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Published by Primus Private School, 2019-10-22 03:35:36



Keywords: Primus Private School

Completing a Decade is a milestone in life.

In the year 2008, Primus Private School, then Rajagiri, opened its doors
for the children of Dubai, with efficient teachers who believed in
providing a sound education and a holistic learning experience for life.
In the year of inception we had classes till Grade 2, with around 300
students studying with us. It's been an incredible ride throughout these
years. Our school has grown in leaps and bounds and we now have
classes till Grade 12.

This year the school has completed its tenth year of a successful
academic pursuit, having achieved equal excellence in many other areas
that complement a child's growth.

We are really proud and exuberant to acclaim that we are ready with all
new hopes and hues to bring out this issue, which is going to surely
unfold the unraveled world of the most unforgettable and precious
moments of our school.

We dedicate Spark 2018-19, to all those who have been a part and
parcel of this GIANT LEAP.

From the Writer’s Desk

If your realm looks gloomy
and you are feeling grin and glum,
Make a rainbow for yourself,
Don't wait for one to come,
Don't sit watching at the window
for the clouds to part
There'll soon be a rainbow if
you start one in your heart.

It gives me immense pleasure in reveling 10 years at Primus, in glorifying the
manifestation of what was envisioned by our school management of establishing a
world class educational institution; a school that would mould and guide our future
generations of enlightened minds. Taking baby steps we completed a decade…

Celebration is not only a time of joyful gathering, but also a time of appreciation,
reflection and anticipation in reckoning the future. So as a team we decided to make this
milestone a memorable year by having activities throughout the year which was decided
by the student community. The festivities included a plethora of exciting events spread
over the year, making it one of the most festive and memorable periods in the history of
our school.

Sharing our experiences with you, we are sure, is as valuable to you as it is to us…

At Primus we believe that our students are born artists, performers and storytellers.
They are naturally imaginative and appreciate different kinds of artistic expressions.
Keeping these thought in mind our Annual Concert, ‘Bharata’ was conceived, based on
the historical events of India.

‘The secret in education lies in respecting the student.’ Respecting the differences in
every individual, our school whole heartedly invited the students from Sharjah Autism
center and put up a grand show, making them feel special with a lot of activities solely
created for them.

The students at Primus had a closely supervised night camp for boys and girls,
separately, which offered the young teenagers in improving the indulgence of students
in extra-curricular activities. It included a wide range of activities such as camping,
games, music, dance and a lot more. Our school truly supporting the statement,
‘Creating smiles, Changing lives.’

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”
Knowing the fact that it is important to travel to learn better, our school organized an
excursion to Sri Lanka, where the students not only enjoyed the scenic beauty but also
had lovely learning sessions for life.

‘Time spent with friends is the best time ever’. Lots of efforts went in putting up a
‘School Fete’ which was not only to lift the spirits of the crowd but also to showcase a lot
of innovative ideas. Apart from fund raising events, the evening was enjoyed playing

several games, live entertainment, stalls etc. The students enjoyed spending time with
their friends soaking in all the enjoyment.

And with a blink of an eye…another year just passed by…

“A single flower doesn’t have ability to make a garland”. Thus, this magazine is not the
outcome of the effort put in by an individual. This is the immense effort put forward by;
first and foremostour leadership team, students and our dedicated teachers who have
contributed topresent it for your reading pleasure and we hope it will enjoy your critical
acclaim and prove itself to play a vital role in the all-round development of the children.

What was achieved in the past is more than history; it is a call for our commitment to
carry the torch and continue the race. We must continue to hold the torch of hope and
love. The years ahead will not be easy. The challenges in front of us will be more
complex; they will demand not only commitment but also the will to move forward. Are
we Primuseans prepared to bear the torch?

The Editorial Board

From our

“P the reason you journey
Pa a l way”

The nature works in a beautiful rhythm. The sunrises and sets, the night followed
by another day, seasons come and go and so do the years. It is hard to believe that
10 years have already slipped into the pages of Primus history. Time seems to fly
when one is busy and enjoying what one is doing.

A decade ago, I helped to plant a tree. After a decade I see the picture of a tree, it
is huge and definitely thriving. The joy of starting a new school and watching it
grow is unparalleled and it includes countless strings of firsts.

“You can dream, design and build the most wonderful idea in the world but it
requires people to make them a reality”-Walt Disney.

Passion is important when it comes to achieving your goals or dreams. When the
entire team is passionate and aligns with whatever you are doing, a magical
synergy happens that effortlessly powers your way to greater achievements.

In a nurturing environment where every child counts, where every good act is
celebrated and equal opportunities to work and play are offered to all. Good things
happen all the time. At Primus we are aware that every opportunity is not
necessarily an opportunity to win but that does not deter us from opening our minds
to exploration and constant search for new innovative experience for our children.
This is possible because we firmly believe that in education the heart is inseparable
from head.

As I look back with great sense of satisfaction at our achievements, I also look
forward with resolve and determination at the path ahead for there are many more
milestones to cross.
This 10th year edition of Spark proudly documents the events, achievements and
displays the snap shots of the jubilant moments of the year gone by. It illustrates
our spirit, our sense of fun and our children at their colourful best.
I congratulate the editorial board for weaving together this marvelous
representation of expressions.

Arundhati Rawat, Primus Private School.


A word of gratitude can bring smile on a frowning face as well…

A good value is a belief and that is very much meaningful in our life. A
Person is known by the manners he / she has. A person is not born with
good values. They learn from their surroundings. The good values always
play a very important role in our life. Good values develop the personality
of a person. Well behaved children are always liked and loved by everyone.
Being good by nature will always lead us to achieve by goals in our life.

A Child with values never cheats or disrespects other people. They always
speak softly and kindly, they are humble and caring towards others. It is
always important for us to remember and follow good values in our daily

The full power and effect of smile is often not realized or is rather

The energy boosting smile costs you nothing but signals positivity both for
the giver and the receiver. As the old joke goes, it improves your face value.
An average common man’s first impression is formed not by looks or
achievements but by how the person made him feel.

We can bit goodbye to our worries with a tinge of positive attitude……….

Trouble is like a pebble!!

Don’t get irritated by petty interruptions, rather, think of them as interesting.
Try to observe what is happening and how your mind is reacting to these

Message from The Sr. Supervisor

Across all religions in the world, there is this strong and true belief that children have divinity in them
and that they are God’s one of the most beautiful creations. Indian philosophy has hailed the sanctity
of the ‘guru – shishya’ bond and the relevance of it continues even today. Teachers are blessed and
truly in a position to mould the lives of so many children.

Education, in my dictionary, far transcends academic excellence. It is not about running a race with
your class mates and topping the list – it is about soaking in all the knowledge gained during the
process, it is about translating that knowledge into wisdom. It is about running a race with yourself
and emerging a winner in your own eyes.

I believe that the most critical task today is that of building character. Teachers should instill some
values such as honesty and integrity in children, a sense of self – worth, taking responsibility,
tolerance, compassion, respecting divergent opinions, humility and of course, self discipline. Only
then a child grows up to be a caring and a well balanced human being. At the end of the day, as Ralph
Waldo Emerson put it, “Character is everything”. If we have to teach values to children, we must
realize that we ourselves as educators, as teachers, have to be role models. So teachers have to lead
by example. Let us nurture our students into well rounded individuals and leaders, who excel in
whatever they choose to do, with a great sense of value.

It is important for all of us to look together at the opportunity that the road to holistic education
provides. Let us go ahead, firm in our resolve and steadfast in our commitment to make a difference.

Mrs.Sangeeta Mathur

Sr. Supervisor

Message from the Supervisor

The academic year 2018-19 has been a milestone unveiling the successful accomplishment
of school’s 10 years since its inception. Each day, it brought a different and new learning
experience and a saga of thoughts and activities, an experience that each one will cherish for
a lifetime.

As the canvas of learning is expanding day by day, driven by the forces of new digital world
and creativity, at PRIMUS, our edu-practices have been transforming to cater the needs and
meet the challenges of time. In our endeavor we have retained the relevant traditional
practices added with latest teaching trends of 21st century learning skills of problem solving,
critical thinking and open ended strategies. In the current era of student driven learning, we
are aware that students have a variety of needs and aptitudes that most traditional method of
teaching and assessing learning may not be necessarily be effective. Therefore, we have
increased our emphasis on differentiated instruction to enhance skill based learning.

The school has always given importance to the holistic development of the students. In
addition to their academic success, our students always excelled in their co-curricular and
extra- curricular activities, both in out of the school. The accolades our children amass give
us immense pride and privilege. It was great to acknowledge that the students have taken
active and keen participation and contribution in the various drives in and out of the campus.
The interest and zeal they displayed in the two prominent drives Year of Zayed and The Year
of Tolerance are worth mentioning.


“Success is not measured by the heights but by the obstacles one overcomes in its attainment.”
Having been a close part of the school and, I write this message on a reflective note to the
present life in the school which is a bustling bee hive that is filled with a line of aspiring
students, awe-inspiring faculty and supporting parents.

“Every child comes with the message that God is not yet tired of Man. In all great religion and
philosophies of the world, a child is considered as gift from God. Think!!!! Within the child is
miracle-a powerful force - an awe-inspiring phenomenon provided by nature; a great gift that
links the child to the external world the Brain! CHILD’S BRAIN is fresh and unpolluted. It is
like an unending plot of land with acres and acres of rich, fertile soil. If neglected, it will grow
wild and untamed. But if we plant the seeds of education carefully, tend them tirelessly and
nurture them endlessly, you will harvest a crop that will be invaluable- WE WILL NURTURE

“It is the same mind that creates the eternal art of Leonardo da Vinci, the Mathematical
genius of Albert Einstein and the madness of Adolf Hitler”.
The finest logical deduction I have read about how thoughts shape our destiny,
Take care your Thoughts because they become Words.
Take care of your Words because they will become Actions.
Take care of your Actions because they will become Habits.
Take care of your Habits because they will form your Character.
Take care of your Character because it will form your Destiny.
And your destiny will be your life!

In deep gratitude I pray that blessing never ceases and all those who are with us and those who have left this portal,
prosper and serve humanity.

Mrs. Lini George

Primary Supervisor

Kindergarten Supervisor’s Message

"””There are two things we can give our children.

One is roots and the other is wings".
Author Unknown.

Let's give our children roots, roots of inner values.
Roots not to tie them to the ground but to guide them to stand firm and hold on steadfast to
values, which we can instill through unconditional love and support. Values which enable
them to stay strong in a world which is constantly trying to influence and change young

To give our children wings, means to truly give them the freedom to fly the nest, to soar
great heights and fly over all obstacles and glide to the heights of the best.
These are the wings of independence which will enable them to seek their destiny.

These gifts from us to them will be blessings for life.

Kindergarten Supervisor
Manisha Khiani

House Report


Palms house has always lived by this motto. What we realize is that

working together, we have indeed succeeded in getting to know

ourselves better. This year for our house was certainly not any less

glorious as every year that has passed. This year too we stood the test,

celebrating success and analyzing failures as a team-united and ever

inspired. We are indeed pleased to put up a splendid show of co-

ordination and unity, thanks to the wholehearted support and

participation of all the Palms House members.

Our students participated in various inter-house

competitions with dedication. I am pleased to inform that both the

sections did their best. I express my sincere thanks to

assistant house mistress Mrs.Anupama for helping the junior section

students in various matches. I also extend my thanks to Mr.Ibrahim.

Mrs. Revathi, Mrs.Anupama, Mrs. Yasmin and Mrs.Sangeetha . I

also thank our supervisors Mr.Shafiq and Mrs.Sangeetha Mathur

and P.E teachers for their whole-hearted support.

We are thankful to the Lord Almighty for helping the Palms House

overcome all the challenges. We conclude, congratulating all the

houses for their remarkable performances and the fierce, yet healthy


“Small things make perfection,
But perfection is no small thing.”

Mrs. Ranjana S. Nair
House mistress- palms House


It brings me great honour to introduce myself as the House
Master of Dunes House for academic year 2018-19.

A key attribute of this position is representation, the act of
speaking and acting on behalf of someone. I feel that so
adequately represent something, you have to have a good
understanding of it. This opportunity allows me to
approachable to everyone as I have created good relationship
across many areas of school, it increases my opportunity to
understand and prompt issues that may arise.
Good leaders are good o u i ators a d this i ol es
both speaking and listening. Demonstrating this ability will
help me better understand requirement of the role while
building greater relationship between myself and the staff.

The sports leadership roles are more than just a badge and
title to e. It’s a great feeli g he you get a adge ut o
the other side from that day onwards one should start
working for the House as a team.

So, at last I would end up saying, that I have taken my position
with great honour and also great responsibility.

Mr. Nathan


Throughout my time here at Primus Private School, I have enjoyed
getting involved in a range of different activities the school had to
offer. I always aim to involve myself as much as I can around the
school and take on every opportunity in helping my house to succeed.
I feel so lucky to have been chosen as the House Mistress of Oases
House for 2018-19.
Throughout the year our school had played a wide range of sports
such as Basketball, Kho kho, football, cricket etc.
I am really looking forward to the challenges this year has to bring.
We aspire to achieve to be the best house this year. I hope to
encourage and provide opportunities for students around the school
to really get involved in sporting and help support the sports events
in the school. I am really looking forward to what the year has to
bring and to make the most of it at Primus Private School.

Mrs Sameera
House Mistress Oases House


Primus Private School is a community of learners and the House system aims to
reflect these core values. The House system aims to give students an identity and
sense of pride in a supportive, secure environment. The Houses provide for
positive competition and a closer rapport between students and teachers.
The Houses compete in a number of sporting and cultural activities for points.

The Dates house, proudly donning their Orange shirts brought home laurels.
Team Dates believed that winning or losing, walking off the course with pride,
always taking the high road, is what matters.
The Orange brigade brought in laurels from the Football field, Kho-kho, athletics
and the swimming pool.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way, a popular
John.C. Maxwell quote finds meaning in Primus. Our Principal, Mrs. Arundhati
Rawat, Vice-Principal Mrs. Bishara Noorudeen, our Supervisors, Mrs. Lini George,
and Mr. Mohammed Shafiq and Mrs. Sangeeta Mathur led by example and
brought out the best in us. I would like to thank my fellow teachers who stood by
me through thick and thin. I thank our PE teachers Mr. K.K. Reji, Mr. Renil. C. John,
and Mr. Amjad for their support and guidance.

Indu Naina George
Mistress-Dates House

Rising to New Heights

Investiture Ceremony

As the beautiful morning embraced each of us with its warm splendour, we at
Primus were extremely glad to welcome everyone to the lovely gathering which
was the commencement of a new page, at Primus Private School, Our Investiture
This being the first momentous occasions of our school, our newly elected and
selected members of the school’s senate were officially vested with their powers
and positions. The ceremonial investing of the senate was done with the pinning of
their badges, sashes and handing over their respective flags, reminding these young
leaders to uphold the values of our school and keep our school’s flag flying high
while discharging their duties honestly. The Editorial Board and the Green Gang
members were also vested with their powers.
Our Chief Guests for the event were Mohamed Abdulalim, Head of Permit
Services, Mr. Jesus Lall, Chairman of Universal Education Group, Mr. Harish
Luharuka our Director of academics, Our Principal Mrs. ArundatiRawat and our
Vice Principal, Mrs. BisharaNoorudeen.
The second half of the programme was the awards ceremony, where the students
with exemplary skills in field of studies, sports and International Bench Marking
Tests were hounoured. Our Principal Ma’am was felicitated with the ‘Best School’
award in Olympiad.

Motivation sometimes comes from the strangest of place. A
passing comment, an undeserved put down, unexpected
praise, can all provide much needed motivation in life.
Sometimes the need to prove yourself may serve as the
much needed motivation.

Anyway, when I started school, I was a painfully shy child
and together with the many put downs by various teachers
resulted in me being an under achiever. I hated going to
school, all I wanted to do was stay at home. My parents
worried about what was happening spoke to the teachers but
nothing changed. Life went on. The teachers told my parents
that I was a below average student, and maybe hoping I would get more attention due to
smaller class sizes, my parents decided to enroll me in Primus and I consider this as one
of the best decision they ever took.

I joined Primus when I was 8 years old. When I first joined this school I was fascinated
by it. The attention was shocking at first, from my nails to my tie everything was
scrutinized. Everyone was expected to to be properly dressed in uniforms, to be clean and
keep our hair and nails properly trimmed. It was as if the class teacher was our mother at
school, reminding and nagging us to do things just like mama did at home. School was
suddenly a home away from home.

But I was most fascinated by student council in the school, I think it was because they got
to wear blazers, unlike us ordinary kids. Though soon I realized that to be part of it, you
have to work really hard, and show yourself to be worthy of the honor. Becoming a
member of the student council became the main motivation for me to push myself to the
limit. My teachers motivated and encouraged me to reach my goal but no matter how
much I tried I never reached my goal and because of that I lost all hope. I then got
selected as the Vice President of the Green Gang in 8th grade. The next year in grade 9 I
was selected as house captain of ‘Dates house.’ I was finally able to wear the blazer I
dreamed of. This boosted my confidence and I thought, why stop there, if i tried a bit
more i could maybe even be head-boy. SoI started working tirelessly day and night and
my grades started improving tremendously and it all payed off as I became the head boy
of Primus when i was in 10th grade.

For me the motivation was the red blazer worn by the student council, but to achieve that
goal, I had to change my thinking process, start working hard, come out of my shell, and
engage with others. The process changed me for the better, I became a confident outgoing
person from the shy withdrawn child that I was before. And I learned a very valuable
lesson which is you can achieve anything if you put your mind into it.

Dreams come true in the most unexpected of ways..from a blazer to the head boy…

“Leadership means having the self-confidence to believe you can
make a difference, the passion to believe it matters, and the courage
to risk it all because you believe it matters."

It is indeed an honour and privilege for me to have been elected as the
Head Girl for the year 2018. For me it brought both a sense of pride and
responsibility and the opportunity to serve the school. I take pride in
saying that this school has transformed me from a shy, timid and awkward
girl to one who has poise, confidence and charisma.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to my principal and teachers who
inculcated such capabilities in me that made me confident to discharge
my duties and responsibilities as the Head girl of Primus Private School,
Dubai. Also I very specially thank all the students who trusted me and
have put their faith in me.

Let’s take our school to greater heights of success. We will travel this road
together and work in union to keep Primus’s banner flying high up in the
sky, mounted with love, hoisted with dignity and fluttering with grace.

Head Girl



The Rhythm of a Nation

Celebrating the glory of a decade at Primus

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