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  10        Ethics         Grieg Seafood has implemented         ethical guidelines. as part of an active,         international business environment,         Grieg Seafood accepts responsibility         for ethical awareness.         Our activities are closely connected with the communities we         operate in, and we want to emphasize measures to raise ethical         awareness among our employees.         Grieg Seafood promotes high ethical standards. We acknowledge         that the practice of establishing an unambiguous and across-         the-board Code of Conduct is challenging for a business with         international operations. Thus, our standards are developed with         the intent to maintain  high ethical practices relative to norwegian         circumstances, and at the same time give clear guidance when our         employees’ dilemmas confict with other management and business         cultures.         The guidelines are based on simple principles of transparency         and reporting. instead of implementing a complex set of rules,  we         instruct our employees to document and report to superiors when         facing corruption, facility payments and other situations that pose         ethical problems. Such practices contribute to an internal discussion         of diffcult subjects and maintain ethical awareness.         please visit for details.         Management principles         •   We are open and honest         •   Today we shall do better than yesterday         •   We do what we say         •   We are positive and enthusiastic         •   We care
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