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                           A   P e r f e c t l y   A m e r i c A n   e x P e r i e n c e           Dear Traveler,                                                                                                        ©           America is a country defined by explorers and powered by dreamers. At the American Queen Steamboat Company , we are           both proud and honored to be part of the dream of American river cruising with the magnificent American Queen®. The largest           and most opulent riverboat in the world, the American Queen’s welcoming appearance is complemented by a culture of gracious           service, elegant décor, rousing entertainment and rewarding enrichment experiences. All of this is coupled with an in-depth           exploration of the cities, towns and historical sites that make up the fabric of the United States.           We are amazed by the overwhelming, heartfelt response to the American Queen and the luxurious amenities that we provide;           deluxe hotel stays before each voyage, remarkable shore excursions included in every port and a wealth of complimentary           onboard amenities. Nevertheless, we firmly believe that with every great accomplishment there is always room for           improvement. Therefore, the American Queen has just emerged from a stunning refurbishment and now boasts expanded           dining venues, enhanced public spaces, refreshed but authentic antebellum décor and a renewed commitment to defining the           American river cruise experience.           Beginning in the spring of 2014, our elegant and intimate style of travel expands to the Columbia and Snake Rivers in the           Pacific Northwest. The soaring mountains, dramatic landscapes, abundant wildlife and frontier spirit of the fascinating West           are the perfect complements to the cultural history, quiet towns and genteel character of our voyages on the Mississippi,           Ohio, Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers. Just as the American Queen embodies the Heartland and legacy of Mark Twain, the           American Empress was exclusively designed to celebrate the rich tradition of exploration in the West.           Over two hundred years ago President Thomas Jefferson charged the “Corps of Discovery” with the mission to reach the           Pacific Ocean. Today, the American Empress travels between Portland, Oregon and Clarkston, Washington re-tracing the           footsteps of Lewis and Clark all while surrounding you with the comforts of modern luxury. The wonders they discovered on           their courageous quest are now the majestic backdrop and inspirational destinations that the American Empress reveals to you           in a pampered and modern environment unimaginable to Lewis and Clark so long ago. Take time to explore overlooks that           were used by these intrepid explorers, visit charming towns nestled along the river and stroll through vineyards that produce           some of the finest wines in the world.           Regardless of which riverboat captures your imagination and regardless of which region wins your heart, a vacation aboard           the American Queen or the American Empress is one unlike any other. Consider celebrating with us some of the special themes           that embrace American traditions and history; themes such as the Fourth of July, Southern Culture, Good Old Summertime,           Baseball Legends, Bourbon & Bluegrass, Old-Fashioned Holidays, and Elvis Presley on the American Queen or Lewis & Clark           and the Wine Trail on display on the American Empress. Nature’s beauty and the historical tapestry that blankets this land           have been in the making for countless generations. We invite you to join our friendly American crew and get acquainted with           America’s hidden treasures in peerless comfort and luxurious style.           Welcome aboard,           Ted Sykes           President and COO        2                    (888) 749-5280 • WWW.AQSC.COM
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