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Children Book



The National Organising Committee
for Indonesia as Market Focus Country
at the London Book Fair 2019

Email: [email protected]

17,000 Islands of Imagination Market Focus

The London Book Fair 2019

Children’s Book


Children’s Book CATALOGUE


Laura Bangun Prinsloo
Executive Chair of Indonesian National Organising Committee

Celebrating Diversity

Indonesia is full of diversity. We have various cultures, ethnicities, languages
and religions. From our diversity, comes great richness and strength. This
diversity and our multicultural background is reflected in our books—fiction,
nonfiction, children’s books, comics—and cross-media products.

“Diversity” is a term that can have multiple interpretations, but at its core, it’s
all about creating “variety”. Our publishers focus on diversity through ensuring
that we offer a variety of perspectives to match a great variety of readers on a
global level. Diversity from a global perspective means, readers from various
parts of the world want content published that is relevant to them. The future
of the publishing industry depends on how prepared they are to serve readers
in these emerging economies.

Between increased cultural awareness and technological growth, we are able
to be more connected than ever before. In the publishing world, we play a key
role in weaving threads that hold together the global community by helping
to fasten different cultures around the world closer to one another. Just like
the future of our world, the future of our industry depends on diversity and
intercultural cooperation.

Generally speaking, Indonesian publishers have never stopped innovating
and deepening their endeavours as they seek to implement the go-global
strategy, thereby bringing about quite a few new highlights in books, digital
innovations and other cross-media platforms such as films, animations and
games. Through this Market Focus Programme at the London Book Fair
2019, Indonesian publishers seek more opportunities and open themselves to
cooperate with the world publishing society and to create mutual benefits.

j Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue

Aaron Randy 1... 2... 3... RUUUN!, Anvil Publishing Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue

Aaron has been working for various illustration Mantel Emas, Litara
projects since 2008, mostly children’s books, game
applications, and product designs. His imagination, 1
combined with a special artistic milieu, has granted
him several awards, such as the 1st Place in Silent
Book Competition by SCBWI in Indonesia (2015) and
the 2nd Prize Winner of Samsung KidsTime Authors’
Award in Singapore (2016). One of his books, FIREEE!,
was also exhibited in the Bologna Children’s Book
Fair, Italy, in 2014. Aaron likes drawing animals and
exploring his imagination to interpret real-life subjects
into very distinctive characters.

Tangerang, Indonesia

Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue Ade Chintya Ada Berapa, YLAI
Tugas Penting Kartika, YLAI

Ade graduated from Visual Communication
Design, Faculty of Art and Design, the Bandung
Institute of Technology. She usually creates
illustrations for children’s books using
watercolour as well as digital painting. She
also likes drawing female characters, both in
cartoon and realistic styles.

IG @adechint
A r ts tatio n /ad e c hint ya

Bandung, Indonesia


Adit Galih Toko Kue Nyonya Gunpanti Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue

Aditya Galih Perbangkara is popular with his Kapal Terbang
pen name, Adit Galih. Born in Bandung in
August 1991, Adit has realized his talent as 3
an illustrator since childhood. Having worked
for Aulexic (Australia), We Are Brilliant (UK),
and AFAQ (Pakistan) during 2010-2017, Adit is
currently assigned for Bobo, Indonesia’s most
popular children’s magazine.

Fac e b o o k /adi tgalihar t
D evianar t /adi tg alihilus tratio n

Bandung, Indonesia

Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue Adrinalia Nila Kring! Kring!, Litara
When the Night Come, Selfpublish
A mother of two and the founder of Balbol
Illustration, Adrinalia Nila, commonly known
by Nila, is an artist who prefers to be called
an illustrator and a painter. In 2012, Nila won
second place in the Eye Level Literature Award
for her work I Think That Thing Ate My Friend
and the Samsung KidsTime Authors’ Award for
Kue Ulang Tahun Widi in 2016. Her works have
been published in several children’s books and
exhibited internationally in art galleries.

IG @adrinalia

Surabaya, Indonesia


Sriti Wani (Kupu-kupu Aksara dan Kisah Anak-anak Langit), Bus Buku

Alim Bakhtiar

Papa Dongeng

Alim is a painter, illustrator, and writer. In Sriti Wani (Kupu-kupu Aksara dan Kisah Anak-anak Langit), Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
addition to literary books and fairy tales, Bus Buku
Alim creates colouring books for children.
Currently, he is writing up two chapter books,
Sriti Wani and I Kaco, Sang Pelaut Kecil (I Kaco,
The Little Sailor). Alim has received several
awards, among which are the second place for
comics in Jawa Pos (2010) and the Favorite
Winner in the World Of Wayang (2013).


Banyumas, Indonesia


Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue Alvinxki Ketika Paman Kala Diam, YLAI
Ketika Paman Kala Diam, YLAI
Risqi Alfin Maulana

Alvinxki has started to focus his career as an
illustrator since early 2015 and has illustrated
several children’s books as well as novel
covers. He particularly loves children’s book
illustrations because he believes the artwork
enables him to have unlimited freedom
of ideas, styles, and media. Alvin is also a
graphic designer and animator.

IG @alvinxki

Bandung, Indonesia


Kisah Al-Quran, BIP La Marelle Journal Book Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue

Amalia K. Aradea 7

Amalia finished her study in Visual Communication
Design at the Bandung Institute of Technology
in 1999. Her debut as an illustrator took place in
2001 by co-founding her llustration House, where
she gained experiences working with various
clients and projects. Currently, Amalia is working
independently as a freelancer for domestic and
international projects. Within a decade, her works
have been published in magazines, children’s
books, novels and product designs.

IG @whimsylandia

Bandung, Indonesia

Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue Amalia Kartika Sari ABC Indonesiaku, The Gang of Fur
Allah Selalu Ada Untukku, The Gang of Fur
Amalia Kartika is an author and illustrator who
majored in Graphic Design at the Institute
of Technology Bandung. After graduating in
2009, she has worked for different publishers
from Hong Kong, Dubai, and Indonesia. Last
year, together with her husband, she started
to publish her own book with The Gang of
Fur Books independent publishing. Since
June 2017, Amalia Kartika has written seven
children’s books under their publishing.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Andhika Wijaya Ketika Damdam Kehilangan Wajahnya, Litara Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
The Longest Ear in The World, BIP
Andhika is an illustrator who can’t live without
food, music, and good stories. She currently 9
works as a 2D artist at Anantarupa Studios
and an animator for game projects, while also
taking some freelance jobs as an illustrator
and graphic designer. Her works can be seen
in A Face for DamDam (published by Litara
Foundation), The Books of Bunnies (BIP),
Javanese Folktales Tarot, and many more.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Andina SubarjaChildren’s Book Illustrators Catalogue Sirama-rama, Litara
Kejutan Kungkang, Noura Books
Feeling awkwardly happy to draw since
childhood, Andina just realized her desire to
become an illustrator after graduating from
the Architecture Department. Having achieved
professional experiences in an animation
studio as well as a freelance illustrator and
graphic designer, Andina currently focuses on
children’s book illustrations. She is very fond
of watching clouds and secretly hopes to own
a magical chocolate tree.

IG @andinasubarja

Jakarta, Indonesia


Andrea Christie Legenda Dewi Sri, Selfpublish Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue

Andrea is an Indonesian illustrator and Thumbelina, Selfpublish
designer. Born in 1996, her love for
illustrations grew as she was inspired by 11
illustrated books she read in her childhood
days. Majoring in graphic design, Andrea is
currently working on her final-year project at
the Bandung Institute of Technology.

IG @andreachristie

Bandung, Indonesia

Anna TrianaChildren’s Book Illustrators Catalogue Lautkah Ini, YLAI
Lautkah Ini, YLAI
Anna is highly passionate about children’s book
illustration since studying at the Faculty of Art and
Design, the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). She
loves to transform an enjoyable and imaginative story
into a cruise of visual exploration. Illustrating children’s
book gives Anna great satisfaction because through her
drawings, she can deliver not only ideas and voices, but
also knowledge to the younger generation. In her final
project at ITB, she developed an illustration technique
inspired by the Indonesian batik. Anna then used this
technique in creating the illustrations for Lautkah
Ini?, which won the 2016 GRAND PRIZE Winner of the
Samsung KidsTime Authors’ Award in the Asian Festival
of Children’s Content, Singapore.

Bandung, Indonesia


Kota Pambelang-Nesia di Negeri Permen, Selfpublish

Antonio Reinhard Wisesa


Starting work in 2015, Antonio is a freelance Jeruk Kristal, GPU Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
illustrator who mainly works with digital medium.
His regular subjects are cultures, classic
literatures, and story compilation with classic
aesthetic and freehand-drawn lines. He has
illustrated the national bestseller by Elex Media
Komputindo, 70+ Kisah Motivasi Untuk Anak (2017).
Antonio is always looking forward to working
with professionals, as well as sincere and modest

IG @antonioreinhard

Tangerang, Indonesia

12 pusaka-Nesia di Negeri Permen, Selfpublish


Aurora ArazziChildren’s Book Illustrators Catalogue Kina, Selfpublish
Kina, Selfpublish
Aurora is a printmaking student who lives
and works in Bandung, Indonesia. She
finds it interesting when she uses coloured
ballpoint as a medium in drawing, as
there’s a certain excitement on how the
colours of each ballpoint ink are mixed. Kina
(an adaptation of a West Java folk tale),
Aurora’s first illustration for a children’s
book, received two awards in 2018: the
Best Illustration from IMAJINESIA and the
ASEAN Children’s Book Illustrator Rising
Star Award in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

IG @auroraarazzi, @midtermprints

14 Bandung, Indonesia

Azisa Noor Lelakut, YLAI Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
Lelakut, YLAI
Azisa is a Bandung-based comic artist, illustrator,
and cellist. While studying architecture in the 15
Bandung Institute of Technology, she was also an
active busybody for the then-fledgling local comic
community. After graduation, Azisa has published
several comics, such as the Satu Atap series,
Mantra and Mentari. She also started the annual
event Pasar Komik Bandung with the Komikara
comic community. Her book Lelakut, published by
Yayasan Literasi Anak Indonesia, was shortlisted
on the Asian Illustration Award by the International
Children’s Content Rights Fair in 2018.

Bandung, Indonesia

Cecillia HidayatChildren’s Book Illustrators CatalogueSrinti, Litara

Cecil Srinti, Litara
Srinti, Litara
Cecillia is an illustrator, art director, and
graphic designer. Living with her husband in
Ubud, Bali, she frequently spends her days
doodling and staring at the rice fields. An
introverted person, Cecil finds it difficult
to talk and express her feeling verbally.
Therefore, she chooses drawing and painting
to voice her opinion. Some of her works
represent traditional culture and feminism, as
well as social issues around her.

IG @inicecil

Ubud, Indonesia

Cherie Eirene Knot, Selfpublish Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
Wingthief, Selfpublish
Cherie is an aspiring illustrator, animator, and
comic artist based in Bandung. She studied 17
Art and Visual Design Communication back
in 2012, when she also created her first
children’s book, Knot, and later Wingsthief,
as parts of her assignments. Shortly after
graduating in 2016, Cherie worked as a key
animator in Inspidea until 2018.

Bandung, Indonesia

Chike TaniaChildren’s Book Illustrators Catalogue Snugi Snarl, Selfpublish
Jana Tak Mau Tidur, YLAI
Chike is an illustrator and graphic designer
who graduated from the Maranatha Christian
University in Bandung. Her specialty is
creating illustrations for children’s books.
Most of her works are about monsters and
fictitious characters. Her recently published
children’s books are Kumpulan Cerita
Hewan Hampir Punah: Petualangan di Hutan
Sumatera, Jana Tak Mau Tidur, and Hata Suka

IG @chiketania

Bandung, Indonesia

Clefiena 123 Selamatkan Teman Bima, Noura Books Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
123 Selamatkan Teman Bima, Noura Books
Clefiena is a housewife as well as a creative
artist. She is also a designer in Cleferik Creative 19
(Graphic Design House) and an author in Cleferik
Doodle Books (Self Publishing). Her hobbies
include playing with her two super-active sons,
making variety of fun, educative DIY games, and
preparing unique children’s books with creative
packaging for her sons’ home-schooling materials.
Cleferik Doodle Books has published seven titles of
children’s educational books with simple designs
and illustrations that have been sold for over 1,000

Tangerang, Indonesia

Dellana ArievtaChildren’s Book Illustrators Catalogue Doodleganger, Elex Media
Doodleganger, Elex Media
Dellana is an Indonesian designer and
creativepreneur who has run an illustrated-
merchandise business since 2015 and designed
books from various genres. She wrote and illustrated
her debut, Doodleganger: Meet Your Doppelganger
in a Doodle (2017), as a response to her observation
of the creative-economy environment during her
study at the Indonesian Institute of Arts. Dellana’s
interest in field-research has prompted her to start
Baine Sae, a sociopreneur movement in North Toraja
(2018) for her upcoming book.
IG @xdoodlegangerx, @baine.sae

20 Tangerang, Indonesia

Dewi Tri Kusumah Datang Lagi Ya!, Dar!Mizan Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
Pertunjukan Besar Barongan Kecil, Litara
Dewi Tri devotes her time to illustrating and graphic
designing. Children are the source of her inspirations. 21
She has received international accolades for her
works, such as Pertunjukan Besar Barongan Kecil,
which was shortlisted in the Nami Concours Korea
in 2015; Pandu, The Ogoh-ogoh Maker, which gained
her the 1st Runner-up at the 2015 Scholastic Asian
Picture Book Award; and Pinisi, which won the 2nd
Winner Samsung KidsTime Authors’ Award in 2016.
In 2017, I Belog, one of her books that adapts a
Balinese folktale, was launched at the Asian Festival
of Children’s Content in Singapore.

Bekasi, Indonesia

Pintu Harmonika, Plotpoint Andi Di Negeri Prajurit

Diani Apsari

Diani has created illustrations for short stories,Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
novels and children’s stories. She completed her
master’s degree in Design from the Faculty of Art
and Design, the Institute of Technology Bandung.
She loves drawing about children, vintage things,
fashionable ladies, animals, and anything beautiful.
Vintage, nostalgic, whimsical, and transparent
colours are the main elements of her illustrations.
She is currently an active lecturer in graphic
IG @dianiapsari

Bandung, Indonesia

Its Fun, Selfpublish Calm Meditation, Selfpublish

Dina Riyanti 23

Dina is an illustrator who also works as a graphic Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
designer, art director, teacher, trainer, and UNICEF
consultant for early literacy in Papua. She has just
achieved her MA in Children’s Book Illustration at
the Cambridge School of Art. She has illustrated
and written levelled books for Papuan children
with other authors and illustrators in the UNICEF
- Papua team. Dina hopes to be able to focus in
creating illustrations for children’s picture books.

IG @uiihh_dina

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Divina AriadiniChildren’s Book Illustrators CatalogueLegenda Ikan Patin, Selfpublish
Tiga Anak Raja, Kanisius
Divina is a freelance illustrator and graphic
designer. She currently studies Graphic Design
in the Bandung Institute of Technology. She
is experienced in making illustrations with
various media, such as watercolour, poster
colour, and digital painting.

IG @dyndip

Bandung, Indonesia.


Eleonore Grace Jarik Adik, Litara Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue

Eleonore is a graphic designer and illustrator. 25
She has great interest in arts and design.
She also believes in not just making a living,
but living to make something meaningful for
people, especially for the little ones.

IG @eleonace

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ella ElvianaChildren’s Book Illustrators Catalogue Misteri di Pasar Terapung, Litara
Jangan Pernah Menyerah, Astra
Ella was born in Bandung, Indonesia. She studied
pharmacy at university, but later found her true
passion in illustration and started concentrating
on children’s books. She fell in love with the genre
because she can discover honesty, sincerity,
and cheerfulness. Since 2007, Ella has made
illustrations for dozens of children’s books, with
watercolour and ink as her favourite media. One of
her books, Misteri Pasar Terapung, won the Grand
Prize of the Samsung KidsTime Authors’ Award
in 2016. Ella was also selected as one of the ten
illustrators representing Indonesia for the Biennial
of Illustrations Bratislava in 2017.

IG @olafmurkenstein

26 Bandung, Indonesia

Emte Pelangi, Elsepress Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
Pelangi, Elsepress
Mohammad Taufiq
Mohammad Taufiq, better known as Emte, works
as an illustrator and graphic designer, as well
as an artist who actively explores with various
medium. Emte has created cover illustrations and
layouts of many books, magazines and other print
media. He is also actively involved in numerous
commercial and artistic projects, both collectively
and personally.

IG @emteemte

Jakarta, Indonesia

Endah PamulatsihChildren’s Book Illustrators CataloguePoni Jangan Lari, YLAI
Poni Bosan, YLAI
No Mad En

Endah started her visual arts explorations
by illustrating comics. In 2015, she made her
debut in children’s book illustration with the
Room to Read Accelerator project, when she
illustrated Poni Jangan Lari. For the past few
years, Endah has illustrated children’s picture
books published by Kanisius and Bestari.
IG @no_mad_en
Jogjakarta, Indonesia


EorG Ahmad dan domba kecilnya, Alif-Republika Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
Lihat! Lihat!, Litara
Evelyn Ghozalli
Evelyn Ghozalli is an award-winning Indonesian author-
illustrator. She has been a freelancer since 2005 and
illustrated more than 80 children’s books under the
pseudonym EorG. In addition to writing and illustrating,
Evelyn is the Creative Director of Litara Foundation, a
publisher with local content values. She also founded
KELIR, the Indonesian Children’s Book Illustrators
Circle, in 2009 and has acted as the Regional Advisor
for the SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and
Illustrators) Indonesia chapter since 2013. Taman Bermain
dalam Lemari, The Chair and Ahmad dan Domba Kecilnya
are her award-winning works, as well as her debut as an
author in Suatu Hari di Museum Seni.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Eugenia GinaChildren’s Book Illustrators Catalogue Janggan the Dragon Kite, Scholastic Asia
Janggan the Dragon Kite, Scholastic Asia
Eugenia Gina has illustrated more than 30
children’s books. In 2012, she was chosen as the
Indonesian delegation to take part in illustrating
a project for children’s folktales in the Southeast
Asian Countries and Korea by SEAMEO. Gina
was shortlisted as finalist in the 2012 Singtel
Asian Picture Book Award for Cap Go Meh, and
in 2016, her work for Wuusss… Angin Membawa
Telur Terbang won a Grand Prize from the
Samsung KidsTime Authors’ Award. Gina has
also represented the SCBWI (Society of Children’s
Book Writers and Illustrators) Indonesia chapter
as the Illustrator Coordinator, and currently is
participating in the Room to Read Illustrator
Workshop as a facilitator.

30 Tangerang, Indonesia

Evi Shelvia Pewarna Langit, Litara Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
Pewarna Langit, Litara
Evi’s debut is illustrating The Gift of the Ladybug
(authored by Carole M. Amber, a famous children’s 31
book author from the USA), which became a
best-seller on Amazon Movers and Shakers on its
launching day. She is an active member of SCBWI
(Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators)
and MBBY (Malaysian Board on Books for Young
People). Evi participates in many activities that
support book illustrations and children’s content,
and she has won many awards, such as the 2013
AFCC (Asian Festival of Children’s Content) Sketch
in Singapore; the 2nd Winner of Samsung KidsTime
Authors’ Award in 2015 and 2016; and the 2nd place
in the best children’s book category in Perbadanan
Kota Buku Malaysia in 2015.

IG @evishelvia

Tasikmalaya, Indonesia

Fanny SantosoChildren’s Book Illustrators Catalogue Adakah Pisangnya, YLAI
Sahabat Kecil Putri Pandan Berduri, Bestari
studio ARA

Fanny has created numerous illustrations
for magazines and children’s storybooks.
She graduated from the Bandung Institute
of Technology with a degree in Visual
Communication Design. Sahabat Kecil Putri
Pandan Berduri is Fanny’s first picture book,
which she published with Bestari and the
Room to Read Accelerator. Her illustration
from the book won the Best Children’s Book
Illustration in the Islamic Book Award, in
Indonesia Islamic Book Fair 2018.

IG @studio_ara12
B e han c e /A R A s tu dio

Bandung, Indonesia


Farina Rose Woli Ingin Melihat Dunia, Litara Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
Woli Ingin Melihat Dunia, Litara
Farina graduated from Visual Communication Design
at the Bandung Institute of Technology in 2011. Her 33
desire to contribute to the improvement of children’s
education encouraged her to join the Indonesia
Mengajar initiative, in which she became a teacher
in a remote island in South Halmahera. During that
time, she found that teaching with visual narrative
could make the learning experience not only more
interactive, but also stays longer in the children’s
mind (and heart!). Currently, Farina lives in the United
States and studies Digital Media Design for Learning
at the New York University. She looks forward to
collaborating with people who share the same

New York, United States of America

FazaChildren’s Book Illustrators Catalogue Lampu Kunang-Kunang, Pelangi Mizan
Lampu Kunang-Kunang, Pelangi Mizan
Fatimah Zahra

Fatimah Zahra, also known as Faza, started
illustrating children’s books when she was a
teenager. After graduating from the Faculty of
Arts and Design, at the Bandung Institute of
Technology in 2008, she has been involved in
various projects, including 2D animations and
graphic design. Realizing that her passion is
in making pictures and stories, Faza entered
the publishing world. With both traditional
and digital media, she creates children’s book
illustrations in bright colours. She also writes
several children’s books and short stories.

IG @fazamatahari

34 Bandung, Indonesia

Ferlina Gunawan Teman Sejati, YLAI Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
Warna Warni Nusantara, GPU
Ferlina is an illustrator who creates children’s
books, educational books, caricatures, 35
and mascots. She grew up in Kediri before
studying design at the Petra Christian
University, Surabaya. When she was a child,
Ferlina loved to watch cartoons and read
storybooks, which led to her fondness for
illustrations. She can do both digital and
traditional arts, and mainly has a colourful
style. Some of her illustrations have won
several competitions, such as the Clip Studio
Paint Contest and the Line Creative.

IG @ferlinagunawan

Kediri, Indonesia

Jejak jejak Gatal, BIP Rumah Hantu, BIP


Fransisca lives in Jakarta and earns a bachelor’s degreeChildren’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
from the Tarumanagara University, majoring in Graphic
Design. She is an expert in pixel art for games, manual
and digital drawing, as well as illustrations. She has
participated in numerous illustration or design events,
such as the ADGI for National Design Competition in
2006, the Comic Festival Hilton in 2006, and the Mobile
Game Showcase at the 2008 Indonesia Japan Expo.
When it comes to describing herself, Fransisca believes
she is a person who loves to share happiness in the
form of illustrations.

IG @fi5hmark

36 Jakarta, Indonesia

Gery Adams Petualangan Sonia membuat Kielbasa, Selfpublish Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
Ori Si Pemberani, Pelangi Mizan
Gery was born in Jakarta in 1995. In 2013, he
decided to start his career as a professional 37
illustrator. Up to now, Gery has worked as
an illustrator for several media, particularly
children’s books. His works have been
published in several children’s books, and his
illustration for Petualangan Sonia has become
one of his favourite projects.

IG @geryadams

Jakarta, Indonesia

Hafez AchdaChildren’s Book Illustrators Catalogue Beautiful Animals, Impian Publishing
Laut Rumahku, Impian Publishing
Hafez studied at the Visual Art Department
in the Yogyakarta State University. Now, he
is a visual artist and a painter, with paper as
the main medium. Hafez currently works for
the Impian Studio as the Artistic Director who
manages and supervises all pop-up creations,
including creating concepts, designing, paper
engineering, and illustrating.

IG @hafezachda

Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Hanny Alexandra Maukah Kau Jadi Temanku, BIP Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue

Hanny graduated from the Trisakti University, Bekerjalah Dengan Rajin, BIP
acquiring her bachelor’s degree in arts in
2005. She is an expert in the Japanese 39
drawing style because she likes playing Roll
Playing Game (RPG), reading manga, watching
animations, and collecting art books. Hanny
is mostly inspired by other artworks found on
the internet. She also has a great passion for
children’s books and hopes to publish her own
works someday.

IG @alexandrahanny

Jakarta, Indonesia

Hanny JuwitaChildren’s Book Illustrators Catalogue Tudung Lampu Ayah, Kanisius
Sepatu Pilihan Ayah, Kanisius
Hanny earned her bachelor’s degree in
Visual Communication Design from the
Tarumanagara University in 2012. Being an
illustrator for children’s book is her great
passion. She is a full-timer illustrator and
designer based in Jakarta. At present, Hanny
collaborates with several writers in Jakarta to
publish children’s illustrated books aiming to
deliver moral values.

IG @hanyhunny

Jakarta, Indonesia


Hardi Lim Lettie Let’s Play Outside, GPU Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
Lettie Let’s Play Outside, GPU
Hardi Salim
Hardi is an indonesian artist, illustrator, and
businessman. Born in Jakarta on 27 October
1994, he has loved drawing since he was
little. Seeing how much his niece and many
other children like to play with their gadgets
inspired Hardi to write children’s books. His
first picture book is Lettie: Let’s Play Outside.
Hardi has also published an activity book
called Let’s Play with Lettie and Lettie: First
Day at School.

IG @hardi.lim

Jakarta, Indonesia

Henky Jaya DinataChildren’s Book Illustrators Catalogue Tahun Baru Kibo, Litara
Sukacita Kasih Natal, BIP
Henky is a self-taught artist whose passion
is to tell wonderful things through his works.
He promises himself to never stop learning
to make it happen. Henky has seven years of
experience in asset production, art direction,
creative design, illustration, comic creation,
concept art, graphic design, 3D modelling, and
other art-related areas. His debut in children’s
book was displayed in the Indonesian booth in
the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair.

IG @henkyjayadinata

Jakarta, Indonesia

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