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Economic EVANGELISM Final edit SM1

Economic EVANGELISM Final edit SM1

“A Bold New Movement for F


A Bold New Movem

By Sir Marka


Financial Improvement”


ment for Financial

adoo Haggins


Economic E

Copyright Pag

This book and all its contents ma
form, stored or transmitted in an
recording, electronic, digital or o
permission from Sir Media Group
States of America Copyright Law
[email protected]
Copyright © 2017 by Sir Markad
ISBN : 978-1-948010-00-9




ay not be reproduced in any
ny form by photocopy,
otherwise without written
p except as provided by United
doo Haggins


“A Bold New Movement for F


I have worked my entire
with those that are lookin
their lives. First off I wish
of my life, my ride or die,
She is my Queen and I co
her King is protected.

Next I want to ackno
distributors that have
products a worldwide phe
express gratitude and than
part in helping to establi
father I know I pushed to
the value of working with
grow into real men has be
me. My desire is for you

There are countless peopl
made me, my company,
today. I have failed as m
have won, but I have alw
fought to win again. I r
victory is won alone. To
me as I was growing to
today, I apologize if my de
give thanks to God and ev
far, and to the countless ot

Sir Markadoo: CEO/Foun


Financial Improvement”


life to share this system
ng for a positive shift in
h to acknowledge the love
, StudioSteffanie Haggins.
ount on her to make sure

owledge the staff and
made Heavenly Body
enomenon. I also want to
nks to my sons as they took
ish this company. As a
oo hard and too soon, but
h them and watching them
een a learning process for
to reach your dreams.

le along the way that have
and my brand what it is
many or more times than I
ways gotten back up and
realize now that no great
all those that encountered
become the person I am
emeanor got in the way. I
veryone that has helped so
thers that are to come!

nder Sir Media Group


Economic E

Foreword: “Studio

I was both honored and in
provide the foreword for t
book. It was an honor
considered me enough of
provide this valuable op
book. My husband know
powerful people and cou
one of them to provide t
chose me. In retrospect it
his every action, thought
accepted the tremendous
sure that everything conn
and this project is above b

I watched his rise from
incredible heights. I've wa
long hours, all with enth
energy. I've watched him
wake up early pursuing thi
how he has worked with
that has been expanding th

I've seen him help coun
started in their own entrepr



oSteffanie” Haggins

ntimidated when asked to
the Economic Evangelism
r because my husband
f a person of influence to
pening to this incredible
ws many important and
uld have easily asked any
this foreword, instead he
just makes sense, I know
, deed, and word. I have
responsibility of making
nected with Sir Markadoo
board and straightforward.

m humble beginnings to
atched him put in countless
husiasm, excitement, and

come in late at night and
is dream. I have witnessed
one mission in mind and
he Economic Evangelism

ntless individuals to get
reneurial dreams, in many


“A Bold New Movement for F

cases he has helped to
allowing them to get sta
required because he believ
is a unique individual. He
which is the empowerm

As we've scaled up to o
interesting to note the ma
that have helped us, but m
the ones that we've helped
individual and I'm honore
share his dream of makin
people that are affected b
share his passion for helpi
Adults get to have an op
life and not be stuck in a d
someone else, building ot
stay buried in inaction.

Not a day goes by that he d
this opportunity. He is rele
his desire to build this
available for more peop
Economic Evangelism. I a
people ravaged by job lo
opportunity. I know for a


Financial Improvement”

launch those dreams by
arted with less than was
ved in them. Sir Markadoo
e is focused on one thing,
ment of our people and

our current position, it is
any people along the way
more important to me are
d. Sir is indeed a first-class
ed that he is my husband. I
ng an economic impact on
y the difficulties of life. I
ing Our Youth and Young
pportunity to change their
dead-end job working for
ther’s dream while theirs

doesn't expose and expand
entless in his approach and
s business and make it
ple to take advantage of
am a witness first-hand to
oss and just plain lack of
fact that Sir Markadoo is


Economic E

driven by one guiding infl
a hand up to those who d
just an opportunity to do
that they are willing and a

Over the years that I'v
Markadoo, I've come to
and his integrity and I can
that they're both of the
married to a man that is as
is indeed a challenge. I
because I share his visio
dream. As this book w
journeyed back and saw
recognized the fuel of his f
by a desire to help people

In the months and years
advantage of this Econom
they will do so because
tireless in his endeavor
phenomenon. This indee
Financial Improvement.
and saw that as he has gon
the last 25 years, others ar
struggle and may not have
was able to. He is offering



luence, and that is offering
don't want a hand out, but

what they can and prove
able to do it.

ve been married to Sir
understand his character
n without equivocation say
highest standard. Being
s driven and focused as Sir
I rise to that challenge
on and am a part of his
was being written, I too
the pain of his past and
future. His future is fueled
that aspire to go higher.

s to come as people take
mic Evangelism Movement

Sir Markadoo has been
to make it a worldwide
ed is a “Movement for
.” Sir Markadoo looked
ne through the struggle for
re going through a similar
e the chance to do what he
g not only the chance and


“A Bold New Movement for F

the opportunity but als
knowledge that he has gain
to create the same type
“StudioSteffanie” Haggin


Financial Improvement”

so the training and the
ned over these many years
of success that he now


Economic E
Table of Conten

Acknowledgements ............
Foreword: “StudioSteffan
Table of Contents................
Introduction ..........................
What is Economic Evange
Energy ......................................
Vision .......................................
Ambition .................................
Now Is The Time! ................
Goal Getting ..........................
Excellence ..............................
Leverage ..................................
Inspiration .............................
Systems ...................................
About the Author ................



nie” Haggins ...........................5
elism? ..................................19


“A Bold New Movement for F


Greetings and wel
name is Sir Marka
reflective of the A
awesome childhood, play
of the wonderful things
wanted. I played on
basketball teams and of c
things I shouldn't have, bu

After high school, I we
played college basketball
life. That was right aroun
experimenting with drugs
Flash-forward, I got hooke
almost cost me the mos
world…my life. Growing
was my temple. I was ton
the part of an elite athl
reason, I let my body go
allowed myself to sink in
fueled by drug use, alco
attempts of overdoses and

I went from a lean me
machine to a 300 plus po
period of time. Obese and
hating life and even hati
throw my life away, I sta


Financial Improvement”

lcome to my world. My
adoo Haggins. My story is
American story. I had an
yed sports and enjoyed all
being a kid in America

several championship
course got into the some
ut looking back it sure was

ent away to college and
l and had the time of my
nd the time that I started
and the darker side of life.
ed on crack cocaine and it
st important thing in the
g up as an athlete my body
ne, fit and looked every bit
lete. However, for some
o as well as my mind. I
nto the depths of despair
ohol, some unsuccessful
d just plain poor choices.

ean 190 pound fighting
ound man within a short
d addicted I found myself
ing myself. As I tried to
arted looking for ways to


Economic E

take advantage of those th
me. I was extremely
consideration was focusin
slippery slide from being
falling to the very bottom.
can slide off and give up o

I finally slid all of the way
then realized this was not
be. I was not living up to t
instilled in me in order to
contributing member of s
on seeing how my friend
themselves and their fami
descend into nothing
misunderstand me, I am in
or blaming anyone except
humbling experience, I fou
problems was that people
from “Judgment From Ot
of Ourselves.”

I am so thankful that I did
in self-pity; instead I had
with me today. I looked
ashamed of what I'd beco
land of the free and home
to the conclusion that if yo
you would receive tremen



hat I loved and that loved
selfish and my only

ng on getting high. It's a
g on top of the world and
. If you're not careful, you
on life.

y down and looked around

t where I was supposed to

the values that my parents

o become a successful and

society. I even blamed it

ds were making a life for

ilies, while I continued to

gness. Now, don’t

n no way pointing fingers

t MYSELF! Through that

und that one of the biggest
e like myself didn’t suffer
thers” but it is “Judgment

dn’t stay down and wallow
d an epiphany that is still
d in the mirror and was
ome. I lived in America,

of the brave. I also came
ou work hard enough then
ndous benefits.


“A Bold New Movement for F

I remembered that I knew
been blessed to be on a
and had played on winni
School. It was after my suc
and allowed myself to f
realized that I wasn’t eve
surroundings. After colleg
crack addiction, I began to
and self-medicate with
myself with no respect, lik

Let me make myself perfe
up and decides to be a drug
obese caricature of thems
lose, but if we don't choo
automatically made for u
difficult to like myself and
else would like me either. I
from being an elite athlete
myself. I turned into a p
future, no goals, and wa
move forward.

Waking up to the reality t
normal, I became extremel
stuck as if there was
remembered, there's alw
always a light at the end
hard enough and want it
blessed that I looked har
found peace and solace in


Financial Improvement”

w what it takes to win; I've
winning basketball team,
ing teams since Jr. High
ccess that I gave up on life
fail. As I look back, I
en truly aware of my own
ge and coming back from
o eat myself into oblivion
food and then I treated
ke I didn't matter.

ectly clear, no one wakes
g addict and/or a morbidly
selves. No one chooses to
ose to win that choice is
us. At 310 pounds it was
d I was convinced no one
In a few short years I went
e to becoming a shadow of
person with no focus, no
as unfit and unwilling to

that this was now my new
ly depressed and I became
no way out. Then I
ways a way out, there's
of the tunnel, if you look
t bad enough. I am truly
rd enough and eventually
my connection with God.


Economic E

Then I was certain that my
family. It was just so ove
my loved ones hadn’t giv
ready and committed to m

I still had challenges to fa
such as being tempted to
had left. Now I was stron
structure in my life and a
For me that became my m
my fate as it were. This is
Atlanta, Georgia and c

We live in the greatest
believe this because
opportunities and options
We are extremely blessed
the only reason you won’
aren’t trying enough. A
choose to; anyone can suc
drive and desire. Those tr
and allowed me to fully fo
one task at a time. Part of
having direction and ha
destination was to become
at it incessantly.

In addition to Heavenly B
explore other opportunitie



y God loved me, as did my
erwhelming to know that
ven up on me and I was
make a successful return to

ace during my comeback
go back to the Hell that I
ng enough to incorporate
allow me to stay focused.
mission, my purpose, and
s when I finally moved to
created Heavenly Body

country in the world. I
there are innumerable
s that are at our disposal.
to live in a country where
’t succeed is because you
Anyone can win if they
cceed if that's their focus,
raits were ingrained in me
ocus one day at a time and
winning is having a goal,
aving a destination. My
e successful and I worked

Body Products, I began to
es. I look today at the fact


“A Bold New Movement for F

that I have a 10,000 squ
huge 25-400 pound drum
service and fulfill to distri
I'm so very grateful that
nearly a point of no return
it all. This is not a story t
how great I am. Rather it
and mercy of God and how
are committed to do so.

We live in a land that allow
they are and then rise as f
began to see the awesome
afforded me, my mission i
opportunity with as man
looked around and saw tha
would be improved with j
a month in their household
and saw youth that don't
opportunities; in many ca
poor choices which
opportunities. Yet they ar
pull themselves up by the
advantage of opportunities

It became my mission in
those opportunities, and
average person to rece
Consequently I created
Economic Evangelism S
first evangelist. Evangel


Financial Improvement”

uare foot warehouse with
ms of my product that we
ibutors all over the nation.

even though I slipped to
n, I was able to rise above
to beat my chest or to say
t's a story about the grace
w anybody can win if they

ws a person to start where
far as they choose to. As I
e benefits entrepreneurism
in life became to share that
ny people as possible. I
at the average person’s life
just an extra $100 to $500
d budget. I looked around
t have many serious job
ases because of their own

ultimately limit their
re constantly being told to
eir bootstraps and to take
s afforded to them.

n life to provide some of
to share a way for the
eive a better lifestyle.
the program called The

System and I became the
lism is sharing passion,


Economic E

fervor and purpose,
“congregation” and/or bel
Economics has nothing t
political views, or age.
advancing this concep
Evangelism System to as
possible. The average per
on how to leverage their
success they want. Schoo
make money, it just teac
someone else and make t
show people that it is
Nothing can stop you onc
chase the dream that's bee
can remember.

The Economic Evangel
some cute sounding term
and a passion. The method
have developed over t
methodology begins wi
person the opportunity to
were placed on them b
economic guidance they
means guidance with the s
the rules that must be app
status of wealth and succ
values and virtues of wo
been taught in mainstream
by the looks of things
anytime soon.



and ideas with your
to do with religion, race,

I am passionate about
pt of The Economic
s many people as humanly
rson might not understand
life to start achieving the
ol doesn't teach us how to
ches us how to work for
them rich. My goal is to
possible to win in life.
ce it has been decided to
en dormant ever since you

lism System is not just
m; it is actually a mission

dology is something that I
the last 20 years. The
ith offering an average
o escape limitations that
because of little to no
y received in life. That
skill-sets, the mindset, and
plied in order to reach the
cess. This along with the
orking for yourself hasn't
m educational systems and
it won't be taught there


“A Bold New Movement for F

The Eight Essential E
Evangelism teaches us to
than we do for someone e
life. It also teaches that s
strict set of principles tha
followed explicitly. In th
Evangelism System was
principles and share eight
willing and committed to
of today's transformation
that it’s all about having t
with that concept in additi
I developed. I believe wit
leverage this knowledge t
become an above average

Please join me as I shar
aspects of The Economic
explain how this works, I
beginning and show you h
myself and move to the
crowded. I will also discu
I'm so driven to accompli
share the mission of these
of Economic Evangelism
teaching the mission and g
help, an opportunity to ch
will share this methodolog
shared with countless peo


Financial Improvement”

Elements of Economic
work harder for ourselves
else. That is how to win in
success is governed by a
at must be adhered to and
his book, The Economic
s designed to teach those
traits with people that are
change their lives. Many
nal thought leaders teach
the right mindset. I agree
ion to other principles that
th these principles, we can
to help an average person
person with extraordinary

re from my soul all the
c Evangelism System. To
I will start from the very
how I was able to reinvent

top where it's a lot less
uss this mission and why
ish it. It is my passion to
Eight Essential Elements
m. I am committed to
giving anyone that desires
hange their life. Finally I
gy that I have refined and
ople around the globe and


Economic E

they are now using The
System, which gives them
lives for the better.
The essence of everything
in the word EVANGELI
we're going to use to expla
attain success in life.



Economic Evangelism®
m a chance to change their
g that I'm sharing is found
ISM. This is an acronym
ain our system and how to


“A Bold New Movement for F

Financial Improvement”

Economic E

What is Economic

(Used with a singular verb)
the production, distributi
goods and services, or
(Used with a plural verb)
economically significant as
What are the economics of s

What is economic
defines economics a
deals with the prod
and consumption of g
the material welfare
businessman, CEO a
that question has con
time. The subject of e
our lives and the n
could ever imagine.

The United States ec
turmoil on and off fo
being said, ever since
economy has had a s
revenue every quarte
has increased to clo
which was absolutely



c Evangelism?

the science that deals with
ion, and consumption of

the material welfare of

) financial considerations;
such a project?

as the science that
duction, distribution,
goods and services, or
e of mankind. As a
and an entrepreneur,
nsumed me for some
economics dominates
news more than you

conomy has been in
or several years. That
e 2009 the American
sustained increase in
er. The stock market
se at 22,000 points,
y unheard of 10 years


“A Bold New Movement for F

Unbelievably, in th
American economy
banks, corporations
millions of dollars. T
burst and the resul
stocks and bonds, w
United States into
Since then, under
“watch dog” organi
named the Subcom
Institutions and Co
This Subcommittee m
other lending insti
another possibility of

Even with the info
above, we still obser
diametrically oppo
throughout the coun
wealthier to the point
marginalized masses
losing traction and
households resorted
just to pay rent and k
It is because of t
Economic Evangelis


Financial Improvement”

he year 2000 the
almost failed. Big
and individuals lost

The housing bubble
lt was a free-fall of
which nearly took the
another depression.
President Obama a
ization was formed
mmittee on Financial
onsumer Protection.
monitors banks and
itutions to prevent
a housing or banking

ormation mentioned
rved some drastically
osed components
ntry. The wealthy got
t of obscenity. Yet the
s found themselves
losing ground. Most
to extreme measures
keep food on the table.
that I created The
sm System.


Economic E

Economic Evangelis
developing measura
straightforward miss
those that believe
strategy. I would b
engaged and reimagin

For a family not to b
children, or to be rel
of living below t
absolutely unimagin
some unique, effec
processes that once
result in significant
improvement for any
enjoy ever-increasing
decided that I wanted
and opportunity with

When I speak of the m
I'm talking about th
facing increased diffi
As stated in the intro
consumer really does
economic plight or
works. They are
financial matters, whi
expenses and seeing



sm’s sole purpose is
able goals and a
sion. I would teach

in this innovative
be providing a newly
ned economy.

be able to feed their
legated to a standard
their standards is
nable. I discovered
ctive systems and

put in place would
t financial gain and

family. As I began to
g positive results, I
d to share this growth
h as many people as

marginalized masses,
he average American,
iculties economically.
oduction, the average
sn't understand their

how the economy
clueless regarding
ich includes revenue,


“A Bold New Movement for F

The Economic Evan
created to bridge the
expand opportunities
looked at the financi
that the marginalized
many young adults,
future. As the job
become outsourced,
eliminated, there seem
the average person t
promised in the Amer

So here’s the questio
Economic Evangelis
been resonating in m
some time now? As I
my company, I real
opportunity and the
growth strategy with
interested. I take it as
to help the margi
financial matters an
engage positively in

Again, what is
Evangelism System?
spreading a mes
generational wealth in
duplicable format.


Financial Improvement”

ngelism System was
economic gap and to
s for everyone. As I
ial horizon, I realized
d masses consisted of
which represent our
b market started to
, down sized and
med to be no place for
to enjoy the lifestyle
rican dream.

on, just what is The
sm System that has
my mind and spirit for
I grew and expanded
lized that I had the
ability to share that
h anyone that was
s my solemn mission
inalized understand
nd be able to them

accessing financial

The Economic
? To be succinct, it is
ssage of creating
n an easy and highly


Economic E

This process can be
several sub categorie
one participate in an
been locked out of? M
can I open the doo
finances, funding an
financial future? This
been an option for
long. Without sound
have created a finan
only can be sh
marginalized masses,
how to succeed in

There's an old adage
feed a man a fish,
but if you teach him
for a lifetime.” You
sole method or all-en
for gaining success an
today. There are man
one could go and ea
dynamics and nuan
adhered to complete
positive outcomes.

As I struggled to re
Evangelism System,



e broken down into
es, primarily how can
economy that they've
More importantly how
or to gain access to
nd building a secure
s opportunity has not

everyone for far too
ding too pretentious, I
ncial model that not
hared with those
, but will also explain

accessing financial

e that says, “if you
he'll eat for a day,
m to fish he can eat
u see there's not one
ncompassing strategy
nd wealth in America
ny different directions
ach one has specific
nces that must be
ely in order to have

efine The Economic
, I was presented with


“A Bold New Movement for F

a paradox. So many p
overcome the econom
sure it won’t happen
thing I feel very str
people must receive
and information r
strategy as a part of t

America no longer h
“Haves and Have No
Internet report states
were 500,000 new
and in 2015 there
millionaires created
should be a clue to s
still an abundant am
to achieve success i
wealth. However, i
there are some crit
followed and met in o
success. A great perc
millionaires were c
online entrepreneur
future. So, in order to
in this emerging and
The Economic Evan
created for one to
certain rules to achie


Financial Improvement”

people are seeking to
mic downfall and make

to them again. One
rongly about is that

as much education
regarding economic
their rebirth.

has to be a land of
ots.” In fact a recent
s that in 2016 there

millionaires created
were 450,000 new
d. Those statistics
suggest that there is
mount of opportunity
in the acquisition of
it also suggests that
teria that must be
order to achieve that
centage of those new
created online. The
is the CEO of the
o facilitate any growth
innovative economy,
ngelism System was
follow specific and
eve success.


Economic E

Throughout this book
only my vision but a
purpose regarding
Economic Evangel
simple yet accurate
wealth of average
speaking of the marg
of those who have be
standard economy,
technological econo
opportunities. I belie
are not provided the
high-paying jobs. Tha
regulated to low
positions, which
paycheck to paycheck

We are tasked with
idea that can resha
acquire wealth whic
better standard of life
book is “A Bold N
Financial Improve
movement will begin a
and grow from there
people to teach

Prosperity is more th
said that one of t



k I want to share not
also my mission and

my “rebirth.” The
lism System is a
way to increase the

individuals. When
ginalized I'm speaking
een edged out of the

which is now the
omy with lots of
eve one reason is they

job skills to acquire
at being said, they are

skill, low paying
has them, living

sharing a bold new
ape the way people
ch will give them a
e. The subtitle of this
New Movement for
ement.” This new
at the grassroots level
e. We will encourage
others to become

han money. It's been
the most important


“A Bold New Movement for F

aspects of becoming
have a strategy in wh

I have accepted the
this knowledge in a
manner that can tou
marginalized. They
opportunity to rise
turning their lives
success. All one need
principles that will b
These principles, if fo
yield great benefits
biggest task awaiti
seeking a seat at th
success is learning t
finding a way to acc

Therefore, we have
with this Bold New Mo
Improvement. A mov
in faith of God and
principles that are als

The word evangelism
Biblical standpoint. T
economic information
evangelism piece will
spread this message


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