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Published by Forever Living Products Italy, 2019-07-15 11:46:15

Malta's Magazine july august 2019

Malta's Magazine july august 2019

M A LTA July - August 2019 | #04

99.7% PAoTwlhooeefer
In a smaller package
LVEEARFAAGLEOLE Imagine slicing open an aloe leaf and consuming the gel direct-
ly from the plant. Our Forever Aloe Vera Gel®
is as close to the real thing as you can get!

The first to receive certification by the International
Aloe Science Council (IASC) for purity and potency,

this nutrient rich drink is sugar free, gluten free
and aseptically processed allowing the formula to

remain free of added preservatives and boast an
amazing 99.7% pure inner leaf aloe vera gel.

Now in packs of 12-330ml
bottles to take on the go!

Forever Aloe Vera Gel® | SKU 715
Forever Aloe Vera Gel® Mini | SKU 71612

SHOP.FOREVERLIVING.COM.MT Forever is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA)
Please speak to a Forever Business Owner if you would like to place an order

What’s Inside

Welcome to
Malta’s Forever

Make yourself comfortable:
discover the topics of the

month, news and products
from the Forever world!


Be inspired by the words of the The valuable suggestions of
founder and CEO of Forever Living Send your mind and body President Gregg Maughan
Products. A food for thought by a on vacation, even when to FBOs and beyond.
great man, every month. you can’t get away.
YOUR IMMUNITY Take a peek into some of the key
A noted point of view on the Forever Malta facilities and office.
Forever world news. Give your immune system

06 ALOE VERA GEL MINI everything it needs to perform
at its peak, from AM to PM.
Meet the new small but mighty
Aloe Vera Gel® Mini!

65 B, Triq It-Torri, Swatar, Birkirkara

Phone: +356 27882272 Mobile: +356 7959310 [email protected]

Editorial board: Events & Communication company department. Layout and graphics: Global Group Roma.


Have you made any mistakes lately? This is a question I
often ask FBOs, staff members and even our executives.
And, believe me when I say, I’ve seen a lot of interesting
reactions. After all, it’s not always easy to admit when
you’ve made a mistake.

The answer I’m hoping for when I ask this perfectly-timed pyrotechnics to stunning live moment and may lead to you feeling
question might surprise you. I believe that performances where every step and every word discouraged. But these are the moments when
making mistakes is an important part of must be right on que. Translations in dozens of you really get to see what you’re made of.
growing and becoming better at what you do. languages take place in real time so FBOs from
Mistakes show that you are pushing yourself, over 160 countries don’t miss a second of the Step back and look at your mistake as part of the
trying new things, learning and adapting. Ask excitement. Hundreds of checks are placed in bigger picture. It probably happened because
yourself when the last time was that you made perfect order before our top FBOs are called to you are trying new things, challenging yourself
a mistake. If the answer is not recently, then the stage. All these small details add up to create and in the process changing your world and the
perhaps you’re too comfortable. Ask yourself if the amazing experience that is Global Rally. world of those around you for the better. So,
you can push just a little harder. You’ll be make your mistakes, learn from them and keep
amazed by what can happen when you venture Because each year Global Rally gets bigger making new ones. There’s really only one way to
beyond your comfort zone. and better, you may be surprised to learn that avoid making mistakes and that is to do nothing.
every year we make new mistakes. That’s what
STEP BACK AND LOOK AT happens when you are pushing boundaries and Now I’ll ask you again, when was the last time
YOUR MISTAKE AS PART OF striving to do more. When we look back, it isn’t you made a mistake? More importantly, what
THE BIGGER PICTURE. the mistakes we remember, but how our team did you learn and how did it make you
was able to pivot and respond and do what it stronger? If you can answer those questions,
Consider Global Rally and the level of takes to ensure the show will always be an you’re on the right track.
coordination and planning it takes to pull off amazing experience for our FBOs – and that
such a spectacular event year after year. From the same mistake will not happen twice. Forever Yours,

Whether you’re planning something big like a Rex Maughan
global event or something smaller like CEO, Forever Living Products
organizing a one-on-one with a new prospect,
mistakes can feel much more significant in the



The value
of work

Dear friends, which comes from our own growing your business, but
June ended with the Success plantations. also on the quality of what
Day held in Bari (Italy), during The second advantage is that you promote and, in the case
which we talked a lot about Forever offers the opportunity of network marketing, the
the harsh work situation in to build one’s own personal support with which you have
our country, South Italy in business by becoming Forever chosen to work matters a lot.
particular. The speakers’ Business Owners through the Forever Italy and Malta has
testimonies on this matter sharing of these wonderful been committed every day
left us with a lot to think products. This particular for now over 20 years, to
about: the value of work and “possibility” is unique if you provide all the support that
opportunities. We also had a think about it. our FBOs may need to start
chance to meet and speak in Building any kind of useful and profitable
Malta, to learn and discuss entrepreneurial business is not business. As of June 1st, to
about how we can improve a like eating a piece of cake register as a Novus, you just
our business in this - there are no guarantees of need to purchase the Starter
wonderful country. success or fixed incomes like Kit for just € 29.90! Providing
As a Network Marketing employees have. At the same quality products, a
company, Forever offers a time, however, in case of competitive marketing
double advantage: the first success, results can be more plane, and continuous and
one is that as customers we rewarding than those resulting free training.
can benefit of the best: quality from “traditional” work. To all of you, I wish a summer
products, created by a An independent business full of opportunities,
specialized in its market, a success may depend on many workwise and for all that is
company that is innovative factors, including the time dear to you.
and with the added value of and effort that go into With esteem and affection
our aloe vera, a raw material

Forever Italy and Malta has Giancarlo Negri
been committed every day for Country Manager
now over 20 years, to provide
all the support that our FBOs
may need to start useful and
profitable business.



Good things really do come in
small packages, especially
when it comes to the incredible
benefits of Forever Aloe Vera
Gel®, - now available in 330ml
bottles. All the goodness of our
99.7% pure inner leaf aloe vera
gel ready for you to enjoy at
home or on the go.

Just like the bigger bottle, our 330ml size and processed within hours of harvest We’ve packed a lot of nutrition into every
is 100% aseptically packaged with no to ensure you experience aloe as bottle. It’s pure, portable and filled with all
added preservatives. Forever Aloe Vera nature intended. the powerful benefits of aloe.
Gel® is high in vitamin C, promotes
healthy digestion, increases nutrient The 330ml Forever Aloe Vera Gel® mini is Try the new 330ml Aloe Vera Gel® and
absorption and provides a natural packaged in 100% recyclable material drink to your daily nutrition!
source of energy. with 6 layers of protection to keep the gel
fresher longer. The packaging offers all
You can count on the same high level of the features of its larger counterpart but is
quality you’ve come to expect from our perfect for taking with you on any
original flagship aloe vera gel. Forever adventure. Three of the new aloe vera gel
Aloe Vera Gel® is the first of its kind to minis are equal to one full-size size bottle
receive the International Aloe Science and can be purchased in a pack of 12.
Council (IASC) certification for purity and
potency. Forever’s aloe is hand harvested Now, you have another option to get your
from our own plantations, hand filleted daily supply of Forever Aloe Vera Gel®.


getCaawn’at y?vaBcartiionng hthoeme.

Have you ever felt like you just need to get away? Give yourself the pampering retreat
Sometimes it really feels like you need you need in the comfort of your own
a vacation, but it’s not always in the cards. home. You’ll be surprised how relaxed and
If you find yourself unable to jet off somewhere new rejuvenated you feel to get right back to
when the urge strikes, the next best your day to day. We talked
option is to bring the vacation to you. to Forever’s Director of Product
Development Holly Stout, who shared a
few ways you can feel like you’re
on vacation without leaving your home.

Promote relaxation from the inside

Get into vacation mode by resetting your The aloe will promote nutrient absorption, I like to drink my tea out of a special mug
body with Forever Aloe Vera Gel®. help support digestion that brings back fond memories. My
“Think about how you can promote and provide a natural energy boost. favorite mug is one my daughter
relaxation from the inside,” Holly says. “Your digestive system is really known as gave me. This just elevates
“Aloe vera gel makes everything you do the control center of your body,” Holly the feeling of wellbeing
after you drink it better because it has says. “When you can create balance and even more”
such a beautiful way of increasing the absorb the most nutrients, it helps
body’s ability to absorb everything you provide a feeling of wellbeing and
consume. If you eat a healthy, balanced sustained energy throughout
diet, then aloe enhances that.” your day.”

Aloe is a perfect base for a “mocktail.” Mix If you’re in the mood for an afternoon tea,
it with any type of juice or Forever enhance the “relaxation”experience with
Pomesteen Power® for great tasting berry Forever Bee Honey®, the perfect
flavor with a boost of free radical-fighting complement to hot tea. It’s rich, naturally
sweet, complex and packed with flavor.
antioxidants. “Honey acts as a defense system
Or, try Aloe Berry Nectar® or Aloe for the body,” Holly says. “Add a touch
Peaches™ for a fruity and sweeter morning of honey to your tea for sweetness.
pick me up. It’s the perfect blend.


Promote deep relaxation and peace with aromatherapy

The connection between your mind and Just as certain aromas can conjure specific “Mix it in your hands and breathe it in,”
your senses is incredibly powerful. Have memories, others can impact your mood Holly says. “Take five deep breaths, then
you ever been transported to and sense of wellbeing. That’s what rub it on the bottoms of your feet so your
a specific place and time by a familiar aromatherapy is all about. All you need to body can absorb the additional benefits.
aroma? That’s because our senses bring some peace and tranquility into Your feet are a gateway to your body. The
all work together to help create our your home is a few consistency of the skin on your feet is
perception of the world and one of key essential oils. different so the effect
the most powerful senses is smell. on your body is enhanced and
Holly suggests Forever™ Essential Oils heightened.”
Lavender to promote a sense
of peace. It can be diluted with carrier oil Essential oils can also be used in
or Forever Alpha-E Factor® to a diffuser, if you prefer to surround
be applied directly to your skin. yourself with the aroma.

Whether you choose to apply the essential
oils directly to your skin or use a diffuser,
take advantage of the time to relax, put
on some peaceful music and let your mind


Give your skin a world class spa experience

In the hustle of daily life, it can be This next-generation mask deeply While the mask works to soothe
hard to find time to nourish and refresh replenishes skin with powerful hydration and rejuvenate your skin, Holly
your skin. While you slip away into to unveil soft, supple recommends massaging Aloe Propolis
the serenity of aromatherapy, take skin that glows. Crème into your hands, starting at the
this time to also pamper your skin. You’ll base of the palm. This not only elevates
not only restore lost moisture, but “Start by washing your face with one your spa experience, but will leave
reinvigorate your skin and of our amazing cleansers, then put your hands feeling ultra-smooth
regain that youthful glow. on the aloe bio-cellulose mask,” Holly says. and hydrated.
“Be mindful and aware of the sensations
Holly says Forever’s new aloe bio-cellulose you are feeling. Feel that bio-cellulose as it
mask is the perfect companion for an grabs onto your
at-home spa day. skin and your skin starts to drink it in.”

Findingysotuartevaocfatmionind Getting away doesn’t always
have to involve a destination.
Forever Aloe Vera Gel® | SKU 715 ForeverTM Essential Oils Lavender | SKU 506 Take your mind and body on
Aloe Berry Nectar® | SKU 734 Forever Alpha-E Factor® | SKU 187
Aloe Peaches™ | SKU 777 aloe bio-cellulose mask | SKU 616 a journey of relaxation and
Forever Pomesteen Power® | SKU 262 Aloe Propolis Crème | SKU 51 self-reflection.
Forever Bee Honey® | SKU 207
“It’s about finding moments of calm,” Holly says.
10 “Moments that are pleasant and evoke joy. That’s what

a vacation does. It puts us in a different state of mind
that allows us to feel joy and disconnect from all

the stresses. Be present in the moment. Celebrate your
body, mind and skin with all the amazing products
that feel luxurious and indulgent.”


Foreveryour future



Turn your love of Forever products into
a business opportunity that

could take you around the world.
The Forever Opportunity empowers

you to change your life by helping
others look better and feel better.

Talk to the person who gave
you this magazine to find out

how to become a Forever
Business Owner.

Boostyour immunity...


Start the Day with Aloe Vera Gel

Forever Aloe Vera Gel® promotes healthy
digestion and helps your body absorb more
nutrients so you get more out of what you put
into your body. Starting your day with a serving
of gel will help make everything you do after
more beneficial!

8am am to

Juice Your Fruit and Veggies

Juicing uncooked veggies allows you to
extract more immune-boosting nutrients.
Spinach, broccoli, citrus and kiwi are great
choices thanks to the high vitamin content.
Vitamin C helps boost infection-fighting white
blood cells while antioxidants fight free radical
damage. If you don’t have time to juice, make
sure you’re getting at least two servings of fruit
and three servings of vegetables every day.


Power your Digestion with Probiotics

A daily probiotic like Forever Active Pro-B® will keep
your digestive system happy with six strains of healthy
immune-boosting bacteria. Probiotics work in the intestine
and your gut and supply good bacteria that promote
digestive health. Take one each day with water.

Forever Aloe Vera Gel® | SKU 715
Forever Active Pro-B™ | SKU 610
Forever Daily® | SKU 439
F15® | SKU 528


Your body’s immune system is an amazing natural defense
system that works tirelessly to keep you protected from germs
and micro-organisms. There are a few easy ways you can give
your immunity a boost throughout the day and night.

o pm 9pm

Get Plenty of Rest and Sleep

Studies show that a lack of sleep can
have a detrimental impact on your immune
system and increase your odds of getting sick.
Getting a full eight hours of sleep will also help
you recharge so you don’t run out of steam before

the next day’s workout. Rest up!


Exercise for at Least 40 Minutes

Try to work in at least 40 minutes of exercise every day to
keep your body in good health. A jog around the

neighborhood or any other type of moderate physical
activity is an important part of keeping your immune
system healthy. Try F15® for workout tips. You’ll look and

feel better, too.


Fill Nutritional Gaps with Supplements

Supplements like Forever Daily® will help you fill nutritional gaps.
When the daily grind is on, it’s not always feasible to get your daily
value of vitamins and minerals from food alone. Supplements are a
fast and easy way to make sure your body has the immune-boosting

nutrients it needs.


Eat a Balanced Diet

Eat balanced meals with fresh vegetables. Fresh garlic
is a great immune booster due to a high concentration
of a compound called allicin, which has been shown to
promote the disease-fighting ability of white blood cells.

Having a few almonds with your lunch is a great way
to pack in some vitamin E and healthy fats.



Can you believe 2019 is already
more than halfway through?

I don’t know about you, but it feels like only pace to reach your goals. You’ve shown that what you’ll need to accomplish before the
yesterday we welcomed the New Year, set perseverance and vision can pay off. I know end of the year and instead think about
our sights on achieving some really big goals you’ll continue to gain momentum throughout what small steps you can take each day,
and launched our Be Resolute campaign. the rest of the year. Even though you are on week and month to get a few more sales or
This commitment to being resolute means pace to reach your goals, I challenge you to introduce some more people to the Forever
more than making resolutions. It’s a promise stretch to see how much more you can do. opportunity. Spending a little more time
we made to ourselves to act with boldness Can you talk to more people or help making phone calls or talking to a few extra
and vision, even when it means taking risks someone in your downline who’s struggling people every week can make a big impact.
and pushing our boundaries. to meet their goals? Share your best
practices, encourage those around you and Be resolute. Keep moving forward and don’t
I know we’ve been working hard on our soar higher by helping others rise. give up. You can make the most of the time
goals here at the Home Office from putting you have left and qualify for what’s shaping up
on the best Global Rally yet in Stockholm to On the other hand, maybe you’re not quite to be an incredibly exciting Global Rally in
releasing new products to help you grow where you thought you’d be at this point. Even Sydney. And even if you don’t hit your target
your Forever Business. And of course, our though the year is half over, the good news is this year, your effort won’t be wasted. You’ll be
primary goal each year is to see more and you still have several months to go. Don’t be that much further ahead and able to start next
more of you succeed and qualify for every discouraged if you feel overwhelmed because year with a stronger business. I know you
incentive. But many of the goals we set are the only way you can’t succeed is if you quit. have what it takes to finish the year strong and
still underway and I have to be honest, Just take a step back and think about the watch your business soar to new heights.
some aren’t quite where we want them to small actions you can take each day to work
be just yet. Just like you, we are committed closer to your goals. Keep smiling,
to reaching those goals by staying focused,
resolved and finishing the year strong. It’s not too late to adjust your course and Gregg Maughan
come up with a plan B, something that will President, Forever Living Products
How are your goals coming along? help you get back on track with just a little
Congratulations to those of you who are on added effort. Try not to focus so much on


tMrcaeainnlttienarg AousnponstfhooaJernalewoMnFtnoouheognrbaeverleseyovyirtefpUe2pfriu.0pucMb1ibsa9allaliisg,srhmehaezeodidnvee!


The booking and availability of the room request can only be submitted by email at
[email protected] at least 10 days ahead specifying the following details:

• Training Title
• Name and Phone Number of the Manager in charge (in the room during the meeting)
• Beginning and Ending Time
• Kind of Training:

open to all FBOs, guests and customers
open to FBOs and Customers
open to all FBOs
reserved to the downline

Meetings “open to all” will have a priority during the booking period and will be the
only ones to be published on the company’s monthly calendar available at shop. (only when the meetings are correctly communicated
within the 25th of the previous month).

The complete Training Center Guidelines are available at the Personal Area of the website

65 B, Triq It-Torri, Swatar, Birkirkara

Phone: +356 27882272 Mobile: +356 7959310 [email protected]

Editorial board: Events & Communication company department. Layout and graphics: Global Group Roma.


Aloehbaenseftitrs efomr yoeunr hdeoaltuh.s..


Aloe supports digestive health,
promotes a healthy immune
system, supports nutrient
absorption and boosts

and outnatural energy levels.

Aloe moisturizes, conditions
and soothes the skin.

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