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 with with Mad Mad 222 Tse

 Country Name and City:
 Hong Kong, China.

 What language(s) do you speak?
 Cantonese, Mandarin, English.

 Your nickname mad222 , how did
 that come about?
 222 sounds =easy easy easy in
 Cantonese; mad222=easy to get mad.

 When did you start overclocking
 seriously or rather competitively
 for points? Is overclocking solely for
 competitive purposes or do you take
 part in it for fun mainly?
 I started overclocking about 8 years
 ago and began to participate in                                                We know you mostly bench NVIDIA
 competitions since the development                                             graphics cards, but what are your
 of my first OC Team in 2008. Yes, I                                            thoughts on the Radeon R9 290X?
 mainly do it for fun.                                                          Frankly, not bad at all if ATI can
                                                                                spend more time on polishing its
 Which is your favourite benchmark                                              drivers. I like the idea of core unlock
 if any and what is your least                                                  on certain GPU die batches. It s
 favourite and why?                                                             always fun to unlock something with
 I like all kinds of 3D & 2D                                                    surprising bonus.
 benchmarks except those with
 heavy silicon torture.                                                         You have been overclocking with
                                                                                a lot of the guys at HKEPC. Do you
 Youve been doing a lot of work with                                            mainly bench with them or do you
 GALAXY lately, how did you get                                                 have other people you regularly
 together with the company and why                                              bench with?
 do you prefer to work with them                                                I do bench with HKEPC team mates,
 over any other vendor?                                                         but I bench alone most of the time.
 I started to associate with Galaxy
 in a competition organized by them                                             What are your two favourite
 back in 2009. Galaxy is a growing                                              motherboards at the moment for the
 company that insistently aims to                                               Z87 and the X79 platform?
 promote and advocate the concept of                                            Asus Z87 M6E & ASRock Z87M OCF;
 Overclocking  if you will.                                                     Asus R4E & R4BE.

 Any great scores you can tell us                                               What is the most supportive
 about that you ve achieved using the                                           memory vendor for you and
 new 780Ti HOF?                                                                 overclocking?
 Ah... you will get the surprises in                                            Team, Corsair and Geil at the
 time.                                                                          moment.
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