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 Ehe BN 'how

 Your Bverclocking talkvshow

 Ehe BN 'how Noncept   overclocking recordsr benchmark  sense to share our content to the
 discussionsr and maybe even a   EBN readers firstch Bf course this
 fs Ehe Bverclocker moved to a   tiny bit of industry gossipc hEhis is  video is also hosted on the BNEx
 new publishing platformr Weo   long overdueh says Eimr hbut now  YouEube channelr and can be
 oeditorvinvchiefw informed us it is   that BNEx and VK,BE are both   shared and embedded by
 now possible to embed videos in   located in Eaiwanr setting up this  everyonec
 the magazinec Ve suggested to   kind of initiative is much easierch
 embed an BNEx video in each
 VK,BE and BNEx have   yn Ehis )pisode
 magazinec Ehe response from
 collaborated on several
 BNEx was very positiver and   yn the first episode of Ehe BN
 productions in the pastc Ehe BN
 quickly the idea rose to do a biv  'how we talk about the upcoming
 'how marks as a first longvterm
 monthly chitvchat talk about   live competitions of Halaxy and
 scheduled partnershipc
 overclocking related topicsc   Iingstonr as well as reflect back

    on those of f'G'r Norsairr and
 yn each episoder Xieter oMassman   Khy EheBverclockerA   M'yc Ke also address  what next
 v VK,BEw and Eim oUyala v BNExw   year will bring for VK,BEr and of
 hEheBverclocker is todaySs main
 cover things that happened in the   course reflect on 'hamino leaving
 govto magazinevstyle read for
 overclocking communityc Ehis   the industryc
 overclockers and hardware
 includes upcoming eventsr new
 enthusiastsh says Eimr hit makes   (iscuss this episoded
 hardware releasesr interesting
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