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Unity Care's annual report for the 2017 - 2018 fiscal year.

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Published by Unity Care, 2019-07-09 14:37:08

Annual Report 2017-2018

Unity Care's annual report for the 2017 - 2018 fiscal year.

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Unity Care | 2017—2018

DEAR FRIENDS Dear Friends,

On August 14, 1993, Unity Care opened our first home and welcomed our first youth
beginning our 25-year journey of serving youth and families throughout Northern
California. There is an old African Proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” and our
amazing and dedicated staff, board members, volunteers, community supporters, system
partners and donors have served as that village. We thank each of you for your tireless
commitment to our youth and families.

On behalf of our staff and Board of Directors, we are proud to present Unity Care’s 2017-
2018 Annual Report. This past year, we accomplished so much to be proud of, including:

• Served 6,882 youth and families through our housing and community based services
across 5 Counties

• 91% of our youth in safe, secure and affordable housing and an expansion of our
housing services in Placer, San Mateo and San Francisco Counties to provide more
safe and stable supportive housing for transitional aged foster youth;

• 69% of our youth attending school and pursuing college opportunities;
• 63% of our youth employed
• 77% of our youth secure with their mental health needs; and
• 81% of our youth feel safe and supported.

While we are proud of our accomplishments, we understand the enormous challenge
before us of ensuring that every foster youth who reaches aged maturity has a safe
place to call home. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area has become unaffordable and
increasingly difficult for young adults with no family support. It’s nearly impossible to

For that reason, we are looking back at our core mission we started 25 years ago – to
provide safe and stable housing for foster youth – and doubling down on that mission
for our next 25-year journey. It’s our belief that safe and secure housing is the foundation
upon which foster youth build a life of self-sufficiency and independence verses a life of
trauma, incarceration, mental illness and homelessness.

Please join us in our journey and help us usher in a new chapter in Unity Care’s rich
history of serving our communities’ most vulnerable children – our foster youth.

André Chapman Carl Agers, II
Founder and CEO Chairman of the Board

2 Unity Care


Unity Care’s vision is to provide Our mission is to provide quality Unity Care is accredited by
safe, secure, and positive living youth and family programs for The Council on Accreditation
environments; educate and the purpose of creating healthier (COA), an independent
support underserved youth; and communities through lifelong nonprofit accreditor
prepare young people to pursue partnerships. of human services
professions in which minorities since 1977.
are chronically underrepresented. 3


Unity Care’s
overarching goal is to
support our families’
journey toward
self-sufficiency by
ensuring that every
youth and family we
touch accomplishes
their goals in these
five strategic areas.


We believe stable housing provides an We believe education provides youth to We believe empowering youth to pursue
anchor for youth to lead a life towards greater opportunities for their futures. their career aspiration will lead to
promising careers.


We believe a healthy lifestyle of mind, We believe every youth should have
body, and spirit leads to youth making positive, permanent, and supportive

positive life choices. relationships.

In 2017—2018...

individuals have been
= 62 people served in Unity Care
programs and/or

youth and families
= 100 people were served in Unity
Care programs and/or

Santa’s Helpers YouthLive! Gala

Unity Care’s 2017 Santa’s Helpers Drive was a Our year-long celebration of our 25th anniversary
huge success! With the help of multiple partnering culminated with our 7th annual YouthLive! event held
organizations, supporters, and volunteer groups, we on Saturday, August 25, 2018. This was exactly 25
were able to provide over 800 gifts to our clients. We years to the month we opened our doors and accepted
are thankful to be a part of such a giving community our first foster youth. It was a lively night presented by
whose efforts brought joy to the lives of foster youth. Linda L. Lester and Darlene Woodson.

Volunteer groups helped our youth decorate their Noteworthy keynote speaker, Stedman Graham,
homes for a fun holiday decorating contest! captured the audience with his Nine-Step Success
Process and how Identity Leadership comes from
• 1st place went to House 1 with help from within us. Our amazing YouthLive speaker, Joelle
Peter and Debbie Pranys. Williams, shared her heartfelt story of how she entered
foster care and overcame obstacles with the support
• 2nd place went to House 5 with help from of Unity Care.
Terri Dias and friends.
Our speakers and talented youth performers inspired
• 3rd place went to House 3 with help from and helped Unity Care raise approximately $330,000
Boys Team Charity of Los Gatos. for Unity Care programs and services! 5


1993 1997 1999 2000

Unity Care’s first youth First house beautification PC-MEP STEM learning Summer of Learning
moves into House 1 project: Christmas in April program is launched is introduced

6 Unity Care


2006 2009 2012 2018

First multi-unit housing Unity Care expands our First YouthLive! Gala Unity Care celebrates
complex opens reach to Placer County benefiting youth programs 25th anniversary

View the full timeline at 7

Nationally, 40% of foster youth experience homelessness
within 2 years of turning 18.

Unity Care’s housing programs provides youth
with safe, secure, and affordable housing while
they focus on their emotional, educations, and
employment goals. We integrate resources and
support services to ensure the well-being of
those we serve, creating a home-like
environment where youth feel protected.
Our youth homes are certified Transitional
Housing Placement Programs homes providing
housing for transitional age (TAY) foster youth.
All youth in Unity Care THPP programs also
participate in the Independent Living Program
(ILP) and/or Transition to Independence Process
(TIP) program designed to educate youth with
independent living skills.


Transitional Housing Placement Program
for Minor Foster Children (THPP-M)
Current foster and probation youth ages 16—18,
learning necessary life skills to live independently
while living in Unity Care housing with on-site staff.

Transitional Housing Placement Program for
Non-Minor Dependents (THPP-NMD)
Current and former foster youth ages 18—21, including
probation youth, learning necessary life skills while
living independently in Unity Care housing or a
remote site of their choice.

Transitional Housing Placement—Plus (THP+)
Former foster youth ages 18—24, including probation
youth, learning to successfully transition into self-
sufficient adulthood while living independently in
Unity Care housing or a remote site of their choice.


youth and
families were
living in Unity
Care housing in


youth and
families were
served in
housing related
Unity Care

“I am truly grateful for Unity Care, especially
my residential staff Dori, Samara, and
Candice. Without their support, reaching
my goals would have been a lot more
challenging for me to achieve.”
– Aleta, THP participant

91% of Unity Care youth have obtained safe, secure,
and affordable housing in 2017—2018. 9


After aging out of foster care at 18, Aleta was able to transfer
to Unity Care’s housing program. She moved into one of our
homes where she met Dori and Samara, her residential staff,
who made her feel right at home. Throughout her Unity Care
experience, Aleta was a full-time student at De Anza College,
majoring in Administration or Justice, Social and Behavioral
Science while working full-time to support herself.

Being in Unity Care allowed Aleta to express herself
emotionally. Living in a secure and stable environment,
she felt safe talking to staff who were always there to listen
whenever she needed them. After living at MidPen for nearly
a year, Aleta finished her schooling at De Anza and was
transferring to University of California, San Diego. With the
help of Unity Care and her aunt, she was able to move to
San Diego with the necessities she needed to be successful.
Unity Care supplied Aleta with household items, utensils, and
school supplies she needed for each semester. Aleta was
determined to graduate as soon as possible, planning all her
classes for upcoming semesters and during the summer,
allowing her to graduate 6 months earlier than expected. She
graduated with a 3.6 GPA and a BA in Sociology.

Aleta is now back in the Bay Area working at Evergreen
College and living in her own apartment within Unity Care’s
THP+ program. While she is working on her next goal, which
is to attend graduate or medical school, Aleta is excited to
expand her knowledge and experiences with her new job and
by traveling abroad in the near future. 11

Fewer than 3% of foster youth will graduate from college.
By age 24, employed foster youth earn 50% less than their

Unity Care’s Community-Based Services provide
foster youth and the greater community providing
essential services to have and live in a healthy
environment. At Unity Care, we believe to help
solve the issues that transitional age foster youth
face, we need to start by preventing youth from
entering the foster care system. From mental
health services to family behavioral support,
these programs help prevent children from
entering foster care as well as support current
and former foster youth on a path to become self-
sufficient adults.

Programs & Services

Cultural Brokers
Ensures cultural understanding between families and
social workers while connecting families to culturally
sensitive community services. Our Cultural Broker
staff provide brokering, advocacy, and support to
families who are involved or at risk of involvement
with the child welfare system, helping to reduce
the number of children of color in the child welfare

Differential Response
Supports and strengthens families through advocacy,
access to parenting education and counseling,
crisis intervention, and connections to community
resources. This support enables recognition
of emerging family issues and time to provide
resolutions with a customized approach focusing
on the family’s unique strengths and needs to keep
children living safely at home.

Independent Living Program (ILP)
Provides probation youth ages 16—21 with necessary
life skills to living independently and self-sufficiently,
including budgeting, college enrollment and
financial aid support, job search assistance, case
management, and other needs as identified.


youth were
served in
educational Unity
Care programs


youth were
served in
related Unity
Care programs

=2 =2

“I realized everything is so
expensive in the world and
it’s not going to be easy
as an adult. Independent
City taught me what to do.
I know I need to stay in
school to get a good job, so
I can live my life without any
– Austin, ILP participant

69% of Unity Care youth attended school with passing grades,
were on the GED track or pursuing college opportunities and
63% were employed or had a job opportunity lined up. 13


Before entering foster care, Humberto struggled early on in
his life and placed in a Juvenile Detention Facility. Humberto
realized the life changes he needed to make and began
taking advantage of the services that helped him focus on his
transition into early adulthood. After graduating High School,
Humberto envisioned a brighter future for himself. Humberto
was welcomed into Unity Care’s THP+FC program where
he began a pathway to self-sufficiency. With the support of
his staff at Unity Care, Humberto has hit the ground running
pursuing and obtaining his goals. Humberto recently bought
his first car and is currently enrolled in his second semester at
Sierra College. Humberto envisions a career in the Criminal
Justice field as he continues to work hard to fulfill this
dream. He is an inspirational young adult who looks forward
to accomplishing his career goals. Humberto thanks the
continued support received from the staff at Unity Care and is
appreciative of yet another opportunity presented to him at an
early age.

When asked what has helped Humberto achieve his goals, he
replied: “Realizing what I am capable of as a clean and sober
member of society and having people who are constants in
my life tell me they believe in me. I also want to say that it
feels nice to be a good example to my younger brothers and
sisters as opposed to how I was living a year ago.” Humberto
stated that he feels so blessed to be a part of our program, as
he has witnessed numerous people go out of their way to help
and support him through different experiences in his life.

Sierra College — Rocklin Campus Image: 15

Nationally, 1 in 4 emancipated foster youth experience
PTSD and 25% are incarcerated by age 24.

Programs & Services cont. Wraparound (WRAP)
A strengths-based team to strengthen youth and their
Family Outpatient Mental Health Services families, working with them to achieve positive goals
Mental health services for youth and families in and improve well-being. The WRAP team meets and
the child welfare, juvenile justice, and school- identifies the needs of a child with emotional and/or
linked systems. Services including assessment, behavioral disturbances, using strategies that reflect
individual and group therapy, case management, and the child and family’s culture and preferences so they
substance use treatment enabling youth to live within can be reunified and/or remain with their families in a
the community in less restrictive environments. safe, stable, permanent environment.

Parents Recovery Program Youth Acceptance Program (YAP)
Provides outpatient individual therapy, group support, Creates a structure of care to promote acceptance
peer mentorship, and case management to parents in and permanency for lesbian, gay, bisexual,
the Dependency Wellness Court. transgender, questioning (LGBTQ), gender non-
conforming youth and their families who are currently
Resources and Advocacy Support Services in out of home care or at-risk for out of home care.
(RASS) This service is provided in collaboration with Family
Provides support and resources for resource families Builders and the Santa Clara County Social Services
including county-licensed foster and adoptive Agency.
parents, to help stabilize youth placements in their
foster and adoptive homes.

Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)
Provides youth and families with effective,
individualized behavioral coaching to help reduce
and resolve problem behaviors. Trained behavioral
coaches educate the youth and families with
effective coping skills, anger management and mood
regulation using strength-based, individualized, short
term and culturally sensitivity.

Transition to Independence Process (TIP)
Assists youth (ages 14—24) who are experiencing
emotional or behavioral challenges to assist them
in planning for their futures with natural support and
informal key players like family, friends, mentors, and

456 individuals received A family from one of our community-based programs
mental health choosing backpacks for the upcoming school year.
services = 6 Unity Care hosts an annual backpack drive to provide
backpacks and school supplies to our youth and

Fernando sharing what he is thankful for at the 890 youth and families in =10
Thanksgiving feast for our programs,. The feast family-oriented programs
was hosted by the Links, San Jose Chapter at LDS
Church in San Jose.

77% of Unity Care youth are secure with their mental health
needs and 81% felt secured and supported. 17


When Gerald entered Unity Care’s Wraparound program, his
severe physical aggression was easily triggered by reminders
of his significant trauma. When triggered, he struggled to
regulate his emotions and turned to verbal and physical
aggression, preventing him from finishing school. His goals: to
identify and overcome his triggers and learn how to pivot his
mindset toward positivity.

With Unity Care assistance, he and his mother participated
in weekly family therapy to provide a safe space to process
the past trauma. His family members were given conflict
resolution and problem-solving skills to decrease his verbal
aggression at home. They developed positive communication,
and healthy coping skills, and improved family dynamics.
Gerald was also encouraged to participate in positive
community-based activities, including Narcotics Anonymous,
art workshops, guitar lessons, and fresh Lifeline for Youth.

Gerald graduated from the Wraparound program after months
of successful behavioral and emotional stability, improved
family relationships, and successfully completed probation
requirements. Gerald’s confidence has returned knowing he
can regulate the emotions triggered from his past. Gerald
plans on enrolling in a GED program to complete his high
school degree.

*Name and image changed to protect confidentiality Photo by: Elijah Nouvelage 19

21% 19% 33%
35% 19%
62% 67%

Clients by Ethnicity Clients by Age Clients by Gender

Hispanic 35% Ages 0—13 19% Male 33%
Caucasian 26% Ages 14—17 19% Female 67%
African American 18% Ages 18+ 62%
Other 21%

Our Transcultural Engagement Model

Unity Care’s focus on cultural proficiency
differentiates us from other providers to better
enable us to serve our diverse communities.
Employee training incorporated cultural
perspectives, values the unique contributions
of diverse groups, and promotes learning from
many orientations.

Unity Care’s services enhance the lives of over 6,882 youth and family members in OUR REACH
five Northern California counties. With our main focus to provide safe, secure, and
affordable housing to transitional age foster youth, we look to continue expanding into
Placer and San Mateo counties. Having more homes will help Unity Care extend our
reach to enhancing the lives of foster youth in Northern California.

El Dorado

San Placer County

San Santa Clara
Mateo County
Housing Independent Living Program
Community Programs Counties Reached 21

554 46 3,351.5

volunteers projects volunteer hours

Volunteers and supporters are important
members of our Unity Care family. As a
nonprofit, we rely on community support
to have the necessary supplies to run our
programs and services. From gift cards to house
beautifications, every donation and volunteer
opportunity provides us with the ability to help
more foster youth successfully.

Ways to Get Involved

Our goal is to help individuals and organizations find
opportunities that fit their needs while also making
a difference in the lives of underserved youth in
our community. Regardless of the level or type of
commitment, volunteers are integral to the services
we provide for youth and their families.

The contributions we receive ensure our clients
never have to choose between paying rent or bills,
providing a much needed backpack for school or
having memorable holidays, and helps Unity Care
provide the support foster youth need to become

Help us grow our Unity Care family by advocating our
agency to friends, family, coworkers, and others you
know. Invite them to your next volunteer project or
direct them to our website.

Visit us online at under
Get Involved for more information.

2017—2018 Project Highlights

Unity Place 1 Beautification

Unity Care’s 12-unit apartment complex, Unity
Place 1, was renovated by the Housing Industry
Foundation with nearly a dozen industry
partners whom donated labor and materials.
Improvements included: new double-paned
windows, complete exterior painting, new
laundry room flooring, updated landscaping,
Tuff Shed installation, and a new exterior sign.

Santa’s Helpers House Decorating

The holidays are always a tough season for
foster youth, not having a family to spend time
with. This year, 12 groups of volunteers came
together to celebrate the holidays with our youth.
Volunteers helped decorate youth homes with a
holiday theme including lights and a Christmas
tree, and provided gifts for each of the youth.
The house decorating contest was open to the
community for the first time with over 625 votes!

Back to School Drive

We had another successful Back to School Drive,
collecting over 500 new backpacks filled with
school supplies for the youth in our programs
in partnership with Ticket to Dream Foundation,
Wells Fargo and Air Systems. Volunteers also
helped youth pick out their perfect backpack.


Individual Jonathan Bunce Chris Della-Maggiore Michael Hall Amy Kemp Jeffrey McCrimon
Susan Bunce Eva Desmarest Jason Halladay Diane Kennedy Kathleen McGuire
Anonymous (336) Parker Burgess Jennifer Dewinter Tyler Halladay Rachel Kennedy Lori Medina
Rayane Abboud Mike Burns Jacob Dewinter Sandra Hamel-Dailey Kerry Kennedy Julia Mee
Cindy Adams Elaine Burns Terri Dias John Hancock Seema Khan Andrea Menotti
Dave Adams Joy Caginia Jerry Dias Barbara Hanly Tara Kiehle Jean Merten
Robert Adams Donna Capriotti Erly Diaz-Melendez Michael Hanly Helen Kim Charlowe Mesina
Marybeth Affleck Elizabeth Carrasco Ryan Dillon Jay Hanson Janet Kim Nakai Miles
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Adeel Ahmad James Case Tom Duffy Danielle Harrison Eric Kung Jeannie Mora
Komal Ahmad Veronica Casey Denise Dulin Leo Hartung Amy Kwan Carroll Morris
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Katherine Alevizos Joe Castilla Phil Dymock Andrea Haws Jennie Lane Labanya
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Kristen Areyan Teresa Chapman Carrie Ellerbe Cari Hays Todd Laurence Danielle Munro
Rosalie Arntzen André Chapman Susan Ellis Lori Heeren Connie Lawson Michael Munz
Jennilea Arruda Aaron Chapman George Engurasoff Kimber Hellman Daniel Lawson Parweiz Mustan
Tia Arzu Laurie Chase Cameron Erbst Kimly Heng Madison Le Scott Nacey
Inas Atawneh Alejandra Chavez Deanna Erbst Kimheang Heng Collette Lee Michael Nagy
Sonja Avery Morgan Ching Steve Erbst Brittany Henry Lucie Lee Kosie Nakamoto
Sarita Baddhan Anita Chordia Cameron Erbst Rosie Hernandez Wyatt Leedy Jordan Naraja
Dennis Baldwin Julie Chovanec Andrew Espino David Hershfield Katherine Leehane Meena Narayanan
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24 Unity Care


Rachel Rachfal- Susie Stark Janice White Beverly’s, Store #69 Kelly-Moore Paints Santa Clara
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Molly Rhine Jason Supult Darlene Woodson Practices and San Mateo
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Carissa Richter Mike Syrnyk Julie Wynn LDS Relief Society Signature Events
Christopher Riedel Grace Tai Steve Yankovich California Bank of San Jose South Silicon Valley
Chris Riedel Wila Tanakijjanon of Commerce Stake Community
Marcia Riedel Barbie Taormina Yarbrough Foundation
Nicole Riga Cade Taormina Valerie Yee California Service Tool LDS Roseville Stake Sports Basement
Madeline Riley Drake Taormina Tiffany Yeh Stanford School of
Blanca Rios Wayne Tapie Luis Yepez California’s Great LDS Storehouse Medicine, Security
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Kiruthika Sivaraman Kristin Wahl Art For Foster Care Painting Oak & Rye Beautification)
Rebecca Sledd Lisa Walstrum Asian Art Museum
Katy Smilko Dmitri Warhus Avalon Mission Bay Equinox Wines Orchard Supply Jack and Jill of
Ryan Smilko Charles Watkins Balance Staffing Hardware America Foundation
Lynnetta Smith Sandy Watkins-Miguel Bay Area Facebook Inc. (Differential
Abby Smith Gregory Watson Original Joe’s Response Grant)
Lisa Sonsini Sue Webb Christian Church Family Giving Tree
Matthew Sonsini Doug Wells Bay Area Discovery PACE Supply Mission City
Ramona Sosa Christine Weng FastSigns of San Community Fund
Courtney Sotelo Peter Wheeler Museum Jose-Campbell Pajama Program Bay (Unity Place
Ratna Srivastava Laurie Wheeler BAY FM (94.5) Area Chapter Apartments Grant)
Ed Stark Benchmark Fragomen, Del Rey,
Bernsen & Loewy, Panera Bread Silicon Valley
Environmental LLP Community
Engineering Party Rental Outlet Foundation (Foster
Berliner Cohen LLP GB Group, Inc. Youth Housing
Bertha Taylor Paul Mitchell The Crisis Report)
Elementary PTA Genentech School San Jose
Best Version Media: Sobrato Family
Los Gatos Living Gifts for Teens PayPal Giving Fund Foundation (Office
and Saratoga Space Grant)
Spotlight Golden State Pelle Heating & Air
Ice Cream Conditioning

Good Samaritan Peninsula Food
Hospital Runners, Inc

Half Moon Bay Peter Cassara
Kayak Company Clothiers

Hartung Family Phi Beta Sigma
Charitable Fund Theta Lamda Sigma

Help One Child PrimePay

Henrietta Aigner ProFloors
& Joy Baldwin
Family Foundation Project Glimmer

Heritage Bank of Project Linus
Commerce San Jose

Hobee’s California Prometheus Real
Restaurants Estate Group

Home Depot Psycho Donuts

Insperity-Texas Restec Contractors

Insperity-Walnut Rialto West Properties
Robson Homes LLC
Irvine Company
Salesforce Foundation
Jack and Jill of
America, Inc., San Francisco 49ers
San Jose Chapter
San Francisco 49ers
Joseph George Foundation
Fine Wines
San Jose Downtown

San Jose POA

San Jose Sharks 25

30.3% 13.4%


89.0% 43.3%

8.1% 37.7%

89.1% 1.9%



Income Statement Statement of Financial Position

Revenue $15,997,615 Assets $5,086,130
$389,078 $8,143,251
Program Services Current Assets
Contributions and In-Kind $1,589,555 Land, Building and Equipment $262,174
Other Other Non-Current Assets
$17,976,248 $13,491,555
Total Revenue Total Assets

Expenses $15,482,346 Liabilities and Net Assets $1,805,413
$1,403,522 $1,756,492
Program Services $486,388 Accounts Payable $5,841,512
General and Administrative Current Liabilities $4,088,138
Fundraising and Marketing $17,372,256 Non-Current Liabilities
Net Assets $13,491,555
Total Expenses
Total Liabilities and Net Assets
Fiscal Year 2017—2018
12 months ending June 30, 2018



Carl Agers Mark Yolton Madison Le
Chairman of the Board Board Vice President Board Treasurer
Senior Vice President, Executive Vice President & Chief
Vice President, Administrator Officer
Marketing Services Digital & Interactive Beneficial State Bank
Hero Digital

Cedric Martin Marty Cull David Hershfield
Board Secretary Chief Financial Officer Managing Partner
Claims Examiner Hershfield Consulting
Amtrust North America Air Systems

Sheila Mitchell Elizabeth Pappy Ray Ruiz
Chief Deputy Partner President & CEO
Community Development
Probation Officer Burke, Williams & Resources, Inc.
Los Angeles County Sorensen, LLP 27

Agency Headquarters San Francisco County

Sobrato Center for NonProfits 2198 Cayuga Avenue
1400 Parkmoor Ave. Suite 115 San Francisco, CA 94112

San Jose, CA 95126 P 415 859 5299
P 408 971 9822
F 408 510 3484 Placer County

Eldorado County 11716 Enterprise Drive
Auburn, CA 95603
247B Placerville Drive
Placerville, CA 95667 P 408 971 9822 x3011

P 530 903 3335
F 530 903 3355



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