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UCfflB ffltSBCDCiaE *^68

Delhaas High School

1200 New Rodgers Rd. Bristol, Pa


*’Time Machine ’77” is designed as a refiec-
tion of our past, an awareness of our present,
and a glance toward our future. As we remi­
nisce about our experiences at school, we are
constantly reminded of an esteemed mem­
ber of our faculty who symbolizes the begin­
nings as well as the growth of Delhaas High
School. To you, Mr. John Antoni we take great
pleasure in dedicating ’’Time Machine ’77.”

Mr. John Antoni has been a member of the Delhaas High
School faculty and administration since 1949, when he
came here as a West Chester State College graduate. For
eight years Mr. Antoni was a very successful football coach
as well as having served as assistant principal. Athletic Di­
rector and department chairman of physical education. Mr.
Antoni, however, prefers the more personal atmosphere of
the classroom. He is an enthusiastic golfer and an expert

Perhaps the most enduring tradition at Delhaas is Tiger Frolics, and it
was Mr. Antoni who brought the concept of a "Gym Night” to the school
and, indeed, to the whole Lower Bucks County area. No activity so involves
the spirit, the artistic ability, the sales persuasiveness, the athletic prowess
of such a large segment of the student body. As crazy as it sounds, it really
matters whether Red or Gold wins. For this and many other contributions,
Mr. Antoni, we thank you.

Time Machine ’77 Goes Through

its Paces And Takes You On A

Brief Sojourn Through Your Past,

Present, And Future

What represents your iife at schooi now?
C The presidentiai eiection, driving in a friend’s
O van to schooi, the hassie finding your bu.
^ at the end of the day, and probabiy a hundred
2 of other things big and smaii, not to mention
^ the prom and graduation parties.

^ Although we have our personal memories to
</) cherish, there are a few we all share. The Bea-
(U ties: their music, their styles, and their philoso-
CL phies, have affected us all to some extent.

We don’t know what
awaits us in the future, but
we all must have certain
lor curious notions. Possibly
ind's 0) some of us will become

doctors delivering babies
or hopefully even having
itio^ 3 some of our own. The world
as we know it now will def­
initely change, with some
effort we can work as part
of that change— for the

Our Time Machine

Takes Us Back . . .

Remember When?

Can you identify these peopie?

May 1976
Junior Prom— April 23 1976
”1 Think We Can Make It’

Gold 86 Red 63

Good Morning Yesterday,

We Wake Up And Time

Has Siipped Away.

, 'i.v!. ijirtT-

And Suddenly It’s Hard To

Find The Memories We

Left Behind


• I



am n fitiifr all$ aor ik tfc
areWnthf wIls
tKoc 5-unt^ ui rpk
am tlu of tlir nt
af}tu^r^ an^ rrani^«;6 tor
am on oprn ^Oi>t


Programmed With New Data

Our Time Machine Propeis

Us into The Future





Seniors 22
Senior Activities 68
Tech Schooi and
Cooperative Education 74
Juniors 78
Sophomores ................. 90
Freshman ...................... 92

Richard Adams

Thomas Alexandrowicz Robert Allen Timothy Allen

William Allen Samuel Alston David Anderson

AeRan An Karen Andrescavage Philip Antolino Jane Aquaro


Lucille Aquilone Corliss Archer Gerald Arndt Theresa Ashline

Darla Austin Midge Auty Cynthia Balent Arlene Ball


Charles Bancroft James Barner Bernard Barton

Bruce Bertram Tina Bauer

Vi;;," '

Brian Becker Charles Becker

Susan Beears Eileen Bello Harriet Belton


Kathy Berenson Deborah Betchker Chris Bidmead Patricia Biedrzycki


Susan Biii Coiiette Birbeck

Philip Blaisse John Bleinstein

Gretchen Bock Richard Bock Deborah Boerner
In Memorium
November 11, 1959— Jan. 1, 1977 25

Lauren Bohannon Louise Bomont Charles Bonner Kathleen Booth

Rosemarie Bose Christine Bowen Paul Boxmeyer




Robert Boyd Regina Braam Marirose Bracken Christine Brady




Carmick Bryant Diane Bryant David Buck Gary Burke



David Burns Donald Burns Patricia Burns


Ida Caban Donna Cappilla Louis Caputo

f ' i
Marlene Carman Rita Carroll

Cathy Castles Deborah Cataldi

Terri Chichilitti Junghee Choi


Bryan Cilestio Timothy Clark Cheryl Coates

James Cochran Ronald Cochran Tracy Cole

Denise Collins Mark Cook Kenneth Cook



Cristanto Cordero Kathleen Cordisco Margaret Coughlin Edward Coulter


John Cristion Denise Crowder

Herman Curry William D’Angelo

Lydia Damiano Jackie Davidson Lomingo Davis Christopher Davis

Robert Davis Mack Debois William Decker David Delattre


Joanne Deluca Domenic DeMuro

Amy Deni Karen Deserio

\ I

Nancy Diaz Betty Anne Dikun Nicholas Disalvo


Michael Ditommaso William Dixon Keefe Doelling


Kathleen Doll Mary Donahue Brenda Donoher Philip Driscoll

Kathleen Duffy Patrick Duffy Jeffrey Duguay

Anthony Duncan Joann Durnin Linda Durrwachter

■ • - S ' i ' '. ^ 5 r - T -
t .- .
Linda Early Darlene Eckart


Laurel Eisenmann Charmaine Elliott

Betty Ellzy Marlene Elmer

' ^ ^

Teresa Emery Donna Ems

\ j i ^ \

Lynda Emsiey Francis Englemann Daniel Favaroso


Jeffrey Ferraro Elizabeth Ferris John Ferris Carolann Ferriola

James Fields Alvetta Fiori

Nancy Fisher Ehor Flunt

Denise Ford Roberta Fortney Nancy Foster Bernard Fralin


Curtis Frederick Janet Freed


Debra Freer Clint Frey

Martha Frey Wanda Frey Kevin Fritz Loretta Fullard


Janice Gallagher Nancy Gamel Victoria Gardner Lynn Gasser

Jean Gaunt Kathleen Gebel Elaine Geier

Mark George Donald Gerth Alisa Gesualdi

Cheryl Ghantt Grace Ghantt Patricia Giantomass Timothy Gibson



Thomas Glicker David Close Wayne Gonnerman Elaine Goodwin


James Grew Scott Griffith Patricia Guerriero


Kathy Main Barbara Hale Barbara Hamer

William Hamill Diana Hansrote Richard Hardy Anne Harkless


Esther Harmon Jeffrey Harris
James Harkless

Linda Hayes
Gerald Hathaway

Wiiliam Heffner Timothy Hennessey

Brian Hessenthaier Linda Hibbs




Marsha Hibbs Patricia Higgins Robert Hill


)8S Joseph Hinton Doreen Hoffner Diane Hofmann

Cheryl Hoon Gary Hopkins Brian Horner

Shirley Horrocks Earl Houck Leonard Hozlock Paul Hutchinson


Tina Inadi Rodger Ingram Loretta James Jacqueline Jayne

Terry Johns James Johnson Patricia Johnson Carolyn Jones


Cecilia Juno Yvette Justice Darlene Kaelin Derrick Kane

Barbara Kanuck

Denice Kaplan

Susan Kastrup Theresa Keller

Darlene Kennedy Cindy Kerr Christopher Kerrick Daesik Kim

Robin Kingrea Margaret Kinslow Mark Koffel Helen Krajewskyj

Terry Kramarz Frances Kreutzer

Alfred Krieger Kathy Krzywulak


Marianne Lachewitz Joanne Lahner Paul Laushell Mary Lawson

William Lawson Chung Ki Lee

Frances Lee Sherry Lemay

Steven Lemp Harry Linsinbigler


A l ' l ' l

Pamela Mahler Thomas Maloney Anthony Manzo


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