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- In 2021-
The $200 airline change fees
In 2020, American, Delta, United and Outdoor Attractions
Alaska Airlines, looking to get more With the emphasis on social distancing
passengers on planes in, stopped continuing into 2021, travelers will want their
charging customers exorbitant fees trips to include outdoor activities. Recently
(typically $200) just to change or cancel many Americans splurged on equipment
domestic flights. They recently extended like boats, RVs, bikes and camping gear and
that policy to include international flights by the end of last summer, national parks
(with some exceptions for Basic Economy had again become popular destinations for
fares). It looks like the trend will continue adventurous travelers.

since think airlines are going to be doing More High-tech “Touchless” Options
everything they can to get people on That will include the continuing
flights. implementation of touchless payment
Flexibility is the New Norm options in hotels and other tourist spots
Before committing to a trip, travelers and digital check-in and checkout at hotels.
will want assurance that they can easily Touchless screening technology at airports
cancel their cruise, hotel or tour without will expand, including the use of facial
penalty. Providers like Celebrity Cruises scanning to replace or confirm other forms
are responding and is now allowing of identification. The TSA is now testing
customers to cancel their cruise up to biometric scanners at a few airports in
48 hours before departure and rebook the Washington, D.C., area, with the goal
through May 2022 (certain conditions of speeding up the screening process
apply). Intrepid Travel, which offers small and limiting the opportunities for virus
group tours, allows customers to change transmission.

the departure date and/or destination up Digital Health Passports
to 21 days before a trip for no fee. It’s unclear whether it will become standard

Last-minute getaways for destinations and travel providers like
This is another response to the airlines and tour companies to require
unpredictability caused by recent health COVID vaccination for entry, but one tool
concerns. Those folks that used to plan for doing so could be health apps that can
their big vacations months in advance reliably confirm negative COVID-19 test
may now wait to do more close to results and proof of COVID-19 vaccination.
departure. The more spontaneous, wait- The International Air Transport Association
and-see approach to travel is likely to (IATA) is developing one, the IATA Travel
continue. Pass, that will allow travelers to store verified
Travel in the United States test or vaccination results on their mobile
States. International travel will come devices. JetBlue is already preparing to use
back slowly, so U.S. travel, especially a similar app, CommonPass, developed by
road trips, since many people are still the nonprofit Commons Project and the
wary of flying, will be popular. With World Economic Forum, on flights to Aruba;
borders opening and closing, it’s made passengers will be able to test themselves
many people somewhat uneasy about for COVID-19 at home, send their test to a
international travel. lab, and have their results uploaded to the
CommonPass app.



- 2021- Continued

No Footprint Travel Offline Travel
There is a major overall theme It seems that in today’s travel world you
emerging in the travel world today, can look around and see at least half
and that theme is eco-friendly. the people around you attached to their
Travelers from all generations are more cell phones, tablets, laptops, and other
conscious of the impact that their technologies. People are constantly
travel has on the environment, and connected, and constantly sharing their
even on the local economy. travel experience.

In a new effort to lessen one’s personal Expect to see fewer people doing this
footprint when traveling, travelers are in 2021, as the new idea of embracing
now embracing more eco-friendly, ‘offline travel’ is taking off. Travelers
carbon-neutral methods of getting are focusing more on really immersing
from one place to another. Not only themselves into their travel situation
that, but the types of hotels stayed at, if nowadays, rather than immediately
any at all, local transportation choices, talking about them and sharing photos.
and food that is eaten while at that Cell phones aren’t forgotten when
destination are all being looked at as traveling, but wifi and data are
well. turned off, allowing you to enjoy your
Tip: Camp, ride bikes, shop at local surroundings fully!
farmer’s markets, pack a reusable water Tip: Keep your cellphone in airplane
bottle. mode, or if you are worried about
Lifestyle Flights missing emergency notifications simply
Certain airlines across the world are temporarily disable your social media
embracing longer flights and giving accounts while on vacation.
guests more custom, luxury options Bleisure Travel
to enjoy themselves while onboard, Perhaps mixing business and travel isn’t
including popular airlines such as such a new concept to many people in
Emirates and Qatar Airways. New ‘social the workforce today, but it is becoming
spaces’ have been designed with these quite the permanent trend within the
airlines and others, which include areas travel world, with even higher bleisure
for communal dining, yoga, and bars. travelers expected in 2021. Many
Other airline companies have companies are opting to mix business
developed bunk bed rest zones and with pleasure when it comes to travel to
kids play areas, as well as things such conferences or cross-country meetings,
as fully-furnished ‘pods’ that allow you allowing employees more time to
comfortable, relaxing flight experience. enjoy themselves while away and even
Tip: Be sure to take full advantage of all adding more recreation opportunities
available benefits on longer ‘lifestyle’ themselves. There are options for
flights like these, even if your personal family members to join the trip as well.
pod is so cozy you don’t want to leave.


- 2021- Continued

There are several benefits to bleisure upon what they want to eat and see
travel, both for the employees and the exactly where it came from, especially
companies, such as higher in-office vegan travelers.
incentives, better attitudes, and more With an increasing global pressure to
productivity overall. go meatless by 2050, new methods of
Tip: Ask your boss about any ‘bleisure farming, harvesting, and producing
travel’ opportunities within your position food, in general, have gained the public
to give you something to ‘work forward’ spotlight, and there are many travelers
to. willing to base a trip off of just that!

Disney Travel Tip: Be sure to not only do your research
Disney is constantly coming out with on exactly where you are going to go to
new additions to their theme park learn more, but use eco-friendly methods
conglomerate, and 2021 will be no of travel along the way as well!
exception! Spartan Holidays
The end of 2020 and beginning of 2021 Described as ‘the modern way of
should see some key park additions traveling the medieval way’, Spartan
such as Cirque Du Soleil, Tron-themed Holidays are one of the most widely
coasters, Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser talked about upcoming travel trends.
resort opening, a new Avengers This new idea of traveling mainly just
campus called Marvel Land, a new light embraces a minimalistic approach to
show and parade, and several new travel, both digitally and packing-wise.
restaurants. Almost no digital contact is used during
The company is also doing more in these trips, and only essential gear is
the way of custom family visits, with packed, such as adequate clothing
specialized resort room themes, dinner choices and vegan-friendly foods.
options, custom passes, and more, Tip: We don’t suggest trying a Spartan
meaning the crowds are expected to Holiday as your first big travel experience,
grow even more in 2021. this is for more experienced travelers and/
Tip: Look into your Disney tickets well in or campers.
advance, getting the best deals before the Nomadic Hotels
big crowds (virtual or real) hit! These new concept hotels are popping
Farm to Fork Travel up more and more worldwide, the main
More and more people are becoming brand in the business being 700,000
increasingly aware of what they eat Heures. This hotel is calling itself ‘the
and where it comes from, which is why first wandering hotel in the world. The
2021 is going to be the year of the rise concept is this; the ‘hotel’ takes over an
of Farm to Fork Travel! Several health- existing property for about 6 months at
conscious travelers are making the a time, typically using an existing luxury
more frequent decision to travel based


- 2021- Continued

private home. The property gets a Train Travel
full staff and equipment to turn the The Greta Thunberg’s of this generation
landscape into a hotel, their special are all aboard with the idea of reducing
item being their ‘trunks’ that open their travel footprint and opting in for
into bars, benches, and sinks, allowing train travel versus air travel.
for a truly nomadic, yet still a luxury, Overall, trains are more energy-efficient
experience. The hotel has had luck in methods of travel per passenger mile
Italy and Japan so far, expecting more than both planes and cars, putting off
expansion as 2021 goes on. less-harmful carbon emissions due to
Tip: While completely unique, this them not being released directly into
travel trend is a more pricey one, so the upper atmosphere. They are also
be prepared to pay top dollar for your more cost-efficient for travelers, with
nomadic experience! fewer increases in fuel prices overall.

Solo Travel and Co-living Tip: Of course, train travel is not without
While Solo Travel isn’t exactly a new its negatives as well, so be sure to fully
trend in the travel world, co-living research your particular trip and which
is. Many solo travelers are looking method makes the most sense for you.
to save money and time while also Travel Rewards: Credit Cards
branching out of their comfort zone More and more credit card companies
and meeting new people while are offering major perks when it comes
traveling, which is why co-living has to travel, and even more are expected
become quite a big new trend. in 2021. Credit cards offer several
Unlike hostels or Airbnbs, co-living cashback benefits to flying, staying
arrangements allow you to meet up at certain hotels, and various travel
with like-minded travelers and not experiences in general, with several
only share more permanent living cards aimed specifically at travelers
space but share travel experiences nowadays. Not only can you get a
and knowledge during your stay travel-based credit card, but you can
together as well. get specific airline or hotel based credit
Co-living is more for those who cards for optimal points and rewards.
want to travel on their own schedule Some popular cards with high travel
without being required to lease benefits today are the Chase Sapphire
something out or pay an arm and a Preferred, Hilton Honors American
leg to overnight stay over and over Express, and Delta SkyMiles Platinum
again. cards.
Tips: Do plenty of research before Tip: As with most things, we highly
jumping into a co-living situation. suggest you do your research before
While this is a more frequently used solo signing up for the first good offer than
travel lodging method, there are still comes around. You will likely find that a
dangers to making decisions without more specific travel reward-based card fits
researching first. your needs better. 17

The Long Fight to ‘Free Britney’

Framing Britney Spears, Available on Hulu

The country was facinated with Britney Spears 3. “Oops!... I Did It Again”
in the 1990s as she suddenly ascended to The lead single off Brit’s second album of the
global superstardom. Then the public seemed same also somehow only peaked at No. 9. The
to relish watching her personal struggles, track felt like a harder version of the debut
turning her life into banter for late-night talk single that made her a star, contains one of our
show hosts, sensationalist interviewers and favorite spoken-word bridges in the history
feeding the tabloid magazine industry. of pop music, ” shouldn’t have!”
Britney Spears hasn’t been able to fully live and delivered one of the most unforgettable
her own life for 13 years, stuck in a court- looks in Brit’s career. The red leather bodysuit
sanctioned conservatorship. “Framing Britney effectively retired after hitting a career highlight
Spears,” a documentary by The New York appearing on Brit’s body, knowing it was best to
Times, examines what the public might not go out on top.
know about the pop star’s court battle for 2. “Gimme More”
control of her estate. Look, was Britney going through some stuff
That was a long time ago. These days, Spears when this track, the lead single off 2007’s
is enduring a stranger, and maybe even Blackout, was released? She sure was. And was
darker chapter as she lives under a court- her performance of it, if you can even call it
sanctioned conservatorship, and her rights that, at that year’s MTV VMAs a distressing train
curtailed. She is not in control of the fortune wreck? You betcha. But this song, produced by
she earned as a performer. Danja, not only delivered one of the most iconic
Spears entered the conservatorship in 2008, lines in Brit’s discography, ”It’s Britney, bitch!”
at age 26, when her struggles were on public but marked a moment of sonic exploration
display. Now she is 39, and a growing number into dark and gritty electropop that deserved
of her fans are agitating on her behalf, raising more than to be overshadowed by her personal
questions about civil liberties while trying to turmoil. Long story short, the song still
deduce what Spears wants. absolutely slaps. (And that goes double for the
“My client has informed me that she is album.)
afraid of her father,” Britney Spears’s court- 1. “...Baby One More Time”
appointed lawyer told a judge in November. Come on, like it could be anything else. Brit’s
“She will not perform again if her father is in debut single was also her first No. 1, launching
charge of her career.” the career of an international icon with a
Here's a look at five of Britney's biggest hits: sound and a look that would come to influence
5. “Till the World Ends” pop music for decades to come. (Honestly,
This track, the second single off Femme this moment is still being referenced by pop
Fatale, remains one of our faves for a few music upstarts. Look no further than Normani’s
reasons. One: The music video feels like a clear excellent and incredibly referential “Motivation”
sequel to one of Brit’s best, the criminally video.) There’s a reason this track, the first of
under-charted “I’m a Slave 4 U.” And two: The many magical moments written for her by Max
remix featuring Kesha (who co-write the track!) Martin, is routinely cited as one of the best pop
and Nicki Minaj still slaps hard.
4. “Toxic”
Millennials of a certain age remember where
they were when they first saw the Making
the Video episode for this track, the second
single off her fourth album, In the Zone. One
of the most iconic moments in a career full of
‘em. Fun fact: The track, which only peaked
at No. 9 somehow, was originally offered to,
and rejected by Kylie Minogue! Big mistake,
Kylie. Huge! The song also earned Brit her only
Grammy throughout her entire career, for Best
Dance Recording in 2005. 21


Seasonal Affective Disorder

By Dr. Charla Waxman Maybe someone in your neighborhood could
use a walk-buddy! Even putting on warm
BS, MBA, EdD clothes and sitting outside on your deck could
Community Liaison help.
Laugh: Look for funny movies or YouTube
The leaves are already videos that make you laugh. Laughter is a big
falling, mornings are healer!
cooler, and it is dark earlier. Help someone: Make a point of helping
That can mean only one someone else who is struggling. Get out of your
thing; fall and winter are own thoughts by reaching out. Helping others
approaching. helps us.
Some people are energized by the fall and Get help now: Start talking to a therapist who
look forward to winter sports, hot chocolate, can help you get on top of SAD; before it even
and warm evenings by a fire. Others dread the really starts. A therapist will be able to help
seasons of shorter days and harsh weather. you become more self-aware and support you
Some may even say it is gloomy and intolerable; during the tougher days.
that it is downright depressing and puts them Connect: Many churches are providing virtual
in a grumpy mood. meetings and services. It is a great way to learn
2020 brings with it much more than shorter and grow spiritually. Many church groups also
days, moodiness, and bad weather. We are provide shut-in support and support is almost
in the middle of a pandemic with the threat always free to all.
of an even heavier resurgence of COVID 19. Know the warning signs. Here are some ways
As if Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is not you may be able to recognize SAD:
enough, some of us will be dealing with the • More sleeping than usual at many times of the day.
high anxiety of a worrisome flu year. • Overeating and eating foods that are not usual
If SAD has already been a part of your life, for you (e.g. sweets and carbs)
this flu season and a pandemic may only • Disinterest in hobbies.
make things feel worse. The isolation of • Lack of desire to do much of anything.
inclement weather may be accentuated by • Frustration over little things; or downright
not being outdoors or with neighbors, friends anger.
and family for long stretches of time. Indoor • Overall stretches of sadness that are hard to
confinement and true social isolation bring get through.
about unexpected levels of depression, anger, This pandemic has intensified many psychiatric
and anxiety. disorders for many people. You are not alone if
There is hope! You know the season is coming. you are feeling less well emotionally.
Preparation will be the key to a SAD strategy. Be
proactive! Here are some ideas for a personal
attack against SAD:

Journal: Stay connected to your feelings and You also have Chicago Behavioral Hospital
start now! If you see yourself starting to fade 24/7/365. By walk-in, appointment, or just give
into sadness, make social connections, exercise, us call, your Chicago Behavioral Assessment
or begin a routine of reading motivational and Referral team will help support you when
books and quotes. you feel like SAD or any other mental health
Spend some money: Not on just anything! concern is just too much to bear. A level of
Consider buying a SAD therapeutic light. Many care assessment provided by our licensed
find this makes a big difference for them. professionals will determine what level of
Get outside: Bundle up and get out there. treatment is best to move you toward improved
mental health. To learn more or to get the help
22 you need right now call: 844-756-8600.

Health & welLbeing

Foods That Cause Inflammation

by: Joe Salvador

Inflammation can be good or bad depending Artificial trans fats
on the situation. On one hand, it’s your body’s Consuming artificial trans fats may increase
natural way of protecting itself when you’re inflammation and your risk
injured or sick. It can help your body defend of several diseases, including heart disease.
itself from illness and stimulate healing. Artificial trans fats are likely the unhealthiest
On the other hand, chronic, sustained fats you can eat. They’re created by adding
inflammation is linked to an increased risk hydrogen to unsaturated fats, which are liquid,
of diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and to give them the stability of a more solid fat.
obesity. Interestingly, the foods you eat can On ingredient labels, trans fats are often listed
significantly affect inflammation in your body. as partially hydrogenated oils.
Here are two main causes of inflammation. Most margarines contain trans fats, and they
Sugar and high-fructose corn syrup are often added to processed foods to extend
Consuming a diet high in sugar and high shelf life. Unlike the naturally occurring trans
fructose corn syrup drives inflammation that fats found in dairy and meat, artificial trans fats
can lead to disease. It may also counteract the have been shown to cause inflammation and
anti-inflammatory effects of omega-3 fatty increase disease risk. In addition to lowering
acids. HDL (good) cholesterol, trans fats may impair
Table sugar (sucrose) and high fructose the function of the endothelial cells lining your
corn syrup (HFCS) are the two main types arteries, which is a risk factor for heart disease.
of added sugar in the Western diet. Sugar is Consuming artificial trans fats is linked to
50% glucose and 50% fructose, while high high levels of inflammatory markers, such as
fructose corn syrup is about 45% glucose and C-reactive protein (CRP). In fact, in one study,
55% fructose. One of the reasons that added CRP levels were 78% higher among women
sugars are harmful is that they can increase who reported the highest trans fat intake. In
inflammation, which can lead to disease . a randomized controlled trial including older
In one study, mice fed high sucrose diets women with excess weight, hydrogenated
developed breast cancer that spread to soybean oil increased inflammation
their lungs, partly due to the inflammatory significantly more than palm and sunflower
response to sugar. In another study, the anti- oils.
inflammatory effects of omega-3 fatty acids Studies in healthy men and men with
were impaired in mice fed a high sugar diet. elevated cholesterol levels have revealed
What’s more, in a randomized clinical trial in similar increases in inflammatory markers in
which people drank regular soda, diet soda, response to trans fats. Foods high in trans
milk, or water, only those in the regular soda fats include French fries and other fried fast
group had increased levels of uric acid, which food, some varieties of microwave popcorn,
drives inflammation and insulin resistance. certain margarines and vegetable shortenings,
Sugar can also be harmful because it supplies packaged cakes and cookies, some pastries,
excess amounts of fructose. and all processed foods that list partially
hydrogenated vegetable oil on the label.

While the small amounts of fructose in fruits Vegetable and seed oils
and vegetables are fine, consuming large Some studies suggest that vegetable oil’s
amounts from added sugars is a bad idea. high omega-6 fatty acid content may
Eating a lot of fructose has been linked to promote inflammation when consumed
obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, fatty liver in high amounts. However, the evidence is
disease, cancer, and chronic kidney disease. inconsistent, and more research is needed.
Also, researchers have noted that fructose During the 20th century, the consumption of
causes inflammation within the endothelial vegetable oils increased by 130% in the United
cells that line your blood vessels, which is a States. Some scientists believe that certain
risk factor for heart disease. High fructose vegetable oils, such as soybean oil, promote
intake has likewise been shown to increase inflammation due to their very high omega-
several inflammatory markers in mice and 6 fatty acid content. Although some dietary
humans. Foods high in added sugar include omega-6 fats are necessary, the typical Western
candy, chocolate, soft drinks, cakes, cookies, diet provides far more than people need.
doughnuts, sweet pastries, and certain cereals. 25

by Jack Santo

Future Technology Theia moves users’hands and physically“leads”
Energy Storing Bricks them – much like holding the brace of a guide dog.
The device is designed to process real-time
Scientists have found a way to store energy in online data, such as traffic density (pedestrians
the red bricks that are used to build houses. and cars) and weather, to guide users accurately
Researchers led by Washington University in St and safely to their destinations.
Louis, in Missouri, US, have developed a method It will have a fail-safe procedure for high-risk
that can turn the cheap and widely available scenarios, such as crossing busy roads – pushing
building material into “smart bricks” that can the user back into a “manual mode”, similar to
store energy like a battery. using a cane.
Although the research is still in the proof-of-
concept stage, the scientists claim that walls Sweat Powered Smart Watches
made of these bricks “could store a substantial
amount of energy” and can “be recharged Engineers at the University of Glasgow
hundreds of thousands of times within an hour”. have developed a new type of flexible
The researchers developed a method to convert supercapacitor, which stores energy, replacing
red bricks into a type of energy storage device the electrolytes found in conventional batteries
called a supercapacitor. with sweat.
This involved putting a conducting coating, It can be fully charged with as little as 20
known as Pedot, onto brick samples, which microlitres of fluid and is robust enough to
then seeped through the fired bricks’ porous survive 4,000 cycles of the types of flexes and
structure, converting them into “energy storing bends it might encounter in use.
electrodes”. The device works by coating polyester cellulose
Iron oxide, which is the red pigment in the cloth in a thin layer of a polymer, which acts as
bricks, helped with the process, the researchers the supercapacitor’s electrode.
said. As the cloth absorbs its wearer’s sweat, the
positive and negative ions in the sweat
Robotic Guide Dogs interact with the polymer’s surface, creating
an electrochemical reaction which generates
A student at Loughborough University has energy.
designed a “robotic guide dog” that will help “Conventional batteries are cheaper and more
support visually impaired people who are plentiful than ever before but they are often
unable to house a real animal. built using unsustainable materials which are
The product, designed by Anthony Camu, harmful to the environment,” says Professor
replicates the functions of a guide dog as Ravinder Dahiya, head of the Bendable
well as programming quick and safe routes to Electronics and Sensing Technologies (Best)
destinations using real-time data. group, based at the University of Glasgow’s
Theia, named after the titan goddess of sight, James Watt School of Engineering.
is a portable and concealable handheld “That makes them challenging to dispose of
device that guides users through outdoor safely and potentially harmful in wearable
environments and large indoor spaces with very devices, where a broken battery could spill toxic
little input. fluids on to skin.
Using a special control moment gyroscope (CMG),




Immersive Installation from Artist Adrian Stein

Chicago based new media artist Adrian Stein, ARTIST ADRIAN STEIN
a Guatemalan native who migrated to the Chicago-based new media artist Adrian Stein
U.S. to attend the School of the Art Institute seeks to understand how humans view them-
of Chicago, will debut his first art installation selves through the many mirrors viewed in ev-
titled “Quantum Mirror” at respected contem- eryday life which reveal the borders, glass walls,
porary fine art gallery ArtSpace8 located on and masks we have built between ourselves and
Michigan Avenue. In the digital age of “infor- each other in the process.
mation wars,” the installation invites viewers to By representing the human form as a prismatic
reflect on the fracture of identity through their lens in constant shift, dynamically morphed,
portrayed social media personas. “Quantum shifted, and affected by the medium it is inhab-
Mirror” will be free and open to the public. iting, Stein’s work engages the concept that
The Installation Offers a Meditative Experience different states of consciousness may give rise
with Floating Holographic Human Figures, to different views of the self, and how perceived
Resonant Frequencies, and More . identities can create a hybrid person, existing
Known for his eccentric and nihilistic themes, virtually and physically.
“Quantum Mirror” takes the viewer through Having been raised in Guatemala to attend
a journey of self-awareness, exploring how school in America, Stein has inhabited the space
different states of consciousness can create between political and cultural borders, living in
alternate means of self-perception. Incorpo- a state of transition. This life of transmutation
rating floating holographic human figures, and bodily migration was punctuated by grow-
resonant frequencies and sounds of the body, ing up in an age where the border between
the visitor’s reflection in the engulfing mir- countries was bridged by the internet, thus
rored walls are juxtaposed by Stein’s anima- marking the importance of such borders and
tions, asking the viewer to reflect on the their digital crossings as not only institutional,
created hybrid persona that simultaneously but as a deeply formative concept in his work.
exists both virtually and physically. Through Through the use of colloquial digital languages
this fractalized expression of the self, the work and visual commonalities, he seeks to create an
reveals the vast intersectionality of identity aesthetic medium to reveal how his own duality
and self-perception, unveiling the infinity that as a Guatemalan and an American has given rise
lies within the modern body. to a hybrid identity, forcing him to exist in both
“The opportunity to convey the concept places and in none, at the same time.
behind “Quantum Mirror” is an exceptionally INSIDE ARTSPACE 8
proud moment for me as an emerging Latino 14,000 square foot gallery in The Gold Coast of
artist,” said Stein. “In the wake of a fresh new Chicago, specializing in contemporary fine art.
year, I hope this timely installation brings light Visitors will find a number of paintings, prints,
to the ways that social media affects our sense sculpture, and works on paper from emerging
of self,” said Stein. “As a Guatemalan native and established artists, located both locally and
living in America, this piece encompasses my abroad. Situated within a popular shopping
experiences and analysis of a fractured iden- destination at 900 North Michigan Avenue,
tity, informed by an array of cultures within my ARTSPACE 8 prides itself on taking a democratic
single body .” approach to its affluent surroundings, engag-
The installation is viewable on the third floor ing experienced collectors and the masses
of ArtSpace 8, starting February 23rd and alike in the viewing and collecting of intriguing
open Monday through Saturday 10 am - 7 pm, artworks through highly-curated exhibitions
Sundays 12 - 6 pm. Tickets are not required. and events.
More of Stein’s artwork can be viewed on
Instagram @Looneystein. 29

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