution or imported government. They have the right
to defend themselves by all means to liberate their land.
Palestine is Arab, it stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River, to it
we will return, even if it takes a thousand years. It is our land, it belongs to our
people, “some are dead, some are living but most are not yet born”.

The Resistance Rolls On

By Ibrahim Ebeid

April 10, 2003

Two years have passed since the occupation and the Iraqi people were and still are
enduring the most vicious and inhumane torturous treatment. Chaos and
destruction are spread all over the country and the Iraqi state was decapitated and
left in ruins. Material, cultural and spiritual wealth was destroyed. Institutions on
all levels were crushed and the social interrelation of the Iraqi society was shaken

Selected articles 219

and sectarianism has been being encouraged and supported to replace secularism.
Parasites are nourished and bonded with the occupation and became part of it.
The 9th of April 2003 was indeed a sad day and the darkest day in the annals of
Iraq but the 10th of April, Nissan, was able to quench the darkness by giving birth
to the best organized and the most effective Resistance that the World has
witnessed in these modern times. It is the hope of all the liberation movements in
the World. It shocked the occupiers and forced the US Imperialism to suffer
confusion and disarray.

Every day in the past two years, the courageous Iraqis of the National Resistance
have given the occupiers and its lackeys a lesson that they will never forget. It will
continue to do so until Iraq is liberated.

The initiatives of all battles are in the hands of the Resistance that forced the
occupiers to be in desperation to find new ways to save the reputations of Bush and
The regimes that support the invasion are part of these aggressions. They are
stunned by the outstanding strength of the Resistance, which was planned and
prepared by the wise leadership of Saddam Hussein, the legitimate President of
Iraq. The Resistance was able to ruin all the plans and hopes of the Zionist Anglo-
Saxon forces and left no door open for them to save themselves but to surrender to
the wishes of the Iraqi people and withdraw.

The human losses of the occupation forces have exceeded the limit. US sources
reported that about 48,600 dead and injured and other sources say about 26,000
soldiers are asking the Department of Veterans for compensation due to injuries
they suffered in the blatant war against Iraq.

The US advanced machinery of death that the US forces are using in this war has
failed to protect the soldiers or to deter the Resistance. The Iraqi Resistance is in
full control of all the means and ways that the generals of aggression resort to. The
generals are exhausting all their tactics and maneuvers, they are at the mercy of the
Resistance and the Resistance has the upper hand.

The newly created government of stooges in Iraq knows very well that Iraq is not
sovereign but occupied and they are the figureheads to legitimize the occupation.

Selected articles 220

These “rulers” do not dare to venture out of the fortress of the “Green Zone” and
they do not dare to demand the Americans to evacuate the Republican Palace and
give it to them. The Palace, the Symbol of Iraq sovereignty, is the residence of the
US Generals and of the true Imperialist Ruler, the Ambassador of the United
States. It is the Headquarters of the Occupation.

The apathetic outgoing “President” Yawer Ujail Al-Yawer, the Saudi citizen,
reportedly was whispering in the ear of his Master in the White House begging him
to evacuate the Palace of the Republic so the people wouldn’t say that Iraq is
occupied. Bush promised that he would look into that matter but the matter was
forgotten the moment Al-Yawer left the White House.

The US Generals are living in the Iraqi Government Palaces and in the Guest
Houses, which were built to receive foreign Heads of States and dignitaries; they
enjoy the good living and dining under the chandeliers and beside the swimming
pools. The lackeys who betrayed their countries and came on top of the American
tanks were rewarded some government palaces and some were given the homes of
the members of the legitimate governments who at present are in the concentration
camps or prisoners of war.

The Palaces that are located outside the Green Zone were also allocated to the
reactionary parties and their followers. For example, Ahmad Al –Chalabi occupies
the China Palace and the Nady Al Sayed Club in Al-Mansour. Al-Hakim, of the
Islamic Council, a pro-Iran lackey, occupies the house of Tariq Aziz.
Iyad Allawi was in charge of granting the Villas and Palaces to the traitors and the
US Embassy to the Americans and foreigners.

Iraq became a spoil of war but the Iraqi Resistance is changing the whole formula
and proved to be the sovereign one. Its members live with the people and
supported by the people while the traitors live in the Green Zone surrounded by
huge pieces of concrete blocks and intertwined walls.

Iraq will be liberated and rebuilt, not by those who are in the Green Zone, but by
those who won the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people, by the men and women of
the Iraqi National Resistance.

Selected articles 221

The Saga of Terror

The Anglo-Saxon campaign of terror started in 1991by launching a savage and
brutal war against the Iraqi people. This campaign is directed against the entire
population and infrastructure of Iraq. Millions of bombs were dropped on the
country indiscriminately. Depleted uranium ammunitions used in 1991 and 2003
are causing a continuous health problem for the Iraqi population as well as for the
American Gulf veterans. The imposed genocidal sanctions caused the death of
millions of innocent Iraqis, young and old, men and women and they are still
The saga of this terror started by George Bush, the father, and is still going on in
high gear by George War Bush, the son.

Newsday disclosed in September 1991 that many Iraqi troops were buried alive
when the First Mechanized Infantry Division attacked an 8,000-man division
defending Saddam Hussein's front line.

U.S. commanders told Newsday that thousands had been buried during the two-day
assault Feb. 24-25, 1991. During the February 27 Iraqi retreat from Kuwait, tens of
thousands of vehicles were destroyed by U.S. jets.

Terrorizing the Iraqi troops in 1991 was "legally permissible" during the Gulf war
for U.S. tanks to bury thousands of troops alive in their trenches and for U.S.
warplanes to bomb the retreating Iraqis and the thousands of civilians who were
fleeing Kuwait along the so-called Highway of Death.

When General Colin Powell was asked about the number of Iraqi people who were
slaughtered by Americans in the 1991 "Desert Storm" terror campaign he was not
concerned about the loss of human lives as much as he was about achieving the
agenda of his commanders, he arrogantly said, "It's really not a number I'm terribly
interested in."

Dick Cheney, the then Secretary of Defense, sent an elaborate "legal justification"
to Congress to validate the mass murdering of Iraqi soldiers. These justifications
are not acceptable by international laws neither by humanitarian ethics. They are in

Selected articles 222

violation of the Geneva Convention. They are genocidal crimes and do not absolve
U.S. forces neither those who were in charge.

The slaughter of civilians in Al Amiriyah shelter during Gulf War I is a prime
example of US terror. The occupation of Iraq, the continuous killing of Iraqis and
the destruction of the infrastructure are crimes against humanity. Depriving the
Iraqis of water and electricity is another form of terror. Bush and his
Administration are constantly threatening the World. If any country dares and
challenges Washington and its arrogance then that country would be accused of
being terrorist or supporter of terrorism and would be liable for regime change and
US Brigadier General William Looney "Washington Post, August 30, 1999" in
reference to the brutal murder of Iraqi civilians, said, "If they turn on the radars
we're going to blow up their goddamn SAMs [surface-to-air missiles]. They know
we own their country. We own their airspace... We dictate the way they live and
talk. And that's what's great about America right now. It's a good thing, especially
when there's a lot of oil out there we need."

And the saga of pillaging, robbery, and killing is continuing in Iraq and Palestine.
The Anglo-Saxon are terrorizing Iraq and the Zionist forces of evil are killing the
Palestinians, assassinating their leaders, starving them, confiscating their land
depriving them of water and caging them in concentration camps behind walls and
electrified wires.

The Zionist crimes in Palestine are similar to those committed by the imperialist
Anglo-Saxon forces of occupation in Iraq. The weapons that are used to kill the
Iraqis and the Palestinians and terrorize them are from the same source, from
The saga of terror will continue, the Arabs and the American people will pay a
heavy price, until the revolutionary and nationalist forces, in Palestine and Iraq
defeat the aggressors and teach them a lesson in ethics.


Selected articles 223

The United Nations Shares the Responsibility

By Ibrahim Ebeid

August 26, 2003

There is no doubt that the United Nations Organization lost its will to act according
to its principles. Its members, with no exception, fell under Washington’s
domination. Bush and his allies violated the Charter of this World Body many

times. The member states failed to adhere to UN principles in defending peace and
securing world stability. Its Secretary General did not fulfill the task entrusted to
him. He also fell under the Bush spell. His position became more important than
the task he was entrusted to do.

The UN Security Council shares the responsibility for the unjust sanctions that

were imposed and caused millions of Iraqis to die. These sanctions have weakened

Iraq and motivated George W. Bush and Tony Blair to ravage that country and

occupy it.

The last voting on the American Resolution 1500 in welcoming the US-appointed

Iraqi Governing Council is no more than endorsing the Iraqi occupation by the

United States and the United Kingdom. This resolution helps to pave the way for

Washington to dominate Iraq, its economy, its oil and its other natural resources. It

endorses the American-Zionist agenda to change the whole area of the Arab

homeland for the interests of the Zionist entity. This resolution prevents the Iraqi

people from deciding their own destiny or having a true government that represents

them and defends the security and sovereignty of their land.

The Un Security Council supports the Iraqi Governing Council that does not
represent the Iraqi people but the interests of the imperialist occupying forces. Its
members do not dare to mingle with the Iraqi people. Their homes and offices are
in the center of a barbed wire jungle surrounded with heavy guns. US soldiers,
tanks, and hovering armed helicopters are protecting the rubber stamp Council. No
one can approach that restricted area.

It is about time for the Security Council to stop dictating to the Arabs what to do. It
is time to stop dividing our Arab homeland into mini-states. It is time to stop

Selected articles 224

allocating parts of our country to different people. It is time to stop robbing our
The Arab people have the right to decide their own destiny, freely and without any
foreign influence. We are determined to free ourselves from the dictators and rulers
that the West imposes upon us. We are determined to take our place in the World
by restoring our unity and independence.

These unjust actions taken by the United Nations, under the domination of
Washington, confirm the wishes of the Third World countries that drastic changes
must be introduced to save this Organization and put it on the right track. All
member legal states must have equal rights and protected from any aggression.
Cooperation must replace domination. Peace and security must be enjoyed by all

Ill-treatment of prisoners is a general practice in Iraq,

One of the reasons a massive revolt is taking place in Iraq

By Ibrahim Ebeid

The International Red Cross Committee was informed many times about the ill-
treatment and torture of the detainees but no stand was taken by this institution.
The INCRC kept silent. The members of the legitimate leadership of Iraq
succumbed to severe torture and inhumane treatment. The Martyred President of
Iraq was mistreated and tortured, the Martyred Vice President, Taha Yassin
Ramadan, had to treat his wounds with water and salt: no one was spared the
abuse. Some of the detainees died from torture or by depriving them medical care
or good nourishment, such as Hikmat Ibrahim Azzawi. Some became very frail
and are dying in their cells that are not fit for animals, much less for human beings.
All the prisoners in occupation detentions were transferred to the jails of the
sectarian government created by the US and Iran to be lynched and eliminated.
Mr. Tareq Aziz, the legitimate Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq is no exception. His
health is deteriorating rapidly; he is approaching his death, in a small cell that
according to his lawyer, is not fit for dogs. The cells, where the leaders of Iraq are

Selected articles 225

kept, do not see the sun, only darkness, and the prisoners are not allowed to
exercise or see daylight more than a few minutes a day.

The family of Mr. Aziz appealed several times to the Vatican, to The Pope, and
many prominent Christian and Human Rights Organizations to intervene on his
behalf to help his release but there was no response. Not one organization,
religious or otherwise acknowledged the human cries of the family of this great
human benign, they did not respond to his agony and suffering.
I have seen many appeals from the families of the detainees asking the world, in
the name of humanity, to intervene for the immediate release of their relatives. The
prisoners are old, frail and sick; they suffer from chronic and critical diseases.
Their families are in need for them since they were expelled from Iraq and all of
their belongings were confiscated, They became refugees outside of their beloved
country. They are penniless and desperate. They are waiting for the release of their
beloved ones.

The prisoners were tried for resisting the occupation of their land and for saying no
to the US-Iranian occupation. The trials were taking place for vengeance and the
courts were supervised directly by Iran with US blessing and cooperation.
How many times do we have to appeal to the Human Rights Organizations, Anti-
war Movements, and the world to take a courageous stand against the war in Iraq,
and to help release all prisoners and detainees.? Do they have ears to hear our calls
for help or deafness fell upon them? Do they have eyes and they cannot see the
atrocities committed by the forces of sectarianism and occupation, or blindness fell
upon their eyes? Are they ignored because they are Arabs and considered
"terrorists" by the Western World? Or has the world just fallen under the spell of
the United States and Zionism?

We hope that the citizens of the world wake up from their slumber and pressure
their governments, their anti-war movements and human rights organizations to
intervene to release all Iraqi prisoners and detainees and to stop the atrocious
occupation of Iraq immediately.

Selected articles 226

The United Nations Must Not Be Part of Occupation

Will the United Nations allow itself to be duped and misled again by the Bush
Administration, to help legitimize the occupation and colonization of Iraq? Will it
allow itself to join the United States into the quagmire?

The Iraqi National Resistance and the Baath Party of Iraq were able to foresee the
crisis that the United States put itself in through its aggression and occupation of
Iraq. This war is costing the United States dearly. Militarily, it is facing a stiff
resistance, a resistance that is organized and strong and spreading fast among the
Iraqi People.

Economically, this war is costing the taxpayers about five billion dollars a month
and rising. Socially, only poor Americans are being killed in this war, which is
built on lies to serve Corporate America. Sons and daughters of the Politicians,
Lawmakers, Administration and Corporate are not dying in this war of aggression.
They are enjoying the good life in the United States.

The lies upon which the Whitehouse misled and duped the nation to go to war are
slowly but surely being discovered. The Administration was very quick to react to
justify its policies of aggression. Bush and his Administration are sinking in a
quagmire internally as well as externally if no one comes to the rescue in 2004 and
bring the troops home to the United States then the sinking would be deeper and
more detrimental to World peace and security.

The US returning to the United Nations for help and rescue will lead nowhere but
to more complications and more bloodshed. The United Nations had lost its
credibility, reputation and the trust of the Iraqi people.

For more than 14 years, the World Organization was an effective and fundamental

partner in the suffering of the Iraqi people. It was a partner in the genocidal

blockade that caused millions of innocent Iraqis to die. It caused famine and
sicknesses among the entire population of Iraq. It caused children to die, “the price
was worth it “according to Madeleine Albright. The United Nations cannot be

trusted because it was a partner of the robbery under the guise of Oil for Food


Selected articles 227

The United Nations organizations and committees in Iraq were not just and fair.
The inspectors who were trusted to look for "weapons of mass destructions" were
biased and very hostile towards Iraq. The leaders of the teams were not able to say
the truth, because the truth might not agree with the wishes of the United States
that is based on aggression and regime change, which, was executed later on.
The United Nations was part of all what happened in Iraq and bear the
responsibility of these crimes. The United Nations personnel in Iraq were
appointed to do spying missions on behalf of the United States and "Israel". These
persons were anti-Iraq and hostile to the Iraqi people and violated the sovereignty
of Iraq and International Law.

The United Nations had indeed lost its ability to protect its self-esteem and became

a tool in the hands of Washington and its allies. The theft of the Iraqi documents
from the offices of the United Nations is a testimony that the UN was and still is
under the domination of the United States. The Secretary General of this World
Body is a captive to the will and desires of Washington. His job is secured as long
as he does not cross the line and as long as he does not “violate” what is desired
internationally by the United States.

The Iraqi people, the Baath Party and the National Resistance are well aware that
the United States trapped itself in Iraq and facing defeat at the hands of the Iraqi
people. The Iraqis have never succumbed to any foreign power. The British
suffered defeat and humiliation in the twenties of last century and the Americans
are suffering high casualties and the body count is on the rise.

The Iraqi Resistance considers itself to be the only legitimate body to solve the
problems in Iraq and to end the occupation. It rejects any International intervention
in Iraq geared to further help the occupation of Iraq and legitimizes the US
aggression and robbery.

The Baath Party and the National Resistance, in a recent statement, warned the
United Nations of sending any mission or teams to Iraq to help the aggressor. Both
the Baath and the Resistance consider any such mission as part of the occupying
Imperialist forces and would be treated as such.

The only way to end the occupation of Iraq is the immediate unconditional
withdrawal of the occupying forces.

Selected articles 228

The United States under Zionist Control

By Ibrahim Ebeid

July 8, 2001

The wicked enemy has no respect for human values neither for humanity; its brutal
interests and greed became repressive tools of death especially when the Anglo-
American Power fell under the influence and control of Zionism and its entity.
The Zionist organizations are well entrenched in US institutions and undoubtedly
in command. Successive presidents, senators, and congressmen were under the
spell of Zionism and were integrated part of its power long before the illegal
creation of the Zionist entity in Palestine.

President John Quincy Adams in a letter to Major Mordecai Manuel Noah said, “I
believe in the rebuilding of Judea as an independent nation”

Not long after the Emancipation Proclamation, President Abraham Lincoln, the
American icon, met a Canadian Christian Zionist, Henry Wentworth Monk, who
was an advocate for the creation of a Zionist state in Palestine “by restoring them
(the Jews) to their “national home” in Palestine.” Lincoln replied that this was “a
noble dream and one shared by many Americans.”

President Woodrow Wilson also endorsed the infamous Balfour Declaration and
found himself in agreement with the British to illegally grant Palestine to the Jews
by stating “The allied nations with the fullest concurrence of our government and
people are agreed that in Palestine shall be laid the foundations of a Jewish
Dwight Eisenhower, like the rest of the Zionist influenced US presidents,
supported the disbursement of the Palestinian people, to make room for the
European Jews when he bluntly said “Our forces saved the remnant of the Jewish
people of Europe for a new life and a new hope in the reborn land of Israel. Along
with all men of good will, I salute the young state and wish it well.”
"I know I was elected by the votes of American Jews. I owe them my victory. Tell
me, is there something I ought to do?" -- U.S. President John F. Kennedy speaking
privately to Ben-Gurion (p.90 A & L Cockburn 1991). He also summarized the US

Selected articles 229

Zionist position of his predecessors by stating “This nation, from the time of

President Woodrow Wilson, has established and continued a tradition of friendship

with Israel because we are committed to all free societies that seek a path to peace

and honor individual right. In the prophetic spirit of Zionism all free men today

look to a better world and in the experience of Zionism we know that it takes
courage and perseverance and dedication to achieve it.” “Israel was not created in
order to disappear—Israel will endure and flourish. It is the child of hope and

home of the brave. It can neither be broken by adversity nor demoralized by
success. It carries the shield of democracy and it honors the sword of freedom•

Nixon was not any different, he arrogantly denied the existence of the land of
“milk and honey” and claimed that it was a desert and the miraculous usurpers, the
Jews, made it fertile and blooming gardens, when he asserted, ”Americans admire

a people who can scratch a desert and produce a garden. The Israelis have shown

qualities that Americans identify with: guts, patriotism, idealism, and a passion for
freedom. I have seen it. I know. I believe that.”

Admiral Thomas Moore of the Joint Chiefs of Staff along with others had realized

the Zionist control over the United States and its institutions including the
presidency and without any exaggerations, he said “I’ve never seen a president_ I
don’t care who he is- stand up to them [the Zionists]. It just boggles your mind.
They always get what they want. The Israelis know what’s going on all the time. I
got to the point where I wasn’t writing anything down. If the American people

understood what grip those people have on our government, they would rise up in
arms. Our citizens don’t have any idea what goes on.”

The late, Chairman Senator Fluorite on Face the Nation October 7, 1973, admitted
that the “ The Israelis control the policy in the congress and the senate…
somewhere around 80 percent of the Senate of the United States is completely in
support of Israel—of anything Israel wants…”

The Zionist Settler, Shimon Peres, frankly admitted that Clinton was the “best
friend’ that the entity ever had in the White House. And as one Jewish writer said
that Clinton was like a child, simply he was not able to say no to “Israel”. “We
have exhausted our requests. President Clinton has answered all our needs. There
has been no American president in history like President Clinton, in his support of
Israel (Shimon Peres, Washington Report July 1996 page 17)

Selected articles 230

In the four decades that I have lived in the belly of the beast, the United States, I
discovered that the United States had lost its will and totally became a stooge to the
Zionist entity. Its Senate and Congress became representatives of the illegal state
of Zion.

American interests became secondary compared to the interests of Zion.
The Media is controlled and brainwashing the American people by hiding the facts
from the people or by distorting them.

…. And the feeble minded “Arab” leaders, like the Saudis and Kuwaiti regimes,
became a tool in the hands of US Zion and became a partner in crime against
Palestine and Iraq.

The support that they give to American Zion is unprecedented in the history of
They are conspiring against Palestine and they are helping the Zionist entity by
participating in the war against Iraq in order to weaken it and cripple its role in the
liberation of Palestine.

Iraq, under the wise leadership of President Saddam Hussein, was able to establish
a formidable fortress to benefit Palestine, the Arab nation, Muslim and third
nations, by its steadfastness and perseverance. Indeed it was able to expose the evil
face of the United States and expose the conspiracies and plots against Palestine
and the Arab nation.

Iraq was able to score a victory against the most tyrannical power in the World, the
United States of America. The so-called “Smart Sanctions” were intended not only
against Iraq but against Iraq’s neighbors as well and against all the Arab countries
and friends and against all who deal with Iraq.

Russia was able to discover the plot and bravely joined the trench of reality and
justice, the trench of Baghdad to defeat the American-Anglo-French conspiracy,
the unintelligent sanctions.

Baghdad, we salute you and we salute your wise leadership.

Baghdad, you are the rock upon which we build our liberation, our unity, and

Selected articles 231

The Zionist Christians and Iraq

Ibrahim Ebeid. January 4, 2004

The Christian Zionists launched their crusader war against Iraq simultaneously
with the Bush occupation of that country. Bush himself called his attack on Iraq a
new “crusader” war. Whether George Bush meant it or it was a slip of the tongue,
it became the motto of his coreligionists, the Christian Zionists.

The Christian Zionists blinded by fanaticism and racism declared, on many
occasions, that Allah is an “idol “ and that he is a terrorist God. The American
Christian missionaries have declared a “war for souls” in Iraq. This war is similar
to George W. Bush’s war. But it is not for “weapons of mass destruction” and
“democracy” it is for enforcing Zionist Christianity on the people of Iraq.
The so-called Christian organizations are disguising themselves as humanitarian
aids. They are like the devil that covers himself with the skin of the lamb but in
reality, he is a wolf who wants to devour the lambs. They are bringing us Arabic
Bibles to convert us to Zionist Christianity in order to subjugate us to the malice of
Imperialism and Zionism and to distort our heritage, our culture and to block our
hopes for a better life. These “Christians” have One forgotten that the monotheistic
religions, that they have distorted, came from us and we are the cornerstones of all
monotheistic religions. Our ancestors carried these religious messages to the entire
Jerry Vines, former head of the Southern Baptist Convention, has described
Prophet Mohammed as a "demon-obsessed pedophile". Franklin Graham, son of
Billy Graham and the head of Samaritan's Purse have described Islam as a "very
evil and wicked religion". Jon Hanna describes Islam as "false" and "The Muslim
religion is an antichrist religion."

We were accustomed to those missionaries and their malicious aims through
history, they are quite clear to us. They are, in most cases, part of the occupying
and aggressor forces. The missionaries of these days are the same as those who
accompanied the first crusaders. The Zionist Christians are the worst among all
As a Christian Arab from Palestine whose, culture and heritage is a Muslim-
Christian one. I have studied the Holy Qoran several times. I have seen no such

Selected articles 232

claims as those of the Zionist Christians. Islam is a monotheistic religion and the
story of Issa Al Maseeh, Jesus Christ, occupies a large portion of the Holy Quran,
elegantly expressed and detailed. I refer those fanatics to Surat Al Imran and to
Surat Mariam to see how revered Jesus is and indeed he is considered the Messiah.
(Issa Al Maseeh).

I am not here to defend Islam; Islam does not need anyone to defend it. It is divine.
It is supreme and formidable. Those people who launch the war against Islam and
want to force the conversion upon the believers are ignorant, tyrant and intolerant.
They themselves need the salvation because they are the captives of the Zionist
domination; they have gone astray from the true faith of Christianity. They have
distorted the teachings of Christ who taught us that God is love and they made him
a hateful and vengeful.

The Zionist Entity and Weapons of Mass Destruction

August 10, 2003

Jane's Intelligence Review reported that the Zionist entity, the strategic ally of the
United States, has about 500 nuclear weapons. Others report stated that “Israel”
has an active biological weapons program it has developed an immense amount of
weapons agents and a large stockpile of chemical weapons.

The world's most efficient 'secret' manufacturer of weapons of mass destruction in
the Middle East is not Iraq, not North Korea, not Syria but “Israel”. No one is
allowed to get access to the nuclear, biological and chemical program, not even the
Zionist Knesset or the United Nations.

The production of weapons of mass destruction was kept under tight secrecy until
Mordechai Vanunu, a technician at Dimona nuclear site, revealed In September
1986, to the Sunday Times that the nuclear military program based there had
produced 'over 200' nuclear warheads. The man was tricked to go to Rome where
he was abducted by the Mossad agents then transferred to Tel Aviv and sentenced
to 18 years.

Selected articles 233

The El Al cargo plane crash in Amsterdam, In October 1992, caused at least 47
deaths and hundreds of immediate and subsequent mysterious illnesses led to the
disclosure in 1998 that flight LY1862 was carrying chemicals including 50 gallons
of dimethyl methyl phosphonate (DMMP) - enough to produce 594 pounds of
sarin. The DMMP was supplied by Solkatronic Chemicals Inc of Morrisville,
Pennsylvania and was destined for the IIBR.

According to an exhaustive study by Karl Knip, a Dutch journalist, the IIBR's work
has included the synthesis of nerve gases such as tabun, sarin, and VX.
Avner Cohen has cataloged reported uses of biological weapons by Zionist forces
during the 1948 war in Palestine. The historian Uri Milstein reported that 'in many
conquered Arab villages, the water supply was poisoned to prevent the inhabitants
from coming back.' Milstein states that one of the largest of such covert operations
caused the typhoid outbreak in Acre in May 1948.

The Palestinian Arab Higher Committee reported in July 1948 that there was some
evidence that Zionist forces were responsible for a cholera outbreak in Egypt in
November 1947 and in Syrian villages near the Palestinian-Syrian border in
February 1948.

In May 1948, the Egyptian ministry of defense stated that four 'Zionists' had been
captured while trying to contaminate artesian wells in Gaza with 'a liquid, which
was discovered to contain germs of dysentery and typhoid'.
In 1954, it was widely reported that defense minister Pinchas Lavon had proposed
using BW for special operations. Cohen says: 'Israel has presumably employed
biological or toxin weapons for special operations.'

In 1955, Prime Minister Ben Gurion ordered the weaponisation and stockpiling of
chemical weapons in case of a war with Egypt. Former Mossad agent Victor
Ostrovsky claims that lethal tests have been performed on Arab prisoners at the
Israel Institute for Biological Research IIBR.

Selected articles 234

Their Will Is Stronger than Steel

We salute the Iraqi people for their unbendable courage in facing the most brutal
invading force in the World. The men and women of Iraq liberated from fear and
armed with a will that is stronger than steel are carrying the fight against these
invading forces on behalf of the Arab nation and on behalf of the oppressed and
Bush, his generals, and cronies are calling the Iraqis “ thugs, terrorists and freedom
haters” They are calling the Iraqis with derogative words because they are
panicking and desperate, afraid of facing the absolute defeat that is on the horizon.
The resistance is no longer localized in the so-called Sunni Triangle. It has spread
all over Iraq, and the Shias are fighting alongside their brothers and sisters, the
Sunni Iraqis. Every Iraqi, Muslim or Christian, became a “thug” according to
President Bush; they earned this badge of honor because they are fighting the true
Anglo-American thugs who are killing the people of Iraq on behalf of “Israel” and
corporate America.

News reports, from the battlefields of Fallujah, carried to the rest of the World the
real ugly face and savagery of the invading forces. These forces are bombarding
the city with heavy bombs, cluster bombs that are forbidden by the Geneva
Convention and International Laws. They have cut off electricity and deprived the
people of water, medicines, and food. Ambulances are shot at, the wounded and
sick are not allowed to reach the hospitals and they are left to die in the streets.
Every city, every town in Iraq became a battlefield. Baghdad, Tikrit, Baaqoubah,
Kufa, Kut, Najaf, Basra, Karbala, Ramadi, Nineveh, Mosul, Kerkuk and, Nassiriya
became a Fallujah.

The World governments and the United Nations are not saying a word because
they lack the dignity and courage to face the tyrants of modern days. They were
dwarfed by the intimidation of the Bush cronies and lost touch with humanity.
History will label them as cowards and accomplices of crimes against humanity.
The people of Iraq are sending messages to the Secretary-General of the United
Nations, to the Arab League and to the World asking them for help to deliver them
from the massacres practiced by the United States. Wounded people are bleeding
to death in the streets of Fallujah. The medics cannot reach them because the

Selected articles 235

American bombs are falling all over like a heavy storm with no end. Iraqi dead are
by the hundreds and wounded are by the thousands.

American lawmakers and men of influence are supporting the massacres
committed by their government. They are as responsible for the slaughter of the
Iraqi people as well as for the slaughter of the Palestinians at the hands of their
strategic allies in occupied Palestine.

Senator Edward Kennedy was wrong when he said,”Iraq is Bush’s Vietnam”. It
would have been more effective if he had recognized it as America’s new Vietnam.
America was trapped into this mire because the members of the House of
Representatives and Senate rallied behind Bush and corporate America in
supporting this war. Those who did not are lacking the courage to call for the
hostilities to end and for the withdrawal of American troops instead of calling for
help from their allies and from the United Nations.

US Senator Byrd recently called for the United States to withdraw from Iraq in the
wake of a recent surge in violence and mounting military casualties there. "The
harsh reality is this: one year after the fall of Baghdad, the United States should not
be casting about for a formula to bring additional US troops to Iraq," said the West
Virginia Democratic Senator on the floor of the US Senate. "The United States
should instead be working toward an exit strategy."

The safe exit for the United States, in our opinion, should be the unconditional
withdrawal of all the invading troops to allow the legitimate Iraqi leadership to
restore its institutions to safeguard peace and security.

The Iraqi people reject the occupation, its tools, its agents and whatever emanates
out of it, such as structures, titles, and treacherous committees serving the invaders
and betraying the people. The Resistance calls upon everyone including the
members of the Governing Council to resign at once and to distance themselves
from this fire that might consume them soon. The Resistance will continue until
Iraq is Liberated and Free.

April 11, 2004

Selected articles 236

Obama is like his Predecessors

There is no difference between Obama and his predecessors, he also supports the
criminal sectarian government of Iraq and ignores the suffering of the Iraqi people.
On December 2015 I wrote him a letter urging him to stand with the people of Iraq,
to my dismay, his answer was upsetting.

President Barack Obama

White House

Dear Mr. President,

I believe that you were not adequate in your speech against terrorism, you spoke
about phenomena called ISIS or ISIL, it does not matter, it is one and the same, it
is an organization that evolved from Al-Qaida that the United States propped and
supported to fight against the Soviet in Afghanistan

We cannot fight terror by bombing countries that your predecessors already
destroyed or occupied.

Mr. President, you have to go to the core of the problem and mend the wrongs that
the United States caused. The occupation of Iraq and its destruction and what
followed in Libya, Syria, and Yemen is the crux of all the terror. If you really want
to eradicate terrorism then I suggest to you to help the people of the area to choose
their way of life and rebuilt secular governments.

You must have the courage to support the Iraqi People and recognize the Iraqi
National Resistance instead of supporting the sectarian regime in Iraq and their
criminal militias that are terrorizing their people every day.

Selected articles 237

Iraq became a colony of the Mullahs and a bastion of terror. The Iraqi National
Resistance is the only force that is able and capable of rebuilding Iraq and restoring
peace, progress, and tranquility.

Ibrahim Ebeid, US Citizen, and Vietnam era veteran

Chicago December 7/2015

His reply


Dear Ibrahim:

Thank you for writing. I have been meeting regularly with my national security
team to discuss the situation in Iraq and how we can stop the advances made by
ISIL in Iraq and Syria. ISIL poses a threat to the Iraqi people, to the region, to the
international community, and to the national security interests of the United States.
Part of the reason I ran for this Office was to end our war in Iraq and welcome our
troops home. As Commander in Chief, I will not allow the United States to be
dragged into fighting another war on the ground in the Middle East. There is no
American military solution to the larger crisis in Iraq; the only lasting solution is
reconciliation among Iraqi communities and stronger Iraqi security forces. Our
assistance to Iraq includes sharing intelligence information, providing military
advisers, and delivering ammunition and military equipment. Additionally, we
continue to work with the international community and government of Iraq to
provide support for almost 3 million Iraqis displaced by conflict. Our partnership
with Iraq is premised on an inclusive political process—including steps that
demonstrate the commitment of Iraqi leaders to represent the legitimate interests of
all Iraqis. We are encouraged by the progress made by Prime Minister Abadi to
implement a national program to address the urgent needs and grievances of the
Iraqi people.

Selected articles 238

Beyond partnership with Iraq, we formed a global coalition of more than 60
countries and partners working to deny ISIL a safe haven, to counter the flow of
fighters, and to diminish ISIL’s access to the sources of funding and weapons that
have fueled the group’s advances in the Middle East. At the same time, we are
leading a diplomatic effort to work with Iraqi leaders and countries in the region to
support stability. Iraq’s leaders have taken important steps to enhance their
relationships with regional partners, and to rise above their differences to forge
support for a political plan for their country’s future. All Iraqis, no matter which
faith they follow, must be confident they can live safely in their country and
advance their interests and aspirations through the political process rather than
through violence.

Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts. America cannot and should not
intervene every time there’s a crisis in the world, but our leadership is necessary to
underwrite the global security and prosperity upon which our children and our
grandchildren will depend. And we must do whatever is necessary to protect the
security of our Nation and the safety of our people.

Barack Obama

They Are Coming On

by Ibrahim Ebeid : The Bush-Sharon aggression against the Arab nation, in Iraq

and Palestine, is becoming deadlier while the whole World is aloof and silent. Is
humanity became something of the past? Are human feelings buried in deserted
planets beyond our reach and comprehension? Or men of these days became
overwhelmed by fear of the mighty tyrant of modern days?

Palestine and Iraq are part of this planet that we are part of. They are part of this
World. The Iraqis and Palestinians are being slaughtered, murdered. Maimed, their
cities are aflame and no one is seriously trying to stop these genocidal crimes.
The mass graves are being created at a large scale in Najaf, in Kut, in Fallujah, in

Selected articles 239

Baghdad and all over Iraq and in Palestine as well. The perpetrators are the Anglo-
American-Zionist forces and those who chose to be silent.

Sharon, a terrorist and a mass murderer, is entrusted to butcher the Palestinian
people in order to eliminate the Palestinian cause to secure and expand the racist
entity in all of Palestine. Bush is doing the same job against the Iraqi people to
secure the new border of greater "Israel" from the Nile to the Euphrates to satisfy
the blind ego of the Christian Zionists.

President George W. Bush claims that he “liberated” 25 Million Iraqis and only a
few”thugs’ and "terrorists" are resisting. He and his cronies are denying the fact
that 25 Million Iraqis are resisting the occupation and resisting his style of
“Democratic” Iraq.

What is going in Najaf, in Anbar, in Kut, in Fallujah, in Baquba and in other parts
of Iraq negate Washington claims that Zarqawi is behind the "terrorist" actions to
derail Iraq from the path of "democracy". The Story of Zarqawi is another
invention. It is the creation of the Bush administration, unfortunately, it found wide
acceptance in the US Media in particular and in the Western Media in general. This
lie was formulated to justify the American aggression in Iraq to be tolerated by the
Imperialist agent regimes in the Arab and Muslim Worlds to fight "terrorism" and
"Zarqawi" is “responsible” for what is going on in Iraq.

The facts on the ground refute the Bush lies and false claims. The resistance in Iraq
is not Zarqawi neither it is made of thugs and foreigners but genuine Iraqis. The
Resistance is uniting its forces, Najaf and Fallujah became one. News reports from
the battlefields say that the 606 Brigade, newly founded by the coalition of
occupation, under the command of Hikmat Abdul Halim, in Amara joined the
freedom fighters of the resistance. Police patrols were withdrawn from the streets
of major cities where resistance is spreading and demonstrations were taking place.
Sixteen misled members from the appointed Najaf Council working within the
Allawi "government" have resigned in protest of the US onslaught on Najaf and
Kut. "We have decided to resign due to what has befallen Najaf and all of Iraq
from the hasty US invasion and bombardment of Najaf," the council said in a
statement to the press. "I resign from my post denouncing all the US terrorist

Selected articles 240

operations that they are doing against this holy city," Jawdat Kadhim Najim al-
Quraishi, “deputy governor” of Najaf, said on August 12.

The so-called director of tribal affairs at the Iraqi "Interior" ministry announced his
resignation through Aljazeera and said he could no longer work with the interim
government in good faith given the "carnage and barbaric aggression of the US-led
forces in Najaf". "I am part of this nation, I am part of these people. My fellow
tribesmen are now fighting in Najaf and Sadr city," said Major-General Marid Abd
Thousands of Iraqis were marching from neighboring towns and cities towards
Najaf in solidarity with the stricken city. Offices of Allawi's party were destroyed
and set aflame and 25 Million people are asking for his resignation and for the
expulsion of the invaders.

The Palestinians and Iraqis liberated from fear and cowardice are determined to
liberate Palestine and Iraq from US-Zionist occupations. US and Zionist
Imperialism will be crushed and defeated at the doorsteps of Baghdad and
Jerusalem, the World will be safer and Bush Will Be No More in 2004.

They Are Freedom Fighters

Ibrahim Ebeid

The majority of the American news media and politicians controlled and
influenced by Zionist organizations are portraying the Arabs in general and the
Palestinians in particular as "bloodthirsty terrorists" while the Zionist entity;
"Israel" is introduced as a blameless victim who is just trying to live in peace. This
is the view that the American media has forced the Americans to believe.
Living in the United States for more than forty years and experiencing the
Palestinian tragedy for almost seven decades, I came to a conclusion that
Washington is the main culprit and the most responsible for this human tragedy.
The United States became highly influenced and controlled by the Zionist
movement and its freedom was hijacked by this notorious organization.
Peace and World Security, as a result of Zionist control over the United States, are

Selected articles 241

fading away and imminent destruction is awaiting us all, without exclusion. The
occupation and destruction of Iraq and Palestine by the Zionist/Anglo-Saxon
powers are a testimony to what we are now witnessing on the International arena.
The Palestinian problem, undoubtedly, is the creation of the West, which has
always been and still is hostile to the Arab world and to Arab ideals. Palestine was
obliterated, its people were forced into exile and were deprived of living in their
homes. They became stateless and homeless and yet they are called "terrorists".
All United Nations Resolutions concerning the Palestinians and their Right of
Return were ignored and violated. The "West Bank" and "Gaza Strip" became
concentration camps surrounded by Zionist settlements and high fences and walls.
Their homes are being bombarded and demolished every day. Their farms, trees,
and crops are being destroyed. More lands are being confiscated to build more
settlements and to force the Palestinian population to leave, to be forcefully
transferred. They are subjugated to genocide and yet the Palestinians are being
called "terrorists".

"Transfer" is a euphemism for the forced expulsion of Palestinians out of the
occupied Palestine to Arab countries and somewhere else. "Transfer" signifies
ethnic cleansing. It has happened before in 1948 and again in 1967 when over a
million Palestinians were forced from their homes.

According to international law, expulsions are illegal and constitute a grave breach
of Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. There are no exceptions that can
ever make expulsion legal. Expulsion of the Palestinians from their homeland is a
war crime that the United States is ignoring. And yet, the Palestinians are labeled
to be "terrorists". Their killers and usurpers of their land are called victims.
The problem of Palestine is very costly to the United States. While the
Administration is hiding the facts from the taxpayers, only a few billions are
announced as foreign aids to the Zionist "state". It is commonly reported that
"Israel" officially receives some $3 billion every year in the form of economic aid;
this figure is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many billions of dollars more in
hidden costs and economic losses lurking beneath the surface. A recently published
economic analysis has concluded that U.S. support for the state of "Israel" has cost
American taxpayers nearly $3 trillion.

Selected articles 242

"Total identifiable costs come to almost $3 trillion," Stauffer* says. "About 60
percent, well over half, of those costs - about $1.7 trillion - arose from the U.S.
defense of Israel, where most of that amount has been incurred since 1973."
"Support for Israel comes to $1.8 trillion, including special trade advantages,
preferential contracts, or aid buried in other accounts. In addition to the financial
outlay, U.S. aid to "Israel" costs some 275,000 American jobs each year." The
trade-aid imbalance alone with Israel of between $6-10 billion costs about 125,000
American jobs every year, Stauffer says.

People whose country is occupied and who were forced into exile have the right to
resist by all means, in order to liberate their land and to return to their homes from
which they were expelled, The American media and politicians and their Zionist
allies might call them "terrorists" but we call them, what they are, Freedom
Fighters. Some of them are dead. Some are living and fighting but the majority is
not born yet.

Zionist control over the United States, the occupation of Iraq and Palestine are
costing the US taxpayers trillions of dollars, loss of jobs and lives. The toll is very
high. US citizens must wake up and end the Zionist control and domination.
* Professor Stauffer is a Washington, D.C.-based engineer and economist who
writes and teaches about the economics of energy and the Middle East. Stauffer
has taught at Harvard University and Georgetown University's School of Foreign
Service. Stauffer's findings were first presented at an October 2002 conference
sponsored by the U.S. Army College and the University of Maine.
Al-Moharer January 11, 2004

They are killing our women and children

Ibrahim Ebeid, April 2, 2003,

The US Marines near Najaf, a holy city in Islam, committed another despicable
crime. The American “heroes’ killed seven women and four children viciously and
savagely. This crime shows that the intention of the Coalition is to kill and
terrorize the people of Iraq not to “liberate”. Indeed, Washington is adopting the

Selected articles 243

Zionist tactics to the fullest extent. Like the Zionists in Palestine, they are
slaughtering people in order to create ”fear” and “dread”.

Crimes and massacres were committed in the South resulting in more deaths; all
were civilians and mostly women and children. A spokesman for the Red Cross
stated that he saw tens of ripped corpses and scores of wounded in the floors of Al
Hilla hospital that were moaning and dying. The doctors were working hard around
the clock trying to save lives but there were not enough medicines. A human
tragedy was inflicted on the Iraqi people by Bush and Blair. Since the beginning of
the aggression, more than 700 hundred civilians were killed and about 5,000
The killings near Al Najaf and elsewhere in Iraq by US and British forces caused
anger in the Arab world and consternation among other nations. European Union
spokesman described the horrendous crimes as “horrible and tragic" while other
international groups said it highlighted the need to protect civilians.

This slaughter reminded many around the world of the massacres in Viet Nam
committed by the United States of America. The New York Times, in an editorial
entitled "The death of innocents," recalled the My Lai massacre of civilians during
American aggression in Vietnam. The New York Daily News tabloid ran the story
on the front page with a headline that screamed, "Slaughter".

While bombs are still falling and killing people in every part of Iraq, the Iraqi
popular resistance is getting stronger. Arab fighters are joining their Iraqi brethren
to liberate Iraq from the Anglo-Saxon invaders. Thousands of Iraqis are returning
to their homeland to fight against the aggressors. The Americans and British are
being met with bullets and not with roses and songs. This war of aggression will
rally the Arab masses behind Iraq. American aggression will be defeated. Iraq will
remain the solid rock of Arab Unity and Dignity.

Selected articles 244

They Continue to Massacre Iraqis

Ibrahim Ebeid, Al-Moharer - Sept 19, 2008

Again, the US terrorists in uniform murdered more innocent Iraqis. This time, the
total included eight civilians, among them three women, in the town of al-Dour,
the hometown of Mr. Izzat Ibrahim Al Douri, the Commander of Jihad and
Liberation, and the legitimate President of Iraq.

The Occupation forces claim that the raid, backed by air strikes, was against Sunni
extremists in Al Qaeda. But Iraqi residents and officials did not agree with the U.S.
assessment. They said the American forces killed eight members of a poor family
who had fled sectarian violence in Baghdad after a member of the family was
killed by the sectarian forces who came with the occupation.

"At around 3 a.m. American forces sealed off the area and then raided the homes of
the neighbors, including my home," said Ahmad Khader, 38, a guard at a nearby
school. "They handcuffed me and then took my wife and children and put them
inside a room, and told them not to scream or do anything. About one hour later,
we heard shooting and shortly after that the sound of airplanes and explosions."
The Iraqi people are being murdered every day (about two million since the
invasion of 2003), yet the U.S. anti-war movement is silent. Like their presidential
candidates, they ignore the Iraqi victims and count their casualties only.
They say that the war was a mistake. No, it was not a mistake; it was intended and
carefully planned against Iraq to dominate the rest of the Arab and Muslim world.
It is a crime against humanity. If the anti-war movement does not recognize the
Iraqi National Resistance and work diligently to stop this criminal war, the
massacre will continue under the name of "Democracy" and "the will of God" as
Bush, McCain, and Palin, as well as many Democrats, claim.

Selected articles 245

They Have Lost the Trust

By Ibrahim Ebeid

[email protected]
Where is the valor and dignity of the Arab and Muslim rulers? Don't they see what
is going on in Palestine and Iraq? Can't they see the atrocities that the Zionist state
is committing against their fellow Muslims and Arabs alike? Is their dignity dead
and cowardice replaced courage and valor? Were they installed to instill fear upon
their fellow Arabs and Muslims? Are they serving the interests of their next of kin
the Zionists and Anglo-American Imperialism who created them and dominate
The Palestinians were forced to succumb to terror, since the inception of the
Zionist entity, for more than five decades. Shamefully the majority of the Arab and
Muslim dictators and despots have joined the war on terror against Arab and
Muslim nations. They joined the Zionists and the Anglo-Saxons instead of fighting
the terror conducted against the Arab and Muslim countries, people and culture.
Our holy places are not safe anymore, Al-Haram Al-Sharif was not spared nor the
Al-Aqsa Mosque. These holy places were attacked many times and even burned by
Zionist fanatics. Many people were slaughtered in the Holy Sanctuaries in
Jerusalem and in Al-Haram Al-Ibrahimi in Khalil.

Friday, April 2, 2004, the Zionist police entered Al-Aqsa Mosque fired tear gas
grenades and machine guns at the faithful who gather to pray. More than 70
worshipers were injured, and news media reporters were brutally attacked and their
films were confiscated. Ambulances were stopped and were forbidden to enter the
sanctuary to pick up the wounded and transport them to nearby hospitals. This is a
common practice by the invading forces in Palestine as well as in Iraq.
The Zionist tanks and bulldozers are destroying scores of Palestinians homes
weekly. Tens of Palestinians are being killed and wounded by the invaders of
Palestine, including women and children every week. These children are being
killed by the Zionists with the guns and support of the invaders of Iraq and
Afghanistan. The invaders are conducting terror upon the Palestinians and Iraqis
and arrogantly are calling the victims "terrorists" or haters of freedom and
Since the Arab leaders pathetically failed to lead the masses to liberate the

Selected articles 246

occupied land, the Arab masses took the task upon their shoulders to lead. Ten
months ago the National Council for the Iraqi Resistance was born The Council
announced its political program to all the Iraqis and all Arabs of honor. The
resistance is organizing the Iraqi people to shoulder their efforts and support the
resistance to expel the invaders. It called upon those Iraqis who erred and faulted
by serving the occupation in any way to think twice about what they are doing and
to immediately change this non-honorable attitude, and return to the bosom of the
The vision of the Iraqi and Palestinian resistance forces is very clear. The aim is
the expulsion of the invaders and racist settlers who occupied Palestine and Iraq.
Their task is heavy and difficult and the aim is noble and achievable. The
Resistance is entitled to lead, build and protect the future. The resistance came
from the people, by the people and for the people. The rulers came from the
enemy, by the enemy and for the enemy. The Arab masses have nothing in
common with them. Those rulers who helped and supported the enemy are deemed
to lose because they lost the trust of the masses. They were stripped of dignity.
They have neither honor nor valor. They will leave alongside with the invaders.
Our holy places will be free again and the faithful will worship in tranquility and
peace. They will not be afraid of being attacked or killed by American guns.
April 4, 2004

To Some Catholic Leaders in Buenos Aires

Ibrahim Ebeid, July 24, 2004

I was not surprised to hear that some Catholic religious leaders have met with
Zionist leaders that took place in Buenos Aires recently. They have considered that
"anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism". It is indeed a sad state that the Catholic Church in
the West has reached. This step indeed has passed all the misgivings and the wrong
doings that the church committed in the past. In fact, Zionism is a racist movement.
The Palestinians are Arabs and the Arabs are Semite and this Zionist Racist
movement is against them, its acts in Palestine are a testament to our allegations.
The Zionist movement obliterated Palestine and the Palestinians were subjugated
to a systematic killing, which is genocide. Shamelessly these Catholic Leaders who
signed the Buenos Aires Statement are supporting the genocide against the
Palestinian and the obliteration of their country.

Selected articles 247

No one escaped the tyranny of the Zionist entity which was created illegally in a
Palestine that is historically Arab and belongs to the Palestinians people since time
immemorial. Even the Christians of Palestine, the Holy Land, were not spared.
They were and still are being persecuted by this vicious racist entity that you are
supporting. They flourished and progressed under the Arab Muslim rule and
throughout history, they were an active part of the society until your Zionist allies
came They were 30% of the land and now they are less than 2% thanks to you and
to your blind support for such a racist movement and entity.

The Zionist Movement started its aggression against the Palestinians long before
the establishment of the entity by the Christian West. Prior to the unjust and illegal
Partition Resolution of November 1947, the Zionists were planning, organizing
and carrying out terror and sabotage activities against the British and against the
Moslem and Christians of the Holy Land.

The terror continues to the present time. Our children are being jailed and killed,
our lands are being destroyed and confiscated, including lands that belong to the
Catholic Patriarchate of Jerusalem, our olive trees are being uprooted, and our
homes are being bulldozed. We were dispersed around the World and deprived of
living in our country.

Our clergies also did not escape the persecution of this racist movement and its
entity. Do you remember the story of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of
Jerusalem, Hilarion Capucci? To remind those of you who have forgotten, he was
put in jail in 1974. He was tortured and spat at by your racist friends that you
defend, the Zionists; then he was sentenced to 12 years. A respected Cleric was
accused of being a terrorist by the racist terrorists themselves.

Just take a look at what is happening in Gaza, in Nablus, in Jenin. In Ramallah and
in every inch of Palestine and let your conscience speak up unless it is dead.
Indeed you have eyes and you cannot see and have ears and cannot hear.
We have lost faith in the West. We have lost faith in their religious and political
institutions and I wish that my fellow Christian Arabs will go back to our roots and
cut the hair that holds us with the Western Churches. We are the cornerstones of
Christianity. Those Christian leaders, whether Evangelist or Roman Catholic who
support the Zionist Movement have rejected the cornerstone; they became Zionist
Christians, their religious institutions will crumble, they have gone astray.

Selected articles 248

To My Fellow Americans

End the war… End the negligence

By Ibrahim Ebeid *

September 16, 2005 - Iraq devastation and destruction, killing and maiming started
a decade and a half ago by the old man George Bush. This abominable act led to
the invasion and occupation of this land by George W. Bush the son. As a result of
this war that started in 1990, the people of Iraq were left with no medicine, no
sufficient food and without clean water.

Chlorine was forbidden to be manufactured in Iraq or to be imported because the
enemies of humanities have no consideration for human life. The Iraqis were
forced to drink contaminated water up to this day.

The weapons of mass destruction that both Presidents George the father and
George the son used obliterated the country. The effects of these horrible weapons,
the depleted uranium, spread to engulf the American soldiers as well. Thousands of
these soldiers became ill, some died, and more will die of the disease that became
known as the Gulf Syndrome.

Millions of Iraqis died and injured and they are still dying as a result of this
ongoing war. The entire nation was wounded and President Bush added and is still
adding salt to their wounds to torture them furthermore. His "democracy" is
bringing instability and insecurity to Iraq but to the entire region if not to the whole
The catastrophe of the Gulf States, in the United States, is the work of Mother
Nature and the negligence of the authorities. The destruction that took place
reminds us of what was inflicted upon Iraq by Bush the Father and Bush the Son.
Both areas are in ruins, no electricity, no medicine, no water and no food, no
security and no peace. The infrastructures of Iraq and the US Gulf States are in
The influx of the US "evacuees" reminds me of what happened to me, to my family
and to the majority of the Palestinians in 1948 when the Zionists occupied our
country, Palestine, and expelled us from our homes. It was heartbreaking to see the
huge multitudes of the US citizens in misery and agony suffering from heat,
starvation, and thirst, living among the stench of the dead and human waste in the

Selected articles 249

super Dome in New Orleans. The majority of the victims are African Americans
and they are the ones who suffer most. Unfortunately, this is the lot of the destitute,
deprived and poor in the "best country in the entire world". It hurts to see that the
rescue mission efforts were diverted to protect the already destroyed businesses
and properties from the “looters”. Material and ruined properties are more
important than human life in the era of Bush, Cheney and the Imperial Court of the
New Empire.

The severity of the catastrophe of New Orleans, the drowned city, could have been
averted if the levees were strengthened and maintained properly but President Bush
has neglected America and diverted billions of dollars to his war of aggression in
Iraq and Afghanistan. This is a fact that cannot be denied.

The levees of Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans and the wetlands that protected

the city were eroding. Bush and his allies have slashed federal spending for flood

control in southeast Louisiana by half and funds for work at Lake Pontchartrain by

almost two-thirds. From 2003, funds authorized for the Southeast Louisiana Urban

Flood Control Project were diverted to pay for the war of aggression in Iraq. Early

this year, the US Army Corps of Engineers requested $27Millions to repair the

levees to protect them from hurricanes, Bush sought to cut the amount to $3.9m

and also proposed reducing spending to prevent flooding from $78m to $30m. The

New Orleans Times-Picayune published numerous articles warning that the war in

Iraq was taking money away from hurricane protection on the Gulf coast. This is

negligence and carelessness that the President and his entourage should be

accountable for.

The man who destroyed Iraq and failed to restore electricity and clean water will

fail in restoring electricity and clean water to New Orleans, already the Speaker of

the House, the leader of the Republican Majority, declared that New Orleans

"should be bulldozed" and it "doesn't make sense" to rebuild it.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush, Dearest Mom of the President, visited the

desperate victims of the drowned city like cattle were herded to the Astrodome, the

Sports Arena of Texas. She did not show any compassion or sympathy to the

victims because she has no consideration for the human beings who lost everything

they ever had and who lost dear members of their families. Mrs. Bush who lives in
a multi-million dollars home said, “Everyone is so overwhelmed by the

Selected articles 250

hospitality” What type of hospitality she is talking about? Is herding the destitute
and deprived to the arena hospitality instead of an obligation to help the people in
need? She continued to add an insult to the victimized and deprived people "And
so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway,
so this, this is working very well for them." This came from the mouth of Dearest
Mom of President Bush! If you are poor and devastated by a calamity and
negligence stay desperate and poor and thankful to the hospitality of Texas. This is
exactly what Bush says to the Iraqis, We brought you “Democracy” and
“Freedom” which mean total destruction; occupation and misery; stay under
occupation. Enjoy the misery we put you under.

Was the President concern about the disaster? If he were concerned he wouldn't
have come late to the scene touring the place by helicopter instead of mingling
directly with the victims? Why did he not take a boat to see the real devastation?
Vice President Dick Cheney was much later than the President to react, probably
he was preparing for his friends in Halliburton to get the fat contracts. The
President was enjoying his long vacation in his ranch while the people were
suffering and dying; he was cutting wood instead of cutting his vacation. He treats
the American people with the same contempt and callousness as he does the Iraqi
people – as "collateral damage."

The President appointed his father and former President Clinton to raise fund to
help the victims of the devastating hurricane. Will raising fund come quick enough
to cure the wounds that the people suffer? Or would the raised fund go to
Corporate America? Will there be more Halliburton to fill their coffers with more
America is not in need of fund raising. Washington is wasting around six billion
dollars of taxpayers a month in its war of aggression in Iraq to create more
devastations and disasters for the Iraqis. The money is needed in the United States
to rebuild it and protect it from such disasters that we have witnessed in the past
and we are witnessing these days. The money wasted on wars of aggressions
should be spent for a safer America. America is deteriorating very fast.
The American troops are needed in the United States to help rebuild what was
ruined by negligence. The war in Iraq has devastated America and America is not
safer anymore. Would President Bush comprehend? Do not wait for Bush to

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