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Let's Learn English, The Sensible Way!

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Published by nsyafeeza, 2019-05-26 20:21:33

A Daily Dose of English

Let's Learn English, The Sensible Way!

A daily Dose of English 15/1/2019
Would you like to know?
It's = It is/ It has
e.g. 1) It is compulsory to wear a seatbelt/It's compulsory to wear a seatbelt.
2) It has reached 10 million viewers! / It's reached 10 million viewers.

How do we know which is which?
Easy. Look at the word that comes after it's. If it is a verb with -ed or -en, It's means It has.

Its = belonging to it
e.g The cat is licking its body.

Explanation: the body belongs to the cat.

Thank you

A Daily Dose of English 22/4/2019
Would you like to know?

Which one has the correct spelling?
A) Comitee
B) Commitee
C) Committee
D) Comittee

The *committee* has decided to allow students to wear a pink ribbon to show their support and
awareness of breast cancer during the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Thank you!
A daily dose of English 16/1/2019

Would you like to know?

1. A shorter version of Congratulations! is
Not congrates

2. It means vs It's mean
It means = meaning
e.g. When I am angry, it means that I am hungry

It's mean = something is bad or evil
e.g. Don't kick the cats. It's mean.

Thank you

A Daily Dose of English 17/1/2019
Would you like to know?


I am *bored* of waiting for the meals to arrive. The music played in the restaurant is *boring*.

bored. -ed is used to express what a person feels.
Boring. -ing is used to describe the situation

1. Maimunah is excited to ride her new bicycle.
_Excited_ here describes how Maimunah feels.
2. "The riding experience was exciting!", said Maimunah.
_Exciting_ here describes the situation of her riding experience.

Try these, which is which?
Tired vs Tiring
Relax vs Relaxing
Frustrated vs Frustrating
Interested vs Interesting

Thank you!
A Daily Dose of English 18/01/2019
Would you like to know?

The correct time to use these greetings:

Good Morning - generally around 5AM to 11.59AM
Good Afternoon - 12.00PM to 6.00PM
Good Evening - 6.00PM to around 10.00PM
Good Night - when saying good bye after a late evening meeting or when going to bed.

Thank you!

A Daily Dose of English (19/01/2019)
Would you like to know?

Which is the correct answer?
Q- I believe that we should be getting a double bonus this year. What do you think?
A- a) I am agree wholeheartedly.
b) I agree wholeheartedly.

Answer: b) I agree wholeheartedly.

a) I am agree is wrong because the sentence has two verbs; am and agree.
b) The correct ways to use I am (or she/he/it is, or they/we/you are) _in present tense form_:
• I am hungry (adjective)
• I am in the office (place)
• I am Siti Nur Syapija (noun)
• I am cleaning the dishes (progressive form)
• I am taught to be helpful to the others by my mother (passive form)
Thank you!
A Daily Dose of English 21/01/2019

Would you like to know?

Silent letters in English = They exist in spelling but not in pronunciation

*Silent B*
De ~b~ t
Su ~b~ tle
Lam ~b~
Bom ~b~

*Silent K*
~K~ nee
~K~ nowledge
~K~ new
~K~ night

*Silent G*
Desi ~g~ n
Colo ~g~ ne

*Silent U*
Tong ~u~ e
G ~u~ itar
G ~u~ ess

Thank you!

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