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Children Book


Henny Yulianti Where the Wheelchair Went Whoosh Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
Penghuni Rumah Tua, Pelangi Mizan
Henny is just a girl who loves to draw and
play with cats and dogs. Henny’s typical day 43
entails sitting by her working desk with her
foot rubbing her dog, Berus. She began as
a colourist and later worked her way into a
children’s book illustrator. Her expertise is in
digital painting, and she is eager to learn new
styles with other media.


Bandung, Indonesia

Hutami DwijayantiChildren’s Book Illustrators Catalogue Sudah Besar mau jadi Apa, CommonRoom
Rahasia Nien si Monster Buass, Selfpublish
Hutami has been interested in drawing
since she was a child. However, she never
took it seriously until she took a bachelor’s
programme in Visual Communication Design
at the Faculty of Art and Design, the Bandung
Institute of Technology. Initiating her project
as an illustrator since the third year at college,
Hutami decided to start her own creative
studio named AMECO in 2014. AMECO means
“dream cooker”, as Hutami wishes her works
can inspire people and make her and other
people’s dreams come true.

44 Bandung, Indonesia

Jackson The Foos, BIP Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue

An autodidact illustrator, Jackson loves The Snower, BIP
transforming narrative story into illustration,
especially in children’s literature. After 45
creating the illustration for the award-winning
book, Waktunya Cepuk Terbang, Jackson
began to write and illustrate his own story
in Cepatlah Bello! He specialises in digital
painting and has always presented his feelings
through his artworks.

IG @junweise

Jakarta, Indonesia

Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue Jessica Rumantir a Magical Journey to Find my Name, Selfpublish
a Magical Journey to Find my Name, Selfpublish
Jessica is an illustrator who works for a
design company in Jakarta. Her current
activities are working, writing stories, as well
as illustrating her upcoming children’s book.
IG @jessicarumantir

Tangerang, Indonesia

a Magical Journey to Find my Name, Selfpublish


Kathrinna Rakhmavika Putri Kisah dari Sumba, BIP Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
Kisah dari Sumba, BIP
Kathrinna a.k.a. gambarnana is a freelance
illustrator and comic artist. Her children’s
comic, Mera Puti Emas, a crossover story with
various Indonesian folklore characters, was
published in 2016 by Transmedia Pustaka. In
early 2018, her short comic I Met My 10-Year-
Old Self was qualified to be exhibited at the
Indonesia Art Award 2018. She has also
illustrated several children’s storybooks with
Kiddo and BIP publisher.

IG @gambarnana

Jakarta, Indonesia

Seri Binatang Langka Indonesia-Harimau dan Orang Utan, Elex Media

Koen Setyawan

Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue Koen is an illustrator, writer, and activist
in the environmental education. He has
written more than 120 books and novels and Seri Binatang Langka Indonesia-Penyu dan Badak, Elex Media
illustrated more than 40 books. He has gained
recognition as the second-best children’s
book author from the respective Adikarya
Award IKAPI (the Indonesian Publisher
Association) in 2008. Most of the books he
wrote are reference and nonfiction books.

IG @koen_setyawan18

Bogor, Indonesia


Don’t Ever Look Behind Door Cerita Nusantara, Erlangga For Kids

Lenny Wen 49

Len Wen

Lenny is an illustrator who found her passion Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
in arts and story-telling when she was a child
and spent most of her time reading comics.
In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies
and reading books. Her works are mostly
inspired by the animations, books, movies
and music that she likes. Lenny has illustrated
children’s books, mobile games, mobile apps,
and created contents for advertising.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Lyly YoungChildren’s Book Illustrators Catalogue Aku Ingin Pulang, Litara
Titu dan Tuti, Kanisius
Lyly is an Indonesian illustrator and graphic
designer who mostly partners with other writers
in creating children’s books. Titu dan Tuti is
her illustrated children’s book that she created
with Room To Read and Provisi Education, in
partnership with Kanisius publishing. Her first
written and illustrated children’s book is Di Mana
Bonta? that was published in the e-book format by
Let’s Read Asia in 2017. In addition to her books,
Lily also works as a freelance graphic designer for
a Spanish company.

IG @dorothy_yeoh

50 Bandung, Indonesia

Maghfira Ramadhanti Di Mana Si Jago, Selfpublish Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
Only A Father, Selfpublish
Maghfira is a freelance illustrator and a
Multimedia Design graduate from the Institute 51
of Technology Bandung (ITB). She has written
and illustrated a self-published storybook
and book app, namely Only A Father that was
debuted at Masaraya - DKV ITB Exhibition
and Kapan Ayah Pulang, her undergraduate
thesis book app. Maghfira is also a finalist
in Illustrate A Story held by the publisher
Erlangga for Kids in 2018.

IG @ohprcr

Bandung, Indonesia

Ram, Selfpublish Granpa, Grandma and Me, GPU
Aku Sayang Ibu
Maria Arum

Maria is a freelance illustrator based inChildren’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. In 2015, she
graduated from Sebelas Maret University,
majoring in Visual Communication Design.
Since then, she has been contributing to 15
children’s books (and counting). Maria (and
her partner) got the third place in the Comic
Competition held by C-Gen Indonesia in 2014.
It seems that the values of Christianity and the
tenderness of family have become her great
inspirations in drawing.

IG @mariable

Solo, Indonesia

Summer, Selfpublish Sometimes, Selfpublish Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue

Maria Christania 53

Maria was born and grew up in Indonesia, where
she received her bachelor’s degree in Visual
Communication Design. After working as a freelance
graphic designer and spending a few years teaching
in a kindergarten, in 2014 Maria moved to England,
where she currently resides. Later that year, she
joined the MA programme in Children’s Book
Illustration in the Cambridge School of Art. Although
she has been producing artworks in various other
media, Maria’s favourite is watercolour. Most of her
artworks are inspired by her childhood, nature, and

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Harta Karun Kancil, on progress Scholastic Asia

Maria Karina Putri Harta Karun Kancil, on progress Scholastic Asia

Maria Karina has been interested in the worldChildren’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
of children’s book illustration and clay crafts,
and thus she combines them in creating a
story. She enjoys experimenting with various
and mixed media in creating an illustration.
The Treasure of Kancil is her first book that
won the Runner-Up place for the Scholastic
Picture Book Award 2017 in Singapore.


Jakarta, Indonesia


Melani Putri Belanja Bersama Ayah, Pelangi Mizan Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
The Blessed Bananas, Prolance
Melani is an illustrator based in Jakarta.
After finishing her education in Visual Arts at 55
the Institute of Technology Bandung, Melani
focused on children’s illustration. She won
the National Folktale Illustration in 2016 and
has been working for Gramedia, the largest
publishing company in Indonesia, as a
freelance illustrator for the past twelve years.
Her illustration works include children’s books,
greeting cards, posters, and stationery.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Kelir Calendar - May, Kelir Ketika Gilang Ingin seperti Kak Sita, Litara

Melani Sie

Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue “Illustration is amazing because someone
could summarize a story and many words
in just one illustration.” This perspective has
prompted Melani’s interest in telling stories
through illustrations. That’s why, she decided
to become an illustrator for children’s books.
Previously, Melani has created a variety of
illustrations for logos, cards and games.

D eviantar t /dar k m e ll o

Surabaya, Indonesia


Mira Widhayati Petualangan Sekeping Kancing, Kanisius Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
Petualangan Sekeping Kancing, Kanisius
Mira was born in Bandung, on 1991. She
graduated from Visual Communication and 57
Design, the Institute of Technology Bandung.
Some of her works were granted awards when
she was working as a graphic designer and
illustrator for a magazine in 2012. Currently
Mira works as a freelance illustrator for books,
novels, and children’s stories. Her love of
the children’s world is not only shown in her
works, but also in her activities as a storyteller
for the Children’s Reading Group.

IG @mirawidhayati

Bandung, Indonesia

Muhammad Sabiq HibatulbaqiChildren’s Book Illustrators CatalogueUlar nDaung, Selfpublish
Ular nDaung, Selfpublish
Sabiq was born in 1994 and later studied in
the Faculty of Visual Art and Design at the
Institute of Technology Bandung, majoring
in Visual Art, where he also took a Children’s
Book Illustration Class in 2017. His thesis
was about his mundane experience and a
Sisyphean narrative that were transformed it
to a comic. He graduated in 2018 and started
working as an artist and writer. Sabiq’s
interests cover contemporary art, fiction,
comic, and animation.


58 Bandung, Indonesia

Seri Anak Tuhan Pio dan Tikel , Selfpublish

Na’imatur Rofiqoh Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue

nai Bombatalu Ri Tasi Talise, Gorga Pituluik

Na’imatur Rofiqoh a.k.a. Nai is an Indonesian 59
children’s book illustrator, author, book designer,
and essayist based on Surakarta (Solo), Central
Java. In 2017, she was honoured as one of the
emerging writers at the Ubud Writers and Readers
Festival. Nai has illustrated several children’s
books, such as Wangi dari Rumah Mbah Surti
(2017), Kacamata Onde (2018), and Koki Petualang
dari Desa Orke (2018). Konferensi Musim Sejagat
(2018) was the first children’s book that she also

IG @kecelakaanwarna

Surakarta, Indonesia

Nabila Adani PutrindraChildren’s Book Illustrators CatalogueTeman Baru Epi, Litara
Badu yang Adil, GPU
Growing up in Jakarta, Nabila studied to
become a product designer in Bandung. A
brief stint as a designer and a couple cities
later, she keeps finding her way back into
things she loved most: books and drawing.
Now, Nabila aspires to fulfil her childhood
dream to draw and tell stories.

IG @adaninabila

Jakarta, Indonesia


Nita Amelia Junus Sleep,Sleep, Sleep, It’s time to Sleep, Binatang Press Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue

Nita Amelia Junus was born in Jakarta on Sleep,Sleep, Sleep, It’s time to Sleep, Binatang Press
1986. In 2008, she completed her higher
diploma at the Lasalle College of Arts 61
majoring in Visual Communication. After few
years working in design studios as a graphic
designer, in 2012 she started to pursue her
career as a freelance illustrator.


Jakarta, Indonesia

Novita Elisa FahmiChildren’s Book Illustrators CatalogueSampai di Mana, Let’s Read
Sampai di Mana, Let’s Read
Novita is an illustrator based in Bandung,
Indonesia. She holds a Master of Design
from the Institute of Technology Bandung,
from where she graduated in 2017. That
same year, she wrote and illustrated her first
e-picture book, Sampai di Mana? (Where Am
I Now?), published by The Asia Foundation.
Novita’s illustration is whimsical. She loves
to experiment with media such as graphite,
watercolour, pastel, gouache, and digital


62 Bandung, Indonesia

Dogs, Silent Manga Audition Nay dan Dunia Rahasia, Selfpublish

Olvyanda 63

Olvyanda Ariesta

Olvyanda is an illustrator from Indonesia. Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
His illustration style tends to be dark and
mysterious. Olvyanda has illustrated more
than 100 covers of children’s and teenage
books, most of which are from the horror-
fantasy genre. In addition to book cover
illustrations, he has also created award-
winning comics at the Silent Manga Audition
organized by the Coamix/North Stars Pictures
Inc., in Tokyo, Japan.

@IG olvyanda_ariesta

Padangpanjang, Indonesia

Pamela SuryadjayaChildren’s Book Illustrators Catalogue Jangan Jatuh, Jepun!, Litara
Asal Mula Telaga Wekaburi, Erlangga for Kids
Pamela graduated from Visual Communication
Design, majoring in Animation, at the Binus University,
as well as a cum laude for her master’s degree
from the Binus Business Management. She is very
passionate in illustration and animation. She dreams
that her artworks will always be remembered by every
child in this planet. Specialising in digital painting,
her works mostly represent a magical world and. her
towering imagination stands out in illustrating stories.

IG @pamtrick

Tangerang, Indonesia


Rassi Narika Waktu Hujan Turun, Seumpama Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue
Cerita Eyang, Seumpama
Rassi is a writer and illustrator whose works have
been published by Seumpama and selected to be 65
featured in the 2018 Bologna Children’s Book Fair.
She has also written and illustrated Surat dari Pelangi
(The Letter from the Rainbow) in 2018 for Greenpeace
Indonesia. Her second book, Waktu Hujan Turun
(When It Rains) that was published in 2017, will be
published in English by The Emma Press (UK) in
2019, while her illustrations will also be the part of
Seumpama’s third book: Cerita Eyang (About Eyang)
that will be launched in 2019.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Ratna Kusuma HalimChildren’s Book Illustrators Catalogue Pawai Tahunan, Rosda International
Smelly Orang Utan, Rosda International
Ratna is an author/illustrator of children’s
books from Tangerang, Indonesia. She likes
to share her love in children’s literature
through sweet stories and illustrations. She
is very fond of botanical objects and likes to
transform them into manual drawings. Her
illustrations come in very soft watercolour
tone, revealing her sense and sensibility
toward the medium.

IG @ratna_kusuma_halim

Tangerang, Indonesia

Dru dan Kisah Lima Kerajaan, GPU Dru dan Kisah Lima Kerajaan, GPU Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue

Renata Owen 67

Renata is a 1991-born Indonesian illustrator. She
started to work as a freelance illustrator in 2013 and
soon received a national recognition through her pilot
project Temukan Indonesiamu (Find Your Indonesia)
with Danone Aqua, the most well-known mineral
water brand in Indonesia. Renata’s clients range from
multinational companies to design agencies. She
uses numerous detailed ornaments in her works,
which, along with exquisite colour palette, result in a
variety of imagery, dreamy, and delightful.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Yeay I can Fly!, Selfpublish

Rika YulianaChildren’s Book Illustrators Catalogue

Rika is a Visual Communication Design graduate
from the Institute of Technology Bandung. She was
awarded with the Fast Track Scholarship in 2017,
which she used to enrol in a master’s programme in
the same university and graduated in July 2018. Back
in 2017, Rika also got a chance to join the Typography
Class in the Summer School Program at the Seoul
Institute of the Arts, South Korea. Her typographic
work was exhibited at the Type Unite DXB, Dubai,
in December 2017, along with selected works from
thirteen universities in nine countries.

IG @rikaylna

68 Bandung, Indonesia

Rizqia Sadida Buah Apa, Ya?, YLAI Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue

didadong If I Lived on The Sun, BIP

Rizqia is a full-time illustrator focusing on 69
children’s books and a part-time art teacher.
In addition to drawing and illustrating, she is
actively involved in voluntary works related
to children and education. Her specialty
is doodling fables with a variety of animal
characters. Her works are notable for Islamic
books or religious children’s books that
convey Islamic values.

IG @ddidadong

Bekasi, Indonesia

Septianie PutriChildren’s Book Illustrators CatalogueDongeng Dialektika-Sehari Bersama Reni, GPU
Mimi Bilang Permisi, GPU

Septi is a freelance illustrator and
a designer based in Indonesia. The
appearance of woodland creatures with
a magical twist in her illustrations and
designs are quite often, as magic and
nature are her favourite subjects to
explore. When she is not drawing, Septi
reads books and watches videos about
anything that interests her, keeping an
open mind to observe different ways of

IG @catellites

Jakarta, Indonesia

Si Ona Buku Dialektika Alfabet Perubahan, GPU Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue

Ona is an artist and illustrator from Indonesia. Her Buku Dialektika Alfabet Perubahan, GPU
most recent work was an illustration for the book
Alfabet Perubahan, written by Clara Ng, which Buku Dialektika Alfabet Perubahan, GPU
was published in September 2018. She also wrote
#Moments, an experimental drama comic for the 71
LINE Webtoon Indonesia, and illustrated The Normies
on the same platform. In her university years, Ona
was a concept artist and visual artist for large-scale
performance arts and Pasar Seni ITB (the art event in
the Bandung Institute of Technology).

IG @si_ona/@gambar_ona

Bandung, Indonesia

Sigit Dwi NugrohoChildren’s Book Illustrators CatalogueSang Pemenang, KTSP
Sang Pemenang, KTSP
Sigit is an Indonesian illustrator, cartoonist,
and painter. He has illustrated several
children’s books and worked as an illustrator
as well as the Head of Graphic Department
at the Citra Aji Parama publisher. Sigit
has received several awards, such as the
Azerbaijan Special Prize Cartoon Contest and
the Diplomas of Honour of the International
Cartoon Contest Russia, both in 2013.

Klaten, Indonesia


Stella Ernes Hari Kenari, Kanisius Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue

Stella is an Indonesian artist, author, and Naga Pemusik, Kanisius
illustrator for children’s books who has written
and illustrated over 100 stories for children’s 73

IG @stellaernes

Bogor, Indonesia

I Can Do More, Binatang Press I Can Do More, Binatang Press

Taja SukaryaChildren’s Book Illustrators Catalogue

Taja is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Singapore
and Jakarta. His career started in advertising nearly ten years
ago, followed by a journey of freelancing as both graphic
designer and illustrator. Writing became the third major
skill that he decided to focus on and develop. His debut in
published fiction was a children’s book titled I Can Do More,
written by Andreas Junus of the Binatang Press. Though
initially joining the project as an illustrator, Taja volunteered
to edit and co-write the story. The book was shortlisted in the
2019 Nami Concours, and with that newfound confidence, as
well as the trust placed upon him by the publisher, Taja decided
to start writing his own story, a trilogy of books slated to
publish starting this year.


74 Jakarta, Indonesia

Tiffa N. Tanuwigena Stasiun Pelangi, BIP Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue

Tiffa is an architecture graduate who fell Djoeroe Masak
in love with the colours of children’s book
illustration. Her style is influenced by 75
architectural technical drawing and Japanese
manga in watercolour medium.

Bandung, Indonesia

Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue Vanesha Nathalia Ignacia Menyirami Taman, Selfpublish
Asal Mula Bulan, Selfpublish
Vanesha is a design student from Indonesia.
She has illustrated some children’s books
and won the Best Illustrator for the Buddhist
children’s book competition in Indonesia in

IG @floo.flour

Bandung, Indonesia


Vannia Rizky Santoso Tuing! Tuing!, Puspa Swara Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue

Vannia graduated from the Institute of Rafa si Raflesia, YLAI
Technology Bandung with a degree in Visual
Communication Design. She developed her 77
fondness of drawing since little and started
to dive in on paper-cutting since college.
Currently, she works as a freelance children’s
book illustrator and a toy designer. Vannia
highly enjoys children’s books because she
believes they deliver new things in a fun way.

IG @cikpan

Jakarta, Indonesia

Vincentia Valentine PascadianChildren’s Book Illustrators CatalogueDi Mana Adik, YLAI
Di Mana Adik, YLAI
Vincentia is a freelance illustrator graduated
from the Institute of Technology Bandung.
She makes patterns and character designs for
various stories and video games. She always
adores children’s books as she sees them
teach things in simple ways. Vincentia hopes
to be able to share more inspiring illustrations
through her works.

IG @_incross_

Tenggilis Mejoyo, Indonesia


Wastana Haikal Amet Mude - Aceh Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue

Wastana is a vigorous freelancer in illustration Legenda Tanifal - Maluku
and animation. Most of his works include
concept art, character design and FanArt, in 79
addition to children’s books. Graduated from
Visual Communication Design, the Institute
of Technology Bandung, Haikal is highly
influenced by the rich Indonesian traditional
culture. For Haikal, illustration and animation
are appropriate media to communicate and
promote Indonesian culture to the world.

IG @wastanahaikal

Bandung, Indonesia

Yenna MarianaChildren’s Book Illustrators Catalogue Girl and Egg, Selfpublish
Girl and Egg, Selfpublish
Yenna is an illustrator based in Indonesia. She
studied animation in college and currently
works as a concept artist in animation studio
during the day and children’s book illustrator
during the night. She has a passion for
storytelling and specializes in background
painting, character design, and children’s
illustration. Her illustration in The Book of
Bears: Myka Can Fly will be out in 2020.

IG @yennamariana

Tangerang, Indonesia

81 Children’s Book Illustrators Catalogue

Illustrators’ Index

Aaron Randy 1 EorG 28 Melani Putri 55
Eugenia Gina 29 Melani Sie 56
Ade Chintya 2 Evi Shelvia 30 Mira Widhayati 57
Fanny Santoso 31 Muhammad Sabiq Hibatulbaqi 58
Adit Galih 3 Farina Rose 32 Na’imatur Rofiqoh 59
Faza 33 Nabila Adani Putrindra 60
Adrinalia Nila 4 Ferlina Gunawan 34 Nita Amelia Junus 61
Fransisca 35 Novita Elisa Fahmi 62
Alim Bakhtiar 5 Gery Adams 36 Olvyanda 63
Hafez Achda 37 Pamela Suryadjaya 64
Alvinxki 6 Hanny Alexandra 38 Rassi Narika 65
Hanny Juwita 39 Ratna Kusuma Halim 66
Amalia K. Aradea 7 Hardi Salim 40 Renata Owen 67
Henky Jaya Dinata 41 Rika Yuliana 68
Amalia Kartika Sari 8 Henny Yulianti 42 Rizqia Sadida 69
Hutami Dwijayanti 43 Septianie Putri 70
Andhika Wijaya 9 Jackson 44 Si Ona 71
Jessica Rumantir 45 Sigit Dwi Nugroho 72
Andina Subarja 10 Kathrinna 46 Stella Ernes 73
Rakhmavika Putri 47 Taja Sukarya 74
Andrea Christie 11 Koen Setyawan 48 Tiffa N. Tanuwigena 75
Lenny Wen 49 Vanesha Nathalia Ignacia 76
Anna Triana 12 Lyly Young 50 Vannia Rizky Santoso 77
Maghfira Ramadhanti 51 Vincentia Valentine Pascadian 78
Aurora Arazzi 13 Maria Arum 52 Wastana Haikal 79
Maria Christania 53 Yenna Mariana 80
Azisa Noor 14 Maria Karina Putri 54

Cecillia Hidayat 15

Cherie Eirene 16

Chike Tania 17

Clefiena 18

Dellana Arievta 19

Dewi Tri Kusumah 20

Diani Apsari 21

Dina Riyanti 22

Divina Ariadini 23

Eleonore Grace 24

Ella Elviana 25

Emte 26

Endah Pamulatsih 27

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