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                                                                                                          Grieg Seafood   9                                                              Ocean Quality                                                              Ocean quality aS is the new sales                                                              organization for Grieg Seafood and                                                              Bremnes Seashore. The company’s                                                              main offce is located in Bergen, while                                                              two regional offces operate in alta                                                              in northern norway and Bømlo on the                                                              southwest coast of norway.                                                              Grieg Seafood and Bremnes Seashore have established Ocean                                                              quality to strengthen market presence and focus on sales to end-                                                              customers.                                                              – a larger sales volume, complementary harvest schedules, and the                                                              ability to offer both whole and processed fsh means that, together,                                                              the companies will have a stronger market position than they will                                                              have individually, says Olav Svendsen Jr., CEO of Bremnes Seashore.                                                              Ocean quality’s goal is to sell all fsh farmed by Bremnes Seashore,                                                              Grieg Seafood Rogaland and Grieg Seafood Finnmark. in 2009 the                                                              total gutted weight harvested from the three production areas was                                                              about 45,000 tons.                                                              Ocean  quality’s  products  include  fresh,  frozen  and  processed                                                              salmon in addition to fresh and frozen trout. The company wants to                                                              focus on selling to suppliers that are closer to consumers. Fish from                                                              Grieg Seafood has traditionally been sold to exporters and large                                                              wholesalers. Ocean quality aims to advance in the value chain and                                                              focus on supermarkets, restaurants and catering providers.                                                              norwegian salmon’s most important markets are the EU and Russia.                                                              in addition, large quantities of fsh are sold to  asia and the US.                                                              Ocean quality sells the most fsh to large salmon buyers, but the                                                              whole world is a potential market.                                                              Grieg Seafood holds 60% ownership, while Bremnes Seashore                                                              owns the remaining 40% of Ocean quality aS.
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