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Published by Emily K, 2019-06-21 13:33:54

Woople Brochure

Overview of Services

Educate, Communicate, Motivate
In Real Time

Woople Story

What is the value of one good idea? What is the value of a lesson learned? What is the power
of being able to share and transfer knowledge? If you had the ability to capture, share, and
distribute the knowledge within your organization, would you?
The impact of one great idea cannot be underestimated. Great ideas have the ability to
revolutionize operations, methodologies, and entire organizations, as well as effectively chart
new courses. It is important to leverage the lessons of the past and present to promote the
growth of the future. By asking better questions, we get better answers and results. What is
preventing organizations from achieving their full potential for success? Educating a group is
too complicated, too expensive, yet too important to ignore. Woople solves this very problem.
The previous generation of eLearning platforms stifled organizations’ ability to communicate
freely, manage their own content, and effectively succeed at educating their workforce.
Woople was created to alleviate the frustrations of being handcuffed to a set of tools that
ultimately limited the education the system was supposed to provide. Businesses can now
get the results they need with a feature set that provides real-time communication, full
content manager capabilities, and rapid deployment of educational content to individuals,
groups, or distributed workforces.
Woople is more than an eLearning provider. Our desire is to transform the way companies
communicate with and educate their workforces, and our goal is to provide organizations
of all sizes a S.A.F.E. way to do that. Each Woople feature is incorporated only if it meets
all four of our guiding principles, which are to keep the system Simple, Affordable, Fun,
and Efficient. This protects the user experience, allowing Woople users to learn when,
where, and how they want.
Woople is the solution to today’s most pressing business challenges of communicating with
and educating workforces. However, we also see Woople as being a powerful tool that can
impact the lives of the next generation. Our long-term vision is to provide access to education
on a global scale. The ripple effect of education is immeasurable. Implementing the right tool
at the right time can have dynamic, positive effects for individuals and businesses alike.


©2013 Woople LLC. All Rights Reserved


• Watch content on your computer, tablet, or smart phone
• Woople is stored in the cloud using Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3) and is available 24/7

to meet demand
• Secure and encrypted access over HTTPS
• All personal, identifiable user data is stored using encryption
• Permission control to manage access to content management and reporting
• Local content uploaded to sub accounts is partitioned away from all other accounts in the

network for maximum security
• All services backed up and monitored around the clock for 24/7 up-time


• Quickly upload over 20 different video formats
• Target content to specific users and groups
• Structure content the way you want by leveraging the structure of courses or the flexibility of

• Attach learning supplements such as guides or manuals to assist users while they watch
• Easily add assessments to measure your users’ understanding of the content
• Extend your reach with the option of selling your content to other customers within the Woople



• Deploy required content to groups of users with Woople Certification
• Leverage essentials for required learning and electives for self-directed learning
• Easily track progress of individuals and teams with red, yellow, and green status indicators
• Manage different certifications for each initiative
• Individual Certification Dashboards to track progress and view history
• Access the flexible reporting to match your reporting hierarchy
• Enable managers to track and drill into the status and history of their teams and individuals
• Email alerts to notify everyone of their status and curriculum


Monthly Monthly User Access
Set-Up Fee Application Fee

$195/mo Fee $1/mo/user


Woople ?Customer Care ?Certification
Monthly Fee Fee
$25/mo $30/mo



?Customer Care ?Certification Woople
Fee Fee One-Time
$325/OTP Pay


Set-Up Fee Application User Access
Fee per Fee
$1,995/OTP Location
$975/OTP OTP


©2013 Woople LLC. All Rights Reserved

# of locations ________ Monthly
# of users ________ Calculator

Set-Up Fee: ANNUAL
$195/mo x ______ locations = $______.00/mo SAVINGS

Application Fee: OTP
$95/mo x ______ locations = $______.00/mo Calculator

User Access Fee: = $______.00/mo
$1/mo x ______ users

Customer Care Fee (optional):
$25/mo x ______ locations = $______.00/mo

Certification Fee (optional):
$30/mo x ______ locations = $______.00/mo

TOTAL MONTHLY DUE = $______.00/mo

*total number of users and locations will be based on activation records on
the first day of each calendar month.

OTP Caculator# of locations ________

# of users ________

Set-Up Fee:
$1,995/OTP x ______ locations = $______.00

Application Fee:
$975/OTP x ______ locations = $______.00

User Access Fee: = $______.00
$10/OTP x ______ users

Customer Care Fee (optional):
$275/OTP x ______ locations = $______.00

Certification Fee (optional):
$325/OTP x ______ locations = $______.00

TOTAL ANNUAL DUE = $______.00

*total number of users and locations will be based on activation records on
the first day of each calendar month.



Woople Studios addresses the needs of your enterprise by creating tailored and engaging
content. We film, produce, and edit custom content. Our team is creative, process-driven, and
regularly delivers content for Fortune 500 companies.

• Developing and deploying content
• Creating written and/or visual collateral
• Registering IP and copyrights
• Coaching talent to ensure confidence and consistency
• Post-production quality control

*Rate card provided upon request


The Woople Warrior Program provides industry specific training through dynamic, energized live
events. We offer unparalleled motivation and inspiration in a personalized setting.

• An alternative, experiential learning forum
• Proven sales, service, and team-building forum
• Follow-up to integrate the Woople platform into daily processes
• Better business practices to improve productivity

*Rate card provided upon request


Woople Customer Care provides an extraordinary service experience. We instill confidence in
your product, reach out to the client, and build great relationships.

• Addressing inbound calls/troubleshooting concerns
• Clarifying training requirements
• Assisting in locating relevant content
• Issuing content status and system enhancement reports
• Providing online support 24/7 with a friendly and dedicated staff
• Email alerts to notify everyone of their status and curriculum

*25/mo/location or $275/OTP. Rate card provided upon request

Advice from Woople


3 minutes or less. Needs to be refreshed on
a continual basis.
"People want content
”"People like to know new content
in short verse."” is coming their way."”


Teach lessons through the Content should not be
use of powerful stories. overproduced at

"Capture the wisdom and experience of unnecessarily high costs.

your team in a story-based format."” "People prefer real content delivered by real
people in an authentic manner."”
Avoid mixed messages in
your company. Communicate Allow team members to
contribute relevant expertise
clearly with Woople. and ideas to your content vault.
"People prefer working for organizations
"Your people have great ideas and knowledge
that are transparent and consistent to share. Give them the opportunity."

in how they communicate."” FUN IT UP

ADMINISTRATION Humor and unpredictability will
greatly expand your watch rate.
Find someone who loves
education to play this role. "People enjoy 'enter-trainment' online.
"Educators enjoy the process of directing the Keep it light, without sacrificing the

proper content to the proper users."” quality of your information."


©2013 Woople LLC. All Rights Reserved

Our Customers Love Woople!

“Good stuff.” -Alan
“The Woople team is always accessible, motivated,

and truly engaged with their users.” -Dawn
“At work watching Woople. Great way to start the day.” -Holly

“It’s refreshing to see a company full of people
who really believe in what they’re doing.” -Ted
“We were greeted with an openness and genuine interest

from every Woople employee.” -Shelley
“Woople is doing virtually everything right.” -James
“Thanks to Paul Cummings for Motivational Minutes & Morning Coffee with Paul.

Good addition to the day.” -Jessi


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