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        Battlefield 4

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             nyone whos played a Battlefield   more of an iteration than a true   it, personally I ve had enough.
             title before knows that they re   advancement of BF3 and its expansion   Sadly, it actually seems as though
        Asomething special. Even if you     packs  but DICE has crammed in      there may be a half-decent storyline in
        despise Battlefield s particular brand   enough new content to make it a   there too. Yet the game is so obsessed
        of multiplayer action, it s impossible   necessary upgrade.             with holding your hand as it shows you
        not to appreciate the overwhelming    Before I get into the multiplayer   things it thinks are cool that theres
        spectacle of it. Since the original   side of things, we should discuss   really no opportunity to appreciate
        Battlefield 1942 and its World War   the single-player component a bit.   the story it contains. It doesn t help
        II theme, theres been nothing that s   Like its predecessor, BF4 has felt   that the narrative unfolds so garishly
        come close to this series penchant   the need to include a solo campaign.   that it ultimately comes across as
        for multiplayer battles of a ridiculous   And as with its predecessor, it s a   complete garbage anyway. There
        scale. Some games attempts to mimic   pretty hollow addition. It s more   are impressive, visually dramatic
        it  like Star Wars: Battlefront and   of the same modern military       moments, sure. But theres no
        Enemy Territory: Quake Wars  have   malarkey, overbearingly scripted    substance to them.
        more successfully followed the series    to the point that you spend as much   The multiplayer, however, is as
        formula than others. But there has   time mindlessly watching events    much of an absolute blast as it s ever
        always only been one Battlefield.   unfold (with zero control over what s   been. Really, DICE needs to remember
          With Battlefield 4 arriving just two   happening) as you do actually playing   that theres no need to shoehorn
        years after Battlefield 3, you would be   the game. Which is fine if you ve not   in misplaced single-player modes
        forgiven for seeing BF4 as more of a   yet had enough of these meaningless   when the multiplayer is this good. If
        glorified expansion pack than a truly   shooting galleries, but after playing   you ve played BF3, you know exactly
        new entry in this series. It s definitely   so many single-player campaigns like   what to expect from much of it: but
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