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Published by Burlington Parks & Recreation Department, 2019-02-15 14:21:08

Spring 2019 Brochure

2019 Spring


Table of Contents Parks & Recreation Office
Open Monday - Friday
3 - 6..................................................Pre-school from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
5..................................................... Gymnastics
6..................................................EpiPen Policy *We will be closed on Feb. 18, April 15 & May 27
6 - 10........................................................Youth
8...................................................Track & Field Phone: 781.270.1695
11............................... Something for Everyone
11.................................. Passport to Burlington Recreation Commission
11 - 13......................... Therapeutic Recreation
14...................................................... Adult Golf Kristine Brown, Chairperson
15..............Photography & Video Taping Policy David Norden
15 - 18.......................................... Adult Fitness Kevin Sullivan
16........................... Fitness Court Construction
19 - 20..............................................Adult Yoga Thomas Murphy, School Committee Representative
21........................................Adult Arts & Dance Paul Raymond, Planning Board Representative
23.................................Active Adults & Seniors Parks & Recreation Staff
24 - 25.................................Community Events
26.................................................Trips & Tours Brendan Egan, Director of Parks & Recreation
27...................................Policies & Procedures Rich Cote, Superintendent of Parks
Kelly Lehman, Program Coordinator

Jessie Hampson, Assistant Program Coordinator
Laurel Rossiter, Therpeutic Recreation Specialist

Registration begins at 8:30 am on Wednesday, March 6th

Look for new programs throughout the brochure; they have green titles!

Registration Guidelines

1. For your convenience, online registration is available at You may also
register by mail or in person at the Parks & Recreation Department.
2. If your address is not printed on your check, provide a photocopy of your driver’s license.
3. If you think the staff should be aware of any medical, physical or emotional conditions regarding the partici-
pant, please provide information on the registration form.
4. The only time you will hear from us is if your program is full, canceled, you get your second choice, or there is
a change in day or time. If both your choices are filled, your name will be placed on the waiting list and a refund
will be sent to you.

Waiting List

If your desired class is filled, you will be notified and placed on a waiting list. We will make every effort to
accommodate those on the waiting list.

How To Register By Mail

1. Log on to and print out a registration form.
2. One registration form may be used for all of your family’s registrations.
3. Fill out the registration form completely and accurately so that your family information may be entered into the
computer correctly.
4. When registering by mail, you may pay by check or money order (payable to Town of Burlington).
5. Send registration form, payment, and birth certificates (if required) to:

Burlington Parks & Recreation Department, Registration, Town Hall, 29 Center Street, Burlington, MA 01803


Spring pre-school information for Discovery Pre-school, Pre-school Bookworms and Discovery
Kinder~Skills were listed in the Winter brochure. You may register for these programs online at, where space is available.

Mommy & Me Mommy and Me Dance

Ages 2 & 3 (w/caregiver), Wednesdays Ages 6 mos - 3, Saturdays, March 30 - May 18
April 3 - June 12 (not 4/17), $65 (10 weeks) (not 4/20), $97 (7 weeks), Ellens School of Dance
Function Room 2, Instructor: Marie Grinnell
Is your child not old enough for pre-school? This “pre- 767 Boston Rd. Billerica, Instructor:
pre-school” program is perfect for both of you! You and Laurie Enos-Pandolfo
your child (or your child and his/her caregiver) will enjoy
developmentally appropriate stories, games, songs, Come join the fun with 45 minutes of music and
creative movement and art activities each week - all
designed to help you get the most out of this important movement! Any caregiver is welcome to play the role
one on one time with your child.
of “mommy” to help develop fine and gross motor skills

with activities like rhythm & instruments, baby in the

mirror, bubble time, and parachute fun.

Time Activity #

Time Activity # 8:15 - 9 am 333100-A

9:30 - 10:15 am 344500-A 9 - 9:45 am 333100-B

10:30 - 11:15 am 344500-B Sprouting Melodies 3

Music with Mr. Andrew Ages 18 months - 3 with a caregiver
Saturdays, April 27 - June 15 (not 5/25)
Ages 2 - 4, Fridays, 9:30 - 10:15 am, $10 per date 9:30 - 10:15 am, $83 (7 weeks), Function Room 1
Function Room 1, Instructor: Andrew Gentzow Instructor: Maura Pastran, Roman Music Therapy
Your child will explore a variety of musical topics through
Activity #: 346300-A
songs, movement and instrument playing. The class Sprouting Melodies 3 provides the routine that tod-

will focus on motor skills and cognitive development, dlers crave yet provides the freedom and creativity for

socialization and sharing the joys of music. children to grow in self-expression and to build social

Date Activity # Date Activity # relationships with their peers in music. Through instru-

April 5 331001-A May 17 331001-D ment play, movement and singing songs, children in

April 26 331001-B May 31 331001-E this group will be supported as they move through their

May 3 331001-C June 14 331001-F own personal journey of social, emotional, physical

and cognitive growth. This is an inclusive program,
all abilities welcome!

Parent/Child Playdate in the Pool
Ages 1 - 5 (w/caregiver), Noon - 1 pm, $30

(5 weeks), Goldfish Swim School, 10 B Street

Burlington Zumbini
This is an unstructured, open swim for you and your
child to spend time together getting familiar with water Ages 0 - 4 with a caregiver, Sundays
in a heated (90 degree) pool! This is a great opportunity April 28 - June 16 (not 5/12 & 5/26), 10 - 10:45 am
for young kids who may not have had previous
experience in water or for those in the beginning $95 (6 Weeks), Function Room 1, Instructor:
stages of swimming. Participants will practice moving Kelly St. Hillaire, Activity #: 345800-A
in the water, kicking, blowing bubbles or even floating!
A parent must get in the pool with their child and only Zumbini combines music and movement to create the
one child per parent is allowed.
ultimate bonding experience! Sing, dance and play

together while developing your little one’s social, cog-

nitive, emotional and motor skills. The fee includes

Day Dates Activity # songbook, plush toy and music app to continue the fun
Tues. April 30 - May 28 310800-A
Wed. 310800-B and learning at home! This is an inclusive program,
May 1 - 29 all abilities welcome!

**60% discount for siblings**



Super Soccer Stars Lil Sports Floor Hockey

Ages 2 - 3, Saturdays, April 27 - June 15 (not 5/25) Ages 4 - 5, Mondays, April 1 - June 3
9:50 - 10:30 am, $75 (7 weeks), Rec Center Field (not 4/15 & 5/27), 11:15 am - Noon, $85 (8 weeks)
Instructor: Super Soccer Stars Staff
Activity #: 374610-A Recreation Gym, Instructor: Lil Sports Staff
Activity #: 371801-A
This introductory soccer program, the next step up from
Learn stickhandling, passing, shooting and how to play
Kick & Play, encourages pre-school aged children to
goalie. Passing and different shots such as a wrist
participate independently from their parents. Like Kick
shot and slap shot will be practiced. Each student will
& Play, the curriculum, is still very imagination based
also learn the right way to play goalie. There will be a
with soccer skills being the primary focus.
mini hockey game toward the end of the season.

Little Dragons

Ages 3 - 4, Steve Nugent’s Institute 207F Cambridge St., Instructors: Steve Nugent & Staff
Come join the fun and explore this introductory karate program that focuses on enhancing your child’s fine and
gross motor skills. Emphasis will be put on listening, memory, and attention. Children will be taught breathing,
stretching, self-discipline & coordination. Classes also cover health, nutrition, fire safety & stranger awareness.

Day Dates Fee Time Activity #
(uniform included)

Thursdays April 4 - June 27 $198 (13 weeks) 3:30 - 4 pm 370000-A

Saturdays April 6 - June 29 (not 5/25) $183 (12 weeks) 9:30 - 10 am 370000-B

Dance, Dance, Dance

Fridays, April 5 - June 14 (not 4/19), $65 (10 weeks), Function Room 2, Instructor: Lisa Sanchez
These classes introduce a structured environment allowing children to recognize their own individuality and body
mobility. Focus on coordination and rhythm is introduced in creative and imaginative ways. Girls need to wear
a black leotard with pink tights, ballet shoes and tap shoes. Boys may wear a white t-shirt, black sweatpants or
shorts and black ballet shoes. **No dance clothes are required for Story Meets Dance.

Class Ages Time Activity # Class Ages Time Activity #

Mom & Me 2 - 3 9:15 - 9:45 am 330000-A Ballet & Tap 4 - 5 12:30 - 1:15 pm 330511-A

Pre-Ballet & Tap 3 - 4 10 - 10:45 am 330501-A Ballet, Tap & 5 - 6 3:30 - 4:15 pm 330521-A
Hip Hop

Story Meets Dance 3 - 5 11 - 11:45 am 333200-A

Pre-soccer: Kick & Play
Ages 12 - 24 months (w/caregiver), Saturdays

April 27 - June 15 (not 5/25), 9 - 9:40 am, $75

(7 weeks), Murray Kelly Wing, Instructor:

Pro-Formance Soccer Super Soccer Stars Staff, Activity #: 375300-A
Kick & Play is a parent-child pre-soccer & movement
Thursdays, April 25 - June 13, $80 (8 weeks) program for toddlers between 12 and 24 months. The
Rec Center Field, Instructor: Pro-Formance program focuses on physical, cognitive, and social-
emotional development with exciting movement
Soccer Staff games, original music, and supportive parenting as the
This is a great program introducing pre-schoolers to central focus. Kick & Play is specifically designed for
children under 2. We use small soccer balls and small
the game of soccer in a fun and nurturing environment. goals during class to focus on the lower body, and we
also use an array of other movement toys, music, and
Participants will walk away with a better knowledge of characters to properly engage children at this age.

the game of soccer.

Ages Time Activity #

3 - 4 Noon - 1 pm 374600-A

4-5 1 - 2 pm 374600-B



Thursdays, April 4 - June 13 (not 4/18), $145 (10 weeks)
Recreation Gym, Instructors: Dotty Martin

Come join Dotty and her staff as they challenge you and your child(ren) with a fun learning experience through

gymnastics, creative movement and developmental play.

Baby Gym Beginner Gym

(3 - 14 months w/ adult helper) (30 - 48 months)
We work with the gymnastics equipment and props This class is a transition class without parent
to make your baby scream with laughter. This is an participation. There is a lot to learn about working
opportunity for you to meet new friends and share together, taking turns, waiting in line and doing things
issues and questions with other parents. No shoes independently with teacher supervision. To help with
please. the transition, we have 3 teachers helping to lead the
fun. We will test our balance by walking on various
Toddler Tumblers balance beams, learning how to roll and do cartwheels
and handstands, and will have tons of fun exploring
(12 - 24 months w/ adult helper ~ proficient walker) obstacle courses each week.
Beginner walkers and those getting ready for some
faster running steps should join our Toddler Tumblers Pre-school Gym
program. Focus is placed on balance, working
muscles, dancing and playing wth parachutes and (3 - 5 years)
props. No shoes please. This class teaches beginning skills that will be
useful in any sport. Focus is placed on strength and
Gym 2’s and 3’s flexibility, while building balance and body awareness.
Parachutes and games will also be utilized.
(24 - 36 months w/ adult helper)
This class is perfect for toddlers who are ready for Kindergarten Gymnastics
running, jumping, swinging, and sliding. Children
will work with equipment, musical movement play, (5 - 6 years)
parachutes and rainbow magic ropes. If your child is Kindergarteners will learn beginner skills in a fun way!
3 years old and has not completed this class, please Somersaults, cart-wheels, and back handsprings will
register for this class prior to enrolling in Beginner Gym. be taught.

Fun Gymnastics

(Grades 1 - 4)
Do you want to learn a cartwheel or something a little
more daring like a back handspring? Did you ever
wonder how people balance on their hands for so long?
Well, we can teach you the secrets. We know the
tricks! Dress in comfortable clothes. No jeans please.

Class Ages Time Activity #
Baby Gym 11:30 am - 12:10 pm 370260-A
3 - 14 months w/ adult helper
Toddler Tumblers 12 - 24 months w/ adult helper 9 - 9:40 am 370260-B

Gym 2’s & 3’s (Proficient Walker) 9:45 - 10:25 am 370260-C
Beginner Gym 24 - 36 months w/ adult helper 10:30 - 11:10 am 370260-D
Pre-school Gym 370260-E
Kindergarten Gymnastics 30 - 48 months 1 - 1:40 pm 370260-F
Fun Gymnastics 3 - 5 years 2:30 - 3:10 pm 370260-G
5 - 6 years 3:30 - 4:30 pm
Grades 1 - 4

**50% discount for siblings**


Lil Sports Mini March Madness

Saturdays, April 6 - June 1 (not 5/25) Saturdays, March 16 - April 6 (4 weeks), Francis
$85 (8 weeks), Recreation Gym, Instructor: Wyman Gym, Instructor: Ken Pondelli

Lil Sports Staff This introduction to basketball will teach participants
This energetic program is set to music and teaches the
the basic skills and fundamentals.
basics of multiple sports and activities while building
Kindergarten (Coed) Fee: $30
teamwork, listening skills and gross motor skills.
Time Activity #
Ages Time Activity #
11:15 am - 12:15 pm 274901-A
2 - 5 10:45 - 11:30 am 371800-A
1st & 2nd Grade Fee: $36
6 - 8 11:45 am - 12:30 pm 371800-B
Gender Time Activity #

Boys 12:30 - 1:45 pm 274901-B

Girls 2 - 3:15 pm 274901-C

Swimming Lessons

Ages 3+ (toilet trained), Sundays, April 7 - June 9 (not 4/21 & 5/26), $60 (8 weeks)
Woburn Boys & Girls Club 1 Charles Gardner Ln, Woburn, Instructor: Jill Moorehouse, Director
Participants will be removed from the waitlist based on the indicated swim level and space available in that
level; be sure to indicate your child’s swim level during registration. Priority will be given to those participants

who are not currently enrolled in a different swim session.

Level 1: Uncomfortable in the water, cannot place face in the water.
Level 2: Uncomfortable in the water, can place face in water and will float on front/back with assistance.

Level 3: Child can swim unassisted, does not know any strokes.
Level 4: Child knows strokes, can swim 25 yards without stopping.
Levels 5 & 6: Child is swim team ready and is working on endurance and technique.

Levels Time Activity # Levels Time Activity # Levels Time Activity #

1 - 4 3 - 3:30 pm 370400-A 1 - 4 4 - 4:30 pm 370400-C 1 - 4 5 - 5:30 pm 370400-E

1 - 4 3:30 - 4 pm 370400-B 1 - 4 4:30 - 5 pm 370400-D 1 - 4 5:30 - 6 pm 370400-F

5 & 6 5 - 6 pm 370400-G

Anaphylaxis / EpiPen (Auto-Injector) Policy

The Burlington Parks and Recreation (BPRD) staff seeks to provide a safe environment for staff and participants
who are at risk of severe allergic reactions. The BPRD staff is trained in the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and
the administration of EpiPens. The staff will ensure that anyone suffering a severe allergic reaction will be treated
appropriately and enabled to access emergency services promptly.

Parent or legal guardian is required to fill out an Authorization to Administer Medication form for each participant re-
quiring an EpiPen. Additionally an Action Plan must be completed by the participant’s physician. The original will be
kept in the office and a copy will be given to the supervisor of the program the participant is attending. EpiPen must
be in a clearly marked bag with participants name on it and the medication should be in its original container with
the pharmacy label, which shows the date of filling, pharmacy name and address, the filling pharmacist’s initials,
the serial number of the prescription, the name of the patient, name of prescribing practitioner, name of prescribed
medication, directions for use and cautionary statements, if any, contained in such a prescription or required by law.
The EpiPen should be stored in a cooled lunch bag / container and given to the program director upon arrival at the
program. The EpiPen will be kept in a designated area on site.
• The Parks and Recreation Department will not administer epinephrine unless and until a fully completed Autho-

rization Form and Action Plan is provided, regardless of whether or not an EpiPen is provided in advance by or
on behalf of the parent/guardian.
• The program director is responsible for making sure all staff are aware of the location of EpiPen
• The designated EpiPen location should be kept out of reach of program participants



KidsJam & Yoga Combo Karate

Grades K - 4, Mondays, April 22 - June 3 Ages 5 - 13, $183 (12 weeks, uniform included)
(not 5/27), 3:30 - 4:30 pm, $77 (6 weeks) Steve Nugent’s Institute 207F Cambridge St.
Function Room 1, Instructor: Danielle Trouve Instructors: Steve Nugent & Staff

Activity #: 332901-A This is an introductory karate program that teaches
This class provides a combination of the most advan-
tageous fitness activities and creative movement for proper stance, breathing, how to stretch, self-discipline,
kids. The instructor will play fitness games, create high-
energy dances, conditioning activities, provide guided coordination, and practical self-defense. Classes cov-
yoga combinations and relaxing meditation techniques
in an hour full of fun that will leave your child feeling er health, nutrition, fire safety, and stranger awareness.
positive, energetic, and upbeat. All participants will re-
ceive an official KidsJAM tee shirt and there is a small Day Dates Time Activity #
performance on the last day of class.
Mon. April 8 - July 1 5:30-6:15 pm 370501-A
Learn to Skate (not 5/27) 6:15 - 7 pm 370501-B

Ages 3 - 16, Wednesdays, May 1 - June 19 Wed. April 10 - June 26 6 - 6:45 pm 370501-C
4:35 - 5 pm, $124 (8 weeks), Burlington Ice Palace
Sat. April 6 - June 29 1 - 1:45 pm 370501-D
36 Ray Ave, Instructors: FMC Ice Sport Staff (not 5/25)
Activity #: 373101-A
Indoor Rock Climbing
For skaters with little or no experience. This group
class will teach the basics of skating in a fun and com- Ages 5 - 12, Saturdays, April 27 - May 18
fortable environment. Skaters are grouped by age and 9 - 11 am, $93 (4 weeks), Central Rock Gym
ability as needed. Skaters must be toilet trained and 10 Adam Rd Stoneham, Instructors: Central Rock
helmets are required (bike helmets are acceptable).
Skate rentals are provided. Gym Staff, Activity #: 379101-A
Build your climbing skills in a supportive and friendly

environment. Central Rock Gym staff will take care of

all of the rope management aspects of climbing so kids

can focus on climbing and having fun. All gear needed

to climb is included.

Cricket Fencing

Sundays, May 5 - June 16 (not 5/26) Ages 8+, Saturdays, April 6 - June 1 (not 5/25)
4 - 5:30 pm, $65 (6 weeks), Fox Hill Field 4 - 5 pm, $125 (8 weeks), Steve Nugent’s Institute
Instructor: United Cricket League Staff 207F Cambridge St., Instructors: Steve Nugent &
Come learn the basics of the 2nd most popular sport
Staff, Activity #: 374701-A
in the world. The focus is to have fun while learning Benefits of fencing include enhanced fitness (strength,

batting, bowling, fielding and other skills of the sport. cardiovascular, balance, and flexibility), self-discipline

Skills will be taught to start the session, with scrimmag- and confidence, character and sportsmanship. These

es being played afterward. All equipment is provided. classes will introduce proper mechanics and technique

Ages Activity # Ages Activity # and ability-specific fencing situations and strategies.

5 - 9 371101-A 10 - 13 371101-B All equipment will be provided.

Intro to Boxing

Grades K - 8, $133 (8 weeks), MK Boxing, 1 Esquire Rd, Billerica, Instructors: Mike Knox & Staff
MK Boxing has a superior 7,500 square foot facility boasting over 30 boxing bags, speedbags, conditioning
mats, a professional boxing ring, and much more. Boxing will not only improve the body, it will improve the mind.
Participants must bring their own gloves or may buy them at MK Boxing. All parents will be required to sign guest
registrations and waivers for their children upon arrival. Students will be broken up into age appropriate classes.

Day Dates Time Activity #

Wednesdays April 24 - June 12 3:30 - 4:30 pm 371001-A

Saturdays April 27 - June 15 9:30 - 10:30 am 371001-B



Jr. Golf School Clinic Youth Kickboxing

Ages 7 - 14, Monday - Friday, April 15 - 19 Ages 12+, Wednesdays, April 24 - June 12
(vacation week), $134, Billerica Country Club 6:30 - 7:30 pm, $133 (8 weeks)
Billerica, Instructor: Barrie Bruce Golf School
Junior clinics are perfect for beginning juniors and MK Boxing 1 Esquire Rd Billerica, Instructors:
for those who want to develop better golf skills. Clin- Mike Knox & Staff, Activity #: 370101-A
ics consist of five (5) lessons, covering safety, set up,
the swing, irons, woods, the short game, and golf eti- First and foremost the cardio strength and endurance
quette. Equipment and practice balls will be provided. you will receive even after only a couple of weeks of
Junior golfers are grouped by age range, so students working out are noticeably improved. As an extra to the
will be playing in age-appropriate peer groups. physical benefits, you will learn kickboxing techniques
and punching combinations. Additionally, you will dis-
Time Activity # cover ways to dodge, avoid, guard and counter attack.
Both defense and offense skills will be taught in this
9 - 10:15 am 370601-A class. Additional training might be taught about how to
compete in the ring through competitive events if a cli-
1:30 - 2:45 pm 370601-B ent is interested in that specific training. Gloves can be
purchased separately at the gym.
Intro to Track & Field
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Grades 3 - 5, May - June, $30, BHS Track
Instructor: TBD, Activity #: 371611-A Ages 7 - 15, Tuesdays, April 9 - July 2
3:30 - 4:15 pm, $198 (13 weeks, uniform included)
This program will introduce the fundamentals of events
from the shot put and high jump to the 100m dash and Steve Nugent’s Institute 207F Cambridge St.
long jump. Participants will compete against other Instructor: Steve Nugent & Staff
athletes in practices and will end with a regional meet Activity #: 381103-A
held at BHS. Schedule times will vary due to the
availability of the BHS track. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a non-striking self-defense martial
art system based on leverage and control over the
opponent. It is considered to be one of the best self
defenses since it’s applied in response to physical
aggression, so there’s no need to worry about your
child becoming violent.

Track & Field Challenge Archery

Grades 6 - 8, May - June, $30, BHS Track Grades 5 - 8, Fridays, April 26 - May 17
Instructor: TBD, Activity #: 371621-A 5:30 - 6:30 pm, $101 (4 weeks)

Come and perfect your speed, strength and jumping Mary PC Cummings Estate, Instructor:
ability in this challenging Track and Field program. On the Mark Archery Staff
Participants will continue to refine their skills in differ-
ent Track and Field events. Participants will compete Sign up your child to learn the Olympic sport of recurve
against other Burlington athletes in practices and the archery and see firsthand the benefits of patience,
season will end with a regional meet held at Burlington focus, determination and self-confidence that comes
High School. Schedule times will vary due to the avail- with practicing this sport and hitting the bull’s eye con-
ability of the BHS track. sistently! Advanced particpants will learn the NTS (Na-
tional Training System) style of shooting and more in
Learn to Ice Skate! depth techniques. All equipment is provided. Enrolled
students are eligible to participate in the friendly On the
We are partnering with FMC to offer a learn to skate Mark Archery tournament in June 2019.
program for youth ages 3 - 16. Look for specific program
information on page 7! Level Activity #

Beginner 371401-A

Advanced 371401-B



CrossFit Kids & Teens

Tuesdays & Thursdays, $147 (8 sessions), CrossFit Exclamation 10 Ray Ave
Instructors: Lori Becker & Shannon Weisse

Develop full-body srength, mobility and explosive power to give you the edge! Classes are suitable for everyone,

these classes will have elements of gymnastics, body weight movements, running, jumping and more!

Ages Dates Time Activity # Ages Dates Time Activity #

April 2 - 25 3 - 4 pm 317301-A April 2 - 25 3 - 4 pm 317301-G
4 - 5 pm 317301-B 4 - 5 pm 317301-H

8- 12 April 30 - May 23 3 - 4 pm 317301-C 12 - 16 April 30 - May 23 3 - 4 pm 317301-I
4 - 5 pm 317301-D 4 - 5 pm 317301-J

June 4 - 27 3 - 4 pm 317301-E June 4 - 27 3 - 4 pm 317301-K
4 - 5 pm 317301-F 4 - 5 pm 317301-L

Beat Bullying Books & Bites

Ages 6 - 12, Saturday, April 13, 4 - 4:45 pm, $20 Grades 1 & 2, Saturday, May 11, 9 - 10:30 am, $20
Steve Nugent’s Institute 207F Cambridge St. Function Room 2, Instructors: Juliana Jarvis &
Instructor: Steve Nugent & Staff Karen Calandrelli, Activity #: 354400-A
Activity #: 358301-A
Are you an aspiring chef? Do you love books? If so,
Bullying is a behavior that is intentional, repetitive, and this is the class for you! We’ll Dive into the fascinat-
ing picture book biography of Eugenie Clark: The True
hurtful. An imbalance of power exists between the Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean’s Most
Fearless Scientist, and enjoy an ocean inspired snack
child who is bullying and the intended target. In this and craft. Please let us know about food allergies at
time of registration.
class, children will learn direct and indirect techniques

that will help them deal with a bully effectively.

Babysitting Course Art & Design Club
Ages 10+, Saturday, April 27, 10 am - 4 pm
Ages 8 - 13, Mondays, April 8 - June 10
$70, Function Room 2, Instructor: Winchester
(not 4/15 & 5/27), 3:45 - 5:15 pm, $85 (8 weeks)
Hospital Staff, Activity #: 350101-A
Ceramics Room, Instructor: Stacy Johnston
Participants will learn first aid basics, choke saving,
Activity #: 343201-A
police and fire safety, baby bathing, feeding and This class gives kids who love to draw, paint, and

diapering. Certificates will be provided upon completion. sculpt, time to be with their peers, to learn, imagine,

Please bring a lunch, snack and a doll to practice with. and create their own unique works of art. The materials

exploration will include clay, papier-mâché, adhesives,

Flag Football paint, ink and more, so please wear an art smock or old
clothes. A $24 materials fee is due the first class.

Grades 2 - 7, Tuesday - Friday, April 16 - 19 Watercolor Kids!

(vacation week), 9 am - 2 pm, $165

MSMS Field, Instructor: Elite Football Staff Ages 8 - 13, Mondays, April 8 - June 10

Activity #: 374001-A (not 4/15 & 5/27), 5:30 - 7 pm, $85
Veteran high school and college football coaches will (8 weeks), Ceramics Room, Instructor:
Stacy Johnston, Activity #: 346001-A
be coaching our participants in both drills and games.

The participants will be separated by age and ability for Watercolor Kids introduces children to basic watercolor
the week. They will have a ball learning skills and then techniques. Classes will provide hands-on instruction
testing those skills in the 8 regular season games held including subject selection, composition, sketching,
during the week. The week is culminated by playoffs
and the Superbowl held on Friday. In the case of in- saving whites and lights, color mixing, washes, brush
clement weather, program will take place in the MSMS strokes, and creating texture. Please wear an art smock
gym. or old clothes. A $24 materials fee is due the first class.



Circuit Makers 101: Hands-On Electronics

Create Your Own Electronics Grades 3 - 6, Saturdays, April 27 - June 15
(not 5/25) 11:15 am - 12:45 pm, $120 (7 weeks)
Grades K - 2, Saturdays, April 27 - June 15 Ceramics Room, Instructor: Circuit Lab Staff
(not 5/25), 9:30 - 11 am, $120 (7 weeks)
Activity #: 357701-A
Ceramics Room Instructor: Circuit Lab Staff Tinker with electronics while learning the basics of
Activity #: 357711-A computer programming. We begin by experimenting
with the fundamentals of electronics and circuitry, and
Let’s get creative with electricity! In this junior version step up to projects where our class of young makers
of our Hands-On Electronics class, students will gain will design their own interactive and programmable
experience with electronics by designing custom light- devices. Participants use the latest tools to experiment
up greeting cards, electric games, mazes, and even with LEDs, resistors, motors, and programming. Each
musical instruments. Each class day includes a circuitry class gives you the chance to design a hands-on
lesson and a hands-on electronics project, using project.
components like lights, buzzers, switches, wires, and
sensors. Circuit Lab staff will make sure participants
create a project that they can be proud of each day.

Lego Civics Project Scratch Programming

Grades 2 - 5, Thursday & Friday, April 18 & 19 Grades 3 - 5, Wednesdays, May 15 - June 12
9 am - 2 pm, $115, Ceramics Room, Instructor: 2:45 - 4:15 pm, $95 (5 weeks), Francis Wyman
Right Brian Curriculum Staff, Activity #: 356701-A School Room 202, Instructor: Circuit Lab Staff
Students build a fully-planned and intricately designed
model Lego city. Students will meet as a city council Activity #: 353801-A
to govern the town; they will make budgeting decisions We will use the Scratch programming language to
and prioritize between the construction of key city create interactive stories, animations, and even custom
buildings as they weigh costs and consider designs. computer games! Scratch was developed by MIT, and
Please bring a peanut-free snack and lunch. has a user-friendly interface that is fun and intuitive.
Through their projects, participants will also develop
Writing Wizards logical thinking skills and an understanding of how
computers work. No previous programming experience
Grades 2 - 5, Tuesday & Wednesday is necessary. At the end of the class, participants can
April 16 & 17, 9 am - 2 pm, $115 keep copies of their programs to take home or continue
developing in the online Scratch community.
Ceramics Room, Instructor: Right Brian
Curriculum Staff, Activity #: 351101-A

This course will foster a love of writing by guiding
students to write and publish their own short novel!
Using literature like Harry Potter and The Chronicles of
Narnia as inspiration, each pair of students designs a
fantasy world that includes major and minor characters,
fantastic settings, an extended backstory and a world of
wonder. Please bring a peanut-free snack and lunch.

Beginner Cartooning for Kids Music Hour with Mr. Andrew

Ages 8 - 12, Wednesday, April 24, 5 - 7 pm Ages 5 - 7, Friday, April 19, 9:30 - 10:30 am
$25, Council on Aging Room 215
$10, Function Room 1, Instructor:
Instructor: Mark Brennan, Activity #:359401-A Andrew Gentzow, Activity #: 350601-A
Cartoons are GREAT, and you can learn how to draw Join Mr. Andrew for an hour of musical fun. The focus
will be on rhythm games and drumming but we will rock
them! Join us for this 2-hour intro to cartooning to learn out to other instrument and movement songs as well.
Are there any requests for favorites? We’ll play those
some of the simple rules of drawing cartoon faces, fig- too! After all, it’s all about sharing the joy of music!

ures, animals and much more. It’s fun and easy.



Adult Learn to Skate Passport to Burlington

Ages 16+, Wednesdays, May 1 - June 19 Discover new places & special events within our com-
5:30 - 6:20 pm, $144 (8 weeks), Burlington Ice munity with your Passport to Burlington sponsored by
Palace 36 Ray Ave, Instructors: FMC Ice Sport Target! Throughout 2019 you and your family can use
your passport to collect stamps at many of our spe-
Staff, Activity #: 382403-A cial events and various locations in Burlington. At the
Come learn to skate or enhance your skating skills in end of the year there will be prize drawings for those
who collect 10 or more stamps. The more stamps you
a fun and comfortable learning environment. Classes collect, the better the prize! Your free passport can
be picked up at the Parks & Recreation Department.
include group instruction and free time and encour- Passports are available for Burlington residents only;
one passport per family. Passport information, includ-
age skaters to learn at their own pace. Skaters are ing a full list of locations and events can be found on
our website.
grouped by age and ability as needed. Helmets are

required (bike helmets are acceptable). Skate rentals

are included.

Women’s Self-Defense Intro to Guitar

Ages 14 & above, Saturday, May 4, 4 - 5 pm Grade 6 - Adults, Tuesdays, April 9 - June 4
$20, Steve Nugent’s Institute, 207F Cambridge St.
(not 4/16), 7 - 8 pm, $74 (8 weeks), Function Room
Instructor: Steve Nugent & Staff
Activity #: 353703-A 1, Instructor: Brian Grzelak, Activity #: 341111-A
Participants will learn how the guitar works, how to
Learn simple yet effective ways to defend yourself. No play chords, how to play melody, how to play with oth-
ers, different techniques, how to read music, and mu-
need to be in shape, this class is designed to work for sic theory centered around the guitar. Students must
bring their own guitars.
anyone. Wear comfortable clothes without zippers.


The Therapeutic Recreation Division offers year round specialized programming for individuals of all ages who
have disabilities. Inclusion services are also available for any individual who may have a disability and is look-
ing to participate in a program with support from an Inclusion Aide. If you have any questions about what type
of program is right for you or your family member, please do not hesitate to contact our Therapeutic Recreation
Specialist, Laurel Rossiter at [email protected] or 781-270-1937.

Mini Pride Sports Multi Sensory Music Group

Ages 3 - 6 with a disability Ages 4 - 12 with a disability and a caregiver
Tuesdays, May 7 - June 11 Saturdays, April 27 - June 15 (not 5/25)
3:30 - 4:15 pm, $30 (6 Weeks)
Recreation Gym, Instructor: 10:30 - 11:15 am, $83 (7 weeks), Function Room 1
Instructor: Maura Pastran, Roman Music Therapy
Laurel Rossiter, CTRS
Activity #: 392909-A Activity #: 394609-A
This group provides an opportunity for children who do
Join us as we introduce fun sports to the little ones! We
best with a multi-sensory approach to participate in a
will practice skills from baseball and T-ball, as well as
supportive and therapeutic group activity. Participants
play social games to give kids an opportunity to have
will be encouraged to communicate and use multi-sen-
fun, interact with their peers, and build confidence in
sory systems that work best for them, including switch-
a supportive and positive environment. Participants
es, eye gaze and touch. We focus on choice making,
should wear comfortable clothing and sneakers, and
supported instrument play, vocal responses to music
bring water.
and increased awareness of self and others.



Therapeutic Horseback Riding Drums Alive: Ability Beats

Ages 3 through adult with a diagnosis All Ages & Abilities, Saturdays, 12:45 - 1:30 pm
Ironstone Farm 450 Lowell Street, Andover $12 each date (all 3 dates for $30)
In partnership with Ironstone Farm, we are excited to
Council on Aging Room 207, Instructors: TR Staff
once again offer this program for thirty minute private Drums Alive provides a full brain & body workout -
modified. This stability ball drumming program offers a
sessions. There will be an initial evaluation required for fun and unique way to stay active! Following a routine
helps sharpen skills such as auditory processing, co-
all new riders. You will coordinate with the farm to find a ordination, balance, cognition, strength, fine and gross
motor control while using music and rhythmical appli-
time that is right for your own schedule! The movement cations.

of the horse strengthens the development of fine and Date Activity # Date Activity #

gross motor skills and provides sensory input. With this April 6 396009-A May 4 396009-B

premise in mind staff develops exercises and activities June 15 396009-C ALL 396009-D

to benefit each individual, addressing issues that are Let’s Dance!

not easily addressed in a classroom setting. A sepa- Ages 8+ with a disability, Thursdays
rate information packet with the necessary forms April 4 - May 30 (not 4/18), 4:30 - 5:15 pm
will be available upon registration. Please contact $65 (8 Weeks), Council On Aging Room 207
the Parks & Recreation Office for details. Instructor: Kelley St. Hillaire of Kadanse Dance

Dates Register Fee Activity # Studio, Activity #: 395909-A
by This dance program is designed for individuals with

April 22 - June 22 April 6 $250 393009-A disabilities who enjoy music and movement. Partici-
(9 weeks)
pants will learn different styles of dances which may in-
June 24 - Aug. 17 June 8 $225 393009-B
(8 weeks) clude steps from ballroom, hip hop, jazz and line danc-

Junior Pride Sports ing. Participants engage in playful rhythmic movement,

Ages 6 12 with a disability, 5:30 - 6:30 pm taught step-by-step, for coordination, fitness, and fun!
Instructor: TR Staff
No prior dance experience necessary. Please wear
This spring we have a number of athletic options to
choose from! Our fall soccer season got rained out, so comfortable clothing and sneakers, and bring water.
we are going to try again, plus Track on Thursdays! All
of our Pride sports programs are skill based, non-com- Adaptive Gymnastics
petitive and modified to the abilities of the participants.
No prior experience necessary. Athletes should wear Grades 1 - 12 with a disability, Mondays
appropriate clothing and footwear and bring water April 1 - June 3 (not 4/15 & 5/27), $85 (8 weeks)

Soccer: Tues., April 30 - May 21 BHS Gym, Director: Jourdan Marino
A high ratio of staff to participants and specialized in-
Fee Location Activity # struction will ensure safety, the ability for each partici-
pant to progress at their own pace and a supportive
$25 (4 weeks) TBD 396119-A and positive class environment! Participants will use
gymnastics equipment to focus on strength, balance,
Track: Thurs., May 2 - 23 flexibility and body awareness. Participants should
wear comfortable clothing and bring water.
Fee Location Activity #

$25 (4 weeks) MSMS Track 394109-A

Softball: Tues., June 4 - July 23 Grades Time Activity #

Fee Time Activity # 1-5 4 - 5 pm 391609-A

$40 (8 weeks) TRW 392219-A 6 - 12 5 - 6 pm 391609-B

*Note: For new participants, a few mandatory forms are required to be filled out and returned at least
one week prior to the beginning of a program. For Inclusion Services, please fill out the forms just
mentioned as well as an Inclusion Application and allow a minimum of 10 days for services to begin.



Adaptive Karate T.R.I.B.E. Program

Ages 5 - 12 with a disability, Saturdays Ages 13 - 25 with a disability
April 13 - June 22 (not 5/25), 2 - 2:45 pm T.R.I.B.E. stands for Therapeutic Recreation Inspires
Belonging and Enjoyment. We welcome and encour-
$150 (10 weeks, uniform included) age people with different abilities to come together and
Steve Nugent’s Institute 207F Cambridge St. experience recreation and leisure activities, both new
and exciting as well as the tried and true favorites. Our
Instructors: Steve Nugent & Staff, goal during this program is to provide social and en-
Activity #: 394409-A gaging experiences for participants. Join us for some
fun and find your T.R.I.B.E.!
This introductory adaptive karate program will teach
You can choose from bi-weekly bowling, twice a month
participants stance, breathing, stretching, coordination Saturday adventures and Friday night fun! This flexible
program plan allows for more wiggle room to work rec-
and basic self-defense moves in a supportive, accept- reation programming for your child or family member
into your already busy family schedule without commit-
ing and encouraging atmosphere. Higher staff ratios, ting to too much at a time! Please direct all T.R.I.B.E.
questions and inquiries to Laurel Rossiter, CTRS.
sensory modifications, visual aides, and behavioral
Out & About
supports are all part of what we will work with you and
Adults 25+ with a disability, Fridays
your child or family member to put in place to promote Join us for some fun outings! Twice a month we will
enjoy a night out on the town. Activities may include
success and enjoyment during class. local theater, sporting events, going to the movies, din-
ing out, or themed socials. Sign up for one or all of the
Burlington Pride Sports outings that interest you!

Ages 13+ with a disability Spectacular Saturdays
Instructor: Laurel Rossiter, CTRS
This spring we have a number of athletic options to Adults 25+ with a disability, Saturdays
choose from! Our fall soccer season got rained out, so April 13 - June 29 (not 4/20, 5/25 & 6/22)
we are going to try again, plus Track on Thursdays! All Join us for a Saturday filled with activities! Bowling and
of our Pride sports programs are skill based, non-com- Zumba fitness fill our morning with fun! In the after-
petitive and modified to the abilities of the participants. noon, we will work on important life skills while cooking
No prior experience necessary. Athletes should wear and preparing a healthy lunch for each other, followed
appropriate clothing and footwear and bring water by an afternoon activity for the entire group.

Soccer Separate brochures and registration forms are
Tues., April 30 - May 21, Location: TBD available for these programs. Please contact the
Parks & Recreation Office for more details.
Fee Time Activity #
2019 Spring Sneaker Prom
$25 (4 weeks) 5:30 - 6:30 pm 396109-A
Ages 13+ with a disability, Friday, April 5, 7 - 9 pm
Track $20, Grandview Farm, Activity #: 394309-A
Thurs., May 2 - 23 at MSMS Track
Participants are invited to dress up in semi-formal at-
Fee Time Activity # tire, if they wish, accented by their favorite, comfort-
able athletic shoes for an evening of dancing and fun!
$25 (4 weeks) 5:30 - 6:30 pm 394109-A Snacks and drinks will be provided. Age appropriate
friends, classmates & siblings are welcome to register.
Softball (Participants must preregister; registration will not be
Tues., May 28 - July 30 at TRW taken at the door. If a participant requires a 1:1 care-
giver, they are welcome to attend at no extra charge.)
Fee Time Activity #

$50 (10 weeks) 6:30 - 7:45 pm 392209-A

special events!

Sprouting Melodies 3 & Zumbini on page 3
Sensory Bunny Meet & Greet on page 24

Autism Awareness:
Light it Up Blue and Community Safety Event

on page 25



Introduction to Golf

$184 (5 weeks), Billerica Country Club, 51 Baldwin Rd Billerica, Instructor: Barrie Bruce, PGA Golf Pro
Our Intro to Golf program is designed for the new-to-the-game golfer with little (or no) golf experience. Basic fun-
damentals of the game are taught in a relaxed, stress-free clinic setting. Program consists of five (5) one-hour
lessons, spaced one week apart. Equipment and practice balls will be provided as needed. All you need to bring
is “a pair of sneakers and a good attitude”.

Days Dates Time Activity #

Saturdays April 6 - May 4 11:30 am - 12:30 pm 380613-A
Sundays April 7 - May 5 380613-B

Mondays April 8 - May 6 5:30 - 6:30 pm 380613-C
Thursdays April 11 - May 9 380613-D

Introduction to Playing on the Golf Course

$165 (4 weeks), 6:30 - 7:30 pm, Billerica Country Club, 51 Baldwin Rd Billerica
Instructor: Barrie Bruce, PGA Golf Pro

Are you hesitant to get out on the course to play? Have you only swung a club on the practice range? This
program will address your concerns and give you the confidence to get out on the course! The first lesson is a
basic orientation of golf course fundamentals with a visit to the 1st tee and Pro Shop; the next 3 lessons will have
you playing up to 3 holes on the course with an instructor. You will learn basic rules, course etiquette, pace-of-
play techniques and club selection. After this program, you’ll be ready to join our non-competitive leagues and to
enter our low-key BBGS Sunday tournaments. Participants must have completed Intro to Golf.

Days Dates Activity #

Sunday & 3 Wednesdays May 19, 22, 29 and June 5 380603-A

Sunday & 3 Fridays May 19, 24, 31 and June 7 380603-B

Intermediate Golf

$184 (4 weeks), Billerica Country Club, 51 Baldwin Rd Billerica, Instructor: Barrie Bruce, PGA Golf Pro
This program focuses on fine-tuning skill improvement for specific areas to help you manage course play and
lower your scores! Tips on how to make every practice session effective will be a part of each lesson. Skills
include keeping drives on the fairway, skills to avoid 3-putting, combatting uneven lines and bunker play. Class
size is limited to 4:1 student to instructor ratio.

Days Dates Time Activity #

Fridays April 19 - May 10 5:30 - 6:30 pm 380623-A

Saturdays April 20 - May 11 10 - 11 am 380623-B
Sundays May 19 - June 9 380623-C



Camp Core & More

Mondays, April 1 - June 24 (not 4/15 & 5/27), 8:30 - 9:30 am, $33 (11 weeks), Recreation Gym
Instructor: Judy Landers, Activity #: 310043-A

Commit to be fit; burn more calories hours after your workout is done. In this fantastic hour, you will explore
and enrich the core of your heart, body and soul with interchangeable cardio, strength, and flexibility training
techniques. Bring your enthusiasm and challenge yourself to a new personal fitness level.

Friday Morning Workout

Fridays, April 5 - June 21, 8:30 - 9:30 am, $35 (12 weeks), Recreation Gym
Instructor: Trish Marfione, Activity #: 310043-B

This class is a great way to start your weekend, get your blood pumping and your oxygen flowing! Join us for a
moderately paced cardiovascular workout. The combos include a little bit of dance, a little bit of athletics and a
lot of fun. It will keep you moving to burn fat and calories. We’ll finish up with core work and a total body stretch.

Day Fee Activity #
Mondays & Fridays $58 ($10 savings) 310043-C


Recreation Gym
Zumba fuses hypnotic musical rhythms and tantalizing moves to create a dynamic workout system designed to
be fun and easy! This class will be an absolute blast in one exhilarating hour of caloric burning, heart racing,
muscle pumping, body energizing movements meant to engage and captivate for life. Zumba has spread like
wild-fire, and has positioned itself as the single most influential movement in the industry of fitness.

Day Dates Time Instructor Price Activity #

Tues. April 2 - June 25 6 - 7 pm Tisha Wilson $44 (13 weeks) 316403-A
7 - 8 pm 316403-B

Wed. April 3 - June 26 6 - 7 pm Erica Dooley $44 (13 weeks) 316403-C

Thurs. April 4 - June 27 7 - 8 pm Marcia Nguyen $44 (13 weeks) 316403-D

Sat. April 6 - June 29 (not 5/25 & 6/22) 7:55 - 8:55 am Sarah Hamilton $38 (11 weeks) 316403-E

Sun. April 7 - June 23 (not 5/26) 8 - 9 am Lauren Mattson $41 (12 weeks) 316403-F

Personal Photography & Videotaping Policy

Personal photography and videotaping, defined as media of self, friends, and/or family obtained informally, is pro-
hibited at Burlington Parks and Recreation Department programs and activities. Personal photography used for
commercial purposes is also prohibited at Burlington Parks and Recreation Department programs and activities.
Taking photos or video of individuals without their consent is prohibited and is cause for immediate removal from
Burlington Parks and Recreation Department facilities, suspension from Burlington Parks and Recreation Depart-
ment programs and possible legal ramifications.

The Burlington Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to photograph and film program participants
for publicity purposes. Images or videos may be used for program flyers, newsprint, town website or social media.
The participant or the participant’s family will not receive any compensation for any use of the photographs, videos
or images which may be taken by the Department. If for any reason you do not want photographs or videos to
be taken of yourself or your child, notify the Director of Parks and Recreation or Program Coordinator. However,
participants, parents and guests are asked not to photograph or film program participants without their knowledge
and consent. If you are taking pictures or videos of your family member to post on social media, websites or other
public postings online, avoid capturing identifiable images of other participants. Do not post photos of other people
online without their consent.



Butts & Guts D&T

5:30 - 6:30 am, $35 (12 weeks), Recreation Gym Tuesdays, April 2 - June 18, 5 - 6 pm
Instructor: Julie Conley $41 (12 weeks), Recreation Gym

Come and join the early morning muscle madness! Instructor: Lauren Mattson, Activity #: 332203-A
This class will transform your shape and rev up D & T combines easy to follow aerobic and non-aerobic
your metabolism for the entire day. There is heavy power moves with light weight work to help tone mus-
concentration in the stubborn areas of the abdominals cles, all set to a variety of music. Songs will alternate
and glutes with something different every class. Please between aerobic and strength moves meant to target
bring a mat, water, sneakers, and a set of hand weights. several muscle groups at once. Light hand weights
(about 2 - 5 lbs) are optional. Move to the music, tone
Day Dates Activity # and have fun!

Tuesdays April 2 - June 25 314303-A Sculpt & Core
(not 4/16)
Mondays, April 1 - June 24 (not 4/15 & 5/27)
Thursdays April 4 - June 27 314303-B 5 - 6 pm, $38 (11 weeks), Recreation Gym
(not 4/18)
Instructor: Alison Gnerre, Activity #: 313203-A
Muscle Madness Interval Training Balance your cardio workouts with this one hour full
body strength, balance, flexibility and core conditioning
Mondays, April 1 - June 24 (not 4/15 & 5/27) class. Sculpt & Core is designed to shape and tone the
6 - 7 pm, $38 (11 weeks), Recreation Gym body without building muscle bulk. Participants use
a variety of resistance equipment in combination with
Instructor: Delores Wesley, Activity #: 311503 bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges, planks and
This class is designed to improve your strength and push-ups to challenge the muscles. These body sculpt-
endurance in the major muscle groups and, in doing so, ing exercises are easy to learn and put little impact on
burn calories. This workout challenges all your major the joints. Please bring a mat and hand weights.
muscle groups by using exercises such as squats,
presses, lifts and curls and hi/lo cardio. Great music, Fitness Court
awesome instructor, and your choice of weight inspires Sponsored by Lahey Health
you to get the results fast!
We are excited to announce the addition of a Fitness
CrossFit Lite Court at TRW Playground thanks to a generous do-
nation from Lahey Health! This outdoor bodyweight
Tues. & Thurs., $142 (8 sessions) circuit-training system features a series of full-body ex-
CrossFit Exclamation 10 Ray Ave ercises that can be completed in just seven minutes. 7
Instructors: Lori Becker & Shannon Weisse Movements in 7 Minutes is a simple yet powerful work-
How is it different from CrossFit? Lite classes are a lit- out created for a range of athletic abilities, and is op-
timally performed on the Fitness Court. Developed by
tle faster paced with a focus on metabolic conditioning. experts in the field, each exercise takes 45 seconds,
with a 15-second interlude between sets, and is shown
Expect a sweaty and fun workout! Suitable for adults to burn more calories per minute than most other forms
of exercise. The Fitness Court accommodates a vari-
at all fitness levels! Our workouts change each day so ety of skill levels and abilities at each station, from be-
ginner to expert. Each piece of equipment allows users
you won’t get bored…and we have a lot of fun too! to leverage their body-weight at different angles and
levels of resistance as a tool to improve over time.
Dates Time Activity #
To view the court, please visit nationalfitnesscampaign.
April 2 - 25 6 - 7 pm 315513-A com. Construction of the Fitness Court will begin in the
7 - 8 pm 315513-B Spring 2019. Please check our summer brochure and
social media for grand opening information.
April 30 - May 23 6 - 7 pm 315513-C
7 - 8 pm 315513-D

June 4 - 27 6 -7 pm 315513-E
7 - 8 pm 315513-F



ABSolutely Pilates Energize & Restore
Tuesdays, April 2 - June 11, 6:30 - 7:30 pm Wednesdays, April 3 - June 26 (not 4/17)

$49 (11 weeks), Function Rooms 1 & 2 5:30 - 6:30 am, $53 (12 weeks), Recreation Gym

Instructor: Barbara Hospod, Activity #: 311333-A Instructor: Julie Conley, Activity #: 311133-A

A Pilates repertoire with a focus on core power, endur- Come alive mid-week with this new, no impact, high-

ance, and strength. Small handheld weights are incor- energy workout. We’ll build strength and length by

porated along with a mini-ball to enhance the flowing incorporating powerful, flowing movements using your

series of MAT work exercises. The addition of external own body weight resistance. This workout is designed

resistance brings an even greater awareness of the to promote better posture and flexibility and is suitable

periphery and balance, while maintaining a mindful- for everyone. Please bring a mat and water bottle.

ness of control and quality of movement. Please bring HIIT
2 - 4lb hand weights and a mat.

Thursdays, April 4 - June 27, 6:15 - 7 pm

Flex & Stretch $44 (13 weeks), Recreation Gym
Instructor: Nichole Danehy, Activity #: 313313-A
Wednesdays, April 3 - June 26, 5 - 6 pm HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a training
$44 (13 weeks), Recreation Gym technique in which you give 100% effort through quick,
intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes
Instructor: Alison Gnerre, Activity #: 310173-A active, recovery periods. This type of training gets and
This hour-long class incorporates the best of Pilates, keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less
time. Modifications will be given for all levels.
body conditioning, and basic stretching. The first 30
Zumba Strong
minutes will be resistance training using free weights,
Saturdays, April 27 - June 15 (not 5/25)
bands and tubes. In the second 30 minutes you will

complete a full body stretch to increase flexibility and

muscle elasticity. Please bring weights, mat and water.

1 - 1:45 pm, $33 (7 weeks), Recreation Gym

Fit Club Instructor: Jen Stimpson, Activity #: 316413-A
Transform your body and crush your fitness goals with
April - June, $111, Activity #: 318003-A Strong by Zumba. Using only your body weight, train
Fit Club offers participants an opportunity to pay one to the beat as conditioning, cardio and plyometric
discounted fee and attend a number of classes in a moves help you burn calories and tone your body!
variety of our fitness programs. The fitness classes

that are included in Fit Club are as follows: Butts & Pound
Guts, Camp Core & More, D & T, Energize & Restore,
Flex & Stretch, Friday Morning Workout, Full Body Thursdays, April 4 - June 27, 5 - 5:45 pm
Workout, HIIT, Muscle Madness, Pount, Sculpt & Core, $44 (13 weeks), Recreation Gym, Instructor:
Stability Ball, Total Body Conditioning and Zumba
Strong. Fit Club members may also select two Zumba Tisha Wilson, Activity #: 319303-B
classes. When registering please fill out a Fit Club Pound is a full-body, cardio jam session, combining
form indicating what classes you will be attending.
light resistance with constant simulated drumming. The

workout fuses cardio, pilates, isometric movements,

and plyometric poses. You can burn between 400 - 900

calories per class. Strengthen and sculpt infrequently

Full Body Workout used muscles, and drum your way to a leaner, slimmer
physique - all while rocking out to your favorite music.
Thursdays, April 4 - June 27, 7 - 8 am

$38 (13 weeks), Recreation Gym Kick It
Instructor: Lynette Luschenat
Activity #: 316813-A Tuesdays, April 2 - June 25, 6:45 - 7:45 am
$44 (13 weeks), Recreation Gym, Instructor:
This class is an all inclusive, dynamic class designed
Taylor Hachey, Activity #: 318513-A
to improve your overall fitness level; including strength Kick It by Eliza is a 13 round fitness method that is

and flexibility. Utilizing ground based exercises you will music driven, sweat inducing and kickboxing inspired.

train your abs, back, hips and glutes - covering the 28 This class is filled with high intensity intervals, dance

muscles of the core and then some! Please bring a combos and kickboxing inspired movement patterns.




Total Body Conditioning Motion for Memory

Wednesdays, April 3 - June 26 (not 4/17), 7 - 8 pm Ages 60+, Tues. & Thurs., 10 - 11 am
$41 (12 weeks), Recreation Gym $85 (8 sessions), CrossFit Exclamation

Instructor: Sarah Hamilton, Activity #: 310803-A 10 Ray Ave, Instructor: Lori Becker
This is a total body workout for those looking to improve This is a low impact conditioning class for all levels.
their strength and stamina through cardio/muscle Our classes are based on a variety of movements that
training. This routine will help build flexibility, muscle will help ease daily living activities. This class will help
strength and endurance in your legs, abdominals, you to improve range of motion, gain flexibility, increase
arms, hips and back. Alternating traditional muscle muscle strength, stability & balance. Our coaches are
conditioning with very easy-to-follow cardiovascular experienced working with seniors that are seeing the
segments for a beginner to intermediate interval effects of aging – especially memory and mobility.
workout you are sure to enjoy!
Dates Activity #

Stability Ball April 2 - 25 316903-A

Tuesdays, April 2 - June 25, Noon - 1 pm April 30 - May 23 316903-B
$57 (13 weeks), Recreation Gym
Meal Planning
Instructor: Kerri Powers, Activity #: 311903-A
What’s the deal with those big bouncy balls? Stability Tuesday, April 23, 6:30 - 7:30 pm, $10
balls (also called exercise balls, balance balls, Swiss Council on Aging Room 215
balls, or fitness balls) are more than just fun to sit and
bounce on—they’re a great way to improve strength, Instructor: Stacy Rudman, Activity #: 354203-A
cardio endurance and balance. By tackling basic This class will focus on making meal planning efficient
moves (like push-ups, squats and planks) on an un- and even fun! You’ll walk out of the class with a plan for
stable surface, muscles get more bang for their buck. success. You will learn how to organize your time, how
Stability balls are also great for getting back into shape to food pair your meals so you gain energy and are
after an injury because they can reduce muscle and fuller longer and how to create a plan that’s repeatable,
spinal strain during certain movements. This class will and designed for lasting success.You’ll be on your way
give the full body workout you want. Please bring a to becoming a meal planning pro, building a healthy
yoga mat and stability ball. lifestyle, and having more energy!

Classical Mat Pilates 7 Ways to Crush Sugar Cravings

Thursdays, April 4 - June 27, 7 - 8 pm Tuesday, May 14, 6:30 - 7:30 pm, $10
$57 (13 weeks), Council on Aging Room 207 Council on Aging Room 106
Instructor: Tonia Egan, Activity #: 319203-A
The six principles of pilates are concentration, control, Instructor: Stacy Rudman, Activity #: 314803-A
center, flow, precision, & breathing. You will learn the This one-hour course will teach you why you crave
exercises in the order they were meant to be done, sugar, what happens to your body when you experi-
and how to do them precisely. You will gain knowledge ence the “sugar high” and why this keeps you wanting
about the body, correct posture & control which should sugar...and the extra weight that comes with it. You’ll
be used in your everyday life. Please bring a mat. leave with seven solutions so you can crush those
cravings without giving up sweetness in your life, lose
Blood Pressure Health & Wellness that stubborn bloat and have more energy to enjoy life!

Tuesday, June 4, 6 - 7:30 pm, $15 All Stressed Out
Council on Aging Room 215, Instructor:
Joya Pezzuto, RN, Activity #: 352203-A Tuesdays, May 7 & 14, 6 - 7:30 pm $30
Knowledge yourself up with this self-management pro- Council on Aging Room 215, Instructor:
gram designed to help you prevent or manage high Joya Pezzuto, RN, Activity #: 352223-A
blood pressure. Learn about heart healthy eating, At some point in our lives, we’ve all dealt with stress,
exercise, and stress management to keep your blood
pressure on track. but having a constant feeling of being “stressed out”

can affect our health and wellness. This two-session

program will cover how stress affects your body; tech-

niques for relaxation and simple tips to managing ev-

eryday stress.



Advanced Beginner Yoga Glow & Flow Yoga/Kundalini Yoga
Wednesdays, April 3 - June 26, 7 - 8 pm
$70 (13 weeks), Function Room 1 (For Beginners & Beyond)

Instructor: Caroline Mallard, Activity #: 311283-A Thursdays, April 4 - June 20, 6:00 - 7:15 pm
This class is for those who have some experience with $65 (12 weeks), Function Rooms 1 & 2
yoga and wish to pursue it further or those interested
in a more challenging class. Students new to yoga are Instructor: Joan Trubiano, Activity #: 311263-A
welcome and the class will be taught to accommodate Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga, one can unlock
multiple levels of ability. This is a traditional yoga class
and will include breathing practices, physical postures and tap into the body’s energy, raising it from the base
and movements as well as relaxation techniques.
of the spine to the top of the skull. In this type of yoga,

the experience is most important, not the form. You

don’t have to be able to twist yourself like a pretzel or

be in great shape. Please bring a yoga mat, towel or

Chair Yoga small blanket and water.

Tuesdays, April 2 - June 11, 10:45 - 11:45 am

$44 (11 weeks), Function Room 1

Instructor: Angela Wasson, Activity #: 311293-A

This yoga class is for those adults with limited

mobility. Great for adults that have arthritis, Multiple

Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and other challenges. Physical Tai Chi
movements, breathing practices and stress reduction
techniques are practiced while seated in a chair. All Saturdays, April 6 - June 15 (not 4/20 & 5/25)
levels are welcome. 9 - 10 am, $41 (9 weeks), Council on Aging

Room 207, Instructor: James Regan

Play it safe... Activity #: 305803-A
If you’re looking for something to reduce stress, con-
Participants must recognize that all classes of a physical sider Tai Chi! Drawing from Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi
nature involve some risk, and by attending a class, programs, this is a gentle form of excercise with self-
there is an assumption of risk by the partcipant. Prior to paced combinations of poses. Explore safe, graceful
starting any type of fitness program, it is best to check and relaxing movement. Participants must wear flat,
with your doctor. For your own safety, you need to know well-fitting shoes. Be sure to check with your doctor or
your limitations.
medical professional before you begin Tai Chi.

Yogalates (For Beginners & Beyond)

Instructor: Joan Trubiano
This class will offer a unique and intelligent blending of yoga and pilates. We will combine the core work of
abdominal asanas (pilates) as we move through multiple, varied, and magnificent yoga flows. Combining yoga
and pilates will strengthen, stretch and tone the entire body. Each class includes yogic breathing, relaxation and
meditation techniques that quiet and calm the mind. Tuesday’s class is for beginners.

Day Dates Time Fee Location Activity #

Tuesdays April 2 - June 18 9 - 10:30 am $65 (12 weeks) Function Rooms 1 & 2 312213-A

Wednesdays April 3 - June 26 6:30 - 7:45 pm $70 (13 weeks) Function Room 2 312213-B

Gentle, Relaxing & Restorative Yoga

Instructor: Karen Pickette
This is a class structured around rejuvenating and healing the body. This class is held at a slower pace and

focuses on stretching all areas of the body, while releasing stress and tension from joints and muscles. It is a

class designed to restore the nervous system and help release deeply held tensions from the body and mind.

Day Dates Time Fee Location Activity #

Mon. April 1 - June 17 (not 4/15 & 5/27) 4:30 - 5:30 pm $55 (10 weeks) Function Room 2 319903-A

Tues. April 2 - June 18 4:45 - 5:45 pm $65 (12 weeks) Function Room 1 319903-B



Beginner Hatha Yoga

Function Room 1, Instructor: Karen Pickette
This yoga class is for beginning students to learn proper alignment and breathing in basic postures. This class
will encourage proper alignment of the body and bring balance, strength, and calmness to the practitioner.
You will work on twisting postures, standing positions and restorative postures. During this series you will link
breath and movement while understanding the importance of sequencing. Please wear comfortable, loose fitting
clothes and bring a mat.

Level Day Dates Time Fee Activity #

2 Mondays April 1 - June 17 5:45 - 6:45 pm $55 (10 weeks) 311213-A
(not 4/15 & 5/27)

1 Tuesdays April 2 - June 18 6 - 7 pm $65 (12 weeks) 311213-B

Gentle Yoga

Instructor: Angela Wasson
Gentle Yoga is a Pathways Yoga Systems Wellness class that focuses on moderate stretching and muscle
strengthening. Learn to reduce stress and relax through movements and postures that will release tension from
the mind as well as the body. All classes are slow paced with variations given for different levels of challenge
and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Day Dates Time Fee Location Activity #

Mondays April 1 - June 17 10:30 - 11:45 am $55 (10 weeks) Function Rooms 311223-A
(not 4/15 & 5/27) 1&2

Wednesdays April 3 - June 19 5 - 6:15 pm $65 (12 weeks) Function Room 2 311223-B

Hatha Yoga For Beginners & Beyond

Instructor: Joan Trubiano (Thursdays 4:30 pm: Core Hatha Power Class)
This class will incorporate four basic yoga principles: centering and relaxation to calm the mind; yoga postures to
stretch, strengthen and tone the body; breathing techniques to increase lung capacity, strengthen internal organs
and deepen one’s ability to relax; and meditation practice as a means to reduce stress and achieve spiritual self-
enlightenment. Please bring a mat and wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Day Dates Time Fee Location Activity #

Thursdays April 4 - June 20 9 - 10:30 am $65 (12 weeks) Function Rooms 1 & 2 311203-A
4:30 - 5:45 pm Function Room 1 311203-B

Saturdays April 6 - June 29 9:05 - 10:35 am $55 (10 weeks) Recreation Gym 311203-C
(not 4/20, 5/25 & 6/22)

Mat Science

Saturdays, April 27 - June 15 (not 5/25)
2 - 3 pm, $33 (7 weeks), Function Room 1
Instructor: Jen Stimpson, Activity #: 311273-A
This class is yoga for people that can’t sit still! The
Mat Science class combines Sun Salutations, plank
flow combinations and squats to build muscle strength
and endurance all set to upbeat music. At the end of
class, once the hard work is completed, participants
will stretch their well worked muscles, and enjoy a well
earned tranquil savasana.



Basic Flower Arranging Cartooning for Beginners

Thursdays, 6:30 - 8:30 pm, $130 (4 weeks) Wednesday, May 15, 7 - 9 pm
Given Erwin, 165 Bedford St #3 $25, Council on Aging Room 215
Instructor: Mark Brennan, Activity #: 345903-A
Instructor: Cindy Mattson, Florist Cartoons are GREAT, and you can learn how to draw
We’ll build arrangements each week focusing on differ- them! Join us for this 2-hour intro to cartooning to learn
ent areas of design. Each week the student will make some of the simple rules of drawing cartoon faces, fig-
his or her own arrangement following a demonstration ures, anmials and much more. It’s fun and easy.
and exploration of color, harmony, depth, proportion,
space, texture, accent, balance, scale and line. The Acrylic Paint Nights
class is intended for beginners or those who love flow-
ers and would like to learn how to design. Price in- Fridays, May 3 & 10, 5:30 - 7:30 pm, $30
cludes all materials and supplies. You will take your (2 classes - 1 painting), Ceramics Room
arrangements with you! Instructor: SuWani, Activity #: 356203-A
For beginners and the more advanced, this two ses-
Dates Activity # sion art class will help you to create an artwork while
learning about acrylic colors and basic drawing skill. In
April 4 - 25 359103-A this class you will learn about different brush strokes,
layers buildup, achieving realism through shadow and
May 2 - 23 359103-B high lights and some fine brush works in the fore most
layer. You will be thrilled to challenge yourself with
Sew What? some fine details and fun tricks. Wear clothing that
you don’t mind getting paint on. A $15 materials fee is
Mondays, April 1 - June 17 (not 4/15 & 5/27) due at the first class.
6 - 9 pm, No Fee ($10 for non-residents)
COA Room 136, Activity #: 354003-A Piano Nite

This class is a chance for you to get together with other Monday, May 13, 7 - 9 pm, $35
Council on Aging Room 207, Instructor:
people who have projects that need to be finished and
Debbie Gruber, Activity #: 345603-A
to lend your help and support. Come work in a casual, This class is for people who know nothing about the
piano or music. Students will learn the notes on the pi-
fun atmosphere where friends will be helping friends. ano and will play a popular melody by ear and by read-
ing note names! You will also learn 4 simple chords to
Please bring your own sewing machine. combine with the melody. By the end of the class you
will learn to play (and possibly sing) a popular song.
Ballroom Dance

Mondays, April 1 - May 20, 6:45 - 7:30 pm
$50/person or $100/couple (8 weeks), Kadanse
Dance Studio, 346 W Cummings Park, Woburn

Instructors: Kadanse Studio Staff
Activity #: 331113-A1 (single) or 331113-A (couple)
The objective of the class is to introduce basic pat-

terns, timing, and concepts of leading and following

with a focus on FUN! Single students and couples are

welcome. No prior experience required.

Tap & Jazz Ceramics

Thursdays, April 4 - June 20 (Not 4/18) Thursdays, April 4 - June 13 (not 4/18), 7 - 9 pm
7:30 - 8:30 pm, $83 (11 weeks) $100 (10 weeks), Ceramics Room

Function Rooms 1 & 2, Instructor: Bonnie Murphy Instructor: Carol Collins, Activity #: 341203-A
Activity #: 330403-A Once you have learned the basic techniques, you will

Class will begin with a warm-up followed with some be able to paint beautiful ceramic pieces for your home

jazz moves, then the tap begins! Students will develop or to give as gifts. Instruction, paints and firing are

rhythm & timing. Tap shoes are recommended. included. There are additional costs for greenware,

brushes, and cleaning tools.




Mondays, April 1 - June 17 (not 4/15 & 5/27)
8 - 10 pm, $35 (10 weeks)

Recreation Gym, Activity #: 380703-A
Enjoy the friendly competition of pick-up volleyball

games. Please wear sneakers.

Lunch Hour Basketball

Mon, Wed & Fri, 12 - 2 pm, $30 (April - August)
Recreation Gym, Activity #: 382003-A

These are moderately competitive pick-up basketball

games for adults who live or work in Burlington. Locker

and shower facilities are provided. Players should bring

a light and dark colored shirt to differentiate teams.

Pick-Up Basketball

Wednesdays, April 3 - June 19, 8 - 10 pm, $41
(12 weeks), Recreation Gym, Activity #: 381933-A
Moderately competitive pick-up basketball games for

adults who live or work in Burlington. Players should

bring a light and dark colored shirt.

$5 drop-in fee, Recreation Gym
Pickleball is a sport rapidly growing in popularity. Roll Beginner Kickboxing
up the joy of playing tennis and badminton, toss in a
wiffle-like ball and you’ve got a game of Pickleball! No Wednesdays, April 24 - June 12, 6:30 - 7:30 pm
pre-registration required. Please stop by the office on $133 (8 weeks), MK Boxing, 116 Cummings Park
your way to the gym to pay your drop-in fee.
Woburn, Instructors: Mike Knox & Staff
Dates Time Level Activity #: 311403-A

First and foremost the cardio strength and endurance

you will receive even after only a couple of weeks of
Mon., April 1 - June 17 2:30 - 3:30 pm Experienced working out are noticeably improved. You will also

(not 4/15 & 5/27) 3:30 - 4:30 pm Beginner learn kickboxing techniques, punching combination,

Wed., April 3 - June 19 2:30 - 4:30 pm Experienced and discover ways to dodge, avoid, guard and counter
attack. Both defense and offense skills will be taught.

Archery for Adults Gloves can be purchased separately at the gym.

Fridays, April 26 - May 17, 5:30 - 6:30 pm

$101 (4 weeks), Mary PC Cummings Estate Dog Obedience Training
Instructor: On the Mark Archery Staff
Thursday, June 6, 6 - 7:30 pm, $20
Beginners will learn the basics including focusing Mary PC Cummings Estate, Instructor:
on the posture, alignment, muscle memory and
control. Instructors will keep you engaged throughout Mike Wagreich, Activity #: 353103-A
the program with creative skill games, drills and Learn how to correct problems such as jumping, pulling
competitions. Advanced participants will lean the NTS
style of shooting and more in depth techniques. All on the leash, barking, socializing, aggression, house
equipment is provided. Enrolled students are eligible
to participate in the friendly tournament this June. breaking, etc. You may attend with or without a dog

Level Activity # (limited to one dog per person). All dog’s shots must

be up-to-date and dogs must be on a six foot leash.

Training collars may be purchased for an additional
Level Activity # fee. Please bring treats and a favorite toy as well as

Beginner 381503-A Advanced 381503-B any training collars/aids that you use.



Yoga Gold Ageless Grace (R)

Age 50+, $41 (12 weeks), Function Room 1 Fridays, April 5 - June 21 (not 5/31 & 6/7)
Instructor: Karen Pickette 11 - 11:45 am, $30 (10 weeks), Function Room 1
Instructor: Trish Marfione, Activity #: 311817-A
Yoga Gold is a class made to build foundation, strength, Timeless Fitness for the Body & Brain. Lifelong comfort
and stretching in a way that is accessible to all levels of & ease based on the science of neuroplasticity for all
experience. An equal amount of support and challenge 5 brain functions & 21 physical skills. The movement
will be offered including some slow flow to begin with, sequences focus on the healthy longevity of the body,
standing postures, seated postures, and relaxation. mind, emotions, and spirit. All exercises are designed
to be practiced in a chair, and they consist of move-
Day Dates Time Activity # ments that are natural and organic. It’s simple to learn,
playful, easy to do – and FUN! The ageless Grace pro-
Wed. April 3 - June 19 Noon - 1 pm 319803-A gram is ideal for anyone who would like to stay youthful
and vibrant.
Thurs. April 4 - June 20 12:30 - 1:30 pm 319803-B
Senior Citizen’s Ceramics
Thursdays, April 4 - June 13 (not 4/18)
Age 55+, Fridays, April 5 - June 21 9:30 - 11:30 am, $80 (10 weeks), Ceramics Room
9:45 - 10:45 am, $35 (12 weeks), Recreation Gym
Instructor: Trish Marfione, Activity #: 311807-A Instructor: Carol Collins, Activity #: 341207-A
Exercise is the key to staying strong, energetic and In this class, you will paint beautiful ceramic pieces for
healthy as you get older. This class is only for those your home or to give as gifts. Instruction, paints and
55+ who want to age well, live life to the fullest and firing are included. There are additional costs for gre-
have fun while strength training, balancing, moving enware, brushes, and cleaning tools.
and stretching. Bring a mat, wear sneakers, comfort-
able clothing and bring hand weights. Other fun equip-
ment will be provided.

Zumba Gold

Age 50+, Instructor: Mary Ellen Reardon (Tues. & Sat.) & Paula Rayworth (Wed.)
Zumba Gold was designed for the active, older adult and the true beginner. Zumba Gold is done at a lower
impact. Zumba Gold strives to improve balance, strength, flexibility and most importantly, the heart. Wear
comfortable clothing and bring water. Enjoy the Latin and other international rhythms. Dance yourself into
fitness with Zumba Gold!

Day Dates Time Fee Location Activity #

Tues. April 2 - June 18 10:50 - 11:50 am $29 Recreation Gym 316407-A
Wed. April 3 - June 19 Noon - 1 pm (12 weeks) Function Rooms 1 & 2 316407-B
8:30 - 9:30 am 316407-C
Recreation Gym

Sat. April 6 - June 15 (not 5/25) 10 - 11 am $25 (10 weeks) Murray Kelly Wing 316407-D

Club 55+

The Parks & Recreation Department Club 55+ Program Committee has announced the following program sched-
ule for active adults aged 55 and over. Most programs are ongoing; others start in the Spring. Most activities
are free, and those that require a fee will be on a pay-as-you-attend basis. Please call the Parks & Recreation
Department to register and become a Club 55+ member at 781-270-1695.

Activity Day Time Dates Location

Golf Tuesdays 7:30 am April - Oct. King Rail Reserve, Lynnfield

Bowling Tuesdays 10 am Now - April Woburn Bowladrome

Bocce Wednesdays 9 am May - Oct. Bocce Court at Parks & Recreation Dept.

Sing-a-long Wednesdays 1:30 pm March - May Function Room 2 at Parks & Recreation Dept.

Whist Fridays 9 am Year Round Card Room at the Council on Aging

Pickleball Saturdays 4 - 6 pm Year Round Gym at Parks & Recreation Dept.



First Time Home Buyers Financial Health Check

Wednesday, May 15, 7 - 9 pm, Council on Aging Monday, April 29, 7 - 9 pm, Council on Aging
Room 136, No Fee ($10 for non-residents), Room 215, $20, Instructor: Sumeit Aggarwal

Instructors: Joanne Delaney & Pat Linskey, Elite Activity #: 302323-A
Realty Experts, Burlington, Activity #: 354603-A This workshop will provide tools and strategies to help
In this class we will review steps to buying a home: you get fiscally fit. We will walk through a financial
how to obtain a pre-approval, shopping for the best health questionnaire that will help you determine your
rate and how much of a down payment do I need. (A financial well-being and open channels of communica-
mortgage consultant will be available.) Topics covered tion within the family.
in the workshop include buying vs renting, finding the
right home, making an offer, what to expect at home Vision Boards: Make Dreams a Reality
inspection, closing cost, attorney fees etc. Pre-regis-
tration is required. Tuesday, June 18, 6 - 7:30 pm, $15
Council on Aging Room 215, Instructor:
Home Owners: Thinking of Selling? Joya Pezzuto, RN, Activity #: 302324-A
Visions Boards are a great tool and represent the fu-
Wednesday, June 5, 7 - 9 pm, Council on Aging ture you desire. They can contain inspirational words,
Room 136, No Fee ($10 for non-residents), quotes, pictures and affirmations that are important to
you! Visions Boards help you become clear on your
Instructors: Joanne Delaney & Pat Linskey Elite intentions and what you want to manifest in this world.
Realty Experts, Burlington, Activity #: 355003-A What are your dreams? Your personal goals? Career
Find out what buyers are looking for. Low cost ways goals? You’ll leave with your very own 11x14 vision
to make improvements to help sell your home. Topics board. Bring to class any special pictures, mementos
covered in this workshop include staging and landscap- or photos you would like included on your board. A $7
ing ideas, what to expect at home inspection and costs materials fee is due at class.
associated with selling your home. Pre-registration
is required.


Easter Egg Hunt Sensory Friendly Bunny Meet & Greet

Thursday, April 18, 5:30 pm, No Fee Thursday, April 18, 4 pm, Location: TBD
Simonds Park Activity #: 302319-A

Come visit with the Easter Bunny and hunt for eggs We have reserved some time for children with a
in Simonds Park! Hunt will start at 5:30pm, get there disability to visit the Easter Bunny! Smaller crowds in a
early to be sure you have enough time to park and find quieter space will make it more comfortable for children
your child’s hunting zone. Three hunt areas will be set with sensory needs to enjoy some Easter fun.
up for ages 2 -12. Please bring one person per child as
areas may not be near one another. Games and crafts Burlington
will be on hand after the hunt for kids to participate in. Summer Slam
Don’t forget your Easter basket to collect the eggs in!
Saturday, April 27
Age Activity # 11 am, $10 per pair
Simonds Park
2-4 301110-A Activity #: 300593-A
This 18 hole adult/child disc golf tournament will con-
5-8 301110-B sist of two rounds of 9 holes - with a BBQ lunch in
between. Tournament is open to both advanced and
9 - 12 301110-C novice players. Staff will be on hand to help guide any
new players who are unfamiliar with the sport. Please
only register the adult of the adult/child pair.



Family Fishing Festival Community Yard Sale

All Ages, Saturday, May 18, $25 (per family) Saturday, May 4 (Inclement weather date: May 5)
10 am - 1 pm (rain or shine), Mill Pond Reservoir 9 am - 2 pm, Activity #: 300599-A

Activity #: 305011-A Register to hold a yard sale on this day and time and
Burlington’s 25th Annual Fishing Festival will be co- we will do the advertising for you! Participating loca-
sponsored this year by MassWildlife! Join us for a tions will be given an official sign to put in their yard.
day of BBQ’ing and fishing fun! There will be a raffle, We will be compiling a map and list of wares being sold
and catch-of-the-day competitions! Festival is catch at each stop that will be released just before the event.
and release only. You may bring your own fishing We encourage everyone to visit yard sales around
equipment or use equipment which will be provided. Burlington on this day to recycle, re-purpose, and re-
Fishing licenses are not required for the festival. use! Sponsored by “The Home Team” at Showcase of
Please be sure to pre-register! Homes, Realtors.

Fishing at the Reservoir Community Gardens

Mill Pond Reservoir, April 1 - October 31, Dawn to May - October, Francis Wyman School
Dusk, Permit Fee: $10 (Ages 15 and above) Do you enjoy growing things but lack the space to do
so? Community gardening is a wonderful opportunity
Burlington residents are welcome to fish at the Mill to meet others with the same interests. Experience
Pond Reservoir, which has been stocked with rainbow the gratification of producing flowers and food for your
and brown trout. Please purchase a fishing permit at table. Twenty plots are available for leasing during
the Parks & Recreation Department office. Children the growing season. Two of the plots are designed for
under age 15 do not need a permit, but they must be gardeners with physical limitations. Full plots are 200
accompanied by an adult when fishing at the reservoir. sq. ft. (10’ x 20’) and half plots are 100 sq. ft. (10’ x 10’).

April is Autism Awarness Month Plot Fee Activity #
Full $50 600586-A

Light it Up Blue! Half $30 600586-B

Tuesday, April 2, 6 pm, Grandview Farm May the Fourth Be With You
Light It Up Blue is a unique global initiative that kicks-off
Autism Awareness Month and helps raise awareness Saturday, May 4, 2 pm, Town Common
about Autism. In honor of this historic day, many iconic Activity #: 300595-A
landmarks, sporting venues, concert halls, museums,
bridges and retail stores are among the hundreds of Families and fans of all ages can join the Rebellion
thousands of homes and communities that take part to (or the Empire) on the Town Common to celebrate all
Light It Up Blue. Join us as we light the Town Common things Star Wars. Come dressed in your favorite “Star
blue to promote awareness and acceptance. Wars” character. Join us for games, jedi training and
family fun from a galaxy far, far away. Pre-registration
Community Safety Event for this event is required.

Saturday, April 13, 3 - 5 pm, Murray Kelly Wing Mountain Bike Rides
In partnership with the Burlington Police Department,
we invite you to our first Autism Friendly Community Saturday, June 1, 10 am - 1 pm, No Fee
Safety Event. A chance to meet some of BPRD’s of- ($10 for non-residents), Landlocked Forest
ficers, learn tips for keeping your child with a disability
safe, what to do in an emergency, and how to create Activity #: 900592-C
a safety profile with the police department. We don’t Take a ride through the Landlocked Forest! Guided
always have the chance to be around police men and rides for both youth and adults by the New England
women in uniform, so use this opportunity to increase Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA) will be offered.
your child’s comfort level around officers, practice ap- We plan to meet at the Estabrook School, located at
proaching them and asking for help or displaying their 177 Grove Street in Lexington. The terrain is rocky,
ID, and ask any questions you may have! please be sure to bring a mountain bike (straight han-
dlebars and fatter tires for kids). Beginners welcome!
Please be sure to pre-register!



Trips & Tours

All trips & tours listed below are offered in cooperation with Celebration Tours II. Below you will find
some general terms and conditions. For a full list of terms and conditions, see the back of each flyer.

Payment Policy & Deposits
One day motorcoach tours - full payment due at the time of reservation. Two to six day motorcoach tours - $100

deposit per person due at the time of reservation. Full payment due 30 days prior to the departure date.

Departures & Arrivals
Listed departure and arrival times are approximate. A detailed, exact itinerary will be sent out to you one week
prior to trip’s departure with pick-up/drop-off times and bus location. Upon completion of each tour, all passen-
gers will be dropped off at the same location of their departure. Subsequent drop-offs will be made in reverse
order of departure locations listed for each tour.

Health & Mobility Restrictions
All tours may involve considerable walking in variable weather, climbing stairs and getting on and off transporta-
tion vehicles. By making a deposit, the participant certifies that he or she does not have any mental, physical or
other condition or disability that would create a hazard for themselves or for others. Persons with any such dis-
ability or condition must be self-sufficient or must travel with a companion who will provide all needed assistance
and assume total responsibility for their well-being and participation in the events of the tour.

April 11 - 13 June 7 - 9
Washington, DC Cherry Festival Bar Harbor Maine Overnight
$445 per person (double occupancy) $444 per person (double occupancy)

Travel waiver available Travel waiver available
Activity #: 00985 Activity #: 00990

April 27 June 22
Nantucket Daffodil Festival A Maine Adventure!

$137 per person $105 per person
Activity #: 00986 Activity #: 00991

May 4 - 5 July 3 - 5
Overnight in the Big Apple Red Sox in Toronto
$329 per person (double occupancy) $395 per person (double occupancy)
Travel waiver available
Travel waiver available Activity #: 00992
Activity #: 00987

May 11 July 6
New York Day Trip Martha’s Vineyard & Nantucket

$99 per person $142 per person
Activity #: 00988 Activity #: 00993

May 19 - 20 July 16
Nantucket Overnight Celebrate Italia!
$273 per person (double occupancy) $92 per person
Travel waiver available Activity #: 00994

Activity #: 00989

For more information including pricing and registration forms, please visit our website:



Age Requirement Cancellations

If a minimum age is specified for a program listed in Please call the Cancellation Line at (781)270-1695
this brochure, a child must be that age on the program (option 3), visit our Facebook page (www.facebook.
starting date. com/burlingtonrecreation), or follow us on Twitter (@
Burlington_Rec) when you have any doubt about
Grade Requirement weather cancellations. In most instances, we will try to
notify participants of a change or cancellation by email.
The grade specified for certain programs refers to the Please be advised that some programs may continue
school grade the child is in during the 2018 - 2019 to run outside in inclement and/or adverse weather
school year. conditions. Programs may run even if the Burlington
Schools cancel school and/or afternoon activities.
Birth Certificates
If your child is 5 years old or younger and you are
registering for a Parks & Recreation Department We will attempt to make up cancelled classes, but we
program for the first time, please provide a copy of your cannot guarantee that all classes will be made up.
child’s birth certificate.

Refund Guidelines Facility Rental

1. If you decide to cancel a registration, please notify the Burlington’s Recreation Center at the Center for Human
Parks & Recreation Department as soon as possible Services is available to rent on a space-available
prior to the program starting date. basis. Facilities at the center include function rooms
& a gymnasium. The center is not available for private
2. If you give sufficient notice of cancellation, the Parks functions. For further info, please contact the office.
& Recreation Department may be able to give you a
full or partial refund. There will be a $10 processing Serving People with Disabilities
charge for all refunds given. Please inquire about a
refund at the time you cancel your registration. The Therapeutic Recreation Division offers year round
specialized programming for individuals of all ages
3. If you cancel your registration for a program for which who have disabilities. Inclusion services are also avail-
the Parks & Recreation Department has paid deposits, able for any individual who may have a disability and is
purchased equipment or incurred other expenses on looking to participate in a program with support from an
your behalf; your refund, if any, will be reduced by the Inclusion Aide. If you have any questions about what
amount of the expenses incurred. type of program is right for you or your family member,
please do not hesitate to contact our Certified Thera-
4. Refunds take 2-4 weeks to process. If payment was peutic Recreation Specialist, Laurel Rossiter at [email protected]
made by check or cash, a check from the Town will or 781-270-1937. *Note: For new par-
be mailed. If paid by credit card, your credit card will ticipants, a few mandatory forms are required to
be refunded. If you have an outstanding balance, the be filled out and returned at least one week prior to
refund will be automatically applied to the balance. the beginning of a program. For Inclusion Servic-
es, please fill out the forms just mentioned as well
Financial Assistance as an Inclusion Application and allow a minimum
of 10 days for services to begin.
Financial assistance is available! Please contact the
office for more information. Discount Tickets

Non-Residents Movie Theater

Non-residents may register for programs beginning AMC Theatre Movie Tickets: $9.00*
three weeks after resident registration has begun. At Showcase Cinema Tickets: $9.00
the Director of Parks and Recreation’s discretion, some
programs or events may only be open to Burlington *AMC tickets are valid for any movie EXCEPT those
residents. There is an additional $10 fee for non- distributed by The Walt Disney Company, including,
residents. but not limited to Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, LTD



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