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                              e v e r y   n i g h t   i s   A   P u r e   D e l i g h t               Night after night, top entertainers bring down the   Of course, we will keep you entertained all day with               house in the American Queen’s Grand Saloon and    an enticing and diverse line-up of noted speakers               the Showroom on the American Empress. Two decks   who offer insights on the culture, people and history               tall, the Grand Saloon is palatial and a room you   of the destinations we visit. Or join our engaging               would expect to find on a large ocean liner. Each   Riverlorian up on deck for tales of the legend and               evening, the lights dim, the curtain rises and our   lore of the river.               talented performers offer you entertainment worthy               of Broadway.                                      Many American Queen itineraries feature special                                                                 themed entertainment. Our first cruise of the season               Rousing musical revues and high-energy cabaret    on February 21 kicks off with Big Band Swing, a               from our immensely talented and energetic cast takes   timeless sound that’s always in style. A tribute to the               center stage each evening. After the show, dance and   King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley, is the highlight               swing to stellar performances of jazz, blues, ragtime,   of our May 30 and December 5 sailings. Embrace               bluegrass, country and rock and roll in the handsome   the soulful sound of the Delta Blues on June 6, or               Engine Room Bar, or join in a lively piano sing-a-  enjoy back-to-back Bourbon & Bluegrass cruises on               long in the Main Deck Lounge.                     August 29 and September 5. Our house band and                                                                 singers are some of the best around, so rest assured               The Showroom on the American Empress offers a     that every cruise offers wonderful entertainment.               more intimate atmosphere, ideal for soloists and soft               piano music as you share over cocktails the day’s   The grand size of the American Queen and the               discoveries and the surprises tomorrow holds in store.  warm ambiance of the Showroom on the American               As history plays such a large part of your experience,   Empress allow us to present a variety and caliber of               our guest historians often take the stage and will   entertainment that is most notable.               transport you to another era. Relive a tale from               Mark Twain or a recounting of the Lewis & Clark               Expedition for a spellbinding evening, and you will               retire to your stateroom convinced you’ve just had a               conversation with history.        6
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