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Film Strip of Presentation Day, Sophomores present their “ AAy favorite was “I read the Harry “ I am obsessed
of course New Potter Series and with Eclipse, in the
second quarter projects in M rs. Rafferty's English class. (From left), Arden AAoon, in the I loved the last Twilight Series."
Tritt. Andrew Saintsing, John Scott, Noah Deangelo, and Lindsay Demers twilight series. ' book."
present their quarter projects on the crucible. “ I had a lot of fun making -freshman
my project, Arden said. -senior -junior
Photo Credit: Zoe Rote

iu*u in(X)i\

\ eclipse

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ocodemie ^

will this years wrestling team be able ta “match up" ta the expectatians set by
last year’s wrestlers? by Kathleen O'Rourke

^^^^termination, dedication, strength, confidence and strength. Five The boys who joined the JV team worked all season long and
attitudes that were key in wrestling a memorable season. These prepared themselves in what they need to expect for the next season.
helped the boys throughout the season, and opened the door to a These boys gained a great deal of knowledge this season because
season of success in many ways. they were given the chance, and watched the older boys wrestle in
Throughout the years, the wrestling team has had many great
wrestlers. They have won numerous notable tournaments, that many matches. 1 enjoyed the matches, and learned a lot of skills for
opened great opportunities of a wrestling career . The boys were
given the a recognition well-deserved because of their hard work. when I am on varsity, by watching my future teammates , freshman
Local publishers highlighted the teams skills, which gave them publicity Anthony Conforti said. The pressure in the weight room helped the
throughout the high school wrestling community. At the tournaments, new wrestlers understand how they meant business during practices.
the boys were offered an opportunity, and wrestled against teams “In the weight room, you either step up or get beat up". "It sounds
in higher athletic divisions. Coach Sickelbaugh said he tried to help harsh, but it works", coach said.
the boys in confidence before each match. He reminded them of their
potential and abilities. At the very last tournament of this season, the boys came home
The question in everyone s mind was how the team had continued with victory from the lA State Tournament, in Greensboro. Four of
to show up with such a strong team; mentally and physically. ‘"We our wrestlers stood on the winner's podium. Juniors Nick Sgroi and
have a great JV team that year after year, shows high potential in Collin Eichorn finished third, freshman Alex Preudhomme and senior
whot we will be able to achieve that season". Coach Sickelbaugh PJ Carlson finished fourth. Overall the boys had a lot of success
throughout the regular season as well. "We won 3 of our 6 regular

season matches" said junior Todd Turman. All of the wre.stlers agreed
that this season was one to be very proud of.


“I don't really eat “It's not as strict “I sweat a lot and !// 1. Holdin’ him down, sophomore Patrick O'Shea wrestles
anything the day of because we were don't eat before I /
the weigh in". on jv, so I hope for have to weigh in.." in a tournament . "It was a tough match but as you can see, I
the best.." took him down pretty quickly." , Patrick said.
-senior -sophomore
-freshman Photo Credit: G o b rie lle Vonderpool

2. Beglnnln’ the war, junior Geno Guilyard wrestles West

Stokes." It was a tough match to the end”, Geno said.

Photo Credit: G e ne Pulp

3. Takin’ him down, junior Nick Sgroi completes his match

against a junior at Norbett Web . " It was really fun wrestling
under the light, in front of all the Parkland Fans and winning
3 -2 ", Nick said.
Photo Credit: G o b rie lle Vonderpool

4. Flnlshln’ his turn, freshman Alex Preudhomme

completed one of his first matches against Central Davidson. “
It's hard being a freshman on Varsity and having to get used to
the pressure of winning'.
Photo Credit: G o b rie lle Vonderpool

5. Endin’ the fight, sophomore Grant G regory finishes up

his match against in a w restler from West Stokes. This was a big
win because he was a big rival". Grant said.
Photo Credit: G o b rie lle Vonderpool

w restlin g IX

/urreoili/m ^

seniors heading out the seniors brought to the team. “Fencing never really gets a lot of
“The seniors are all very talented and really acknowledgement, but we keep our heads high
and freshman fencers because we are proud of our accomplishments
nice and funny, we are all going to miss them and we are really proud of our team, my brother
carry on the traditions next year," said freshman Gwendolyn Gies. is going to be on the team in a few years so

by Kelsey Bradford The seniors taught the freshman some of their I will definitely be coming back and cheering
skills to help them win and do their best during a
Fencing is not a very widely known sport, but match. They taught the newcomers to the sport them on,” said Senior James Malinda.
it is gradually getting more and more popular at all the basics and gave them great advice. Fencing is not a very well- known sport but has
Bishop. This year the team has acquired five new
team members, all of which ore freshmen. The "Will, Ryan, Jose and James are all really cool brought a group of people closer together and
four seniors on the team have been together and they taught us so much about fencing. They has given them something great to remember,
on the team since their freshman year. This year are also really funny and we all have a lot of
as they graduate the remaining team members fun together," said freshman Alexander Bruno. 'Tm going to miss everyone when I graduate,
will carry out the traditions and the spirit that but I will always be a part of the team and
As the freshman fencers acquire new
knowledge and love of the sport they will I will always remember the good laughs that
continue to go forth, learn more and help others we had and I will come back to watch some of
who are interested in fencing.
the tournaments and cheer for you guys," said
senior Ryan Florak.

1. En Guarde, Senior Jose Lobro prepares

to fight with his opponent. "I love fencing,"
said Jose,
Photo Credit: Kelsey Bradford

2. Takin’ a break, Senior Will Suggs, and Jose

Labra take a breather in between fights. "It's nice to
take a break in between fights," said Will.
Photo Credit Kelsey Bradford

4. Going over tactics, Senior Will Suggs and

James Malinda take a break, regroup and go over new
tactics to help Will win his match. "W e all like to help
each other out “ said James.

Photo Credit: Abigail Ives Armstrong




Pep talk, Senior Jose Tomas Labra gives brother and freshman “Don't lose your "Stab the other “Get involved and
head, fake your person first. No, but stay with it because
Benjamin Labra some advice on his strategy and tactics. Jose is a time and go for the seriously use circle it can be fun if you
lot more experienced and in this sport than me so he always helps kill when you see six, both for attack stick with it but if
all of us out, " said Benjamin. it." and defense, and you don't then it is
Photo Credit: Kelsey Bradford don't forget the just a chore.”
-se n io r feint.”
-sen io r
-sen io r

Work It, Senior Jose fen c in g ^

Tomas Labra celebrates /pork/ o
by doing some victorious
push-ups every time one
of his team mates does
something good. I think
that it gets everyone sort of
pumped up and excited,'
said Jose.
Photo Credit: Kelsey Bradford

S i«


Dorothy Parker Patty Pomper Taking a Closer Look, sophomore Jennifer Wyl
Class of 1985 Class of 1979
(for left) examines for further knowledge in a microsa
iophomore IVIoh lum Senior Kotie Biolly during her biology class. To the right a student do|
the exact same motion in the year 1979, Scien3 f
g obviously had many advances, but some things ne
change. Photo Credit: Toro Dankoff
Hackers in Training, junior Geoffrey Volcour t

the keys in the library, catching up on some last miriB
homework for second semester. To the right, a clas^
1971 does something similar but instead it's for a gro
in their typewriting class. Photo Credit: Mary Kate Youni

, Seniors'Kara Nol(

xaroh Jo H e w ^ finipt I h l rbck fo r the.i

nowbol donee. 'A1 . V .--. ;

ju ^ in aeati\^ii;v/ciys a n ^ rfig u re d .■ 4 1 ' " 'u C K ; x 'v . '
. ^ --- ^ '• ■'*- ■
^ was-a good idea,,ofi c o u r s e '^ o fi crime tI. i :,er • '/ (■•
"Jv. f i
^ n g for s u p p o * ,ia id Kanpi.*!r ^5* ‘ -iK'^
■V '
^ -I r 5 »;

tM ■• •

r i (J





are right around the corner. A dislieartenj^lgf

event but hey at the end of the month w^1 b u / l •
some moves and slide on in to third quarter.

___________ d iv id e r TO

eommodilie/ o

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