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Published by Punjab Times, 2016-04-02 14:47:39

Punjab Times April 2016 Edition

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PUNJAB TIMESfijk bZfrnk<
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P O Box 8055, Glenmore Park, NSW 2745, Sydney, Australia This is its 15th successful
;kB{z io{o G/i' MOBILE: 0431 377 716
year in the market
Editor: Harpreet Singh, E-mail: [email protected]

Year 15, Edition 10, Australia's Top Leading, Most Popular, Reliable & Successful free copy

Sydney, April 2016 Punjabi Indian Newspaper

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ykb;k ;kiBk fdt;, ft;kyh dhnK bZy bZy tXkJhnK

Wishing you a very Happy Baisakhi!

‘Punjab Times’ extends its is a legend in the making. here to promote the Indian light three months before the
Unfortunately Australia didn’t Government’s vision for Smart elections are held. This time
heartiest congratulations to its make it to the knock-out stages Cities in India and for the benefits however, we see the people of
in this edition of the world cup of manufacturing goods in India, Punjab in a dire need of change
readers on the auspicious and currently do not have any as opposed to China, due to the due to the lack of progress and
world T20 titles to their name. fact that India can provide a large lack of development. There is
occasion of Baisakhi, As Twenty20 cricket has become workforce and currently has a also a new entrant in the political
more mainstream, Australia now young population, with 65% race, the Aam Aadmi Party
commemorating the needs to focus more on this being under the age of 35. (AAP), promising large changes,
format along with Tests and One progress and to rid the state of
establishment of the Khalsa and Day matches. We can look We would like to welcome corruption. We can only hope
forward to another entertaining the new Consul General of India that whoever comes into power
celebrating the start of the cricket series in the form of the to Sydney NSW, Mr. B. in 2017 will bring progress and
Indian Premier League (IPL), this Vanlalvawna, and hope he development to the state and
harvesting season. May this year with two new teams taking maintains a good public its people.
part, and again, may the best relationship with the Australian
occasion of Baisakhi bring you team win! Indian community. Again wishing you all the best
on this auspicious occasion of
happiness, peace and prosperity. Indian Finance Minister, Shri Punjab is gearing up for the Baisakhi!
Arun Jaitley, was on a visit to 2017 state elections and the
I would like to congratulate launch the Make in India campaigns from each political Harpreet Singh
campaign here in Australia, and party have already started. As it
the winners of this year’s ICC to welcome Australian Super is normally seen, election Editor: Punjab Times
Funds to India. Mr. Jaitely was campaigns normally come into
Twenty20 Cricket World Cup and

in doing so becoming the only

nation to have won the

Twenty20 world cup Twice. The

Indian Cricket team looked

extremely promising throughout

the tournament but fell short of

a few runs in the Semi-finals

against the West Indies. Virat

Kohli has been a star performer

throughout the tournament and

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Punjab Times Pty Ltd. Trading as Punjab Times ACN No. 110 708 579

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6 gzikp NkJhwz, f;vBh, ngq?b 2016

Jaitely's four day visit to Australia for the Make in India
conference & Smart City projects A Huge Success

Jaitley Welcomes Australian Super Funds to India

Sydney, (Bureau) Hon. Others that attended the Deepak Sexsena, MD, Rivenna - Railways approximately 240 people from
Finance Minister of India, Shri. Make in India conference include Oils & Bio-Energy Pty Ltd. - Textiles various parts of the Indian
Arun Jaitely had a four day visit Hon. Andrew Robb, AO, MP, - Earth Sciences - Ocean community attended.
to Australia for the Make in India Special Envoy for Trade Australia, The following projects ready Technology
conference & Smart City Mr. Navdeep Suri, High for procurement in FY 2016-17 - Oil & Gas On the 1st of April, a meeting
projects held on 30th March at Commissioner of India to and in the next 3-5 years: - Food Processing was held at Melbourne between
Shangri-La Hotel Sydney. Australia, Smt. Kalpana Awasthi, - Defence Manufacturing the top 30 CEO's of
Joint Secretary, Department of - Road Transport and Hon. High Commissioner of Superannuation funds in Australia
Mr. Jaitley had meetings with Industrial Policy & Promotion, Mr. Highways India to Australia, Shri Navdeep and Mr. Jaitley, where he
the Prime Minister, the Premier Bhavik Damodar of KPMG India, Suri, hosted a special reception welcomed them to tap into the
of NSW, and various Business Mr. Shaun Miller, Head of Sales & - Ports & Shipping dinner on 31st March, at Hyatt Super Industry of the largest
Leaders in order to attract Business Development and Dhruv - Chemicals & Petrochemicals Hotel Canberra where democracy in the world.
investments for India. - Power
- Delhi-Mumbai Industrial

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wk;e' (fpT{o') d[pJh s'A o{;h Sfjo o';s't ik fojk cbkJh d[pJh dk gb/B eq?S j' frnk ;h. fJ; DREAMS AUSTRALIA
'u ;tko ;ko/ 62 b'eK dh w"s j' rJh ;h. fJBQK 'u'A fJe :ksoh J/Bk ;orhtk B/ T[vkD s'A mhe
gfjbK fJe ;?bch b? e/ nkBbkJhB g';N ehsh ;h go T[; B{z BjhA gsk ;h fe fJj ;?bch T[; dh
nkyoh ;?bch pD ikt/rh.

o{; dh ofjD tkbh J/Bk fJe w/enZg nkofN;N ;h s/ phs/ 6 wjhfBnK s'A d[pJh 'u ezw eo ojh
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'u bZyK p{N/ T[rk fdZs/ jB. :h d/ p/N/ :/Ar dh 16 ;kb gfjbK fJe ;Ve jkd;/ 'u w"s j' rJh ;h. uko
;kb ;dw/ 'u ofjD s'A pknd T[; B/ :/Ar dh nkyoh fJZSk g{oh eoB dk c?;bk ehsk. :/Ar B/ fJe tko
T[; B{z wzr'bhnk 'u p{N/ brkT[D dh nkgDh :'iBk pko/ dZf;nk ;h, sK fe T[ZE/ s/zh Bkb c?bd/ o/
fr;skB B{z o'fenk ik ;e/.

nkgD/ p/N/ dh fJj fJZSk g{oh eoB bJh :h s/ T[; d/ gsh B/ T[j 30 fwbhnB :?B (1H80 eo'V
o[gJ/) dh okSh you eo fdZsh, i' T[BQK B{z p/N/ dh fJzS'o?A; ti'A fwbh ;h. fJ; Bkb T[; B/ rqhB bkJhc
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fJj fwjBs j[D ekw:kp j[zdh fdykJh d/ ojh j?.

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fpZbh wk;h d/ nihp'-rohp S"Ae, ftfrnkBhnK B/ ehsh nB'yh

pzfdnK d/ eZS/ eodh j? u'oh y'i, S/sh p[ZY/ BjhA j'Dr/ b'e

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j[zdh j? fe T[j ed/ p[ZYk Bzo Bk nkt/ tB eoB Bkb T[wo tXD d/ ekoB
, fi; bJh T[j eJh soQK d/ B[;y/ ;oho 'u nkT[D tkb/ pdbkn d/oh Bkb :{Bhtof;Nh ns/ w?fvqv d/ nkJhH n?wH
ngBkT[Adk ofjzdk j?. j[D nfij/ b'eK Bzo nk ;ed/ jB ns/ S{ro tor/ T[wo
bJh ftfrnkBhnK tb'A ehsh y'i fJe Bkb ;pzfXs o'r th ftnesh B{z S/sh vhH JhH J/H c{v d/ wkjoK B/ fJe iK e[M
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y'i 'u gsk bZrk j? fe ftNkfwB ph3 nke;hiB o'Xh gkuB szso dh pikJ/
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fJ; B{z gkT[D bJh fo;ouo; B/ n?ZBH

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fJ; s'A pknd i' Bihs/ ;kjwD/ nkJ/

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g?dk j' frnk j?. fpqfrN BK dh fJj fpZbh fgSb/ d' wjhfBnK s'A nkgD/ nKY-r[nKY
w?bp'oB (fpT[o') ezwekih b'eK ns/ xo/b{ n"osK bJh eZgV/ X'Dk fe;/ u[D"shg{oD Looking for a suitable
'u ofjzd/ pzfdnK d/ eZS/ u'oh eo nkgD/ fmekD/ 's/ fbnkT[Adh j? ns/ EK-EK 's/ ezw s'A xZN BjhA j? go S/sh jh fJ; ;zeN s'A okjs fwb ;edh j?, feT[Afe fJe match for Sydney based Sikh
fJBQK B{z b[ek fdzdh j?. fJ; Sokosh fpZbh dh wkbeD ;kokj BkEB T[; dh fJ; nfijh seBhe dk ftek; ehsk frnk j?, fi; okjhA gqekS g?Ad/ jh fwzNK ftu s[jkv/ Dentist girl 30, 5’7”, slim, fair,
joes s'A pj[s go/SkB j?. T[; B/ c/;p[Ze 's/ fJe s;tho g';N ehsh j?, fi; 'u T[; eZgV/ y[d ;kc j' ikDr/. nk;Nq/bhnk dh nkoH n?ZwH nkJhH NhH :{Bhtof;Nh d/ very beautiful. Currently
dh gkbs{ fpZbh u'oh ehs/ j'J/ eZfSnK ns/ z[okpK d/ i'fVnK Bkb Bzo nk ojh j?. y'iekoK B/ nfij/ 'B?B' n?BjK;v' eZgV/ dk ftek; ehsk j? i' nkgD/ nkg dkr working in Dental clinic in
o'ue rZb fJj j? fe fpqfrN f;oc pzfdnK d/ eZS/ jh u'oh eodh j?. fi; fdB T[; B{z ns/ izwh j'Jh w?b eZYD ftu ;woZE j?. fJ; bJh eZgfVnK B{z f;oc pbp dh o'SBh Sydney. Family very well
ftu oZyDk j't/rk. X[Zg ftu gfjB e/ fBebD 's/ th fJj ;kc j' ikt/rk. y'iekoK settled in Sydney. Boy
eZS/ BjhA fwbd/, T[; fdB T[j j'o uhzK u[Ze fbnkT[Adh j?. j[D sZe fpqfrN dh ftu fJe Gkosh w{b dk ftfrnkBh th Skwb j?. nkoH nkJhH n?ZwH NhH :{Bhtof;Nh should be qualified and
wkbeD B/ nkgD/ xo 'u'A u'oh ehs/ j'J/ 60 eZS/ pokwd ehs/ jB. T[; dk efjDk d/ oki/S okwBkEB B/ fejk fe fJBQK eZgfVnK dk ckfJdk fJj j? fe fJj gfjbK s'A smart. Please email Bio with
j? fe fpqfrN B/ j'o th eJh uhzK tZy-tZy EKtK 's/ b[ek e/ oZyhnK j'DrhnK, jh Eqhvh ;ozuBk d/ nkXko 's/ ftef;s ehs/ rJ/ jB, fJ; bJh fJj uzrh soQK gqekS Photo at
fijVhnK fcbjkb T[; B{z BjhA fwbhnK jB. B{z ;'y b?Ad/ jB, fi; Bkb ekopfBe gdkoE nk;kBh Bkb fBeb iKd/ jB.
[email protected]
;kokj B/ dZf;nk fe T[; B/ nkgDh rbh 'u w"i{d ;ko/ xoK d/ b?Nopke; 'u
fuZmh gk e/ g[ZfSnk j? fe fes/ T[BQK dh e'Jh uhz r[nkuh sK BjhA j?. i/eo r[nkuh
j? sK T[j T[; Bkb ;zgoe eoB.


12 gzikp NkJhwz, f;vBh, ngq?b 2016 ;w[zdoh r[ck ftZu
12,400 ;kb s'A pknd ftfrnkBhnK B{z fwfbnk fJj es{ok

pfDnk j? fJj o?;N'o?AN

bzvB (fpT{o') fJB;kB ed'A Xosh 's/ j?, fJ; dk f;oc nzdkzk jh brk ;ed/ o'w (fpT{o') dZyDh fJNbh d/
jK. go T[; dk g{ok ;oho ;dhnK g[okDk ed/ BjhA fwfbnk, f;tkJ/ wwh EktK B{z g'bhrBkB' 'u pDkfJnk frnk fJe
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400 ;kb gfjb/ j' u[Zeh j?, go T[; dk ;oho g{oh soQK Bkb ;[oZfyns j?. nfijk tZyok j?. don;b 'u fJj o?;N'o?AN
fJ; bJh j? feT[Afe T[j ;kJhp/ohnk dh poc 'u iw frnk ;h. ftfrnkBhnK B{z i' ;w[zdo Bkb fxoh fJe r[ck d/ nzdo
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don;b g{oh soQK Bkb ;[oZfyns oZfynk frnk ;h, fpbe[Zb wwh dh soQK. 20 ewo/ jB. ykD bJh, x[zwD bJh
ns/ ofjD bJh ftS/S gqpzX j?. fJ; dh
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fJe N[ZeVk bZfGnk j?. wzfBnk ik fojk j? fe fJj seohpB 2 ;kb gfjbK G/sGoh
jkbs ftu bkgsk wb/Shnk J/nobkfJz; d/ n?ZwHn?ZuH 370 ijkz dk N[ZeVk j?. 3 shthnK, 33 fBnkD/ 2 nk
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nk;No/bhnk Bkb fwb e/ ezw eo fojk j?. j? fe T[j fJ; ;kb 2 j'o p/NhnK d/ j?.
w[jzwd fJBhA fdBhA y{p uouk 'u jB.
fzeo:'r j? fe 8 wkou 2014 B{z 5 GkoshnK ;w/s 239 w[;kcoK d/ Bkb wb/ don;b ikB fJ;/ jcs/ d' j'o pZfunK vkeNo ns/ g/S/ s'A tgkoh ikB
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nkgDh nZy BjhA y'bQ gk fojk j?. jkbKfe jkEh tor/ iht B{z iBw d/D tkbh fJj jB. e[Zb 33 pZfunK 'u'A T[BQK B{z ;G s'A
gfjbh xNBk BjhA j?, fJ; s'A gfjbK th uhB 'u ;kb 2014 'u nfijk ;{no g?dk fznkdk g;zd j? T[BQK dh p/Nh Sr[csk
j' u[Zek j?, fi; d/ iBw d/ d' xzfNnK pknd jh w"s j' rJh ;h. B;ohB i' ni/ 9thA ebk; 'u gVQ ojh
j?. Sr[csk B/ dZf;nk fe id'A gkgk nk
iKd/ jB sK fizBh ibdh j' ;edk j? w?A

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gkgk B{z fznkdk d/o sZe pkjo Bk yVQ/
ofjDk gt/. fJzB/ tZv/ gfotko d/ pko/

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T[BQK e'b f;oc fJe Gok ;h. id'A T[j

tZv/ j'J/ sK fJ; ;Zu Bkb ekch fyZM

rJ/ ns/ T[j jw/Sk s'A tZvk gfotko
ukj[zd/ ;B.

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nwohek (fpT{o') ne;o o/b rZvh ezw 's/ rJ/ ;B, fgZS'A T[BQK dk fJe j'o b'eh T[go'A bzxdhnK rJhnK. o/b ukbeK
j/mK nkT[D Bkb ikBh B[e;kB j[zdk e[Zsk o'zh w/B r/N okjhA pkjo ubk B/ ;wfMnk fe SkfJd T[j wo frnk j?,
eJh tko d/yD 'u nkfJnk j? go fJ; frnk, fi; d/ fgZS/-fgZS/ b'eh th ubk fJ; bJh rZvh B{z o'eDk ;jh BjhA j? go
B{z e[dos dk feqSwk jh fejk ikt/rk frnk. id'A nkyoh rZvh d/ ukbe B/ T[; B{z
fe nkgD/ T[go'A 13 o/b rZvhnK bzxD f;o fjbkT[AfdnK d/fynk sK T[j ;wM
s'A pknd th 14 wjhfBnK dk fJe gkbs{ b'eh d/ wkbe o';h dk efjD? fe frnk fe b'eh ni/ fiT{Adk j?.
e[Zsk b'eh fiT{Adk pZu frnk. jkbKfe o'zh sK gfjbK th d' tko xo'A pkjo
fJ; jkd;/ 'u T[; dh fJe fgSbh bZs, frnk ;h, fco gos nkfJnk go b'eh ypo nB[;ko b'eh dk wkbe o';h
yZph nZy ns/ g{S eZNDh gJh. B/ fJzM gfjbh tko ehsk ;h. id'A T[j o/ ns/ T[BQK dh gsBh id'A ezw s'A tkg;
b rZvh dh gNVh e'b gj[zfunk sK nkJ/ sK T[BQK B/ d/fynk fe b'eh xo 'u
b'eh d/ wkbeK nB[;ko T[j gfjbK nukBe rZvh nkT[D Bkb gNVh d/ BjhA j?. oks 8 ti/ T[BQK B{z c'B nkfJnk
ed/ th xo'A pkjo BjhA fBefbnk ;h. ftukb/ fvZr frnk ns/ zywh j' frnk. fe T[BQK dk e[Zsk b'eh o/b rZvh dh
jkd;/ tkb/ fdB id'A T[j nkg'-nkgD/ fJ; fgZS'A fJe s'A pknd fJe 13 rZvhnK gNVh 's/ zywh jkbs 'u fwfbnk j?,
fi; B{z t?;N t?ZN n?Bhwb n?woi?A;h
;?ANo fty/ fbikfJnk frnk.

o';h ns/ T[BQK d/ gfotko B/ ;'funk
fe SkfJd fJ; jkd;/ 'u b'eh dh ikB
ubh rJh j't/rh go T[j T[; t/b/ j?okB
ofj rJ/, id'A b'eh B/ T[BQK B{z d/y e/
nkgDk f;o T[sKj u[Zfenk. fJj d/y e/
o';h pj[s y[S j'J/ ns/ fejk fe T[j b'eh
dh ikB pukT[D bJh e[M th eoB B{z
fsnko jB.

T[BQK fejk, ''i/eo T[j ;jh ;bkws
pZu ;edk j? sK fzzdrh dh fJ; izr 'u
T[j th T[; d/ Bkb jB.'' fJzM jh j'fJnk.
S/sh jh b'eh nkgDhnK fszB bZsK d/
;jko/ uZbD bZrk ns/ S/sh jh szdo[;s
j' frnk.

13 gzikp NkJhwz, f;vBh, ngq?b 2016


nzfvnK s/ ouBk eoB tkbh Gkosh bdky ftZu bZr/rk d[Bhnk dk ;G s'A tZvk N?bh;e'g!
ebkeko nwohek ftu wuk ojh X[zwK
frnk. j[D e[M jh wjhfBnK 'u e"wKsoh
bdky (fpT{o') Gkos 'u d[Bhnk dk dk gq;skt j?. Nh n?Zw Nh p'ov B/ bdky wkjoK dk fJe db bdky dk d"ok eo/
;G s'A tZvk N?bh;e'g gqki?eN bZr d/ jKeb/ B{z fJ; bJh u[fDnk j?. fJ; s'A
;edk j?. 1H47 fpbhnB vkbo dh fJ; gfjbK fJj gq:'rSkbk jtkJh 'u rk. fJZE/ jKeb/ 'u gfjbK jh fJe Gkosh
:'iBk sfjs EoNh whNo N?bh;e'g (Nh ftef;s ehs/ ikD dh :'iBk ;h. go yr'bh gq:'rSkbk j?.
n?Zw Nh) e"wKsoh gq:'rSkbk pDkJ/ ikD e[M w[SfebK ekoB fJj gq;skt oZd j'
Gkosh Nh n?Zw Nh d/ fBod/Se ph
JhSto o/vh B/ dZf;nk fe T[BQK B/ j/Bb/
ns/ fuZbh 'u 2 ;EkBK B{z u[fDnk j?.
T[BQK dZf;nk fe T[Zsoh ns/ dZyDh

r'bkXo' 'u gq:'rSkbk bJh irQk y'iD
dk ezw ikoh j?. Gkos B{z fJ; gqki?eN

'u 212 fwbhnB vkbo dk fBt/S eoBk
j? ns/ ;kcNt/no 'u th Gkos ;fj:'r

o/vh B/ dZf;nk fe Nh n?Zw Nh B{z 2

;kb nzdo fJ; gq:'rSkbk bJh fBowkD
S[o{ eo d/D dh T[whd j?. T[BQK dZf;nk
fe fJ; bJh seBheh ezw S[o{ j' frnk
j?. gq:'rSkbk fe; irQk 's/ pDkJh ikt/
, fJ; pko/ 'u nkyoh c?;bk j'D sZe Nh
n?Zw Nh B{z pkeh f;;Nw fsnko eo b?D

dh T[whd j?.

rK g{Bw ns/ p?b noi[B dk 18 bZy 'u j'fJnk nB'yk ftnkj

tkfSzrNB (fpT{o') nwohek ftu Gkosh nzvk ebkeko cojk ;Jhd B/ tZy-tZy r[ioks (fpT{o') nfjwdkpkd dh
gzShnK d/ nzfvnK d/ y'bK 's/ pj[s jh fXnkB Bkb fsnko ehshnK rJhnK 70 g{Bw rK dk ftnkj GkrtBro fzb/
ouBktK dh fJe gqdoSBh brkJh j?. cojk B/ 'fJfsjk;e fSekr' f;wcBh ;?ANo' d/ p?b noi[B Bkb j'fJnk. S[Zeotko
ftu 20 wkou s'A 22 wkou se 2 fdBK dh 'd Jh;No n?r;' gqdoSBh brkJh. dh ;t/o eohp 8 ti/ j'J/ fJ; ftnkj
T[BQK fejk j? fe nkgDhnK ebktK ftu T[BQK B/ tZy-tZy gzShnK Ssow[or, fonk, 'u 5 jzko wfjwkB Skwb j'J/.
J/w{, jz;, s[oeh ns/ frzBh d/ nzfvnK d/ y'bK dh tos'A ehsh j?. cojk B/ fJBQK B{z wfjwkBK B{z ;Zdk d/D bJh ekov th
SgtkJ/ rJ/ ;B. ftnkj 'u eohp 19
efo;Nb, ;'B/ ns/ uKdh d/ XkfrnK Bkb ;ikfJnk j? fi; B{z d/yD bJh jzkoK bZy o[gJ/ you j'J/. rK d/ wkbe dk
ebk gq/wh, ;oekoh nfXekoh ns/ eJh j'o d/SK d/ fvgb'w?fNe nkJ/ ;B. fJ;
;wkrw dk w[Zy e/Ado wjkswk rKXh ns/ wdo No/;k B{z SoXKibh d/D bJh pDkfJnk efjDk ;h fe nZi-eZb e'Jh rK
frnk 'n?r;No?t?r?Aik ns/ 'fBotkDk' d/ Bkb-Bkb 'ngk;Nb; nkZc gh;' ;h gkbDk BjhA ukj[zdk. nfij/ 'u rKtK
fi; B{z J/w{ d/ nzv/ d/ y'b 's/ fsnko ehsk frnk ;h. fSekr' ftu Gkos d/ tDi dh xZNdh frDsh B{z d/yd/ j'J/ ;wki
fvgb'w?N vkeNo n";kc ;Jhd dh gsBh cojk ;Jhd B/ dZf;nk j? fe T[BQK B/ 17
dk fXnkB nkeoSs eotkT[D bJh
;kb gfjbK nzv/ Bkb pDh ouBk dh gqdoSBh eso ftu brkJh ;h. fJ; s'A gfjbK fJ; ftnkj dk nk:'iB ehsk frnk.
T[j e'g/wj/rB, i/ddk, BthA fdZbh ns/ ;Bk ftu th nkgDh fJ; gqdoSBh B{z brk
u[Zeh j?.

14 gzikp NkJhwz, f;vBh, ngq?b 2016

15 gzikp NkJhwz, f;vBh, ngq?b 2016



16 gzikp NkJhwz, f;vBh, ngq?b 2016

25th Marriage Anniversary fJj j? UgB jkoN ;oioh eotkT[D tkbk gfjbk

e[Zsk, vkeNoK B/ d/ fdZsk ;h itkp

Parvind and Harleen celebrate their 25th Wedding bzvB (fpT{o') fpqN/B dk w?p/b d[Bhnk dk gfjbk nfijk e[Zsk j?, fi; dh UgB
Anniversary with their children Harsh and Sachnoor jkoN ;oioh j'Jh j?. fJ; dh wkbe n?Bkp/b/ whe B/ fejk fe T[j fJ; nkgo/SB s'A
pj[s y[S s/ T[sSkjs j?, feT[Afe T[j w?pb d/ puD dh T[whd SZv u[Zeh ;h.
dZ;D:'r j? fe fJj e[Zsk nkgDh wkbe dk fJZe'-fJe ;jkok j?, feT[Afe T[; d/
gsh dh ;Ve jkd;/ 'u w"s j' rJh ;h s/ p/Nk ftd/S 'u gVQdk j?.

w?pb BK d/ fJ; e[Zs/ dh UgB jkoN ;oioh ethB wdo j;gskb 'u j'Jh. vkH
v?B pqkew?B B{z fJj ;oioh eoB 'u S/ xzN/ bZr/. vkeNoK dk efjDk j? fe w?pb d/
puD dh f;oc 20 ch;dh ;zGktBk ;h.

j[D Xosh s'A wzrb s/ f;oc v/Y wjhB/ ftZu

gj[zfunk ik ;ed?, o{; B/ ehsk dkntk

tkfSzrNB (fpT{o') o{; B/ fJe gowkD{ oke/N fJziD pDkfJnk j?. o{; B/ fejk j?
fe T[j ;kb 2018 'u fJ; gowkD{ oke/N fJziD dk gohyD eo/rk. o{; B/ dkntk
ehsk j? fe fJ; gowkD{ oke/N fJziD zohJ/ wzrb 's/ f;oc v/Y wjhB/ 'u gj[zfunk
ik ;e/rk. o{; B/ fejk fe T[j 2033 'u wzrb 's/ fJe :kB fJ;/ oke/N s'A G/i/rk.
fJj th ;zGktBk zkjo ehsh ik ojh j? fe o{; B/ nfijk :kB pDk fbnk j?, i'
wzrb s'A tkg; gos e/ Xosh 's/ nk ;edk j?.

dZ;D :'r j? fe ni/ sZe wzrb 's/ i' th fwSB G/i/ rJ/ jB, T[BQK 'u'A e'Jh
tkg; BjhA nkfJnk j?. fJ; gowkD{ oke/N pDkT[D tkb/ gqki?eN d/ w[yhnk eor/Jh
feoh:/B/ B/ dZf;nk fe fJ; gki?eN 's/ 274 fwbhnB vkbo dk you nkfJnk j?.
o{; s'A gfjbK nwohek B/ gowkD{ oke/N gqki?eN S[o{ ehsk ;h. nwohek B/ 1968 'u
fJe oke/N dk gohyD ehsk ;h, go 1973 ftu nukBe gqki?eN pzd eo fdZsk


17 gzikp NkJhwz, f;vBh, ngq?b 2016

fpBK gZr d/ j'bh y/vD s/ fttkdK ftZu c;/ ;[ypho pkdbl ;qh Holi Mela in Blacktown attended by the leader of opposition
nekb sys ;kfjp s/ sbp eoB dh wzr

uzvhrVQ (fpT{o') Sq'wDh nekbh db dh T[bzxDk d/ d'S ftu ;[ypho B{z ;qh eKro; ftXkfJe db d/ w[yh uoBihs Sydney, (Bureau) Hon Bill Shorten, The Leader of Opposition,
d/ gqXkB s/ gzikp d/ T[g w[Zy wzsoh nekb sys ;kfjp 's/ sbp eoB dh f;zx uzBh B/ fejk fe ;[ypho B/ f;Zy accompanied by Hon Michelle Rowland Shadow Minister for
;[ypho f;zx pkdb fpBK gZr Bzr/ f;o wzr ehsh j?. fJ; d/ fybkc nkw b'eK f;XKsK dh y[ZbQ/nkw T[bzxDk ehsh j?. Multiculturalism and Citizenship and Senator and Senator Sam Dastyari
j'bh y/v e/ Bt/A fttkd ftu c; rJ/ fJ; bJh T[BQK B{z B?fse nkXko 's/ gkoNh , Parliamentary Secretary attended the Holi Mela in Blacktown.
jB. fJ; d/ fybkc eKro;, nkw nkdwh B/ th NftNo s/ c/;p[e 's/ gqshfefonk d/ gqXkB nj[d/ s'A n;shck d/Dk ukjhdk
gkoNh s/ db ykb;k B/ f;Zy gozgoktK d/Dh S[o{ eo fdZsh j?. j?. T[BQK fejk fe gfjbK th ;[ypho d/ He was mobbed the crowded and asked for photos to be taken
nzfwqs SeD B{z b? e/ ;tkb yVQ/ j[zd/ oj/ with him.
eKro; fto'Xh fXo d/ B/sk s/ jB s/ T[BQK dh n;bhns fJ; soQK gZr
B{z Bzonzdkz eoe/ j'bh wBkT[D Bkb Whilst addressing the crowd when he said Namaste, Satri ya
;kjwD/ nk rJh j? s/ ;qh nekb sys Kal, Kem Cho and Vanakam the crowd ruptured into euphoria.
;kfjp B{z fJ; dk B'fN; b?Dk ukjhdk
j?. He further said "Thank you for inviting me to share in this
magnificent celebration.And congratulations to the organisers who
nkg nkw nkdwh gkoNh (nkg) have worked so hard to make this event possible. "
gzikp d/ p[bko/ ;[ygkb f;zx yfjok B/
fejk fe Sq'wDh nekbh db dk gqXkB "In particular, Bikram Singh Cheema, Indu Takher, Nitin Madan
j[zd/ j'J/ ;[ypho pkdb tb'A fi; soQK and Ashish Kumar Kumar."
gZr T[sko e/ j'bh y/vh rJh, T[; Bkb
f;ZyK d/ gzi eZekoK dk fBokdo j'fJnk "I acknowledge my outstanding parliamentary colleagues and
j?. T[BQK fejk fe j[D fJj d/yDk j? fe your local champions – Michelle Rowland and Sam Dastyari.
;qh nekb sys ;kfjp d/ iE/dko fJ;
wkwb/ ftu fe; soQK dh G{fwek fBGkT[Ad/ "I also wish to acknowledge two good friends of mine who
jB s/ j[D fJj th gsk bZr/rk fe iE/ have helped introduce me to the great Indian community of Sydney:
dko f;Zy gozgoktK s/ wfonkdk d/ gqsh Harish Velji and Aisha Amjad
fezB/ rzGho jB. fJj th d/fynk ikt/rk
fe T[j ;[ypho pkdb B{z sbp eoB dh as well as."
fjzws i[Nk gkT[Ad/ jB iK BjhA. T[BQK "We gather here in a spirit of Rung and Rawnak, colour and joy.
fejk fe fJe gk;/ sK gZr B{z b? e/ ;[ypho "May the colours of love and joy rain upon you and your families.
tZv/-tZv/ fpnkB fdzd/ jB go j[D T[BQK "Rang Bharase app ke uphar"
y[d jh gZr dk ngwkB eo fdZsk j?.


Sydney, (Bureau) Some even spoofed the phone offices. Affairs & Trade, Government of report be forwarded to
Indian nationals, who have numbers allotted to the High It may be noteworthy that Australia and Australian Federal [email protected]. Guidelines
recently arrived in or migrated to Commission of India, Canberra or Police have been informed about are also available in the following
Australia, have been receiving its Consulates in Sydney, the Indian High Commission or its these suspicious calls. Since, this link:
fraudulent calls from Melbourne, Perth or their Service Consulates usually do not deal is a matter concerning Australian
unauthorised persons about their with the immigrant Indians Visa, it is suggested that such
Australian visa / immigration Provider viz., M/s VFS Global. regarding their Australian visa / incidents be reported to local Trav/Visa/migration-fraud-and-
status. At times the callers have These calls are not made by immigration status. police authorities and a copy of scams
any authorized officials from these
The Department of Foreign


18 gzikp NkJhwz, f;vBh, ngq?b 2016

Holi Celebrated with Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs Hon. Craig
Laundy MP & Assistant Minister to the Treasurer the Hon Alex Hawke MP

On 23 March 2016, a full Pallavi for her suggestion that this up-to-date with current affairs a "wedding" in that the Craig Diversity is Australia’s greatest
house ticketed dinner function dinner be held and her efforts in and community issues. This dinner Laundy, Suzie Laundy & Alex strength."
was held to celebrate the Indian organizing this event in such a is an important way to recognize Hawke were being wedded to
festival of Holi with Assistant short time. He added that she is the positive contribution that the the “Indian community and There was colourful
Minister for Multicultural Affairs an example of a multicultural Indian community makes to culture” & are now even more Bollywood dancing by Monsuun
Hon Craig Laundy MP & Assistant success story.” Australia in numerous fields. aware of a festival that is Group and entertaining singing
Minister to the Treasurer the Hon important to the Indian by Kedarnath Pagdinnamath &
Alex Hawke MP at Concord Alex Hawke MP, former Chair Colours were applied on Craig community. She also commented Shobha Ingleshwar. This was
Function Centre. of the Parliamentary Friends of Laundy MP, Suzie Laundy & Alex that Craig Laundy MP and Suzie enjoyed by the packed hall of
India, also praised Pallavi’s efforts Hawke MP & Pallavi explained the Laundy looked like newlyweds. attendees and people danced to
Craig Laundy MP said that and political acumen, and said symbolism of colours like red, the songs, including Suzie
”Holi is one of the most vibrant, that ”Particularly in light of what yellow, blue & green. Pallavi said The function was attended Laundy.
colourful & energetic cultural happened in Brussels recently, it’s that “Holi signifies things such as by numerous business and
events in the world. It is important to function as a the beginning of Spring, good community leaders, and people Craig Laundy MP & Suzie
important to continue harmonious multicultural prevailing over evil, and also from many different cultural Laundy presented Pallavi with
celebrations like Holi that country”. commemorates the divine love backgrounds. Said Pallavi, "I flowers to appreciate the time
reinforce fun, laughter and between divine Lord Krishna & welcome attendees from non- and energy she put into
communal engagement and it’s Pallavi thanked the Federal Radha which is playfully expressed Indian backgrounds. The organizing the dinner.
strong signal to us & the world Ministers and appreciated the role by people throwing coloured dye opportunity to participate in
of our commitment to of volunteers and members of on each other, with everyone festivals of different Australians The Indian subcontinent
continuing as a successfully the Reid FEC in assisting with the being allowed to participate, from different cultural community is pleased that one
culturally diverse nation. Cultural event. She acknowledged the irrespective of age, gender and backgrounds is a great part of of their important festivals was
diversity has a positive impact on attendees and the important socio-economic status”. multicultural Australia. As Prime recognized in this special way and
Australia’s prosperity. I thank role of the Indian subcontinent Minister Turnbull said recently, that they could celebrate it with
media, especially in keeping us She added that it seemed like Federal Ministers.


19 gzikp NkJhwz, f;vBh, ngq?b 2016


29th Sikh Games Held At Brisbane

Sydney, 29th Australian Sikh the atmosphere was very lively share his ideas with the wider activities from the main stage and Volleyball. The final Kabaddi
Games were held this year in and engaged. Langar was also Sikh community of Australia. worldwide 4eb 98.1fm radio in tournament was amongst two
Brisbane from 26 to 28 March very thoughtfully provided collaboration with Harman Radio Melbourne teams and Melbourne
2016 at the sporting grounds throughout the 3 days and stalls Furthermore, Brisbane Sikh and Haanji radio. Academy won. The runner up
around Tingalpa, about 20 were set up with additional Games gave another opportunity team was Singh Sabha Sports
minutes from the city centre. On options. The opening ceremony to create awareness about the In sport, the Sydney Sikhs Club Melbourne. Overall it was a
day one, the games kicked off was also very well done with activities of the Care One Care Black netball team came first. New successful Mela event in Brisbane.
from 7 am and the crowds were Gidha, bhangra and Gatka being All Group (COCAG) and to raise farm Brisbane won the final The management committee for
looking energized and excited for the main attractions. Maharani funds for the needy. against New Zealand in boys the games deserves credit for
the next few days ahead. With Parneet Kaur also came all the soccer. SCSAS girls won the organizing such a wonderful
a variety of activities for all to way from India to attend the For COCAG, it was a busy and soccer final. Western Sydney event.
enjoy watching and participating opening ceremony. On 26th entertaining three day event won against Melbourne in
in including netball, soccer, March, HS Phoolka from AAP also where the volunteers enjoyed basketball, the Volleyball was Jasjot Kaur
volleyball, basketball and kabaddi came along to the games and to watching games and promoted taken out by Sikh United
COCAG via direct Melbourne against Khalsa
announcements about group

20 gzikp NkJhwz, f;vBh, ngq?b 2016

;zgkdeh ;wkfie ftek; d/ n;b wkDe s?n eo ojh j? e/iohtkb ;oeko

gzikp NkJhwz fdZbh ;oeko dk 2016-17 dk f;js torhnK wB[Zyh ftek; dhnK j?. fJ; eqw ftZu f;Zfynk ns/ f;js
piN eJh wkfJB/ ftZu r?o-wkw{bh p[fBnkdh uhiK jo fe;/ B{z fpBK fe;/ ns/ j?bE T[Zs/ piN xZN j[zdk frnk.
nZstkdhnK d/ fBSkB/ ns/ ;kjf;e j?. nkw nkdwh gkoNh G/dGkt d/ T[gbZpX eotkt/. fJ; go fJ; d/ Bkb ;wki ftZu fJZe tZvh
dh ;oeko B/ f;Zfynk T[Zs/ 23 ns/ ;zpzX ftZu fJZe ejkts j? fe ykJh g?dk j'Jh. ftek; d/ Bkw T[Zs/
T[Zs/ :{o'gh w[be f;js T[Zs/ 16 ch;dh oew you eoB gVkJh, dtkJh ns/ bVkJh :kBh fJZe S'Nk fijk tor soZeh eodk
dk c?;bk ehsk j?. ;zGt s"o s/ f;Zfynk, f;js ns/ fBnK g{oh soQK frnk ns/ ftnkge ;wki fJ; d'V
p?bihnw dh okiXkBh pq;/bi ftZu j'J/ Xwke/ fJj dZ;d/ gfjbh tko fe;/ ;oeko B/ fejk j? w[cs j'Dk ukjhdk j?. ftZu fgZS/ ofj frnk. phs/;kb nkJh
jB fe fJ; t/b/ :{o'g dk jo d/S nZstkdhnK d/ fBSkB/ T[Zs/ 'n;h ;oekoh ;e{bK B{z gqkJht/N fJzvhnk n?e;eb{iB fog'oN 2015
j?. fJ;s'A gfjbK fJzrb?Av ns/ ;g/B th tZv/ nZstkdh ;e{bK s'A fpjso pDkT[Dk ukj[zd/ jK. ;kv/ okSNo fBowksktK ns/ d/ w[skfpe nZi th tZvh frDsh
jwfbnK d/ fSeko j' u[Ze/ jB, go pq;/bi jwb/ B{z eJh ' nZi id'A finkdkso oki ;oekoK wjKg[oyK dk fJjh ;[cBk ;h. ;kv/ ftZu b'e iBse ;/tktK w;bB
wkwfbnK ftZu jkb d/ g?fo; jwb/ dk jh ft;Eko fejk ik nkgD/ NhuoK dh sBykj d/ e/ ;zftXkB fBowksktK B/ fJ; rZb B{z f;Zfynk, wekB, ezw, ekB{zBh
;edk j?. g?fo; jwb/ d/ 10 SZeh nZstkdhnK ftZu'A nkyoh f;Zfynk, d/ cozN s'A fBSfuzs j'Dk fXnkB ftZu oZy e/ Gkos B{z fJZe nfXeko, gkDh ns/ ;kc-;ckJh
dh sbkS pq;/bi ftZu jh g{oh j'Jh, id'A T[ZE'A ;bkj npd/ ukj[zdh j?, y[d e/Ado ;oeko brksko efbnkDekoh oki n?bkB ehsk ;h. torhnK p[fBnkdh ;j{bsK s'A tKM/
;bkw B{z cfVnk frnk. nkgD/ f;Zfynk you ftZu eN"sh eo pdfe;wsh Bkb fJj Nhuk fes/ jB. Gkos d/ fvt?bgw?AN dh jo
ojh j?, T[d'A e/iohtkb ;oeko rtku frnk. nkzkdh d/ pknd n;hA ;e;?; ;N'oh fJZE/ nke/ dw s'V fdzdh
ikDeko b'e fJ;d/ pknd fJ; rZb dh Szek iskT[D f;Zfynk dk ekfJnk-ebg eoB dh fwSos noEftt;Ek ngBkJh go j?.
bZr/ ;B fe nZstkdhnK d/ fJZe ro[Zg d/ ysw j'D d/ pknd fJZSkSesh fdyk ojh j?. T[g w[Zy T[; ftZu fJj ;gZSN ;h fe e[ZM y/
:{o'g d/ j'o nZstkdh ro[Zg ;orow j' ikDr/. fJ; Szek B{z wzsoh wBhS f;;'fdnk d/ nB[;ko so ;oeko bJh ;[oZfyns j'Dr/, T[; fJ; bJh phs/ e[ZM ;w/A s'A B'p/b
;u ;kfps eod/ j'J/ nZstkdhnK B/ Bk f;oc fJ; frqcskoh fdZbh ftZu fJ; ;kb 21 Bt/A ;e{b ftZu fBZih y/so dh G{fwek BjhA oj/ fJBkw i/s{ noESk;soh nwofsn
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ekotkJhnK dh fusktBh th fdZsh j?. fJ;dk wsbp fJj pDkJ/ ikDr/. ebk;o{w ftZu ;h ;h ewi'o j' rJh ns/ G/d th ysw j[zdk ;tkb u[Zed/ oj/ jB ns/ fJj
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21 gzikp NkJhwz, f;vBh, ngq?b 2016

GOPIO Sydney presented GYAAN

Sydney, Bureau) GOPIO (Global event among the Indian diaspora. Centre, Carlingford, NSW 2118 and health, a theme adopted by GOPIO Tej Singh, Grand Finalist for Spelling
Organisation of People of Indian GYAAN stands for GOPIO Young was well received and attended by Sydney this year. The profits from Bee.
Origin) is dedicated to the promotion Achievers Award Night each year. In about 400 audience. Prof John the events along with the fund raised
and well being of people of Indian Hindi it means knowledge. GYAAN is Simons, Deputy Vice Chancellor, for mental health will be donated to The presence of Sukhjit Kaur
origin. It has become a premiere to knowledge as knowledge is to Macquarie University presided over The Australian Foundation for Mental Khalsa, who uses satire and humour
global advocacy body representing power and GOPIO is to the function and applauded the Health and Reserch to address core social isses and
the interests and continues to be at empowerment. young achievers.The event involved ( recently featured in Australia Got
the forefront of monitoring and a three course sit down dinner, Talent show and one of the awardees
addressing critical issues of relevance GOPIO Sydney also acknowledges complemented by a wide range of The awardees in the academic proved to be a major attraction of
and benefit to the non-resident and awards the young, not so young cultural activities and lucky draws. category included Ashray Narula, one all particularly the young. GOPIO
Indian (NRI) community across the but young at heart who have excell The event was by parents, politician, Aangad Bedi, Devansh Shah, Dhey Sydney is pleased to announce that
globe and India. in sports, performing arts, visual arts, prominent community and business Shah, Ganesh Chandrasekharan, she has agreed to be their Brand
public speaking, leadership and leaders thereby provided an ideal Mansi Gupta, Neha Dave, Prasanth Ambassador for 2016.
GOPIO Sydney, a local chapter literature etc, have represented at environment professional and Parsu, Sachin Kinger, Syam Iyer,
of GOPIO International, in its GYAAN state or national level or have made business networking opportunity. Tamanna Sapra, Thanuja Premkumar Balvinder Ruby, President GOPIO
series of annual events has been significant contribution in that sector. and Vidhi Nanda. Sydney briefed about scope and
recognising and honouring students GOPIO Sydney also acknowledges Hon Dr. Geoff Lee, MP, Member extent of the work by GOPIO Sydney.
of Indian origin for the last seven and awards organisations, that have for Parramatta and Parliamentary The non academic category Amarjit Dhot, Vice President thanked
years who burning midnight oil, come significantly contributed in community Secretary for Multiculturalism spoke included Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa, the guests, awardees, audience,
out with flying colours from HSC and services, teaching and promoting on the occasion and praised the Jugandeep Singh and Aditya Pillai GOPIO team, sponsors and media
obtain high ATAR doing their parents Indian Languages. awardees for their hard work. Mr partners for the valuable support that
proud. Over the years it has become David Citer, a prominent psychologist (Leadership and Public Speaking); made the event to happen.
a much sought after and awaited This year GYAAN 2016 was and counsellor spoke on the mental Dave Passi, Anju Kalra, MP Singh,
organised at Roselea Community Kittu Randhawa and Harman
Foundation (Community Service) and


22 gzikp NkJhwz, f;vBh, ngq?b 2016

Harmony Day Celebrated in Sydney

Sydney, (Bureau) Harmony across different locations, started valuable Chief guests Rob Mason, command. Many Breath stopping Varun Tiwari and his group. The
Day Celebrations by Sydney Trains from Lidcombe Station, event Howard Collins, Chris Walsh and event symbolised Diversity,
(Celebrating Australia’s Diversity) organised by Janet Colvin and our members of local Police performance's including Equality and Harmony.

Bollywood dance performance by

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Glenwood Medical Centre

23 gzikp NkJhwz, f;vBh, ngq?b 2016

24 gzikp NkJhwz, f;vBh, ngq?b 2016

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2 5 gzikp NkJhwz, f;vBh, ngq?b 2016


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31 gzikp NkJhwz, f;vBh, ngq?b 2016


32 gzikp NkJhwz, f;vBh, ngq?b 2016


33 gzikp NkJhwz, f;vBh, ngq?b 2016


Sydney (Bureau) A member “He was the recipient of an year, was a fitting celebration of Harmony Award interfaith projects in Wagga
of Sydney’s Jewish community Australian Human Rights Medal for the state’s cultural diversity. Medal – Mr Jeremy Jones AM Wagga
who has served the community his work against racism in 2007 Commendation – Together
for more than 40 years promoting and is a deserving recipient of “We are committed to Economic Participation
multicultural and interfaith tonight’s top honours. ensuring NSW is a place where for Humanity Ms Anne Bi for establishing
dialogue has received top everyone from everywhere can Youth the B1 Group and attracting
honours at the 2016 Premier’s “I would also like to feel at home,” Mr Ajaka said. Medal – Mr Ram Khanal for foreign investment
Harmony Dinner. congratulate all of the recipients Multicultural Honour Roll
of tonight’s Multicultural “Tonight’s Multicultural supporting Bhutanese refugees Ms Eva Grace Byrne OAM,
NSW Premier Mike Baird Community Medals for their work Community Medals recognise the who settle in Albury Wodonga 1923-2006, for exceptional
presented the Stepan to keep our society peaceful and exceptional, invaluable and often service in helping refugees to
Kerkyasharian AO Harmony harmonious.” unseen work done by members Commendation – Ms Mawa resettle in Australia
Award to Jeremy Jones AM at of our community. Sannoh for helping young West Dr William Chiu, 1947-2015,
tonight’s event at Rosehill Mr Jones AM was a founder Africans resettle in for strengthening economic and
Gardens Racecourse. of the Australian Partnership of “I congratulate all of tonight’s cultural exchanges between
Religious Organisations, and winners. They are true Sydney Lifetime Australia and China
“Mr Jones has demonstrated serves on the NSW Police champions of multiculturalism and Achievement Mr Alfred Fenech OAM, 1934-
a commitment to building bridges Commissioner’s Multicultural have made our state all the 2014, for outstanding
between various communities Advisory Council. better and richer for their Mr Om Dhungel for helping contributions to uniting diverse
and religious groups in our efforts.” empower Bhutanese refugees communities
multicultural society,” Mr Baird Minister for Multiculturalism Mr Saing Heang Seng, 1944-
said. John Ajaka said the Premier’s Recipients of the 2016 Arts and Culture 2001, for exceptional service to
Harmony Dinner, now in its fifth Multicultural Community Medals Ms Saba Vasefi for promoting the Khmer community in Australia
social justice through poetry and
Stepan Kerkyasharian AO film festivals
Regional Communities
Ms Joan Saboisky for
supporting refugees and


34 gzikp NkJhwz, f;vBh, ngq?b 2016

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opposition Labor Leader Shri Xow ns/ f;ZyK dh gfjukD pko/ ;qh T[gZbpXhnK B{z ;okfjnk.
Bill Shorten yk; s"o s/ Revesby Bill Shorten B{z ikD{ eotkfJnk 2025 sZe 1H8 nop b'eK ;kjwD/
Gurudwara Sahib dh gqpzXe ns/ Shri Bill Shorten B/ pV/ fXnkB ;qL ntsko f;zx f;ZX{, Bfozdo
ew/Nh d/ ;Zd/ s/ ;qh r[o{ rzqE ;kfjp ih Bkb T[BQK B{z ;[fDnk ns/ nkStk;D ro/tkb, uoB f;zx e{Bo, ;[yd/t yVQk j't/rk gkDh dk ;zeN!
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d/ nZr/ Bsw;se j'D bJh r[od[nkok ftu t;dh fe;/ th xZN frDsh gqpzXe ew/Nh B/ Bill Shorten B{z ;qh ;z:[es okSNo (fpT{o') ;z:[es okSNo tb'A ;'wtko B{z ikoh ehs/ rJ/ nzefVnK
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woch, i?;B eb/no ns/ feq; rh. fJ; s'A T[gozs T[BQK B/ r[od[nkok Shorten B/ gzikph w{b dh jfozdo
;kfjp ftu ;qh r[o{ rqzE ;kfjp ih d/ f;ZX{ dk Gkos ftu nk;N/qbhnB ;z:[es okSNo w[y dcso ftu oZyh rJh fJe g?Bb uouk ftu fJ; rZb 's/
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35 gzikp NkJhwz, f;vBh, ngq?b 2016

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38 gzikp NkJhwz, f;vBh, ngq?b 2016

Sydney Sikhs Sports Club (Black) Netball Team remain undefeated for
6 games, played final against Perth Sharks with the score of 55 - 21.

From Left to right: Captain - Rusna Roopra, Vice Captain - Alinapreet Mattu, Sharon Padda, Karen Padda, Jasmeet
Mudhar, Petrina Mattu, Simran Bansal, Sarman Johal, Navneet Saggu, Sohan Judge, Jessmeet Bhangal, Coach

India’s top sporting goods exporters hosted a B2B Meet in Sydney and Melbourne

S yd n e y, (B u re a u ) India is $310.1m recorded for 2010-11. The goods between Australia and India is Some of India’s top sporting goods to reputable brands all across
Australia’s fastest-growing major value (in current prices) of sport and fairly limited, thereby providing lot goods exporters have hosted a the world.
trading partner, which reflects well physical recreation goods imported more opportunities to grow this Business to Business Meet in Sydney
with the complementary nature of the into Australia during 2011-12 was trading relationship. and Melbourne. They displayed a Those interested can to contact
two economies. Sport and physical $2,006.7m. wide range of sporting goods and the delegates directly by visiting
recreation goods exported from The Indian sports industry is keen equipment available for export to the
Australia during 2011-12 were valued While substantial trade of sports- to increase India’s share in Australia’s Australian market. The attending BSM_Australia-India_2016_
at $285.5m, decreasing 8% from the related goods and services occurs in imports of sporting goods and exporters have delivered high quality participants_catalogue.pdf
both countries, trade of sporting equipment.


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fro tD 'u ;fEs fJe fgzv dk wkj"b
pDkT[D dh e'fSS ehsh rJh j? sK i'
fJE/ nkT[D tkb/ b'e J/ShnkJh S/oK B{z
T[BQK d/ e[dosh tk; 'u d/y ;eD.
gqdoSBh bJh fszB S/oBhnK ns/ fJe S/
o oZfynk frnk j?. S/oBhnK d/ BK jhdh,
oph ns/ fJzdh j? ns/ S/o dk BK GkB{ j?.

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