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        IV EXTREME

        Black Edition

            EDITOR S CHOICE            OC Hero Award

                                            competitive                                                                                                                                                                  way you look
        Test Machine                        and others not,                                                                                                                                                             at it, we can say
                                            have gone from a                                                                                                                                                           that from within
            INTEL Core i7 4960X             neglected and frowned                                                                                                                                                    the community,
            CORSAIR Dominator               upon sub culture, to easily                                                                                                                                             greatness has been
           Platinum 4x4GB DDR               the most addressable group of                                                                                                                                          brought fourth and it is
             2666MHZ C10                    individuals within the computing                                                                                                                                      not evident in any other
            EVGA GTX 780 Classified         space. Every other group is addressed                                                                                                                               product so much as it is
            Corsair LS 240GB SSD            out of necessity, spoken to as a whole                                                                                                                             in the Rampage IV Black
            Cooler Master Silent Pro M2
           1500W                            and largely dictated to a far larger                                                                                                                              Edition.
            Windows 7 64-bit SP1            extent than we are.                                                                                                                                               As Shaminos last board
           BIOS 0208                          With overclockers we may believe   at what is hopefully                                                                                                       potentially, at least at ROG,
                                            our wishers are not granted, we are   not, but potentially the                                                                                                what we have here is peerless,
                                            not given a platform to speak and   greatest ROG motherboard                                                                                                 unparalleled work. Not to take
                                            most importantly, regardless of what   that will ever be, at least in                                                                                       anything away from the rest of
            his may have started about as a   it is we request, it is never met with   the near future. As many of us all                                                                              the team responsible for making
            regular review of the Rampage IV   our expectations, if it is met at all.   know, it takes an individual familiar                                                                          this board happen, but we see the
        TExtreme Black Edition. However,    How easily it would be to forget then,   with the community, with the needs                                                                                characteristics of a motherboard
        during the course of this review,   just how far we have traversed this   of the community or rather wants, to                                                                                 here, that leap out at us speaking a
        something had changed as it has now   DIY landscape with vendors. To them,   produce a board that resonates with                                                                               single name. That of Shamino, and if
        turned into our cover feature. At the   overclockers have become a painful   us. It is very easy to see this because                                                                           this be his swan song, it must be said
        time of planning this issue, there were   necessity. After all, while it is true that   out of the top four or maybe even five                                                                 that there is no better way to make an
        so many things we wanted to cover   there is space for gaming orientated   vendors that are in any way concerned                                                                               exit, or at least we couldn t possibly
        to end 2013 with, but when the RIVE   motherboards and such. There are   about overclocking, each and                                                                                          imagine a better way.
        Black Edition showed up; well, let s   only so many things you can add to a   every one of them has employed or                                                                                 Years ago, a moniker on ROG boards
        just say it put everything else into   motherboard or graphics card short   consulted an overclocker somewhere                                                                                 read, rock solid, heart touching and
        perspective. It s truly amazing what a   of an actual game that would make   in their component design. Some have                                                                              as trite as that was. When dealing with
        single product or component rather   said component gaming centric.     fared better than others, while others,                                                                                this board in particular, that is exactly
        can achieve and how it can shape the   A name alone would not do the trick,   not afforded the voice they should                                                                               what comes to mind. This is the one
        many more things outside the scope of   yet here we are, many years later and   rightfully have, have still managed to                                                                         to keep well past its relevance, years
        its use.                            several generations of ROG products   make miracles happen. Others are                                                                                     after we have a new platform, this
          We as overlockers, some           to call upon. We find ourselves looking   there in spirit only, but whichever
        12   The OverClocker   Issue 27 | 2013                                                                                                                                                                Issue 27 | 2013  The OverClocker  13
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