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Inspired Travel magazine - Issue.3

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be filled up when passing through, but and body in need of some serious TLC. there’s no stress: get the coconut oil out!
once through to the other side you can fill Whilst it’s impossible to carry around all
it up. From my experience, there’s pretty the products that I desire to combat the 2. Obagi Sun Shield face SPF 50 - If
much always drinking water fountains often harsh conditions I’m exposed to, there’s one thing I will prioritise spending
on the other side, usually in the corridors but there are a few essentials I’m never the extra pennies on, it’s skin protection.
that lead to the restrooms. Treat yourself without. I am forever exposed to different
to a durable, reusable bottle for your strengths of UV rays and one thing you
travels. It will save you a serious amount 1. Coconut oil - I always bring a little pot cannot reverse is sun damage. I’m very
of pennies at airports and reduce your of this for an added dose of hydration conscious of not weathering my skin and
plastic consumption at the same time. A to my hair or skin. A thin layer across never drop below SPF 50 on my face.
sustainable travel investment. Should you your skin (face/body) is a great source of Obagi products are all hypoallergenic and
feel fancy, I highly recommend getting moisture. The great thing about coconut non-irritating-perfect for sensitive skin like
a vacuum insulated bottle which, on oil is a little goes a long way. If your hair mine. You can get this specific product
average, keeps cold water cold for 24 feels dry, drench your hair in an overnight with a tint if desired so it can double up
hours and hot water hot for 12. Perfect mask and let the coconut oil do its thang. as a tinted moisturiser.
on those long-haul flights to keep your
water fresh or your tea toasty! Coconut oil is honestly just the god of Just a little insight into the travels hacks
multifunctionality. Picture’re out I’ve picked up during life on the road...
It’s not uncommon at all for me to be on the road, parked up by the ocean and Happy adventuring!
travelling between hugely contrasting ready to cook up some eggs to go with Instagram: @wheresmollie
climates and of course travelling in such your coffee. You go to start cooking and Blog:
a way can leave your skin, hair, nails realise you forgot to pick up the oil. But YouTube: 151



Inspired Travel Magazine’s motoring expert gets behind the
wheel of the latest incarnation of Land Rover’s flagship vehicle

There are many high powered “Approaching the car,
luxury vehicles on the market it’s hard not to be
today, but how many of them impressed. The lines
have the presence, pedigree are modern, but it’s
and practicality of a Range Rover? unmistakably the same
This marque has a unique appeal vehicle that’s been
that draws buyers from a range of setting the benchmark
backgrounds: a Range Rover will look ”for practical, luxury
just as comfortable outside a country motoring for decades.
manor as it will on the drive of a
footballer’s mansion. you touch. The cabin is an oasis of
calm, with multi-hued ambient lighting,
Both beautiful and beautifully independent four-zone climate control
equipped, the Vogue Autobiography and sumptuous seating. In addition
model offers levels of sophistication to fully-motorised adjustment with
and luxury guaranteed to impress even memory function, the seats can heat,
the most discerning motorist. cool or massage you. Although they
are already so comfortable, you almost
Approaching the car, it’s hard not to wonder if these features are necessary.
be impressed. The lines are modern,
but it’s unmistakably the same vehicle Visibility is excellent; you gaze at
that’s been setting the benchmark for the world through an expanse of
practical, luxury motoring for decades. glass, including an electric, panoramic
There’s a sense of urgency about the roof which can be fully opened. The
profile of the latest Range Rover; it surround-sound system boasts 19
gives the impression of making swift speakers, including a sub-woofer
progress even when parked. delivering superb audio throughout the

From the moment you unlock the
car and slip inside, there’s a sense of
pure indulgence, the scent of the finest
grade leather, the sheen of the beautiful
wooden veneer, and a palpable
impression of quality from everything 153

154 0800 917 3000 |


interior. If all of these luxuries aren’t Fuel Economy: 36/44 mpg Cylinders: V6
quite enough, you can, of course, Tansmission: 8-speed auto Price as tested: £112,900
peruse the list of optional extras. Engine: 3.0 litre Diesel

With the Range Rover, opulence 155
does come at the expense of
practicality. The boot offers 900 litres of
capacity, though it can be increased to
almost 2,000 litres with the rear seats
folded. Ample room for golf clubs,
weekend luggage or indeed a large
family pet.

The Range Rover’s off-road
credentials are not to sniffed at either.
Elegant it may be, but it’s certainly not
afraid to get its boots muddy if the
need should arise.

Driving the Range Rover is a joy,
the model on test was powered by
an eager, 3-litre V6 with an 8-speed
automatic gearbox. A configuration
capable of propelling this 2-ton car
from 0 to 60 in under 7.5 seconds.
There’s plenty of power should you be
in a hurry, but I rarely was. At the wheel
of such a comfortable and capable
vehicle, I found myself looking for
ways to make my journeys longer, not

ooking like a CGI creation from a fantasy blockbuster, Neuschwanstien
castle has overlooked the village of Hohenschwangau since 1869. The
castle was commissioned by King Ludwig II of Bavaria as a retreat and
an homage to the composer Richard Wagner. Ludwig funded construction of
the castle himself rather than from public funds, such was his passion for the

The embodiment of the 19th-century fashion for “Bergenromantik” (Castle
Romanticism) Neuschwanstein has gone on to feature in several movies
and is said to have been the inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty
Castle. It was opened to the public shortly after the king’s death in 1886, and
since then it has welcomed more than 60 million visitors. Well over a million
tourists a year visit the castle, making it one of Europe’s most popular tourist





Any frequent traveller It’s a physiological condition that arises arrive at 4pm local time, but your body
from disruption to the body clock – a will be telling you it’s late evening and
knows that one of the most lack of synchronisation between two suggesting it’s time for bed. If you do get
different groups of neurons in the brain. your head down for 8 hours, you’ll then
challenging aspects of One of these neurons is related to deep wake up long before dawn and the whole
sleep and the effects of physical fatigue, topsy-turvey cycle continues.
travelling the globe is fatigue. while the other controls the dream state
of rapid eye movement (REM). These So what are the best methods for
Inspired Travel Magazine neurons find it difficult to cope with a new tackling jet lag?
cycle, the two groups get out of sync.
examines how you can tackle Try and avoid arriving at your
The body clock is very sensitive to destination at night. One of the
jet lag and re-set your body external factors such as sunlight. So simplest ways to mitigate jet lag is to
traveling across time zones and going avoid arriving at your destination at night.
clock as quickly as possible through night and day cycles that your Arriving during the day will lessen the
body is unaccustomed to causes the confusion for your internal clock, thus
Traveling can be draining; especially body clock to become out-of-sync, this making it easier to stay awake. You’ll also
when undertaking longer journeys. causes jet lag. be much more tempted to get out and
However, the good news is that explore with a full day ahead of you.
there are ways to minimise the Ever heard the expression, “west is
strain on your mind and body. Beating jet best, east is a beast”? Well in the case of Search for sunlight. It’s a scientific fact
lag is much easier when you understand travelling, it’s true. A seasoned traveller that sunlight releases serotonin within the
precisely what is happening to your body will confirm that a westward trip is much human body – a chemical that causes a
during this time – appreciating what it easier to recover from than travelling the happy, contented state of mind. Spending
is your body is lacking will allow you to same distance east. It’s thought that this as much time as possible in daylight will,
replenish it. is because travelling west adds hours to therefore, reduce your irritability after a
your day, giving your body more time to long flight.
Jet lag, or desynchronosis, occurs adjust. If you were to depart from London
when a person travels across time zones to L.A. at midday, for example, you might
or when their sleep is disrupted, for
example, by irregular patterns that come
with shift work.


“A seasoned traveller TRAVEL ADVICE
will confirm that a
westward trip is much 159
easier to recover from
than travelling the
”same distance east.

Relax your daily routine. During the
days, or even weeks, leading up to your
departure, try and avoid sticking to a firm
schedule. Having a strict timetable will
make it much harder for you to adjust to
new time zones.

Split up longer journeys. For longer
journeys, incorporating a stop-over into
your travels can often be a smart thing to
do. Not only does this avoid the tedium of
being on a plane for a long time, but also
allows your body more time to adapt to
new time zones.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine. While
many travellers like to enjoy the airport’s
bars while waiting to board their flight,
alcohol will increase levels of tiredness
and dehydration. Meanwhile, caffeine has
the opposite effect and will instead make
it difficult for you to catch up on sleep and
recover from flight fatigue.

Catch up on sleep. Of course, the most
important point here would be to make
sure you catch up on your sleep. While
exploring your holiday destination at night
time is just as appealing as exploring
during the day, sleep is incredibly
important. However, going overboard can
be just as confusing – sleep as much as
you would in a normal 24-hour period.


Since the turn of the century, the use of social media has rocketed. Around a quarter of the world’s
population use Facebook, with many other platforms acquiring hundreds of millions of users.
The platforms’ popularity, mean businesses are keen to get involved, and here, Inspired Travel
Magazine takes a look at how the travel industry has been affected

The days of sending postcards
from your holiday resort only for
them to arrive three days after
you get back home are long
gone. Nowadays, people share photos
and videos from the minute their holiday
begins, letting friends and family know
exactly what they’re up to.

Also consigned to the history books
are the days when holidaymakers would
arrive at a resort having only seen a
handful of professionally shot, brochure
photographs of where they would be

Today, we can browse hundreds, if not
thousands of honest reviews, dozens
of “real world” photographs, even take
a virtual, Google-earth tour along the
local streets. All without leaving our sofa.
Indeed, a quick glance at Instagram
reveals that the hashtag #Travel has been
used over 260 million times. People love
to share their travel experiences.

Today’s social-media savvy traveller
has a tremendous amount of information
available to them before they book their
holiday. Equally important is the role
social media plays when people are
seeking inspiration for their next trip.
When you’ve seen photos of your friends
relaxing by the pool, on top of a mountain
they’ve just hiked up, you’re more likely



to want to plan something equally worthy savvy businesses will use social media as bloggers or photographers with a global
of sharing yourself. And an ‘Instaworthy’ a way of engaging with customers and following on social media. Their opinions
beach can of course convert to travel resolving customer care issues quickly, can affect the decisions of thousands of
sales in just a few clicks. efficiently, and publicly. people, and they are often courted by
compainies looking for a PR boost. A
With all of this in mind, the travel As well as resolving the negatives, positive reveiw from the right person, or
industry has had to up its game. A social media is also there to accentuate even a viral photograph can boost visitor
website featuring glossy photos and the positives for travel providers. Through numbers to the area in question.
glib descriptions will fool no-one if there encouraging the use of hashtags and
are dozens of disappointed customers sometimes offering incentives, businesses We’re always keen to inspire our
sharing negative reviews online. can use images and videos taken by their readers online, so why not connect with
customers as promotional tools. This us on social media? You can find us at:
Customers no longer have to wait till has become known as “user-generated-
their holiday is over to complain if they content”, and some firms are able to use
feel they’ve been let down. They can this to great effect.
instantly take to Facebook or Twitter
to vent their frustration and share their Another industry tactic is the use of
disappointment with the world. Tech- “influencer marketing”. Influencers are See you online! 161



inspiredtravelmag 1

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