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                                      A n   A f f A i r   t o   r e m e m b e r               Your experience is not limited to the view from your   The nightly five-course dinner in the J.M. White               veranda or the included shore excursions; each night   Dining Room on the American Queen showcases the               and every bite is a memorable delight. Our award-  varied cultural and culinary influences of our great               winning chefs carefully select the best seasonal and   nation. Inspired by the American heartland and our               local ingredients for traditional recipes as well as   Southern heritage, each offering is a celebration               unique culinary creations.                         of flavor. Perhaps you will start with a fried green                                                                  tomato with crawfish in a Cajun beurre blanc               Your first decision each morning: whether to relax in   followed by hearts of romaine in green goddess               bed with a cheerful breakfast tray of freshly brewed   dressing and roasted quail in a pepper crust with               coffee and piping hot beignets, linger in the elegant   apple smoked bacon.               dining room or enjoy the informal atmosphere of an               alternate venue. Menu choices are many, including   On the American Empress, in the Romanov Dining               made-to-order omelets; egg strudel with spinach,   Room, you might start with gravlax in dill and               tomato and feta; andouille hash with corn cakes; and   mustard sauce followed by Beef Wellington. A               decadent bananas foster French toast.              sumptuous array of selections is presented each and                                                                  every evening to tempt your palate – all we can say is               Our signature Jazz Brunch is a veritable feast     bon appétit!               of freshly baked pastries, carved meats, fish and               seafood, salads, sautéed vegetables, and of course,   Our alternative dining venues offer the ideal respite               everyone’s favorite – dessert.                     for a relaxing, al fresco dinner, affording idyllic                                                                  commanding views of the river and passing scenery.               Choices are equally abundant for lunch. Make it    You will feast on freshly grilled meats, sumptuous               as light or as hearty as you wish, sampling from an   seafood, a medley of vegetables and salads and a               extensive buffet or enjoying traditional service in   supreme selection of desserts. Of course, if you               the main dining room. Both feature creative soups,   are feeling peckish any time of the day or night,               salads, heartier fare and decadent desserts.       the Front Porch Café or the River Grille offer a                                                                  selection of sandwiches, fresh fruits, popcorn and               For an informal lunch with a view, our alternative   soft-serve ice cream around the clock while 24-hour               dining venues offer a cornucopia of choices –      room service is just a phone call away.               freshly made salads, burgers, exquisite hot and cold               entrées, along with desserts and the ever popular ice               cream and sundae bar.                                                                                                                                                                                            J.M. WHITE DINING ROOM – AMERICAN QUEEN        4
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