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David Neal Becky Yale Slapping Some Strings, (far left) seniors Bhon
Class of 1973 Class of 1972 Lodics and Adam Jimenez play some tunes in tfnj
fre/hmon Ben Coon hallway during the March open house. The extra
Senior llilo ry Kenney practice certainly paid off for Ethan when he woi
O later be accepted into a prestigious guitar prograi#"
at Arizona State, (left) Students from the class 1977 .
114 raise the energy level in the cafeteria by playing their i

He’s Got the Beat, an unidentifiable studentj
practices his guitar in front of the office. He might be
secretive enough to not get his face on camera but bs
music could not be hidden, (right) A fashionista of 1975
works her guitar outside in the grass.

Bt. Patrick’s Day Pride, sophomore

Tory Bow ers rodos her leprechaun d o ss while
ploying her guitar In the music roo ra She was
not the only one w ho did not get pinched but
she certainly stood out fri the h o i w a ys

divider jO


as they come closer (top) Walking On A Thin Line,

to becoming the new junior M a ria Paloumbas carefully steps
to the other side of the rope with the
leaders of the school, help of junior Michael Peterson. The
goal of the game was to get your whole
juniors learned that they team over the rope with out touching it
Photo Credit: Dominque Preudhomme
ore empowered by god to
(hottom) Ships and Sailors,
act responsibly
juniors O live r M ilani, Peter LaMuraglio
By: Kelsey Bradford Tripp Foster and Scott McVicker gather
The iunior class took time out of their day to in a group of four to win the gome. It
become one with God on their Junior Retreat. was fun, we dominated", said Peter.
They danced, sang, laughed and learned. Photo Credit: Kelsey Bradford
“I learned that just opening up to God just a
e bit con actually make a huge difference,"
said Billy Dawson.
The junior class became closer and forgot
about all of their w orries os they prayed and
worshiped together. They learned a lot more
about their faith. Responsibility and commitment
to themselves and to their classmates is another
thing that the youth minister of St. Leos taught
them about.

The juniors played all different kinds of
games throughout the day that involved a lot
of teamwork and determination. Playing these
games was a great way to get people together
who normally do not talk to each other. When
they worked together it got them talking and
using each others strengths and weaknesses.

"I thought it was a really good experience
playing games with everyone, I felt like we
all bonded as a class rather than staying
with our normal group of friends," said Abby

Another way that the juniors came together
as one was singing a song called “We are
the Beggars.” Everyone was clapping and
singing as loud as they could. They also had
a competition. It was the girls against the guys
to see who could sing the loudest. This got
everyone to participate in the song and have
a lot of fun at the same time. The song was
stuck in every one s head for a while

"I loved singing because at first everyone
was singing really soft but by about the fourth
time we sang it everyone was belting it out and
dancing and clapping to the beat of the song,"
said junior M ike Urban.
o Overall it was a very successful and fun day
for everyone who attended the retreat.


ufhol mode (he re(reQ( mo/(
memorable for you?

iryone being "It was cool that The Ships and
working, and laughing everyone was together Sailors game was my
together. It was nice not singing. The song is still favorite part.”
being separated, guys stuck in my head!"
and girls, like last year." - junior
- junior

1. Tight Rope, the object of the rope gome was to

get all of your team members across the rope without
touching it. "W e threw all of our team across the rope
and we won," said junior Taylor Barrow
Photo Credit: Kelsey Bradford

2. Through the Tunnel, juniors Jonathan

Whigham, Bradley Hoban, Preston Khan, and Ryan
Healy wait as other juniors crawl underneath them
in the dragon game. "The dragon game was really
funny, everyone got really into it, said Bradley.
Photo Credit: Kelsey Bradford

3. Karaoke Time, junior Imma Sangalang sings

her heart out at the retreat helped by St, Leo's Youth
minister C hris Pattis. "H e asked if anyone was good
at singing and everyone screamed my name so I had
to", said Imma.
Photo Credit: Kelsey Bradford

4. Performing A Skit, junior M a rty DeFrancesco

plays a game like telephone except instead of talking
he had to act it out. “It was really hard to act it out
because the things that everyone made up were really
weird," said M arty.
Photo Credit: Dominque Preudhomme

junior retreat K
C H p e c lilio u /

We Keep


from the 1950s to the 2 0 0 0 s we

like our classics u- , a ■

by brephanie Aguirre

From the old school 1950 Chevys to the 2010 hybrid GAACs Pop yo hood, junior Scott McVicker checks his engine for car trouble, (right) Bock in the
it s no surprise that car manufacturing has taken a 3 6 0 turn. It was 70s taking a look in your hood at the Bishop parking lot was just as common,
all about the comfort and the luxuries of the vehicles we drove.
With the rise of prices in fuel many new ways were created to photo credit: Dominque Preudhomme
have a more fuel efficient cor. It was all about the mileage per
gallon a cor con get. The Old Schoolers

One of the maneuvers that were created was the hybrid ,mark /ouiin/ki
car which worked on electricity and fuel. You would think it was
all about having the latest and nicest vehicles: However, having 1992
an antique car was quite rare and expensive. Not only were
2010 Mercedes looked upon as a “hot vehicle" but so were mereedes 400e
19th century ones. They were just as expensive if not more and michelle breeclino
very rare cars since they were no longer manufactured.
Senior Conner Brannon, who drove a 2 0 0 3 Subaru Impreza. Seville sts Cadillac
involved himself with rebuilding a 1951 Chevy 3100 in his spare
time. “The cars nowadays aren t built the way they were 5 0 years ,kier/ten onder/on
ago. Back then the engine was simpler and it was a sturdy steel
vehicle. Now you see cars made of complete plastic that really 1993
are not reliable and deteriorate easier. Rebuilding the truck has
taught me many things about mechanics as well as engineering. geo tracker
I get to learn all I can about something which interests me and it adorn jirnincx
gives me the opportunity to work on it just me. my brother, and
my dad.” said Conner. 1 u9 9 6 . _ ,

Senior Daniel McClurg who drove a 2010 Honda Civic said, bmw jz J i
"M y dream car has always been the an old Bronco. I really like
the build, structure and look of the car. The only problem is old
cars don't have the same safety features as the newer ones so
it s a safety hazard to be driving it daily."

Junior Danielle Plourd. who drove a 2 0 0 8 punch bug
convertible said. “ my favorite part of my car is the sound system
and the convertible top. If I could add anything I would definitely
get a seat cooler instead of just a seat warmer. If I could have any
old school car is would be the old Comoro or the Challenger."

While car manufacturers were improving everything
and making vehicles as luxurious as possible, there was nothing
like an old school car to really make mouths drop in awe.



l O l l i a * t e ffl M ® cC cfl

"Who doesn't love an Aston M artin? "I love my car! Its so cute and I feel "I love my car because it stands out
Especially one that goes 165 mph
and is a convertible. It is a definitely Oe safe in it! It's got over 12 air bags in the parking lot and it fits a bunch of
a chick magnet and the coolest and v\/hich is why my dad probably got it
fastest car at the school. " E for me! It's good in crazy weather like C people. On top of that iit has a sweet

- senior E sound system.'

0 O - junior
1 the snow
- senior

Jump Up, (down) Preston M cG urn. Kelsey

Bradford, Abby Armstrong, Tripp Foster, Daniel
Barrett, Cameron Bradford, and Tucker Crews gather
around and O N their cars to talk and wait for other
friends to gather, (right) the 9 0 s wasn’t different with
former Bishop students doing the same.
Photo credit; Stephanie Aguirre

Ruffles or Flowers, (above) senior g irls Breanna

Hofer and AAary Jordan Collins discuss which dress is the
better pick, (left) whether it was socializing o r jumping cars
the parking lot was the place where it was all done.
Photo credit; Stephanie Aguirre

cars C F


even with a tiny team, Zoe Rote
the varsity bays' tennis
players proved that
size is just a number

G ood things come in small packages. At sport, the players were still very dedicated \• \
least, according to the Varsity Boys' Tennis throughout their season. After all, visions
Team they do. This year's team, composed of grandeur were not what summoned Eye on the Ball,
of a mere 10 students, tried to prove this the boys to the courts. Sophomore Conor
maxim throughout their season. Wilson summed it up perfectly. sophomore Michael
Domabyl returns a serve i
Though it may look like a disadvantage “I play because I love the sport," said during a home rnaldi
at face value, having fewer players has its Conor. “I ploy both singles and
up-side. doubles, but I like singles
Besides, most tennis players have been better because I donI
“There are only a limited number of courts playing for years at community courts or need to depend on ■
available, so having a small team is great country clubs. It's the kind of sport that anyone else to win," said t
because we can all play at once," said players continue, not begin, at Bishop. Michael. Photo Credit;
freshman Zyven Sobkowski. Gene Pulp
“I saw the Wimbledon final on TV when
The lone senior on the team, Christian I was nine, and that inspired me to play," 1. Smack Down, junior Joseph
Immel, speculated as to why the tennis said Christian.
team was so small. R ia zzi serves, focusing intently on
Although the tennis courts were off site the ball. A good serve is the key to a
“A lot of people who play tennis also and the team was rather small, the boys winning match. Photo Credit: Gene Fulp
play other spring sports, so they play that on the Varsity Boys' Tennis Team played for
sport instead of tennis,” said Christian. one reason and one reason only: the 2. Far Out, sophomore Conor
love of the sport.
Even though tennis was not a high profile Wilson hits the sweet spot as he
easily reaches to the side. “M y mom
Ml played college tennis, and she got
me into it," said Conor, Photo Credit
O Gene Fulp

3. High Flying, junior Steve Shin

lines up under the ball, ready to return
it to his opponent. "This is my first time
playing tennis, and I really love it
said Steve. Photo Credit; Gene Fulp

Far Left; Go-
Getter, freshman

John Abram makes
a run for the flying
neon sphere. "Tennis
is awesome and the
team members really
support each other,"
said John. Photo Qedit
Gene Pulp

Left: Serving Up,

senior Christian Immel
serves, hopes to send
an ace over the net “I
continue to play tennis

because I love it, and

it’s the only sport I can
actually play," said
Christian. Photo Gedit:
Gene Pulp

Swinging Back

M aking a Varsity sport as a freshman is a big deaf
So is making a comeback after a painful injury. Now-
sophomore Lane K ise r had just made the tennis team his
freshman year when he had a skiing accident, breaking
two bones in his left arm. After surgery, physical therapy,
and a year of recuperation. Lane came back and once again
made the team his sophomore year. And he came back strong,
helping his team win match after match. A s to his goal for the season?
“To not get injured and complete the season," said Lane.

va rsity bovs’ tennis
C H p e d ilio u /

the boys round second and head for another for out season

by Amanda Edmonds

Bishop Baseball is a sport that has Only one member should leave so expectations
progressively improved over the years. The fresh are high for the team. The maturity of the team
talent that has arrived helped the baseball team gave their confidence a lift.
advance in their capabilities and obtain the Co-
Conference Champions. The team had a very “M y expectation for this year is that we will
cohesive bond because of the friendships that beat Albemarle in the State Playoffs," said junior
they had and made while the season progressed. Will Shaw.
The closeness of the team benefited them greatly
and helped how the team meshed and played Although the team was made up of mainly
together. upperclassmen, the strength of the sophomores
and freshmen on both Varsity and JV has aided
"The dynamic of the team has changed the teams greatly. They worked on skills that
because our chemistry is a lot better since had to be improved and prepared the players to
more than half of our team is juniors and we carry on the expectations that made everyone
are all basically best friends," said junior Matt foresee an incredible season.
"Moving up from JV to Varsity is a big step,
The farthest the baseball team has gone the game is a lot more sophisticated and more
recently is the Elite Eight in the State competition, is expected from us as Varsity players," said
according to senior Jake LaRoe this team was the sophomore Gavin Andrews.
'moture version of that team. There are three
sophomores, six juniors, and only one senior. All things considered the baseball team has
been one to watch out for and great things are
to come from them.

I(above) Heading Home, junior M att Urban (right) Batter Up, junior M ike Urban steps
ran through third to get a run for the team. H is run
up to hit a homer. He awaits the perfect pitch.
helped the team with a 5 -4 win against S. Stokes, Photo Credit Gene Fulp

& -t.,’ Credit: Gene Fulp


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