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Katherine Lasine Most Likely to

"And this might be our throw down
only chance, let's take
this one day at a times.
I'll hold your hand if
you hold mine."

- Rise Against

Zachary Lassiter

i “You either die a hero, Kimberly Host-Madsen and Kevin Saxon
or live long enough to
see yourself become Nicole hawing
the villian.”
- Aaron Eckhart "I hope you never look
back, but you never
Zachary Lavasqne forget, all the ones
who love you in the
"A hug is like a place you left."
boomerand it comes
right back to you." - Rascal Flatts

- Bii Keane Christine Lazorchick

Thomas Lawler “I'm always thinking
one step ahead. Like
“I like it when you call a carpenter who
me Big Pappa." makes stairs."
- Christopher George
- Andy Bernard
Jacob Lee
Michael Ledesma

“Party at the Moon "SSA N A will be
Tower." forever.' - SSANA

- Dazed and


^seniors i rn


Gabrielle Lipovan Ethan Lodics

"Believe in hope, "Efficiency frumps
believe in love, believe
in yourself.” effectiveness.”

- Nick Jonas - Unknown

Atticus Lum Corey Mack

“Sometimes one

creates a dynomic

impression by

saying something,

and sometimes one

creates as significant

an impression by “Live your day like it's
your last!"
remaining silent.”
- Unknown
-Atticus Lum/Dali Lama

James Malinda Karissa Martinez

“On the fields of m '. “If I were to die right
friendly strife are sown now in some sort of
the seeds that on fiery explosion due
other fields will yield to carelessness of a
the fruits of victory.” friend, that would just
be okay.”
- Unknown
- Spongebob

William McClure

Most Likely to Be

the pre/iclenk of omerico

Elizabeth Davis and Mark Sowinski “High school is like a
lollipop, it sucks until its
3 gone."

154 - Kate Kilaeono

Daniel McClurg

“A man is a success
if he gets up in the
morning and gets to
bed at night, and in
between he does
what he wants."

- Bob Dylan

Chelsle McCravey Most Likely to Be

“If you don t stand for Idle (o graduolion
something you'll fall for

- Unknown

Colin McCurry

“Here's to all the good Evie Mino and Max Scalf
people, so few of us
left." Devon Miller

- Papa Camp “Never bend your
head. Always hold it
Jacob McSwain high. Look the world
straight in the eye.
“It's not the size of the
dog in the fight, but - Helen Keller
the size of the fight in
the dog that counts. " Kevin Mitchell

-Vince Lombardi “If you've got talent,
protect it.”
Evelyn Mlno
- Jim Carrey
“For beautiful eyes, look
for one good in others; Gabrielle Mortis
beautiful lips, speak
only words of kindness; “Little surprises around
for poise, walk with the every corner. but
knowledge that you are nothing dangerous."
never along."
- W illy Wonka
- Audrey Hepburn LO

Brandon Morelli se n io rs lO

“Die zeit vergeht zu <iceompii/he<l ^
chnell geniesse jeden


^ Amanda Murray Caroline Myers

"And in the end the “I'm not going to tip
love you take is equal toe through life only
to the love you make," to arrive safely at
- The Beatles
- Unknown
David Myers
Kara Neidert
"M ind battling isn't it?"
- Will Ferrell "Love is the answer for
most of the questions in
Ryan O’Connell my heart like why are
we'rhere and where
"O ne ought, everyday, do we go and how
to hear a song, read come it’s so hard."
a fine poem, and, if
possible, to speak a - Jack Johnson
few reasonable words
Rose O’Shea
"All we know for sure,
Most Likely to is all that we are
fighting for."
Perform o l o Comedy Club
- The Fray
Michelle Breeding and Evan Seach
Marelke Owen
“We're all of us stars,
and we deserve to

- M arilyn Monroe

Sang Park

"SSA N A will be
forever.” - SSANA

Sungju Park Most Likely to

“S SA N A will be Storl o RevoluUon
forever." - SSANA
Katie Bially and James Malinda
Katelyn Pellitteri Maximilian Pollock

“Don t be reckless with
other peoples hearts
and don't put up
with people that are
reckless with yours."

- Kurt Vonnegut

Jose Pinacho

“Success is my only “You're either on the
option, failure is NOT." bus or off the bus."

- Eminem -Ken Kesey

Vianka Rascon Joshua Rathburn

“What fun is being “I feel like the harder
cool if you can't wear I work, the more luck I
a sombrero? " seem to have."

- Calvin & Hobbes - Thomas Jefferson

Joshua Renegar Jessica Roner

'T've always believed "When the power
that if you put in the of love overcomes
work, the results will the love of power,
come. the world will know
Michael Jordan
Jimi Hendrix

se n io rs [i \


oeeompli/hecl ^

John Ruggiero Raleigh Sadler

"TTo love is to suffer, “W hat lies ahead of us
to survive is to find and what lies behind
some meaning in the us are tiny matters
suffering." compared to what lies
within us."
- Friedvich Nietzche
- Henry Davis
Michael Saia Thoreau

“Be a simple kind of Michael Santarelli
man and Rock and
Roll.” “I can’t believe God
put us on this earth to
- Lynrd Skynyrd, Led be ordinary."
Zeppelin, M e
- Lou Holtz
Danielle Sawyer
Kevin Saxon
“You goto dream, you
goto protect it. People “We define ourselves off
can't do somethin'. They what we own and what
wana tell you you can't do we accomplish, although
it. If you want somethin', this may be important,
go get it. Period" once we ore stripped of
everything, whats left is
- Unknown whats real."

Most Likely to Be - Me

Cl /oeeer eoocn cind mom Tyler Scalf

Gabby Lipovan and Michael Tilley “Just can't live that
negative way, Got
P to make room for the
positive day."
- Bob Marley

Zachary Scott

“There are plenty of
fine looking women in
the world but not all of
them bring you lasagna
at work. Some of them
just cheat on you.

- Silent Bob (clerks)

Evan Seach Most Likely to Be

This a twenty five word on omcfieon idol
quote. I wanted to
see how much space Addy Jeffrey and Josh Renegar
it would take it up. I
only need seven more Mark Sowinski
words. Here."
“Only by great risks
- Uknown can great results be
Daniel Sebastian
- Xerxes
'Two things are infinite:
the universe and Melissa Spriegel
human stupidity; and
I m not sure about the “There s not much of
universe." a difference between
cheering fans, and an
- Albert Einstein angry crowd screaming
abuse at you. How you
Martha Seidel take it is up to you."

“Happiness is only real - Sue Sylvester:Glee
if shaped."
William Suggs
- Christopher
McCandless “This a twenty five
word quote, I wanted
(Alexander to see how much
Supertramp) space it would take it
up. I only need seven
Sean Spillane more words. Here.'

“No other road. No - Unknown
other way. No day o
but today.”
se n io rs lT )
- Rent
oceompli/heci ^
Nathaniel Stout

"Just chill. Live your life,
and go with the flow."

- Nate Stout

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

It can be difficult enough to bronnen la // ilo r
make your mark in high school
but these four seniors have
had to live up to their parents
reputations. “Its pretty cool going
to the same school as my dad
because he was taught by M r.
Ekiund and now I'm being taught
by him too," said Senior Conner
Brannen. Roaming the same halls
as their parents can be pretty
intimidating but these students
seemed to have hung in there
as they finished their fourth and
final year. Maybe their children
will participate in the Bishop
McGuinness legacy these
families seem to be leaving.

re n c 9 o r fernanclez



Aren’t Bubbles For Kids, Junior Clay!

Sexton participates in the first lab of thelj


Back of the Bus, students of 1975 pose|j

for a picture.

Cheese Head, Senior Amanda Murry

listens intently to her instructor. The giafl
cheese triangle on her head didn t hinder he



Holding It In, Senior Etersten Anderson
crams for a test In lier study hall period. " I
love having a studyhall because I can get all of
my homework done during the day have
my night foee to do whatever I want,” said


% We all have those totally embarrassing

h^aby pictures an^ i course, the re n l/
always manage to find: ones we


really don’t want anyone to see. VVelL
its just ‘cause they
are Tiappy we made it (barely made
it). Rad/, it’s also a space for the local
businesses we love to show off their



Try and have fun these next couple

years at Bishop. They go by faster
than you think. III miss you next year
and all of our hilarious car rides... Love

Dear Riley.
As you go through Bishop you

will learn many things. But the most
important things include; always being
the best dressed, always respecting
the ladies and always remembering
where you come from and who you are
related to because we Brannon's stick

Love your brother Conner

)ear Casey,
it has been a fun year

welcoming you welcoming
you into the high school
world. Even though we fight
constantly, I actually still do
love you and will miss you next
year. Have fun your next three
years and “Remember where
you come from!” O H and STAY

You are the B EST sister! As long as I

can remember we have been together,
he best part of everyday was singing
ammaMia, Hairspray. and Legally

B^nde on the way to school...“KEEP IT
p A s s it iv e "!

w l miss you so much. At le a st'
olas-HAHAHA!!!! _
You, Amanda

sibling ads ^

(D Trust me, the next two years will fly right by and
you will be in college in no time. Remember to keep
O up with your schoolwork, and lead the swim team
Ph to some state championshipsi

* rH -Patrick

o Nicholas,
Oue hoces nene?
.2 Se que no nos llevamos bien, pero cuarMo yo

No one ever believes we re brothers. I m tall me gradue high school, quiero que cuides b\n a
and skinny, you're short and stocky. mama. Now that I'm going to college, finallyl, wu
will be the only son that you've always wantea
I m nice and smooth while youTe a bull in a Junior and senior year is hard, pero yo se que vas'
china shop. I m quiet, you re loud. No matter a hacer bien because you are my little brother, Y
how many ways they say were different, you'll, por favor habla con mas gente, y ponete amigos.
always be my little brother. Bue loco, te quiero mucho.

^Atticus -M afias

I am going to miss you so much next

year! Try not to kill Jonathon while I
gone and don't stress too much. Ji/t
remember, I love you, I love you, I LQpE




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