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كتاب الطالب الانكليزي

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كتاب الطالب الانكليزي

كتاب الطالب الانكليزي

6th Preparatory student,s Book


6th Preparatory student's Book

by Olivia Johnston
and Caroline de Messieres

E!!!adaL!d ad?lrtation conhitte€
Minirtry of Edu.ation Enqlish Cutri.ulum Committee

Vo"lVoLdr"d o" l"odotr"- gr" trr ',a

Ad Al Moussa 5enlor Edu.atiof spe.ialist

NllaD,ad NajiAhmed Head ol Eng i5h Depa(m€nr I th€ Open Ed!.arton Co ege
RamzlNour Abd! ah - Senlor EdL.aton Spe.a ist

Batool Faeq Abd! wahid S€nior Ed!cauon Speciali5t

Book Map

! lisleni.g to ch€.k m dentiiylnq the besL headLne . .oDparinq past slmple and . words 1o des.rb€ nen a.d
r lnking word5 and phrasej
@ Lnef ng and.hoosing o fnd n9 i.tormauon { thin d .onparlnq pa5t s mpe ann

endnr9s ror senr€nce5 . writng jummane5 based on G exprc$ons ol qLanuty
lnfomration a!ready given
. ta [i.9 abolt prev]ous a.d Lrtrgri.g. l.I.i!ldg
r tal(nq about prot,e and r prcd!. nq a longer pie.e of . €am n9 new vo.abuary by prtti.q words into groups
. undeEtandlng Lhat wordswith s miar mean ngs are not aways
c p6ct(ing dla oques ana wr tnrg lslnq lnk ng word5

c writ n9 an essay argu n9 'rof
and'agalnst rom€th ng

4 lntenifg ro ldentli speaker 6 sklnm n! textslor rpe.lin . J/ro!/d/rh.rdr'rror advl.e and expectatbn
o r€adin9 Lo rind . expr€$ions to mate pokte rcquens
. to.h€.[ ideas r saying it is nece$ary to do somelhi.g
. rellnq a patn€r ldear and n readlng an adved to answer ! .omparlng D,n a.d hov.lo
. maklng sl99€5tons a.d ofi€6
. readi.g writt€n exer. ses r ng seftences wth
!.aigtr:ig. leli!!i,tt
r suggeit nq improvements difi€rent verb lormats r !ndeuundi.g and us nq abbreviauon5

r wrirlng a paragraph itom

o ntenlng to ide.liry sp€ake6 . readi.q to flnd lnlomato. E zero and ftst.ondilona . wodj to erpres regr€l
o Listeflng to provide ans€6 0 indire.t or reported spee.h
o words to des.rbe jobs and
renember lnlormaton
0 wrung trom memory e words !5ed ln.ondir onal

o .ontr bunnq to$ 0 writlfg l. reported 5p€€.h l-,:iitrL:1!c,;rg
n asklng and answe n9
o using inlormaton 1o roe play r writing n qlestlon tormat | €am n9 new vo.abulary by maklnq word webs

6 .hooslng the.oir€.lcondltio.alro convey your mean ng

d Revislon afd pra.uce oi sk s, grammar and exs from units'l to 3

. li5r€ninq io identti ropi.s 0 scan. n9 a lext ta lind o revew an9nPdr.€.sretinnt !poeur:fe.r 0 words to describe holidays
r ta kinq aboll previous events 5inrp e
t words whi.h 5iqfa elatve
. a5k nq afd aniveflng s lh adle/os1.h a5 er.r

G Pra.t6 n9 and.{eidlng d erpre$ n9 p4sona rea.ton t .onn€.tinq and i.ling words
dialogLe! with a pa ner
. ldentfyinq a rviter's atiitud€ 0 rcviewi.g simp€/contf uour
* practi n9 grammar n ! mar.hifq begi.flngs ard
and presenL periect tenses
. uriunq a des.rlptlon of a
I o €!eL!i.q th€ pa5t pede.r
. afay2lng a.d rewrll ng a
6'd b..q -d.e td,..
w€larg!ed lext, us ng link
: ir:l-,n.!r lrifli !

n 5oorqr4 do, .D or P i19 IIg.' oqo.p.
- on ndd.s

homework asignments r r€ading to undersund d re!ewi.g active and pa*ve 3 \rords lsed in banknq afd
o rev ew ng .ondit tenses
. roe Paling a rea iJe o edlt ng w. uen worklor . 9ue$ing meaning tronl
o rlnrmari2i.g a Mrien rerr
o ora ll rlmmdrlzifg short Lrtr'L::iirc l.ii.r!:r jr
e Mt nq a errer ol.ompalfl
r talkng about events n the . revie\rifq a.d pra.ti5inq the pa$ve

. qroup dis.rsrotu abolllnir . extendifg linowedq€ ofvocab! ary

@ r€vew ng luture tef5e5 0 wods used n ed!.alon
0 eaflrlfg about word famlli€s
r s.anning a LexL lo fnd
c nrling words and phrases
a readi|q to dentry ma n
. ijstenifg to a partner'r 6 rdq.ddrg.ol iq I eq .
! writifg to expres oplnlon
spoken worl to dentit dear ! \fitifg a. e$ay des.r bing

. ta [rnq aboul favourite th n9s

+ spealiing n front ol3 group
+ dis.u55fg id€as with a

! Pd.liring per5lasve anguage

M RevGion and of5li 5, qraninar and lerisrrom U. t5 5 ro 7 P.79
Grammar and run.tions Reference P.93
Checklist for sritten work p.94


My toe is bleeding

a Look at the pictures. What minor health problem do you think
each person is suffering from?

a Match what each person is saying to the correct picture.

is bleeding. I cut it
on the beach.

a Now do Exercises A to D in the Activity Book.


I was ice-skating and I fell over

. Discuss with a partner what I've ... The doctor wil

is happening in each picture.
Then read the text and guess
the missing words.

tr2 Sit dow|, please. I need
to take your deta ls.

:Do you think it's broken?

and I fell over. ' Probably not. But you
I'm goifg to put your
r need to have an x ray
wrist I pldster.

I -Y- ,

a 6J O L;sten and check.

a Now do Exercises A to C in the Activitv Book.

He was floating when he felt
something push him

a Read the article and choose the best headline.

ffiernngns cAN BE MWATCH oIJT FoR



some dolphins srt'au up

and frightened the shar.k

alvay. There u'ere at least

six olthern ald they made
a circle arould rne. The

shark couldn't get near


Coastguard _fameel
Elalar'vi heard Tariq,s

screams and rescued hl'm
blr boat. lvhile he \,r'as
giving Tariq first aid on

the boat, his partner.,
Ahmed Al Misri, called

the emergenc] services.
It r,r'as a calm norning rl,ood. Thelr it pushed
in the beautiful seaside on the shore and he
even hatder ald I lell into
torvr of Sharm El Sheikh, the \'!'ater.. That's \^.hen I immcdiately taken
sa\l' it \4tas a shark.' to lhc hospital at Sharn
Egypt. Tn'enty-vear-old El Sireikh.
Ile \ras trying to swim
Zaid Taricl, a tourist au,ay l,hen the shark bit 'It \^ras tlte most
his arm. TiLriq, wiro u'as
lrom h.acl, u'as floating losing a lot of blood and flighterring day of n.r, life.'
peacefully 150 netres thought he l,!'as about to
die, screamed as loud as Tariq told reporters fi orn
froln the shore u'hcn hc
hc could. his hospital bcd. 'That
'l \'\'as praying to God to shark r'r,anted to
thought perhaps my save me,' he said.'rrlten
have me lor breakfast but
airbed had hit a piece ol
the dolphins saved me,

thank God.'

. Now do Exercises A to E in the Activity Book.

Most smokers take it up

as teenagers

Read the texts below and choose the
correct figures to complete each one.

fd O Then l;sten and check your answers.

7 15 18 24 f41 A0o/o 3O0

Every year, around I I4,000 snrokers in

lhe UnilFd Krlgdom d e fJon lleir 1db I.

That's about (!_i people every day.

i.1) -Smoking in Britain is highest in the

20 age group.

It is ileqal to sell ciqarettes to children

. -under the age of 16. Yet 20% of Britain's

-Vear-old' dro regL a'Smoke ..

More than @ of smokers take up

the habit when they are teenagers.

People who smoke a packet of cigarettes

a day die on average O years earlier

than people who have never smoked.

Every day in the Ljnited Kingdorn, start smoking.

- ofapproximately 450 younq people under the age

The British Covernment currently spends around f3O million a year on
_anti-smoking educat:on campaigns. A furlher (t
-on measures to help people give up smoking. million is spent

More people in Britain die from srnoking than from road accidents,
poisoning and A DS.

a Now do [rer(ise A in the Activity Book

a study the language box then find another example of a phrasalverb
in the texts above

. Phrasal verbs are formed when a preposition (e.g., upldownlon is added to a

verb and creates a new ve.b. Sometimes the new verb has a sjmjlar meaning,
but sometimes it is very diffe.ent.

. l'll pick you up alhalf past seven. (= fairly similar to the verb prck)
. He gove up smoking when he got ill. (= very different meaning from the verb gtye)

. Now do Exercise B in the Activity Book.


Thke some exercise every day

. Complete the health tips with the phrases in the box.

Be safe when you travel Don't drink too much coffee Don't smoke

Drink plenty of water Eat a balanced dlet Cet enough s eep

Look after your eyes Never mlss breakfast

See the dentist for regular checkups Take some exerclse every day


g Af avehge of ei8ht hours a n 8ht is abour right

F$ ?' . Ma<e sure you ear ptenty of fresh fruit and vegetabtes.

Avoid excessive amounF ofsah, sugar and animat far

3 h\ rhe mos! imponant neat of rhe day.

4 . tdealty, do sport thrce dmes a week for an hour tf you

hate sport, go for a 20-mtnute wat/< every nay.

5 , a. teast a titre and a hatf every day. Tea, cotree ann sofi

drifl€ are NOT water.

6 .And brush yolr leeth three dmes a day.
7 . .b, lood pressure. .Tea is betrer for your heart and can even tower your

A .lfyou do, ask a noctor for help wkh givin8 it up.
9 . Ge! rhem tested orce a year
'tO . Make sure you are up to date with vacc narions ahd Llkc

ma aria medicarion if necessary.

. Match four of the health tips with the pictures.

a Now do Exercises A lo I in the A<tivity Book.


Teachers used to be stricter

. Look at the photos and read the captions. Where

and when do you think the photos were taken?

P"j?le "ed l. +,r,el bf a.nier .a,+ 6;5 drf'l !3 l.9o +.5.1o.1.

Which opinions are true for lraq? Write A (agree) or D (disagree)
in the boxes. Then discuss your views with your partner.

I l"mrles oet,nne.y L.ed ro oe b,99er.

lhdt's.igh'. N4y mother hd5 eight brothers ano 5,5ters.

And my grandfather had ten.

But I've onJy got two brothers and one sister.

I Families used to be bigger T
2 Young people used to have less freedom. tr

3 The hea th service used to be better. uu
4 There used to be more poverty.
5 People used to die younger.
6 leopl" rseo to gpt d oerter edL,.r on tfrl
/ he - dio'l r J\p lo oe 50 n-u,l- pol utio- rriti-\.
8 Children didn't use to be so rude.

Talk about how life has changed in a !/sed to + verb is for things which
the past 100 years. Make sentences were true in the past but are not
with used to/didn't use to. Use the5e true now. Films used to be black and
ideas: children, cities, vjllages, white. Now they are usually in colour
entertainment, medicine, houses,
schools, men, women, young people. o The negative i5 didn't aJe to. people
didn't use to have computers and
Now do Exercises A and B in the mobile phones, but now everyone
Activity Book.
has them.


Let's start with diet

. Read the article and choose the correct linkinq phrase for each gap.

As a resu t of this Finally, let's talk about Furthermore n my opinion
ln the past ktr1'.1'tarfl-.otith Next, we need to ook at Now
isThe main reason Yet

People should take peopl-" us€d to watk than this habir.

responsibility for mora, or use a bi._vcle Smoking damages the
their own health
to got a.ound. lungs ard heafi, and
@ c''""1on"
gels in their car insread smokars genemlty need
of s.alkin:. cverl if morc mednral attention
the disiance is jusr
a kilometre or two. tha! Ion smokers.
bJ, Dr Santir Rantzi (Zl ,
children govcrrlmert should not
glve lree hcalth care ro
Every lear. the 19 tLar spand hours pla],nrg people $'ho don'r take

governnent sp€nds p€ople are eating lood TV and coDpDtcr care of thexrselv€s.
that l]ontains too mu.h games instead of People a'ho lead

l]rillions of pounds in fat, su:lar aDd salt. running about outsi.le. unh€althy lirJcs should
(O udteahhy
heahh carc on people diet, 60 per cent oI @ r'e all pav for thc;r os,n
British people are krow thar r€gular
w|o have brcught thcir health c€re. Ard if rhcJ
ovcrs'eigli arld therefore ex€rcise helps us to bring up their
illn,"sses on themsetves contuol ou lr,eight and
at rjsk of becomhg in an unhealthv ay,
th.ough bad djet, la.k keep our heart h€althr-'.
diab-"1i.. rhey shoul.l pav tbr
uI exerLi5e 'orsslam,ol k.i,.,i,l 6l their children's h€atth
ex{cise. at
L, lel a""lmooUst"gno. thingr'1rh"a'"t,*s
diet. In llritairl. rhe
number of rrorsc tor your heatrh
goes up e|er! ycar.

. Study these useful linking phrases.

o Civing opinions: ln my opinion, ... / lfeel that... / Personally, lthink... /

cenerally speaking, ...

0! Listing points: Firstty, ... / Let's start with ... / ln the first place, ... / Secondly, ...
Next, ... / In addition, ... / Furthermore, ... / On top of that, ... / Thirdly, ...
Finally, ... / Lastly, ... / Last but not least, ...

c Talking about causes: One reason is that ... / Because of ... / This is caused by ...
s Talking about results: As a result, ... / Consequently, ... / Therefore, ...

a Now do Exercises A and B in the Activity Book.

Lellons A and 9 \ AB 17 2l

I'll always be proud of him

. Read the article and choose the best title.


PLr-.aJ biLa:,iri.r:,:a:tL::i.!t.|:<:ala-.liajlsarf-:it.r]l.l.a::rI!-laihrrr.\rt1.rrtiL,listit]i!a[,faiiaii]labi,iaijiir.Ilrenra:al.rti:iiji.a,!,Lra,,l,t.jr:ln:i::

i:e -. n:! fta :t!j| rji nar .tter:j /.t,til i.-
.r,ri_ri/i tr .t!ra-.t a :.iil t-:t !11-: ir,ri:.rtl ai:tatll

.ra!, di i Lrit,re -ar LtL-r

JirbiJa: Tlts .:.a!|:r slt-. -r:tarsi.i,ai ui.La rer
a arair :|fjitr rt:t I rt
irrft :..a.ia il

larrr lrlrr ir-art riau .rat- i,i,. . onliti]ltrr r.:,i, irar i lei:a- r-.r , t.all i!.rrr :t iltal

:l :r,.'rr':i h:J r arL]|]artaj D!.rit ar nrti
a ':! b!.al
:t ,al.]l haat tjrofrfi4r.t "i",, .,u, l,rl

l!1,,!l:Jarii nas airi;i,.,aa ;t _iLir.r:! :'1i'nt! |ii.i s:..i lll.E r.ieits I tro:.r,r ,:r;e I
A| ai:-b r a|a: a1r,,,aJ fi ir-. rir!a-; ji[i:]-_r.
n a![as .][ar l',1L:,.Ia naiil i! :r:r]a .i. n L .:i, rl
:ltr'aaT ;t lt,. lfe.rt Fr..: lu T 1. r([i:]ialt a-i-l Tari.i
ta;ra.l a.,.itn|i.)tttai.arta la lrrrtLto ,i ,aiJ/ :ri u taa :1]a, laa /!,r!r iafiaia ;r il ,j,,,,.
ti : a,;r.i

a lr 1 H. aajt]al|i o. ir:ira-o l],, aie :t _il
ii a]t lri []a aoai itn F: letJrrt,.
.L [a tir_- ir-t


. Now do Exercises A to D in the Activity Book.


KffiffiK ffi

Law and order

Match the words and the pictures.

footprint metal deiector crime scene
speed limit
fingerprint x-ray machin-" security quard

radar speed qun security camera

ffi@ Now listen to two people talking. Which speaker is:

a police officer?
a driver?

Now do Exercises A and B in the Activity Book.


A police officer's duties

What does a police officer do? With a partner,
list as many activ'ties as you can think of in
two minutes,
A police officer has given a talk to a school class
about his iob. As part of the talk, he gave out an
information pack to the students. Read the
extra.ts from the information pack below. What
activities does he mention? How many are the
same as your ideas?

People have to lollow the law so thai we can a I ive

together safely. There are a lot of d fferent aws. so

pollce officers have a ot of d fferent duties Some

offcers clirect lraffic to make sure thaL dlvers can
use the roads east y and w thout hav ng acc dents
They a so use radar speed gufs to dentify people
who are clr v ng too fast. This is very important Drivers
mustn't speed because speed ng s one of the eading
causes ol death on the road. Po ice offcers also check
that drivers and passenge6 are weat ng the r seat belts

tSome peop e get angry because they don ke to wear

them, bLrL seat bells can prevent serious inluries f you
have an acc deni. So remember, when you get nto a
car. you must wear your seat beltl

Of course police officers a so nvestgate cr mes ke robberes When there has been a cr me,
po ce off ceTs are sent io the p ace where ll happened. They need to look for evidence, like

fingerpr nts and footprints, which can be used to identiry and arrest the crim fal Of course,

they don't have t0 recognize the f ngerpr nts themse vesl There are fingerprint expeds who do

that. Po ce officers also have to ask a ot of questions. They nterview wtnesses who they
th nk m ght have nformaijon about the cr me. W tnesses caf he p the po ce by te jng them
whatacrmna looks ke or whai t me a ct me was comm ited

ffi Police officers try io ptevent climes as well as so ve crimes They oIlen watch p aces where
they th nk cnmes are llkely to happef. Fot example, crowded areas attract p ckpockets who
iry to stea people's wallets. Shops that se expensive ltems a so attraci thieves But police
ofl ceTs a so help peop e w th everyday probLems For exam ple, if you're ost, you needn't
worry, you can iust ask a pol ce officer for d tect onsl

Now do Exercises A to D in the Activitv Book.


Airport security

Look at the pictures. Which places do you go to before boarding a plane?
Which do you 90 to after getting off? What happens in each place?

Cd O Listen and check your ideas

Look at the sentences from the dialogues. Wauld you put your bag on the
Which ones are used to: aanvsyor belt, please?

make a polite request? Could you enpty yaur pockete,
rn ake a suggestion?
give advice? thall we gel aame n'agazineo
make an offerT
befare boarding?

Let'g get same atinkg loo.

I'll elay hete with the bago
if you want,

Can you get me an orange aoda?

Yau should alwaya have your
baggage with you,


Applying for a iob

Look at the job advert below. Where can you find adverts like
this one? Now read the advert more carefully and do Exercises
A-D in your Activity Book.


is looking For Fri@ndlV, r@liobla

Securitg Guords

tor molls. Foctori@s ond ofti(@ bldgs.

l.lJ@ or@ ths Llorld's b@st s@curitv co Vou must:

. be '18 Vrs. or old@r . be ovoil. ot LU_@.
. be fit . be comp. lit@roto

. spk. €ngl. ond Rrob. . hov@ o driving li<.

No @rp. n@(@ssorv. Hours 6 o.m. 3 p m Vou Lljill uJork uJith
o portn@r ond hov@ fr@q. contoct uJilh tho public

for on oppt.

. Look at the sentences from the conversation and answer the question.

Jomij That's fine. I enjoy talking to people.

Mr Hozem:Then you should enjoy the job.
Mt Hazem: Cood,l'll send you the directions by e-mail. They're very clear

You shouldn't have any trouble finding us.
When Mr Hazem says Then you should enioy the j6b, does he mean:

a) ltt a good idea to enjoy the job?

b) I lhink you will enjoy the job?

o Use Jhould and shouldn'tto say what you expect will or won't happen.

Now do Exercise E in the Activity Book.


Military iobs

Look at the pictures. Which of the job5 looks the most interesting?
Which do you think you can do in the military?

Haue you euer thought about
joining the military?

There are many different mi itary jobs, so yo! should be ab e to flnd
one thats right for you. The military has three branches: tlreLand
Force, the Navy and the Air Force. lf yo! choose the Land Force, you
can h elp protect the country from lhe ground. ln the Navy yoL carl
work on or with the ships that protect our lvaters. 11you ike aircraft,
yoLr can ioin the Air Force and work with airp anes and helicopters.
You nust be l8 years old to join.

Not alLjobs ir, the military involve fighing. For exarnple, there are many
interesting jobs for peop e with a iechnica backqro!nd. lf you are
interested in computers, yo! can becorne a complter specialist. The
mi ltary needs computeTs to keep and organize informatiorl about many
things, sLrch asthe weather and temperature. And it needs people who
know computers to install and mainlain the software and hardware.

There are a so non lechnicaljobs in the milltary. Drivers are !sua ly
needed to transporl food and eq uipm ent from one place to another.
You might have to use a radio, but you neednl be very techn cal But
you do have to be in good physical conditlon. Drjving a rnilitary vehicle
ls not like diving your car on the roadl You must be ab e to drive off
the road and in bad weather conditions.

I\,4ost peop e want a chance to get a better job if they are good at
what they do. ln the military, you can take a test to become an otficer.
otficers lrave more responsibiliry and more ditficult jobs, but rnany
peop e think those jobs are also more interesting. officers can do
rnany ditferent jobs, too:they can p iot airplanes, superuise co'nputer
technicians, or even be doctors at the army base.

You don't have to have o lot of experience when yo! join the military.
When you start, you spend a otofllme earningnewthinqsina
classroom. Thef you get a lot of practice using your new ski s. The
things you earn are not on y !sefL whi e yoL are in the mllitary, brlt
can be usetul oltside, too. This means that when vou leave the
rnllitary, Vour trainin0 can he p you find a civilian job.


Now do Exercises A to D in the Activity Book.


A robbery

Skim the two texts. Are they about the same or different events?

rchbery occurred last The police bclieve the
nPigahrtkatD11ri.0v0ea.t robber mav ha\,-. got in the
305 house through a u,indon_ A
The \,vitness told the police she
owners of the bouse, Mr and had seen a tall nan in a dark
Mrs Srnith, u,.ere at home and
asleep at the time of the blue jacket run out ol the
robberv. Mon-.y, jewelierv house and drive a\,!,av in a
and a computer .$)ere stolell.
red car. The police ha\.-.n,t
but no one \,vas injrlled.
-11.15. lyare alrested anvone for th-. c tte
At police yet. None of the missing

alerted by Mr Smith, r^,ho savs propertv has beer forurd.
iris daughter. Sre. I,,,,oke hjm
This r.t'as the fillh robb_.r,
up after hearing a loud nojsc.
When he tvent dolvnstairs to iD to\,r'n this year, and police

invcstigate, he lbund a brokeu think the same man mav
be responsible. l'hev are
vase on the lloor He thcn
realized his coDtputer. \,!,as remiDding homcowners to
missing, ancl immediatcl\,
lock their doors ar nisht
called the pol1ce. and keep ground llior
windou,s closcd.


Sr", @a*

won r be eve 'har rrappened

You won't be ieve $,hat happened lasi night. I was sound asleep when att of a sLrclden heard a

loud crash. Of course was terdf ed. knew my parents were asleep ( I was around 11.00), but I
iholght heard somebody downsta rc. I didn t know whai to do so I ran to wake nry parenrs. l\rty

father made me go back to riy room, then he went downsiairs to f nd out what had happened. He
found a big mess. There werc papers and a broken vase on ihe iv ng room ftoor. We had been
robbedJ N4y falher ca led the police. Luck ly ilre burg ar had a ready teft, and no one goi hurt.

Im not scared anymore, bLrl I feel rea ly angry. [/]y farher had his computer sioef and my Sc ence

rcpofi was on the hard disklNow I have to wrte tr a overagain.Andthejeweerynryfathergave

my mother for her birthday was stolen ioo. She s reatty upset.

The po ice told Lrs ihey think the robber came in thrcugh the window lvty farher s getiing the tock

replaced today. The police werc very n ce, bul they don'l think we'tt get our rh ngs back. Wel , i l le

you nrore aboui il ai schooltomoffow


Now do Exercises A to D in the Activity Book.


A safetv brochure

Skim the paragraphs from a safety brochure published for the public
by the Police Department. What is its purpose?

. to glve jnformation about ditferent types of crime
: to pers!ade people to take security measures in their home

.r to sel burglar alarms

EVERYONE STIOULD so don t ponT ony neor vour vr'lnclows Gel go"l

THINK ABOUT locks for your doo6.loo Some ore unbe evoby
eosyTo open wihoul o kev ior on experienced
o. qol- o. o oo' o ooo l ooo l
why should you :hink oboul home
solely? Every yeqr, hundreds ot People corcl or o poperc ip Bul o goo.l ock is olmosl
hove lheir homes robbed'Thieves loke
money, iewellery, comPulers ond even mposslble lo unlock wlhoul lhe kev
lelevision sels.Then lhey sell lhem A good cloor is olso essenlio Moke su€ your
dgoin, often lo Poople who don'l door is so rcl. Hcrve your hoLrse exomined bv on
reolize lhey ore buying slolen property' experi, who con Tellyou lf vou neeclTo moke
Mony people hove insutonce thol poys
tor lhings lhot get stolen Bul some your hoLrse more secule
lhings con'l be reploced. For exomple,
iewellery con hove senlimenlol volue'
And if you gel your compuler slolen'
you could lose houls ol work on Youi

hord disk.

Bqsic meosures:

v.rindows, doors ond locks

WhoT o€ The mosl lmporloni ihlngs for home

soietv? Goocl w ndows cloo6 oncl locks ore
exl€mey impor-ionT l/onv thleves come ln
lhroLrgh open ',!in.lows Moke sure vour w ndows
hove goo.l ocks onci lock Them when vou go
oul Burglors con hjde behind trees ond b!shes

Now do Exercises A to E in the Activity Book.

L.lsoni a ard 9 \ AB 19 -46

Security technology

Find: three vehicles.
one number.
at least five useful linkinq phrases. I a word that means'Tain, snory sunny
or c oudy'.


Rada,r was invenl€d dlnng World WaJ II to deiect enemy aircr€'fi a'nd
ships. AJler that. il lqa,s lrsed for ma'ny obher tt]rb{is, jlcludi1rg weather

prediclion, Police offlcers sba,fied usilg rada,r speed $!'ls to cakh sleeders over
50 yeaxs a€0. Allhough new iecbnolosi is beu4 developed today, radar sleed
$ns axe sijll one ot the most conmon tnols in law edorcemenl

A radal speed gur) works by sending radio wa,ves lowau-ds a c€,r. l&en lhe
wmaovveinsgh, itthetheradcaioJ,wihaevye!b€o,ur€nctehebascaknteowaasrdwshethneihraedyawl egrxcnseIJntthlef car isn'i
the ca'r is

modng. however, the space beiween ihe radio waves changes The ra'dax gu!
caJ. Radar $rns work when the is
uses this idormaiion to ca,lculat€ ihe sleed of the ca'r
moving iowaxds or away from them. So you ca.n't avoid a iickel ly speeding awayl

Therc €re differcnt Wles oi rada,r grrrs some arc hand held a'nd a""e shaled a' bit like
gurs. Tney can be lsed by potice officers who €re waiting for speeders W lhe side oi
L\e mad. Police oificers can a,l!o use them frcm movll]g vehicles ln ihal c'se, the
radar gJn takes hin accou')i ihe speed of the police v€blcle. Some m'dax guns can t:'ke
a liclu€ of a cax's license llaie as vvell as measui€ its speed llvith iins iwe of rad€J
g!n. paiice don't hav"" to sto! the speedhg ca,r. They use the inJormation on lhe ljcense
llate io identjfy the orxner of the car' mey ihen send hi'n or her a speedhg iickel'

Some dJivers hy io avoid ?ada} €tns so ihat ihey won't gei tickets

They use rada,r det€ctors lhai deiecl if a mda,r gul is being lsed

n€a,rby. nrese mach]lles make a b€eping somd when they delect a

radax gn, and the fuiver slo$'s dowD However, some police officem
don'i ium on thef radar duns mtil ihey see a c€J ihal ihey tblnk
is spe€djng. ]f that happens, the radar g\rlr measllr€s lhe &iver's

sleed before lhe dnver even hlows the r€dal gun is ther€ Anoiher
!rcblem is thai, in some pl€res, radar det€ctnrs a.r€ jlleg€l ard you
can gei a ine for having one

Some leopie claim radax gurs call make mrtakes €,1d ihal d.nvers get tickets when they

shmildn't. Holvever. iherc axen'i maAy miEtakes if the rad€x $.ms a,re nsed cofl€cUy a'nd
lolice offlcers arc irahed lo use them lnrlerly Therc arc also ru1es aboui radax gJn

mairtenance. IJ Lhe radar Surs a,re checked and fi{ed regularly, ihey axe a'n essenlial

tool in helling kee! our rcails sa.fe.

Now do Exercises A to your Activity Book.



I'd like to work
in the tourist industry

a Match the careers to the pictures. Write the correct number in each box.

a) p architecture e; ! rine art i) a lthe oil indust.y

I industry E ) !b) the aviation scientific research
D information technology

c1 ! engineering 9)! the meaia k;[lteaching

d)! the environment h)- medicine l) Ethe tourist industry

a 6d @ Listen and match each speaker to a career from the list above.

Write the correct letter next to each name.

. Now do Exercises A to C in the Activity Book.


If you come round tomorrow,

I'll help you

Ramiz is having an interview with a careers advisor
at school. Complete the conversatjon with the
correct words from the box.

career conserving environment involve
qualifications science university

AdylJolr What would you like to do when you
finish studying?

Rarrrhr l'rn not sure yet. But 'm very interested in
eco ogy and the a1l

Advisor: lf you'rc qoad al ?. and

geography, there are lots of jobs to choose from.

Romtzi I love them both. They're my favourite s!bjects.

:tAdvisor:Well, how about a in water

techno ogy? Thatt realy important in this country.

tRo,nir What exactly does water technology 1

,4dvlJori f you work in water technology, you look for ways
of iql
wate. and purlfying it.

Romiz: Yes, I'd ike to work in the water industry. Water

conservation and purification are really important in this

country. What kind of .q. do I need?

Advisor: Fitst of all, you need to get a degree. you could choose

' om ef iro'-r-n-n.d \LiFn, e gFoloq\ or a\.r Fr g" F-r rq.

Romiz: Whiah i1t offers those courses?

,4dy,iori I have to check. lf you corne back next week, l, I have the answer.

td O Now li5ten and € Zero conditional
Plants die if you dan't wqter them.
check your answers, The verb in both clauses is in the present tense.

Underline examples @ First conditional
of conditionals in If you come rcund tomorraw t'll help you with your opptjcotian.
the conversation, The verb in the lf clause is in the present tense.
The verb in the other clause is in the future tense.
Now do Exercises


Activity Book.


If you could choose anY iob ...

fd @ Listen and read, then answer the questions

What is Maryam going to study?
What career would she prefer to have?

cothy: lf you could have any career in the world, what would you choose?
Moryom: I'd like to be a Pilot
Corhyj Do you think that dream is ever going to come true?
Moryom: No, l don't. lt'sjustadream My parents wouldn't approve ofit-
They want me to train as a doctor'

Cothyi What if you refused?
Moryomi Are you ioking? They'd be really upset if I refused
Cothyj But it's Your dream.

Maryom: I k ow. But I could never be a successful pilot, anyway'

Cothyj What do you mean?
Maryom: lf I ',\as a pilot, nobody would fly with me.
Cothyj Why not?
Maryam: Becaose l'm a bit 5cared of heights!
Cothy: l+ | wercyon,l'd train as a doctor and have flying lessons in my free time'
Moryomj What free time? Medical stlldents don't have any free timel

a Now do Exercise A in the Activity Book.

. We use the second <onditional to talk about unreal situations'

lf I hod enough money, I would go to Britain to study.

lf she studled harder, she would pass her exams.

ll I were you,l'd apply to two or three colleges

lf clouse main clouse

/f + past tense, 'd I would I could / + verb stem.

a Underline examples of the second conditional in the above conversation'
. Now do Exercises B to D in the Activity Book


She asked when she had decided

. Read the interview, then cover your books. Write down three facts you

can remember about Zaha. Take turns tellinq the class.



This week Lolifo Ahmed interviews Zoho Hodid, London-bosed lroqi orch tect

Whol kind of buildings ore you fomous for?
I like very modern desqns, so probclbly my

mosl futurlslic bu ld ngs

Hove your designs won onY Prizes?

Yes, lhe P lzker Prize in 2004 lwos lhe first
wom,rn ev-oI to wn this ond ihe Sl ing Prize

in 2010 ond 201l

When did you decide lo be on orchitect? Con lroqi women olwoys be os successlul
lt hos b'een mV dleom since chldhood qs men in fheir coreers?
Of course Any lroq womon con succeed in
her chosen coreer if she wolks hclld enough

om foscinoled bv lhe des Cln ond slruciule of
bLJldings. I wonled o coreer lhot lwould enioy
oncllhoi would be useful.

Con you tell me more oboul Your
wos born in Boghdod ond slud ed
mcrlhemotcs ol lhe Amercon unvelsty ol
Berut Ihen I moved lo London ond sludl"cl

clrch ieclue opened my own plocuce lhele

in 1979. I oso slolred to ieoch olchteclule
strrl-onls in fomoLls Lrnvercties ike llorvord

. Write the interviewer's questions in reported speech.
She asked her when she Aad decided lo be an arch,,lecl.

a Now do Exercises A to D in the Activity Book.


I wish I'd brought my sunglasses

a Match each sentence to a picture.

I w sh l'd rem€mbered to tLrrn the ov€n ofl If onlv he hadnt tried to overtake that car.

a Read the driving test report after DRIVING TEST REPORT

saj'ida failed her driving test.
Then write her regrets.

I t\tsh H leafit Name: 5e;;d; SAretda

the Highway CoAa t: ha,Jn'l learnl lhe Hgtway Code

Z. drave +|augt a .eA leh+

.J. tttd not 5taw dowa .r+ a nrrsr.odds
+: pa"ked ,llegally on lte pavenenl
5: erceeded lle speed lrntl
6: hl a wlen,eve.s;ng

7: d,ave 'nlo lhe back of a p;.ked *.

a Now do Exercises A to D in the Activity Book-


If I'd been fitter H]im

. dd O Ljsten to a movie director talking

about finding the right career He is explajning
what happened when he tried other iobs.
Complete the captions under each

lwanted to be a pitot, but I f.:;led lAe lesl

I sta.ted training to be a do<tor, but _..

I <onridered nudyinq engineering, but _.


Itri€d being a policeman, but...

I wasn'r a good tour gui.te because ..

a Now do Exercise A in the Activity Book.

6 We use the third conditional to talk about unreal situations in the past.

lf I had possed the test, I would hove become a pilot.
(= But I didn't pass it so I didn,t become one.)

m We can also use the third conditional to express regret about the past.

If we had troined hotder, we might hove won the match.
(= But we didn't train hard so we didn,t win.)

The verb in the if clause is in the past perfect tense. ln the main clause, we use
have ot coutd ho\ e _ thepa)t parti(iple.
wouto nove ot d hot e, might

. Now do Exercises B and C in the Activity Book.


Learn English in the UK

Complete the advertisement with the correct words from the list.
fd @ rnen listen and check your answers.

accommodatlon advice canteen courses experience experienced

host,"ls evel locations staff suit returrr

Learn Eng/ish in the tl I{ at

Birchwood International College!

We harc ..fcollegcs in 2.1 diller.ent {cro$ rtrc.ourrn:

( Io"., . h.,.\.\o.,i',,.,,..t,up,,i,,g.r. ,,,guur i,,.1

n;ghtlili. Or opt lor avlttrge in the English counrrvside, \lhcre rorwil
,,,iu\ l.. u iirl -,rn" ,Ji,re.. lo\"t\ $. IL.,,.d. .t""..1.,.. "fl;,...

aAII our tcachers are cludilied and highlr . C1"** u..

a3rsllrl1, $-hich ncans

incli\-idual ,ttc.don.
thrr lou ",itt be sure ofa high rhe !car, of
Our courses, rvhich run throushout
r:o or.rr .J. are

hanrt ro otter erpert ls) !lcrhoosc rroIn
ofonc lyeel to -l monrfs

\Ve olter.r chojce olaccommodrtion to li,, ltvour needs.
\o.. ho,.rroi.
'''r l.\F oDt , \ '.. € .. rt .l io .....\ n t{.I-irt y,_
, mr , Ie
.. L oo .l e . .r."r:. .o.r [.el

In 12 ofour ioc.rti{,.s, \.ou cm choosc rcsidenrial accommodarion. \Ve
havc our orvn srirdcrrs'lq
\".h." r,e can otlir comfi)rrable
ld i,, ,i.'gtc rooms. llrcikiiisr js prol.idcd rnd stLr.teirs .,n

Download an application fom fron nwv.btuctrwoodco
and i A
it {ith a {ecen t passpor.t photo to Birclwoocl

International Collegc, PO Box 222, turo TR22 9DR.

a Now do Exercises A to C in the Activity Book.

le\\.n{ a,nd 9 !. Arl 66 7l


Focus on careers -

conference interpreter

a Read the text and write T (true) or F (false) next to each statement.
!a; n good interpreter fol ows the news and is we l-informed on rnany toprcs.

b) l-,1 lnterpreters have to have a degree before they do an interpreung diploma.

!c) lt is very easy to get a place on an lnterpreting course.
fld; lnterpreters must have three active anguages.
!e; Conference interpreters musttransate each word literaly.

The place is the Hilton Hotel, Abu Dhabi, and the annual IBut you llLtstl] t !/asie tme tryng io
Arab Oil lndu5try Conference is about to break for lunch.
reme,nber f jou dc, you \r/ m x
Samira AI lvahm0ud, who has been interpreting from
the E5t ol ihe speech'
English to Arabic, removes her headphones.
tSa'n ra saj/s a50 impofiaftto be

Iaoe thnl fnlt 5he e,p.ned \xhy
IMost rnterpeter: orrl into oni
anguage 5amiras aaiil",e anqlaqe i!
ra. lkeAked ho!/ lhe prepared for th!
ccnferenae. Samia lay5, I loe!|, ihe 5am rno5t coaferenae, but lery o.r:a5ionalv she goe5
iihlopia was oi . 50 I read about the tubiect
inlerp eEr! ,rorl5 ireeinae lheony rnto Enq Rerent\i sh€ \,r';\

to get fan'til ar \dth the te{hn aal iem! 1\o li L\ihen lhe (.rnts to and lor ihi trars ataq fom Arab c to Eng ish for nn

YoLr caat u5e n geneEl \,vord ike fie oqanraton urat she !ran-6 io \r,/ork lraqilpealter of TV 5penknq inArabc,
gound for e tmpte lrhenyou aatlra \
Ifor She often,",,/ork for the llN Ne\r", he 5ad. Ak i nnb h?bba

\olafenn he,our,e ocl lrt rD tl Yor[ and Geneva, and th€ Word Ban[ v,'ord5 tvhich trznsaie iiera v into
very mpotlaft to iien to ile rcx/5 Enq 5h a! G apes rre eaten one b1
.nd UNEsCO n parii lhe earn5
a olnd 1450 a diy The amoufL VoU one. Blt ih5 ilea tfaniaton \\nLr;
not har.,e been a ear Fnc 5h
qct deper d5.n ,"ho y.u are ,,0 inc
tur and ho,v m n1 olluu are,.o rnq Ih nkiig quck\1 ihe
eve'y dal anc ead tae ne\r'lpapF! li5 e5r ne,5lu rtihe e;1r lJr/o ol Lr5

iohat ,lal Jou hale qood Lrenpra the bcoih Then v/-e can A[e tuns. I
; stenerknotf edqe and rinow t /hai ! ooina on
nterpr€t ofre speeah. thef a ao eaqre
ir the vr'ord Som. tnterpe;r ;ead
doe5 ihe nert Ih5 nornng. wheniver lradated the pirrn5e inio Efg 5h aj
three or foLf nefi/rpapers a da]
speaker 5a fqures ke One 5tep at, tin'te

5amra !r'as bcrf n Brtain but her t251,198.462 or 65.617 barrel5 ofcl E,en tjou hi,ie trFd a JoLl fr
dont aome [cm 2n
rny aoleaqLte \{/ote then dovr'n 50 I
didnt have to memorze them..

safirr 5,iy. tl'rit 6anarnng .arn
Ufde pesjue he mc$ mDo Lrt

qLra E in nn interpreret ls tar.tpollanito

conve! the sefle. el",ef tf vor rant
th fk of. paft.ular ivord S;metimp\

yor.r be ieeina bnd becarse voLl
ihe d n raq.ldParents are boti't frorn lraq SamIa

qre\,! Lrp jpea(fg Arabir: at home but
inte n?iona iain ly ike Sam ra!, rt r\ 5tl

pc5rbe to become nteipreiel
a|En! sl'r nt lahoo Af.rer lealino]t
5; jsl're did a deqree n trab; at the

[]n'reritj/ oF Lotot, ihe| a nfe.
nnqunqe v/-hiah ver!

rnu[h in demand. and il you can

rnon Ipt5iotaduate aolTle n fterp PT ftom ]lrb - to Eng r,h j ou \/r

aonference interp€tnq There u/a5 a aF e beoltofalob The\ ar totran

lot oi aompettlor io get onto ihe a! af nierlreter i5 to tlljt gei a deqree
courje And lhe co![e lvas lerv rn tnghh Then do a poiqrncuate

\ddiflcut I ia( cniy 50 per.eft oi th; dpoma n nterpreting

stldents who \{/ere aacepied pas5ed knov,/ tl're liord tti on tfre t p of your
ihe r ifa dip oma er?ms
tongLie blt tjL{t wonl come io you

a Now do Exercises A to C in the Activity Book.



Rashid & Rana Designs

@ Complete the e-mail with the corre(t words. IJE

assistant blrsiness flight compete signed :t
f ew designer produce sa es

E:-. - ......1:;::--:i
Sro @ B:d'a

hav€ntbeer itod.h recenty ThisyearhasbeenreaLyblsy My brother, Raslrd, and seiup
company lst September. l s ca ed (rslid & Rrra Desrgrs we produce sh l1s and leahs

and RashLd does a tlre market ng. O!r cols n, Sa ma, works !s Rashrd's

we rvested a ot ol money n rhe 3 . so we zre not yet mak ng a prott But

; are v€ry good and we are export nlt a ot ol c othes to the llAE Oman, Bahra n

and ev.n the UK. Qf.ourse, t s d ffc! t to 5 !!ih th€ Ch nese market They

6 such creap c otlres n Ch na. But our desighs are !e.y org na. And they are very

popuar n the Gulf. So the flture ookslerybrght.than(God

Two months alto we went to Lebanon ano Morocco to choose c oth

for our sprng desqns We folnd some bealtfu s k and cotton

fabncs And ast month we 7

show our new sh fts at London Fash on tleek. We had a great

t'eme. There Nzs a ot oi nt€rest n our des gns. We
three London department
conr'acis vith

srores. And a lot of nch and mpoftahr peope bought olr sl[ shrts

On our way back, gless who we saw at Heatirow Anport? We were

w:tng fo. our 9 back to Baqhdad when our od

schoo iriend, Mlna Shakr. wa ked Past wih ... You w never

guess Ghassan AhmedlYeslAppare.ty they goi maned two

years ago And they now have a beauti! tte boy


Let's keep I touch. Come and stay wth us wheneler you ke.

6 G O Listen and check your answers.
o Now do Exercises A to D in the Activity Book.


Oasis Sports and Leisure

Read the interview and answer the questions.
a) What job did Hasan Saab use to hav€?
b) How does he help young people today?


Mr Health Club!

Hasan Saab owrs a chain of health
clubs in the Middle Easr. At the
age of r hi rty-r h ree, he
multimillionaire. Antl ir already a

he mcde all
his rnoney himself. We interviewed
him in Dubai and asked him how How,has yout life chansed si cc yoa be.:an,e

he started his business. a nillionairc!

Ilave yor always ljved in DDbdi: hou,r. J tltr. Arnri rt .i,iihtsr
No. I usc.l to lj\,. rDtg)?t 111.!jb(rDir
Do )ou uith to hadn t Fivfn np tcathin|l
CIJI) rtrd I lircd rlcre Jr)r r|c first nlrra
foL[ ve i .i Ir! ,, t, /,
'1 rr \l !r r1l |! r. .
'r1\, u..1ro ,rl rrJc|r\ I.r I r Li rt,.
\lrL Lr ll ,,Lit,,u.L r
.YH.r,aLtt,lrrvl.o.uLr{orrlnh, a,lcJ\Ibr!,c|-L!lrn|rrinxLrrtf\cf,r.,L.t..!ldLf.t!inrr\Do1tlt(l I Llrir\ r,e

Poor Iacilitiesl What exactlv ito yo nedfl!

1ll) g) m no r.rDi! co|ri\, somrLiD.:( ril
trrrt|:rll, lcr ft rs.!l n, l).,.,,1t,,.,,_1r.,

equ J,Drc f rh.rlr .\1.t ] ulell ,o .rlxfr ,.
r (L.! n)r r|c n.rr rhe s. rcnJs.

How did you xtart your business!
JLue u!.d l. tre r suri
st[ct I'I|)l,jd! Lricd nj!o !),-.u rt the rnLt ot rnr
ur.,r,.ney .rrd th,,olle, rrrtri|-.,-
Lo it ft I,rr,t
*"".r . ,..1 ,i

Itrrrl lr. I..l !lrrrtr rrr{

o Now do Exercises A to C in the Activity Book.


How to be the best!

Match the sentence halves. a) you don't have to pay for

1 lf you want to have a successful plane tickets.

restaurant, b) you have to be ambitlous.

2 To make a good impression at c) you should turn your moblle off.

a job interview d) you must emp oy a good chef.

3 lf you want to have a successful e) you need good computer skills.

party, f) you must do a lot of exerclse.

4 lf you want to be successfu g) you should dress wel and

in business, be punctual.

5 To be a good secretary h) you shou d make sure there is plenty
of good food.
6 lf you want to be healthy,
7 lf you workfor an airline,

8 When you are in a meeting,

o Match six of the sentences to the pictures.

e Now do Exercises A to D in the Activity Book.


What's your personality type?

. Read the text. Which personality type do you think you are?

r /r:f v do.iors brlie!" are morlr palicnt. and lheY enjo)' in resear.:h. And a doctor u'ith
N /l;"," ,e tso main
ialurs |nd bi:ing sociabte. Tvpe A p€rsonatit,v lrill do
M1;; ,rpFrso'..rit\
T\'pe A and T,vpe B lYP€ A Of cours€, both Persorrality n'ell as a slrryeon or worknrg in
aflbitious, iypes are eqlrall,l r'almblc in accident and emel8eocy

hardrvorking and comPetrlrve societl. Ard eacb rlTe is Wbich persoDalily tr?c are

Thel ire usuallt iD a llurry and srtited to differenttvpes ofj.)bs r-o!? Wb-v not tak€ th€ iest and
lind olrt!
they can be inPatient IYP€ D For example, a docror uirh
people are more reh'red Thel
Type B personality u'il] do Nell

a Tick (,/) one column each time.

i I usu,llly flnish class \\ork belbre c\,ervonc el\e Yes No
2 I talk more than most peoplc.
T u
,B I ur ncarl1, alivays hardi\orkitg iurd serjous.
Tl lt_r"_
4 l1 3" rr3 ir le,'llc drr l re 0, . 1,p0. rrr.. .. .l
5 I sorlrcliDes sto! ljstenjng when peopie aie ti king. T
6 I ar olten in a hurlr l
7 I havc t0 rio phl sjcrle)iercise atleasttour linles a weFl uj
8 i oflen do t\4,0 thjngs at once, like watrhjng lT and dojDg home\\,0rk. I
9 illl leel annol,ed don'r\4,in a garne. II
0I I oftcn i|tenupt rvhen people are lalkjng. ftrl-
llil I stan revisinglirr tcsls hro $eeks in art\nnce. tl
l2 l olter fcclimpatient rvith orherpe0ple. l-r
l3 If I \lant t0.qct sorncl}ting dore x,cll.I kno\\,I hitve to d0 ir uvsell frll
4 inI I cr,r", ro bc rhr hr\l l c' I rg , no tl tl
l5 I rvoukl rlie ofboredoDjfI everhad ro spend a Dronth
alore on a dcsefi island. T]

Score one point for each Yes. Score zero for eac} No. Scores of B and
above are A personalities. Scores of 7 and below are B lersonalities.

. Now do Exercises A to C in the Activity Book.


If onlv ...

. Read about three people with regrets. Match sentences 1 to 9 to the

correct people.

Fouad Sallm s captain oi a footba I tcam in

Baghdad. His team has l!n orla blg match'

If only I'd seen that hole in the road.

Khadiia Nasser has jlst been to af intetuewfor a iob wirh
an ol.ompany. Unlodunat€y, she di.ln,t gerthejob.

NLzar lbrahlm ha5 just ctashed hs lriend s new
to rcpair
motorbike. lt NlLl cost a ot li

Use each question to make: a) one sentence with / w'JII; and b) one third
conditional sentence.

1 Why didn't I ask l-lisham to be in the team? I wish I'd asked
Hisham to be in
2 Why dldn't lfind oLrt more about the the tearn.

company before the interview?

I Why did I ride my friend's motorbjke?

4 Why didn't I check the brakes before left home?

5 Why dld I forget to tell them about my We'd have won if I'd asked
Hisham to be in the team.
previous experience?

6 Why didn't I s.ore that penalty?

Now do Exercises A to C in the Activity Book


Ambitious, energetic staff wanted

. Read the job advertisemen! then complete the application letter

TalkTel Europe's leading mobile phone company is expanding-

We have vacancies for cusiomet gooa commln.atoi sr. !.
seruice statf. based in our new nloA.vesoreq!iae.t
offices in cental London
We .fle, a corpeinv. saary and
go.d ai rv.rkng , a team. abe i. work cr.e ent ierms a.C conditons

alore i.e.essary ptepared to w.,k Appry . (rnng e.c.s i! a CV and
eve.iigs and weekends ambtols a.d
e.eit phoio, to Saidra Fonoi Humai

Dear Ms Fo:lton in the TllneB of AB" June for customer
and woutd tike to apply.
I saw th€ i,
ser\rice ,2

dIhwAJ.eaasivtvmheeylooAdnpuoomnlwweeevin.aekttl.t.ewssoIeehnineeniac-ymthfoeeraoewvifpmoieniglFrlrdmyao6.uapyilmvrhdefyepuanrlmaet]cisontteosindmseoedMeipdepwjCdooiiVfbie,thu., inSInTittEuite€edtks,frnTte,nefsesot.xc.BsrhSpuoaircnseonajcnptxdeueetartset€gsr;y.eteiSonatnui0.dI.ieasg.o

IsaI)tasohrstraise.tvtimae9.r€c'tojaorstbidwelesrae.ikbnetneMad,'srn9saeWtnedic]t]irinsic,atwlhegio]ofhobodsetsaidtnesaastyop,srpheyf.aovwtrionhtgehcreowenopfIlrarkmhsetEdtv,hreprisoea.yrgt"ormo""de. My current

record. The

Although I do nor any previous experience in customer service, I feel I
have the personat i
that you are looking for

I looh s to hearhg f?om you.

Yorrls shcerety

Jac-kie Liu

fd @ Listen and check.
o Now do Exercises A an.l B in the Activitv Book




Let's do some sightseeing

. Make compound nouns by matching the words in the two columns-

1 boarding card apartment

2 travel agency

3 five-star -anrd-

4 package dea

5 packed lunch Do you have anything
5 ski resort to declare?
7 aat seeing
8 self-catering hotel
9 sight

10 sea hire

Match some of the compound words
above to pictures A-F.

. Now do Exercise A in the Activity Book.

Read the dialogue on the right. Find the No. A,rly travel agency says two
compound noun. bottles of perfume are OK.

Now do Exercises B and C in the
Activity Book.


Have you ever stayed

in a really unusual hotel?

a Choose the correct ending for each quiz question.

* CIuri-st quiz

d1 Have you ever stayed in a '-eally unullr.rl ho+eli

t Have you ever camped on
3 Have you ever llown in a
4 Have you ever been sightseeing in an
5 Have you ever been chealed
6 Have you ever lost your
7 What's the best holiday destination
8 What's the strangest lood

&) you'vc cvcr €r,t€n &broad?

b) by & tsxl driver?

c) hellcoptcr?

d) ln t r.qlry.'r"u-u&l hatcli

e) you'vc crer bean to?
f) opcn-top bus?

g) & bcech?

h) pe,ssport rrhl]€ on holldey?

Take turns asking and answering the quiz questions. Then do Exercise B in
the Activity Book.

m Have you ever stayed in Yes, I have. I stayed in the
a really unusual hotel? Four Seasons Hotel in Cairo.
It's unbelievably luxurious-

.4o No, I've never stayed anywhere really unusual.
But I stayed in a reaily horrible hotel in New York.

. Now do Exercise C in the Activity Book.


I've been coming here since 2OO9

. Read the article and answer the questions.
I How ong has Steve Harper been coming to raq?
2 How many times has he vlsited the country?
3 How long have Safar Tours been organizjng tours?
4 How long has Steve known Ahmed?
5 How long has Safar Tours had their office on Al Sa'doon Street?
6 How long has Steve been in lraq so far on this visit?

7 What has he been doing since finishing his business?

The Happy Traveller

l!e been coning to haq on business Ahn€d Sdlin is the oNner and Iarived heie lan Monday. So l!€
norv been in lraq ior eight .l.ys
since 2009 lir Ja.l in all l ve vGiied manager ol Salar Tous. l ve known
him for three 9e.6 now. and I cdn Sinc€ Thu6d.!'. when I linished
rhis couitry filLeen limes now and J hoDestl! say lhaL all his tous have n! business. I hale been sojng
stillthoroughl! enjo! m! tips he.e I
usualllr €xtend ny slay b!" a couple oi no5t delinireiy lived up ro m! on to!$ aroud fie counfty. I could
nev€r have dchieve.d so nuchrlilhou
ex1.a days because one oJ ihe things €xp€craiions J hale neve. been
disdppoiin€d in an)" aay by any of the help oi Ahmed Salim ai
I lole doing h€.e is going on Safar Tours I certainly would. t
ercursions and doing th€ tours he has organted for me.
hesilare ro r€commend this cornpdn!
sightseeing That s how I discole.ed lve been on trips to the deserl. I
Safar Tou6. which is one ol lraq s to anlon€ conside.irg an extended
haue vGit€d th€ castl€s in Zalho and
longen eshblished travel co)npanies.
the HaLra tuins. and been to Babglon
li tacr. Safar Tours have b€en
Clty three times dlread-u And that s
organizing trips and ex.uEjons for
Sald Tours was siafied b! Ahmed s
Jather. Ibrahirn. in 1976. in a lill€

o{iice in A1 Rasheed Street. Over the

!ea6. rhe busine$ has srown
consjderably and Lhey !e

ollices seleral tim€s Since last Jullr.

they have had a ve.y ottractive

.iode.n oflice on Al Sa doon Stre€r.

Now do Exercises A to D in the Activity Book.

I've tried it a few times

. Cd @ Listen to the dialogue and fill in the gaps with the correct words.

(ode: Hi, Muna. What are you doing with
all those ho iday :1,i

Muno.'Oh, 'm just doing a bit of research

on ho iday deals in Thailand. Have you
ever if

(otie: Yes. We had a famiy holiday there

a'j. of years ago.

Muro.'So, which places did you go to?

(otr'e: We l, we spent a week in Bangkok
to get a flavour of the city life and then
two weeks on the :4)
in Phuket.

Munor i'm su.e that was beautifull

(otler lt was amazingl I realy enjoyed it.
Wel, we all did. There was something

fot ti,

Mrnoj We're lookinq for a
i6l deal.

Kotiej That's a good way to do it. At least
you know where you're going and what

r7-lyou're doing. And lt often works out

in the long run. Have
you found one yet?

Mund: No, but there are two or three that look really qood. Which hotel did you
stay at in Bangkok?

(dtier We stayed at the Co den Palace for the first two nights. Then we moved
ielon to the Marriott. The service was
in both of them.

Mrroj And what did you think of Thai food?

(otlei Oh, it's delicious. Haven't you ever tried it?

Muna: I had green curry once- I really didn't like it.
(otiej Why not?

Mur?oi lt nearly burnt a ho e in my i!,' !

Underline examples of the present perfect in the conversation. Circle examples
of the past simple.

. Now do Exercises A to D in the Activity Book.


We couldn't get a room
because we hadn't booked

Match the sentence halves. a) because I had already been
there twlce.
|1 We cou dn't get a room
z f] t couldn't board the p ane b) because lhad lost my boarding card.
: ! sn" *u, nervous on the plane
c) because we'd left our drivlng
!4 The airline company gave me a
licences behind.
I new suitcase
d) because mine had been damaged
5 L didn't go on the excu.sion on the plane.
to Khor Al Zubeir in Basra
e) because our room hadn't been c eaned.
tr6 We complained to the manager
f) because it had changed so much.
7 We couldn't hlre a car
g) because she hadn't flown before.
ftrla I didn't recognize the place
h) hc.."s" tt" h"dn', OooU"O

. Mat(h five of lhe senlen(es to the pi(tures.

. Now do Exercises A to D in the Activity Book.


The atmosphere

was really peaceful

. Scan the text about a holiday in Tunisia. Find one piece of information about

each of the following:

. the journey . the food

. the hotel . the activities

My cousn and have recent y returned froTn a beach and \,re elen h red surfboardsfrom the
\londerlu foftnght n theTunhian Ke*ennah hoieland earnl to windsurl. \Are aso wentfora

sands. t vr'as a package dea and cosl Ls t180. rde ln a donkey cat aid ioured some v ages.

Ths nclded the i ghl lrorn London lo Slax bus Whai realy irnpressed me was ihe hosplalty ol
the oca peope. Severa slanders invited !s into
transJers to and irorn Sfax airpod and iheferryto ther homeslor minttea and cakes We aso took
and irom the sand The accornrnodaion was in a thelerry backto ihe rnainand io see ihe
three-slar hoiel with breakfast and dinner every
day. The cost even nc uded eniedanmeni n lhe magnlicent Boman theahe ai E Jem. Someth ng
even ngs. co!dn'l beleve ho\\, cheap it \",asl ese lhai we realy enloyed was the free
enterianment if the hotelafter slrpper One
From Sfax arpofr, vie were taken iothe ferry poft. evening a lakir afd hisieam gave an ncred ble
where 1^'e boarded a rather od lerryl t took us dsplay of lying on a bed ol nals and glass
across io the islands, \!h ch ooked realy beaut ful walking o\rer hot coals. breath nq ire and lettinll
in the evenrng suf. We were de ghted that our scorpons wak al overihe r laces We shal
hole overooked the beach and waslust a shod ceria ny never forget lhal ho day.
,r'/alk away. Althouqh nol very luxuroLs, it was a Anna Johnson, Reading, Berkshire
rea y pieasanthro slorey buld ng that was set n
an aliraci ve garden with ils own swimming poo
and tenns couns.our roorn had its own p,vate
bathroom and balcoity wiih a speciac!arvew ol
the cam bLe Medteranean Sea The atnrosphere
lJas rea y peaceiu lhai's what lrealy lked.

The lood was exceptonaly good. Thele \|as a
selJ-serv ce blffet in lhe d n ng room wth a var eiy
of dishes. both regionaland nternatlona. You
cou d eai as mlch as you wanted Breahiast

conssted ollrLit cereal, eggs cakes. bread

honey olves and cheese. There vr'as a different
se ectior oJdshes forslpperevery n ght and

there was a loi oi great seafood I oved the
octopus, whch is a specaliiy in Kerkennah

We vreren'i bored for a momeni One day we h red
a lax and went on atour olihe island. We saw the
vllages where the lishermen catch octopus ncay
pois. Another day we ,leni lor a came I de on ihe

. Now do Exercises A to F in the Activitv Book.


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