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Descrptions of a portion of our research, programs proposed, some programs completed and what is coming down the pike.

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Won and Coming 2018 & Beyond

Descrptions of a portion of our research, programs proposed, some programs completed and what is coming down the pike.

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Low Risk
Won & Coming

(2018 and Beyond)

© 2018 CustomPrivateEquity

The best, safest private investments available!

Our forty years of experience in the world of investing leads

us to view private-equity investing in a little different way than
most people. Most people view “Private Equity” as buying or
providing growth capital to an already existing company.
This is only a small sliver of the private equity market.
This view does not mesh with our real world experience in
the general marketplace. The real opportunity lies in
funding niche markets and companies that are filling needs.

In our experience, it takes some equity to execute on any

investment. When the investment is a privately held, we call
this Private Equity, regardless of size.

To buy any piece of real estate you need some equity. To

start a company, you need equity. To build anything, you
need equity. To drill a well, you must have equity. To lend
money, you need equity. To grow a company, you need
equity. We consider all these activities as Private Equity
investments and focus our resources on the most profitable.

Our particular bent is to research and find opportunities for

cash flow and growth where we can fill niche needs and offer
superior and more secure returns than the public markets,
generating wealth by creating and/or growing companies. As
you will see, we have found substantial success using this

Using the above as a definition, the task my teams have

been training for over the past 40 years is to research,
uncover, analyze and implement the best, low risk private
investments available.

This publication is designed for potential partners to get to

know who we are and how we think. To be comfortable with
us, you need to know about our education and experiences,
as well as the reasons why you should participate.

We are opportunistic, hard asset, cash-flow investors,

syndicators and sponsors who work in niche markets where
we have experience in execution. We sponsor and
syndicate all our programs in compliance with the securities
laws and regulations or the United States, generally using
the sponsor exemption or the new Reg 506(c) exemption
from registration under the federal and state rules.


If you had been a capital provider for my teams since 1981, you would own an interest in the following assets, with
little or no debt (NOTE: I Have NOT Executed All Of These Programs For Lack Of Capital):

1) Oil & Natural Gas production greater than 20,000+ barrels per day from wells throughout Texas,
Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Illinois, North Dakota, Alberta
Canada, and many other areas.

2) Interests in self-storage facilities in Texas cash-flowing an average of 20% total return annually.
3) Interests in medical hospitality hotels located near large regional medical centers in Texas.
4) Ownership in commercial real estate in the M-Street section of lower Greenville Ave in Dallas.
5) A partnership interest in the hotel connected to the Dallas Convention Center.
6) Partnership interest in commercial real estate surrounding American Airlines arena in Dallas.
7) Interests in commercial and multi-family residential real estate located in high growth areas of

Arlington, Granbury, North Dallas, South Austin, Round Rock, Houston and San Antonio, Texas.
8) New car auto dealerships throughout Texas and New Mexico.
9) Bio-medical companies doing research into cancer treatments and medical devices to make life better for

the elderly and people with dementia.
10) Waste collection, Landfills and MURF facilities in a five state region.
11) Cement plants in Texas and South America.
12) Aggregate mines in the southern US.
13) Tugboats serving the port of Houston, Corpus and New Orleans.
14) Industrial and warehouse facilities along the Gulf Coast of the US.
15) Mobil CT Scanners and MRI Units serving rural hospitals in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.
16) Apple, AOL, Yahoo, GOOGLE, INTEL, CISCO, plus hundreds of other startup's that we researched

when they were $1.00 per share through our tech venture capital process beginning in 1981.
17) A steel foundry in Texas that uses recycled steel as its only feed source.
18) Raw land and commercial real estate developments in Pearland, Conroe, Plano, Keller, Ft. Worth,

Austin, Roundrock, the Texas Hill country, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Destin, Tampa,
Memphis, Birmingham, Mobile, Nashville, OKC, and Franklin, Tn among others. Including many major
high velocity market in Texas and surrounding states.
19) Industrial warehouse subdivisions in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Atlanta, Louisiana, Houston, Midland, Roswell,
Oklahoma City, Tulsa and others.
20) Electric generation stations where the driving energy source is landfill methane that drives generators to
produce electricity to sell to the grid.
21) Condominium lofts in the Central Business District of Dallas.
22) Apartments and condominium lofts in the medical center area of Houston.
23) A Title Insurance company with outlets throughout the South.
24) Cable systems & Radio Stations throughout the South.
25) Entertainment venues and NASCAR/Indy car tracks throughout the South.

26) A trucking company specifically designed to haul crude oil out of the Bakken region of N. Dakota and now out
of West Texas to take advantage of the Mid/Cush differential in oil pricing.

27) Commercial office buildings on the North Dallas Tollway and in the Uptown area of Dallas (Mckinney
Ave to Oak Lawn)

28) Assisted living properties throughout Texas.
29) The largest raw land housing development on Hwy 288, 5 miles south of the Houston Medical Center

30) Equity interest in a company employing a new infrared technology that locates the smallest of natural gas

leaks in the field.
31) A self-contained oil and gas development company that redevelops old fields using NEW horizontal

drilling and fracturing techniques.
32) Natural Gas gathering systems and thousands of miles of Natural Gas and Oil pipelines.
33) A US based trucking and logistics firm with railcars, ships, barges and tugs to carry freight throughout the

world, AND
34) Significant holdings in major Oil & Gas development plays throughout the U.S. and Canada.
Many others too numerous to count…All of these investments have been developed to the point of equity
investment by our research teams inside their opportunity set.

(NOTE: I Have NOT Executed All Of These Programs For Lack Of Capital but we

have researched and managed them to the point of funding)

Funded Programs…
some recent programs we have executed.

2003‐06 $1.3M Kirby Crossing Retail Center Dev (77% IRR, 3 year hold w/income, $750K debt)
2005‐07 $2.6M Barrow Ranch Residential Lot Development (45% IRR, 2 year hold, $1.75M in debt)
2004‐08 $3.2M Cotton Creek Residential Lot Development (203% IRR, 4 year hold, $2.75M in debt)
2004‐08 $14.1M Houston Residential Lot Development (87% IRR, 4 yr hold, $12M in debt)
2004‐07 $4.8M S. Houston Commercial Site Development (52% IRR, 3 yr hold, $3.5M debt)
2005‐06 $4M S Houston Commercial Site Development (1141% IRR, 2 yr hold, $3.75M debt)

2005-13 $144M Houston acquisition, management, sale of 36 Self Storage facilities (est 30% IRR, 7 yr)

2006‐08 $1.1M Chambers County I‐45 Raw Land Dev (35% IRR, 2 yr hold, No Debt) 2006‐10

$3.5M SW Houston Commercial Site Development (43% IRR, 3.5 yr hold, $2.3M in debt)

2008‐12 $9.4M Pearland Commercial Site Development (146% IRR, 4 yr hold, $8.4M in debt)

2014 $12 M to purchase US oil & gas production (with cash distributions, no debt)

Together, these successes have consumed less than 2% of our teams’ bandwidth. The other 98% of our
efforts have been used to conduct continual research.

Coming Opportunities From Our Teams

2018-20 $100 M/yr to purchase oil & gas production (target 20% IRR, 12% yr. Cash, No Debt, 2x exit)
2018-20 $20 M to purchase raw land in Trinity Grove section of downtown Dallas redevelopment project
2018-20 $50 M to develop 15 institutional self-storage units in Houston Tx. (target 30% IRR, 7 year hold)
2018-20 $50 M to develop 12 institutional self-storage units on I-35 (target 30% IRR, 7 year hold)
2018 $50 M to develop residential lots in Houston area (target 25% IRR, annual Cashflow)
2018 $50 M to purchase and develop industrial logistics properties at the Ports of Houston
2018-19 $40 M to develop data centers
2018-19 $500 M buy Nat Gas production and pipelines (target 20% IRR w/cashflow, 2x exit, no debt)
2018-20 $100 M enhance current production in producing oil fields (target 20% yr Cash Flow, 3x exit)
2018 $39 M for a 987 ac Industrial/Office/Comm’l, Houston Submarket (target IRR >20%, 5 yr hold)
2019 $3 M Retail, Shadow Creek Ranch, 47,000 sq.ft. 90% pre‐leased (target IRR >25%, 5 yr hold)
2019 $25 M Houston Medical Complex office/residential development (target IRR >22%, 5 yr hold)
2019 $2.3 M Houston area 100 ac. Lot Development Program (target IRR >30%, 5 year hold)
2020 $15 M for Disaster Relief Company (target IRR >35%, 5 year hold)
2022 $25 M to buy/develop Oak Cliff Trinity River Corridor in Dallas (target IRR >35%, 10 year hold)

Who We Are:

Experience Leads Everything We Do

The team you want working for you is the team that has DIRECTLY researched 30,000+ hard asset/cash-flow
investment opportunities, and reviews dozens of new opportunities per week. Our team has been researching, buying,
developing and managing hard assets, real estate, oil and gas production in North America for over four decades. In
Real Estate, we mainly focus on Texas and the surrounding states. In Oil & Gas, we focus on a niche of the market with
partnerships that hold assets around the US. We let our experience and the experience of others guide every decision
we make.

Paul Anthony Thomas, CPGS

Paul began his investment research career in 1969 with his father, E.P. Thomas, PhD
publishing New Horizons For Investors and Supertrends investment newsletters read by
10,000 subscribers worldwide, covering the full gambit of private and public investments.
Today, Mr. Thomas is a Certified Professional Geologist with over 15 years as a wellsite
superintendent & exploration professional and an additional 15 years in upper management
of petroleum production and exploration operations. Mr. Thomas is a Registered Landman.
After 15 years as an exploration geologist and alternative investment manager, Mr. Thomas
spent seven years working for the Environmental Protection Agency as a national expert and
trainer in various programs, many related to the energy business. Mr. Thomas returned to the
investment world (including private, hard asset investment management) in 1997.

Career Highlights:
35+ years finance, real estate, oil & gas, publishing, investment research,
Drilled and completed over 500 wells as well-site superintendent, geologist/partner, currently owns interest in 300 wells.
Leased for exploration over 2,000,000 acres of land in North America
Managed first family owned apartment complex beginning at the age of 21 (began make-ready at 15).
Has owned over 187 commercial/residential properties, developed and managed real estate for 30 years.
Worked for the US EPA Region 6 Dallas office for over 7 years as a special waste coordinator in solid waste, emergency
responder, public relation officer and enforcement officer.
Worked for 20 years as a financial analyst and investment newsletter publisher for New Horizons for Investors® and
Supertrends® covering equities, commodities, fixed income and private equity transactions.

Certified Professional Geologist #7243, Active Member, American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
Registered Landman, Active Member, American Association of Petroleum Landmen (AAPL)
BS – Psychology/Marketing, Texas A&M University 1979
BS – Geology/Earth Science, Hardin Simmons University 1981
Advanced Accounting Studies-SMU 1991-1992
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Studies 1993-95
Author: Winning with Private Equity (2009),
Author: Making Money in Commercial Real Estate in the 1990’s, (1989)
Editor: Human Psychology in the Stock Market (1969)

We Are:

Hard Assets ■ Cashflow ■ Growth
Research ■ Development ■ Management

Custom Commercial Real Estate Development

Oil & Gas Production Management

Custom Ventures

Medical Devices ■ Technology ■ Elder Care ■ Energy

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