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Em 1C



SurLf'SaDism (6) S'

Com O G !ities...
Companions rI u Io

Pr Clous
AccomplBi^CDed.... D4]©

■ ■' -


1725 HWY 66 South
Kernersville, NO 27284
Phone: 336-564-1010

hecomes the
first integrated

school in
Forsyth County

goes to print for

the first time

Eklund coached
cross country
to a winning


became a
tobacco free

______— ^ c a p t a i n s of the 196 8 Varsity Boys
basketball team pose for a snapshot by the new spirited'
The sp irit rock seemed to be the place to get your pidofs
taken throughout the entire year.

by Sarah Jo Hewett & Zoe Rote

Fifty years have passed and old yearbooks, we realized that October during football. We do
it s time to celebrate. Who doesn t there are as many similarities as hold on to the ultimate classics
love a good celebration? I mean there are differences. which consist of Tacky and Toga
we get free T-shirts, our classes are Day and there s still a pep rally
shortened for random assemblies, We have several new teachers with the repulsive mascot head.
and seriously, a cupcake at ten in reppin' Bishop s pride., and on the Grody we know, but that's tradition
the AM . other hand, some have been here right?
for over 25 years. That definitely
If you didn't notice, a lot has qualifies them as pros. Tradition. Bishop certainly has
changed; or has it? Every year a lot, but we manage to keep it
brought new trends and slang Thankfully typewriters have fresh. We are the final product of
terms (which seemed in at the time) seen their day and state of the the trends that precede us and
but when we really thought about art computer labs are now the hip the trends we set today (and
it, and forced ourselves to compare thing. The yearbook has changed tomorrow for that matter, we are
the past and the present, it turns its name from The Key to Blueprints, the trendsetters).
aut, not a whole lot has changed. while the newspaper now holds
the title Villain Nation verses The Just as the word rad is a part
Sure, w eve changed school Signet. of tradition, we have become a
names, moved to Kernersville, and hoppin' and unforgettable part of
more than doubled in size, but Spirit Week which used to be tradition at Bishop McGuinness
once we started looking through celebrated in December during Catholic High school.
basketball season, and is now in

I.Aru.JD.o: Basketball won
Students the first of four
Destructive 50 years later
Decisions,was the Extravaganza
Mr. George the new club on
Repass becomes the block celebration of
principal and a one-of-a-kind
would soon say sci
“It was the best
decision I ever

The Fine Arts
Department has

the first Fine

opening O

rod ^

Dorothy Parker Joseph A rth ur Nitz Making it Your Own, Monograms go Irom
Class of 1970 Class of 1981 cheerleading uniforms Of 1979 (far left) to the bad i
windshield of cars (left). Senior Mary Jordan Cofms
p Sophomore Courtney Collelo Senior Evan Seaeh joined the new trend when she applied her initial MJC"'
on the back of her Prius.
Ultimate Classic, fashion trends run in a cycly
cn from high waisted belts, as worn by Catherine Sustan
class of 1986 (above) , to striped sweaters, like iunior
004 Nicholas Cook (right). No matter what trend, it wil
always comeback.

eye* Floating Away, Sophomore Notcfe
Curnes is all smiles as she sails a boat,
a lo o k a sid e the ve ry different summers of various of her experience at Sailing Camp. “I go fe
sailing camp for a month every year. It’s gr
because now I have some of my best frie ds
that I met there," said Natalie.

Photo: N atalie Curnes.

students by Anna Komsa

sail was raised on the starboard side of a ship for service than pleasure. Many students took the
in M aryland. Puffer fish were sighted in the coral opportunity to go on mission trips during the summer,
reefs of Jamaica. Paint was carefully rolled onto like Raven. However, most people take mission trips
new walls of a house in New Orleans. Customers to get a head start on the required service hours.
were rung up in the Walgreens of Belews Lake. Raven had another, better motive.
This is just a sampling of the activities that took
place this summer: a variety as wide as our student "I took a mission trip to New O rleans with the
population. Each person did his or her own thing; youth group at my church. We fixed up an old
they did “whatever floats their boat". house: we re-did the roof and repainted. I really
liked it because it was a meaningful way to spend
Many students took vacations during the summer, the summer, the organization that ran it really made
but usually to the beaches of South Carolina or you feel God with you," Raven said.
to the mountains of North Carolina. Sophomore
Kathryn Bennett was high in the race of 'most exotic O ther students took on summer jobs as a way to
vacation’. She journeyed to the island of Jamaica: make money, or gain real-world experience.
where she saw hundreds of fish in the coral reefs “I worked at the Walgreens in Belews Creek not
while snorkeling. only because it paid well, but because I wanted to
see what it was like to work at a pharmacy. I want
“I really enjoyed my trip to Jamaica: we stayed to become a pharmacist when I grow up, so this
at a resort for about a week. We were able to summer was a perfect opportunity to test it out,”
horseback ride on the beach, climb Dunns River said junior Josh Ricci.
Falls on a glass bottom boat, snorkel, and go on
a safari. I would definitely go back there; it was Overall, some really neat, different things
so much different then vacations to other places." were experienced this summer. Every student had
Kathryn said. their own thing that they liked to do. After all, it's
whatever floats your boatl
Freshman Raven Sexton also traveled, but more

My favorite part of suminer was.

"....Cedar Point “....wake boarding in “....rafting on the
in Ohio. It's an New York, at Keuka
amusement park and Lake. 1 was there Arkansas River
1 rode the tallest and with my family for
fastest roller coaster in one week, and even in a gorge. 1 was
the world." though we didn't get
^ -freshman to go into the city, it apprehensive because
was still so much fun."
006 it has class 4 and 5
- sophomore
rapids, but it turned

out to be so much


- senior

1. Painting the Day Away. Freshman Raven Sexton (far right) rolls new paint onto a

house in New Orleans. She visited there on a mission trip for her church, where she performed
other tasks to fix up an old house. “We also tiled the roof in addition to painting. The work was
hard and time-consuming, but totally worth it I really felt God with me, an important part of
the trip," said Raven

2. Walking Through Paradise. Junior Imma Sangalang walks with her brothers, enjoying

the exotic scenery of the Philippines. She spent all of her summer there, visiting her family. “Even
though I was gone the whole summer, I still felt like my summer was satisfying because I was

able to spend time with my family, something Ican only do every few years," said Imma.

3 . Fruity and Delicious. The four girls pictured here are the class of 1998. Even ten

years ago, they knew how to enjoy their summer. They cool off by eating delicious melons, the
perfect way to enjoy a hot summer day.

4. Pun In The Sun. Senior Collin Callaghan had a traditional summer vacation at the

beach, where he sat in the sun all day long. “It was pretty sad because even after a week
I still didn't even get a tan. That's what I get for having such fair skin," said Collin. Photo . Ned

5. Cruisin’ in the Swiss Alps. Seniors Michael York and Ally Craven take a cruise from

Lucerne, Sw itzerland to M ount Pilatus where they took the steepest funicular in the world to
the top. O n their way down the mountain the whole group stopped to ride toboggans. Photo
credit: Mrs. Porter.

___________ summer O


Anne Birkel Kelly Leigh Rice 1 '4]
Class of 1990 Class of 1995
Across the Board, there's no doubt that with in thejj
^ Senior Donna Elliot Senior Co/ey Broy
fifty years Bishop has been a school, these hallway^
o' have seen a lot of crutches. In October alone, two ofj
<D our beloved freshmen wobbled through the hallway
on the temporary legs. A s compared to 1981, nothins|
036 has changed.

Black and Blue, a sophomore from the class ofJ

1982. sported his bandage for a broken nose, at proii(
Luckily no one had broken noses for our prom this yea
but there were plenty of cast to make up for that faclj

Usten Up, top dowg also known as FVincIpal M r. f '■ • o0

Reposs opens up the year’s first assem bly w ith his
tra d itio na l welcom e speech. The assem bly w as the
beginning c f the 5 0 th anniversary fe stiv itie s



divider ^

indu/lriou/ O

OD’ % ^ /pi t i yi

V . c o lo r D a y 1. Struttin’ Their Stuff, junior

s c h o o l -»r Bradley Hoban and senior Greg
/• k i n d Hrycaj walk the halls in their "tacky"
gear. Greg worked the stripes with
C O ~LO R^ r.- camo, while Bradley rocked the 1C
different plaids; either way their d
rags fit the day's style. sk
2. Do You See Me, a sophomore
from the class of 1982 rocks her lifli
massive sunglasses on tacky day. Mill
The day has been around for more tel)
than three decades but still the 3tl(X
rles remain thl'e same. Win

1980 Doy.

] D ec la ring , \f
0 •■ has ° B A Y 3: Toga Day
oi S p ,.

>cPo‘r"too"n' ' d PS Y ^, -„)eW sP»P"

2 A ra a riilC ’ whony an
Dcker Cre^^' , s'^pW

je e ro lo b o l''* ''* pPomowRVP"
3 G o m e G « f',2 ,p ,o p d D i» P

HoloPd «P>«s^" class -aled T o g a , T o g a , senior M a rk Sow inski raises his

ib :;r:i ,uo\or lle^nonn>U'®e^l sword to hail the famous Toga Day (probably the
for a doy^
O' w^eargreec. wer hardest day to execute properly) W ho doesn't
4 Budding
^cGee goes o\

Th ,,e < )* ''* °''< S se lo P (» < '''°' enjoy a solid Toga Party in the halls of Bisho n T|^

McGuinness? ^ ■IdII,

All Pictures Token B y M a ry Kate Yo un(

students flaunt the necessary rags, thraugh an extended spirit week

by Sarah Jo Hewett

After almost four decades, the grounds for spirit week

hove hod minimal alterations. It was once celebrated before

the homecoming basketball game and is now right before

homecoming football games. The only other difference would

have to be the guidelines for dress. Apparently students have

become more risque in what they wear.

Through it all. several days have remained the same,

even with restrictions, and tew have been added. With

that in mind the pep club decided to put a new spin

on it. Between two weeks there would seven days of
havoc, the first traditional days, while the second would
be the fresh ones of our decade.

“We really wanted it to be a unique combination

of all the days that have made an impression on spirit

week considering it was the 50th anniversary", said

senior Breanna Hofer.

The first week consisted of Color, Tacky. Toga, and

Decades Day. Color day was when students battled it

out to see which class would come together and wear

their sea of color.

“It was nice to be able to walk the halls and know which class

kids belonged to, and of course the junior girls looked the best",

said junior Taylor Barrow.

Separated by mass, students had to take a break during the

week, but when toga day rolled around, the administration was

on the lookout. Luckily girls wore leggings under their sheets and

boys were required to wear t-shirts.

“Leggings kind of threw my whole look because we all know

that Greeks didn't wear them", said senior M arisol Hernandez.

Then came the absolute classic, decade's day. The ironic part

was we were celebrating the generations that preceded us at

Bishop McGuinness. Starting with the sixties, every class had a

decade and had to show off what they thought students would

wear in that time.

“Sophomores had eighties and I absolutely loved representing

it with neon colors and sweat bands”, said sophomore Natalie


The second week was all about us and not the past. We

kicked it off with pajama day, of course on Monday.

“The best day ever” said freshman Caroline Valitutto, “I just

loved being comfy all day".
Following, was the newly created. Perfect Pair Day. The Pep

Club wanted something new and decided being matched in pairs

would be really fun and a great way to get creative.

Finally, on the Friday before the big game was Spirit Day.

Everyone was really pumped to go all out until the administration

crushed our hopes for the day with an unsightly gray t-shirt. O f

course we all wore them and ultimately it wasn't that bad. It was

S h a k i n ’ S e v e n t ie s , juniors M a risa Lazusky, a free shirt.
and Katherine Watkins take it back to seven zero. Spirit week or weeks held up the tradition of having fun.
To the right, is a picture of kids in the seventies
and they aren't dressed up. being able to not wear dress code, and of course showing your
ability to go all out.


_______ sp irit w e eK ^

in<lu/(riou/ O

Bcick l( Up

Alum return and show that Bishop pride can stand the test af time.

by Amanda Edmonds

Homecoming was the event everyone waited for at the ranged from the 1950s- 1990s. The decorations were

beginning of the year. From the dresses, to the dance, to picked out and set up by the homecoming committee, which

the festivities that followed, the student body was animated consisted of Sarah Jo Hewett, Michelle Breeding, Kimberly

about the celebration that was to come. The homecoming Host-Madsen, Breanna Hofer, and Keely Daughtery.

game kicked it off with a bang when Bishop Football won “When we were picking out the decorations we wanted

against S u rry Central 22-13. The student section was a something that we could clean up easily so the boxes

great demonstration of spirit in front of the Alumni that came were portable," said senior, Sarah Jo Hewett about the

to watch Bishop succeed. homecoming decorations she helped decide upon.

At the game the traditional halftime show took place The dance was a hit for all grades. The seniors were

where the girls lucky enough to make it on homecoming pleased with their last high school homecoming ever, while

court took the field along with their escorts. Each name was the freshman enjoyed their first dance at Bishop.

called aloud and they walked down to their spots to await “I didn't know what to expect agoing into Homecoming

their fate. The freshmen attendant was Megan McDowell, weekend, but it was a lot of fun!" said freshman Anna

the sophomore attendant was M o rie Petrangeli, the junior Smith.

attendant was Sarah Slazyk, and the senior attendant Even the teachers were impressed with Homecoming.

was Addy Jeffery. Each received a bouquet of roses and Some teachers supported the school by coming to the

congratulations from the 2 0 0 8 Homecoming Queen Emma game. O thers chaperoned the dance and watched the

Blaney and their friends in the crowd. students enjoy their night.

"It was such an honor to even be considered for court “This Homecoming was well organized and well executed

and to win was that much more special!" exclaimed Sarah and I was very pleased to see the 50th Anniversary theme

Slayzk. carried throughout. This was larger and more involved

The theme of the dance was time machine, and the than previous years and was executed flawlessly," said M r.

decorations matched with a box for each decade which Seidel.

Let’s Get a Little Rowdy, (right) The

student section, better known as The Pit, cheered
on the football team to victory! Students get
pumped for the game with noise makers and
Bishop attire. "N e e d s more cowbell.' said Daniel
McClurg. Photo Credit: Gene Pulp.

oocO-l- Kickin’ it off. (above) Kevin Saxon, number four on the

o' Varsity Football team, starts off the gome with o power-house
CD kick. This set the tone for the gome and lead the team to o
victory. Photo Credit; Gene Fulp,
Walk it out. (right) Michael Tilley and Jack Vynalek lead

the team onto the field. The team gets in their game mode
with the slow descent of the stair and their walk onto the field.
Photo Credit Gene Fulp

Coming Back, (far right) The Alumni come back to

support their school for a 5 0th Anniversary celebration.
They reconnected with each other and the school during a
wonderful display of Bishop spirit at the Homecoming gome.
Photo Credit Gene Fulp

A Must Have. N o matter what year you graduated the pictures from homecoming

are always the same. The classic group pictures with all your friends are always a
favorite. Photo Credit: Stephanie Aguirre, (left to right) Aaron Toomey, Claire Kane,
Hub Gheling, Kimberly Host-AAadsen. Ben Corsig, AAarisol Hernandez, Daniel Espinal,
Stephanie Aguirre, Katie Bially, Evan Seach, Josh Rathburn, Sarah Jo Hewett, Evie M h o ,
Collin Callaghan, M ik e Ledesma, M o e O w ens, Rose O 'shea, M a x Scalf, Jack Vynalek,
Kara Neidert, Thomas Lawler, Breanna Hofer, Daniel McClurg, Katie Pellitteri, Connie
Errichello, Conner Brannon, Amanda Edmonds, Michael York, M a ry Jordan Collins,
M cD a ra Folan, Dustin Howell, Laurie Johnson, M ichael Tilley, Clare M o se r, Jake Laroe,
Ashley Bunting

A ‘ i fj

.'l I . \

Trends Through, the Years,

(below) The Homecoming

Committee s theme for the dance was

time machine, the decorations matched

with a box for the different decades

and the trends that where hip during

And the winner is... those times. Photo Credit: David Seidel.

Christine Lazorchick! She is a senior at Bishop In the Groove, (above) Junior
McGuinness. She was born in Greensboro, North
Carolina and moved to Burlington North Carolina. Gracie Strand is laughing with friends
For elementary school she went to St. Pius X Catholic
School. She w ishes to major in Business. H e r dream is to at the Homecoming dance. While
go to culinary school and become a pastry chef. Eventually
she wants to own her own bakery. She likes to spend time with Michael Bresson (left) takes it to the
friends and family, watching old movies, reading, and she loves to
cook and bake. "I feel honored to have been nominated and to front of the line during the Electric Slide.
actually have won homecoming queen! I am very surprised!
Photo Credit: David Seidel.




"Being the only “Being moved "The best thing

sophomore on up to Varsity about football

0 team that has made coming into was being o

had 9 wins has freshman year leader on the field

been an awesome more comfortable and the overall

experience for me." since I got to meet ogressiveness of

-sophomore a lot of people." the gam e."

-fre shm a n -se n io r

One Last Time
the senior line up

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