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fjA *

I ve had a great time going to Bishop

with you these past two years. I am lucky
to have you as my little brother-not every
girl can say her brother can sing all the
words to every Taylor Swift songl Have
fun your last two years, but don t forget
to work hard, too. I will miss you!

Love Always, N ikki

atjij^ j

fi Brian
v ^ These past two years have been full

of good times, ridiculousness, and hilarity.
We've serenaded strangers, danced
together for huge groups of Model
UN kids, and jammed on the ride home
every day. Next year it's up to you toi
continue the Jordan Dynasty. End it■witJ
a bang.


<< Adrianal
f? III miss not seeing your cool self every

day, our conversations, and you re crazy
singing when listening to music in my car.
III miss your lame but funny jokes that
you always make up on the spot! You’re
a great sister and I love you! Have fun
at Bishop!


Dear Catie,

I'll miss you next y< We have so

much fun getting re a d y^ g e th e r and

talking. Remember to a hat

you want before you get to the

at the drive-thru. Tm only a text message

away if you ever need me. I love you.


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Dear Conor,
Now that I'm moving on

to bigger and better things, I

hove only words of wisdom to
leave with you. When you have
homework, do it, because most
teachers don t take late work.
Be respectful and don't get in

Love you always, your brother,

You finally mode it to high school! I '

love having you here and I enjoy our
donee parties driving home from school.
I will miss you next year, but if you ever
need me, coll me and I'll be there. I love
you baby sister.

Love always. Kora

You ore always smiling and

how to moke me lough, even
mod at you. Take good
when I leave and try not to^
dad too much. Keep worki
school and try not to brin
weird diseases from the
Stay out of trouble on
girls! I LOVE YOU

I bestow the Tikki torch upon you for

you to finish out your lost year of high
school. I don t even wont to think about
what you are going to do without me
there. I have a feeling that we both will
miss the ever-changing music of our car
rides. Keep up the hard work, best of
luck, and make me proud. I will miss you

^ -Robert

-- i


Brian, Anna,
I have loved all the rides to
/ These last three years have been
school we have shared! You are really fun together at school. I know you
an awesome little brother! If you will miss me trying to kill every other guy
ever need anything, give me a call. you talk to. Make the most fun of your
Keep doing your best! senior year it's the most fun and it goes
by the fastest. Don t do anything stupid.
Love, M a rk -Michael


■#v-) *
rj t f s ' . '

m id i i ^ -1 < >


Dear Arden, / a n k c irl

These past two years have been quite

interesting. Have fun with Mom and

Dad! I'm going to miss all of our crazy

shenanigans, but good luck with the next

two years and keep working hard.

Sincerely, Austin

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fod/ ^

The Good God Steadfastly By My Side,

Always There For You, J
Father Joe


Back Row: Thomas
Lawler, Josh Renegar,
Raleigh Sadler, James
Malinda, PJ Carlson.
Front Row: Brandon
Morelli, Carlos
Fernandez, Conner
Brannon, Stephanie
Aguirre, Gabby
M o rtis, Caroline
M yers, Amanda



Donnci CIlio

Dear Donna,

We are very proud of you. You are an amazing
young lady.

We love you.
Dad, Mom, and Daniel


We are proud of your accomplishments A
academically, with Peer M inistry, and with the
drama club. You have tremendous potential for a
very bright future.. We wish you the best of luck
and will support you in your future endeavors.

Dad, Mom, Andrew, and Alyssa

elliot walker

rod/ ^

There/ci fllorie Brown
We are so proud. You have motured into a beautiful young lady on the
inside and outside. You are a loving and caring person and we love you so much.
We wish you the best of luck in college and oil your future plans.
Dad, Mom, Nicole, Dominick, William, Rocco, Nikko, Sweetie, and Cye.


- f a r . • . ..
‘ 'j '^■-' - .» B
t .■-■

: ^‘V

I '' i

W hen Yjjn^JSme into this woridy your D ad and I never -I
that we would have raised such a wonderful

daughter! y o u never cease to amaze us. You have
many wonderful attributes and w e are very proud of
you! W e|tnow that wherever life leads youy you will
alw ays be*our "Am azing Jenny!" Congratulations!

M om and D ;

■. i;? i
i ' ^.-i ■=*!<
M y Boo Y
Words do not describe a granddaughter like
I know th at M y Boo would achieve ,w you. It is feelings like lovey pridey happinessy
an-ything th at she would attem pt to do.
Boo has alw ays been a people person. She joy and fun. You are the light of our lives
has alw ays loved a lot of friends. 51^ w ill and your PaPa and I love you very much!
alw ays be "M y Boo!" I love you ver
M eM c / Grandma and Papa

h o d c d Sf^ jp O .

fodi/ ^

Keyin fllilehell

Success cannot B^e measured you have done and how much
by a grade, what team you are of yourself you hove given . We
on or by a score - but at the know it too.
end of a day you know what
“O ur wish is that life becomes
all that you wanted it to be. M a y
your dreams stay big and your
w orries stay small and may you
find God s grace in every mis­
take. When you are faced with
a choice, choose the one that
means the most to you”.

We are all very proud of you
and wish you continued success
in college

All our love.
Mom, Dad, Chris and Katelyn

Learning never exhausts the mind." - Leonardo da Vinci

Manny, Congrats on reaching this ma|or step in your life! You have grown into a
wonderful man. Remember to live life to its fullest, follow your dreams and care for everyone
around you. M a y God bless you through your travels and experiences in life.

"Any time you have an opportunity to make a difference in this
world and you don t, then you are wasting your time on Earth."

-Roberto Clemente

We love you!
Dad, Mom, Chris, and Jessica

fO<l/ ^

p Cowgirls dont cry. ride, baby, ride
Lewons in life are gonna show you in time
Soon enough you gonna know why
Ifs gonna hurt every now and then

t if you fall get back on again
, Cowgirls dont cry, ride, baby, ride.

\ V e \ je h a d fiin w ith y o u a7id w a tc h in g y o u

throughout years. W e are proud o f you

and all y o u have achieved. K eep Christ and

o thers fi rst, and y ou w ill fin d happ iness

afid su ccess in e ve ry th in g y o u do. M a y

G od blessy o u always.

MorUy Dad^ T o m m y and Gina

fOCi/ ^



Dear Tiler,
We are now, and have been for a long time,

very proud of the great young man you have become.
We are excited to see your journey for the future. Be
persistent and always do great things. When you are
away at college don’t forget to call (or text) home,
(Your Mother), often... 336-7/^-9192.

Mom, Brendan, Tayler, Emmett, and Carolyne


li -

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