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A GLIMPSE OF ANCIENT ETHIOPIAN ASTRONOMY Demissew Bekele July 3, 2011 1 ... calumniate and disgust the world with abominable pictures of the ruined Ethiopian, ...

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A GLIMPSE OF ANCIENT ETHIOPIAN ASTRONOMY Demissew Bekele July 3, 2011 1 ... calumniate and disgust the world with abominable pictures of the ruined Ethiopian, ...


Demissew Beke


Demissew Bekele
July 3, 2011


ele, July 3, 2011


• Lift up your heads, discouraged an
to this marvelous story told of you
for mankind and built the foundat
in the days of old.

• Awake ye sleeping Aryans, become a
today of this enchained energy and a

• The absence of this power is the ca
modern, civilization. Out of our ow
this book, prove the Cushite race t

• The Cushite race, its institutions, c
foundation upon which our moder
the pride of the modern Cushite, b
consecration to the high idealism t

Wonderful Ethiopian of the A

Demissew Bekele, July 3, 2011 2


nd downtrodden Ethiopians. Listen
ur ancestors, who wrought mightily
tions of civilization true and square

aware of the acute need of the world

ause of many a breakdown in
wn accepted sciences, the chapters of
to have been the fountainhead of

customs, laws and ideals were the
rn culture was laid. Let this not stir
but rather inspire him to a greater
that made the masteries of olden

Ancient Cushite, Ursilla Dunjee Houston



• In most modern books there seems to
calumniate and disgust the world with
Ethiopian, ruined by the African slave
seems to be a world wide conspiracy in
book unfolds.

• Because of this suppression of truth, w
possible against the Ethiopian.
These people are held in low estimatio
that today though more favored races
accomplishment; yet in the earlier age
those, who now seem hopelessly under

• To wipe away the black stain of the slave
the slave trader as having trafficked in de

• The Ethiopian is a great race, probabl
out under adversity. When other races
destruction, these people cheerfully pr

• When they think the way is blocked th
pathway of pleasure.

Wonderful Ethiopia

Demissew Bekele, July 3, 2011 3


be preconcerted understanding to
h abominable pictures of the ruined
e trade of four hundred years. There
n literature to conceal the facts that this

world crimes have been easily made

on because truth is hidden which proves
are at the apex of human

es the wheel of destiny carried upward

e trade, modern literature has represented
epraved human beings.

ly the oldest. It is a race that does not die
s are sullen, or despairing and turn to self
ress on.
hey turn aside to pick flowers along the

an of the Ancient Cushite, Ursilla Dunjee Houston


Proof of E

• Any student who doubts the truth abo
others. You will find ample evidence in

– The Voice of Africa, by Dr. Leo Froebe
– Prehistoric Nations, and Ancient Ame
– Rivers of Life, by Major-General J. G. R
– A Book of the Beginnings by Gerald M
– Children of the Sun and The Growth
– The Negro by Professor W.E.B. DuBois
– The Anacalypsis, by Sir Godfrey Higgin
– Isis Unveiled by Madam H. P. Blavatsk
– The Diffusion of Culture, by Sir Grafto
– The Mediterranean Race, by Professo
– The Ruins of Empires, by Count Volne
– The Races of Europe, by Professor Wi
– the brilliant monographs of Mr. Mayn

Cultures and Americans of a Million Y

John G. Jackson, A Critical Review of the Evide
Comparative Religion: According to the Mo

Demissew Bekele, July 3, 2011 4


out Ethiopia go through these and
n such works as

erica, by John D. Baldwin;
R. Forlong;
of Civilization, by W. J. Perry;
on Elliot Smith;
or Sergi;
illiam Z. Ripley; and last but not least,
nard Shipley: New Light on Prehistoric
Years Age

ence of Archaeology, Anthropology, History and
ost Reliable Sources and Authorities, (1939)



• In those early ages E
Ethiopian dominatio
fact, the Cyclopedia
says, ―Isaiah often m
Egypt in close politi
the name of Ethiopia
name of the national
Egypt. In the beginn
from Ethiopia.

Wonderful Ethiopian of the Ancient Cush

Demissew Bekele, July 3, 2011 5

Egypt was under
on. In proof of this

of Biblical Literature
mentions Ethiopia and
ical relations. In fine
a chiefly stood as the
l and royal family of
ning Egypt was ruled

hite, Ursilla Dunjee Houston



• Although the Iliad and th
earliest known use of the
the Ethiopians were well
hundred years before Ho
Sir E.A. Budge’s ―that H
Ethiopia or Ethiopians.‖

• A poet says about the va

A race divided whom the slo
The rising and the setting s

William Leo Hansberry, Afric

Demissew Bekele, July 3, 2011 6


he Odyssey contain the
e word Ethiopia and that
l known in the Aegean sea
omer, it will be to accept
Homer invented the name

astness of Ethiopia:

oping rays
sun surveys.

cans & Africans, 1981



• The religion of Buddha of Indi
very ancient." (Higgins is here
who is supposed to have lived
ago, and not to Gautama Budd
B.C. There were at least ten Bu
books of India.) "Who these ca
individuals of the black nation
I know not, and in this opinion

• The learned Maurice says Cuth
the great temples in India and
of the former; and the learned
has no hesitation in pronouncin
the black curly-headed Buddha
Chap. IV,

A Critical Review of the Evidence of Archaeology, Anthropolo
Reliable Sources and Authorities By John G. Jackson (1939)

Demissew Bekele, July 3, 2011 7


ia is well known to have been
e referring to the first Buddha,

between 5,000 and 6,000 years
dha who lived about 600 years
uddhas mentioned in the sacred
an have been but the early
n of whom we have been treating
n I am not singular.

hies (Cushites), i.e. Celts, built
Britain, and excavated the caves
mathematician, Reuben Burrow,
ng Stonehenge to be a temple of
a." (Anacalypsis, Vol. I, Book I,

ogy, History and Comparative Religion: According to the Most



• Another great nation of Ethiop
which stretched from the Tigri
of Persia. Its capital was the fa
founded about 4,000 B.C., and
destruction by Moslem invade

• We read of Memnon, King of E
be exact in Homer’s Iliad, whe
and Ethiopians to the assistan
War. His expedition is said to h
Ethiopia and to have passed th

A Critical Review of the Evidence of Archaeology, A
According to the Most Reliable Sources and Authori

Demissew Bekele, July 3, 2011 8


pian origin was Elam, a country
is River to the Zagros Mountains
amous city of Susa, which was
d flourished from that date to its
ers about the year 650 C.E.

Ethiopia, in Greek mythology, to
ere he leads an army of Elamites
nce of King Priam in the Trojan
have started from the African
hrough Egypt on the way to Troy.

Anthropology, History and Comparative Religion:
ities By John G. Jackson (1939)



• Since, the original
inhabitant the Dravi
Ethiopians and the E
sisters and brothers
all symbols used by
at the root which is A
family is complete.

Demissew Bekele, July 3, 2011 The Swastika



l Indus Valley
idian's, were
Ethiopians were the
of the Egyptian then
a Family originated
Africa where the

By: Ekowa Kenyatta


• The original [so-call
Indus Valley were Eth
while in Africa the par
Egyptian. They are the

• Africa encompassed
sun never set where an
and bring civilization!

The Swastika By: Ekow

Demissew Bekele, July 3, 2011 10

led] Indians from the
hiopians who were
rents of the
e Dravidian's - black

d a vast area! And the
n African did not live

wa Kenyatta



• Even the name Hindu is Ethiop
authority made Hind and Sind

• The separation of India from th
ages long before the rise of the

• The older Greeks always assoc
Indian Sea with the wonderful

• Ephorus stated that they occup
Asia and Africa.

• The name India means black, a
employed only to designate the

Drusilla Dunjee Houston, Wonderful Ethiopians o

Demissew Bekele, July 3, 2011 11


pian. Ancient records of
sons of Cush.
he parent Cushite stock was in
e so-called Aryans in India.
ciated the sacred waves of the
l Ethiopians.
pied all the southern coasts of

and Condor thinks that it was
e home of the Asiatic

of the Ancient Cuhite Empire, 1926



• Another great nation of Ethiopia
which stretched from the Tigris

• Its capital was the famous city o
4,000 B.C., and flourished from
Moslem invaders about the year

• In speaking of the Elamites, H.
been Negroid in type. There is a
modern people of Elam." (Outli

• Archaeological evidence favors
English Egyptologist noted that
Elamite (Cushite) king on a vas
black and thus belongs to the Cu
Alfred C. Haddon, in his Histor
1934. Thinker's Library Edition
Johnson's Court, Fleet St., Lond

Demissew Bekele, July 3, 2011 12


an origin was Elam, a country
River to the Zagros Mountains of

of Susa, which was founded about
m that date to its destruction by

r 650 C.E. (Christian Era).
G. Wells H. H. Johnston, to have
a strong Negroid strain in the
ine of History, p. 166.)
s this view. Reginald S. Poole, the
t: "There is one portrait of an
se found at Susa; he is painted
ushite race." (Quoted by Professor
ry of Anthropology, p. 6, London,
n, published by Watts & Co., 5 & 6
don, E. c.-4, England.)



• Babylon had two elem
the beginning:

– The northerner Accadia
– The southerner Sumeria
– The Sumerians gave the

heavens the names of th
empire of Ethiopians, th

–Both were Cushit

– The Babylonians were plan
– The assumed telling fates o

Demissew Bekele, July 3, 2011 13


ment of her population in

ans and Cushites

e constellations of the
he old kings of the ancient
heir ancestors.


net worshipers
of people by looking at the stars.



• Though it is generally believed that C
now definitely known to students of
came late. Professor Leo Weiner has
and the Discovery of America, in wh
discovered by Africans long before

• The celebrated French archaeologist
around Mexico City, more than fifty
features. Pictures of some of them m
Atlantis, pp. 174-175.

• Donnelly also has illustrations of two
and the other from Vera Cruz. Findin
Mongoloid and Negroid ethnic trace
Amerinds were a mixed race of both
Ancient Cities of the New World, by
reliable proof of the presence of m
Columbian America.

John G. Jackson, Ethiopia and the

Demissew Bekele, July 3, 2011 14


Columbus discovered America, it is
American archaeology that Columbus
s written a three volume work, Africa
hich he argues that the New World was
e the time of Columbus.

t, Desiree Charnay, unearthed statues
years ago, with faces showing Negroid
may be seen in Ignatius Donelley's

o similar statues, one from Palenque
ng that the Indians show both
es, Charnay justly concluded that the
h Asiatic and African ancestry. (See The
Desiree Charnay.) We have perfectly
men of the Ethiopian race in pre-

Origin of Civilization, 1939



• From America the story turns t
we seek the origin of the myste
Western Europe found in the h
people. We seek for the place a
given the world the art of weld

• The trail reveals that the land o
garden of the "Golden Apples
Wonderful Ethiopians of the A
of the ancient race, that as Cus
themselves over the world.

• The series closes with a compa
modern forms. The intelligenc
genius is held up beside the de
and literature of the present.

Demissew Bekele, July 3, 2011 Dursilla Dunjee Houston, THE WONDERFUL CUSHE



to the "Bronze and Iron Ages,"
erious bronze implements of
hands of seemingly barbarous
and the race that could have
ding iron.
of the "Golden Fleece" and the
of Hesperides" were but
Ancient Cushite Empire, centers
shite Ethiopians had extended

arison of ancient culture with
ce of the Cushite, his original
ecadence of true ideals in the art




• The German scholar, Eugen G
Atlantis question. The new age
disappearance of Atlantis was ma

dominance of Ethiopian representa

• They were supreme in Africa a
infiltrated through Southern Eu
era—that is the last 10,000 yea
to possess the world

• According to the occult traditio
wherever the immigrating whi
subjugated by the black ruling
occurred, as in oldest Egypt, C
(The Adventure of Mankind, b
New York, 1931.)

Demissew Bekele, July 3, 2011 16


Georg, is a keen student of the
e that began after the

arked at first by the world-wide
atives of the black race.

and Asia … and they even
urope. … During the present
ars—the white race…has come

on, Semitic peoples developed
ite colonists from the north were
g class, and inter-mixture
Chaldea, Arabia and Phoenicia."
by Eugen Georg, pp. 121–122,



• Another division of Atl
America. There the my
Builders represent the

• We study the peculiar c
fierce Aztec, who ackn
received the germs of
earlier Cushite inhabi

• We pass southward and
development of the wo
America, whose ruins a
study today and we fin
the Cushite arts of the

Demissew Bekele, July 3, 2011 17


lantis was trans-Atlantic
ysterious Mound
e ancient Cushite race.

culture and genius of the
nowledged that he
civilization from the

d examine the higher
onderful Mayas of North
are attracting special
nd there transplanted
e ancient world.



• Professor Rafael Requena, a Venezu
once an island in the Atlantic Ocean,
the ancients as Atlantis, that this islan
turn established colonies in America

• That Atlantis was connected with the
be little doubt. The Greek philosophe
could present evidence that Atlantis a
as his authority The Ethiopian Histor

• In referring to Ethiopian history to p
plainly infers that Atlantis was a part
Fragments of the Phoenician, Cartha
Other Authors, London, 1876.

• See also, Maynard Shipley's New Lig
Bramwell's Lost Atlantis. Although
island of continental dimensions onc
the Atlantic Ocean, many students of
in other parts of the globe, particular

A Critical Review of the Evidence of Archaeology, Anthropolog
Reliable Sources and Authorities By John G. Jackson (1939)

Demissew Bekele, July 3, 2011 18


uelan archaeologist, holds that there was
, of continental dimensions, known to
nd was settled by Ethiopians, who in
a before the submergence of Atlantis.
e history of ancient Ethiopia there can
er, Proclus, stated in his works that he
at one time actually existed. He cited
ry of Marcellus.
prove the existence of Atlantis, Proclus
t of Ethiopia. (See Cory's Ancient
aginian, Babylonian, Egyptian and

ght on Prehistoric Cultures and
there is scientific evidence that an
ce existed in what is now the middle of
f the problem of Atlantis have located it
rly in Central America and Africa.

gy, History and Comparative Religion: According to the Most



• In the chapter on "Ancient Cushite C
early, daring and skillful seamen, wh
out the ocean trails that the Phoenici

• We find irrefutable evidence of the p
primitive legends, religion and institu

• Next out of the dim haze of far antiq
of Old," the race that gave civilizatio
animals and gave us domestication o
were the kings and queens of mystic

• The chapter the "Gods of Old" make
Rome were also the kings and queen
Ethiopians, which was either the suc
Atlantic race. It was about these prin
all the wonderful mythology of the a

Dursilla Dunjee Houston, THE WOND

Demissew Bekele, July 3, 2011 19


Commerce," we follow the ships of these
ho before the dawn of history had blazed
ians later followed.

presence of these daring conquerors in the
utions of America.

quity, rise the indistinct lines of "Atlantis
on to the world, the race that tamed the
of plants. The gods of the ancient world
c "Atlantis."

es plain that the deities of Greece and
ns of the ancient Cushite empire of the
ccessor of the most famous branch of the
nces about these princes and heroes that
ancients was woven.




• Lucian’s book on astro

―The Ethiopians were t
the science of stars, and
planets, not at random
but descriptive of the q
conceived them to poss
them that this art passe
state, to the Egyptians.

Sir Godfrey Higgins, Anacalypsis,

Demissew Bekele, July 3, 2011 20



the first who invented
d gave names to the
and without meaning,
qualities which they
sess; and it was from
ed, still in an imperfect

, Vol. I, Book IV, Chapter



• It was, then, on the borders of
race of men, that was organize
worship of the stars, considere
of the earth and the labors of a

• Thus the Ethiopian of Thebes n
Aquarius, those stars under wh
stars of the ox or bull, those un
stars of the lion, those under w
the desert by thirst, appeared o
the sheaf, or of the harvest virg
stars of the lamb, stars of the tw
these precious animals were br

Ethiopia and the Origin of Civilization

Demissew Bekele, July 3, 2011 21


the upper Nile, among a black
ed the complicated system of the
ed in relation to the productions
agriculture. …

named stars of inundation, or
hich the Nile began to overflow;
nder which they began to plow,
which that animal, driven from
on the banks of the Nile; stars of
gin, those of the reaping season;
wo kids, those under which
rought forth. …

n Part 2 – By John G. Jackson



– stars of the sheaf, or of t
the reaping season;

– wstahrischofththeseelapmrebc,iosutasrsano
– Thus the same Ethiopian

return of the inundation
the rising of a beautiful
the source of the Nile, a
husbandman against the
this action to that of the
gives notice of danger, a
dog, the barker (Sirius).

John G. Jackson, Ethiopia and t

Demissew Bekele, July 3, 2011 22


the harvest virgin, those of

noifmthalestwweorekibdrso, uthgohst efournthd.e…r
n having observed that the
n always corresponded with
star which appeared towards
and seemed to warn the
e coming waters, he compared
e animal who, by his barking,
and he called this star the

the Origin of Civilization Part,2,1939



• The constellation represents C
Cassiopeia’s husband in Greek
the sky after his tragic death b
one of Zeus’ loves, the nymph
modern-day Ethiopia, but the
southeastern Mediterranean a
contains parts of the modern-

• Cepheus’ wife Cassiopeia was
boasted that she and her daug
beautiful than the Nereids (se
of the sea god Poseidon), whic
Poseidon, who then sent a sea
constellation Cetus, to ravage

Demissew Bekele, July 3, 2011 23


Cepheus, the king of Ethiopia and
k mythology. Zeus placed him in
because he was descended from
h Io. Cepheus ruled not the
stretch of land between the
and the Red Sea, the area that
-day Ethiopia , Egypt, Israel and

a very vain woman. Once, she
ghter, Andromeda were more
ea nymphs, one of them the wife
ch angered the nymphs and
a monster, represented by the
Cepheus’ land.



• Cepheus turned to an oracle for a
disaster and the oracle told him t
Poseidon was to sacrifice his dau
Desperate, Cepheus and Cassiope
chained to the rock for Cetus to f
the princess first, rescued her an
claimed Andromeda for his bride

• Perseus and Andromeda were ce
Phineus, Cepheus’ brother, turne
promised to him first. Phineus an
Andromeda be turned over to th
there was a fight. Perseus tried to
was sorely outnumbered and had
his enemies into stone. Unfortun
look away from the Gorgon’s hea

Demissew Bekele, July 3, 2011 24


advice on how to prevent utter
that the only way to appease
ughter Andromeda to the monster.
eia did this, leaving their daughter
find. Luckily, the hero Perseus found
nd killed the monster. Later, he

elebrating their wedding when
ed up, claiming that she had been
nd his followers asked that
hem, but Cepheus refused them and
o fight off all his opponents, but he
d to use the head of Medusa to turn
nately, the king and queen did not
ad in time and were turned to stone,



• Latin : Cassiopea
Greek : Kassiepeia

• Cassiopeia is identified by her
“W” & summer = “M”).

• CASSIOPEA A Queen of Ethiop
Andromeda. When she boaste
beautiful than the Nereids, Po
devour the girl. She was rescu
beast. As a memorial the whol
the stars, but Cassiopea becau
eternally upside down on her
Euripides and Sophocles)

Greek Mythology: THE CONST

Demissew Bekele, July 3, 2011 25


“W” or “M” shape (winter =

pia, mother of the lovely
ed that her daughter was more
oseidon sent a sea monster to
ued by Perseus, who slew the
le family were placed amongst
use of her pride, was set to hang
throne. (Hyginus 2.10 on



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