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Why American Women Are So Fat_ Sick_ Tired_ _ Angry




Let’s Get Started................................................................................ 5
Thyroid And Adrenal Function....................................................... 10
Hormonal Imbalance........................................................................ 12
Environmental Mimics...................................................................... 14
Reduced Capacity To Metabolize And Excrete Hormones ..15
Fat Metabolism.................................................................................. 17
Synthetic Hormones........................................................................ 18
Blood Sugar And Insulin Resistance..............................................20
Medical Interventions ..................................................................... 22
Digestive Capacity And Microflora Balance................................. 23
Toxin Accumulation ......................................................................... 24
Sedentary Lifestyle......................................................................... 25
What Can I Do? ................................................................................. 26
How The Hell Did HRT Get Started In The First Place?
How Does The Endocrine System Work?......................................32
The Consequences Of Estrogen Dominance............................... 39
Why 500-700,000 Women Get Unnecessary Hysterectomies In The
United States............................................................................. 43
What’s Wrong With What Most Women Are Told About

Let’s Talk About The Main Obstacle In The Menopause


I’m a 52 year old American post-menopausal woman who was fat,
sick, tired, and angry, and felt like I was just waiting to die.

This woman’s Facebook post is what inspired the title of this book.
I watched her go on Facebook live for about two years struggling
to lose weight. Every week it was a new beginning of “​releasing
the weight​”. Cut the crap with your new age “releasing” of your
weight. We all want to lose our fat.

“Ok, I've talked about this before and yet here I am again. I
have some sort of emotional attachment to eating and
eating the foods that aren't good for my body.

I want to stop the insanity and cycle.

I need help my friends. I'm not looking for surgery and I'm not
looking for your $500-$1,000 program where I also buy the
products of your network marketing business.

I'm kindly asking you to please spare me the sales pitch.

I've done everything from Weight Watchers to Arbonne to
Advocare to Isagenix to It Works to Medifast as well as juice
fasting and I don't want to live off of products.

I also don't want to hear meditate every day.

I do that and it is not enough.

I want to heal my body inside and out.

I'm sad because I know I would be better off staying away
from certain foods and yet every day begins a new pattern
and cycle I repeat.

I'm tired of it, so tired of it.

I can't do this alone.”

I’ve been accused of “fat shaming” and that’s so far from the
truth it’s ridiculous. I can’t decide YOU are fat. YOU have to make
that decision. You can fancy it up with whatever fluffy language of
the day serves you, but we women all know when we are fat.

We no longer fit into clothes we fit into last year. Bingo. That’s how
you know.

Did the clothes shrink? Not that much!

I met a woman through a Facebook group who was very
overweight. Since I sell a weight loss program, she began talking to
me asking questions about losing weight. We became friends. The
first time she came to NYC, she said she was totally fine with her
body. Great, no problem. A year later she announced to me her 75
pound weight loss that I inspired.

I asked her why she lost weight when she said she was happy
being fat. She said that when she heard me say how all the clothes
in my closet fit and how great it was, she wanted that for herself.

I know you BS when you’re telling yourself about your body
acceptance, and to love your curves blah blah blah. Curves are

when you look like Raquel Welch. Fat is when you look like Florida
from Good Times.

I don’t care whatsoever if you love your fat. If you say you love
your body and you act like you love your body, meaning you’re
not passive aggressive in your behavior, PRETENDING you are
happy, great!

But when you turn 40 and start your ascent into the
perimenopause years, and have 40 years of collective toxins in
your body and your body isn’t functioning, and chronic illness
starts showing up, you’ve lost your argument.

Those fat cells are storing every bad thing you’ve ever eaten and
your body can’t take it anymore and this is when illness starts
showing up and later on in this book, I’m going to tell you how
these fat cells that you are adamantly holding on to under the
guise of fat acceptance, are steering you towards your first heart
attack because they are making excess estrogen.

We are in the most unusual midlife crisis of all time. Women aged
40-60 are struggling more than any other generation has.

We are divorced, raising children alone, money is tight, our
Linkedin profiles are overstated, everyone is having more fun
than we are on Facebook, we never have Instagram photos like
the influencers, we’re lacking in sleep, many of us were the first in
our family to go to college and we had higher expectations in life,
and we’re smarter than where we are in life at present. We are
disillusioned and frustrated.

We are all walks of life: lower, middle, and upper class, and every
color of skin tone.

We have first world problems and we’re not allowed to be unhappy
and many of us come from divorced parents and our paradigm of
life is that it’s unstable so we live in constant fear, anxiety, and
anger that we’re not even aware of, and we try to eat our way
out of it.

We are breaking down, and going to doctors for answers, and if
you’re intuition isn’t alerting you, those doctors are just guessing
at their diagnosis for you.

Do you know that doctors are the #3 killers of people in the United
States and kill about 112,000 people each year by medical mistakes
and medication overload?
You don’t see any protests for that do you!

Four billion prescriptions are written each year in the United
States. That’s 12.5 per individual.

One in four women are on antidepressants and nine million of our
children are on medications.

You think you were dealt a bad hand of health and that you’re not
in control of what is happening to you.

So why the hell are American women so fat, sick, tired, and

#1. Because they’re fat and getting fatter each year and
have no idea why.

#2. They’re being diagnosed with thyroid and autoimmune
disorders at epidemic levels just for being fat and tired.

#3. Because despite that we have the latest technology, we
are the most stressed generation of middle aged people of all

#4. Because that stress is causing them to choose a menu
that they don’t know is causing chronic inflammation, fat,
irritability, hormone imbalance, leaky gut, metabolic
syndrome, thyroid failure, autoimmune disease, and
this…..(See the vicious cycle!)

This​ is how my research began and I opened up a can of worms.

I’ve been crusading against the ​biggest fraud​ perpetrated on
American women in the last 80 years and that is, that menopause
is a disease and estrogen deficiency that needs a medical plan.

It doesn’t.
It needs a menu-plan.

That same menu plan will heal you from the top nine diseases that
kill Americans today which are:

1. Heart Disease
2. Cancer
3. Stroke
4. Alzheimer’s
5. Diabetes
6. Respiratory
7. Kidney Disease

And I’m including
9. Suicide

Because studies are showing that when you feed your
mitochondria (your gut) good foods, that create good bacteria,
then your body will create the hormonal chain reaction that
releases the proper amounts of serotonin & dopamine to your
brain and you simply won’t be depressed.

The wrong menu plan is making you fat, sick, tired, and angry for
a myriad of physiological reasons that nobody is telling you about
because it’s easier to just write you a prescription for an
antidepressant and treat you to ​The Cheesecake Factory.

The right menu plan will keep you from having to obliterate your
thyroid, avoid an autoimmune disease, and never count Weight
Watcher points ever again.

I’ve been researching this for nine years and I want to help set
women free.

I want to help you quit dieting forever.
I want to help you stop being hungry & angry.

I want to help you sleep again.
I want to help you feel good again.

And I want to help you just be able to eat, not worry about
calories, and not get fat.

And I know how you feel right now.

You don’t fit into your clothes.
You hate your body.

You cry trying to get dressed.

You don’t want anyone touching you.
You’re not getting naked in front of anyone.

And you’re sick and tired of being on the Internet looking for
answers to this fat and illness.

When this happened to me, I didn’t want to face it, but it was either
keep getting fatter and sicker and having more anxiety about not
being able to take care of myself financially, or find the answers to
regain my health.

I know right now, you’re asking yourself, “​How will this book help


I’m going to let you in on the scam and show you how to curb
chronic inflammation, go through menopause and the rest of your
life, all naturally without meds, HRT, or Bio-Identical hormones, or
antidepressants, and in fact, I’m sure you’ll fire your doctor.

Let’s Get Started.

“I will show you how to eat for all natural anti-aging,
weight loss, & hormonal balance, without dieting, counting
calories, or suffering, in only 30 days, even if nothing else has
ever worked for you.”-Gianna

This is my tagline and my promise.

Every woman is going to experience menopause and there really
isn’t any difference in illness because it’s all diet related so when
you’re reading “menopause” insert any disease or chronic illness
you have. It’s all due to nutrient deficiency and an overload of

The ONLY effective plan is to eat your way to hormonal restoration
and balance.

This menopause and fat thing isn’t anything that comes with an
announcement in your life.

To use the latest catch phrase, it micro-aggresses upon you.

Little by little, you gain weight, your belly gets bloated and fatter,
your periods get sketchy, your brain is confused, and you don’t
even know why this is happening to you.

The research studies are funded by the same companies who sell
the drugs, which is pretty standard, but also means you have to
look deeply at studies.

You always have to look at who paid for the study because the
results are skewed every day and twice on Sunday.

The entire industry of most illnesses, is a DRUG in search of a
MARKET, and later on I’m going to tell you how that came to be.

The major side effects from the drug therapy are chalked up to
the “​ diseases”​ and doctors try to convince you that you’re nuts.

My intuition was right.
This is a set up!

It is propaganda that you need to see a doctor for being fat and
tired at this time in your life, and so while you’re over here looking
at these confusing treatments being shoved at you by men and
women in white coats, the truth is over here staring at you in the

If you are a woman, you need know this information.

The control of information IS sophisticated.

You’re told “t​ rust your doctor, trust your doctor”​ and never mind
the silly details.

I dated a doctor ladies. They’re not that much different from us
regular folks.

I’m sorry to tell you, you’re a target with a dollar sign on your
back especially in the perimenopause & menopause phases of
your lives and all chronic illness.

Watch this quick video called​ “​ How Did Doctors Not Know The Risk
Of HRT.”
Or Google it if you’re reading a hard copy of this book.

Do you see how the doctors are either ignorant or they’re in on it?
They’re easily bribed.

You being well doesn’t serve them.
They need your money.

How do women from second and third world countries manage
menopause, and why aren’t they fat, sick, tired, and angry?

Are they suffering and we just don’t hear about it?

They’re NOT suffering like you are and I’m going to tell you why.

We are told that everything is a medical “d​ isease​” requiring drug
therapy of course, which coincidentally has just recently been
“​discovered”​ by a pharmaceutical company and you are set up
for a lifetime of prescriptions and the biggest fraud is synthetic
estrogen hormone replacement therapy, thyroid medications,
and statins.

If they do this to perfectly healthy menopausal women, they’ll do it
10X worse to women with chronic illness.

I’m going to focus on menopause because because after women
turn 40, all hell breaks loose and women are blaming all chronic
illness on menopause!

Does HRT work?

Are women better off now?

Are you getting better from being on your drugs?

Does it really prevent osteoporosis and heart disease as they
claim we need to be aware of?

The unpleasant symptoms we have come to associate with
menopause are common only in a small group of women in the last
80 years of history:

● American women
● Northern European women
● Australian women

Outside of those women, menopause is most often just a natural
phase in a woman’s life, with no medical care or drugs, unless that
country is turning to a western diet.

The more simple the lifestyle, and the more simple the diet, the
more effortless the transition, the more effortless maintaining
your health is, and the more effortless your life will be because
you’re just going to be ​Sexy And Fabulous​.

Before the 80’s, a simple diet was a consequence of having low

The upside is, the most nutritious foods are the least expensive.

As lifestyles became more complex, and incomes grew, empty,
processed, nutrient-deficient foods were popularized by
marketing and advertising and became the foods of those with

People did less exercise and had more focus on money, which is a
greater stress, and the diseases of the west were born:

● Heart disease
● Cancer
● Arthritis
● Diabetes
● Osteoporosis

are epidemic in our society which is the richest nation in history.

Even 100 years ago such diseases were rare.

There are places on earth that don’t have industrialized foods like
America does, and the people live 20-30 years longer than we do,
and don’t suffer the same diseases as we do.

So what does that tell you?

In Japan as well as in many other cultures with basic, unrefined
diets, there is no word for “h​ ot flashes​” and women aren’t as fat
as American women are.

The nasty symptoms of menopause is directly related to the
amount of estrogen a woman has maintained during her adult life,
prior to menopause.

Natural phytoestrogens block the stronger forms.

A diet rich in phytoestrogens before menopause will do much to
moderate the day-to-day estrogen level so that when
menopause arrives, there will not be such big drop.

I’m going to tell you nine reasons you’re struggling to lose weight
that your doctor will never tell you:

● Thyroid and Adrenal function
● Hormonal imbalance and/or Hysterectomy
● Fat metabolism
● Digestive function and microflora balance
● Poor sugar metabolism or INSULIN Resistance
● Poor liver function leading to toxin accumulation
● Medical interventions
● Sleep
● Synthetic hormones

I’m going to touch on each briefly.


Thyroid deficiency often triggered by Hashimoto’s is an epidemic
these days in 40 to 60 year old women.

There are many causes, with gluten leading the list, but also
prolonged stress, synthetic hormone use, nutrient deficiency, and
hormonal imbalances being the main contributors.

Prolonged stress in particular, is common for women who work full
time, run a house, manage children and everything else that
comes with millennial society.

Stress is a natural mechanism designed for short periods
however long term stress leads to adrenal exhaustion.

When the adrenals are trying to cope with stress, the thyroid
function is automatically reduced to balance out the effects of
adrenaline and cortisol.

Prolonged exposure to stress reduces thyroid function which in
turn leads to reduced metabolism and weight gain.

Both thyroid and adrenal insufficiency then compound the issue
by causing chronic fatigue making it difficult to exercise and move
the body.

Depression and lack of motivation also go hand in hand with this
as part of thyroid and adrenal insufficiency.

If you already have thyroid issues and are taking medicines,
consider more bioavailable options like nascent iodine to stimulate
better thyroid function and changing your menu.

Your levels may be balanced but your body may be not utilising it
properly and you may not be absorbing your food properly.


Could your hormones be blocking weight loss?

Yes you bet your hormones are making you fat.

Whether you are a teenager, suffer from PMS, PCOS,
endometriosis, perimenopausal or suffering from menopause it is
important to understand why and then how to minimise the
impact of your hormones on your waist.

The first thing to understand that one of the mechanisms of
hormones, particularly estrogen is to increase weight in order to
feed you and a baby your body expects to create each month.

cells assist during pregnancy to allow adequate nutrition in times
of famine and scarcity.

Genetically our metabolism is programmed for scarcity and having
to work hard to find our food.

We used to spend the day finding and preparing food which
prevented us from getting fat so evolution stepped in and
assisted women.

This can be seen as a girl moves into puberty how she develops
breasts and hips and men have traditionally seen women with
‘childbearing’​ hips as attractive mates.

We no longer need to work so hard for food and as our diets have
become removed from the way nature intended, weight gain and

managing weight has become a constant battle for many modern

We have a certain number of fat cells, and as your bad diet keeps
finding space for the toxins you’re eating, the fat is spilling out of
those cells and into your blood and muscles.

It’s no wonder or surprise that your body is turning to an
autoimmune response.


With millions of hormone receptors in the body, the level of
environmental hormone mimics from petrochemicals, pesticides,
plastics and cleaning products affect endocrine function.

These chemicals bind to hormone receptor sites effectively
creating an overstimulation of these receptors activating one of
the hormones functions to gain weight.

Women are extremely sensitive to the level of environmental

The early development of young women in today’s society is also
a sign that our children are being exposed to sex hormones not
only during conception but their development as well.

The earlier you started menstruating, the more exposure you
have to estrogen and therefore increased risk of breast cancer.

This shit matters!!


Hormones are not easily broken down in the body and go through
several processes in the liver.

Women exposed to high sugar levels are another increasingly
common cause of liver disease.

When the liver does not metabolize our own internal hormones
and synthetic hormones as also prescribed, these hormones
re-circulate in your blood.

This is super important in understanding menopause symptoms.

To make matters worse, if in conjunction with poor metabolism the
bowels are not working regularly, hormones are further
reabsorbed into the blood circulation creating a ‘​triple whammy’.​

This can happen due to poor bacterial balance or constipation
through low fiber diets from to over processing of the food chain.

Healthy bacteria also plays an important role in the breakdown of
hormones in the bowel as well as the production of certain
feel-good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine.

If serotonin levels drop then depression and emotional eating can

I’ve been preaching to women for years to change their
breakfast, lunch, & dinner to treat depression.

Your emotional eating is bullshit. It’s your diet and hormones
creating the unstable emotions.

Why not try? What the hell do you have to lose? Your fat and


Women have double the incidence of gallbladder issues than men.

We don’t know, why but it’s thought to be linked with estrogen
tightening the sphincter of the gallbladder.

When bile does not flow correctly through the gallbladder, it
creates stones and gallbladder malfunction.

Don’t let them take yours.

The gall bladder’s primary function is to metabolize dietary fats.

Poorly metabolized fats can lead to weight gain.

Interestingly there are many studies linking the contraceptive pill
to an increased risk of gallbladder disease.

Get off that shit now before perimenopause hits.

It’s taking the place of your real hormones and when menopause
hits, they’re going to be very confused and you’re going to be
very fat and miserable.

Trust me on that.


The meat you eat, when it was livestock, was fed with synthetic
hormones to increase growth rates and fatten the animals.

It is also well known that synthetic hormones also contribute to
weight gain.
This is the disruption of the entire endocrine system.

Synthetic hormones signal to the body to reduce its own supply of
natural healthy hormones.

The false signaling at the wrong times of the month also further
disrupt the endocrine systems balance.

The result of this is a sluggish metabolism making it difficult to
move stored fat.

Pharmaceutical companies claim the PILL, HRT, MIRENA, & IMPLANON
do not increase weight and of course every women is different.

The biggest factor in the amount of weight comes from two

First, is how well you metabolize the hormones.

Then secondly, the amount of fluid retained.

Synthetic hormones are well known to create fluid retention which
is temporary when going off the hormones.

However, the larger endocrine imbalance remains long after and
requires intervention with natural medicines to correct the


Excessive exposure to refined sugars leads to imbalances in blood
sugar levels and insulin resistance leading to diabetes.

The sugar and carbohydrates are then stored as fat rather than
being used for energy consumption.

This is a very common phenomenon in ladies that suffer from
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome who find it extremely hard to lose
weight despite dieting and exercise.

What I teach women, is how to break the sugar cravings so they
can easily change their menu without willpower and suffering.

The insulin resistance needs to be corrected before the weight
can shift.


The circadian rhythm which controls the sleep cycle is deeply
connected with the endocrine system.

The hypothalamus controls the circadian rhythm. (Your sleep

The hypothalamus also controls appetite among other things.

Studies have shown that people who get less 7 hours sleep are
more likely to be obese or overweight, have imbalanced blood
sugar levels and insulin resistance, and more likely to have thyroid

Lack of sleep will also keep your cortisol high which will keep your
belly fat high.

From clinical observation, women who do not sleep well, and shift
workers almost always have hormonal imbalance as well.

Our body is not made up of independent pieces.

Everything is connected and the sooner we understand this the
better treatment options will develop for the whole range of
diseases linked to endocrine imbalances, one of which is hormonal

If you change your menu and exercise your brains out, but don’t
get enough sleep, you still won’t lose weight. You need deep REM
to get your body repairing and balancing. Sleep is a gift from God.
Try to get to bed by 11pm.


Weight gain is often a side effect of hysterectomies and tubal
ligation which is not explained to women before the procedures,
and in fact, they think they’re going to have this fantastic life free
of menstrual cycles.

In a study published in the Journal of Women’s Health in 2009 they
found that 36% of women gain four pounds the year after a
hysterectomy and 23% gained 11 pounds.

The same phenomena is also reported by vets following
sterilization of animals so what does that tell you.

Keep your lady parts!

You can very likely fix whatever is wrong by a detoxing diet and
later on I’m going to tell you why a half a million women each year
get unnecessary hysterectomies.


A topic of recent popularity is our microbiome.

It’s the relationship in our bodies to bacteria and foreign
organisms in our gut.

The microbiota in the GUT has a large role to play in appetite,
metabolism and digestion of certain foods.

When the natural healthy state that develops from birth, actually
it begins during the birthing process and caesarean children do
not benefit from the bacteria exposure during birthing and
women who schedule their births sicken me.

Mother Nature isn’t wrong!

The right diet while pregnant can increase your stem cells from
the millions to the billions!

Genetically modified foods have the same antibacterial influence
on our GUT ecology as antibiotics and animals fed exclusively on
GM foods show weight gain, development of allergies and systemic
inflammation and eventually premature death.


In many cases, the body cannot excrete toxins safely, so it
prefers to store them in fat cells.

The same goes for estrogen.

When you release these toxins, the body will naturally reduce the
volume of fat stored in these fat cells.

I go into this further later in the book.


Yes it will definitely help to move more and eat less but when
you’re over 40, but it’s not an absolute or guarantee to weight

It’s not uncommon to hear from women who are working their
asses off doing cardio and not losing one ounce of fat. I was one of

The above factors all play a role in the development of weight gain
however, sitting all day at a desk has been considered more
dangerous to your health than smoking.

If you can walk, walk. If you can ride a bike, ride a bike. You don’t
have to kill yourself with cardio & Crossfit.


I could just make a calendar and tell you eat this on Monday at 9
am, and eat this at 12pm, and eat sardines for dinner, but I want
you to know how your body works because when you do, you’ll
make better choices and I want you to see that I know what the
hell I’m talking about.

The answer lies in creating the environment your body needs to

1. Your microflora (the bacteria in your gut)
2. Getting your hormones balanced to work optimally
3. Getting your liver to release the toxins stored in your

fat cells

So now you’ve got the base information.

I’m going to tell you how how the hell the whole HRT thing got
started in the first place because counting on doctors isn’t where
you’re going to find the solution and yet you’re turning to them
for everything.

You need to know their history and how the industry works.

I want you to see the scam that the medical community is. They
are trained to practice medicine, not health and after you read all
of this, you’re going to understand that the solution to your
health is found on your fork, spoon, plates, & bowls.

Keep reading.

How The Hell Did HRT Get Started In The First Place?

Read this because this is very typical of how drugs get on the


In 1938 Charles Dobbs discovered diethylstilbestrol.
Let’s just call it DES.

DES was supposed to be the first “s​ ynthetic estrogen”​ .

Dobbs first thought DES would solve the problems of menopause,
let’s say the invented problems of menopause, but the AMA
immediately began to make extravagant predictions for
“preventing miscarriages” and solving all problems of pregnancy
AS well.

How does that all fit together??

After many years, DES was being prescribed for a “s​ afe
pregnancy”​ and to “prevent miscarriages”.

Why? Why did women need help with pregnancies in 1938? Who

By 1960, it was found that between 60% and 90% of DES
daughters had abnormal sex organs, leading to high rates of
infertility, miscarriages, and cervical cancer.

DES sons commonly had testicular dysfunction and were often

As for the mothers who had taken DES, their risk of breast cancer
had been increased by 40%.

DES was the first drug ever invented that could cause cancer in
the offspring when taken by the mother.

But still the drug wasn’t taken off the market until 1971!
It was prescribed from 1938 until 1971!!

So do you think that the AMA and FDA have your back?

By 1971, the industry didn’t need DES any more for its bottom line,
because Estrogen Replacement Therapy was off and running and
banking lots of profits.

Public attention was then diverted away from the disasters of DES
by a 1966 best seller called F​ eminine Forever,​ by Dr. Robert Wilson,
a New York gynecologist.

Wilson’s theory was that menopause is an estrogen-deficiency
disease, and that menopause symptoms were the simple result of
too little estrogen because we have an estrogen drop...but
wait...keep reading!

Insufficient estrogen was the cause of a woman to lose her youth,
her beauty, her cheerful attitude, and her bone density all at
once. (​ Creating symptoms!)​

So the drug industry immediately donated $1.3 million to set up the
Wilson Foundation for the sole purpose of developing and
promoting estrogen drugs.

Now mind you this was 1966 so that’s the equivalent to about $12
million dollars today!

There’s a lot at stake!
What were the results?

There were limited studies with inconclusive results, and results
were skewed to please the company that was paying for the
trials, and discontinued studies that weren’t turning out “r​ ight.”​

The primary study that was the basis for launching synthetic
estrogen into the limelight as a contraceptive, was a small, flawed
trial done in the tiny island of Puerto Rico, in which 20% of the 132
women suffered serious side effects.

Let’s talk about real numbers.
That’s 26 women.

Five of them died.
Negatives were categorized as irrelevant.
Five women dying was irrelevant to the researchers.

Still trusting those doctors?

The new wonder drug supposedly stopped the “h​ orrible”
symptoms of menopause – hot flashes, vaginal dryness,
migraines, etc.

FDA approval for synthetic estrogen was given based on this ONE
study where five people died!

Think about that for a minute.

Before you put the FDA and AMA on a pedestal as the hopes for
curing you, this is who they are.

Throughout 1964 and 1965, fueled by the Madison Avenue
advertising power, articles appeared in major women’s
magazines, like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Good Housekeeping
proclaiming a breakthrough that would finally set women free
from the ravages of the “o​ ld lady syndrome​” of menopause.

Did you ever read those? I did.

Within a few years, with no real proof that Dr. Wilson was right,
with superficial clinical trials, synthetic estrogen was being
popularly prescribed, and a new industry was off and running.

They called it Estrogen Replacement Therapy - ERT.

$12 million dollars was invested to generate billions of dollars.

Is that an investment you’d make?

Every single day!

But a little snag came up in 1975.

The New England Journal of Medicine (Dec 1975 p.1199) published
its findings after studying the causes of endometrial cancer.

It showed that women who took the new estrogen drugs had
increased their risk of endometrial cancer by a factor of five times.

But if they had been using the drugs longer than seven years,
then it was 14 times the normal incidence and sales slowed.

It was found, though not conclusively, that rates of endometrial
cancer could be reduced if synthetic progesterone were added to
the synthetic estrogen.

So they changed the name from Estrogen Replacement Therapy
to Hormone Replacement Therapy, and the show went on.

Sales climbed back up.

Would you get on a plane that had a 40% chance of crashing? NO!

After 11 years of HRT, the figure went to 70%!
HOW COULD it be that this goes on?

As the HRT industry gained strength, the manufacturers began to
make additional claims about the benefits of HRT, claims that were
again unsupported by solid research:

● That HRT could prevent osteoporosis
● That HRT could prevent heart disease

The underlying, and unproven, assumption of this “​therapy​” was
that women’s lives were being improved now that they were
spared the horrors of aging, menopause, osteoporosis, and the
loss of femininity.

Unfortunately, these promises are rarely kept.

The side effects of HRT have proven to be a bigger problem than
what they were supposed to cure.

What if you could get rid of your symptoms just by the daily food
choices you make and what if those foods were delicious, and not
only NOT have this cancer scare ahead of you, but also be
preventing cancer as best as possible?

To untangle this giant web of bullshit and wrong information, let’s
look at some basic endocrinology.

How Does The Endocrine System Work?

By reading this, when you see your doctor, you will know if he or
she knows what the hell they’re talking about, and if you’re
saying, Gianna, how can you know more than a doctor does?

A 2016 John Hopkins University led study of 5,000 OB-GYN
residents across the USA, (that comes to 100 in every state)
showed that only 20% receive training on how to care for women
in the menopause years, and those answers are putting fake
hormones into your body, and putting you on antidepressants.

That is NOT the answer.
Do you know what the rest of them answered?s

“I’m not comfortable with women in menopause.”
How does that make you feel?

I’m a 50 year old woman who’s been feverishly pursuing this
information for over eight years now and living it.

I know more because I’ve chosen to know more.
Shall I go forward now?

Hormones are chemical compounds that are components in the
most sophisticated and exquisitely balanced symphony in the
entire body: the endocrine system.

This group of glands, including the adrenals, the pituitary, the
ovaries, the testes, the thyroid, and the hypothalamus are
interrelated in impossibly complex ways.

Think of it like a beautiful orchestra being guided by a Maestro.

“Touch one strand and the whole web trembles,”​ is the way
endocrinologist Deepak Chopra puts it.

The endocrine system controls all other systems of the body by
means of chemical messengers, like a relay race.

Estrogen is produced in three main places in a woman’s body:

● The ovaries
● The adrenal glands
● And the fat cells

Remember ladies...fat cells produce estrogen.

The fat cells that you are adamantly embracing and protecting
under the guise of fat acceptance, are functioning in your body as
producing estrogen.

Your fat is making you more fat.

Keep that in mind as you read further...they are producing

This is not about fat shaming.

The main purpose of estrogen is to make the uterine lining ready
to implant a fertilized egg in the event fertilization occurs.

During this function, estrogen will promote

● water retention
● fat storage
● maturation of the female adolescent

All the above is OK if pregnancy is likely.
But excess estrogen throws off the timing.

Excess estrogen causes the body to prepare for embryo
implantation ALL the time.

This state of over-preparation is the cause of

● sluggish blood circulation
● migraines
● increased clotting
● high stroke risk
● disrupted copper/zinc ratios in brain cells so mood swings
● fibroids
● endometriosis

Does any of this sound familiar?
Every system in the body has a way to keep balance.

Estrogen has a sister hormone called progesterone which is
equally important.

Progesterone is produced in the ovaries and you need it so don’t
let doctors rip yours out.

Progesterone’s functions are to:

● maintain the endometrium in pregnancy
● new bone formation
● regulate blood pressure
● fat conversion
● sugar metabolism
● regulate estrogen production

We know an egg is presented once a month from the ovaries,
wrapped in the follicle.

The burst follicle still has an important job to do: it begins to
produce progesterone, for the next two weeks.

If no pregnancy occurs, the follicle stops producing progesterone,
and your period begins.

So the interplay between these two hormones estrogen and
progesterone controls the entire infrastructure.

Estrogen creates the lining each month; progesterone maintains

Then what’s the problem?

I told you about the hormones estrogen & progesterone and how
they are supposed to function like a beautiful symphony
orchestra inside your body.

If estrogen levels get too high, progesterone can no longer keep
the dynamic balance.

This is exactly what happens in American women, who live their
whole adult lives with pathologically high levels of estrogen.

Three reasons for these high level are:

● overrefined diet
● no exercise
● and the #1 reason American women are unbalanced, are

external toxic sources of estrogen known as xenoestrogens.

Refined carbohydrates, hard fats, nutritionally empty foods, and
too much of it all raise estrogen to abnormal levels, as much as
twice the normal level, which are maintained for the better part of
the adult lives of most American women.

The average American woman is a size 14 now which means she’s
living her whole adult life with pathologically high levels of

Of course she’s going to suffer menopause symptoms.

Let’s talk about a lack of exercise.

Dr. Ellison of Harvard University found that estrogen levels are
much lower in women who eat little and perform strenuous
physical work, like women with non-industrialized lifestyles.

The opposite is true for the American woman who eat too much
and get little exercise.

They have abnormally high estrogen levels.

Dr. Lee points out the obvious corollary: menopause is a much
bigger inconvenience in industrialized countries, because the
estrogen decline is so radical, pre and post.

This hormonal roller coaster dip is very stressful, and is the real
cause of the discomforts of menopause.

Third, the xenoestrogens.

Xeno- means foreign.

So the word xenoestrogen just means estrogen mimickers from
outside the body.

Many external toxins have been found to have estrogen like
effects in the body.
Most are petroleum derivatives.

For years I put petroleum jelly on my skin every single day after
my shower! I was loading myself with xenoestrogens!

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and absorbs
substances the fastest.

I didn’t know any better!

Xenoestrogens are found in plastics, pesticides, soap, clothes, DDT
(chemical) and other modern manufactured goods.

Toxins from cosmetics can cause a women to enter menopause
four years earlier than normal.

Don’t we all put on makeup every single day? Every day we are
adding toxins to our blood.

Declining sperm counts in American males in the past 50 years is
well documented.

As far back as 1993, a drop in sperm count of about 50% in the
past 30-50 years has been happening, and links the decline to
environmental estrogen mimickers.

Xenoestrogens, as well as a modern high-fat diet, are making our
girls start menstruating earlier than ever.

In 1900, American girls matured at 14. Today the average age is 12,
and for some groups is as early as 8 years old.

Have you ever noticed faint facial hair in little girls, and excess

That’s hormonal disruption accelerated by BGH in all commercial

The effect of hormone-mimicking pollutants is kept under wraps,
because of its obvious implications for liability by the chemical
manufacturers and food processors.

It is no coincidence that the women of the industrialized nations of
northern Europe and the United States have the highest rates in
history of breast cancer, endometrial cancer, and HRT
consumption AND high exposure to plastics, chemicals, computer
chips, pesticides and other xenoestrogens.

These xenoestrogens are found in:

● fat soluble hormones in meat
● PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls)
● DDT (pesticide)
● foaming agents in soap and detergent
● cosmetics
● condom spermicides
● tons of pesticides, herbicides
● plastic cookware
● birth control pills

Xenoestrogens are doubling your estrogen levels for your entire
adult life of the human female.

As the complementary hormone that’s supposed to balance the
delicate system of sex hormones, progesterone is simply
overwhelmed by the dominant estrogens.

Progesterone just doesn’t stand a chance.

HRT is just another xenoestrogen, making things worse.

Let’s talk about the consequences of estrogen dominance.

The Consequences of Estrogen Dominance

As estrogen levels build up to twice the normal level, there are
consequences that you’re going to suffer:

● Body fat stores increase.
● Fluids are retained and you’re bloated.
● There are defects in metabolizing fat and sugar severe

enough to cause diabetes.
● Your risk of endometrial cancer is increased to 5-14 times.
● Your chance of osteoporosis is greater.
● Slow onset of blood poisoning (toxemia) because you are

unable to break down chemical xenoestrogens.

This contributes to autoimmune disorders like lupus, chronic
fatigue, and arthritis, in which the body begins to attack its own
cells as they become so toxic that they are unrecognizable.

Do these sound familiar?

Are you having any of these problems?

Do you know anyone who has these problems?
I bet you do.

You think you’re just growing old, but you’re growing sick
because you’ve had these toxins for decades now.

Zinc and copper uptake in brain cells causes mood swings.

The incidence of stroke increases 50% with excess estrogen,
according to an extensive project, known as the Boston Nurses
Questionnaire Study of 121,000 nurses.

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