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Western Producer 2015-01-01

Western Producer 2015-01-01

THURSDAY, JANUARY 1, 2015 VOL. 93 | NO. 1 | $4.25



THE NEW reviews

Farm Land Security
Board approves purchase
by pension fund



Saskatchewan is reviewing its farm-
land ownership laws in an attempt to
close loopholes that have raised the
ire of producers.

“We’re in the process of looking at
our options right now and beginning
to review the act,” said agriculture
minister Lyle Stewart.

Rick Swenson, leader of the provin-
cial Progressive Conservative party,
is pleased the Saskatchewan Party
government is “finally starting to
wake up.”



JANUARY 1, 2015
Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to:

Box 2500, Stn. Main,
Saskatoon, SK. S7K 2C4

THE TOP STORIES OF 2014 | Porcine The Western Producer is published in Saskatoon by Western Producer Publications,
epidemic diarrhea and railway woes topped which is owned by GVIC Communications Corp. Publisher: Shaun Jessome
our headlines last year. See what else made Publications Mail Agreement No. 40069240
it to our list of memorable stories. | P.4-5


CORN MARKETS MOVEMENT? Boost ranch profits

China’s decision to approve a genetically Cow-calf producers can sometimes
modified corn from Syngenta signals progress in be attached to the status quo, but
a trade standoff, but don’t expect it to invigorate fresh ideas and innovation could help

sales into that market soon. | Page 6 many boost profits. | Page 48



Farmland ownership Ag Notes 24
Ag Stock Prices 52
He has accused the Saskatchewan eign money to buy farmland. Classifieds 25
Party of bending land ownership “What is the source of offshore Livestock Report 9
rules to appease some of its high- Market Charts 54
powered friends. money? Is it a legitimate loan or Opinion 10
legitimate inheritance or is it gov- Open Forum 12
Assiniboia Farmland Limited ernment-backed money or institu- On The Farm 22
Partnership (AFLP) closed a $128 tional money from foreign countries Weather 55
million deal in January 2014 to sell purchasing farmland in Saskatche-
115,000 acres of Saskatchewan wan?” asked Stewart. COLUMNS 11
farmland to the Canada Pension 11
Plan Investment Board. (CPPIB) The province recently hired a spe- Editorial Notebook 8
cial investigator to trace the source Hursh on Ag 53
The province’s Farm Land Security of funds in two cases of Canadian- Market Watch 50
Board approved the deal despite fronted foreign capital investments Money in Your Pocket 20
rules that prevent pension funds and found no wrongdoing. Stewart Animal Health
from buying farmland. It said CPPIB refused to divulge which land deal- TEAM Living Tips
had a unique corporate structure ings were investigated.
that allowed it to circumvent the Winter grazing: Swath and bale grazing helps this producer keep his CONTACTS
rules. Another case that could be ad- cattle on pasture year round. See page 49. | DUANE MCCARTNEY PHOTO
dressed in the proposed legislative
The PCs have been running a tele- changes is Skyline Agriculture NEWS Subscriptions
vision ad accusing the government Financial Corp., a foreign company Ph: 800-667-6929
of nepotism. that has developed a complicated » RAIL REVENUE CAP: » SITE C APPROVED: Thirty-
structure involving loans, interest Canadian National Railway four families face relocation Advertising
Doug Emsley, president of AFLP, rate swaps, derivatives and hedging has been fined for exceeding Ph: 800-667-7770
once served as assistant principal in an effort to comply with the prov- the railway revenue cap. 3 now that B.C. has approved a
secretary to premier Brad Wall, ince’s land laws. Newsroom inquiries: 306-665-3544
while Brad Farquhar, vice-president dam on the Peace River. 16 Newsroom fax: 306-934-2401
of ALFP, is a former executive direc- Skyline is suing the province in
tor of the Saskatchewan Party. what could be a landmark case. It » YEAR IN REVIEW: The » PRO-GMO FILM: A planned Shaun Jessome, Publisher
says the Farm Land Security Board Western Producer looks documentary will counter Ph: 306-665-9625
“Clearly this deal is to satisfy the erred in a recent ruling that pre- [email protected]
business interests of some of the vented the company from buying 15 back at the year that was in anti-genetic modification
premier’s political friends and for- acres of farmland. Brian MacLeod, Editor
gets the interests of Saskatchewan agriculture. 4 arguments. 17 Ph: 306-665-3537
farm families and our communi- Stewart said the province needs [email protected]
ties,” Swenson said in the ad. effective laws to keep land in the » SPECIAL REPORT: Canola is » BARLEY EXPORTS: A China-
hands of the people who farm it. catching on in Georgia, of Australia free trade deal Michael Raine, Managing Editor
He believes the Saskatchewan all places, as local markets Ph: 306-665-3592
Party is finally succumbing to “When things are not going so well develop for the crop. 14 could threaten Canadian [email protected]
mounting pressure from farmers in agriculture, equity in farmland is
who don’t want to compete for land what keeps farms going,” he said. barley exports. 18 Terry Fries, News Editor
with pension funds and other insti- Ph: 306-665-3538
tutional investors. He cited the demise of Broadacre MARKETS 6 [email protected]
Agriculture as an example. The
“I think a lot of the rural MLAs are company, which owns 9,000 acres of » AGRISURE VIPTERA: China approves a GM Paul Yanko, Website
starting to feel the heat,” he said. Saskatchewan farmland and leases corn that had caused trade trouble. 6 Ph: 306-665-3591
“They understand that some of this an additional 56,000 acres, was [email protected]
stuff had more to do with Sask Party recently placed under creditor pro- » STABLE DURUM: Durum has avoided the 7
politics than it did with good legisla- tection after running into financial recent volatility in crop prices. Barbara Duckworth, Calgary
tion.” difficulty. Ph: 403-291-2990
FARM LIVING 19 [email protected]
However, he said he won’t be satis- “(They) had no equity and when
fied until the investment board is things went bad for them, they were » RURAL CRIME: Rural residents are warned Mary MacArthur, Camrose
forced to divest itself of its Saskatch- immediately insolvent,” said Stew- to stay safe when confronting theft. 19 Ph: 780-672-8589
ewan farmland holdings. art. [email protected]
» ON THE FARM: A Saskatchewan couple
Stewart said the ties between Ems- “That’s a prime example of what helps the Appaloosa horse survive. 22 Barb Glen, Lethbridge
ley, Farquhar and the Saskatchewan can happen to every and any farm in Ph: 403-942-2214
Party had nothing to do with the the province if they don’t have PRODUCTION 44 [email protected]
board’s ruling. equity.”
» ON-FARM RESEARCH: Prairie producers are Karen Briere, Regina
“That’s absolute nonsense. We Swenson said he is not opposed to urged to do their own on-farm research. 44 Ph: 306-359-0841
looked at this and looked at the foreign investors, as long as they are [email protected]
potential to stop it and were advised farming the land and their children » BANDING UREA: Farmers who band urea 46
by legal opinions that we cold not are riding school buses and hanging must make sure to do it deep. Ed White, Winnipeg
stop this.” out at the local rink. Ph: 204-792-7383
LIVESTOCK 48 [email protected]
Stewart said the province is re- “You welcome people that want to
ponding to producer concerns that come and do agriculture, but I want » BE PREPARED: A rancher says the cow-calf Ron Lyseng, Winnipeg
they will be competing for land with your butt on the farm,” he said. sector is often too slow to innovate. 48 Ph: 204-654-1889
an entity in charge of $234 billion in [email protected]
assets. Stewart said a revised act could be » PREDATION HELP: Alberta beef producers
submitted to the legislature next fall want more predation compensation. 50 Robert Arnason, Brandon
“Producers don’t see that pension at the earliest, with passage likely in Ph: 204-724-6709
funds, with potentially billions of spring 2016. AGFINANCE 52 [email protected]
dollars to invest, are fair competi-
tion, and I get that,” he said. Swenson said the Saskatchewan » SELLING OATS: A specialty oat marketer
Party is unnecessarily delaying the can’t wait to add “gluten free” to its label. 52
The province felt the CPPIB deci- new legislation until after a provin-
sion would be a one-time occur- cial election. » AGROPUR DEAL: Quebec investment and
rence because of its unique corpo- pension funds buy into a dairy co-op. 53
rate structure. “Is it an honest attempt to get the
changes necessary, or is it some
“Now there are others that are half-baked thing to let their friends
claiming to have similar structures, off the hook and not really accom-
and others yet that may be restruc- plish what needs to be done?” he
turing to copy the CPPIB model.” said.

Farmers are also upset over recent [email protected]
cases in which Canadians use for-

The majority of yield potential
is determined at flag-leaf.

This is no time to compromise.

Learn more at

Always read and follow label directions.

AgSolutions is a registered trade-mark of BASF Corporation; AgCelence, and TWINLINE are
registered trade-marks of BASF SE; all used with permission by BASF Canada Inc. TWINLINE
should be used in a preventative disease control program. © 2015 BASF Canada Inc.



Georgian growers
reduce canola
seeding rates,
switch to planters

SPECIAL REPORT: Canola a rising star in the South

BY ROBERT ARNASON because the disease flourishes A LITTLE TO THE LEFT | Samuel Parker gives a Mangalista gilt a good scratch with a
under a heavy crop canopy. curry comb. Also known as wooly pigs because of their hair
BRANDON BUREAU coat, the pigs originated in Hungary and are a favourite with
Allan Calder, who farms near foodies and chefs because of their lard and meat. | MARY MACARTHUR PHOTO
COLBERT,Ga.—Thefamiliar sight Letellier, Man., has seeded canola
of a row crop could be seen from with a planter since 2004. He said it CANADIAN TRANSPORTATION RULING
Russ Moon’s half ton as he turned off reduces seed cost and increases the
the road into a field. consistency of crop development CN fined for exceeding revenue cap
during the growing season.
Orderly rows stretched a kilometre The railway will pay the Western Grains Research Foundation $5.2 million
or more to the southeast, with lush “We get more precise positioning
green plants poking out of red soil. of the seed in the ground. The spac- BY BRIAN CROSS WGRF chair Dave Sefton. than the company’s revenue cap.
ing is very even. We’re achieving “However, when these entitle- He also said CN moved 19.2 mil-
The plants appeared to be soy- about 1.3 inches apart in a row,” he SASKATOON NEWSROOM
beans from the field entrance, but said. ments are exceeded, WGRF and its lion tonnes of western Canadian
from 10 metres it became obvious Canadian National Railway has board of directors will invest these export grain in the 2013-14 crop
that the leaf shape wasn’t right for “The canola plants look like they exceeded its federally imposed rail- funds into field crop research to the year, which was 12 percent more
beans. are corn or sunflowers. They’re very, way revenue cap by nearly $5 mil- benefit of all western Canadian than the company’s previous high-
very uniform…. Throughout the year lion. farmers.” est tonnage under the revenue cap
The crop growing in those rows was all your other timing factors are a lot regime. In 2011-12, CN moved 17.1
canola. easier to judge.” In a decision handed down Dec. 18, The foundation is planning to million tonnes of western grain.
the Canadian Transportation Agency invest $9 million from its endow-
“We’re putting it on 23 inch (spac- Canola plants emerge more quick- determined that CN revenues gener- ment fund in 2015, up from $5.8 mil- The CN email said western Cana-
ing). A lot of guys around are doing it ly when seeded with a planter, ated by hauling western Canadian lion in 2014. dian grain is the only CN commodity
on 30 inch,” said Moon, who has Calder said. grain amounted to $672.1 million in that is subject to a revenue cap im-
been growing canola for five years on the 2013-14 crop year. The revenue cap is calculated posed by government legislation.
his farm 30 km northeast of Athens, “We really like the even emer- using a complex formula that con-
Georgia. gence,” he said. That is $4.981 million more than siders the amount of grain moved, The CTA ruling also showed a sig-
the railway’s maximum revenue the distance grain is hauled and the nificant reduction in the amount of
Moon and 40 other canola growers “We’ve got pictures of canola only entitlement (MRE). railways’ operating costs. western grain that was moved by
near Athens have found that seeding in the ground for four and five days rail to Eastern Canada: 3.2 million
canola with a planter cuts seed cost and it was up.” CN has until mid-January to repay In its Dec. 18 decision, the CTA tonnes in 2013-14 from more than
and doesn’t reduce yield. that amount, plus a fivepercent pen- reported that CN and CP together 8.6 million tonnes a year earlier.
Calder’s son, Jeff, and business alty, to the Western Grains Research moved nearly 38.5 million tonnes of
“I think we’ve all learned together. partner, Kerry Cadieux, have devel- Foundation. The total payment will western grain, an increase of nearly Domestic flour mills in Eastern
We started out planting 4.5 pounds oped an enterprise around seeding be more than $5.2 million. 19 percent from the previous crop Canada were unable to acquire ade-
(of seed) per acre. That was drilling canola with a planter. They sell a year. quate milling wheat from Western
it,” said Moon, who grows 400 acres seeding disk for canola that can be Canadian Pacific Railway made Canada last winter.
of winter canola under contract for used in John Deere planters. $623.6 million in 2013-14, about CN spokesperson Mark Hallman
an oilseed processing company in $1.65 million less than its maximum said in an email that CN is reviewing They complained that poor rail
Bowersville, Ga. “(They have) a lot of customers in revenue entitlement. the CTA’s calculations. service resulted in wheat shortages
South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama … and reduced flour production.
“Now we’ve learned that we can do where the guys are putting in winter “As a producer, I would prefer that He said CN revenue generated
a better job at two lb. per acre in rows.” canola,” Calder said. the railways stay below their maxi- from moving western Canadian [email protected]
mum revenue entitlements,” said grain was less than one percent more
Moonaccidentlyreducedthecanola Anastasia Kubinec, Manitoba Agri-
seeding rate on his planter several culture’s oilseed specialist, said she
years ago to 1.7 lb. per acre, and a crop knows of only a few Canadian farm-
consultant told him to re-seed. ers who are using planters to seed
“But we went with it instead of
replanting,” Moon said, standing Kubinec said canola researchers
between the rows of this year’s crop and agronomists are evaluating the
on a sunny, 13 C morning in mid- merits of planters, but she remains
November. skeptical.

“I think that year we ended right at “The idea has been floating around
55 bushels per acre. That proved to us a couple of years,” she said.
that … we can pull those seeding rates
down and yields are just as good.” “Iknowanecdotally…they(research-
ers) haven’t found any economic ben-
Most canola growers in Georgia, efits in using the planters versus seed-
South Carolina and other southeast- ingwiththenormalairdrill.”
ern states have learned similar les-
sons. Canola has become a row crop Planters do reduce seed costs, but
in the region, much like cotton and there are other agronomic consider-
soybeans. ations, she said. For example, weeds
can thrive when there is more space
Andrew Moore, who farms near between canola plants.
Resaca, Ga., 120 km northwest of
Atlanta, said his family used to grow “Have you had to go on there and
winter canola 20 years ago. They apply another herbicide application
switched to a planter from a seed to control those weeds?”
drill when they returned to the crop
in the late 2000s. Calder’s 10 years of experience
have convinced him that canola can
“What’s really changed from the be a successful row crop in Canada.
late ’80s to early ’90s is production
practices, reduced seeding rates. In 2004, he conducted an experi-
We opened up the row,” said Moore, ment in which one half of a canola
who knows of a Tennessee canola field was seeded with a planter and
producer who had 72 bu. yields last the other half with a drill.
year. “We’re going 15, 20 or 30 inch
rows.” “The air seeder side yielded 40.5
bu. per acre. The planter side was
Warm, humid weather when the 47,” Calder said. “We feel we’re getting
crop is blooming in spring means (yields) as good as, or better than, (an
sclerotinia can be a major problem air seeder).”
for Georgia’s canola growers.
[email protected]
Moon said more space between
the rows eases sclerotinia pressure »SEE THE SPECIAL REPORT



2014 We write about everything
that happens in agriculture, but
YEAR IN REVIEW in 2014 a few issues stayed in
the forefront for weeks at a time.
They had a widespread impact
on our readers, so we’re high-
lighting them here.

JANUARY: Porcine epidemic MAY: France bans pigs from SEPTEMBER: Zoetis Inc. gets DECEMBER: A confirmed case Dec.

diarrhea, a highly infectious virus, Canada, Mexico, U.S. and Japan. a conditional licence for its PED 17 makes 68 cases in Ontario.
causes major piglet losses in 20 British Columbia takes preventive vaccine. Three more cases in
U.S. states. On Jan. 23, the first case measures and provides funds to keep Manitoba bring Canada’s total to 70.
of PED in Canada is confirmed in out the virus. U.S. grain associations
Ontario. Within a week, there are fund research on PED link to animal
five cases. feed.



JANUARY: 2013 ends with farmers unable to get FEBRUARY: Ottawa makes it mandatory for MARCH: Ottawa imposes a minimum weekly

even a bad price for crops at the elevators because railways to release weekly statistics on grain quota of one million tonnes of western Canadian
grain isn’t moving and elevators are plugged. deliveries and movement. grain that major railways must haul. Failure to
Demand for rail cars hits an all-time high. Farm deliver can result in a $100,000 fine per incident.
groups lobby Ottawa to take action but agriculture
minister Gerry Ritz says the government wants a
“pragmatic, practical solution and not political


JULY: Prime minister Stephen Harper and Manitoba premier SEPTEMBER: Soggy fields are hit with snow. Frost hampers late DECEMBER: Weather forecasters say there’s a warm winter
Greg Selinger view the flood situation from the air. In harvest. ahead as El Nino makes its way to Canada. | Flickr photo
Saskatchewan, 79 municipalities and First Nations were under
local states of emergency.



JANUARY: Farmers vow to keep up the MARCH: CWB announces construction of AUGUST: CWB acquires Great Sandhills OCTOBER: CWB assures farmers they will
fight for CWB assets despite a court an elevator at Bloom, Man. The project is Terminal for $17.5 million. have an ownership stake after privatization.
ruling rejecting their $17 billion lawsuit. called “the first of many.”

What do you think the APRIL: CWB announces a second elevator
most important story was at Colonsay, Sask., with a storage capacity
in 2014? Tell us at www. of 42,000 tonnes. CWB buys Prairie West or on our Terminal for $43 million.
Facebook page.


New Year!

MARKETS EDITOR: D’ARCE MCMILLAN | Ph: 306-665-3519 F: 306-934-2401 | E-MAIL: [email protected] | TWITTER: @DARCEMCMILLAN


Trader plans
to introduce new
kind of marketing
to producers



After several years of good harvests China has huge stocks of corn that the government bought at prices higher than the international market. The middlemen use GAFTA-style
Beijing wants to reduce its stockpiles. | REUTERS PHOTO contracts to trade grain.

EXPORTS Why shouldn’t farmers?
That’s the thinking behind a new
New variety won’t flood market exchange and training program that
trader and entrepreneur Darhl Ver-
China approves new Syngenta GM corn variety that previously hindered U.S. exports caigne of White City, Sask., is building.
GAFTA is the Grain and Feed Trade
BY SEAN PRATT corn futures, or 3.5 percent. sive stockpiles. 300,000 tonnes of the product per Association,a 135-year-oldorganiza-
But there could be more stormy That’s why he thinks China will month. tion based in London that offers train-
SASKATOON NEWSROOM ing, standardized contracts, dispute
seas ahead for exporters shipping continue to refuse shipments from That offsets the loss of the Turkish resolution and other services for the
China’s approval of Syngenta’s corn to China, said Dan Basse, presi- the U.S. for containing other unap- market because of the discovery of agricultural commodities business.
Agrisure Viptera corn gave the crop a dent of AgResource Company. proved traits, such as Syngenta’s GM corn in distillers grain ship- Most professional grain traders have
little boost, but it is no panacea for Duracade 5307, which was commer- ments. Turkey has a zero tolerance received GAFTA training and all are
ailing grain prices, says an analyst. “We think there will be other phyto- cialized in 2014. policy for GM crops. familiar with GAFTA contracts.
sanitary issues raised, so we don’t Among its activities, the organiza-
Chinese vice-premier Wang Yang think this is the end of the GMO trail,” The National Grain and Feed Asso- “The Chinese are stepping in now tion holds annual training sessions
announced Dec. 17 that regulators he said. ciation estimates Duracade will cost to replace some of that,” he said. for the Winnipeg grain trade, with
had finally approved Viptera, a U.S. farmers and exporters a further one scheduled for early January.
genetically modified corn variety “By early next year, there will be $2.3 billion in 2014-15. Basse said a weather disaster in a “What kind of supply chains would
that Syngenta submitted for approval other U.S. corn that could come major importing or exporting region he (the farmer) like to participate in if
in 2010. under fire because of China’s over- Basse believes Chinese corn of the world is the only thing that will he had the knowledge and tools to
whelmingly large corn stockpile, imports will continue to be con- pull grain markets out of their dol- (choose),” said Vercaigne, who is
Syngenta commercialized the which some people think is 123 mil- strained for another three to five drums. developing the Value Chain Manage-
product in the United States in 2011, lion metric tonnes.” years unless China experiences a ment Exchange (VCMX) and orga-
well ahead of Chinese approval. major drought. “With China having so much grain, nizing a GAFTA training session in
That means more than half of the it’s hard to find a demand driver Saskatoon Jan. 19-20.
China began rejecting U.S. corn 216 million tonnes that the country is China would prefer to rid itself of its unless you have a weather problem,” “I’d like to not have to deal with the
shipments in November 2013 after expected to consume in 2014-15 is surplus by becoming an exporter of he said. status quo middlemen all the time,
they tested positive for Viptera. sitting in government reserves. The the crop, but World Trade Organiza- (but) how do I get at these export
grain was acquired at heavily subsi- tion rules prevent the country from “So we’re probably looking toward markets and do it in an efficient, safe
The U.S. National Grain and Feed dized prices. flooding grain markets with subsi- the Northern Hemisphere next May, and secure manner.”
Association estimated in an analysis dized product. June and July for the next time that Vercaigne thinks GAFTA-backed
published April 16 that China had Basse said China will use any non- grain prices can maybe be more bull- contracts between farmers, small
rejected 1.45 million tonnes of U.S. tariff trade barrier in its power to Basse said the movement of U.S. ish.” merchants, shippers and buyers
corn because of Syngenta’s unap- reduce cheap corn imports until it distillers grain to China has im- could be exactly what many want.
proved trait. can get rid of its rotting and expen- proved. The country is now taking [email protected] That’s why he’s setting up his
exchange and trying to form a mem-
It pegged losses for U.S. sellers for 1.45 million tonnes bership that will trade grain on a foot-
the 2013-14 marketing year at $1.95 ing that’s level for everyone.
billion. Syngenta is facing a number |OF GM CORN WAS REJECTED BY CHINA SOURCE: U.S. NATIONAL GRAIN AND FEED ASSOCIATION Vercaigne’s initiative is an attempt
of lawsuits by grain companies and to take GAFTA-style trading to the
farmers. beginning of the value chain, where
farmers reside. GAFTA governs how
The news of China’s approval of contracts will be defined and how
Viptera contributed to a 14 cents per disputes will be resolved but leaves
bushel increase in nearby Chicago the specifications up to users.
Contracts can be specialized to fit
all the players involved. Rather than
just a buyer and seller, these kinds of
contracts can also involve shippers,
inspectors and agronomists.
He said this makes them different
from futurescontractsbecausethose
are standardized for specifications
and delivery points.
It’s also different from grain com-
pany and grain marketer contracts
because those are “buyer’s” con-
tracts, which are set up “in the buy-
er’s interest.”
Vercaigne’s Jan. 5-6 course in
Saskatoon will present his ideas on
how trading works now and how he
thinks it can be made to work better
in the future. The Jan. 19-20 session
will provide training from GAFTA.

[email protected]



Improved service brings market back in line

Unusual price inversion ends as better transportation to the U.S. helps oat millers build supply



Anyone who became comfortable Oats futures prices reached record highs in the 2013-14 growing season as farmers were unable to make elevator deliveries and supplies ran short
with massive oat futures inversions, in the U.S. | FILE PHOTO
in which cash prices exceed futures
prices, is uncomfortable today, but 2014 to 13.5 million now. As a result, INVERSION ENDS
farmers and millers are breathing millers and anyone looking to profit
sighs of relief that things have gone from delivering against the futures The nearby oat futures contract had been at a premium to the deferred
back to normal. contract are fully prepared.
contract for most of the past year as millers in the delivery zone struggled
“That story doesn’t exist this year,” “They just didn’t want a repeat of
said Paterson Grain oat trader Lorne last year,” said Ferris. to get supply. Improved rail service has now allowed users to build up an
Boundy said the lack of carry adequate supply and the market has reverted to its normal relationship
“There are enough stocks there. between old crop futures months
Everybody has brought in enough now reveals the lingering problem of with the deferred contract at a premium to the nearby, reflecting the cost
that if something does happen, they poor rail car movement, but that’s a
can limp through.” minor issue compared to the stran- of carry.
gulation of a few months ago.
Farmers had the frustrating experi- RANDY STRYCHAR CBOT oats futures ($US per bushel) March contract
ence in 2013-14 of not being able to OATINSIGHT “You’re still trading rail cars, not May contract
deliver to prairie elevators and mill- grain,” said Boundy.
ers, or only being able to deliver at regularly in the delivery zone this $3.50
massively negative basis levels, while summer, and millers have been However, an inversion might recur
Chicago oats futures were at all time rebuilding stocks and building them- in spring as the market attempts to 3.45
record highs. selves a buffer so that they don’t get “buy acres” to keep production suf-
caught out again. This has killed the ficient. 3.40
The spread was massive between basis of the inversion and the cash-
the prairie cash and Chicago futures to-futures spread. Strychar said millers want to see a 3.35
markets, but there was also an five percent increase in oat produc-
incredible inversion, with nearby “It seems that the guys have solved tion next spring, which might appear 3.30
futures prices far higher than further- their stocks situation,” said Chris Ferris, in futures prices as seeding time
out months. ananalystwithInformaEconomics. approaches. 3.25

That was because millers in the Strychar said oat stocks in the Min- [email protected] 3.20
delivery zone of the futures contract, neapolis-Duluth area have gone
which is the Minneapolis-Duluth from three million bushels in spring 3.15
area, desperately needed oats and
drove local prices sky-high. 3.10

As with most crops, oats couldn’t 3.05
get enough rail cars to ship to market
in anywhere near reasonable time, 3.00
which left buyers with short supplies
and shippers in default of delivery July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Players in the oat futures market
then began realizing how vulnerable
they could be if they were on the
wrong side of futures trades. Anyone
with short positions getting margin
calls had to chase prices higher to
close their positions, and plenty of
shorts were forced to make delivery.

“It was fund-driven,” said oat mar-
ket analyst Randy Strychar of Oatin-

“All the funds and (speculators)
stepped into the pit and drove it up.
They stayed in there until a few weeks

However, oats began flowing more


Durum shakes market volatility

Durum prices hold steady, above prices for other wheat classes

BY PHIL FRANZ-WARKENTIN Durum does what it wants, can be found above $6.60 per bu., up Small, lower quality crops support higher prices for durum this year . |
when it wants. 35 cents on the month.
DURUM BROKER Canada Prairie Red Spring wheat
WINNIPEG — The volatility in the has shown even more improve-
global wheat market in recent weeks ing durum, although domestic eleva- ment, rising by more than a dollar
has largely bypassed durum, which tors are largely covered for the near- in Saskatchewan during the
has seen its premiums over hard red term. month.
spring wheat erode slightly in West-
ern Canada. Durum prices are topping out at Much of the strength in durum is
slightly less than $10 per bushel in stemming from the smaller, lower
“Durum does what it wants, when it Saskatchewan, according to Prai- quality crops in Canada and the
wants,” said a Saskatchewan-based rie Ag Hotwire data, which is down United States.
durum broker, who noted that the by about 50 cents over the past
recent strength in Canada Western month. The broker said elevators were
Red Spring wheat was largely doing a lot of blending but could only
because of movements in the U.S. Meanwhile, top-end CWRS bids do so much given the lack of higher
futures market and the uncertainty quality supplies.
over Russian exports.
Some customers will buy only No. 1
The broker said durum was largely durum, but the broker said others
separate from that activity and world have found that they can make their
customers are still interested in buy- products with lower grades of durum
than they ever have in the past.



Russian grain export restrictions bump up wheat futures

MOSCOW, Russia (Reuters) — A supply and prices stabilize,” the previously expected at around 30 A driver unloads Russian grain at a drying complex. Russia is trying to
Russian grain exporters’ group that National Association of Exporters of million tonnes, or around 10 percent limit grain exports to control wheat and bread prices that are soaring
accounts for about three-quarters of Agricultural Products said in a state- of world trade, of which 20 million because of the plunging ruble. | REUTERS PHOTO
the country’s shipments said it had ment. tonnes had already been exported
stopped buying for export until since the start of the marketing year.
domestic prices cool down. “The association ... understands
and shares Russian government con- Domestic prices for third-class
The move follows informal govern- cern over the situation on the domes- wheat rose 250 rubles per tonne in
ment measures to restrict exports as tic market,” the group added. It asked the first half of this week, but then the
Moscow tackles a currency crisis, other traders to join the initiative. market stalled on news about the
which include tougher quality con- informal export curbs, said Andrey
trols and a reduction of grain load- Russian domestic wheat prices Sizov, managing director of SovEcon
ings by railway. have risen 30 percent since the start agriculture consultancy.
of this marketing year on July 1, as
The clampdown on shipments by one of the biggest-ever crops and Ifdomesticprices coolitwouldalso
Russia, forecast to become the near halving in the value of the ruble be cheaper for the state to replenish
world’s fourth largest wheat exporter this year led to record exports. grain stocks, to which it plans to add
this year after a bumper crop, helped 3.5 million tonnes.
Chicago wheat futures jump to a Officials are mindful that they need
seven-month high of $6.77 a bushel to keep food prices, especially staples The state is ready to pay 10,100
on Dec. 18. like bread, stable as the economy rubles ($170) a tonne for third-class
heads into recession, with annual wheat in theEuropean part ofRussia,
“Exporters state that the buying of inflation expected to hit more than 10 while the market price, on an ex-
grain for export has been stopped percent early next year. works basis, is at 11,425 rubles per
until the situation with domestic tonne, SovEcon said.
Russia’s 2014-15 grain exports were


Soybean price forecasts indicate need for price risk management

MARKET WATCH and wheat, but the market doesn’t Informa also projected 2015 U.S. contract would likely drop to $8.50 However, if Newsom is correct this
need more soybeans and wheat. winter wheat acreage at 42.278 mil- per bu. if South America’s crop is as time and if the decline in soybeans
D’ARCE McMILLAN lion, down from 42.399 million the big as expected. fully washes into canola, then we
The world has increased its produc- previous crop. would be looking at a canola futures
Farmers who produce a bumper tive capacity. For example, the U.S. Tierney said soybean prices will be price of around $265, or about $6 per
harvest of a particular crop that has put Conservation Reserve Pro- On Jan. 12, the U.S. Department of less than $7 a tonne next harvest if the bu., which is a frightening prospect.
depresses the price tradition- gram land back into crop production. Agriculture will release its first fore- expectation of record U.S. soybean
ally reduce acreage the following cast for 2015 U.S. winter wheat acres. acreage holds and there is a normal Canola has not been below $300
year and grow something else. The area planted with the four production season. since 2006.
major U.S. crops — corn, soybeans, The soybean number is troubling
AndsoAmerican farmerswilllikely wheat and cotton — totalled slightly because of its potential to weigh down Informa executive vice-president When this column was written in
grow less corn in 2015 after produc- more than 225 million acres 10 years prices of all oilseeds, including Rob Westmoreland said soybeans mid-December, the November 2015
ing a record large crop in 2014. ago. Last year, the area was almost canola. Soybean prices have per- could be $8.50 in fall. ICE Futures contract was trading at
243 million, up about eight percent. formed better than expected since about $430, or about $9.75 per bu.
Several forecasters think seeded Production is also up in South Amer- harvest, with strong demand for the Darin Newsom, who is more bull-
corn area will be around 88 million ica, Russia and Ukraine. beans and meal dragging soybean ish on corn than other analysts but is Even if you went with Westmore-
acres, down from 90.9 million last back up to around US$10.30 per more bearish on soybeans, said new land’s less dramatic decline in soy-
spring. The crop shortages of a few years bushel from the seasonal low of about crop soy could fall as low as $6 a bu. as bean prices to $8.50, it would imply a
ago are over. Supplies are ample. $9.20 set at the end of September the 2015-16 year-end stocks-to-use canola price of around $376 a tonne.
The likely alternatives are soybeans ratio climbs to a burdensome 20 per- That is still about $20 worse than the
And yet analytical firm Informa However, several analysts warn that cent. lowest price point this past fall.
Economics forecasts that American there will be a sharp decline in soy-
farmers will do something that they beans once the South American A price of $6 is down about 40 per- There is no guarantee any of these
have never done before: seed more harvest begins. cent from the price in December. early forecasts will be correct.
soybeans than corn.
AgResource analyst Bill Tierney Newsom shocked farmers about The weather in South America has
Informa’s current outlook is for a said in November that 2014-15 soy- this time last year when he forecast been favourable for production and
record 88.78 million acres of soy- bean prices in the March futures that corn prices could fall to as low as the developing El Nino would tend to
beans, up from 84.2 million acres. $2 per bu. Luckily, he was wrong. support a good moisture trend, but
things could go wrong — maybe too
WESTERN WHEAT & BARLEY CHECK-OFF Your contribution to the Western Wheat & Barley Check-off funds much rain at harvest?
research, technical support and market development activities
BENEFITS TO that deliver significant benefits to your farm. U.S. acreage might not increase as
YOUR FARM much as expected or there could be
Maximizing your return on investment weather problems.

On average, every check-off dollar invested in Still, from this position early in the
varietal research returns $20.40 in value to you crop planning season, these soybean
for wheat, and $7.56 for barley. price forecasts are sobering and
point to the need for price risk man-
Study by University of Saskatchewan agement.

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CANFAX REPORT lowest weekly volume since the first BEEF
week of September.
FED CATTLE STEADY Feeder prices plummet
The yearly auction volume to mid- due to ‘panic selling’
The western Canadian fed market December was 1,658,178 head, up
showed exceptional strength in three percent. Action taken to correct falling prices
mid-December as prices traded
near annual highs. Live prices in the $128.13, and D3s ranging $105-$121 Weekly feeder exports to Dec. 6 rose BY MARY MACARTHUR FEEDER PRICES FALL
United States have dropped about to average $113.88. four percent to 11,472 head.
$13 per hundredweight in recent CAMROSE BUREAU Chicago January feeder cattle
weeks. Market supplies are large for the Feeder exports were up 43 per- futures fell the daily three cents
season but have yet to outpace cent to mid-December at 429,549 Just like a roller coaster at the fair, limit for five consecutive days in
Many Canadian producers, hop- demand. head. feeder cattle future markets slowly December. Feeder futures had
ing for a more stable market, thought climbed to the top and dropped fast posted record highs in November.
they might carry cash cattle into the Rail cow bids were steady at $245- The drop in the Chicago feeder in an action packed ride in mid-
new year as the Chicago cattle $250 per cwt. delivered. market is believed to have bottomed December. CME January feeder contract
futures market fell. However, this out. ($US per lb.)
was not necessary because the Butcher bull prices rose 50 cents to Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Canadian cash-to-futures basis average $140.94 per cwt. BEEF WEAKER feeder cattle futures dropped limit $2.38 Dec.
strengthened further. down five days in a row before 2.36 1 5 11 17
Weekly western Canadian non-fed Canadian beef prices were not bouncing back and settling into a less 2.34
Canadian packers bought all the slaughter fell 21 percent Dec. 13 to available. volatile ride Dec. 18. 2.32
cattle offered in the cash market. 7,986 head. 2.30
U.S. beef cut-out values slid $3.50 “We had five limit down days and 2.28
Fed steers averaged $179.21 per Non-fed slaughter was down nine because most retailers had their had panic selling, yet people were 2.26
cwt. in the week ending Dec. 19. percent at about 317,402 head this needs met. Beef fell even as packers trying to sell their futures position 2.24
year. sharply cut back their slaughter. and couldn’t. Prices couldn’t go 2.22
Premiums were paid for cattle down fast enough,” said Canfax 2.20
scheduled for delivery during the Weekly exports to Dec. 6 rose to CATTLE-ON-FEED NEUTRAL senior analyst Brian Perillat. 2.18
holidays. 8,986 head. They were about eight 2.16 Oct. Nov.
percent smaller for the year at about There were 10.876 million head in CME futures trades are limited to a 20 24 3 7 13 19
Producers negotiating lift times 327,355 head. American feedlots Dec. 1, up one three cents per pound price limit per
beyond the first week in January saw percent from the previous year. That day, which wasn’t enough to allow Source: CME | WP GRAPHIC
less aggressive bids. Slaughter cow marketings were matched expectations. those with long positions to liquidate
expected to swell early in 2015. once the panic selling began. January rose 3.075 cents.
The Alberta-Nebraska cash-to- It was the largest year-on-year “The market was pent up, was dys-
cash basis is much stronger than the Demand should remain strong. increase of cattle-on-feed since the The CME took emergency steps Dec.
historical average of -$8.05 and kept summer of 2012, but the total was still 17 to stop the panic. It said it would functional. Overall, we corrected sig-
U.S. buying interest at bay. FEEDERS PLUMMET five percent below the five-year aver- increase its limit to 4.5 cents per lb. per nificantlyandwelooktostabilizenow.”
age. day the following day. The increased
Weekly fed exports to Dec. 6 Chicago feeder futures fell the three amountallowedeveryonewhowanted Perillat said the sudden drop
totalled 7,324 head and marked the cents per day limit for five consecu- Placements in November were togetoutoftheirpositionstoliquidate. shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to
eighth straight week where exports tive days until Dec. 17 as traders 1.795 million, down four percent cattle producers. Markets historical-
have exceeded year ago volumes. came to the realization that feeders from last year, as expected. “As the market has gotten so much ly fall faster than they climb when
were overpriced relative to fed cattle bigger, the market can only move $3 there are big rises. Feeder cattle mar-
January is not known as a strong and the beef market. Marketings in November were (per hundredweight) down in a day. kets rose $70 a lb. in 2014.
beef demand month. 1.475 million, down 11 percent, close When we’ve gone up $70 through the
The slide shook Canadian buyer to expectations and the second low- year, if we want to do a $10 or $15 cor- “To go up that fast, you’re usually
However, reduced slaughter vol- confidence and cash feeder prices est for the month in the life of this rection, that takes five days of con- going to have a pretty harsh and rapid
umes over the holidays will help plummeted. report series. stant limit down and locked up mar- adjustment, or correction,” he said.
clean out the beef pipeline and kets,” said Perillat.
should stabilize cut-out values. Feeder steer prices fell almost $8 Other disappearance was 74,000, Canadians were watching the CME
per cwt. on average in the week end- up nine percent. The market stabilized with the markets closely, but the lower Cana-
The last Alberta-Saskatchewan ing Dec. 19, and heifer prices were larger limit on Dec 18. January dian dollar allowed feeder cattle cash
cattle-on-feed report found that $4.75 lower. This cattle market information is closed up .475 cents per lb. at prices here to hold steady.
fewer yearlings were placed on feed selected from the weekly report from 217.075 cents and March 1.525 cents
than a year ago, which should keep Limited supplies and varied quality Canfax, a division of the Canadian higher at 213.775 cents. On Dec. 19, [email protected]
market-ready supplies manageable contributed to light stocker prices Cattlemen’s Association. More mar-
in January. tumbling $10-$11. ket information, analysis and statis-
tics are available by becoming a
Export demand will have to be Feeder steers 400-600 pounds fell Canfax subscriber by calling 403-
watched closely. Interest in the $6, and similar weight heifers fell $5. 275-5110 or at
western Canadian fed market could
slow if U.S. fed supplies increase. Steers heavier than 600 lb. fell Wheat
$7-$9. Heifer fell a little less.
COWS STEADY producers,
Alberta auction volumes were
Slaughter cow prices were steady down 38 percent at 24,078 head, the we need your
withD1,D2sat$120-$136 to average
Please join us at
HOGS FALL Wool lambs lighter than 54 lb. the Saskatchewan
were $200-$245 per cwt., 55-69 lb. Wheat Development
U.S. packers had most of their were $220-$250, 70-85 lb. were Commission
needs met going into the last two $210-$247, 86-105 lb. were $190- Annual General
weeks of the year. Slaughter would be $230 and 106 lb. and heavier were Meeting
reduced because of holiday closures. $175-$200.
Monday, January 12, 2015
Trade was cautious ahead of the Wool rams were $61-$132 per cwt. TCU Place, Saskatoon
U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Cull ewes were $48-$75 and bred 1-2 PM
quarterly hog report Dec. 23. ewes were $125-$160 per head.
Everyone welcome, however only
Iowa-southern Minnesota hogs Hair lambs lighter than 54 lb. were registered wheat producers are
delivered were US$57.50-$58.50 per $185-$205 per cwt., 55-69 lb. were eligible to vote.
hundredweight Dec. 19, down from $190-$230, 70-85 lb. were $200-$236,
$63-$63.50 Dec. 12. 86-105 lb. were $176-$195 and 106 lb.
and heavier were $160-$177.
U.S. hogs averaged $76.35 on a car-
cass basis Dec. 19, down from $81.44 Hair rams were $58-$91 per cwt.
Dec. 12. The U.S. pork cutout dropped Cull ewes were $52-$70.
to $86.83 per cwt. Dec. 19, down from
$92.55 Dec. 12. Feeder kids lighter than 60 lb. were
The estimated U.S. weekly slaugh-
ter for the week to Dec. 20 was 2,298 Good kid goats lighter than 70 lb.
million, up from 2.254 million the were $200-$225.
previous week. Slaughter was 2.365
million last year at the same time. Those heavier than 70 lb. were
$200-$230 per cwt. Nannies were
BISON $55-$117.50 per cwt. Billies were
There was no report from the Cana-
dian Bison Association. Ontario Stockyards Inc. reported
2,978 sheep and lambs and 398 goats
SHEEP STRONGER traded Dec. 15. Well-finished new
crop lambs sold steady with the well-
Beaver Hill Auction in Tofield, Alta., finished heavies selling barely
reported 800 sheep and 78 goats sold steady.
Dec. 15.
Sheep traded $5-$7 cwt. higher.
Well-finished lightweight goats sold
at a premium. All others were


Phone: 306-665-3537 | Fax: 306-934-2401
E-Mail: [email protected]





Policy focus should be species at risk coexistence Holidays keep
CATTLE CALL Burrowing owls are an example of a species at risk that farmers take in sustainability of the global beef staff busy
efforts to protect. | FILE PHOTO value chain through leadership, sci-
ROSS MACDONALD ence and multi-stakeholder engage- EDITORIAL NOTEBOOK
agricultural policy that supports the increases in production or produc- ment and collaboration.
Coexistence on the Canadian legislation. This may challenge the tion efficiency. MICHAEL RAINE,
landscape is not new. Soil, notion that agricultural production It has identified a common global MANAGING EDITOR
plant, animal and human practices should focus on increasing It is healthy to re-examine agricul- interest in sustained beef production
populations have come and gone production. tural policy goals to ensure that the but also recognizes that successful News organizations fall into a
long before Canada was a country. best decisions are made for Canadi- implementation of production prac- categoryof businessthatalso
Agricultural policy is largely driven ans, and inherent in current and tices require local relevance. includes public utilities, food
However, as a country we have cre- by the desire to increase production future discussions is the growing distribution and some parts of the
ated a system of boundaries, laws of a specific commodity, which natu- conversation surrounding the notion In Canada, much of the landscape service industry: they operate during
and corresponding policy to settle, rally leads to soil, plant and animal of sustained production as opposed that lends itself to coexistence is on the holidays.
develop, profit, conserve and pro- management practices that meet to increased production. remaining rangelands. Many of
tect various aspects of the soil, plants, that goal. these areas exist in spite of previous Your Western Producer has just
animals and humans that exist The definition of sustained produc- agricultural policy that was focused passed through one of its busiest
today. The implementation of environ- tion is beginning to emerge out of on settlement and the quest for con- months of the year.
mental farm planning has begun to organizations such as the Global tinual increases in production.
Canadians have a strong global broaden the discussion, but many of Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. It wasn’t the busiest from a news
reputation for healthy coexistence, the approved practices and corre- Canada would not be what it is standpoint because those months
but maintaining and improving the sponding funding are related to The roundtable’s mission is to today without that policy, but we are yet to come: January, February
country’s natural capital requires advance continuous improvement need to identify where we want to be and March. However, it is the time of
continual re-evaluation of our goals tomorrow. year when we are the most short
and the corresponding policies that staffed.
encourage practices to meet those If we assume that the Species at Risk
goals. Act demonstrates a Canadian de- We used to use the grain year as our
mand for the species it was designed corporate clock, but in recent times
The notion of understanding agri- to protect, then agricultural policy we have shifted to a calendar year. It
cultural practices that conserve wild- should encourage the practices that means that the paper, like most busy
life habitat may not have been a pri- will achieve that future. enterprises, procrastinated our staff
mary policy driver during the settle- holidays and unused overtime until
ment of Canada, but it has become a The South of the Divide Action the end of that clock, much to our
growing issue. Program and its stakeholders in publisher’s chagrin, whose job is to
Western Canada may be leading the make sure we finish the year on bud-
The Canadian and global demand way in identifying where opportuni- get.
for sustained wildlife populations is ties exist to develop agricultural
growing, and it will be interesting to policy that clearly identifies and When a business owes its staff time
see if future policy will be designed to supports coexistence with species at off, its accountants add up those
exist in concert with wildlife habitat risk. hours, multiply by the rate of pay and
requirements. subtract that from a business’s earn-
Key to developing such policy is ings, even though no cash has
Animals and plants protected identifying agricultural practices that changed hands. For use, it means
under the Species at Risk Act are the foster coexistence and the factors that a lot of staff who were busy trav-
mostobviousexamples, and it will be that have sustained livestock pro- elling to conferences, hunting down
an interesting exercise to develop duction while providing species at stories, making video, laying out
risk habitat. pages and marketing the paper aren’t
around at this time of year.
Rather than create something new,
appropriate policy may need to iden- As a result, December is a month
tify and encourage how to sustain when staff both want and need to
what exists. take time off, news still happens and
you, if you are like me, take a little
Ross Macdonald, M.Sc., P.Ag., ranches in more time to read your favourite
southern Saskatchewan. periodicals, such as the Producer.

DECIDING WHAT TO GROW Just to make things extra hectic, we
produce additional products at this
Seeding decisions still in flux for new year time of year: The SaskSeed Guide, a
massive tool for planning this year’s
HURSH ON AG acreage increase in 2014 and yet pric- go with hard red spring in 2015. should generate additional acreage, crops; the Canola and Pulse Guide,
es have remained steady or even Durum: Producers with good qual- even though it’s difficult to predict with its integrated, Canola Council of
KEVIN HURSH strengthened. Some new crop price what the price might be next fall. Canada-driven hybrid-variety plot
suggestions of more than $11 a bushel ity durum have achieved amazing results; our year-end special edition,
It’s the season to agonize over have been floating around, and while returns. Even medium quality Lentils: Red and green lentils have which this year is all about manure;
cropping choices. that’s down substantially from cur- durum has been worth a lot of mon- been price darlings for anyone able to our first post-secondary agricultural
This isn’t such a big issue for rent cash prices, it may look pretty ey. Will the bonanza continue or will produce reasonable quality, although education guide; and season-long
producers who grow mainly canola good by the time next fall rolls around. producers around the world over- the crop did not tolerate waterlogged video projects.
and wheat, but there are a host of fac- produce in 2015 and cause the soil well in southeastern Saskatche-
tors to weigh for those who keep The big downside for flax is yield. durum price premium to evaporate? wan in 2014. Despite high prices, You would think that Producer staff
cropping choices more fluid. The dollars per bushel might look producers in some regions will drop would be lined up to avoid the office in
good, but the dollars per acre can still Durum carryover will be tight, and lentils from their cropping options December with all that going on, the
Here are some of the consider- be disappointing. producers are worried about a repeat list. holidays upon us and pressure from
ations: of the severe fusarium problems the boss to use up accumulated time,
Mustard: Yellow and oriental mus- experienced in 2014. That may limit There will be tremendous interest but that’s not the case. Managers like
Canola: The big increase expected in tard prices have held up well, but the interest outside of the traditional in lentils in the traditional growing me have to coax some of them to go.
American soybean acreage means brown mustard has dropped because durum growing region. Seed supply regions, but good seed may be diffi-
canola price prospects are guarded at of oversupply. Some reasonable new and price may also limit the acreage cult to find. As well, prices are likely Many of us at the WP keep in our
best.Someofthebestnewcroppricing crop pricing opportunities are avail- increase. Good quality certified to be much lower in the traditional minds a composite picture of a farmer
opportunities are probably gone. able on yellow and oriental. durum seed with low disease is sell- growing regions. Watch for new crop who we serve. Delivering the informa-
Canola is a high-cost crop to grow, and ing for around $20 a bushel. contract prices to be disappointing tion that helps that farmer the busi-
manyproducersareconsideringother Mustard is a minor acreage crop relative to current cash prices. ness and enjoy the rural lifestyle is
options on at least some of their acres. and weed control options remain Barley: It’s hard to make money what we do, all year long.
limited. You shouldn’t grow mustard with feed barley, and malting barley Flax, durum, peas and lentils will
Flax: Here’s a crop that saw a major on any field that has had canola has become largely a niche market. likely gain acreage in 2015 at the [email protected]
within five years because there’s no Even if producers can meet the qual- expense of canola, wheat and barley,
way to control the canola volunteers. ity parameters, most of them will find but seeding decisions right now are
new crop malting barley contract in a state of flux.
Wheat: Wheat prices have risen prices less than attractive. Barley
somewhat, but potential returns are remains a crop with serious issues. Kevin Hursh is an agricultural journalist,
not exciting. The higher yielding consultant and farmer. He can be reached by
classes of wheat were pounded by Field peas: Yellow pea prices have e-mail at [email protected]
disease, so there will be a tendency to approached $8 a bushel, which



LETTERS POLICY: POSITION NOT DEFENDABLE No, the core issue is that the rice Yet Dr. Frick would deny this sci- political impact/importance of the
being consumed is contributing to entific benefit to these children. Ontario agricultural community are
Letters should be less than 300 To the Editor: the blindness and death of children. She has many arguments in her well timed but perhaps a bit more
words. Name, address and phone column that are worthy of consid- insight is useful.
number must be included for Re: GM rice doesn’t address pover- A solution for this preventable eration, but to condemn helpless
verification purposes and only letters ty, lack of biodiversity (WP Dec. 11), malady exists. Golden rice was devel- children to eventual blindness and Yes, Ontario premier Kathleen
accepted for publication will be Organic Matters column by Brenda oped specifically to address this death when a solution exists is a Wynne promised to try to gain more
confirmed with the author. Frick. problem by introducing beta-caro- position that the anti-GMO activ- support from rural Ontario and this
tene genes (precursor of Vitamin A) ists cannot defend. was one of her motives in naming
Open letters should be avoided; Let’s fully understand Dr. Frick’s into the rice. herself agriculture minister in the
priority will be given to letters written position against GM golden rice — a Gerald Donkersgoed, P.Ag. previous government.
exclusively for the Producer. strain of rice developed to address We consume GM foods and our Surrey, B.C.
vitamin A deficiency in rice — a sta- grocery shelves are filled with fortified This ingratiating manoeuvre didn’t
Editors reserve the right to reject or ple food in many poorer countries. foods — check any cereal box. Japan, MORE INSIGHT USEFUL work, and in the recent election her
edit any letter for clarity, brevity, probably the most food safety con- Liberals failed to win a single seat in
legality and good taste. Cuts Experts say about 250,000 to science country in the world, con- To the Editor: rural Ontario.
will be indicated by ellipsis (…) 500,000 children go blind each year sumes millions of tonnes of GM soy
Publication of a letter does not imply from vitamin A deficiency and about and canola products each year. Kelsey Johnson’s comments (WP Resultantly, she named Jeff Leal
endorsement by the Producer. half of those will die within a year of Dec. 4 column) on the situation of MPP for Peterborough (a city of
becoming blind. Wealthy economies are comfort- 70,000) to that portfolio (he was min-
able with the science and concept of ister of rural affairs previously when
She says the core issue is that rice is fortified and GM foods to promote the premier split it off from agricul-
the sole food source. our health and well-being. ture). So Leal is now minister of agri-
culture and rural affairs.
Pulse Raising.
He is a quality person and fine gen-
tleman. However, he is not a former
farmer, nor associated with agricul-
ture. His posture on the issue of neo-
nics appears to be written by Queen’s
Park bureaucrats focused on main-
taining urban support.

Sadly, Ontario farmers do not
appear to have a supporting voice in
this cabinet. And more sadly, the
dichotomy between rural and urban
Ontario is underscored when the
Toronto subway carries misleading
advertising about production agri-
culture and there is not a whisper of
objection from the agricultural min-

Martin C. Pick,
Cavan, Ont.

Raise your Pulse with N and P. DON’T TURN YOUR BACK

To the Editor:

A couple of weeks ago, the Stephen
Harper government gave multi-
national seed companies more
power and rights. These new rights
are enshrined inside the legislation.

At the same time, the Harper gov-
ernment allowed farmers a narrowly
defined privilege to replant some of
their seeds. But this privilege is not
enshrined — it can be limited or
withdrawn by regulations, which
can be created by the minister at
any time he sees fit.

So, seed companies get more rights.
Farmers get a temporary privilege,
and another knife in the back from
the Harper government.

Ron Watson,
Lancer, Sask.

Give your pulse crops the boost they need with TagTeam®, the only inoculant that delivers increased IN SUPPORT OF GM
access to both nitrogen and phosphate to improve yield potential by up to 8 percent*.
To the Editor:
TagTeam® MultiAction® performance – it’s pulse raising.
Re: GM rice doesn’t address poverty,
See your local retailer today, or visit lack of biodiversity (Dec. 11 WP) col-
umn by Brenda Frick.
Full disclosure: I work in the seed
*115 independent large-plot trials in Canada between 1997 and 2012 showed an average yield increase of 8%. Individual industry and I’m a passionate sup-
results may vary, and performance may vary from location to location and from year to year. This result may not be an indicator porter of modern agriculture, includ-
of results you may obtain as local growing, soil and weather conditions may vary. Growers should evaluate data from multiple ing biotechnology.
locations and years whenever possible.
TagTeam®, MultiAction® and Monsanto BioAg and Design™ are trademarks of Monsanto Technology LLC, Monsanto Canada The reason for my support of GM
Inc, licensee. © 2014 Monsanto Canada Inc. 237-1 08.14 technology is simple — I have per-
sonally witnessed the environmental
benefits and crop production
improvements it offers farmers and
our planet.

I also believe every food production
system, including organic agricul-
ture, has something to teach us. I
understand that solving big prob-



» CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE tions and letters to the Editor with think we know what’s best for them. bution is, in fact, more than $37 three years ago the provincial gov-
ideological rhetoric about what’s We ought to be ashamed of our- million annually. ernment piloted a program for inter-
lems such as malnutrition will take best for the developing world — all selves. national market development fund-
much more than just improving crop written from the comfort of our To further support Macdonald’s ed through the federal Growing For-
yields. It will take creativity and co- La-Z-boys. Greg Hockaday, argument about good policy, the ward 2 program.
operation. Calgary, Alta. investment in Agribition also brings
I suspect that for people like Frick both a social and cultural benefit to This policy became the foundation
Few would claim that golden rice is and the organizations that categori- GOOD POLICY PROGRAM society. for today’s Incoming Buyers Program
a panacea to malnutrition. It does, cally oppose golden rice to consider at Canadian Western Agribition and
however, have the potential to solve that it just may be one of the tools that To the Editor: The basefundingtheshowreceives has been instrumental in attracting
real problems. could make a difference would show is instrumental in providing a social buyers from other countries to the
weakness in the anti-GM dogma, and I am writing in response to the col- gathering of visitors and exhibitors show to purchase Canadian genetics
Unfortunately, we may never get a that would never do. umn by Ross Macdonald on “Good from across North America, paving and technologies.
chance to gauge its effectiveness ag policy helps make communities the way for the obvious economic
because environmental groups have I long for the day we consider all great” (Nov. 27, WP). output. Not to be outdone is the cul- Since inception, this program has
successfully fought it every step of the solutions based on an objective tural benefit. The show attracts over paid approximately $100,000 in
way. Vitamin A deficiency is respon- review of their merit and shed this Macdonald raises a good point 125,000 visitors annually, many of travel support to qualified buyers
sible for up to two million deaths ideological baggage. about the investment our govern- which experience agriculture for the from over 10 countries.
each year and some 500,000 cases of ment makes in events like Canadian first time.
irreversible blindness. Pregnant I’m hopeful the day will come when Western Agribition and the value In this case, good policy paved the
women and children are particu- all people, particularly those in the brought to the industry and its relat- More than 6,000 school kids ben- way for domestic and international
larly susceptible. developing world, will be free to ed stakeholders. efit from the first-hand look and feel trading opportunities. Not bad for
choose solutions they feel best meet of the best beef show on the conti- the preservation of a $37 million eco-
We should all take a minute to let their needs. Macdonald notes the event con- nent. Agriculture awareness is a key nomic engine.
that sink in. Imagine the outcry if tributes $27 million in economic component of the show and is
those victims were Canadians, or our In the time it’s taken you to read this activity. The most current contri- instrumental in attracting youth to Marty Seymour, CEO,
neighbours and our families. letter, six people — most likely sons the industry. Canadian Western Agribition,
and daughters — have died of vita- Regina, Sask.
Meanwhile, we fill farm publica- min A deficiency largely because we On a tangible note related to policy,


what life offers


Astory has been told of two EVOLVED.
stonecutters who laboured in
the hot sun with their chisels Bring a new level of precision to your operation with a Seed Hawk Seeding System.
and hammers. When asked what With features like Sectional Control® Technology and the wireless iCon™ Control System,
they were doing, one grumped that he our tanks and toolbars place seed and fertilizer with unparalleled accuracy. The result
worked all day shaping stones. The is fast, even crop emergence and greater opportunity for higher yield.
other cheerfully replied that he was Discover a level of precision that makes seeding more efficient and your life a little easier.
“building cathedrals.” Talk to your Seed Hawk dealer today or visit

As we stand at the cusp of a new 2014 ©Seed Hawk Inc.
year, how might we respond if asked SEED HAWK®, SECTIONAL CONTROL® TECHNOLOGY, ICON™, VADERSTAD® and VADERSTAD DESIGN®, are trademarks being used under license.
what this moment means for us? Are Seed Hawk has made every attempt to accurately portray our product lineup. However, due to our commitment to continually innovate our technologies to provide our
wesimply trudgingalong doing what customers the best possible products, some products may not be manufactured as shown. Exact specifications for each product will be confirmed at the time of ordering.
needs to be done or do we have a 12/14-40362 WP
sense of vision and purpose?

It is so easy to become stagnated
when faced with the demands of
family, making a living, keeping up to
society’s expectations and marking
time with aging bodies. We may sim-
ply pass through the days without
recognizing we can make choices
and take active responsibility for
finding the best that life has to offer. 
We don’t have to be so glum.

For example, when it comes to step-
ping into retirement, do you dare to
call yourself a zoomer? 

Did you know that zoomer means
boomers with zip?

The quotation on a funeral card said
so much when it paid tribute to my
friend’s thoughtful life philosophy.

“A master in the art of living draws
no sharp distinction between his
work and his play, his labour and his
leisure, his mind and his body, his
education and his recreation. He
hardly knows which is which. He
simply pursues his vision of excel-
lence through whatever he is doing
and leaves others to determine
whether he is working or playing. To
himself he always seems to be doing
both. Enough for him that he does it

May you enter this new year with
expectation, a sense of adventure
and gratitude. We are so fortunate to
have God’s blessings enfold us.

Joyce Sasse writes for the Canadian
Rural Church Network at www.canadian



Canola has long been seen as a AgStrong, a canola processor in Bowersville, Georgia, markets its own line of non-GM, expeller pressed canola oil under the Solio Family
good winter seeded crop in local brand. | ROBERT ARNASON PHOTOS
rotations in Georgia and other
southeastern U.S. states. But lack
of markets held it back — until
now. Growers are now seeding
non-genetically modified variet-
ies to serve a niche food market,
while the meal is going to the
booming local poultry industry.
A proposed bioplastics plant
would further boost acreage.
This beachhead in the American
South could be good for Canadian
growers, too, by expanding the
canola consumer base and pro-
viding experience and data in
alternative production systems,
such as row crop seeding with
planters. Western Producer
reporter Robert Arnason takes a
look at the fledgling canola industry
in Georgia in this Special Report.


Golden crop gains ground in Georgia

Canola lost its lustre when a crushing co-operative failed to materialize, but it is again attracting interest

Moving a producer from RESACA, Ga. — It’s hard to ticularly for winter canola. “In 2006, we put in a pilot plant and Moon, who grows winter canola on a
wheat is somewhat tough. imagine while driving down a Growers in the region, near the started processing about 18 tons of three-year rotation and dedicates
Changing the average gravel road in northwestern canola per day. The canola came one-third of his 1,300 acres to the
southern farmer (is not Georgia that people grow crops Chattahoochee National Forest, reg- from our farm,” he said while stand- oilseed.
easy). here. ularly produce canola yields of 50 to ing near a trailer that serves as an
60 bushels per acre. office for Resaca Sun, the name of “We can’t plant wheat after wheat
ANDREW MOORE Trees and homes on quarter acre the Moore’s oilseed processing and wheat.”
CANOLA GROWER AND OILSEED lots line both sides of the road, and Dozens of farmers in the northern business.
PROCESSOR NEAR RESACA, GEORGIA it’s difficult to see more than 500 half of the state are growing winter AgStrong also convinced Kevin
metres in any direction. canola, which is surprising be-cause “That was the first canola grown in Rentz, who farms in Branson, Ga.,
as recently as 2006 there was almost Georgia in quite a long time.” near the Florida border, to take a
However, the sight lines suddenly none. chance on canola five years ago.
open up three kilometres east of Just behind where Moore was
Resaca, which is 120 km from Atlan- Andrew Moore, who farms with his standing was a connection to Mani- “I started growing it because wheat
ta, and the trees give way to farm- father, grandfather and uncle near toba: a plastic guard for a MacDon prices were in the dumps,” said
land. Resaca, is one of those credited with combine header. Rentz, who grows cotton and pea-
resurrecting canola in the state. nuts in the summer and canola and
Grain bins and a feed mill are visi- The Moores followed up their ini- wheat in winter.
ble down the gravel road, confirming The Moores grew winter canola in tial experiment by expanding their
it is possible to grow crops in this the 1980s and early 1990s, when Uni- operations in 2008. They now oper- “I needed to find a different crop.”
area. versity of Georgia extension person- ate a 50 ton per day expeller press and His first experiment with 70 acres of
nel promoted the oilseed as an alter- a feed mill and grow 500 acres of win- canola was a flop because a spring
In fact, the river valleys and other native winter crop. ter canola. windstorm wiped out half of the crop.
pockets of agricultural land in this However, the second year was more
part of Georgia are productive, par- The university even had a full-time They also process soybeans and encouraging.
canola breeder because many peo- sunflowers, but the focus is canola. “We averaged close to 50 bu. and
ple expected canola acres to boom in the price was really good. I think I
the southeastern United States. Acres expanding sold it for around $15 per bu.”
AgStrong has also reached outside
However, local markets for canola During the last seven years, they of Georgia to attract canola produc-
disappeared in the 1990s after a have convinced farmers in northern tion. A number of South Carolina
canola crushing co-operative in cen- Georgia, nearby Tennessee and Ala- farmers are now growing winter
tral Georgia never materialized. bama to grow winter canola once canola and selling it to the company.
again or try it for the first time. “We’ve always been able to grow
The Moores and other farmers who canola in South Carolina, but we
liked growing canola abandoned the One of Moore’s partners in the busi- didn’t always have a market for it,”
crop. By the early 2000s, Georgia’s ness, Robert Davis, left around 2009 said Trish Dehond, an agriculture
canola dream was dead. to start his own canola processing extension rep for Clemson University
enterprise in Bowersville, Ga., 200 in Darlington County, S.C.
However, Andrew’s father, Joe, km northwest of Atlanta. “Now we have a market for it.”
took a trip to Minnesota in 2006 and South Carolina farmers also grew
met a farmer who was crushing Davis and his cousin formed canola in the 1980s and 1990s, but it
canola on his farm with a cold AgStrong and began holding meet- died off when local buyers vanished.
pressed expeller. ings to sell farmers on canola.
The new knowledge inspired the One of their first converts was Russ
Moores to try something similar. Moon, who farms near Athens, Ga.
They planned to convert canola oil to
biodiesel to power tractors on their “It’s good for our rotation,” said


MARKET DEMAND I know there’s some
yellow flower involved.
RR soybean growers opt for non-GM canola
market niche and serve
poultry industry

COLBERT, Ga. — Russ Moon Russ Moon, who farms near Colbert, Georgia, is one of many growers in the state who treat canola like a row DOES IT COME FROM CORN?
doesn’t fit the description of a crop. Moon initially seeded winter canola with a drill, but through experimentation learned he could plant two
farmer who grows non- pounds per acre of seed with a planter and still get 50 to 60 bushels per acre yields | ROBERT ARNASON PHOTO Survey reveals
genetically modified crops.
Andrew Moore, who owns Resaca trated poultry area in the state,” said canola.” shoppers unsure
Modern John Deere tractors were Sun, an oilseed processing plant in Moon, who has seven broiler barns. There is no canola grower associa-
parked in his farmyard, and employ- Resaca, Ga., said he also produces His neighbour has six more on the where canola
ees loaded totes of winter wheat onto expeller pressed non-GM canola oil other side of the road. tion in Georgia, so the industry
a trailer as they prepared to go seed- for clients in the food industry. doesn’t spend money on promo- comes from
ing on a 12 C morning in mid- “These poultry companies really tional campaigns. Farmers rely on
November. “There are several different buyer want the canola meal…. That’s why free advertisement in spring when ATHENS, Ga. — There is good
groups, but it mainly goes into com- AgStrong located in this area. They canola fields are blooming. news and bad news for canola
Moon’s farm office was decorated mercial fryers,” he said. “There is knew they could get rid of the meal.” marketers in Georgia, Ameri-
with a variety of John Deere merchan- some bottling.” “We have some fields that are right ca’s ninth most populous state.
dise, including a JD clock. A rifle However, consumer awareness on I-75,” Moore said.
leaned against the wall in the corner, Meanwhile, demand for canola remains a problem in Georgia. The good news is that canola oil was
and Moon sported a camouflage hat meal outstrips supply in Georgia. “People come out to take photos of easy to find at a Kroger grocery store
with a Crop Production Services logo. Moore said has had many conver- these big, yellow fields. We’ve had on the outskirts of Athens. Five
“We’re sitting in one of the largest sations with confused consumers. people take wedding photos.” brands of canola oil were on sale,
However, despite all the signs that’s poultry areas in the United States … including generic products and an
he’s a typical, conventional farmer, and this area is the highest concen- “We always get, ‘granola? So you’re [email protected] organic canola oil spray.
Moonhasgrownnon-GMcanolaonhis growing ‘granola?’ No, no, no, it’s
1,300acrefarm30kilometresnortheast As well, canola oil had comparable
ofAthensforthelastfiveyears. Ont., before AgStrong and Resaca acres to run at full capacity. of acres in the U.S. is going to be in the shelf space to soybean oil and other
Sun were formed. Processors will have to convince southeast…. If we had a big buyer, vegetable oils.
Moon has no philosophically ADM, Bunge, Cargill, any of those
objection to agricultural biotechnol- AgStrong announced plans last more farmers to grow winter canola, companies come in and say, ‘we want However, the bad new is that Kroger
ogy. Like many farmers in the south- spring to build a $7.3 million, 150 ton which isn’t a sure thing. to put in a canola processing facility or shoppers had no idea what canola is.
eastern United States, he plants per day canola processing plant in convert one’ … you would see a dra-
Roundup Ready soybeans following Trenton, Ky. “Moving a producer from wheat is matic increase in canola acres.” “I’ve never heard of the crop, just
a crop of winter canola. He chooses somewhat tough,” said Moore, a the oil,” said Benny, a man in his late
to seed non-GM canola because he Meredian Holdings Group is also director with the U.S. Canola Associ- Moon isn’t convinced canola will 60s or early 70s who buys canola oil to
doesn’t want an infestation of volun- investing in canola processing in the ation. “Changing the average south- boom in Georgia. He said it is unlikely cook fried chicken.
teer canola in his soybean crop. southeastern U.S. It is building a ern farmer (is not easy).” to become a big acreage crop compa-
plant to turn canola oil into bioplas- rable to cotton or peanuts. Asked what canola oil is made from,
Most farmers in the southeastern tics in Bainbridge, Ga., near the Flor- Optimistic outlook Benny hesitated a few seconds
U.S. have a similar outlook. They ida border. “It’s going to be a fit for certain before answering.
don’t want canola to cause problems Nonetheless, Moore said canola farmers, (but) I think (acres) can
in their RR beans or cotton, so almost The company contracted 5,000 has a bright future in the southeast. slowly grow,” he said. “I’ve never thought about it real-
all of the winter canola grown in the acres of canola in southwestern ly…. I just thought it was healthier.”
region is non-GM. Georgia this fall and has ambitious “I believe that North Dakota and “As long as we’re making money on
expansion plans. Meredian will need Minnesota (canola) … is now in a it, it will continue to grow.” Benny’s response was typical of
Farmers and canola processors in 100,000 acres of canola to supply its battle for acreage (with soybeans and Kroger customers and residents of
the southeast didn’t initially tout the bioplastics production when it corn),” he said. Moore agreed canola acreage in the Athens, a university town 20 kilo-
uniqueness of their product, but they reaches full capacity. southeastern U.S. will never compare metres from where Georgia farmers
have differentiated their crop from ”It’s hard to believe there’s going to to Western Canada, but a steady acre- grow canola.
GM canola in the last couple of years. Private investors in the southeast- be an expansion in that area.” age expansion should boost canola’s
ern U.S. may feel optimistic about profile in places like Georgia, South In an unscientific and unprofes-
AgStrong, a canola processor in canola, but the industry is tiny com- Winter canola has exploded in Carolina and North Carolina, which sional survey of 14 shoppers:
Bowersville, Georgia, buys canola pared to Western Canada. C rushing Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas, going are home to 25 million people. • Two Georgians knew that canola
from growers in Georgia, Kentucky, plants are small and the U.S. Depart- from nothing to 300,000 acres in
South Carolina and other southeast- ment of Agriculture doesn’t even short order. However, acreage fell If a larger percentage of those con- was a crop.
ern states. track canola acres in the region. this fall after freezing weather and a sumers become aware of the crop it • One thought canola oil was made
winter drought hammered yields last should benefit canola growers across
The company markets its own line of Moore said planted area estimates year. North America, including those in from corn.
non-GM, expeller pressed canola oil range from 15,000 to 60,000 acres, and Western Canada. • Ten said they bought canola oil,
under the Solio Family brand. Whole Resaca Sun, AgStrong and Meredian “You can’t grow anything … when
Foods and other health foods stores will need much more than 60,000 you get five inches of rain per year,” [email protected] mostly because it’s “healthier.”
sell Solio Family canola across the U.S. Moore said. “I believe the expansion • Four said they don’t buy canola oil.

» CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE They buy olive oil or coconut oil
because those oils are “healthier.”
The crop competes with winter The participants in the survey
wheat for acreage in Georgia, included:
• A45to50yearoldmanshoppingfor
South Carolina and other parts of his mother, who bought a bottle of
the southeast, and the battle comes canola oil because it was on her list.
down to basic economics. He used to work for Georgia’s
department of agriculture but had
“It’s all down to business at the end never heard of a crop called canola.
of the day.… It’s all about profitability • Michelle, about 50, buys canola oil
per acre,” said Brian Caldbeck, who but isn’t familiar with the crop. “I
runs Rubisco Seeds, a hybrid canola feel it’s healthier for you and use it
seed dealer in Kentucky. instead of, say … Crisco.”
• Elizabeth, 45 to 50, is married to a
“Here (in Kentucky), we’re in a man who used to farm. She knows
heavy double crop rotation. When what canola is and knows it is grown
we harvest the winter canola, we turn in Georgia. “It’s supposed to be
around and plant the Roundup healthier and it’s cheaper than olive
Ready soybeans…. The way we look oil.”
at it, 50 to 60 bu. winter canola is the • Chamerelle, a 45-year-old woman
much the same as 80 bu. wheat for with two children, doesn’t buy
the revenue. If we can’t make 50 to 60 canola oil because she doesn’t like
bu. … they (farmers) are not going to the flavour. I don’t cook a lot of
grow it.” things in oil, but when I do I use
coconut oil or olive oil for the
Caldbeck, who specialized in win- health benefits.”
ter oilseeds in Europe before leaving • Victoria,25to30,hasheardofcanola
Ireland for the United States 10 years oil and canola. “I know there’s some
ago, said Kentucky farmers have yellow flower involved.” However,
been growing winter canola for more she doesn’t cook with it. Instead,
than a decade. she buys coconut oil and olive oil.
“I read somewhere that (coconut
However, they had to ship it to an and olive oil) is healthier, but I
ADM crushing plant in Windsor, don’t know if it’s true.”



Hydroelectric dam approved
despite ‘negative impacts’

Construction of the Peace River dam is scheduled to begin next year

BY MARY MACARTHUR BILL BENNETT on landowners and First Nations, but
it needs to move forward with the
British Columbia energy minister “We’re very sensitive to the reality
Bill Bennett said the need for low about the cost estimates. there will be negative impacts to
cost, reliable electricity outweighed Ken and Darlene Boon will lose some people. We still got a lot of work
the negative impacts in the prov- to do to mitigate those impacts.”
ince’s decision to approve a contro- their home in the Peace River Valley if
versial hydroelectric dam on the the dam is built. It would raise the The federal and provincial govern-
Peace River. water level of the river to just below ments granted environmental cer-
their home and flood their fields. tificates to the projects in October,
“This was a decision the govern- along with a list of 80 conditions that
ment had to make that was in the best The dam would raise the water level must be met before the project can go
interest of the majority of British 50 metres and increase the width of ahead.
Columbians over the next 100 years. It the Peace River to two to three times
will provide cheap electricity to the its current size. The project would The conditions include establish-
whole province for 100 years,” Bennett flood 12,000 acres and force the relo- ing a $20 million fund to compensate
said after the government announced cation of 34 families along 83 for lost agricultural land, developing
it would build the Site C dam, which is kilometres of river. a wetland mitigation and compensa-
expected to cost $8.8 billion. tion plan, developing an aboriginal
“We were hoping for the best, but business participation strategy and
Construction of the dam near Fort more or less expected this decision,” using construction methods that
St. John is scheduled to begin next Ken Boon said after the announce- would mitigate adverse effects on
summer and be completed by 2024, ment. wildlife and the habitat.
although legal challenges could
delay that. “It’s mind boggling in this day and Bennett said he hopes First Nations
age there is no vision in the govern- communities can be convinced to
The dam will be the third hydro- ment and that they should proceed come on side through employment
electric dam on the Peace River. It is with a proposal like this.” and training opportunities offered by
located downstream from the W.A.C the project.
Bennett and Peace Canyon dams. He hopes to stop or slow the project
through court cases against the pro- B.C. premier Christy Clark said the
The project is estimated to generate vincial and federal governments. hydroelectric dam would be the
1,100 megawatts of capacity, enough cheapest option for the province’s
to power the equivalent of 450,000 First Nations groups in Alberta and growing energy demands.
homes, or eight percent of the prov- B.C. have also launched court cases
ince’s electricity needs. because of the impact the dam will “Affordable, reliable, clean electric-
have on their land. ity is the backbone of British Colum-
Five lawsuits have been launched bia’s economy.… Site C will support
opposing the dam’s construction, Bennett said the government our quality of life for decades to come
which would flood prime agricultur- knows there will be negative impacts and will enable continued invest-
al land and land belonging to First ment and a growing economy.”
Nations in the region.
[email protected]
Critics have also raised concerns

34 families Horse trainer Kendall Miller takes one of his horses for a ride along with
his two dogs northeast of Longview, Alta. | MIKE STURK PHOTO


CWB lawsuit documents
filed in Supreme Court


Featuring keynote addresses from: Farmers behind a class action law-
suit against the federal government
Dr. Joe Schwarcz – Award-winning William Lapp – Founder of Advanced are continuing their march to Cana- STEWART WELLS
da’s highest court. FRIENDS OF THE CWB
speaker and author, Professor and Director of the Economic Solutions, former Vice President of CHAIR
Ofce for Science and Society at McGill University Economic Research for ConAgra Foods Documents related to their case
regarding CWB pool account funds results of this leave to appeal applica-
Mark Hemmes – President and Vijay Gill – Director of Policy Research at were filed Dec. 16, according to a tion.”
news release.
Founding Partner of Quorum Corporation the Conference Board of Canada’s Centre for Four farmers are named as plain-
Transportation and Infrastructure research The Friends of the Canadian Wheat tiffs: Harold Bell of Fort St. John, B.C.,
Board had originally filed a $17 bil- Andrew Dennis of Brookdale, Man.,
Sessions on marketing, agronomy, best farming practices, lion suit related to the dismantling of Nathan Macklin of DeBolt, Alta., and
innovation, and leadership. CWB’s single desk powers and con- Ian McCreary of Bladworth, Sask.
fiscated property.
Early bird registration until January 5 only. “I’m glad the plaintiffs have elected
Register now! WWW.CROPSPHERE.COM A judge rejected that effort, but a to give the Supreme Court the oppor-
smaller suit was allowed to proceed. tunity to address the inconsistency in
Brought to you in partnership by Sask Flax, Saskatchewan Oat Development Commission, Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, lower court rulings holding that farm-
SaskCanola, Sask Wheat, and the Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission “The recent Federal Court of Appeal ers have a right to advance a claim for
ruling gave a green light for the class pool account monies yet do not have a
action to proceed with the parts of right to the property bought and paid
the case based on the misallocation for with those pool account monies,”
of CWB pool account funds in 2011- said Stewart Wells, chair of the
12,” Winnipeg lawyer Anders Bruun Friends of the CWB.
said in the news release.

“This part of the class action will be
going forward regardless of the



Mule deer lounge in a field south of High River, Alta. | MIKE STURK PHOTO


Planned film to counter anti-GMO arguments

Chief executive officer of Agri-Trend is raising money for a big-budget documentary to defend use of genetic modification

BY MARY MACARTHUR importance of GMO technology. influenced by one side. They’re look- “It has to be visually stunning. It has Visit us online at
“Between the documentary and ing for the other side to make a deci- to be the kind of movie with the
CAMROSE BUREAU sion,” said McConnell. potential to win film festival awards. to see a video about
vignettes, it will provide an accurate That is the kind of recognition it this story.
Farmers concerned about losing a portrayal of how science is being “Rob is giving that side. He will help needs in order for it to be visible in the
valuable biotechnology tool are integrated in agriculture.” people make an informed decision. urban market.”
urged to support a pro-GMO movie. The vast majority of people are con-
Saik knew he needed to make a pro- fused.” [email protected]
Rob Saik, chief executive officer of GMO movie after talking to an
Agri-Trend Group of Companies, American movie producer during a Saik said the movie will have credi- Trait Stewardship Responsibilities Notice to Farmers
said farmers are in danger of losing marketing course in Arizona. He vol- bility because the producers will talk
genetic modification unless they tell unteered to fly to Iowa this spring and to scientists and farmers who know Monsanto Company is a member of Excellence Through Stewardship® (ETS). Monsanto products
politicians and consumers the be interviewed for an anti-vaccina- about the technology. are commercialized in accordance with ETS Product Launch Stewardship Guidance, and in
importance of the technology. tion and anti-GMO movie about the compliance with Monsanto’s Policy for Commercialization of Biotechnology-Derived Plant Products
benefits of genetic modification. “The movie isn’t going to be based in Commodity Crops. Commercialized products have been approved for import into key export
“If agriculture doesn’t stand up and on somebody’s opinion,” he said. markets with functioning regulatory systems. Any crop or material produced from this product can
speak up, valuable tools will be However, his comments were edit- only be exported to, or used, processed or sold in countries where all necessary regulatory approvals
ripped out of our hands,” said Saik. ed out of the movie. “We’re going to talk to scientists have been granted. It is a violation of national and international law to move material containing
around the world. It’s not going to biotech traits across boundaries into nations where import is not permitted. Growers should talk
“Now we have really loud activists “I got back after that experience have ‘I think’ and ‘I believe’ state- to their grain handler or product purchaser to confirm their buying position for this product.
shouting out against the technology. and I got mad. Here is another movie ments. We’re going to show people Excellence Through Stewardship® is a registered trademark of Excellence Through Stewardship.
The public is uneducated, and it is coming out that is going to slam what is going on in agriculture
resulting in the politicians making modern agriculture and its scientific around the world.” ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW PESTICIDE LABEL DIRECTIONS. Roundup Ready® crops contain
panic policy, and they want to rip one practices. I just had enough.” genes that confer tolerance to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup® brand agricultural
of the most valuable tools out of our Saik said people are opposed to herbicides. Roundup® brand agricultural herbicides will kill crops that are not tolerant to
hands.” Saik called some friends, who each genetic modification because they glyphosate. Acceleron® seed treatment technology for canola contains the active ingredients
donated $10,000 to raise $80,000 for don’t understand that it is simply difenoconazole, metalaxyl (M and S isomers), fludioxonil, and thiamethoxam. Acceleron® seed
Saik is so concerned about the anti- pre-production of a pro-GMO movie. another tool used to improve plant treatment technology for soybeans (fungicides only) is a combination of three separate individually
GMO lobby swaying decision makers breeding techniques. registered products, which together contain the active ingredients fluxapyroxad, pyraclostrobin
that he is making a movie to show the Another $55,000 was raised in early and metalaxyl. Acceleron® seed treatment technology for soybeans (fungicides and insecticide) is
technology’s virtues. December at Agri-Trend’s Farm “We have to teach people that a combination of four separate individually registered products, which together contain the active
Forum Event in Saskatoon. genetic engineering and GMO in ingredients fluxapyroxad, pyraclostrobin, metalaxyl and imidacloprid. Acceleron® seed treatment
He hired his movie-making son, particular is nothing more than a technology for corn (fungicides only) is a combination of three separate individually-registered
Nick, and is trying to raise $1 million Saik has set a deadline of Jan. 31 to progression of the breeding technol- products, which together contain the active ingredients metalaxyl, trifloxystrobin and ipconazole.
to make the movie, Know GMO. raise the rest of the money to fund the ogy,” he said. Acceleron® seed treatment technology for corn (fungicides and insecticide) is a combination
movie. of four separate individually-registered products, which together contain the active ingredients
The movie is aimed not at agricul- “Conventional breeding is really, metalaxyl, trifloxystrobin, ipconazole, and clothianidin. Acceleron® seed treatment technology
ture but at consumers, politicians Donations are funnelled through really good, but it just takes so long to for corn with Poncho®/VoTivo™ (fungicides, insecticide and nematicide) is a combination of
and decision makers, who are far the Farm and Food CareFoundation, get results.” five separate individually-registered products, which together contain the active ingredients
removed from farming and hear only which raises awareness of food and metalaxyl, trifloxystrobin, ipconazole, clothianidin and Bacillus firmus strain I-5821. Acceleron®,
an anti-GMO message. farming in Canada. Saik is asking farmers, retailers and Acceleron and Design®, DEKALB and Design®, DEKALB®, Genuity and Design®, Genuity®,
consumers to donate money to the RIB Complete and Design®, RIB Complete®, Roundup Ready 2 Technology and Design®,
“The movie is going to be global in Foundation board member Kim movieprojectthroughthefoundation. Roundup Ready 2 Yield®, Roundup Ready®, Roundup Transorb®, Roundup WeatherMAX®,
nature and looking at the memes that McConnellsaidconsumersandretail- Roundup®, SmartStax and Design®, SmartStax®, Transorb®, VT Double PRO® and VT Triple
attack GMO around the world,” he erswanttoknowmoreaboutfood,and “To get it accomplished, I need the PRO® are trademarks of Monsanto Technology LLC. Used under license. LibertyLink® and the
said. themoviewillhelpgivethemtheinfor- help of the farming community. I Water Droplet Design are trademarks of Bayer. Used under license. Herculex® is a registered
mation they seek. absolutely need the help of agricul- trademark of Dow AgroSciences LLC. Used under license. Poncho® and Votivo™ are trademarks
“The key here is to correct and ture. We need to have people donate.” of Bayer. Used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
counter some of the memes that are A recent meeting with Loblaws, the
out there.” largest food distribution company in He estimated that the movie will
Canada, identified animal welfare, require $500,000 to shoot and
Saik hopes the movie will be shown GMOtechnologyandneonicotinoids another $300,000 for postproduc-
at film festivals and schools and used as the three top concerns from con- tion editing.
by politicians and the food industry sumers.
to gain an understanding of the “We have no intention of making
“This whole GMO thing is being this movie a cheap movie,” he said.



China-Aussie deal
seen as threat
to barley exports

China is Canada’s third largest export market
for barley, but a recent trade deal may put
it at a disadvantage


Australia 6,262
The recently announced China- Canada 1,714
Australia free trade agreement puts European Union 4,926
Canadian barley at a disadvantage in Russia 2,700
one of the world’s most promising Ukraine 3,827
markets, says the Barley Council of
Canada. (thousand tonnes)

The trade deal, which was Source: USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service
announced in November, removes
A worker guides traffic past a slow moving crane as it travels up a hill from a construction site to the Sagitawa tariffs on an array of agricultural industry in the malt side of it, in that
Lookout near Peace River, Alta. | RANDY VANDERVEEN PHOTO products entering China, including they have a growing population with
meat, live animals and wine. an expanding demand for malt bar-
Evraz Place is operated by The Regina Exhibition Association Limited, an organization dedicated to the ley consumption or beer consump-
stewardship, development and management of Saskatchewan’s foremost event property and facilities. Tariffs won’t be eliminated for sev- tion,” said Otto.
eral years on most of these products,
The Regina Exhibition Association Limited but a three percent tariff on Austra- “As in every other aspect in agricul-
is currently recruiting lian barley imports is removed ture right now, it’s a growing econo-
immediately, along with a two per- my that’s starting to realize their
Volunteer Committee Members for the cent tariff on sorghum. middle class in China is starting to
2015 Canada’s Farm Progress Show. demand more.”
Grain Growers, an Australia pro-
We are a volunteer organization lead by a competency based Board. Relying on a contemporary ducers’ association, pegs the value of The USDA identifies Canada and
governance model the Board provides policy and strategic direction for the organization those two tariffs at more than $19 Australia as China’s two main malt
while providing oversight to a professional, high performance administration. million using 2013 trade data. suppliers and expects malting bar-
ley acres to increase in Australia
We are seeking experienced, energetic individuals to serve on the organizing committee that Brian Otto, Barley Council of Cana- and decline in Canada. Canadian
contributes to the ongoing success of Canada’s Largest Farm Progress Show. da chair, said removing the Austra- production fell to 5.88 million acres
lian barley tariff puts Canadian this year, according to Statistics
We would like to hear from you if your skillsets include one or more of the following: product at a $10 per tonne disadvan- Canada.
Strong Business Acumen Experience and/or interest in the following: “Canada has the highest quality
Corporate Leadership “It’s not the first time that we’ve had and is recognized for having the
• Agriculture Industry • International Trade and to compete against a tariff that highest quality barley in the world,
doesn’t work to our benefit,” said and we will certainly have a fit in the
• Agriculture Innovations, Business Otto. Chinese market,” said Otto, who met
with Chinese maltsters earlier this
• Farming Practices and trends • Agriculture Business and “There are ways to do it. There’s year.
huge opportunities in the feed, malt
Communications and food barley initiatives, and cer- He said Canadian exports are
tainly we will be pursuing them.” going into China’s premium beer
For more information contact Ken Taylor @ 306-537-8478 by Friday, January 9, 2015. market.
China is Canada’s third largest
Our organization has proudly served the Regina marketplace for over a century. We host annual major international export market for barley after the “There’s a bit of challenge when it
events such as Canada’s Farm Progress Show and Canadian Western Agribition, along with major regional events United States and Japan, but Cana- comes to transportation, but I think
dian exports are dwarfed by several more than anything what we’re look-
such as the Queen City Exhibition, Mosaic Stadium concerts and Brandt Centre concerts, Paul McCartney, other countries, including Austra- ing at now is there will be increased
JUNO Awards, 101 Grey Cup Festival, as well as being the home of the Regina Pats. lia, which is the world’s largest demand from China for Canadian
exporter. barley.We heardthat loudandclear,” he said.
“It’s a huge market for us to take
advantage of when we’re shipping “Even though the Australians have
malt barley overseas,” Otto said. their trade agreement … and it pres-
ents challenges to us, the message we
“I think what we have to realize received was they do want to use
right now is that it’s all going to come more Canadian barley in their malt-
down to the ability of our govern- ing process.”
ment to establish a bilateral trade
agreement with China.” Statistics Canada is forecasting a
16 percent drop in barley exports
Several major business deals were for 2014-15, partly because of
brokered across a multitude of sec- smaller acres and reduced malting
tors in November during prime min- barley supply caused by quality
ister Stephen Harper’s visit to China, problems.
including a large, multi-year agree-
ment for canola oil. Challenging weather during har-
vest affected malt quality, and Statis-
As well, a recent reciprocal curren- tics Canada suggests that Canada
cy agreement between the two coun- and the United States may import
tries is seen as encouraging trade, but higher than normal amounts of malt-
full-fledged talks remain on the hori- ing barley.
Otto said that could encourage
Demand for barley is growing in more producers to consider the crop
China, according to the U.S. Depart- next year.
ment of Agriculture. Consumption is
expected to increase to 6.1 million “There are offers out there for new
tonnes in 2014 from 3.8 million crop barley already,” he said.
tonnes in 2011, and most of that will
be filled by imports. “They need the barley in August,
September. They are already putting
The USDA also expects significant feelers out there.”
long-term growth in China, which is
already the largest importer of malt- dan [email protected]
ing barley.

“China is definitely the growth



A Saskatchewan couple has invested time and
money in retirement to continue the breeding
work for Appaloosas, once widely used by the
Nez Perce First Nation. | Page 22

FARM LIVING EDITOR: KAREN MORRISON | Ph: 306-665-3585 F: 306-934-2401 | E-MAIL: [email protected]


When thieves come calling …

Take the keys out of all vehicles and install surveillance cameras, advises RCMP

BY WILLIAM DEKAY truck came straight for them at a high It’s just a dangerous thing to tachment has had 385 complaints of and alarms in yard sites and out-
speed. He said it swerved away at the confront people who are in the stolen vehicles, trailers, ATVs and buildings as well as visual recording
SASKATOON NEWSROOM last second. The shocked couple was act of trying to steal from you. snowmobiles since January 2012. technology.
able to call 911. Police have recovered 291 vehicles
Kirk DeSchryver knows what not to SGT. CARL DINSDALE since then, although not all the prop- “The old saying, ‘a picture is worth a
do if thieves enter his farm again. DeSchryver said it was a stroke of BATTLEFORD RCMP erty was originally stolen from the thousand words,’ well, that’s the
luck he was wearing his steel toe and area. truth, and if we can get more infor-
“In hindsight, I probably wouldn’t shank work boots. “A fifth vehicle was ran dry of gas mation via game cameras, trail cam-
get out there as involved as I was,” and then shot using a stolen rifle “They are going across the Sask- eras or video surveillance, that really
said the farmer from Denzil, Sask. “If I had just had runners on, it from another vehicle,” he said. atchewan-Alberta border. Based on helps out,” said Dinsdale.
would have probably been a different our recoveries, we know they’re
“There are a thousand things you story,” he said. Dinsdale said it’s not uncommon stealing vehicles in Alberta as well,” Many of the stolen vehicles are
think in hindsight what you might for people in rural areas to have a he said. being recovered on Crown land in
have done. I’m not sure what the A recent police report urges the (legal) firearm in their vehicle at this various states of plunder: stripped of
right thing is.” public to not make any attempts to time of year. “The suspects are from different tires, suspension and drive trains.
confront or stop thieves and risk widespread areas that all seem to be
DeSchryver and his wife had just harm to themselves. The report “We had a couple of occasions participating in a similar type of “They’re tipped on their sides.
gone to bed one night in November directs owners to call 911 immedi- where vehicles have been stolen with crime with a similar type of MO Some are stripped just of their tires
around 10 when they heard the ately and try to gather as much detail these firearms in them, and now we (modus operandi). and some right down to the frame
sound of vehicles in their farmyard. as possible on vehicle and suspect have that concern,” he said. and body,” he said.
descriptions and their direction of “(They’re) travelling grid roads
At first they thought friends had travel. “The risk and danger that creates is and rural properties. It’s dark and Dinsdale suspects the thieves are
stopped by but soon discovered a big concern for us.” away from potential witnesses, for reselling these parts either through a
three trucks had backed up to their “It’s just a dangerous thing to con- the most part.… They’re entering centralized point for redistribution
Quonset and the lights were on front people who are in the act of try- He said a string of vehicle thefts has these properties looking for some- or individually or on internet sites
inside. ing to steal from you,” said sgt. Carl targeted rural properties, including thing they can get their hands on such as Kijiji. Engines, transmissions
Dinsdale of the Battleford RCMP farmyards. Thefts mainly involve quick and leave. They could be and differentials could have signifi-
An all-terrain vehicle was already rural detachment in Saskatchewan. pick-up trucks, many of which are doing dozens of these properties in cant value.
running and thieves were in the pro- new three-quarter and one-ton a night.”
cess of stealing other things from the “That may go against some base trucks, including diesel and four by “If people are seeing these types of
implement shop. instincts of a lot of people, but we fours. These kind of robberies spike dur- parts for sale or the too-good-to-be-
would hate to see tragedy result in ing warmer months, but this time of true price on parts, it might twig
DeSchryver yelled at the perpetra- someone confronting someone who Dinsdale said in his report that year also presents many opportuni- something in them to say, ‘wait a
tors as he pulled on his work boots is trying to steal their property.… Life vehicles worth more than $2 million ties because vehicles are left running minute, where did this part origi-
and then ran toward the trucks and or their health is certainly not worth have been stolen in the Battlefords, or with the keys in the ignition. nate?’ ” he said.
five thieves, who he said were scram- it.” Biggar, Unity, Cut Knife, Maidstone,
bling to get out of the yard. Rosetown, Rosthern and Warman “Take your keys out of your vehicle. “If they suspect that someone is
Sgt. Grant Rusk of the RCMP de- detachment areas in almost three It’s as simple a message as I can tell selling stolen vehicle parts, then they
The first truck hit DeSchryver as it tachment in Unity, Sask., said four years. anyone,” said Rusk. can call their local detachment
stormed out of the driveway. The vehicles were stolen from three directly, or if they want to remain
impact spun him around and locations on that particular night, The Battlefords rural RCMP de- “A person needs to target-harden anonymous, they can notify crime
knocked him down. which involved numerous young everything they have. You need to stoppers to report suspicious sales or
offenders as well as adults. They make it harder to steal.” activities.”
The second truck wildly drove were not from the local community,
straight for him, driving over one of he added. The report also recommended [email protected]
his feet. installing motion detecting lights

His wife was outside by this point
and trying to help him up as the third



Readers share their favourite recipes from WP archives



Saved &


This past fall, we asked readers Evelyn Keyowski of Shellbrook, Sask., was the winner of our Saved and Savoured contest for
to share their favourite recipes the hot broccoli dip. It was initially printed in The Western Producer Dec. 6, 2012.
clipped from The Western
Producer. Many favourites were HOT BROCCOLI DIP
originally from other readers.
1 c. fresh broccoli 250 mL 1 c. cheddar cheese, 250 mL Preheat oven to 375 F naise and pepper.
From all of the letters received, we chopped (190 C). Finely chop broccoli, Mix well. Spoon the mix-
drew one letter for our winner. Evelyn 30 mL grated onion and red pepper.
Keyowski of Shellbrook, Sask., will 2 tbsp. onion, chopped 30 mL ture into a greased two cup
receive a revolving rack of spices, the 2 tbsp. red pepper, 1/2 c. fat-free sour 125 mL Grate parmesan cheese (500 mL) baking dish.
perfect accessory for home kitchens 60 mL and add two tablespoons (30
and chefs. chopped cream mL) to the vegetables. Bake 20 to 25 minutes.
1/4 c. fresh parmesan Sprinkle remaining parm-
Keyowski has received thenewspa- 1/2 c. mayonnaise 125 mL Add garlic, cheddar esan cheese over top and
per for many years and her favourite cheese cheese, sour cream, mayon- serve with corn chips.
section is the recipes. She has saved 1 clove garlic, pressed
many, including a favourite that she
returns to several times a year.

The hot broccoli dip, was originally
submitted by Carol Dunham of
Waldeck, Sask.

Keyowski said she usually has the
ingredients on hand and when in a
hurry, she can make it at home and
finish it at the party or bring it as a
snack for work.

Betty Ann Deobald is a home economist from
Rosetown, Sask., and a member of Team
Resources. Contact: [email protected]

dash black pepper

tortilla corn chips for


Muriel Eisnier of Humboldt, Sask., sent in a list of 13
WP recipes that are family favourites. This one for soft
molasses cookies was from an Emmie Oddie column

written March 7, 1968.


3 c. flour, sifted 750 mL 1/2 c. shortening 125 mL
1 egg, beaten
1/2 c. sugar 125 mL 250 mL
1 c. molasses 125 mL
2 tsp. soda 10 mL 1/2 c. boiling
15 mL
1 tsp. salt 5 mL water
1 tbsp. vinegar
1 tbsp. ginger 15 mL

1 tsp. cinnamon 5 mL

Sift flour, sugar, soda, salt, mixer or about 300 strokes by
ginger and cinnamon into mix- hand. Drop from teaspoon onto
ing bowl. Add shortening, egg greased baking sheet. Sprinkle
and molasses. with sugar if desired. Bake at
375 F (190 C) for 12 to 15 min-
Combine water and vinegar utes.
and add to flour mixture, stir to
combine ingredients, then beat Makes about seven dozen,
two minutes with an electric two inch cookies.


Marilyn Klinger of Moosomin, Sask., sent the following cranberry muffin
recipe that appeared in Jodie Mirosovsky’s column Jan. 13, 2005.


3 large eggs

2 c. sugar 500 mL

1 tsp. orange juice 5 mL

1 c. oil 250 mL

2 c. grated zucchini, 250 mL


1 can crushed, 398 mL

pineapple drained

3 c. flour 750 mL

1 tsp. baking powder 5 mL

2 tsp. baking soda 10 mL eggs, sugar, orange juice and oil, beat
until frothy or about six minutes. Stir
1 tsp. salt 5 mL in zucchini and pineapple.

2 tsp. cinnamon 10 mL Mix the dry ingredients, includ-
ing the cranberries. Add dry ingredi-
1 c. dried 250 mL ents to egg mixture and stir. Spoon
batter into muffin tins and bake for
cranberries 25 minutes.

Preheat oven to 350 F (180 C),
Line muffin tins with papers. Combine


Sausage party piggies proved to be a popular recipe. It ran in the Dec. 13, 2012, column and was submitted by readers 1HZ3$JDQG$70HPEHUV
Lynne Johnson of Wawota, Sask., and Faye Beatty of Leslie, Sask. Both try many of our column’s recipes, with Johnson
noting they’re usually easy and the ingredients are on hand. Jean Cheze of Meadow Lake, Sask., originally submitted this 7KHΖQVWLWXWHLVSURXGWRUHFRJQL]HWKRVHZKR
recipe. These little sausage rolls are nice served with a mustard dipping sauce. UHFHQWO\FRPSOHWHGWKHDUWLFOLQJSURJUDP

2 1/2 c. flour 624 mL foil. Cook in a 350 F (180 C) oven for rectangle shape. You may find it eas- 1HZ3URIHVVLRQDO$JURORJLVWV3$J
about 20 minutes or until no longer ier to roll half of the dough at a time.
4 tsp. baking powder 20 mL pink in the centre, cool. For sausages
or wieners that are smoked or ready to Place several sausages, end to
1/4 tsp. dry mustard 1 mL eat, pre-cooking is not required. end, the length of the dough. Roll the 9LFWRULD$QGHUVRQ3$J 0DWWKHZ%UDXQ3$J
dough over to just cover and cut the
1/2 tsp. sage 2 mL Combine the flour, baking powder, dough, seal the edges and then cut the %D\HU&URS6FLHQFH 1DWXUH&RQVHUYDQF\RI&DQDGD
mustard and sage. Cut in the shorten- rolled sausages into one inch (2 cm)
1/4 c. shortening 60 mL ing until small pea-sized lumps. With pieces. Place on a baking sheet. .LSOLQJ6. 2VOHU6.
a fork, stir in the milk. Turn onto a
1 c. milk 250 mL floured counter and roll the dough to Continue with remaining sausages.
1/8 inch (0.25 cm) thickness and in a Bake at 400 F (200C) until dough is
24 – 30 pork sausages or farmer golden in colour, about 20 minutes.

sausage or wieners 7RGG*DOODLV3$J (ULQ0DWORFN3$J

Cook the raw sausages by placing %HVW&RRNLQJ3XOVHV $JUDFLW\&URS 1XWULWLRQ
on a cookie sheet and covering with




Starla Denny of Turtleford, Sask., wrote that a best-loved WP recipe is the taco seasoning mix. The 6WDFH\6DJRQ3$J $OLVRQ6DZND3$J
recipe was published Jan. 12, 2006, in a TEAM column written by Barbara Sanderson.
Denny uses the seasoning mix often and has shared it with many friends who are gluten intolerant. 
“Flavour is superb and can be premixed and packaged to take on camping trips or just to have in %LJJDU6. $JHQF\
the cupboard for last minute preparation,” she said. 


2 tsp. dried minced onion 10 mL 0LNH&KROLQ$7 0LFKHOOH.HFN$7


1 tsp. chili powder 5 mL 'LQVPRUH6. $VVLQLERLD6.

1/2 tsp. cornstarch 2 mL 5REHUW5HW]OH΍ $7

1/2 tsp. crushed red peppers 2 mL *ROGHU$VVRFLDWHV

1/2 tsp. garlic powder 2 mL 6DVNDWRRQ6.

1/4 tsp. oregano 1 mL

1/2 tsp. ground cumin 2 mL

small bowl or container and set aside.


1 pound ground beef 500 g

1/4 - 1/2 c. water 60-125 mL

lettuce, shredded

cheddar cheese, shredded

onion, chopped

tomatoes, chopped

soft or hard taco shells Bring to a boil and let simmer for 20-25 Serve on soft or hard taco shells
minutes. topped with your favourite vegetables
hot sauce, optional and sauce.
If mixture gets too thick before cook-
Brown ground beef and drain off fat. ing is complete, add a small amount of Source: Amanda Formaro, Family ZZZSURGXFHUFRP
Add water and dry seasoning mixture. water to thin.



Appaloosa breeders proud
of leopards, rare ghost winds

Couple helps preserve a genetic line dating back to to the mid-1800s

BY CHRISTALEE FROESE Messer owned a stallion called loosas. They built a state-of-the-art Joanne Greenwood feeds carrots to one of the 16 100 percent “leopard
Apache’s Kid Galahad (known as birthing barn with 24-hour monitors complex” horses on her farm. | CHRISTALEE FROESE PHOTOS
FREELANCE WRITER Galahad), which was renowned for at their Ghostwind Appaloosas farm
its “leopard complex” pattern featur- and proceeded to breed the purest to match. leopard stallion, Galahad. Between
ODESSA, Sask. — The deal was ing a spotted coat of black and white. form of Nez Perce horses possible. “According to legend, the ghost the three foundation stallions, six to
sealed with a handshake. eight colts are produced on the
The Greenwoods travelled to They became part of the Appaloosa wind was the war horse who could Odessa ranch annually. Galahad is
When Bill and Joanne Greenwood Messer’s ranch in Washington to pick Project, a worldwide initiative by go to battle and when it was over, an the most consistent producer of the
left the ranch of Washington Appa- up a young filly to begin their retire- American and Canadian research- eight-year-old kid could walk it prized and rare leopard-patterned
loosa breeder Gerry Messer and his ment project as novice Appaloosa ers, to investigate the nature of Appa- back into the herd. That’s the type foal, having thrown the spotted
son Kelly Messer in 2007, their future breeders. loosa genetics. of temperament they have and colouring 100 percent of the time
had been determined by one sincere Phantom’s temperament matches when bred to a variety of foundation
grasp. They were enchanted by Messer’s Testing confirmed that Galahad that to a T,” said Bill. Appaloosa mares.
commitment to keeping the Nez was a foundation or purebred Appa-
Messer was dying of cancer and he Perce Appaloosa line alive and after a loosa. It was also found to be mono- The Greenwoods have one other »CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE
had one wish: to keep the bloodline week at the ranch, they decided to zygous for the leopard gene, mean- ghost wind stallion, Apache Solar
of a particular family of Appaloosa follow in the Washington breeder’s ing his colts would be Appaloosa Dancer, in addition to their prized
horses alive. Messer had spent a life- footsteps. patterned or spotted 100 percent of
time preserving the genetic line that the time regardless of the mare’s
led directly back to the Nez Perce In 2010, they got a call that Mess- colouring.
tribe that lived in the U.S. Pacific er wanted to give the Greenwoods
Northwest region. his prized herd of rare Appaloosas, The Greenwoods have one of the
including foundation stallion largest foundation Appaloosa herds
Nez Perce people and their Appa- Galahad. in North America with 60 horses
loosas were systematically slaugh- expressing a variety of Appaloosa
tered by the American army in the “At that time, we made an agree- patterning from the spotted leopard
Nez Perce War. One of the tribe’s ment. It wasn’t a contract, but it was a to the nearly solid few spot and the
most famous leaders, Chief Joseph, handshake between friends that I prized ghost wind.
surrendered to the U.S. Calvary in would look after his horses and make
1877. By that time, most of the Nez sure that the breed didn’t disappear,” The ghost wind Appaloosa was a
Perce Appaloosa line, known for its said Bill. Nez Perce medicine horse, which
speed, endurance and unique colour- could be identified by three distinc-
ing, had been wiped out. Bill and his wife, Joanne, both tive black spots on the left side of its
retired educators who had grown up face. The Greenwood’s first stallion,
A handful of North American in Canada, subsequently bought a HMH Phantom Spirit, has ghost
breeders sought to keep the intelli- farm in Odessa, Sask., so they could wind patterning and a personality
gent and majestic line of horses alive. house their growing herd of Appa-



UNDER $35,000 UNDER $30,000




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2015 WRX STI 2015 WRX FORESTER CHOSEN #1 46 mpg
2014 IIHS









Introducing the latest in a long line of legendary road cars with serious race credentials. These new cars
feature a more refined styling that still manages to deliver a menacing message.



471 CIRCLE PLACE • 665-6898 OR 1-877-373-2662

MORE VEHICLES AT WWW.SUBARUOFSASKATOON.COM *MSRP does not include Freight, PDI,Taxes & Fees *See dealer for details



Confronting rude niece

Appaloosas come in a variety of patterns and colours, which include solid colours as well as spotted SPEAKING OF LIFE He may be hurt and disappointed
varieties in roan, blue, chestnut and black and white. when he is around your niece but that
JACKLIN ANDREWS, BA, MSW is nothing compared to the pain he
» CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE BILL GREENWOOD the ones who will take this on and would feel if he said something that
HORSE BREEDER continue the Nez Perce Appaloosa Q:This is breaking my heart. could cause a rift between him and
The Greenwoods retain a small breed into the future,” said Bill. Whenever I see my nine-year- her parents.
number of rare foundation colts to with prices ranging from hundreds old niece at any of our family gather-
enhance their breeding program. of dollars to thousands. Bill esti- While Bill and Joanne’s early horse ings, she is always rude to my dad. He That may be a risk he is not willing to
mated that Galahad, aged 22, is experience involved recreational never says anything but I can tell by take. I suspect that he would rather
The retired couple selects where worth about $150,000, but said he riding with Quarter horses, the looking at him that he is hurt. My dad keep the peace than say something
their colts will go, choosing people would never sell him because of the Appaloosa breed has become their has always been an up-front, straight that would distract from the love he
who will not only take care of their handshake with Gerry Messer. sole passion. shooter kind of a guy. I am not sure wants at this time in his life.
horses but will continue to breed why he is letting a nine-year-old kid
them as pure Appaloosas. “We want to pass the legacy on to “There’s just something about get the better of him. I would like to That leaves you as the family person
the younger passionate breeders, them that is truly majestic. They are say or do something but I fear that I likely to deal with your niece. You are
“It’s not a question of money for us, very smart and if we don’t take care would do more harm than good. Do not her parent and you should keep
it’s that the right horse has the right of them they will disappear because you have any suggestions for me? My that in mind.
home, which is exactly what Gerry they’ll be seen as a commodity dad is a kind and considerate man.
would have done,” said Bill. rather than what they are, which is He does not deserve what is going on. Her parents can reprimand her or
the backbone of what we have do what they will to encourage her to
The Greenwoods have had horses become in North America,” said A:Aging brings with it more than be more sensitive to her grandfather
go as far as Switzerland, Slovakia Joanne. a few shrinking muscles and but you can’t. All that you can do is
and throughout the United States tightening tendons. It can also bring give both your niece and her parents
changes to our personalities. some feedback on what you see
going on.
People who are aging often start to
react to stress differently. Even those When your niece has delivered a
who were known as straight shooters low blow, you can say, “I think that
when they were younger are more youarebeingrudetomy dadandIdo
inclined to avoid stress. not appreciate that.”

They sense that a reaction can be as You are simply giving both her and
difficult as what caused the stress in her parents information. What they
the first place and they try to skirt do with the information, whether or
around those consequences. not they encourage your niece to
apologize and be more considerate,
Put yourself in your dad’s position. is up to them.

Your job is to keep the information
flowing. Just don’t be afraid to let
your niece know how much better
you will feel if and when she starts to
treat your dad with more respect.

Jacklin Andrews is a family counsellor
from Saskatchewan. Contact: [email protected]


AG NOTES the Prelate Co-operative and as production line. The University of Lethbridge to dispel myths and answer questions
secretary-treasurer for the South Consumer demand for healthier also received $25,000, which about beef.
AGRICULTURAL REVIEW BOARD West Athletic Conference. will be administered under the
MEMBER REAPPOINTED snacks is on the rise. Canada’s food same structure. It will announce The first brochure, called Worried
ORGANIC SNACK GETS FUNDING processing sector had export sales of the inaugural recipient of the about hormones in beef? should be
Bruce La Rochelle has been re- more than $25.4 billion in 2013. undergraduate award in the fall. ready by the end of the year.
appointed to the Canada Agricultural Riverside Natural Foods in
Review. The appointment is for three Vaughan, Ont., is receiving a $782,000 SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED Graduate students at the U of A will It has a scientific background but
years. loan from the federal government’s also be able to apply for the wheat provides information in easy to read
Agrilnnovation program to help The Alberta Wheat Commission commission’s $10,000 scholarship in graphics and quick message bites.
The tribunal consists of mem- commercialize its organic snack food. has awarded two post-secondary future years.
bers appointed by the federal scholarships to students at the The brochure describes growth
government. The money will buy new equipment University of Alberta. LAMB ORGANIZATION HIRES promoting hormones and talks
to produce healthy organic bars and about how all plants, animals and
SASK. PC PARTY HIRES snacks. Breanne Tidemann, a doctoral Christa Winsnes is Alberta Lamb humans have naturally occurring
candidate in agronomy and weed Producers’ new executive director. hormones in their systems, such as
Stuart Esson is the Progressive The family owned company uses a science, has been awarded $10,000, estrogen.
Conservative Party of moulding and dehydration process and undergraduate student Kathryn Winsnes grew up on a farm and is
Saskatchewan’s new executive to create snack bars that will remain Wyering received a $1,000 award for now part of a family cattle operation. The plan is to create a full series of
director. whole without the use of sugar the crop science program. brochures about topics in the beef
binders. BROCHURES ALL ABOUT BEEF industry and how they affect the
Esson, a former teacher, has Tidemann is investigating harvest public.
served on Students Against Drinking It’s expected the process will weed seed control and evaluating its Karen Schmid, beef production
and Driving’s provincial board increase the demand for agricultural potential use in Western Canada. specialist at Alberta Beef Producers, The packages will be offered at
of directors and the provincial products such as oats, blueberries is working on a series of brochures trade shows and other events where
executive for the Saskatchewan and flax, in addition to adding 31 The undergraduate scholarship with the Beef Cattle Research Council producers talk with non-farming
Association of Computer Educators. full-time jobs on the company’s is part of the wheat commission’s consumers.
He has also served as chair of annual investment of $27,000 in the U
of A in the form of an endowment. Schmid also hopes other provincial
beef organizations join Alberta so
that they can share resources and
distribute them across the country.

Bragging JumpStart®
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and performance may vary from location to location and from year to year. This result may not be an indicator of results you may obtain as
local growing, soil and weather conditions may vary. Growers should evaluate data from multiple locations and years whenever possible.

**Calculation based on net sales of JumpStart from 1997–2014.

JumpStart® is a trademark of Novozymes Biologicals Limited. Used under license. Monsanto BioAg and Design™ is a trademark
of Monsanto Technology LLC, Monsanto Canada Inc, licensee. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
© 2014 Monsanto Canada Inc. 236-1 08.14



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We look forward to
serving you in 2015.

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cially 50, 570 Super and 20, running or Piapot Lions Club 16th Annual at Maple
M A RK YO UR CA L EN D A RS FO R CRO P not, equipment, brochures, manuals and Creek Armories, Maple Creek, SK., January
P RO D UCTIO N W EEK ’S O P EN IN G EV EN T memorabilia. We pick up at your farm. Jim 31, Saturday, 10:00 to 5:00 and Feb. 1,
Harkness, RR 4, Harriston, ON., N0G 1Z0, Sunday, 10:00 to 3:00. Call 306-558-4802.
Monday January 12, 2015 519-338-3946, fax: 519-338-2756.

DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION Show at the German Culture Center, teed repairs on mags and ignitors. Repairs. S ATUR DAY, 9:00 AM Mack Auction Co. to conduct their farm
January 9th, 10th and 11th 2015. Fri. 5 Parts. Sales. 204-326-6497. Box 21232, equipment auctions!! Book your 2015 auc-
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GET TH E L ATEST N EW S O N W IN TER C ER EAL S 306-237-4747, Saskatoon, SK. and $3500. 204-859-2508, Rossburn, MB. in G rea tPla in s In d u stria lPa rk in Weyburn, SK. 306-842-2641. Used car
R ESEAR C H , N EW V AR IETIES, R EGUL ATIO N S TELEPHO N E (306) 52 5- 9516 parts, light truck to semi-truck parts. We
1965 CESSNA 172F, 1966 Citabria-7ECA, WINTER PROJECTS: IH W4, IH WD6, IH buy scrap iron and non-ferrous metals.
AN D M UC H M O R E. 1974 Bellanca Super Viking 17-30A, 1976 H, JD AR, JD R, JD RC 70 dsl., JD 730 RC w w w .grea tpla in sa u ctio n WRECKING VOLVO TRUCKS: Misc. axles
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ALL WINTER WHEAT, FALL RYE Pawnee. Call for specs 204-324-7552, dsl., MH 55 dsl., Fordson Major, Caterpillar S ALES 1stS ATUR DAY O F EV ER Y M O N TH axles. 306-539-4642, Regina, SK.
AND WINTER TRITICALE Altona, MB. [email protected] RD4. 204-745-7445, Carman, MB.
GROWERS WELCOME. P.L. #91452 9 TRUCK BONEYARD INC. Specializing in
JD 2 CYLINDER Luc stat. motor, runs well, obsolete parts, all makes. Trucks bought
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1-866-472-4611 $350. 403-382-8518, Coaldale, AB. TRUCK PARTS: 1/2 to 3 ton. We ship
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tires, brakes, EGT, $59,500. 306-382-9024, tors’ Show and Sale. Antiques, farm toys,
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LYCOMING 0-320, 150/160 HP; or Brad 780-846-2977, Lloydminster.
0-290-D, 135 HP, 1100 SMOH. Lethbridge,

AB. 403-327-4582, 403-308-0062. WANTED: GERMAN SECOND World war

items- flags, uniforms, medals, knives,

what have you. 306-862-5475 Nipawin, SK

chures, tractor catalogs. 306-373-8012,
Saskatoon, SK.

1970 GRAVELY CUSTOM convertib le,
Model L202, 42” walk-behind brush, good
restorable condition, offers. Kindersley,
SK. 306-463-6540.



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1. Canadian who played Lisa on V 1. Canadian film starring James Woods and Deborah
AD TEXT (Please circle the words you would like to appear in BOLD print): 7. Penny and Ora’s son in The Yearling
8. Harry Anderson sitcom (2 words) Harry
_______________________________________________________________________________ 10. ___ Man 2. Film starring Pierce Brosnan (2 words) (with The)
11. Film starring John Malkovich and Gary Sinise (4 3. Elvis Presley film (4 words)
_______________________________________________________________________________ 4. Moving ___
words) 5. The Hunt for ___ October
_______________________________________________________________________________ 12. She starred in Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspec- 6. Actor Menjou
7. The eldest of the Walton children (2 words)
_______________________________________________________________________________ tor 9. She starred in The Beach
14. 13 ___ Madeleine 13. Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actress for In
_______________________________________________________________________________ 15. One of the Stella sisters of Nashville
17. Danish director Bornedal Old Chicago (2 words)
_______________________________________________________________________________ 18. Charlotte of the Facts of Life 16. Film starring Joshua Jackson and Paul Walker
You will be contacted when we receive your order to confirm ad placement, provide pricing and payment options. 19. He plays Thresh in The Hunger Games
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$5.85/printed line + $3/week online. Minimum of 3 printed lines. All packages are non-refundable. 25. ___ Ballou 21. He played professor Bedlam in My Super Ex-
Please see front page of classified section for frequency discounts and feature pricing. 27. One of Frank’s exes
29. Initials of the actor who played Charles Cheswick in Girlfriend
ADDITIONAL AD FEATURES AVAILABLE (ad cost plus features): 22. Captain Kirk’s log entry
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest 26. Ortiz or Gasteyer
R Western Producer confidential box number ($45 Canadian / $95 International) 30. She played Sutherland’s daughter in Fool’s Gold 28. Initials of the actor who starred in The Fast and the
R Photo Ad (Colour $39/week, Black & White $25/week) 31. ___ It Goes (2 words)
R Attention Getter (Colour $20/week, Black & White $15/week) 32. Paly who played an illegal immigrant and former Furious
R Priority Print Placement (20% of your ad text cost) 33. Return of the Jedi dancer
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MAIL TO: The Western Producer Advertising Department
Box 2500
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 2C4

FAX: 306-653-8750

1-800-667-7770 | |


VS TRUCK WORKS Inc. Parting out GM NEW WILSON SUPER B in stock, 3 tridem, Andres 2010 GMC 2500 HD, 4x4, Crewcab, short- AUTOSHIFT TRUCKS AVAILABLE: Boxed HEAVY SPEC: 2011 IHC ProStar daycab,
box, loaded, cloth, new tires, boxliner, tandems and tractor units. Contact David 515 HP, 18 spd, 46 rears, full lockups, dual
1/2 and 1 ton trucks. Call 403-972-3879, 2 hoppers, also 2 tandems; 2006 Doepker Trailer Sales And Rentals 240,000 kms all highway, really clean, 306-887-2094, 306-864-7055, Kinistino, wet kit, $64,900. 306-563-8765 Canora SK
$14,000 OBO. 306-238-7969, Goodsoil, SK. SK. DL #327784.
Alsask, SK. Super B; 2002 aluminum open-end Lode- Andres specializes in the sales,
service and rental of agricultural
ONE OF SASK’s largest inventory of used King Super B; 1997 Castleton Super B lead, 2009 CHEV SILVERADO 2500, crew, LTZ, SANDBLASTING AND PAINTING of heavy
heavy truck parts. 3 ton tandem diesel mo- 6.6L, $29,995. Greenlight Truck & Auto, trucks, trailers and equipment. Please call
tors and transmissions and differentials for totally refurbished. Ron Brown Imp. Saskatoon, SK. for details. Can-Am Truck Export Ltd.,
306-493-9393 DL#905231 DL#311430. 1-800-938-3323, Delisle, SK.

all makes! Can-Am Truck Export Ltd., CHEAP LODE-KING grain trailers, good
tarps and tires, holds about 1000 bushels.

WRECKING TRUCKS: All makes all Only two left. Buy for year end. Call and commercial trailers. 2007 FORD F150 Lariat 4x4, loaded, 5.4L,
models. Need parts? Call 306-821-0260 306-654-7772, Saskatoon, SK. W IL S O N G O O S EN EC K S
90,347 kms, red with black interior, Stk
or email: [email protected] 1995 GRAIN MASTER pup 18’ grain trailer, & C ATTL E L IN ER S
Wrecking Dodge, Chev, GMC, Ford and stiff pole, completely rebuilt, new cond., #SK-U0460, $26,495. 1-877-373-2662, LOOKING FOR: 1-2 tandem manure
others. Lots of 4x4 stuff, 1/2 ton - 3 ton, new paint, $18,500; 1996 Midland 24’, W IL S O N A L U M IN U M TA N D EM , DL #914077. trucks. Mid 1990’s to early 2000’s, must
buses etc. and some cars. We ship by bus, pup, stiff pole, completely rebuilt, new be in good cond., w/wo manure spreader.

mail, Loomis, Purolator. Lloydminster, SK. paint and brakes, like new, $20,500. Merv BERG’S GRAIN BODIES: Custom grain, Call 780-842-2909 or 780-842-7812.

SASKATOON TRUCK PARTS CENTRE 306-276-7518 or 306-767-2616 leave silage and gravel bodies. Berg’s Prep and CHECK OUT OUR inventory of quality used
Ltd. North Corman Industrial Park. message, Arborfield, SK. DL #906768. Paint for details, 204-325-567 Winkler, MB
highway tractors. For more details call
New and used parts available for 3 ton
highway tractors including custom built NEW 2015 NEVILLE tandem and tri-ax- CHECK OUT OUR inventory of quality used 204-685-2222 or view information at
tandem converters and wet kits. All truck les; Used 2010 Mauer tandem, $20,000. highway tractors. For more details call
makes/models bought and sold. Shop ser-
306-563-8765, Canora, SK. 204-685-2222 or view information at

vice available. Specializing in repair and 2010 MAUER 35’ TA, springride, roll tarp,

custom rebuilding for transmissions and new tires, exc. cond., SK. trailer, new safe- TR AN S CR AF T F L AT DECK S & 2007 F-350 CREW CAB, long box, V-10 au- CIM TRUCK BODIES, Grain, silage, gravel, 2008 F-250 , 5.4 auto, 2WD, 150,000 kms.,
differentials. Now offering driveshaft ty, $19,900. 306-563-8765, Canora, SK. D R O P D EC K S AVA IL A B L E to, 4x4, 150,000 kms, vg, $15,900. Cam- decks, service and installation. For factory heated utility body, vg, $9900. Cam-Don
repair and assembly from passenger Don Motors, 306-237-4212, Perdue, SK. direct pricing and options, call Humboldt, Motors Ltd., 306-237-4212, Perdue, SK.
vehicles to heavy trucks. For more info FOUR SETS 2014 AHV Lode-King Super Bs, Fina ncing Is Av a ila b le!C a ll Us Tod a y! SK., 306-682-2505 or
call 306-668-5675 or 1-877-362-9465. all aluminum, smooth sided, closed end, 2007 CHEV SILVERADO, 2500 HD, 6L, ext DL #914394 fresh safety, exc. cond., no-lift axles, air Callfor aquote- Wew illm atch cab, A/T/C, 4x4, new tires and windshield, WANTED: USED 20’ grain box, with or
ride, on-board weigh scales, alum. wheels, com petitor pricing spec for spec. 249,134 kms, $9995. 306-567-4790, Dav- without hoist. Phone 306-666-4513, Fox
WRECKING LATE MODEL TRUCKS: 1/2 round alum. fenders, all approx. 125,000 idson, SK. Valley, SK.
tons, 3/4 tons, 1 tons, 4x4’s, vans, SUV’s. kms, $94,000 each. New trailers arriving Lethb rid g e,AB
Also large selection of Cummins diesel daily. Swapping out our fleet. 1 -888-834 -859 2 2006 CHEV SILVERADO 1500, crew, LT 1990 MACK SUPERLINER daycab, 400 in-
motors, Chevs and Fords as well. Jasper 1-866-236-4028, Calgary, AB. Led u c,AB 5.3L, 132,000 kms., $21,995. Greenlight line six Mack engine, LWB, new 12x22.5
Auto Parts, Edmonton 1-800-294-4784, or 1 -888-9 55-36 36 Truck & Auto, Saskatoon, SK. DL#311430. tires, $9500. 306-960-3000, St. Louis, SK.
Calgary 1-800-294-0687. We ship any- DID YOU EXPERIENCE high green count Visito urw e bsite a t:
where. We have everything, almost. in Dekalb canola? For more info contact
Back-Track Investigations 1-866-882-4779 4X4’S IN STOCK. We take trades. Best fi-
nancial rates. Phone: Greenlight Truck &
2010 DAKOTA ALUMINUM tridem, 3 hop- 1998 DOEPKER TRIDEM detachable neck Auto, Saskatoon, SK. DL #311430.
per with side chutes, 24.5 newer rubber, trailer, 26’ working deck, fresh safety,
$36,500. 306-221-8155, Allan, SK. $25,500. 306-960-3000, St. Louis, SK.
CHECK OUT OUR inventory of quality used

highway tractors. For more details call

GRASSLAND TRAILERS, providing a full 204-685-2222 or view information at 1999 IHC 4900 300 HP, 10 spd., air ride, 22’ deck, fresh Sask safety, $21,900. Leas-
line of quality trailers and truck decks from ing or financing OAC. Cam-Don Motors
1980 IHC TANDEM grain truck, auto trans., Ltd., 306-237-4212, Perdue, SK.
W-W, Titan and Circle-D. Compare quality

2005 GRAND MARQUIS LS leather, loaded, and appreciate value. Glen 306-640-8034,
99,000 kms., $9900. Cam-Don Motors Assiniboia, SK. [email protected]

Ltd., 306-237-4212, Perdue, SK. 2015 NEW SIDUMP’R SDR 344-60 side $30,000. Call for details 306-398-7713, Cut 2004 MACK CH613 daycab, 217” WB, SFA, 2005 IH 4300, Allison auto, AC, cruise, w/
dump triple axle trailer, 44’ overall length, Knife, SK. [email protected] 12 front, 40 rears, air ride, double lockers, deck, low kms, exc. cond. Ron Brown Imp.
2007 MUSTANG, V6, std. trans., A/T/C, 38’ tub - 1/4” hardox, triple axle on 60” AC 460, 18 spd. Eaton, 8937 hrs, 351,000 306-493-9393 DL#916803
mag wheels, 2 sets of tires, 124,000 kms, spreads, scale, rear lift axle, 24.5 rubber 1998 IHC TANDEM grain truck, auto., elec- kms, wet kit 1 yr. old, 70,000 kms on new
exc. shape, $10,900 OBO; 2007 Pontiac on dual steel wheels, 2 spd. landing gear, tric tarp, air ride, good cond., $45,000. Call 11.22.5 rubber, 6000 kms on new safety. 2006 STERLING TRI-DRIVE spreader truck
Grand Prix, 4 dr. sedan, V6, auto., remote elec. Sidekick II tarp. 3 year tub warranty, for more details 306-398-7713, Cut Knife, Very nice low km daycab, $45,000 + GST. w/2007 roto-mix spreader box. 444,340
start, new: tires, exhaust, battery, steering $72,900. Available now! Call Jordan any- SK. [email protected] Larry 306-221-4563, Perdue, SK. kms, 4536 hrs., floater tires. Automatic
pump and steering rack. Lady driven, exc. time at 403-627-9300, Pincher Creek, AB. powered by Cat eng. Well maintained and
shape, 172,000 kms, $7950. Call Merv 2005 IH 4300, SA, Allison auto., AC, hyd. 2006 PETERBILT 379, Cummins ISX, looked after. Used to spread manure and
306-276-7518 or 306-767-2616 leave BEHNKE DROP DECK semi style and brakes, 16’ BH&T, low kms, 11x22.5 tires, 550 HP, heavy specs, 18 spd., full lockers, wood chips, $105,000. Please call Jeff at
message, Arborfield, SK. pintle hitch sprayer trailers. Air ride, exc. cond; 1981 Chev C70, 366, 5&2, 16’ black, 960,000 kms, new turbo, all new 403-371-6362, Brandt, AB.
tandem and tridems. Contact SK: BH&T, 27,000 kms. Ron Brown Imp. tires, exc. cond. with no oil leaks. 2010
YEAR END SALE at Desert Sales on all 306-398-8000; AB: 403-350-0336. 306-493-9393 DL#905231 LONESTAR daycab, Cummins ISX, heavy 2008 SUBARU TRIBECA Ltd. Premier, 3.6L
horse and stock trailers. We carry Wilson, 67,626 kms, Stk. #SK-U0898 $29,995. For
Sundowner and Maverick trailers. Call for END-DUMP TRAILER, 1996 Cobra, 36’ 2 2005 VOLVO, air ride, 20’ B&H, remote
pricing 1-888-641-4508, Bassano, AB. axle, plastic lined, tarp, $22,000; GRAIN control, Michel’s electric tarp, $48,000.
TRAILER, 2010 Maurer 38’ tandem, tarp, Imperial, SK. e-mail: [email protected]

SANDBLAST AND PAINT your grain trail- $21,000. Call 306-563-8765, Canora, SK. specs, 18 spd., full locks, wet kit, red, only more info. call 1-877-373-2662 or view at

ers, boxes, flatdecks and more. We use in- 130,000 kms, exc. cond. Trucks not winter DL #914077.
driven. Brent 306-629-7778, Herbert, SK.
dustrial undercoat and paint. Can zinc coat ALL TRAILERS COST LESS IN Davidson Kiefer Stock Horse Trailers
for added rust protection. Quality work- 1-800-213-8008 2014 SUBARU OUTBACK, low finance
Aluminum & Steel 2007 IHC 9200, ISX 475, 18 spd., heavy rates from 0.5% or $3000 cash discount,
manship guaranteed. Prairie Sandblasting CHECK OUT OUR inventory of quality used spec , full lockers, SK. safetied. starting from $28,495. 1-877-373-2662
and Painting, 306-744-7930, Saltcoats, SK. highway tractors. For more details call 3 0 6 - 2 7 0 - 6 3 9 9 , S a s k a t o o n , S K . DL #914077.
2009 DOEPKER SUPER B grain trailers, air 204-685-2222 or view information at

ride, good shape, good rubber, $60,000 2013 IH 5900I, 42” bunk, 13L, 46 diff., 2014 SUBARU XV Crosstek, $1000 cash
4-way lock, 18 spd., 370,000 kms, engine discount, starting at $24,995 (MSRP). For
OBO. Call 306-252-2227, Kenaston, SK. 2005 LODE-KING 53’ tandem stepdeck,

2013 PRESTIGE LODE-KING Super Bs, 11-22-5 tires, air ride, current safety, good warranty; 2009 9900i Int.; 2009 Freightlin- more info. call 1-877-373-2662 or view at
2006 INTERNATIONAL 9200 Eagle, Cum- er Cascadia, 515 Detroit, 46s, 3-way locks, DL #914077.
fresh safeties, exc. cond., no lift axles, air c o n d i t i o n , $ 1 6 , 9 9 5 O B O. C a l l N e i l

ride, on-board weigh scales, alum. wheels, 306-231-8300, Humboldt, SK. We Take Trades mins ISX 435 HP eng, Eaton UltraShift 900,000 kms; 2001, 2005 daycab T800s, JEEP DIESEL: 2006 Cherokee, 4x4,
trans., 12/40 axles, new 20’ Berg’s grain heavy specs, also 2 w/bunks; 378 and 379 130,000 kms, in above average cond.,
flat alum. fenders, $75,000 OBO. Call 50 TON RGN 10’ wide, new tires, brakes Give us a call, you’ll be glad you did! body w/remote chute and hoist, Michel’s Pete, two 2006s, Cat, 18 spd., 46 diff, $10,900. K&L Equipment 306-795-7779,
tarp, new MB safety, almost new tires. Call 4-way locks, all w/Roobar bumpers; 2006 306-537-2027, [email protected] Ituna,
1-866-236-4028, Calgary, AB. and floor, $16,500; Lode-King double drop, RPM Automotive for price, 204-325-5677, Winkler, MB. W900 Kenworth daycab, Cat, 18 spd; 2003
Sundre: 1-888-638-4525 Freightliner Classic, Cat, 18 spd., new rub- SK. DL#910885.
$10,500. Ph. 204-822-3797, Morden, MB. [email protected]

TOPGUN TRAILER SALES “For those who Automan Trailers 2007 FREIGHTLINER 120, 450 HP Mer- ber; 1999 9300 IH, dual stacks, dual
Prince Albert: 1-800-252-0840 cedes 10 spd., AutoShift, alum. wheels,
NORMS SANDBLASTING & PAINT, 40 demand the best.” PRECISION AND [email protected] breathers, 60 Detroit, 13 spd; 1996 T800 JUST ARRIVED! 2014 Forester, 46 MPG,
years body and paint experience. We do AGASSIZ TRAILERS (flatdecks, end A/T/C, 20’ BH&T, new paint, very nice, starting from $25,995 (MSRP). For more
Smyl RV: $63,500; 2006 Peterbilt, 475 HP, Detroit Kenworth, 475 Cat, 13 spd; 1996 CH Mack info. call 1-877-373-2662 or view at
metal and fiberglass repairs and integral to dumps, enclosed cargo). 1-855-255-0199, St. Paul: 1-800-522-4105 18 spd., A/T/C, alum. wheels, tanks, DL #914077.
[email protected] 427, 18 spd. Ron Brown Imp.
daycab conversions. Sandblasting and Moose Jaw, SK. 306-493-9393 DL#905231
paint to trailers, trucks and heavy equip. GOOD TRAILERS, REASONABLY priced. chrome bumper, like new tires, new paint, CHECK OUT OUR inventory of quality used SUV’S IN STOCK. Trades, best financial
Endura primers and topcoats. A one stop Tandem axle, gooseneck, 8-1/2x24’, Bea- 2 0 ’ B H & T, e x c . s h ap e , s h o w t r u c k ,
shop. Norm 306-272-4407, Foam Lake SK. vertail and ramps, 14,000 GVW, $6900; or $69,500; 2005 Freightliner 120, 500 HP, highway tractors. For more details call rates, biggest selection. Greenlight Truck

2012 DOEPKER SUPER B grain bulkers, triple axle, $7900. All trailers custom built Detroit, 18 spd., AutoShift, A/T/C, 4-way 204-685-2222 or view information at & Auto, Saskatoon, SK. DL#311430.
lockers, 14 fronts/46 rears, alum. wheels,
premium shape, 0 rust, $73,000 OBO c/w from 2000 to 20,000 lbs., DOT approved.
12 brand new tires. Call 306-874-7696, Call Dumonceau Trailers, 306-796-2006, TRAILERS, TRAILERS. Low beds, hi-boys, exc. tires, 20’ BH&T, alum. tanks and
flatdecks, drop decks, vans, grain, gravel stacks, show truck, $61,500; 2007 Mack
Quill Lake, SK. Central Butte, SK.

2008 LODE-KING PRESTIGE Super B, low- 53’ AND 48’ tridem and tandem stepdecks, trailers, detachable. 306-563-8765, Canora CH613, 460 Mack eng., 13 spd., AutoShift,
pro 24.5 tires 90%, half round SS fenders, with/without sprayer cradles; 53’, 48’ and ALUMINUM SUPER B’s and tri-axle tankers.
alum. slopes. Farm use only, very nice, 28’ tridem and tandem highboys, all steel MC306/406. Air and spring rides. Crude alum. wheels, new tires, A/T/C, new paint,
$58,000. 780-940-5039, Millet, AB. and combos. SUPER B HIGHBOYS, will fuel, asphalt or water. Ph 306-752-4909, 20’ BH&T, very nice, $67,500; 2007 Mack,
split; Tandem and S/A converter w/drop Melfort, SK.
EISSES GRAIN TRAILER Rental & Sales. hitch; B-train aluminum tankers, certified; 460 Mack eng., 12 speed, auto trans., al-
Super B grain trailers for rent by the day, 53’-28’ van trailers; B-train salvage trailers; WWW.TITANTRUCKSALES.COM to view
week or month. Contact 403-782-3333 or Ron Brown Imp. Call: 306-493-9393, information or call 204-685-2222 to check um. wheels, good tires, 20’ BH&T, rear
Henry at 403-350-8777, Lacombe, AB. DL#905231 controls, pintle plate, $67,500; 1990
Kenworth T600, 450 HP Detroit, 10 spd.,
tridem grain trailer, $53,000; 2015 Berg’s prices at: For more alum. front wheels, good tires, pulls good
GT238 tandem grain trailer $38,800; 2015 info call 306-222-2413, Saskatoon, SK.
Berg’s Super B $83,300. We Take Trades! with 1996 36’ Cancade 2 hopper grain
trailer- nice shape, $35,000; 1999 Mack
See our full line up at out our inventory of quality used highway
1-888-405-8457. tractors! CH613 tractor, 460 Mack power, 18 spd.

trans., flattop sleeper, 24.5 tires, in real

nice shape, safetied, $21,500. Trades ac-

cepted. Call Merv at 306-276-7518 or

PRECISION TRAILERS: Gooseneck and 306-767-2616 leave message, Arborfield, 2015 V o lvo Gra in Tru ck , D13 2011 Peterb u ilt38 6 IS X, 450 H.P.,
bumper hitch. You’ve seen the rest, now SK. DL #906768. 425 H.P., Au to m a ted I S hift, 20’ CIM 13 S PD, 12,000 F ro n tAxle, 46,000
Rea rAxle, New Drives , Alu m W heels ,
CHECK OUT OUR inventory of quality used own the best. Hoffart Services, Odessa, SK. CHECK OUT OUR inventory of quality used Bo x Ho is t& T a rp , Rem o te T a rp ,
highway tractors. For more details call 306-957-2033 Du a l AirHo is t, E lectric T a rp 794,000 K m s
highway tractors. For more details call
204-685-2222 or view information at 24’ GOOSENECK tridem 21,000 lbs, $7890; 204-685-2222 or view information at
Bumper pull tandem lowboy: 18’, 14,000

1989 TIMPTE, ALUM., air ride, 24.5 tires, lbs., $3975; 16’, 10,000 lbs., $3090; 16’, 2012 FORD F250, crew, XLT diesel, 6.7L
7000 lbs., $2650. Factory direct.
good shape, $17,500 OBO. 306-730-7871, 888-792-6283. 74,000 kms., $37,995. Greenlight Truck & (2) 2009 T-8 00 K en w o rths , IS X 455 2013 Hin o 338 , 260 H.P.,
Killaly, SK. [email protected] Auto, Saskatoon, SK. DL#311430. H.P., 18 S PD, 12,000 F ro n tAxle, Allis o n Au to m a tic, 12&21 Axles , 40,000 Rea rAxle, Bo th u n d er 65,000 K m s , 24’ Va n Bo d y w ith
2007 IHC 9400 Cummins power, 10 spd., 800,000 K m s Po w er, T a il Ga te....................$8 7,000
2012 DODGE RAM 3500, mega dually, 495,000 kms, new CIM BH&T, fresh Sask
longhorn, 6.7L, 93,300 kms., $53,995. safety, vg Western truck, $69,900. Cam- 2001 Freightlin erFL D, S -60, 19 9 5 IHC 8 100, M 11, 300 H.P.,
Greenlight Truck & Auto, Saskatoon, SK. 430 H.P., 18 S PD, 12,000 F ro n tAxle, 13 S PD, 12 & 40 Axles , 1.5 M K m s .
DL#311430. 40,000 Rea rAxle. As kin g......$16 ,000 As kin g..................................$10,000

Don Motors, 306-237-4212, Perdue, SK. 2003 GM C C7500, CAT , 210 H.P., 2008 IHC 9 9 00I, IS X, 525 H.P. 18

2012 CHEV SILVERADO 2500 LT, loaded, 2007 PETERBILT 386 and 2006 Freigh- 6 S PD, 11,000 F ro n tAxle, 21,000 S PD, 12 & 46 Axles , F u ll L o ckers , New
diesel, many to choose from. Greenlight tliners w/Eaton AutoShifts, new grain box- Rea rAxle, 24’ Va n , Bo d y w ith p o w er T u rb o , Clea n DPF , M o o s e Bu m p er,
Truck & Auto, Saskatoon, SK. DL#311430. es, SK. safeties. 306-270-6399, Saskatoon, ta il ga te, 320,000 K m s . New T ires , 950,000 K m s SK. As kin g..................................$17,000
2000 V o lvo 6 70, S -60, 430 H.P.,
2008 FREIGHTLINER COLUMBIA, 460 De- 19 9 9 M ACK CH6 13, 350 H.P., 10 13 S PD, 12,000 F ro n tAxle, 40,000

BERGEN 2011 NISSAN TITAN, Crew, SV, 85,000 troit, 13 speed automatic, new 20’ B&H, S PD, 12,000 F ro n tAxle, 40,000 Rea r Rea rAxle. As kin g..................$16 ,000
kms., 5.6L, $22,995. Greenlight Truck & remote control, Michel’s elec. tarp, air ride, Axle, 809,000 K m s
306-363-2131 A/T/C, $82,500. 306-963-7691, Imperial,
Auto, Saskatoon, SK. DL#311430. Old erM o d el Tra cto rs Ra n gin g fro m 19 9 4-2001 SK. E-mail: [email protected] S leepers a n d Da y Ca b s - Ca ll fo rDeta ils .

2011 FORD F350, crew, Lariat, 6.7L, ALLISON AUTOMATICS. New arrival: Plea s e vis ito u rw eb s ite a t: w w w .s terlin gtru ck a n d tra
128,000 kms., $37,995. Greenlight Truck & 2004 M2 Freightliner, C7 Cat Allison, C&C,
Auto, Saskatoon, SK. DL #311430. $39,900, w/B&H $59,900. 2004 IHC 7400 DT 530, w/new 20’ box, fresh engine,
$69,900; 2001 IHC 4900 tandem, DT 466,

2011 FORD F150, Crew XLT, 3.5 EcoBoost long WB, C&C, low miles, $19,900. K&L Regin a , S K 1-8 00-6 6 7-046 6
S a s k a to o n , S K 1-8 8 8 -242-79 8 8
WWW.BERGENINDUSTRIES.COM 126,000 kms., $24,995. Greenlight Truck & Equipment 306-795-7779, 306-537-2027

Auto, Saskatoon, SK. DL#311430. Ituna, SK. Email: [email protected] DL#910885.


CHECK OUT OUR inventory of quality used CAN-AM TRUCK EXPORT LTD., Delisle, SK, HUGE ASSORTMENT OF windows to clear
highway tractors. For more details call 1-800-938-3323. 1998 KW T600, N14, 13 out! Example - vertical slider insert, was
204-685-2222 or view information at spd., 40 rears, sleeper, SK. truck, $18,000; $399. Now $150. Wetaskiwin Co-op, AB. 2004 IHC 4300, DT 466, auto, w/16’ grain Craig 780-361-6178. PARTING 20 GRADERS. John Deere 772 ATTACHMENTS PARTS COMPONENTS

unit, very nice, $38,000; 2002 IHC 4300, A/B; Fiat-Allis 100-DD; Cat 112, 120, 12E, for construction equipment. Attachments
DT 466, 6 spd., hyd. brakes, w/26’ steel
M ED IUM TR UCK S 8T, 140; Champion 562, 600, 720, 930, for dozers, excavators and wheel loaders.
deck, $19,000; 6” water pump, diesel, on 740, 760. Some new parts in stock. Central Used, Re-built, Surplus, and New equip-

trailer, $3500; 1998 CH Mack, 427, 18 CONTINUOUS METAL ROOFING, no ex- Canada’s largest wreckers of construction ment parts and major components. Call

spd., 40 rears, w/20’ deck and crane, posed screws to leak or metal overlaps. equipment with two yards over 50 acres. Western Heavy Equipment 306-981-3475,

873,000 kms, Sask. truck, very nice, Ideal for lower slope roofs, rinks, church- W e h a v e w h a t y o u n e e d . C a l l Prince Albert, SK.

204-667-2867 or fax 204-667-2932. Locat- TOYOTA FORKLIFT, 8000 lb., propane,

$30,000; 2001 Western Star 4964 tridem es, pig barns, commercial, arch rib build- ed at 494 Panet Road, Winnipeg, MB.

NEW 201 5 GM 3500 R EG. CAB 4 W D , gravel truck, C15 Cat, 18 spd., 69,000 lb. ing and residential roofing; also available MEAT SLICERS - Refurbished - Berkel and OVER 500 NEW and used buckets, snow showing 4200 hrs., good cond., $16,500.
C& C,6.0L,V 8 au to ,d u alre arw he e ls , rears, w/6-way lock, 19’ box, $65,000; in Snap Lock. 306-435-8008, Wapella, SK. Bizerba - With Warranty. Call for Quote: 1- buckets for loaders, skidsteers, buckets for Can email pics. 306-445-2111, North Bat-
2003 Pete 379, C15, 18 spd., 46 rears, 888-477-7701. large front end loaders, buckets for back- tleford, SK. email: [email protected]
A/C/T,PL,w hite . 4-way locks, $37,000; 1987 KW900, 350, STEEL BUILDINGS, Factory year end write hoes and attachments of all sizes. Dozer
13 spd., 40 rears, 20’ deck and Hiab 260 off to lower pricing. Call for deal. Can FARM CHEMICAL/ SEED COMPLAINTS blades for snow and several snowblowers, 1985 CHAMPION 740A Articulated grader,
M RSP $4 8,670............Sa le Price $4 2,9 9 5 crane, $28,000; 2001 FL80, 3126 Cat Alli- erect. 1-800-964-8335. We also specialize in: Crop insurance ap- small and large. 5 gas and diesel trucks Cummins turbo diesel, full cab, powershift
  son auto, w/new 15’ gravel unit, $42,000; peals; Spray drift; Residual herbicide; Cus- with blowers and blades attached. Acres trans, 13’6” moldboard, front mount hyd.
1974 Kenworth water truck, 555 Cummins, ALBERTA TILE DRAINAGE Business tom operator issues; Equip. malfunction. and acres of salvage. Central Canada’s ripper, brand new 14.00-24 tires, excellent
2 M O R E 201 5 GM C AND CHEV 3500 auto, tandem, 3000 gal. alum. tank, Opportunity. Interest and adoption of tile Call Back-Track Investigations for assis- largest wreckers of construction equip- shape, $35,000. Call Jordan anytime at
HD 4 X 4 , 1 To n ,C& C,Du ram ax Die s e l $15,000; Tandem dolly converter, $5,500; drainage is rapidly growing in Alberta. This tance and compensation 1-866-882-4779. ment with two yards, over 50 acres. We 403-627-9300, Pincher Creek, AB.
Allis o n Au to ,A/C/T,PL,w hite . Sto ck #F1 259 1986 JLG 80HX boom lift, $14,000; 1998 opportunity includes equipment, training, have what you need. Call: 204-667-2867
IHC 4700, DT 466, auto, w/20’ deck, customer base, and expertise from FARMTOOL - Farm Accounting Software, or fax 204-667-2932. Located at 494 Panet FORD F700 DSL w/deck, mounted Sullair
M SRP $59,375............Sa le Price $52,9 9 5 $16,500; 2005 GMC W4500 diesel, auto, Canada's leading provider of water manage- Farmtool Companion - field, service and Road, Winnipeg, MB. compressor and side mounted GD drill, all
  cube van with power lift gate, hyd. brakes, ment services for agriculture. Franchise or inventory records for Windows 7 and 8. in working order; Two Garden Denver 375
$12,000; Two sander units, $2000-$3000; completely independent opportunities Integrated help. Automatic back-ups, print MACKIE EQUIPMENT LTD. New, used and 450 compressors. All units in working
201 4 CHEV & GM C 1 500 2 W D Gensets available. Financing available, considered. High earning potential. Taber, or export data from any screen. Wil-Tech and surplus parts including attachments. order. Large stock of diesel motor parts.
R EG. CAB-6 IN STO CK ! OAC. DL#910420 AB. 204-325-2929, [email protected] Software Ltd., Ph/fax 306-679-2299, e- Using our Worldwide locating system, let For more info or photos ph. 204-667-2867
DO YOU HAVE an empty barn and want mail: [email protected] Box 88, Burstall, us help you locate Caterpillar, various oth- fax: 204-667-2932, Winnipeg, MB.
4 .3LV 6,Re m o te En try,A/C/T,Su m m itW hite COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL MFG. for to raise ducks? 4$/dozen fertilized duck SK., S0N 0H0. ers and even hard to find parts. Contact us
grain box packages, decks, gravel boxes, eggs. Call 780-450-6103, Edmonton, AB. today at 306-352-3070, Regina, SK. or visit RECLAMATION CONTRACTORS: Bigham
w ith Eb o n y Clo th. Paym e n ts Startin g at HD combination grain and silage boxes, ECONO LODGE, 48 rooms, Innisfail, AB., our website at: 3 and 4 leg mechanical trip 3 pt. hitch
pup trailers, frame alterations, custom Paratills in stock; parts for Bigham and Tye
$1 34 Bi-W e e kly. Sto ck #E1 331 . paint, complete service. CAT HYDRAULIC PULL SCRAPERS: Paratills. Call Kellough’s: 1-888-500-2646.
For pricing ph 306-682-2505 Humboldt SK 463, 435, 80 and 70, all very good cond.,
M SRP $28,500............Sa le Price $22,4 00 new conversion. Also new and used scrap- CAT 2007 966H loader, 4.75 yard bucket,
  HANDICAPPED? 2006 DODGE Caravan, er tires. Can deliver. 204-793-0098, Stony weigh scale, 5700 hrs. Phone Bruce
with Medi-Chair on passenger side, excep- Mountain, MB. 403-837-2343, Calgary, AB.
201 4 CHEV & GM C 1 500 4 X 4 R EG CAB.
2 IN STO CK 2004 CASE 1850, only 2600 hrs., as new HYDRAULIC SCRAPERS: LEVER 60, 70,
c o n d . , L G P, s t r a i g h t d o z e r w / t i l t . 80, and 435, 4 to 20 yd. available, rebuilt
4 .3LV 6,Re m o te En try,A/C/T,Traile rPkg . 780-983-0936, Westlock, AB. for years of trouble-free service. Lever

Silve rIce M e tallic w ith Je tBlack Clo th tionally clean interior, $5500. Call: $4,200,000; Imperial Hunter Hotel, Bassa- EXCELLENT SELECTION Used skidsteers, Holdings Inc., 306-682-3332, Muenster SK

Paym e n ts Startin g at$1 64 Bi-W e e kly. 306-563-8765, Canora, SK. no, AB.; Double D Motel, 18 rooms, Nan-

Sto ck #E1 74 6.

M RSP $34 ,670............Sa le Price $28,51 0 ton, AB.; Lamplighter Inn, Three Hills, AB. track loaders, forklifts, zoom booms, mini CLIFF’S USED CRAWLER PARTS. Some
  Call Bruce McIntosh, Re/Max Landan, excavators. Visit website o l d e r C at s , I H a n d A l l i s C h a l m e r s .

201 5 CH EV & GM C 2500 403-256-3888, Calgary, AB. LOWDERMILK TRANSPORT IS providing for details, specs and prices. Glenmor, 780-755-2295, Edgerton, AB.
CR EW CAB 4 X 4 - 3 0 IN STO CK one call service for all Equipment/Hay phone 1-888-708-3739, Prince Albert, SK.
LIQUOR STORE FOR SALE: Thriving busi- hauling. Very experienced, multiple trucks CASE 125B DELIMBER, good working or-
  ness in a small town of central AB. Com- CASE 1845 SKIDSTEER, dsl., hand con- der; IH 3964 Feller Bungler; 2- new Pem-
201 5 CHEV SILV ER AD O puter system, security cameras, plus other serving AB., SK., and MB. 780-872-0107, trols, canopy encl., no cab, nice cond., berton tree shears to fit Cat 320 and Cat

2500 CR EW CAB security system etc. For more info. call 306-252-1001, Kenaston, SK. $8500. 306-940-6835, Prince Albert, SK. 300; Sawmill all steel 48” blade, 50’ long;

6.0LV 8,Traile rin g Eq u ipm e n t,1 8” W he e ls , WILL DO STYROBLOCK cocoon harvesting. 780-879-0003 or [email protected] 2005 HITACHI ZX230 LC hyd. excavator, 450 Timberjack Grapple skidder; Clark 668
Su m m itW hite w ith Eb o n y Clo th Wanted: Plastic Leafcutter shelters. Phone 4943 hrs., QA bucket w/hyd. thumb, 12’ Skidder, Cat 966C Hi-Lift w/pulp clam.
Maurice Wildeman, 306-365-4395 or stick, AC. 587-991-6605, Edmonton, AB. Parting out several skidders. Acres and
M SRP $53,1 80............Sa le Price $4 5,1 7 0 306-365-7802, Lanigan, SK. acres of salvage. 2 yards over 50 acres.
Cambrian Equipment Sales Ltd., Winnipeg,
201 5 GM C SIER R A 2500 CR EW CAB MB. Ph: 204-667-2867, fax: 204-667-2932.
6.6LV 8 Du ram ax Die s e l,Lo ad e d Z71

Bro n ze Allo y,M e tallic w ith Je tBlack NEED A LOAN? Own farmland? Bank says ROME PLOW AND KELLO DISC blades
no? If yes to above three, call and bearings; 24” to 36” notched disc
M SRP $70,265............Sa le Price $6 0,1 07 1-866-405-1228, Calgary, AB. blades. 1-888-500-2646, Red Deer, AB.

201 5 CH EV & GM C 3 500 “ BIG MERIDIAN 4600L AG double wall fuel FARM/CORPORATE PROJECTS. Call A.L. EQUIPMENT HAULING. Serving Western 2007 JD 624J wheel loader, 3.5 yd. QA SKIDSTEER ATTACHMENTS: rock buckets,
D UAL L Y” - 1 M O R E IN STO CK tank, ULC approved, powder coated, Management Group for all your borrowing Canada and Northwest USA. Call Harvey at bucket included, ride control, approx. dirt buckets, grapples and more top
$2995. Delivery available. Wetaskiwin Co- and lease requirements. 306-790-2020, 1-877-824-3010 or cell 403-795-1872. 18,386 hrs., solid loader, exc. working quality. Also have truck decks in stock.
  op, AB. John 780-352-9155. Regina, SK. Vandenberg Hay Farms Ltd., Nobleford AB. cond., $81,000. Can deliver Call anytime, Quality Welding and Sales 306-731-3009
201 5 GM C SIER R A 3500 D U AL LY SLT Email: [email protected] 204-743-2324, Cypress River, MB. or 306-731-8195, Craven, SK.
MERIDIAN’S NEW 10,000L 70/30 split DEBTS, BILLS AND charge accounts too
Du ram ax Die s e l,Lo ad e d ,N avig atio n , double wall fuel tank ULC approved, pow- high? Need to resolve prior to spring? Call HYDRAULIC PULL SCRAPERS 10 to 25
der coated, $2995. Delivery available. We- us to develop a professional mediation yds., exc. cond.; Loader and scraper tires,
He ate d & Co o le d Se ats ,HD Traile rin g plan, resolution plan or restructuring plan. custom conversions available. Looking for
taskiwin Co-op, AB. John 780-352-9155.
Pkg ,Bro n ze Allo y M e tallic w ith Co co a Call toll free 1-888-577-2020. LARRY HIEBERT TRUCKING: equipment 2006 TRACKHOE 330, low hours, $55,000. Cat cable scrapers. Quick Drain Sales Ltd.,

Du n e Le athe r. Sto ck #:F1 090 hauling, farm machinery. Serving western Call 780-983-0936, Westlock, AB. 306-231-7318, 306-682-4520 Muenster SK

M SRP $75,900............Sa le Price $6 5,1 9 3

201 5 K ENW O R TH T370 TAND EM

350 HP PaccarPX -8 (Cu m m in s )6 s pd RE-INTRODUCING Canada. 780-720-4304, Willingdon, AB. Terrafirma Equipment Sales & Rentals
Allis o n Au to ,Lo ad e d ,CIM 20’x65” TRADITIONAL HIP ROOF 18104 - 111 Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5S 2R1
Ultrace l1 1 b o x w ith M iche ls e le ctric tarp, BUILDINGS USING ROUND BALE PICKING and hauling, small
re m o te ho is t& En d g ate ,Ure than e En am e l LAMINATED or large loads. Travel anywhere. Also hay Web:
VENEER LUMBER (LVL) for sale. 306-382-0785, Vanscoy, SK. Email: [email protected]
Bo x,W hite w ith Te alG re e n Bo x Phone: 780–452-0606 Fax: 780-452-8474
M SRP $1 94 ,860........Sa le Price $1 4 9 ,9 9 5 LONG LAKE TRUCKING custom hay haul-
ing, 2 units. 306-567-7100, Imperial, SK. Fleet of Excavators with Specialized Attachments
201 5 K ENW O R TH T4 4 0 TAND EM CUSTOM BALE HAULING with semi. Call:
306-867-7719, Glenside, SK.

370 HP FX -9 Paccar(Cu m m in s )Allis o n • For All Your Agricultural, Equestrian, Commercial & JIM’S TUB GRINDING, H-1100 Haybuster
Au to ,lo ad e d ,8.5’x64 ” x20’,Can cad e Industrial Needs. w i t h 4 0 0 H P, s e r v i n g S a s k at c h ew a n
M o n o b o d y B& H,M iche l’s Ele ctricTarp,
Re m o te Co n tro lho is t& En d g ate ,W hite • We help custom design and manufacture in Post & Beam

w ith G re y M e tallicAcrylic Ure than e Bo x Construction up to 100 ft spans (60 ft for hip roof). 306-334-2232, Balcarres, SK.

M SRP $209,857........Sa le Price $1 6 4 ,9 9 5 • Ideal for virtually any use – riding arenas, offices, shops, CUSTOM TUB GRINDING: operate a
   shelters, storages or general purpose building. Haybuster H1100E, 425 HP machine.

CL EAR IN G O UT O V ER 500 • Separation walls, mezzanines & stair upgrades. Phone Greg 306-947-7510, Saskatoon, SK.

N EW & USED GM V EH ICL ES! • Engineered & Pre-fabricated for rapid installations. REGULATION DUGOUTS: 120x60x14’, XS4000 Scrap Shear 2007 Caterpillar 345CL Excavator
$2000; 160x60x14’, $2950; 180x60x14’, 2nd Member Mounted, 360° Rotation Breaker/ Ho-Pac Hydraulics, 400 Weldco
W ATRO US M AINLINE Call Us Today Or Come Visit: $3450; 200x60x14’, $3950. Gov’t grants Beales w/Quick Attach, Weight: 108,000 lbs
M O TO R PRO DUCTS LTD . available. 306-222-8054, Saskatoon, SK. Weight: 60,000 lbs
H IG H W AY #2 EAST – W ATRO US,SK Pacific Agriculture Show in Abbotsford, BC Price: $250,000 Price: $190,000
Jan 29-31, 2015 - Booth #1001 NEUFELD ENT. CORRAL CLEANING,
306-946-3336 TOLL FREE 1-866-346-3315 payloader, Bobcat with rubber tracks and
Visit our website for more information: vertical beater spreaders. Phone
w w w .w atrousm 306-220-5013, 306-467-5013, Hague, SK.

DL#907173 Canadian company located in the East Kootenays, BC. BRUSH MULCHING. The fast, effective
[email protected]

way to clear land. Four season service,

CONGRATULATIONS, YOU LEASED competitive rates, 275 HP unit, also avail. 2012 Linkbelt 300X3 Excavator w/AMS40 2012 Linkbelt 75 Spin Ace - Multi-Function
trackhoe with thumb, multiple bucket at- Scrap Shear - 2nd Member Mounted, Secondary Hydraulics, Including rotation, 80
YOUR EQUIPMENT AND GOT A tachments. Bury rock and brush piles and 360° Rotation, Weight: 74,000 lbs Weldco Beales, Quick Attach, Weight: 17,460 Lbs
fence line clearing. Borysiuk Contracting Price: $396,000
Inc., Prince Albert, SK., Price: $75,000

Contour, double shoot; also parting 567
baler. Alan at 306-463-8423, Marengo, SK.

As a producer, you know success not only comes from high yield crops, 966C CAT LOADER, complete with log Caterpillar 345 Excavator w/Vibra-Ram 2010 Caterpillar 304CR with Thumb Attachment
but also from running a profitable business. Saving your cash to grow grapple, $17,500. 306-752-2873, Melfort, XS7000 Scrap Shear, 2nd Member Mounted Multi-Function, Secondary Hydraulics, Including
your farm is always a smart decision. National Leasing provides innovative SK.
equipment financing solutions to farmers wanting a competitive advantage. 360° Rotation, Weight: 118,000 lbs rotation, EFI 40/50 Quick Attach, Weight: 10,844 lbs
NEW MULTIQUIP LT-6K, 6.6 KW light Price: $330,000 Price: $55,000
Stop by booth #C7 at Crop Production tower genset, Kohler Model KDW1003 dsl.
engine, 4 metal halide lamps. Containers &
Chains, 780-910-3542, St. Albert, AB. • Sales • Rentals • Parts •Service

LANDMASTER P. Dozers PD14/18

CANADA’S EQUIPMENT LEASING EXPERTS 888-599-1966 The Landmaster Production Dozer, Tilt
Left Or Right, Dig Ditches,
© 2014 National Leasing Group Inc. All rights reserved. National Leasing Is Powered By Canadian Western Bank Group.
Fill Low Areas, Level Hills, Build Roads,
Move Snow And Clean Feedlots.


PD-14 $34,750, PD-18 $37,500 Financing Available
Manufacturer is raising prices, beat the increase order now until Dec. 31 for Spring 2015 Delivery
Free factory direct delivery to your yard, $3,000 down & balance on delivery anywhere in Manitoba, Sask, Alberta (Unassembled)

Sold By Transfinder Equipment Ltd.

SK - Call Neil: 306-231-8300 MB, AB - Call Gord: 780-913-7353


QuWHaEN lity GO EB EL H O P P ER B IN Download the
COUNTS YEAR EN D S P ECIAL S free app today.

*allbins com e com plete w ith
skid,air and set-up.

4,900 bus -$2.78/bus

7,820 bus -$2.63/bus TOP QUALITY MERIDIAN BINS. Book
10,707 bus -$2.58/bus now for best prices. Example: all prices in-

CONTERRA GRADER for skidsteers and • The HEAVIEST metal Perma-Column *delivery extra & truckload clude skid, ladders to ground, manhole,
tractors. Excellent for road maintenance, • The STRONGEST posts Concrete Posts quantities only* set-up and delivery within set radius. Me-
floating and levelling. 518S-SS, $2499. • SUPERIOR craftsmenship ridian Hopper combos: 3500 bu. $10,450.
Conterra manufactures over 150 attach- 1-866-974-7678 ****p u rcha se b y Ja n 23,201 5 a nd b e SPECIAL: 5000 bu. $13,990. We manufac-
ments. Call 1-877-947-2882, view online Choose Prairie Post Frame entered to w in a $2,000 Tra v el v ou cher**** ture superior quality hoppers and steel
at floors for all makes and sizes. Know what
POST FRAME BUILDERS FARM GRAIN BIN DIRECT you are investing in. Call and find out why
BUILDINGS our product quality and price well exceeds
“Today’s Quality Built (306)373-4919 the competition. We also stock replace-
For Tomorrow” ment lids for all makes and models of bins.

Hague, SK NEW! MERIDIAN FERTILIZER bins- 1615 Leasing available. Hoffart Services Inc.,
and 1620 fertilizer bins in stock. Book this 306-957-2033, Odessa, SK.
(306) 225-2288
fall on 2014 stock and save. See your near- VAL MARIE/CLIMAX AREA: 1- new 18’
est Flaman store or call 1-888-435-2626. 5000 bu. Superior hopper bin combo on
/DPLQDWHG3RVWV BEHLEN 3750 BU. BINS, very nice skids, 1- 19’ hopper with skids; 1- 14’ hop-
shape, 6 available, some have tubes for per wit h skids. Middle Lake Steel.
aeration, others have floor aeration. Call 306-367-2408
1-855 (773-3648) Curtis at 204-626-3283, Sperling, MB. or 306-367-4306.

USED, REBUILT or NEW engines. Spe- FARM BUILDINGS GRAIN BIN ERECTION. Now booking large • Hopper Cones
diameter bin setup for spring 2015. For re- • Meridian Grain Bins
cializing in Cummins, have all makes, large Westrum Lumber pairs, wind damage, aeration and unload
installation call Quadra Development Corp,
inventory of parts, repowering is our spe- 1-800-249-2708, Rocanville, SK.

2006 CASE CX210 Excavator, only 4432 cialty. 1-877-557-3797, Ponoka, AB. 1-888-663-9663

hours, Cummins 152 HP engine, hyd. GREAT PRICES ON new, used and remanu- R o ulea u,S K W ES TEEL 10 ,3 0 0 B US . • Steel Floors
thumb, 2 buckets, 42’ digging, 52’ clean factured engines, parts and accessories for H O P P ER B IN S
up, manual Quick Attach, UC 90%, 45,000 diesel pickups. Large inventory, engines • W/R and Butler
lbs., exc. working cond., $105,000 OBO. can be shipped or installed. Give us a call • Triple skid Sheets
Can deliver. Call anytime 204-743-2324, or check: • 24” Edw ards air tube
Cypress River, MB. Thickett Engine Rebuilding. 204-532-2187, • set-up included • Evertight Anchors

25 FORKLIFTS, SOME good ones and some Russell, MB. $2.49/bus. • Remote Bin Lids

parting out. Over 80 sets of forks, frames 2009 CAT C9 engine, 860 hrs., complete *D elivery extra M K& WELDING
and attachments of all types. Central with rad, new injectors, new updated Heui BINS & CONES
Canada’s largest wreckers of construction pump, out of 2009 1286 Rogator, $15,000. GRAIN BIN DIRECT
equipment with two yards, over 50 acres. 403-994-7754, Olds, AB. M elfort, S a s k.
We have what you need. 204-667-2867 or (306)373-4919
fax 204-667-2932, located at 494 Panet 2015 CIM BIN Cranes (Westeel design),
8000 lbs. capacity. For factory direct pric-  Em a il: s a les @m kw eld
Road, Winnipeg, MB. ing and options phone 306-682-2505, W eb s ite: m kw eld
Humboldt, SK. or
D7F w/CAB and ripper, hyd. angle dozer,
excellent condition. Call 780-983-0936, FARM AND INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICAL sale, 2200 bu. capacity each. Call Curtis
204-626-3283, Sperling, MB.
Westlock, AB. motor sales, service and parts. Also sale

NEW CLARK MICHIGAN Volvo Parts. 8 of, and repairs to, all makes and sizes of
years ago dealer cost for all parts was over pumps and phase converters, etc. Tisdale
$90,000. All parts high and dry in a 48’ van Motor Rewinding 1984 Ltd., 306-
trailer... Buy all parts and trailer for 873-2881, fax 306-873-4788, 1005A - 111
$29,000, or call for a listing of items avail. Ave., Tisdale, SK.

Cambrian Equipment Sales Ltd., Winnipeg,

MB. Ph. 204-667-2867, fax: 204-667-2932.


convex and rigid frame straight walls,

grain tanks, metal cladding, farm - com- 204-362-7103, [email protected]

WINTER OVERHAUL mercial. Construction and concrete crews. w w w .go o do m YOU WELD KITS: Sizes from 14’ to 22’. LEASE - BUY
DISCOUNT Guaranteed workmanship. Call your Saska- You save money and on freight. Middle
toon and northwest Behlen Distributor, Fo r A llY o ur Fa rm , Lake Steel. or ONE OF CANADA’S LEADING MANUFACTURERS
5% Discount Janzen Steel Buildings, 306-242-7767, C o m m ercia l& Industria lN eeds 306-367-2408 or 306-367-4306 OF STORAGE PRODUCTS
We are offering this discount 1-800-665-0470 WESTEEL, GOEBEL, grain and fertilizer SMOOTH WALL BIN
on all crusher and conveyor FOR ALL YOUR STRUCTURAL STEEL, bins. Grain Bin Direct, 306-373-4919.
roofing and siding needs, big or small. Call S to ny Pla in O ffice 780-975-3748 STANDARD FEATURES
wear parts. Fouillard Steel Supplies, St. Lazare, MB. A irdrie O ffice 403-470-4570 SDLHO PPER C O NES ™ Spiral weld, smooth wall construction
January & February 2015 1-800-510-3303. Remember nobody sells M B S a les 204-534-2468 ™ High Grade Urethane Coated Exterior
roofing and siding cheaper!! Nobody. S a sk. S a les 306-737-8788 12’-19’
We also specialize in: Crop insurance ap- starting at$2,250
peals; Spray drift; Residual herbicide; Cus-
tom operator issues; Equip. malfunction.
Call Back-Track Investigations for assis-
tance and compensation 1-866-882-4779.

CALL BARGER PARTS POLE BARNS, WOODSTEEL packages, V erm ilio n O ffice 780-581-5822 All Hop p erC ones Inclu d e M a nhole, ™ HSS (Hollow Structural Steel) legs and bracing
hog, chicken, and dairy barns. Construc- Slid e G a te on Nylon Rollers ™ Standard 38° bottom cone
780-438-6700 tion and concrete crews available. Mel or FRESH SHIPMENT JUST ARRIVED: New ™ Rounded vented Lid
Scott, MR Steel Construction, in the box Cover-All type buildings, O PT IO NAL SKID BASE AND AERAT IO N ™ Rack & Pinion center opening chute with extended
ROAD GRADERS CONVERTED to pull 306-978-0315, Hague, SK. 20’x30’, 30’x40’, 32’x40’, 30’x85’, 32’x85’,  
behind large 4 WD tractors, 14’ and 16’ 33’x50’ and 40’x80’. From $2000 to $7000. crank handle
blade widths available. CWK Enterprises, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ For more info call Ladimer 306-795-7779, SDL STEEL BIN FLO O RS ™ 24” clearance under chute
306-682-3367, 306-231-8358, Humboldt, K&L Equipment, Ituna SK. Free layaway ™ Complete side wall and roof ladder
SK., $ P RICED TO C LEAR!!! $ plan until April 1, 2015 with $500 deposit. 10 gaugesheet - 8”sidew all,bolt on
2006 MISKIN D19 SCRAPER, lead unit, ranging from 15’ wide to 120’ wide, any Tru ck ing Av a ila b le PROCESS AND COMPREHENSIVE SERVICE COMBINE
S/N 21916, $65,000. Call 306-929-4693, $ 7 5 TR UC KLOAD S $ length. Call Bill 780-986-5548, Leduc, AB.
ATTACHMENTS: Skidsteer: Pallet forks, $ $ AFAB INDUSTRIES POST frame buildings. BIN FLO O RS
buckets, augers, hay spears. Conquest $ 16 C OLOUR S TO C H OOS E FR OM $ For the customer that prefers quality. 401 HWY #4 SOUTH, PO BOX 879, BIGGAR, SK S0K 0M0
Equipment, 306-483-2500, Oxbow, SK. 1-888-816-AFAB (2322), Rocanville, SK. starting at$1,300 TOLL FREE: 1-800-746-6646 PH: 306-948-5262
$ B-G r. Colou red ...............70¢ ft2 $ FAX: 306-948-5263
parts for most makes. Cat, CIH, Cummins, $ M u lti Colou rM illen d s .....49¢ ft2 $ 306-324-4441
Detroit, Mack. M&M Equipment Ltd., Parts
and Service phone: 306-543-8377, fax: $ BEAT THE P RICE $ M ARG O ,SASK.
306-543-2111, Regina, SK. $ $
$ IN C R E A S E S $
$ $
$ CO LO RS AT $0.6 5 S Q . FT. $

$ F o u illa rd S teel $
290 CUMMINS, 350 Detroit, 671 Detroit, S u p p lies L td . $
Series 60 cores. 306-539-4642, Regina, SK $ $ DARMANI GRAIN STORAGE 1-866-665-6677
$ S t. La za re, M a n . $
3406B, N14, SERIES 60, running engines $ $
and parts. Call Yellowhead Traders, $ 1- 8 00- 5 10- 3303

306-896-2882, Churchbridge, SK. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Hopper Bottom Flat Bottom Large Diameter Steel Floor Cement Mount RTM Flat Bottom and Hopper

80’x300’, Sask. only. Call 306-731-2066,

Lumsden, SK., [email protected]



5,000 - 10,000 BUSHELS 4,000 - 20,000 BUSHELS UP TO 31,000 BUSHELS


Unload Systems
for Steel Floors For product specs and comparisons “Cross Air with Tower”

*Increased air flow - even at sides
*Reduces static pressure

Crop Production
Book now and save with optional NO payment lease for up to 6 months

FACTORY DIRECT - Manufacture - Sales - Financing - Delivery - Set up (ONE CALL)


Grain Bin Direct 2015 CIM BIN TRANSPORT TRAILER BIG BINS ON Sale Now! Order now and get SHIPPING CONTAINERS FOR SALE. 20’- Crop Production Show
17,000 lb. cap., 32’ bed accommodates up a discount on construction and guaranteed 53’, delivery/ rental/ storage available. For January 12 -15,2015
Factory To Farm Grain Storage to 21’ dia. bin. For factory direct pricing set up for next summer. See your nearest inventory and prices call: 306-262-2899,
Galvanized • Flat Floor • Hopper Bins and options call 306-682-2505, Humboldt, Flaman store or call 1-888-435-2626. Saskatoon, SK. Saskatoon,SK.
Smooth Walls • Fertilizer • Grain • Feed
Aeration • Rockets • Fans • Heaters SK. or POLY HOPPER BINS, 100 bu., $925; 150 BOOTH D36
Temp Cables
bu. $1290. 306-258-4422, Vonda, SK. Call

CUSTOM GRAIN BIN MOVING, all types for nearest dealer.

up to 22’ diameter. 10% spring discount.

Accurate estimates. Sheldon’s Hauling, HENRY Hall D
306-961-9699, Prince Albert, SK.

Authorized Dealer Saskatoon, SK BEHLEN 4200 BU. HOPPER BINS, 5 $$ SPECIAL PRICING $$ HORNOI LEASING NEW and used 20’ and Gerald Shym ko
available, excellent shape. Call Curtis at 40’ sea cans for sale or rent. Call C alder 306-742-4445
Phone: 306-373-4919 204-626-3283, Sperling, MB. January ONLY! 306-757-2828, Regina, SK.
extensions, sheets, stiffeners, etc. Now Hopper Bins and used sea containers, all sizes. For allyour Keho,
FOR ALL YOUR grain storage, hopper available. Call Bill, 780-986-5548, Leduc, 306-220-1278, Saskatoon and Regina, SK. G rain G uard,Aeration &
cone and steel floor requirements contact: AB. Storm ax/ OPIProducts
Kevin’s Custom Ag in Nipawin, SK. Toll
free: 1-888-304-2837. BROCK (BUTLER) GRAIN BIN PARTS

ing dealer for Boundary Trail Lifetime Lid

Openers, 18” to 39”. Rosler Construction and accessories available at Rosler Con- 24” Screen, Triple skid LADIES YOU GOT your Pandora so get In dus tria l Dire ct In corp ora te d
INSTALLED your husband a 20’ or 40’ SHIPPING
2000 Inc., 306-933-0033, Saskatoon, SK. struction. 306-933-0033, Saskatoon, SK. CONTAINER!! Large Sask inventory. Ne w Us e d & M o d ifie d S e a
(Delivery & Taxes Extra) Phone. 1-800-843-3984 or 306-781-2600. C o n ta in e rs fro m
34/2%7)4(#/.&)$%.#% BUILD YOUR OWN conveyors, 6”, 7”, 8”
$2.48/bu. 20’ TO 53’ CONTAINERS. New, used and and 10” end units available; Transfer con-
modified. Available Winnipeg, MB; Regina veyors and bag conveyors or will custom
build. Call for prices. Master Industries

and Saskatoon, SK. Inc. Phone

Call for Details 306-933-0436. 1-866-567-3101, Loreburn, SK.

PH: (306) 242-7767 CONTAINERS FOR SALE OR RENT: All BATCO CONVEYORS, new and used,
sizes. Now in stock, 50 used, 53’ steel and grain augers and SP kits. Delivery and

insulated SS. 306-861-1102, Radville, SK. leasing available. 1-866-746-2666.

USED BATCO 1545FL - Serviced and field
ready! See your nearest Flaman store or
call 1-888-435-2626.

Large Bins Smoothwall Bins G re a t, S e c u re s to ra ge fo ra ll yo u r NEW FRONT 4X4 drive axle for Terragator
c he m ic a l, s e e d , fu e l, to o ls a n d a ll 1844 floater, complete, never used, still in
Hopper Bins OPI Systems crate. Phone 403-994-7754, Olds, AB.
o fyo u rva lu a b le s .
IntraGrain Storage Monitoring Solutions 8300 GAL IMP. liquid fertilizer tanks,
M o d ify yo u rs to ra ge u n itto m e e t $6250 now in stock. Contact your nearest
yo u rn e e d s w ith e xtra d o o rs , w in d o w s , Flaman location today 1-888-435-2626.

po w e r, c u s to m pa in t, in s u la tio n ,e tc . USED FERTILIZER SPREADERS: 4-8 ton
large selection. Ph. 204-857-8403, Portage
3-//4(7!,,&%24),):%234/2!'% MB.,


p5PTO-ETRIC4ONNESOF3TORAGE 7)$%6!2)%49 Activate a new lease 1. Double down your first payment Ph. 306-373-2236 Cell 306-221-9630 FERTILIZER
p‰‰‰#ONE/PTIONS /&/04)/.3 with CORRGRAIN 2. Defer your lease payment until 2015
p0REMIUM%POXY#OATED)NTERIOR !6!),!",% and receive these 3. May enjoy some tax benefits w w w .b on din EQUIPMENT NEEDS
,EADING3KID&OUNDATION great benefits! 4. Match revenue with expenditures e m a il joe @ b on din
in Calgary, AB. Phone 403-226-1722, SPREADER/TENDER
1-866-517-8335. MAKES AND MODELS

m$)!-%4%2").3!6!),!"% Lyle Muyres Todd Cole Russ Jewitt ADAMS 6 TON SPREADER
Humboldt SK Moose Jaw SK Swift Current SK 304SS Construction
2EACH5S!T 306-231-3026 306-690-1923 306-741-3751
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] $21,995 00 Delivered
Limited Supply
/R%MAIL!T John Thomas Allen Capnerhurst Chris Roche KEHO/ GRAIN GUARD/ OPI STORMAX.
INFO NORSTARMFGCOM Red Deer AB Trochu AB Regina SK For sales and service east central SK. and 1 800 667 8800
403-506-4742 403-396-0242 306-533-8499 MB., call Gerald Shymko, Calder, SK.,
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] 306-742-4445 or toll free 1-888-674-5346.

WWWNORSTARMFGCOM Toll free 1-844-850-2677 (CORR) KEHO/ GRAIN GUARD Aeration Sales 1990 ACRO SS bulk tanker, stainless steel.
and Service. R.J. Electric, Avonlea, SK. Call 6000 gallons, good condition, $22,000.
306-868-2199 or cell: 306-868-7738.
306-398-7713, Cut Knife, SK.

AcuresJtyToomLuear? JTL Industries is excited to
add to our line of grain bins our

Call for introductory pricing!

We are very excited about our next step in the bin market!

With the recent increases to our production capabilities, we need our marketing chapter to expand as well. Finding staging areas
across the prairies to be used as distribution points is also a priority for us to eliminate some of the logistic issues we have faced
in the past. Our plan since the inception of JTL was to provide farmer designed products at fair pricing as an alternative to
what was traditionally offered in the grain storage market. This concept has been well accepted by you, our customers
and we feel now is the time to spread our wings and shake things up even more! After
discussing different marketing strategies, we felt that offering an opportunity
to the people who have supported us through purchasing our
products may be an awesome way to say thank
you and expand our sales team at the same time!
Just like our products this is a somewhat unique
strategy that we feel will be beneficial for all of us.
We have always said our customers are our best
salesmen so here is your opportunity to
actually get paid for the promoting you do for us!

As a current customer of ours you will be paid a
commission for every sale you bring to our table
between January 1, 2015 and ending on or
before April 30th 2015.

Top customer salesperson for the
year will get a trip for 2 to Mexico!

Interested? Give us a call for details!

Neilburg, Saskatchewan [email protected] Head Office: 1-306-823-4888 Alberta: 1-780-872-4943

Manitoba: 1-204-573-3204


clutches, Kohler, Vanguard engines, gas with engines, movers, clutches, reversing
and diesel. Call Brian ‘The Auger Guy’ gearbox and lights. HD8-39 $14,800 cash,
HD8-46 $15,750, HD8-53 $16,550,
204-724-6197, Souris, MB.
TL10-39 $16,500. Used HD8-1600 w/34

NEW WESTFIELD TFX (2) 8x41 auger, c/w HP, mover, clutch, exc. cond., $8500. Call CASE/IH COMBINES and other makes
mover kit, 29HP Kohler motor, electric 306-648-3321, Gravelbourg, SK.

clutch, $12,000. Wetaskiwin Co-op, AB. AUGERS: NEW and USED: Wheatheart, and models. 5 years interest free on most
Ron 780-361-6169. units. Call the combine superstore. Trades
Westfield, Westeel, Sakundiak augers; Au-
welcome, delivery can be arranged. Call
YEAR END SPECIALS: 1 only, SLMD ger SP kits; Batco conveyors; Wheatheart Gord 403-308-1135, Lethbridge, AB. 1997 TR98 AND headers, great condition.
14-95, must go! Plus many other sizes in post pounders. Good prices, leasing Comes with 36’ Honeybee draper header
stock. Used: 2008 Sakundiak 12x85; 2011 available. Call 1-866-746-2666. 2005 2388, 1318 eng. hrs., 899 rotor hrs., and 971 12’ PU header. Well maintained
Sakundiak 12x72; Brandt 10x60; HD8-1600 AFS system, no lentil or pea harvesting, and always shedded. Equipped w/grain
c/w Hawes 2 WMV. Also Convey-All deal- RENT OR BUY at Flaman! Grain Boss grain exc. cond., $112,000. Call 306-672-8102, hopper tarp, upgraded seat (CR9070 seat)
er. Leasing available. Contact Dale at extractor. Unload bags easily and eco- Gull Lake, SK. installed last year, 2150 Redekop chopper.
Mainway Farm Equipment, 306-567-3285 nomically. See your nearest Flaman store Total engine hours 3273, thrashing hours
or 306-567-7299, Davidson, SK. View on- 1937. Asking $35,000 OBO. Please contact
line at: Steven at 306-297-8846, Shaunavon, SK.
GRAINMAXX2012 CASE, 4520, 3 bin, 70’ booms, 1100 2013 HANDLAIR 6" grain vac, 4200 bph,
brand new incl; PTO, 15' Flexsteel, 15'
hrs, extended warranty, $242,000; 2- 2007 rubber, 10' pipe, 4' Flexsteel, a load out and
Case 4520’s, 3 bin, 70’ booms, 3300 hrs., clean up nozzle. Delivery available, new
AutoSteer, $154,500 and $142,500; 2009 condition, $23,750. 306-539-8775, Regina,
Case 4520, 2860 hrs., $163,000; 2006 SK. [email protected]
Case 4510, AutoSteer, FlexAir 70’ booms,
7400 hrs., $102,000; 2005 Case 4520
w/70’ flex air, 4000 hrs., $129,000; 2005 or call 1-888-435-2626.
Case 4010 w/3020 G4 New Leader bed,
$74,000; 2009 International GVM, 1000
hrs., 4WD, auto., $127,000; 2- 2004 Loral 2014 REM VRX grain vac, only used 9

AirMax 1000’s, 70’ booms, immaculate, HIGH CAPACITY AUGERS 2010 RENN 1214 grain bag extractor, hours, like new, shedded, $23,000. Call 2009 JOHN DEERE 9770, 890 hrs., 615 PU
$93,000; 2004 AgChem Rogator, with air 8 MODELS TO CHOOSE FROM for up to 12' bags, 150 bpm 540 PTO, very 306-435-9758, Rocanville, SK. header, excellent shape, no pulse crops,
bed, $66,000; 2008 Adams Semi tender, $175,000 OBO. 306-252-2227 Kenaston SK
self-contained, $39,500; 1992 Wrangler good condition, $28,500. 306-322-7919,

loader, $15,500. 406-466-5356, Choteau, NEW 6000 Rose Valley, SK. [email protected] 2000 JD 9650, 914 PU, duals, $55,000.
SERIES 1/2 now, balance in the spring; 2004 JD
MT. For more equipment and photos view TELESCOPIC RENT OR BUY at Flaman! 1610 PRO grain 635F, 35’, fore/aft, PU reel, $10,000.
website: 306-524-4960, Semans, SK.
SEE VIDEO ON WEBSITE SWING AUGER extractor. Unload bags easily and eco-
1997 JD 9600, 3557 hrs., hopper topper,
1 800 667 8800 nomically. See your nearest Flaman store Kirby chaff spreader, fine cut chopper, 914
PU, Y&M monitor, $45,000 OBO. Call or call 1-888-435-2626. 2002 JOHN DEERE 567 round baler, $8500 306-743-7622, Langenburg, SK.

OBO. Call 306-252-2227, Kenaston, SK.

GRAVITY WAGONS: New 400 bu, $7,400; loaders and skidsteers, excellent pricing.

SAKUNDIAK GRAIN AUGERS available 600 bu., $12,500; 750 bu., $18,250. Large Call now 1-866-443-7444. 2006 CASE/IH 8010, 1677 eng. hrs., 1164 2012 JD S670, 700 hours, duals, Contour
with self-propelled mover kits and bin selection of used gravity wagons, 250-750 sep. hrs., 520/85R42 duals, Pro600 moni- Master, GS3 command centre, HID light-
sweeps. Contact Kevin’s Custom Ag in Ni- bu. Used grain carts, 450 to 1110 bushel. BALE SPEARS, high quality imported tor, fine cut chopper, excellent condition, ing $199,500. 204-822-3797, Morden, MB.
pawin, SK. Toll free 1-888-304-2837. View at: from Italy, 27” and 49”, free shipping, ex- $145,000. 780-618-5538, Grimshaw, AB.
1-866-938-8537, Portage la Prairie, MB. cellent pricing. Call now toll free 2005 JD 9760 STS w/PU, 1980 sep. hrs.,
TWO - 2012 AG Chem 8400’s, 365 HP, CVT SAKUNDIAK AUGERS IN STOCK: 2006 J&M CART, 875 bu., $28,000 OBO. 1-866-443-7444, Stonewall, MB. bullet rotor, excellent condition, $109,000.
trans., 1600/1400 hrs., Viper Pro, Smar- swings, truck loading, Hawes Agro SP 306-252-2227, Kenaston, SK. 306-948-9870, Biggar, SK.
Trax, Airmax Precision 2 system (2 bin), 2 movers. Contact Hoffart Services Inc., TRI-HAUL SELF-UNLOADING ROUND bale
year or 3000 hour warranty, $228,000 and Odessa, SK, 306-957-2033. 75’ NORDIC GRAIN elevator leg, 20 HP, 3 movers: 8’ to 29’ lengths, 6-18 bales. Also 9660 WALKER, 2300 eng. hrs., new Mac
phase, 600V, 8000 bu./hr., ready to trans- exc. for feeding cattle in the field, 4 bales Don PU header, 1999 36’ draper header.
MERIDIAN MD12x79 auger, c/w low pro- at time with a pickup. 1-800-505-9208. Call 306-436-7703, Milestone, SK.
1996 JD 9500 c/w 914 JD PU, 2780 sep.,

$232,000. 406-466-5356, Choteau, MT. file hopper, reverser kit, hyd. winch swing port, $20,000. 306-335-2280, Lemberg SK 3600 eng. hrs, hopper topper, new tires,

for hopper, $22,500. #1640481. Wetaski- kept inside, exc. cond. 306-925-2013,
2004 PATTISON 1300 gal. liquid fertilizer win Co-op, AB. Ron 780-361-6169. STORM SEED TREATER for sale! Used 1
306-485-7966, Glen Ewen, SK.
wagons, pull behind, John Blue pump, new season, excellent shape, $27,500. Flaman
2006 CIH WDX 1202, 36’, new knives/
FULL-BIN SUPER SEN SOR2” Honda motors, excellent cond., alwaysNEW FARM KING 10x61’, engine drivenSales Saskatoon, 1-888-435-2626. canvas, cross auger, Rotoshears, $55,000. 2014 CASE/IH 9230, SP, 236 eng. hrs, 2006 JD 9860 PREMIUM, 1180 sep.
auger. Fall clearance. Cam-Don Motors 306-524-4567 evenings, Raymore, SK. duals, long folding auger, power hopper hours, 80070R38 tires, 615 PU, shedded,
shedded, choice of 2 wagons, $15,000 ea. Ltd., 306-237-4212, Perdue, SK. PHOENIX M4 ROTARY mobile grain clean- cover, AutoSteer ready, small tube rotor, excellent condition, asking $185,000.
Call 306-549-4701, Hafford, SK. er, 1800 hrs., comes with extra screens. 2013 JD W150 MacDon swather, 35’, 350 magna cut, 15' PU, HID lights, loaded, exc. 780-305-4277, Mayerthorpe, AB.
204-867-7225, Minnedosa, MB. hrs, exc. cond., $118,000 OBO. Call condition, $375,000. OBO 306-287-8487,
2004 TERRAGATOR 8104, 8.1L JD engine, 306-252-2227, Kenaston, SK. Watson, SK. [email protected] 2- 2011 JD 9870, fully loaded (all options),
powershift, 70’ air spread box, granular CUSTOM COLOR SORTING chickpeas to Pro-Drive, Contour Master, 650 Straddle
bins, Falcon controller, new elec. roll tarp, mustard. Cert. organic and conventional. 2011 MACDON M205, 40’ MacDon head, 2009 NH 9070, exc. cond., field ready, quit duals, grain tank ext., only 600 sep. hrs.,
Raven light bar, 4200 hrs., $75,000 OBO. 306-741-3177, Swift Current, SK. swathroller, double knife drive, 330 hrs, farming. Plus lots of other farm equipment mint cond., always shedded. One owner,
403-994-7754, Olds, AB. like new, $130,000. Call 306-640-8181, for sale. 780-872-2832, Paradise Hill, SK. Canadian combines. Also avail. JD 635D
DUAL SCREEN ROTARY grain cleaners, Willow Bunch, SK. and 640FD draper headers, exc. cond., low
USED BIN SWEEP with all attachments, great for pulse crops, best selection in acres. Call 218-779-1710, 204-522-5455.
cheap. Contact Lorne 204-859-2440, Ross- Western Canada. Phone 306-259-4923 or
burn, MB. 306-946-7923, Young, SK. TWO 2013 CHALLENGER 560C combines,
same as MF 9560. Call 306-231-3993,
hopper overhauled, has seen fertilizer, Kwik Kleen 5-7 tube. Call 204-857-8403,
$2600. Phone 780-221-3980, Leduc, AB. Portage la Prairie, MB. or visit online:
NeverClim b A B in A ga in

Equip yo ura uge rto s e n s e w h e n
th e b in is full. 2 ye a rw a rra n ty.

Ca ll Brow n le e s Truckin g In c.
Un ity, SK
S e e Us At
306-228-297 1 o r C R OP
1-87 7 -228-5 5 98 P R OD UC TION

w w w .fullb in s upe rs e n s o m

*5$,1%$* '28%/(7+( NEW SUPERB GRAIN dryers and Moridge 2012 MACDON M155 40' swather, Roto 1997 TR98 AND Headers, great condition. JD 914 PU’s, 2001 or 2003, $12,900; Also
&$3$&,7< parts. Call Grant Service at Foam Lake, SK. Sheers, Bourgault swath roller, split reels, Comes with 36’ HoneyBee draper header like new Westward 9600, 9610 or 50 se-
(;75$&725 +$/)7+( 306-272-4195. Winter pricing already avail double knife drive and more, 443 hours, and 971 12’ PU header. New rubber, well ries, $7500. 306-948-7223, Biggar, SK.
35,&( exc. cond. Please call for more details and GSI 2314 GRAIN DRYER, auto moisture price. 306-746-7638, Raymore, SK.
control, remote watchdog thru comput- maintained, always shedded, c/w grain RECONDITIONED rigid and flex, most
er/smart phone, high cap. single phase, hopper tarp, upgraded seat (CR9070 seat) makes and sizes; also header transports.
dryer. Curtis 204-626-3283, Sperling, MB. installed last year, also 3150 Redekop Ed Lorenz, 306-344-4811, Paradise Hill,
chopper. Total eng hrs 3880, thrashing hrs SK.
BUCKET ELEVATORS, 65’ 3000 bu./hr. 2658. Asking $35,000 OBO. Please contact
and 110’ 2500 bu./hr., tower optional.
Call Curtis at 204-626-3283, Sperling, MB. Steven 306-297-8846, Shaunavon, SK. 2009 HONEYBEE 36’, PU reel, pea auger,

SELLING GRAIN LEGS, distributors, con- new canvas, nice shape, 9770 JD adapter,
veyors and truck scales. Also other eleva-
tors parts. 403-634-8540, Grassy Lake, AB. $38,000 OBO. 403-317-4976, Burdett, AB.

GrainBoss 16 • capacity 18,000 bu./ hour • driven steerable wheels ATTACHMENT FOR GRAIN VACS: TO 2014 FD75 MACDON draper header, 5000
GrainBoss 13 • capacity 12,000 bu./hour • driven steerable wheels empty plastic grain bags. Blueprints avail. acres, like new. Oil and filter changed.
to build your own. John Ilchuk Case adapter, used and stored in Sask,
75,'(.21 70 250-860-6610, 250-878-1705, Kelowna BC $87,500. 250-808-3605, Swift Current, SK.
CONVEYAIR GRAIN VACS, parts, acces- 2013 MACDON FD75-D 40’ FLEX 1-866-292-6115 sories. Call Bill 780-986-5548, Leduc, AB. DRAPER HEADER, PU reel, hyd., fore/aft, pea auger, dual knife drive, c/w
2013 MacDon adapter to fit JD S-Series
USED REM GRAIN VAC, in good condition, combine, mint cond., $69,000; 2013 Horst
$13,500. Call Flaman Saskatoon today at 40’ header trailer 4 wheel steer, $6000. Lo-
1-888-435-2626. cated at Saskatoon, SK, ph 780-841-1060.

2009 JD 936 36’ draper header, good
shape, $28,000 OBO. 2009 JD 615 PU
header, $22,000 OBO. Call 306-252-2227,
Kenaston, SK.

Introducing Armor Plate concaves that
• Quick Connect Skid Steer are tough enough to shrug off rock dam-
Attach age, hard enough to hold their edge, and
designed with no dead spots or jagged
edges for a smoother more complete
thresh. Reduce white caps and chop straw
trouble. We offer the best warranty in
North America along with the best prices.
JD STS and S Series, $2100, all Case/IH
rotaries, $2100, other models available
upon request. 10% discount on orders
placed before February 1, 2015. Airfoil
chaffers $750 for most models. Manitoba
customers and anyone needing installation
services please call Dale Paul in Yorkton,
SK, 306-783-0255. Please order early to
ensure supply. Call Rus 306-260-2833 or
Rick 306-734-7721 or the shop

• Easy 3 Step • Rolls STEIGER TRACTOR PARTS for sale. Very
affordable new and used parts available,
Rolling Approximate made in Canada and USA. 1-800-982-1769

Process 100 FT/Minute FYFE P ARTS

Call Your Local Dealer 1- 8 00- 667- 98 71 • Regin a
or Grain Bags Canada at 306-682-5888 1- 8 00- 667- 3095 • S askatoon
Email: [email protected] 1- 8 00- 38 7- 2 768 • M an itob a 1- 8 00- 2 2 2 - 65 94 • Ed m on ton

“ Fo rAllY o u rFa rm Pa rts”

w w w .f yf e p a rts .c om

Sales and Parts. Exchange or custom re-
builds available. Competitive warranty.
Spectrum Industrial Automatics Ltd.,
Blackfalds, AB. 1-877-321-7732.


AGRICULTURAL PARTS STO RE Harvest Salvage Co. Ltd. 2014 CASE 3340, fully loaded, AIM Com- 2004 BOURGAULT 5710, Series 25 MRB, 2010 BOURGAULT 6450, 4 tank metering,
mand Pro, 260 hrs, crop dividers w/air lift, NH3/dry, 9.8" spacing, 3.5" steel packers, dual fans, dual shoot, 900 singles, 2005
NOW SELLING factory duals 380’s, dual 3” fill, warranty to Speed-Loc adapters, 2 seasons on 3/4" 5710, 47’, 10” spacing, MRBII’s 20”, 3/4”
1-866-729-9876 May 2016, $305,000 OBO. Retiring. carbide openers, Raven Supercooler, c/w carbide knock-on tips, 3-1/2” steel pack-
Hydra ulic Pa rts
& Doin g Hydra ulic Re p a ir 5150 Richmond Ave. East Brandon, MB 306-229-3103, 306-374-7749, Saskatoon. 4300 single shoot cart w/rear tow hitch, ers, double shoot dry. $118,000. Not

Ca ll NODGE Firs t 2008 CASE/IH 3320, 100’ boom, Viper shedded, $65,000 OBO. 204-526-7805, available after Jan. 15th. 306-228-8296
New Used & Re-man parts Pro, AutoHeight, AutoSteer, AIM, 380 Cypress River, MB. days or 306-228-3601 eves., Unity, SK.

Swift Current, SK tires, crop dividers, 1515 hrs, shedded. 2006 SEEDMASTER 6012, Smart hitch,

• S e e d Bo o ts & Tips • Pic ku p Be lts Tractors Combines Swathers 306-488-4517, 306-529-0887, Dilke, SK. new pneumatic tires, more options; 2005
• AirS e e d e rHo s e & Te e th Flexi-Coil 4350 tank, Agtron full blockage,
• Pa c ke rW he e l C a ps
• Nic ho ls S ho ve ls • Ele va to rC ha in s SMITH’S TRACTOR WRECKING. Huge exc. cond. 306-642-8111, Assiniboia, SK. 2003 JOHN DEERE DB44 Planter, S/N
• Ha rro w Tin e s & S pro c ke ts
• Ba le rBe lts inventory new and used tractor parts. 2014 GREAT PLAINS Precision Canola #AODB44X700114, 3 bu. seed hoppers, 24
• Ha yin g & Ha rve s t • Fe e d e rC ha in s 1-888-676-4847. planter, 40', 10" spacing, liquid fertilizer, row, 22" spacing, corn and soybean plates,
& S pro c ke ts canola and corn plates, 3 PTH. Com trak monitor, liquid fertilizer system,
Pa rts & S u pplie s GRATTON 403-598-4222, Lacombe, AB. clean, stored inside, field ready, $80,000.
• C o m b in e pa rts Call 204-981-3570, 204-436-2589, Elm
Creek, MB. [email protected]
• C a n va s

• Tra c to rPa rts

w w w .n od gem fg.c om COULEE
DID YOU EXPERIENCE high green count
AGRI PARTS LTD. in Dekalb canola? For more info contact
2013 CASE/IH PATRIOT 4430, 647 hrs, AIM FLEXI-COIL 6000 air drill, 40’, 3450 TBH Back-Track Investigations 1-866-882-4779
IRMA, AB. tank, double shoot, 7.5” spacing, rubber
Command, Boom drains, 5-way nozzle packer wheels. All new discs, bearings, air CUSTOM CARBIDE AND repairs. Don’t de- GlenM or Equipm ent's
1-888-327-6767 hoses 3 yrs ago. Shedded and unused for 3 lay! Have your equipment ready for spring. W IN TER TILLAGE SALE
bodies, 710s and 320s, Pro 700, 5 sensor seasons, $60,000 OBO. 403-784-3633 or Find out more at: or 403-304-2266, Tees, AB. 403-528-3350, Dunmore, AB. PricesG ood untilJan 15, 2015
AutoHeight, loaded, $325,000 OBO.
Huge Inventory MOON HEAVY HAUL pulling air drills/ air 2012 SEEDMASTER 6612, tire in tire, HEAVY HARROWS
Of Used, New & 306-287-8487, Watson, SK. seeders, packer bars, Alberta and Sask. 30 Smart hitch, dual castors, more options; New Degelman 7000 Mech Angle 70'
years experience. Call Bob Davidson, 2012 JD 1910 tank, 430 bu., cameras, ex- was $41,900...................Now $39,995
[email protected] Drumheller, AB. 403-823-0746. tra rollers, full-run blockage. Units done Used Degelman 7000 Mech Angle 50'
8800 acres Assiniboia, SK., 306-642-8111. was $24,995...................Now $23,495
2010 CASE/IH 4420, leather, AIM, 120’, 2013 NEW HOLLAND P2070, 12" spacing, Used Degelman 7000 Hyd Angle 70'
1200 gal. tank, Raven Viper Pro, Auto-
Boom, AutoHeight, 2 sets tires, $225,000
OBO. Call 306-463-7866, Flaxcombe, SK.

Rebuilt Combine 2013 RG900 Rog a tor spra yer DS, 4" packers, double fan, low draft 1 3/4" was $34,995...................Now $32,995
& Tractor Parts. 100’a ccu bo o m sectio n a l,u ltra
Tested And Ready Dutch side band openers, Intelliview IV VERTICAL TILLAGE
gu id e bo o m height,ra ven viperpro , display, 2013 P1060 430 bu. tank, ADVANCED CARBIDE DRILL points and Salford RTS 41 Ft (10) New Coulters,
Pho en ix300 receiver, X M ra d io ,HID $164,999. 306-737-8286, Rouleau, SK. air drill openers ready to be shipped as Air seeder kit
needed. Find out more: was $69,995...................Now $66,995
lights,fen ce ro w n o zzles,in lin e [email protected] Salford RTS 41 Ft (10) weight pkg,
stra in ers,10 ga ln o zzles,a lso co m es 403-528-3350, Dunmore, AB.

CUSTOM CARBIDE AND repairs. Don’t de-

Call 1-888-920-1507 To Ship. w ith 650/65 R42 flo a tersa n d lay! Have your equipment ready for spring. was $54,995...................Now $52,995
We Purchase Late Trid eko n cro p d ivid ers Find out more at: or Horsch 37 ft Joker,
Model Equipment 403-528-3350, Dunmore, AB. manual depth Control (13)
$240 ,0 0 0 was $82,995...................Now $79,995
For Parts. Ca ll3 06-961-123 1 2012 72’7200 Bou rg a u lt Lemken Heliodor 26 Ft (14) rental, New
h ea vyh a rrow Blades was $69,995........Now $66,995
2013 4730, 100’, loaded, 530 hrs, 5-way Lemken Rubin 26 Ft (13) rental,
nozzle bodies, 2 sets tires, 4 yr. warranty, 9/16 tin es,lo w a cres was $79,995...................Now $76,495
$225,000. 306-441-2061, North Battleford.

Wishek 842 NT 26 Ft

2002 WILLMAR 8600 High Clearance 2013 BOURGAULT 3320, 76' XTC air drill, V- $3 6 ,0 0 0 was $49,995...................Now $44,995
sprayer, 90’ boom, 8 tires, several updates, style 4.5" packers, double shoot air kit for Ezee-On 4500 heavy disc 26 Ft

vg cond., 1200 gal. SS tank, $65,000 OBO. mid row shanks, 1" carbide tips and 76 run Ca ll3 06-961-123 1 was $44,995...................Now $42,995
or trade for newer model. 306-937-2836, liquid kit, full blockage sensors, Bourgault Case-Hutchmaster 7610 good shape
GOODS USED TRACTOR parts (always Large inventory of new 306-937-3402, Battleford, SK. 31 Ft was $24,995..........Now $21,995
buying tractors). David or Curtis, Roblin, and used potato equip. Dealer for Tristeel 7950 cart w/rear duals and hitch for liquid Sunflower 1541 good blades 33'
tank. 306-746-7638, Raymore, SK.

MB., 204-564-2528, 1-877-564-8734. Mfg. wash line equip. Dealer for Logan TRIDEKON CROP SAVER, crop dividers. 2005 MORRIS MAXIM II, 60', 10" spacing, was $34,995...................Now $31,995
Equipment. Call Dave 204-254-8126, MB. DS, 8370 tank, 60 bu., full Agtron sensors. Kello Bilt 225 Bi Fold, 34 feet
S EXS M ITH US ED was $29,995...................Now $27,995
Reduce trampling losses by 80% to 90%. 306-931-0017, Saskatoon, SK.
FARM P ARTS LTD . Call: Great West Agro, 306-398-8000, Cut BOURGAULT 5710 air drill, 54’, w/MRB’s, Morris L249 Challanger 2 Vibra Shank
Knife, SK. 45 Ft was $7,995..............Now $6,495
S EX S M ITH , ALTA. $20,000 OBO. Bourgault 4350 tank,
w w w .u sed fa rm pa m DIRT WORKING
F L O AT E R T I R E S : C A S E s p r a y e r s : $20,000 OBO. 306-252-2227, Kenaston, SK WINTER DISCOUNTS on new and used CW Enterprises Pull Type Grader 14 Ft
Em ail: fa rm pa [email protected] telu spla n et.n et rollers, all sizes. Leasing and delivery blade........................................$24,995
800/70R38, 650/65R38, or 710/70R38. 2001 MORRIS MAXIM 35’, 240 TBH, 10” available. 403-545-6340, 403-580-6889, CW Enterprises Pull Type Grader 16 Ft
YOUR ONE STOP FOR NEW , JD sprayers: 710/70R38 710/70R42 or spacing, single shoot, 3.5” Morris twin row [email protected] Bow Island, AB. blade........................................$33,995
USED & REBUILT AG PARTS. 900/50R42. 306-697-2856, Grenfell, SK. carbon tip seed boots, w/liquid kit, 4”
steel packers, excellent cond., low acres. CALL 1-888-708-3739
Dis m a n tlin g a ll m a jor m a ke s BEHNKE DROP DECK semi style and

pintle hitch sprayer trailers. Air ride, 306-435-7893, Moosomin, SK.

tandem and tridems. Contact SK:

306-398-8000; AB: 403-350-0336. BOURGAULT C-SHANK OPENER bodies,

a n d m ode ls of tra ctors , seventy 610-ASY-4020 bodies, 15,000
com b in e s , s w a th e rs , b a le rs acres, exc. cond., no tips, half the price of BREAKING DISCS: Kewanee #2000 12’,

a n d fora ge h a rve s te rs . new, $100. 306-867-4205, Dinsmore, SK. 15’ & 16’; Towner 18’; 16’ Kello #210; Wi-

[email protected] chek Rock Cushion #842, 14’, 26’ & 30’;

Plu s M u ch M o re! CONCORD 48’ air drill, 2300 TBH cart, Versatile #1800 36’, $25,000; JD #330,
good condition. Call for pricing. 2012 MERIDIAN 375 RT seed tender, 28’, $10,000; Bush Hog, 25’ & 30’, $7500;
1-8 00-340-119 2 450 bu. extension, roll tarp, $16,000. Can JD 15’, $5000; Phoenix harrows, 35’, 42’ &
deliver. 306-524-4567, eves, Raymore, SK. 53’. 1-866-938-8537, Portage la Prairie MB

306-298-4445, Bracken, SK. 60 VW 10 4” carbide spread tips, done 150

Bu yin g Fa rm Equ ipm en t 2002 5710 30’ w/5250 3 comp. tank, 9.8” acres, as new, Will fit Bourgault brackets, LOOKING FOR: 60’-70’ Bourgault cultiva-
Fo rD ism a n tlin g
spacing, dual shoot, 3/4” carbide tips $75 OBO. 204-648-7085, Grandview, MB. tor, 8” or 10” spacing. Must be in good to
S W ATHERS , BALERS , Call 1-888-920-1507 (1100 acres), paired row avail., new mid- 2014 K-HART GEN II disc drill. This unit has 2014 FLEXI-COIL 4350, mech, TBT and great shape. Call 780-928-2538.
CO M BIN ES row Coulter discs, new in 2013 all hoses, approx. 8500 acres on it. Has seen one TBH. Fall specials. Cam-Don Motors Ltd.
tines and scrapers, has 491 monitor and season. Reason for selling is want to buy 306-237-4212, Perdue, SK. 2014 BOURGAULT 8910, 70’ cultivator, 10”
(306) 547- 2 12 5 blockage monitors. Hard to find 30’, exc. new K-Hart 75'. Wet or dry seeding condi- spacings, 450 trips, 4 bar harrow, 200 Se-
shape. 780-871-3937, Paradise Valley, AB. tions, you will love this drill! $250,000. ADVANCED CARBIDE DRILL points and ries speed lock clips. Phone 306-231-8060,
Phone 306-587-7531, Cabri, SK. air drill openers ready to be shipped as Englefeld, SK.
[email protected] needed. Find out more:
403-528-3350, Dunmore, AB. KELLO-BILT DISC PARTS: Blades and

PR EECEV ILLE S ALV AG E 1999 FLEXI-COIL, 45', w/3450 TBT, DS, 12" STORM SEED TREATER for sale! Used 1 bearings. Parts to fit most makes and
spacing, 3.5" steel packers, 10" deluxe load- season, excellent shape, $27,500. Flaman models. 1-888-500-2646, Red Deer, AB.
ing auger, var. rate. Good clean unit, always
PR EECEV ILLE, S AS KATCHEW AN shedded, $50,000 OBO. 306-472-7663, Sales Saskatoon, 1-888-435-2626.
Lafleche, SK. [email protected]
COMB-TRAC SALVAGE. We sell new and CUSTOM CARBIDE AND repairs. Don’t de- 1992 46’ BOURGAULT 8800, 330 trips, 3
used parts for most makes of tractors, 1997 FLEXI-COIL 6000 with Pillar double lay! Have your equipment ready for spring. bar harrows, very good condition, $27,000
combines, balers, mixmills and swathers. shoot disc/hoe openers, $84,000. Warman, Find out more at: or OBO. 204-648-7085, Grandview, MB.
Phone 306-997-2209, 1-877-318-2221, SK. Call Mike for details 306-242-4955, 403-528-3350, Dunmore, AB.
Borden, SK. 306-371-7116, [email protected],
We buy machinery. NEW! FARM KING snowblowers in stock 2013 HORSCH ANDERSON Panther 2011 72’ BOURGAULT packers for
now- 50”, 60”, 72”, 84”, 96”! Reserve yours 460, equipped with "Razor" openers, 5810/5710, 9.8” space, 3.5 steel, vg cond.,
TRIPLE B WRECKING, wrecking tractors, before winter. Starting at $1,995. See double shoot, disc levelers, dual blockage ADVANCED CARBIDE DRILL points and $14,000 OBO 204-648-7085 Grandview MB
combines, cults., drills, swathers, mixmills. your nearest Flaman store or call air drill openers ready to be shipped as
etc. We buy equipment. 306-246-4260, 1-888-435-2626. monitors, ISO electronics, 500 bu. tank needed. Find out more: Your neighbour’s blue compact disc isn’t
306-441-0655, Richard, SK. 403-528-3350, Dunmore, AB. for sale but we can help you find one.
85” ALLIED SNOWBLOWER, 540 PTO, with dual fans. Approximately 6000 acres
MEDICINE HAT TRACTOR Salvage Inc. 3PTH, $1200 OBO.; Also 3PTH to bolt on 2002 BOURGAULT 5710, 35’, 5200 cart,
avail. Semens, SK. Grant 306-524-2155, $260,000. 403-312-0776, Blackie, AB.
306-746-7336 or 306-524-4339.

Specializing in new, used, and rebuilt agri- SCHULTE SNOWBLOWERS in stock now! 2013 SEED HAWK 66-12, duals across speed lock adaptors, 9.8” spacing, asking Find your LEMKEN dealer and ask
cultural and construction parts. Buying ag Front and rear mount. See your nearest front, semi-pneumatic packers, blockage $55,000. Call: 306-293-2793, Climax, SK. how a Blue compact disc works.
and construction equipment for disman- Flaman store or call 1-888-435-2626. monitors, new seed knives, c/w 2011 | (800) 488-0115
tling. Call today 1-877-527-7278, Bourgault 6550 tank, 3 meters, deluxe au- 2014 BOURGAULT 3320-76, 7700 tank, Medicine Hat, AB. ARTS WAY 3PTH snow blowers, oil bath, ger, 900 tires, excellent field ready unit, 10” space, liquid, loaded, high float option,

made in Ontario, 48”, 72”, 78”, 84”, 96”, $248,000. 306-736-7912, Kipling, SK. very low acres. 306-483-7829, Oxbow, SK.
AGRA PARTS PLUS, parting older trac- 102” and 120”. Cam-Don Motors Ltd.,

tors, tillage, seeding, haying, along w/oth- 306-237-4212, Perdue, SK.
er Ag equipment. 3 miles NW of Battle- 7.5’ SCHULTE FRONT mount rotary snow-

plow, PTO driven, $1500. 306-257-3557,

Allan, SK.

Contact us

and learn how

YOUNG’S EQUIPMENT INC. For all your to qualify for up
silage equipment needs call Ron toll free to $750.00 in
306-565-2405, Regina, SK.

tunnel, new rotor and stripper bar, 240 HP
Mack engine. Call Peter at 204-379-2843, • Ultrasonic sensors and a small • WORKS ON ALL PULLED AND
204-745-0092, St. Claude, MB.

controller automatically keep the SELF-PROPELLED SPRAYERS with

booms at the correct height. electric-over-hydraulic controls.

Combine World 1-800-667-4515, www. A better job with less stress! • Very competitive pricing,; 20 minutes east of [email protected]
Saskatoon, SK on Highway #16. Used Ag & 2005 NH 115, Flexi-Coil, suspended boom, • Quick and easy to install. Just two Complete systems
Industrial equipment, new, used & rebuilt 1250 gal, 90’, AutoBoom, AutoRate, rinse 519-669-4698
parts, & premium quality tires at unbeatable tank, foam marker, $19,900. Cam-Don Mo- main components and two to five sensors. available for
prices! 1 yr. warranty on all parts. Canada’s tors Ltd., Perdue, SK. 306-237-4212. Dealer enquiries welcome
largest inventory of late model combines & No hydraulics or plumbing at all. less than
swathers. Exceptional service.
• Step-by-step menu system allows $4700.00.

on-the go adjustments with AUTO


Salvage, Cudworth, SK., 306-256-7107. 2012 JD 4940, 670 hrs., 2 sets tires, Auto-
We sell new, used and remanufactured Boom traction control, full GPS Greenlight-
parts for most farm tractors and combines. ed, $299,000. 306-535-5707, Milestone SK


EZEE-ON 8700 TANDEM disc 36.5’, 12” 2001 375 QUAD, PTO, 4 hyd., power be- 2012 JD 9460R 4-WD PS, 900 hrs, ATR, 2013 JD 6140R tractor w/JD H360 load-

spacing, T-215 bearings, stone flex hang- yond, vg tracks, 6800 hrs, used for seeding leather trim, 710/70 R42 Michelins, HID er/grapple and joystick, 140 HP, only 200

ers, 30.9 mm notched front blades, 30.9 CUSTOM CARBIDE AND repairs. Don’t de- and grain cart. 204-744-2208 St. Leon, MB lights, 4 remotes, weight pkg., $199,500. hrs., MFWD, AutoQuad trans w/LRH, 3

mm smooth rear blades, HD scrapers, 18 lay! Have your equipment ready for spring. 1995 CASE/IH 9270, 5000 hrs, 2nd owner, 320-848-2496, 320-894-6560, Fairfax, MN. PTH, dual PTO, 4 scv’s, 480/80R42 sin-
ply tires, harden steel bushings on center Find out more at: or $58,000 OBO. 306-252-2227, Kenaston, gles, premium cab. Full warranty until Aug.
section tandem wheels, $7000 upgrade, 403-528-3350, Dunmore, AB. SK. 2015, $149,900. Call Jordan anytime at
asking $80,000. 403-704-0264, Rimbey AB 1997 9400, 4 WD, very good tires, exc. 403-627-9300, Pincher Creek, AB.

KELLO-BILT 8’ to 20’ offset discs w/24” CASE/IH STEIGER built, 4 WD/Quads; cond., always shedded, 7000 hrs., $95,000 2013 JOHN DEERE 8360R, MFWD, 874
Plus other makes and models. Call the OBO. 204-745-7445, Carman, MB. hrs., Michelin singles, 800x38 rears, 600/
to 36” notched blades; Kello-Bilt 24’ to 38’ Tractor Man! Trades welcome. We deliver. 70 30 fronts, IVT, 50 KPH, susp., weight
Gord 403-308-1135, Lethbridge, AB. WANTED JD 4560 or 4760, must be 2 WD package, leather, excellent condition,
tandem wing discs w/26” and 28” notched powershift, low hour clean tractor. Blaine

blades and oil bath bearings. Red Deer, AB. 1993 CIH 7120, FWA w/Leon 808 loader, 306-621-9751, 306-782-6022, Yorkton, SK $295,000. 204-574-6401 Wawanesa, MB. 1-888-500-2646. 2012 SALFORD RTS disc, concave and wavy 10,752 hrs.; Also have Bale King R2000.
306-594-7949, Norquay, SK.
WISHEK- USED 22’ 842NT. New front discs, harrows, roller. 780-220-4590 Spruce 7145 DEUTZ, FWA, low hours, can be re- LOOKING FOR JD 4430 TO 7000 Series 2011 JD 9530, 800 metric duals, 1300
blades. Serviced and field ready! See your Grove, AB. [email protected] paired or for parts. Call 306-842-6360, 2010 CASE/IH 485HD, 4 WD, 2743 hrs., tractors in good condition with mechanical hrs., no PTO, lease, $240,000. Milestone,
nearest Flaman store or call Griffin, SK GPS AutoSteer, 16 spd. powershift, 710/ issues. Call 306-621-7170, Yorkton, SK. SK., call 306-436-7727, 306-436-4438.
1-888-435-2626. NEW EXCEL 50’ 3 section landroller, 42” 70R-42 duals 90%, Pro 700 monitor,
drum, $37,500. Also 5 and 7 section land- ATTENTION FARMERS: Get what your beacon, 5000 lb. weight pkg., exc. cond., 4020 JOHN DEERE c/w loader, new tires, G.S. TRACTOR SALVAGE, JD tractors
JD 685 60’ high clearance chisel plow, rollers avail. 204-822-3797, Morden, MB. trades are worth! Tired of getting short very solid tractor, $170,000. 403-485-8116, premium condition, $11,000 OBO. Call only. Call 306-497-3535, Blaine Lake, SK.
original shovels on back row, done approx. WANTED: 40-42’ BOURGAULT chisel plow, Vulcan, AB. 403-585-1910, Carbon, AB.
5000 acres; Brand new, never used JD JD 9400, under 5000 hrs, GreenStar ready,
CX15 mower, air ride, double chains, dual LIZARD CREEK REPAIR and Tractor. We 1993 JOHN DEERE 8570, 4 WD, 6,335 hrs., exc. cond., 710/70R38 tires, $102,000.
wheels. Call 306-672-3629, Gull Lake, SK. buy 90 and 94 Series Case, 2 WD, FWA 24 spd., 20.8x38, fresh $10,244 Greenlight, Imperial, SK. E-mail: [email protected]
tractors for parts and rebuilding. Also have diff. loc, stored inside, excellent condition,
$60,000. 306-648-7654, Gravelbourg, SK. JOHN DEERE 4650, 9018 hrs., qd FEL at
joystick, 208 HP last dyno, $44,900 OBO.

12” spacing, rear hitch, must be in good changed on your used trades? Call us. We rebuilt tractors and parts for sale. 306-552-6470, Regina, SK.
condition. 780-554-0929, Spruce Grove AB have customers looking for your equip- 306-784-7841, Herbert, SK.
[email protected]

ADVANCED CARBIDE DRILL points and ment. Our flat fee is much less than auc- 1981 2090, 5270 hrs., PS, dual PTO, Buhler DID YOU EXPERIENCE high green count 2012 KUBOTA M9540, 4 WD, 164 hrs., 95
air drill openers ready to be shipped as 795 FEL, joystick, very nice cond. Gravel- in Dekalb canola? For more info contact HP, hyd. shuttle, 18.4x30 rear tires with
needed. Find out more: tion or what dealers charge. No up front bourg, SK., 306-648-3511, 306-648-7695.
403-528-3350, Dunmore, AB. Back-Track Investigations 1-866-882-4779
fees. We take care of it all: ads, calls, 2005 MXU 125 MFD, 5600 hrs., L156 load-

transporting, etc. Call now and let’s move
your equipment. 780-352-9292.

er, bucket and grapple, 3 PTH, $57,000. 2004 JD 9420, 4430 hrs, 24 spd., 4 fluid, ultra grand cab with AC and heat.
306-594-7224, Pelly, SK.
hyds., 710/42 duals, Outback AutoSteer, Including LA1353 loader w/82" bucket and

6-way Degelman 7900 high lift blade, very grapple fork, $50,000 OBO. 306-421-1691,

good, $175,000. Phone 780-203-9593, Estevan, SK.

780-963-0641, Stony Plain, AB.

hand reverser, 3 PTH, 3 SCV's, 746 loader
for JD tractors to rebuild, Series 20s, 30s,
c/w forks, bucket/grapple, extra bucket. 40s or 50s, or for parts. Will pay top dollar. WANTED: MASSEY FERGUSON 2805,
204-534-0637, Boissevain, MB. Now selling JD parts. 204-466-2927, 1150; JD 5020 and 6030; Also, wanted old
204-871-5170, Austin, MB. stationary engines. Call 705-927-7519.
1985 4250, powershift, 3 PTH, 2 WD,

6400 hrs, new rubber, excellent. Call

ANNUAL PAYMENT 306-744-8113, Saltcoats, SK.

2008 JD 9630T, 2900 hrs, one owner, hyd.

drawbar, 5500 Camoplast belts, $179,000.
Call 204-822-3797, Morden, MB.

JOHN DEERE 4240, PS, c/w FEL and grap-
ple, premium unit, $26,500 OBO. Call
403-772-2156, Morrin, AB.

2011 JOHN DEERE 7930, 4 WD, 3 PTH,

f r o n t we i g h t s , c l e a n t r a c t o r. 2006 MF GC 2300, 4WD hydro, 450 hrs.,
780-983-0936, Westlock, AB. c/w new 48” blower, $9900. Finance or

2010 JD 7730, w/746 FEL, MFWD, 190 HP, lease OAC. Cam-Don Motors Ltd, Perdue,

1 owner, always shedded, 3219 hrs., mint SK. 306-237-4212.

MB and Eastern SK, condition, $129,000. Call 306-248-7923 or 2014 JD 7200-R row crop, IVT trans., 1994 MF 3660, FWA, 2105 Ezee-On loader
call Brent at (204) 771-8244 306-218-7021, St.Walburg, SK. 540/1000 PTO, 4 hyd., 3 PTH, 200 HP, 165 140 PTO HP, good cond., $26,000 OBO.
AB and Western SK, hrs., HID light pkg., 2630 touchscreen, Phone 204-325-5264, Winkler, MB.
call Larry at (403) 510-7894 2013 JD 9460R, 4 WD, powershift, 875 premium cab, Goodyear duals 380/90R50, hrs, 520/85R42 triples, prem. HID lights, front 380/85R34, front fenders, full cover- 2009 T9060, 4 WD, 535 HP, full Auto-
Hi-Flow hyds., 5 remotes, PTO, 7” color age rear fenders, dual beam radar sensor, Steer, 800 duals, 1380 hrs, full weight pkg,
WWW.VERSATILE-AG.COM display, PowerGard warranty til April 2016, guidance-ready, $185,000. Can deliver.
$229,500. 320-848-2496, 320-894-6560, Call 204-743-2324, Cypress River, MB. Fairfax, MN.

Based on the 40' DH730 air drill and AC400 air cart on a retail lease JD 8440, PTO, 18.4x38 duals, rebuilt JD 4650 MFWD, 12,000 hrs., powershift, exc. cond. 306-642-8111, Rockglen, SK.
contract amortized over 60 months at 4.49% APR. Other product eng. and more, exc. for grain cart, $18,500 280 loader w/grapple, new rear tires,
configurations available. See dealer for details. OBO. 403-585-1910, Airdrie, AB. 1 9 9 8 N H 9 8 8 2 , 4 2 5 H P, 4 6 6 0 h r s . ,
©2014 Buhler Versatile Inc. All rights reserved | [email protected] $40,000. Mike 306-469-7741, Big River, SK 710/70R38 tires, front and rear weights,
JD 8970 4WD, 400 HP, 7200 hrs., new
2010 7330 JD, MFD, 3300 hrs., 20x20 runs great, vg cond., $90,000 OBO. Vegre-
powerquad trans., 3 PTH, 20.8x38 tires, ville, AB., ph 780-632-6372, 780-603-5307

with 741 JD loader and grapple, $110,000. tires 2014, new injectors and EFC unit last 2007 NH TJ430, exc. cond., field ready,
Call A.E. Chicoine Farm Equipment Ltd. 2 yrs., strong tractor, exc. shape, $72,000. quit farming. Plus lots of other farm equip-
Call 403-485-8198 cell, Arrowwood, AB.
306-449-2255, Storthoaks, SK. ment. 780-872-2832, Paradise Hill, SK.


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Titan Truck Sales

Box 299 2012 IH PROSTAR 2010 PETERBILT 386 2007 PETERBILT 386
MacGregor, MB
R0H 0R0

204-685-2222 475 HP Maxxforce, 18 sp, 14,600 front 46,000 rear, 4x4 485 HP Cummins ISX, 13 sp, 14.6 front super 40 rear, 430 HP Cat C13, 13 sp, 12/40, 22.5” alloy wheels, 3:55
gears, 70” bunk, 236” WB. 1,181,480 km.
diff. locks, 3:73 gears, 22.5” alloy wheels, 212” WB, 391 gears, 232” WB, 22.5” alloy wheels, 63” bunk,
warranty till Sept. 2016, $45,000 828602 km. $55,000

423,408 km.


485 HP Cummins ISX, 18 sp, 12/40, 3:55 gears, 3x4 diff. 470 Cat C13, 13 sp, 12/40, 3:36 gears, 244” WB, 70” 490 HP Detriot, 18 sp, 13 front super 40 rear, 4:11 485 HP Cummins ISX, 13 sp, 14.6 front super 40 rear, 525 HP Cummins ISX, 18 sp, 12 front super 40 rear,
locks, 236” WB, 22.5” alloy wheels, 70” bunk, APU. bunk, 22.5” alloy wheels, 1,548,131 km. gears, 4x4 diff. locks, 209 WB
4:10 gears, 244” WB, 22.5” alloy wheels, 63” bunk, 4x4 diff. locks, 4:10 gears,196” WB, 22.5 alloy wheels,
$65,000 $45,000 $35,000
775,694 km. $55,000 780,991 km. $55,000

2007 WESTERN STAR 4900SA 2013 PETERBILT 389 2007 PETERBILT 386 2009 PETERBILT 388 2007 WESTERN STAR 4900FA

515 HP Detriot, 18 sp, 12000 front super 40 rear, 4x4 500 HP Cummins ISX, 18 sp, 12 front super 40 rear, 244” 430 HP Cat C13, 10 sp, 12/40, 22.5” alloy wheels, 3:55 475 HP Cummins ISX, 18 sp, 12/40, 22.5” alloy wheels, 450 HP Mercedes MBE4000, 10 sp Eaton Autoshift,
diff. locks, 209” WB, 48” bunk, 979,831 km. gears, 70” bunk, 236” WB. 1,137,740 km.
WB, 22.5” alloy wheels, 63” flat top bunk, 3:70 gears, 3x4 3-way diff. locks, 3:55 gears, 244” WB, 63” midrise 12/40, 22.5”alloy wheels, New 20’ Cancade grain box,
$40,000 $35,000
diff. locks, 380,117 km, $120,000 45,000bunk, 1,145,366 km.$ remote shute and hoist, $65,000

warranty till 1,287,500 km.
March 2017.

2004 Chev Trailblazer 2007 Ford F-150 Lariat 2007 Ford F-150 Lariat 2007 Ford F-250 Lariat 2007 Jeep Wrangler X

V6, 4x4, remote start, cloth seats, sunroof, 5.4L, 4x4, Chrome and leather, A/C, alloy wheels, 5.4L, 4x4, remote start, sunroof, loaded, heated 6.8L V10, 4x4, Crew Cab 3.8L V6, 73,125 kms
147,159 kms box liner, keyless entry, 57,707 kms seats, Tonneau cover, 90,347 kms
Please Call $16,995
$10,995 $25,995 $26,495
2008 Subaru Outback 2010 Chev Silverado 1500 LS
2007 Subaru Tribeca LTD 2008 Subaru Outback LTD 2008 Subaru Outback

3.0L, AWD, Premier, 7 passenger, 3rd row seating, 2.5L, rebuilt US model , turbo, leather interior, 2.5L, AWD, keyless entry, 117,801 kms 2.5L, AWD, white, 75,000 kms 4.8L V8, Extended cab, 47,713 kms
keyless entry, leather interior, 127,000 kms 55,000 kms
$19,995 $22,995 Please Call
$22,995 $19,995
2011 Subaru Outback 2013 Ford Escape SE 2013 Ford F-150 SVT
2011 Nissan Frontier 2011 Subaru Outback

4.0 L V6, 4x4, 40,892 kms 3.6L, loaded, keyless entry, park assist, 2.5L, Sport pkg, loaded, 30,700 kms 1.6L, I-4 Turbo, 12,042 kms 6.2L V8, Super Crew Cab, 25,464 kms.
26,310 kms Call for Details.
Please Call $30,995 $32,995
$34,995 $56,995


471 CIRCLE PLACE • 665-6898 OR 1-877-373-2662
*MSRP does not include Freight, PDI,Taxes & Fees *See dealer for details

Bourgault Spoons WV7CC - 2 carbides WV7CC - 2 carbides

Original 3/8” JD Acraplant Has two front carbides. This drill point - The VW2CC Fits Versatile - Cereal. Fits IH Eagle Beak opener VW5FC - 3¼” + VW6FC - Shown on Bourgault opener Shown on VW14FB. Also shown
Great Plains - Morris 310 Shown on JD opener. also fits this opener. IH 7200 - IH 8500 2¼” for 200 Series. Also fits Flexi Stealth opener on VW14FB is VW21DSF

VW10FC - 4¼” VW8FC - 3¼” + VW9FC -
full carbide 2¼” for 400 Series.

VW10FC - VW11FC - 3¼” VW11FC - 3¼” VW12FC - 2¼” VW12FC VW13CC -
full carbide full carbide drill point full carbide drill point chrome - carbide

Front and sides - single shoot - up to Show on Bourgault opener. Shown on Bourgault opener. Also fits VW14FB Shown on VW14FB opener. Up to 1.5” spread. Shown on Bourgault Shown on VW14FB. Also fits Bourgault Weld on drill point - use to replace almost
3½” spread - shown on VW14FB opener. opener and Flexi Stealth opener. Very popular Also fits Flexi Stealth and opener. Also fits on VW14FB and Flexi and Flexi Stealth - single shoot drill point. all weld-on drill points. Cut worn out off and
VWHC1 single shoot drill point - up to 2½” spread. weld new one on for big savings. Shown on
Also fits Bourgault and Flexi Stealth. Bourgault openers. Stealth. VW27
VWHC2 Bourgault weld-on point opener.
VW18 HDS VW46 J.D.S.T. VWJ.D. 1870
fertilizer knife VW32 P.R.D.S

Harmon double shoot seed boot. Small Harmon point - Large Harmon point - slides over Carbide tipped - two carbides - Large carbide - long wear 1/8 shim - for all C shanks. Paired row - double shoot for C
Carbides protect seed opening. large carbide. adapter - bolt head and nut are re- for J.D. strip till. Tip opener up or down. shank. Fertilizer delivered between
cessed. Large carbide - long wear. VWJD1870F
VW13CC Morris Double Shoot VWJD1870PR seed rows.
JD 1890 seed boot

Use the VW13CC to replace worn Opener shown with VWM1C - main front With three carbides along wear JD 1870 paired row drill point JD 1870 Fertilizer Knife with Dunmore, Alberta, (Medicine Hat), AB
point on this bolt-on opener. drill point with two carbides. VWM3C edge to prevent wear. Will likely with full carbide. replaceable carbide point.
and 4M4C - side plates with carbide Equip your drill with VW. Call today!
VW16 B 2C outlast your drill!! VWJD1870SC VWSMF
imbedded and full carbide M2C deflector. Visit us at:
VW22G1B JD 1870 Wheel Scraper with
VW17FS carbide for extended wear. 403-528-3350
Also available for JD 1830.
Fits Bourgault KNH599 and Flexi scraper JD spear point and Danish tine, In U.S.A. call Loren Hawks at Chester, Montana -
KNH600 knives. Two large front - carbide tip. three carbides - many times life
Many times life
carbides. of original. of original.

SeedMaster Fertilizer Knife with 406-460-3810

replaceable Carbide Tip. Call now for custom carbide and repairs




Call FINANCE HOTLINE 306-934-1455 DL#311430



UNIT 1- TRACTOR: 1998 NH 9482, 3583 3PTH TO BOLT ON, $1300 OBO. Contact LOOKING FOR ALL class of bison from Davidson Gelbvieh/ Lonesome Dove
hrs., 1 owner, shedded, $74,000; Seeder: Grant, 306-524-2155, 306-746-7336 or yearling to cow/calf pairs and big bulls.
48’, 12” sp., markers, blockage monitors, 306-524-4339, Semens, SK. Phone Kevin 306-429-2029, Glenavon, SK. Ranch 26th Bull Sale, Sat, Mar 7th 2015,
$5,000; Air Tank: Flexi-Coil P 1040, 325 ADVANCED CARBIDE DRILL points and
bu., new 2010, $45,000; Unit 2 Tractor: air drill openers ready to be shipped as 1-888-92 0-1507 NILSSON BROS. INC: Wanted 200 young 1:00 PM at their bull yards, Ponteix, SK. COZY CAPS! Ear protection for newborn
1996 Ford/NH 9280, 3543 hrs., shedded, needed. Find out more: (2 to 5 years) bred bison cows. Richard Lunch at 11:00 AM. Presale viewing and calves! Ph. 306-577-4664, Carlyle, SK.
$50,000; Seeder: 42’, 12” space, markers, 403-528-3350, Dunmore, AB. DIESEL GENSET SALES AND SERVICE, Bintner, Tisdale, SK, 306-873-3184, cell hospitality Fri, Mar 6th. Selling 100+ PB [email protected]
blockage monitors, $5000; Air Tank: SUNFLOWER HARVEST SYSTEMS. Call 12 to 300 KW, lots of units in stock, used 780-349-9717, email [email protected] yearling bulls, red or black. Performance
Flexi-Coil 2320, $9000. Will sell tractors, for literature. 1-800-735-5848. Lucke Mfg., and new, Perkins, John Deere, Deutz. We and semen tested. View catalog and video 6 TAN BRED HEIFERS, Red Angus cross
seeder and tanks, individually. Discount if also build custom gensets. We currently HERD DISPERSAL: 11 cows. year on-line at: or Charolais from Purebred stock, bred to
purchased as a unit. Pictures, service ODESSA ROCKPICKER SALES: New De- have special pricing on new John Deere 2001-2010, average 1300 lbs.; 3 yearling Contact calve March and April to LBW Red Angus
records and info. available. Eston, SK, ph. gelman equipment, land rollers, Straw- units. Call for pricing 204-792-7471. heifers. Registered Pure Plains. Hollyrock bulls. Call 780-582-2254, Forestburg, AB.
480-802-0587, or [email protected] master, rockpickers, protill, dozer blades. Bison, 306-933-4712, Saskatoon, SK. 306-625-3755 or 306-625-3513.
306-957-4403, 306-536-5097, Odessa, SK. TROPHY ZONE TANNERY. State of the QUILL CREEK BISON is looking for fin-
2011 NEW HOLLAND BN Boomer, c/w CUSTOM CARBIDE AND repairs. Don’t de- art facility. Hair on tanning for both taxi- ished, and all other types of bison. COD, SASKATOON GELBVIEH BULL and Female HERD DISPERSAL: 105 Red, Black and
loader, CVT transmission, 50 HP engine, lay! Have your equipment ready for spring. dermy and domestic hides. Quality work paying market prices. “Producers working Sale, Sat., March 21, 2015, Saskatoon, SK. cross bred Angus younger cows, May/Jun
only 71 hours!! $27,900. Cam-Don Motors Find out more at: or with fast turn around. Call anytime with Producers.” Delivery points in SK. and To request a catalogue call 306-865-2929, calving, bred easy calving Red Angus bulls,
Ltd., 306-237-4212, Perdue, SK. 403-528-3350, Dunmore, AB. 403-653-1565 or cell 406-450-6300, MB. 306-231-9110, Quill Lake, SK. $2800 firm. 204-966-3895, 204-476-0643,
Cardston, AB. Email: [email protected] ELK VALLEY RANCHES, buying all ages
1994 FORD 9880, 20.8x42 triples, 4 hyds., 2003 WINDSTAR VAN; 970 or 1070 Case of feeder bison. Call Frank 780-846-2980, Eden, MB. Email: [email protected]
7000 hrs., good shape, $78,000 OBO. Call tractor; 6’ Massey Harris 1-Way disc; WD9 PHIL’S IRRIGATION SALES: Reinke piv- Kitscoty, AB. or [email protected]
306-743-7622, Langenburg, SK. tractor. 306-344-4453, Paradise Hill, SK. ots, lateral and minigators, pump and used KICKIN’ ASH BUFFALO Meat Products is COMPLETE HERD DISPERSAL: 1250
1991 FORD/ VERSATILE 946, 4950 hrs., WANTED: Older and newer tractors, in mainline travelers and pivots. 22 years ex- currently looking for all classes of bison Black Angus cows, start calving April 15th;
tires good, Outback E-drive, shedded, running condition or for parts. Goods Used perience. 306-858-7351, Lucky Lake, SK. for expanding North American market. Call FRESH AND SPRINGING heifers for sale. Also 50 Black Angus bulls. Phone:
$50,000. 403-548-8928, Richmound, SK. Tractor Parts, 1-877-564-8734. Paul 780-777-2326, Athabasca, AB. or Cows and quota needed. We buy all class- 204-638-5581 eves., Dauphin, MB.
1993 946 FORD VERSATILE tractor, 4500 COUPLERS FOR HYD. cyl. with Aeroquip PUMP UNITS: Diesel; propane; nat. gas. email to [email protected] es of slaughter cattle-beef and dairy. R&F
hrs, 20.8x42 duals, 1 owner, $58,000 OBO. male tips FD60-1007-08-10 to fit 1750 6” to 10” alum. pipe. Taber, AB. Dennis: Livestock Inc. Bryce Fisher, Warman, SK.
306-252-2227, Kenaston, SK. Cockshutt. 306-229-4300, Saskatoon, SK. 403-308-1400. [email protected] FOR SALE: 6 long yearling Bison bulls and Phone 306-239-2298, cell 306-221-2620.
WANTED: MF #36 DISCERS. Will pay top FOR SALE: TWO 1/4 mile wheel lines, 44 4 bull calves; Also looking for 2 year old
2014 VERSATILE 2375 “Classic”, 375 HP, dollar and pick from anywhere. Phone pairs, 7”x30’ mainline; 2000’ of 10” gated bull. 403-586-2404, Olds, AB. WANTED: SPECKLED PARK young bred
710 duals, front and rear WTS, 2 yr. war- 306-723-4875, Cupar, SK. pipe; 1400’ T/L pivot. Call 306-858-7351, commercial cows. Call 306-734-2970,
ranty. Lease/Finance programs OAC. Cam- WANTED: USED, BURNT, old or ugly trac- Lucky Lake, SK. LAZY S BULL POWER 2015+ females, Chamberlain, SK.
Don Motors, 306-237-4212, Perdue, SK. tors. Newer models too! Smith’s Tractor January 31, at the ranch, Mayerthorpe, AB. BIG ISLAND LOWLINES Premier Breeder.
700 VERSATILE, 2600 original hours, c/w Wrecking, 1-888-676-4847. FORD/NH TN55S, 55HP, FWA, turf tires, 200 polled red and black Simmental, An- Selling custom designed packages. Name WANTED: CULL COWS and bulls. For book-
d o z e r, l i ke n ew, $ 1 7 , 5 0 0 O B O. C a l l WANTED: FLEXI-COIL OR FRIGGSTAG 3 PTH, mower, roto-tiller, sprayer, auger, gus and Beefmaker SimAngus bulls and your price and we will put a package to- ings call Kelly at Drake Meat Processors,
403-823-1894, Drumheller, AB. (Gray), 650 lbs. trips (41). Call cult., pallet forks, 3-way blade. Taber, AB. bred heifers. 780-785-3136. Bull/female gether for you. Fullblood/percentage Low- 306-363-2117, ext. 111, Drake, SK.
1975 VERS. 750 Series II, 4 WD, $14,000 306-237-4212, Perdue, SK. [email protected], 403-308-1400. video online in Jan. line, embryos, semen. Black/Red carrier.
OBO. Trades welcome; JD 30’ batt reel, WANTED: OLDER 60- 80 HP tractor with Darrell 780-486-7553, Edmonton, AB.
straight cut header. Offers. 306-460-9027, live PTO, 2 or 3 spool hyd. 306-834-5195, SPRUCE FOR SALE! Beautiful locally O N E S TO P
306-463-3480, Flaxcombe, SK. 306-834-2808, Kerrobert, SK. grown trees. Plan ahead and renew your OPEN HEIFERS, RED and black Simmental 19.1 AND 19.2 hand pair of 9 and 10 year
WANTED: MF #36 and #360 Discers, shelterbelt or landscape a new yardsite, CATTLE FIN AN CIN G
GRATTON COULEE AGRI PARTS LTD. Your all sizes, any condition. Also parts discers. get the year round protection you need. and Simmental influence, out of industry old, well broke Belgium geldings. Used for
#1 place to purchase late model combine Prompt pickup. Call anytime at We sell on farm near Didsbury, AB. or de- BC, ALBER TA, S AS K.
and tractor parts. Used, new and rebuilt. 306-946-7923, 306-946-9669, Young, SK. liver anywhere in western Canada. Now “ Fa rm e rs He lping Fa rm e rs ” leading sires. Meadow Acres Farms, Dustin field work and logging, $7500/pair. Call Toll free 888-327-6767. taking Spring bookings. Details phone
FENCE CABLE very good used 5/16” and 403-586-8733 or check out our website at FOOTHILLS 306-487-7510, Lampman, SK. 204-721-4472, Wawanesa, MB.
JOHN DEERE 840 LOADER c/w grapple, 3/8”. Very smooth and suitable for horses,
mounts off 7000 Series, excellent condi- cows, buffalo, etc. Economic way to build LIV ESTO C K C O - O P OPEN FULL FLECKVIEH heifers and Polled
tion. Call 780-990-8412, Cherhill, AB. low maintenance long life fence. Safe for NEBRASKA BISON BUYING ALL CLASSES Bred cow program !
TRACK AND 4 WD loaders, ready to work, animals and humans. Calgary, AB., call Bison calves, yearlings, adult bulls, cows, PB heifers from high selling Polled full
966 with pulp loader, Fiat-Allis 346, 605, 403-237-8575. pairs. All export requirements processed FeederProgram !
840; Clark 45; Dresser 530; Case 621-B; by Nebraska Bison. Contact Randy Miller, Toll Free 1-8 66-8 48 -6669 Fleckvieh bulls. Call Curtis Mattson, BEAUTIFUL REGISTERED MAMMOTH don-
Nine yard Volvo; Five 2 wheel loaders Do you have 402-430-7058, Nebraska, NE. or e-mail: 306-944-4220, Meacham, SK. keys. Including one 2 year old black jack
(track type)- need work; TD92 w/loader; a gate that [email protected] No Res triction s ; Pu rcha s e a n d
Cat D2 w/loader; Fiat-Allis FL9 w/loader; protects your BISON WANTED - Canadian Prairie Bison m a rk etin g -You rchoice ready for breeding. Can be seen on the ‘for
Cat 941 w/loader; 955 H w/loader; farm, acreage is looking to contract grain finished bison
Dresser 175-C. Over 900 tires and over or business? for growing markets. Roger Provencher at w w w.foothills lives sale page’ at:
500 new and used hydraulic cylinders, 306-468-2316. [email protected]
have dismantled loaders for parts. New Lok Pot will GRASS FED BISON for sale: bulls, calves Roc k y M ou n ta in Hou s e , AB or call 204-535-2141, Baldur, MB.
parts for low prices. Acres of salvage. keep your and exposed cows. 250-489-4786 leave WELSH BLACK- The Brood Cow Advantage.
Cambrian Equipment Sales Ltd., Winnipeg, padlock clean message, Fort Steele, BC. PUREBRED BLACK ANGUS long yearling
MB. Ph: 204-667-2867, fax 204-667-2932. and dry. NILSSON BROS INC. buying finished bison bulls, replacement heifers, AI service. Check
CRAWLER DOZERS: CAT D8H. Bush equip- on the rail at Lacombe, AB. for January de- Meadow Ridge Enterprises, 306-373-9140
ment: Old D7, good runner, D6 high track livery and beyond. Fair, competitive and or 306-270-6628, Saskatoon, SK. Canadian Welsh Black Soc. 403-442-4372.
and old D6 9U Series, D4 40. Now wreck- assured payment. Call Richard Bintner 35 BRED BLACK ANGUS and Simmental
ing mini truck type dozers and loaders. ONE TIME FENCING, sucker rod fence 306-873-3184. cross Angus cows, $3500/ea. Contact 2 BRED PAPERED mares and a fine black
New parts, low, low prices. Salvage of all posts (solid steel), and steel corners. WANTED TO PURCHASE cull bison bulls 250-569-0012, McBride, BC. reg. broke to ride stallion. A proven breed-
types on 2 yards over 50 acres. Cambrian 1-877-542-4979. and cows for slaughter. Oak Ridge Meats er, you can view past offspring. Package
Equipment Sales Ltd., 204-667-2867, fax: GUARANTEED PRESSURE TREATED fence 204-835-2365 204-476-0147 McCreary MB BLACK ANGUS BULLS, two year olds, se- 150 BLACK AND Black Baldy young cows, deal $6000. 204-721-4472, Wawanesa, MB
204-667-2932, Winnipeg, MB. posts, lumber slabs and rails. Call Lehner 50 PLAINS BISON CALVES for sale by Ten- men tested, guaranteed breeders. Delivery bred to Angus and Horned Hereford. Due
Wood Preservers Ltd., ask for Ron der. Also selling 3 two year old bulls. All available. 306-287-3900, 306-287-8006, to calve March 10th. Preg checked and im-
1981 TD 20 E dresser dozer V8 IH 220 HP 306-763-4232, Prince Albert, SK. free range and grass fed. Please submit Englefeld, SK. munized. 306-342-4447, Glaslyn, SK.
engine, twin tilt angle blade, full guarded SOLIDLOCK AND TREE ISLAND game wire tender bids by January 10, 2015. Email BLACK ANGUS HEIFERS for sale sired by
canopy, bush ready, rebuilt transmission and all accessories for installation. Heights [email protected] or Networth and Density. AI’d to Final An- 200 MOSTLY BLACK BRED HEIFERS bred WELL MATCHED 15HH Sorrel Molly mules.
torque, steering’s, like new UC, ripper, ex- from 26” to 120”. Ideal for elk, deer, bison, phone 306-296-7383, Claydon, SK. swer. Call 306-736-8698, Peebles, SK. to proven Black Angus and Horned Here- Used on trail rides, pulling covered wagon,
cellent working condition, 26” pads, War- sheep, swine, cattle, etc. Tom Jensen NORTHFORK- INDUSTRY LEADER for PAY NOW, GET LATER! DKF Black or ford bulls. Due to calve May 10, 2015. as well as field work, $3500/pair. Call
ranty, $69,000. Trades considered. Can ph/fax 306-426-2305, Smeaton, SK. over 15 years, is looking for finished Bison, Red Angus bulls. Gladmar, SK. For info: $3650 each. Gate run of 20 or more. Con- 204-721-4472, Wawanesa, MB.
Deliver. 204-743-2324, Cypress River, MB. grain or grass fed. “If you have them, we Dwayne 306-969-4506, Scott’s cell tact Perry 306-435-6994, Moosomin, SK.
LEON 606 FEL with 6’ bucket, $3200. Call: BLOCKED AND SPLIT seasoned Spruce want them.” Make your final call with 306-815-7023.
306-960-3000 St. Louis, SK firewood. Call V&R Sawing, 306-232-5488, Northfork for pricing! Guaranteed prompt SELLING: BLACK ANGUS bulls. Wayside HERD DISPERSAL: YOUR pick from 100
Rosthern, SK. payment! 514-643-4447, Winnipeg, MB. Angus, Henry and Bernie Jungwirth,
EXCAVATOR: 2007 JD 270D, 6300 hours, FIREWOOD: Cut and split, delivery 306-256-3607, Cudworth, SK. red and 100 black cows, 4 pot loads. Will SELLING TEAMS:Stallion, young Percheron
heat, AC. Reduced $114,900. Conquest available. 306-862-7831, 306-862-3086, winter. 306-432-4803, Lipton, SK.
Equipment, 306-483-2500, Oxbow, SK. Nipawin, SK. REG. RED ANGUS bulls, calving ease, good Quarterhorse cross, Black Registered Mare
DOZERS: CAT D6N’s, D6T’s, Deere 750J, BLOCKED SEASONED JACK Pine firewood growth, quiet, will be semen tested. Little
Case 1650L. For sale or rent. Conquest and wood chips for sale. Lehner Wood Pre- de Ranch, 306-845-2406, Turtleford,SK. 2 ‘MONOPOLY’ BRED heifers; 1 ‘Eye Candy’ and 2 fillies. 306-387-6572, Marshall, SK.
Equipment, 306-483-2500, Oxbow, SK. servers Ltd., 306-763-4232, Prince Albert,
SK. Will deliver. Self-unloading trailer. RED ANGUS BULLS, two year olds, se- bred heifer. Bred to the Brilliance club calf TWO 5 YEAR old black Percheron mares.
SNOWBLOWER, JD 7’, $1250; Schweis 8’, men tested, guaranteed breeders. Delivery bull. Call: 780-367-2483, Willingdon, AB.
$1000. Grain vacs: Brandt 4000, $8000; BEV’S FISH & SEAFOOD LTD., buy di- available. 306-287-3900, 306-287-8006, Very well broke. Phone evenings
Remm 2500HD, $9500; Leon 12’ front rect, fresh fish: Pickerel, Northern Pike, Englefeld, SK.
blade, $3500; Waldron 10’, $1500; JD 8-30 Whitefish and Lake Trout. Seafood also PAY NOW, GET LATER! DKF Red or 20 BRED COWS: Blacks and Charolais cross 306-862-5975, Codette, SK.
corn planter, $6000; Artsway mixmill, available. Phone toll free 1-877-434-7477, Black Angus bulls. Gladmar, SK. Call for
$1500; Champion 20” roller mill, $2000; 306-763-8277, Prince Albert, SK. info: Dwayne 306-969-4506, Scott’s cell End of March calving. Call 306-283-4747
Henke 30” PTO roller mill, $3500; 1500 306-815-7023.
watt PTO generator, $1800; New land le- 1996 SANDERSON TELESCOPIC forklifts, DISPERSAL OF PUREBRED bred Red and or 306-291-9395, Langham, SK.
vellers, 10’, $2450. 1-866-938-8537, Port- Model 1140, 8800 lbs. rated lifting cap., Black Angus cows and open heifer calves.
age la Prairie, MB. 36’ lift height, crab steer, 4x4, enclosed Sired by top AI herdsires. 306-272-7841, 2 5 H O M E G R O W N C h a r o l a i s a n d TRIM BOSS: The Power Hoof Trimmer.
heated cab, vg tires, 4 cyl. Perkins diesel 306-272-3997, Foam Lake, SK. Char./cross heifers, bred Red Angus, calv- Take the work out of hoof trimming. Trim
engine, winter kit. Job ready, $28,500. ing end of Mar. 306-548-4340, Stenen, SK. wall, sole and flare on saddle horses,
204-743-2324, Cypress River, MB. YEARLING AND TWO year old Charolais
bulls, white and red factor. Creedence 22 ANGUS CROSS Simmental bred heifers, drafts and minis. Call 780-898-3752, Buck
NEW AND USED generators, all sizes from Charolais Ranch, Ervin Zayak, Derwent, AB. approx. 1100 lbs., bred to Red Angus with Creek, AB.
5 kw to 3000 kw, gas, LPG or diesel. Phone Call 780-741-3868, 780-853-0708.
for availability and prices. Many used in LBW, preg. checked. Calving Mar 9 - Apr
stock. 204-643-5441, Fraserwood, MB. YEARLING AND 2 year old Charolais bulls,
also 5 purebred Charolais heifers, bred 30, $2600. 306-248-1221, St.Walburg, SK.
Red Angus. 780-582-2254, Forestburg, AB.
150 RED AND Black Angus bred cows, 2nd, 2 JOHN DEERE SANTA CLAUS SLEIGHS
30 PB CHAROLAIS COWS, white and red 3rd and 4th calvers. Call 306-773-1049, (cutters), shedded, excellent cond., $5000,
factor, selling w/wo papers. Creedence
Charolais Ranch, Ervin Zayak, Derwent, AB. Swift Current, SK. and $3500. 204-859-2508, Rossburn, MB.
780-741-3868, 780-853-0708.
&RQIHUHQFH “Forage Focus”
olds and yearlings. Polled, horned, some 6$6.$7&+(:$1©6 January 21 – 23, 2015
red. Quiet hand fed, hairy bulls. 40+ head 35(0,(5 EVRAZ Place, Regina SK
available. Wilf at Cougar Hill Ranch %(()(9(17
306-728-2800, 306-730-8722, Melville, SK Beef & Forage Symposium
Industry Meetings
46 CHAROLAIS AND Charolais cross cows,
to start calving March 1st. Call “The world is run by people who show up.” Bruce Vincent
204-732-2681, Toutes Aides, MB.
Show up for SBIC 2015 at Queensbury Convention Centre!

With beef prices reaching all time highs, it’s a great time to invest in the
growth of your operation. Gain insight into forage management principles
and technology from top researchers, combined with the hands-on experi-
ence of leading producers. Thought-provoking messaging on social license,
industry advocacy and best management practices; it’s all on the agenda.

Speakers from across Western Canada will be joined by some out-of-country
guests, including:

From the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, Dr. Flavio Santos,
expert in intensive grazing systems and energy supplementation.

Montana’s Bruce Vincent is engaging, compelling and passion-
ate. This logger turned inspirational speaker will help you view
familiar scenes through a new lens.

Show up for networking, information, fun and excitement.

The Ramada Plaza will provide conference-rate guest rooms.
Call 306-569-1666 ex 7200 and use the Group Code CGSBAC to book your
room today. Free shuttle service will be provided to the meeting venue.

For more information and to register visit:


We manufacture an extensive line of cattle ternational is buying all wheats and Dur-
panels, all 2-7/8” drill stem construction, REEL AUG G IE handling and feeding equipment including um, barley, oats, spelt, peas, mustard and
squeeze chutes, adj. width alleys, crowd- flax. SK./AB. producers call 306-652-4529;
CANADIAN CO-OPERATIVE WOOL $440; 24’x5.5’ high panels, 2-7/8” pipe TM R FEED ing tubs, calf tip tables, maternity pens, Manitoba producers call 204-806-1087.
with 5- 1” sucker rods, $310; 24’x6’ high M IXERS gates and panels, bale feeders, Bison
Growers, buying wool. For nearest wool panels, 2-7/8” pipe with 6- 1” rods, $350;
collection depot or livestock supplies cata- 30’ 2 or 3 bar windbreak panels c/w lum- equipment, Texas gates, steel water WANTED: BUYING ORGANIC GRAINS.
logue, 1-800-567-3693, ber. Gates and double hinges available on troughs, rodeo equipment and garbage in- FOB farm or delivered, Loreburn, SK. Call
cinerators. Distributors for El-Toro electric F.W. Cobs Company, 1-888-531-4888.
SUNGOLD SPECIALTY MEATS. We want all panels. Belting troughs for grain or si- branders and twine cutters. Our squeeze

your lambs. Have you got finished (fat) lage. Delivery available. For more info. call

lambs or feeder lambs for sale? Call Rick 306-768-8555, Carrot River, SK.

at: 403-894-9449 or Cathy at: FREESTANDING PANELS: 30’ windbreak chutes and headgates are now avail. with a TRADE AND EXPORT Canada buying all
1-800-363-6602 for terms and pricing. panels; 6-bar 24’ and 30’ panels; 10’, 20’ neck extender. Ph. 306-796-4508, email: grades of conventional and organic grains. and 30’ feed troughs; Bale shredder bunks; [email protected] Web: Fast payment and pick up 1-877-339-1959

Silage bunks; Feeder panels; HD bale feed-

ers; All metal 16’ and 24’ calf shelters. Will

NOW PURCHASING AT Roy Leitch Live- custom build. 306-424-2094, Kendal, SK.

stock Co. Ltd. fat lambs, cull ewes/goats. BELTING FOR SALE: 42-56” wide, 3/8” A M ixerW a go n w ith In n o va tive R eel
204-727-5021, 204-729-7791,Brandon, MB thick. Call Ken Wadelle 403-346-7178 or a n d Au gerDesign fo ryo u rTo ta l
M ixed R a tio n
403-392-7754, Red Deere, AB.

2011 NDE #2654 vertical MIX WAGON. Available at:
Asking $55,000. Call Mike 306-469-7741,
Big River, SK. N ic k ’s S e rvic e

SASK. SHEEP DEV. BOARD sole dis- HAYBUSTER 256 Plus II, good condition, Em era ld P a rk, S K FEMALE CHOCOLATE LAB, 3 years old, has
tributor of sheep ID tags in Sask., offers $5000 OBO. Phone: 250-992-2375, Ques- 306- 78 1- 1077 obedience commands, pleasing disposi-
programs, marketing services and sheep/ nel, BC. tion, $450. 306-845-2202, Turtleford, SK.
goat supplies. 306-933-5200, Saskatoon, PORTABLE PANELS 30’ freestanding 3-

SK. 330 CATTELAC FEED wagon for sale, used bar windbreak frames, 5-bar, 4-bar panels

very little. 306-532-4544, Wapella, SK. w/wo double hinge gates and more. On

farm welding. Oxbow, SK., 306-485-8559 WINTER WATERING: FREEZE proof,

motion eye, 24”/36” drain back bowl. Call

BUYING: PIGS/SWINE, raised outside, all toll free 1-888-731-8882, Lumsden, SK. SWM CATTLE RANCHER, East Central GREAT PYRENEES/AKBASH CROSS pups,
sizes. Highest $$$. 1-877-226-1395. Or visit: Sask. Early 40’s, seeking female who en- born Aug. 28, currently living with feeder joys travel, country living and sharing fun lambs, both working parents, $200. Call
BALE KING R2000; Also 1993 CIH 7120, times. Please include photo and phone #. Rick 306-845-2404, Livelong, SK.
F WA , L e o n 8 0 8 l o a d e r, 1 0 , 7 5 2 h r s .
306-594-7949, Norquay, SK. Reply to: Box 2010, c/o The Western Pro- PUREBRED BORDER COLLIE puppies from

MORAND INDUSTRIES ducer, Saskatoon, SK., S7K 2C4. hard working stock parents, good blood-
Builders of Quality Livestock
Equipment, Made with Your lines. Born November 19, some tri-colored,

$600. Call 306-759-2262, Eyebrow, SK.

AQUA THERM A pasture proven trough. Safety in Mind! GREAT PYRENEES PUPS, ready to bond

Winter water problems? Solved! No elec- 1-800-582-4037 BUY DIRECT: RIOMAX mineral tubs and with your children, pets, livestock. Born
Riogrande loose mineral. Low cost with Nov. 15th. First shots, vet checked on Dec.
40 EXPOSED ELK cows. Old school genetics, tricity required. 3 sizes - 100, 200 and 525 consumption guarantee. Chelated mineral, 23. $150 after rebate. Call Olson Ranch,
Jackpot, Bullwinkle, Leroy, Kiwi Renegade ga l l o n . Ke l l n S o l a r, L u m s d e n , S K .

as well as modern day champions like 1-888-731-8882, LARGE SELECTION OF freestanding corral 6 digestion tools, free delivery (3 ton min.). FIND LOVE THIS WINTER! 20 years suc- 306-643-2117, Rocanville, SK.
Adonis, Titan and High Tower. $65,000 for panels starting at $199. 10’ bull panels, No dealers: Buy direct! Rio Nutrition, cessful Matchmaking! In-person interviews
all. Free delivery. 306-365-3113, FOR ALL YOUR livestock equipment and $99; 10’ cattle panels, $89; Round bale 306-662-3559 ask for Daryl or Jenny, Maple January 20-23rd in Regina and Saskatoon. PUREBRED BORDER COLLIE pups,
306-717-6110, Saskatoon, SK. agriculture supply needs- feeders; Horse hay savers, $459; 20’ bunk Creek, SK. Email: [email protected] Camelot Introductions, 204-888-1529, red/white, and black/white, good working
We repair scales. 306-762-2125 Vibank SK feeder panels, $399; 30’ Windbreak bloodlines, $300/ea. Call 306-764-7920,
ATTENTION ELK PRODUCERS in AB. frames, $399. Jack Taylor 306-961-4649, Prince Albert, SK.
and SK: Call AWAPCO today to market 2007 HIGHLINE 8000 bale processor,
right hand discharge, big tires, exc. cond.
your elk. Not sure if you are eligible to Call 780-916-2333, Spruce Grove, AB.
ship? Give us a call. We will help with the 1-866-500-2276. For pictures and more go
paperwork. Non-members welcome! For
info 780-980-7589, [email protected] BALE PICKER, TRUCK mount; Hopper feed- to
ers, Cattle scales; New and used bale
NORTHFORK- INDUSTRY LEADER for scales. 306-445-2111, North Battleford, FROSTFREE NOSEPUMPS: Energy free
SK. Website: solution to livestock watering. No power
required to heat or pump. Prevents con-
over 15 years, is looking for Elk. “If you
have them, we want them.” Make your fi- HIGHLINE 7000 HD bale processor, like tamination. Grants avail. 1-866-843-6744. WANT THE ORGANIC ADVANTAGE? PB AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD PUPS,
nal call with Northfork for pricing! Guaran- new condition, less than 1000 bales. Contact an organic Agrologist at Pro-Cert from working parents, new litter due Dec.
teed prompt payment! 514-643-4447, $9000 OBO. 306-264-7742, Kincaid, SK. for info on organic farming: prospects, 23rd. Call 780-853-2783, Vermilion, AB.
Winnipeg, MB. X BOX 2 bale feeder, excellent cond.; Turn transition, barriers, benefits, certification
FREESTANDING LIVESTOCK PANELS and tire feeders. 403-854-4555, Hanna, AB. and marketing. To contact one of our

windbreaks. 24' freestanding port. livestock STEEL VIEW MFG. Self-standing panels, Agrologists call 306-382-1299, Saskatoon,
panels, $375; 30' freestanding windbreaks, windbreaks, silage/hay bunks, feeder pan-
SVEN ROLLER MILLS. Built for over 40 $475; Fence line feeders and bale feeders els, sucker rod fence posts. Custom or- SK. or [email protected]
years. PTO/elec. drive, 40 to 1000 bu./hr. also available. We do custom projects and ders. Call Shane 306-493-2300, Delisle, BEST COOKING PULSES accepting samples
Example: 300 bu./hr. unit costs $1/hr. to delivery is available. Call 306-823-7040, SK.
run. Rolls peas and all grains. We regroove Neilburg, SK. [email protected]
EZE-FEEDER: Quality built grain feeders
and repair all makes of mills. Call Apollo 30’ PORTABLE WINDBREAKS, asking w/auger for range or bulk feeding. From of organic and conventional pulses for
Machine 306-242-9884, 1-877-255-0187. $750; 30’ silage feed troughs, $650 15 - 95 bu. Optional scales, 3 PTH frames, 2014/2015 crop year. Matt 306-586-7111, BC GOLD LEASE, Cassiar. Historic, rugged,

Rowatt, SK. exciting canyon. Retiring. For sale or trade. each. Ph Mike 306-469-7741, Big River, SK etc. 1-877-695-2532, Phone 306-267-4552.



Book Now For Delivery Of Your Home in 2015

$4.00 PER

(Offer ends
Dec. 31, 2014)



Toll-Free 1-866-933-9595 SASKATCHEWAN



FLORIDA. Homes, Villas, Condos; Gulf 1. CATTLEMAN’S DREAM, large cattle DID YOU EXPERIENCE high green count YOUR MINERAL RIGHT MARKETPLACE,
Coast, Clearwater, New Port Richey, Hud- and grain farm, great yardsite, lots of wa- in Dekalb canola? For more info contact - Buy, Sell and Lease Free-
son, Ft. Lauderdale. From $120’s. Ed and ter, 5760 acres, in a productive area, West Back-Track Investigations 1-866-882-4779 hold Mineral Rights. 306-992-1015.
Alarene Knight, Florida Luxury Realty, central AB. 2. Half section farm North of
727-251-1515. [email protected] Newbrook w/yardsite. 3. Beautiful quarter RM CANA #214. 560 acres ideally locat- RM OF MILDEN #286: 320 acres of mixed
West of Red Deer, log buildings, Clearwa- ed on #15 Hwy. and Agri Park Road just grain and grass land. Milden Lake runs
FOR SALE/RENT: RV lot in Happy Wander- ter River frontage, Alfred Creek, cattle pas- on the outskirts of Melville, SK. Land cur- through the land. John Cave, Edge Realty
er Park, Indio, California (Palm Springs ture. Don Jarrett, Realty Executives Lead- rently seeded for alfalfa and is completely Ltd. 306-773-7379.
area). Full concrete, cable TV, water, pow- ing, 780-991-1180, Spruce Grove, AB. fenced. Gravel potential. Asking $899,000.
er, sewer, shed, 2 pools, library, club Call Paul Kutarna, 306-596-7081, Sutton GRAIN LAND TO RENT, 25 mile radius of
MOUNTAIN VIEWS, 1935 sq. ft. on .46 QU'APPELLE VALLEY HOME on 22 acres, house. One of the best parks in the area. Group Results Realty. MLS #517931. Rouleau, SK. Call 306-776-2600 or email:
acres, $275,000. MLS #383418. 306-221-9284. [email protected]
888-954-4433, Qualicum Beach, BC. 1,980 sq. ft., 3 bdrm, 2.5 bthrms, $759,000, MINERAL RIGHTS. We will purchase and
Craven, SK. Quick commute to Regina. MLS or lease your mineral rights.
1-877-269-9990. [email protected]
#515786. For sale by Agent/Broker.
RM CALEDONIA #99- 480 acres. Assess.
306-541-8777, Regina, SK. 256,400. Asking $1275/acre. Call Keith
Bartlett, 306-535-5707 at Sutton Group
[email protected] Results Realty, Regina, SK.

quarters of irrigated land. $13,000,000
LAND, Saskatoon, SK., 66.67 acres, Immediate delivery: New 16’ and 20’ OBO. 403-308-1612, Barons, AB. sq. ft. timber home with a large loft area.

$1,799,000 MLS. Call today for a market modular homes; Also used 14’ and 16’ ATTENTION CATTLEMEN! Need to ex- Solar power. 457 acres w/205 acres culti-
pand? RM of Keys #303, South of Hyas,
evaluation. Jeff Kwochka, Realty Execu- homes. Now available: Lake homes. SK. 11 quarters in 1 block, 300 acres cult., LAND FOR SALE: 9 quarters in the RM of vated, farmed organic, balance bush and
tives Saskatoon, Medallion Homes, 306-764-2121, Prince rest in hay and pasture with good water Bayne #371, with yard. 75,000 bu. grain pasture. Home, quonset and garage have
Albert, SK. supply and fences, very neat and clean 3 storage. Fall anhydroused. Fairly level in-floor heat provided by a wood burning
306-280-6408. bdrm. bungalow, good cattle facilities. Call w/few stones. Also available a full line of heater w/propane backup. Solar power
780-361-6879 or 780-361-6426. newer machinery. Send offer to: Edwin and endless features in the home. Well
FOR LEASE 22,000 sq. ft building- welding, BEST CANADIAN HOME built by Moduline. Wollmann, Box 402, Bruno, SK. S0K 0S0. sheltered yard and garden area w/lots of
Best prices! 1520 sq. ft. Temora, RM OF MANITOU LAKE HILLSDALE: Call 306-369-2861. Highest or any offer fruit trees. The area offers good hunting
sandblasting, mechanical, graveled yard. One block of 8 quarters with over 900 cult. not necessarily accepted. Closing date and fishing. Located near Lac LaPeche, just
Six miles from Port of Entry, Scobey, MT. $99,900; 1200 sq. ft. Oasis/Villa, $79,900; acres. Tender closes Feb. 5, 2015. Details February 7, 2015. over an hour from Saskatoon, Prince Al-
960 sq. ft. Tuscan, $69,900. Order your at Vern McClelland, bert and North Battleford. MLS ®511919.
Phone 306-267-4552. Associate Broker Re/Max, Lloydminster,
home now before 2015 price increase. 160 ACRES IN beautiful Creston Valley BC, For more information call Lloyd Ledinski,
Farm/ Ranch. Pristine level farmland! Many SMILEY, SK. RM of Prairiedale farm/
Call Stan, Ner-Ken 306-496-7538, Yorkton, outbuildings, irrigation in place, 4 bedroom ranch/ recreation, 152 acres, close to Re/Max of the Battlefords, 306-446-8800,
home, MLS® 2393673, $1,100,000. Call town, on pavement, lots of water, oil leas-
SK. for Your Affordable Home Sales. 250-428-1715, [email protected] es, house and buildings, $300,000. Agri- 306-441-0512, North Battleford, SK.
cultural antiques available. 403-986-3280
Kamloops. 124 fenced acres, extensive LAND FOR RENT: RM of Insinger 275.
ings, paneling, decking. Fir and Hemlock frontage along the North Thompson river NE 10-29-9-W2, NW-10-29-9-W2, SW WE INVITE OFFERS to purchase river lots, HAMMOND REALTY: Shire Farm, RM 92
only 7 minutes to shopping and schools in 10-29-9-W2. Approx. 307 cultivated acres.
flooring, timbers, special orders. Rouck NEW MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE 3 bed- Westsyde. 85 acres of irrigated, fertile Please submit cash rent offers for a 3 year 19-24 and E-1/2-30- and S-1/2-29-, all in Walpole, near Moosomin, SK. 1280 acres,
crop land, 25 acres of irrigated pasture. term to [email protected]
Bros., Lumby, BC. rooms, 2 bathrooms, $99,900. For more Mostly level, white sand beach, treed 46-26-W2, Sask., RM Prince Albert #461. featuring 610 cult. acres and 625 hay/pas-
along the river. Mobile home, hay shed HUDSON BAY, SASK. Leaf Lake Area: 3
1-800-960-3388. info call 306-249-2222, Saskatoon, SK. and corrals. Fenced and cross fenced. Call adjoining quarters, prime hunting, mar- Approx. 10 kms. South of Prince Albert. ture acres (300 acres could be cropped),
Julieanne, Best-West Realty- Kamloops, ketable timber and peat. NE, NW,
BC. 250-571-0355. [email protected] SE-06-46-01-W2. Phone 250-427-6036. River lots overlook the North Sask. River. $61,863 avg 2013 assessment. Grass car-

3.5 QUARTERS, TOMAHAWK, AB. area; 6 RM OF ARM River 252, 2400 acres. One Total assessment of $824,300. Approx. ries 100 pair. Yard includes: 1180 sq. ft.
quarters grazing, Highvale, AB; plus block. Between Davidson and Imperial.
WINTER BLOWOUT!! 14,000 acres. Cattle, bison and elk opera- Mostly J soil. House, quonset, shop, cattle 1300 cult. acres (cult. acres are esti- bungalow (1983), 4 bdrm, 2 bath, 12,850
tions, fenced and cross fenced, Wabumun facilities, 64,000 bu. bins, lots of water,
Overstocked on Brand Lake, west of Edmonton, AB. newer fences. [email protected] or mates). Purchasers must verify to their bu. steel bin storage, exc. water and cattle
New 2014 SRI Homes. 780-915-1735, [email protected] 306-561-7335.
3 & 4 Bedrooms – 2 Baths satisfaction. No buildings. Offer on all land facilities. MLS #501213. Reduced to
16, 20 & 22 Wides acres on Hwy. #23, beautiful mountain NW-13-10-21 W2, SK., RM of Caldeonia or on individual parcels. Offer must be ac- $1,240,000. Alex Morrow 306-434-8780
Starting at view, lots of water (3 artesian wells and No. 099. Please submit tenders in writing
large creek). Private sale, brokers wel- to: Dellene Church Law Office Inc., Box companied by a certified cheque for 5% of
$89,900.00!! come. Call Don 403-558-2345, Brant, AB. 742, 200 Garfield Street, Davidson, SK.
Buy your new home [email protected] S0G 1A0. Tenders will be accepted until offer as non-refundable deposit. Payable RM 51: 480 acres of farm land. Farmed
before January 1, 2015 4:00 PM January 30th, 2015. Highest or to: Wilcox and Chovin, submitted to the
& receive a $500.00 ID#1100340 RAINIER: 160 acres irrigat- any tender not necessarily accepted. address below not later than January 23rd, half and half. John Cave, Edge Realty Ltd.
ed cattle/crop farm. T&L Pivot, large shop, 2015. Highest or any offer not necessarily 306-773-7379.
Pre-Paid Christmas Visa garage, 3 bedroom home, mature yard. L US E L AND AR E A...
Great soil for all crops. Currently used as a accepted. Deposits on rejected offers will RM OF MOOSE RANGE #486. Four
Call today!! ranch with seeded grass. ID#1100272 100 Qua rte rs Gra in la n d be returned. Terms on accepted offers are:
EDMONTON: 644 acres of farmland with for Sa le . Payment of balance within 30 days; Taxes quarters, approx. 640 cultivated acres.
immense beauty, trees, water, hills. Pro- NE-12-50-09-W2, SW-35-49-09-W2,
vides awesome building locations with 3 N eighb o u rs sellin g a tthe adjusted January 1st, 2015; GST additional
miles of gravel roads alongside it. sa m e tim e b u tn o tn ecessa rily unless purchaser is a GST registrant. Send NE-34-49-09-W2, SE-34-49-09-W2. Also
ID#1100199 TABER: Vacant land. 156 offer to: Attention: Kim Bradley, Wilcox have land to be rented. Closing Date:
acres irrigated land w/Zimmatic Pivot irri- to gether. La rge a n d sm a ll March 20, 2015. For more info. call
gation equipment (2009), pivot w/remote pa cka ges fo rsa le. Bu y 1 o r and Chovin, Box 820, 52 Main Street,
link, tall wheels, electric pumping unit and 2 qu a rters o r100 if yo u like. Shellbrook, SK. S0J 2E0. Further inquiries 306-768-3442. Please submit offer to
underground mainline. 127 acres TID wa- email: [email protected] Highest or
ter rights. ID#2013 FORT MACLEOD: C a ll Jim o rS h e rry to d a y can be sent to: [email protected]
Irrigated hay and crop farm, 320 acres any offer not necessarily accepted.
west of Lethbridge. Many buildings with 3 06 -46 3 -6 6 6 7
MASTER STONE MASONRY. Custom Red Deer hay storage, 2 shops, 2200 sq. ft. home, GOT OIL?
fireplaces and stone masonry. Specialize in 1-877-341-4422 feedlot, cattle pens and dairy barn. o re m a il fo rm o re in fo rm a tio n
fieldstone and restorations. Willing to ID#1100285 LUNDBRECK: 316.5 acres re m a xkin de rs le [email protected] s a s kte l.n e t Free property analysis for
travel for work in rural areas. WETT Cert. in the heart of ranching country and the
Inspections. Ph 306-280-1845, Saskatoon, foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Vendor ® G ro up W e s tR e a lty mineral rights owners.
SK. Email: [email protected] will consider vendor financing or commer- Kin d e rs le y, S K
cial trades, bring your ideas. This land can Top royalties paid on
RENO’D MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE also be purchased as 3 separate parcels. w w w .kin d e rs le yre a le s ta te .co m
starting at $29,900. Homes to be renovat- ID#100162 CRAIGMYLE: Approx 303.19 suitable drilling locations.
ed starting at $19,900. For more info call total acres of farm land east of Craigmyle RM OF DUFFERIN: NW-26-21-24 W2 and
306-249-2222, Saskatoon, SK. in the County of Starland. Approx. 288.19 NW-25-21-24 W2, comes with 80x50 arch
acres cultivated, #3 soil. Real Estate rib steel quonset with cement floor. Send
BUILDING W ITH CO NFIDENCE!!! Centre, sealed bid with 10% down payment in con- Have your land co-ordinates available.
1-866-345-3414. fidence to: PO Box 190, Bethune, SK., S0G
0H0. Bids close January 15, 2015. Sale fi- Call 403-291-0005
HARDISTY, ALBERTA. NE-5-42-9-W4th; nalized January 31, 2015.
SE-5-42-9-W4th; SW-9-42-9-W4th; Toll Free 1-877-784-9696
NW-4-42-9-W4th; NW-33-42-9-W4th; RM NIPAWIN 487, North of Aylsham, 9
SW-33-42-9-W4th; SE-33-42-9-W4th. quarters grainland, plus 2 quarters pasture SK. Licensed Operator
$4,900,000 OBO. 780-888-1258. in adjoining RM 486, yard with buildings
included. Call Neil Wheeler 306-862-5681. Making the process a positive experience for landowners
• E N G IN E E R E D F L O O R S Y S T E M • JE T T E D T U B S businesses (all sizes). Information avail. Q u ick Closu re –N o Com m ission
• T R IP L E P A N E , L O W E A R G O N W IN D O W S on request! Central Agencies Camrose Ltd.
4870-51 St., Camrose, AB. 780-672-4491. CALL 306-5 84 -364 0
• T IL E , C A R P E T & L A M IN A T E • O P T IO N A L V E R A N D A in fo @ m a xcro
LARGE SW ALBERTA ranch, 10,000+
Platinum Service Award acres, exc. improvements, lots of water,
chinook climate, good production area,
As k us a b o ut J&H H OM ES ... (306)652-5322 $6,250,000. 403-308-4200, Mossleigh, AB.
M OS T TR US TED 2505 Ave.C.N orth,

TO LL FR EE: 1-877-6 6 5-6 6 6 0 PU RCH ASIN G
Ca llUs To d a y O rV isitw w w .jhho m m w w w .m a xcro

Introduce yourself to the quality of a Home

and Save $10,000 dollars on any Modular or RTM and $5,000

on any Single Wide order confirmed before January 31, 2015.

Royal LePage Premier Realty :$17('
Yvette Syrota Murray Arnold
Office: 306-783-9404

RM of Keys 10.86 acres $197,000 MLS #512628 numerous upgrades, newer barn in the Field”
RM of Keys 79.23 acres $399,000 MLS #511018 house completely finished, move in ready,
Grandeur Homes uses only high quality materials and includes many A solid understanding of Saskatchewan
standard features that other manufacturers deem optional. great outbuildings, paddocks for small animals agricultural business built from years of farming
The quality of finishing is second to none in the industry. RM of Saltcoats 15.02 acres $365,000 MLS #502403 beautiful home, great Yorkton location, and Ag. Industry involvement.
We customize your home to fit your needs.
set up for horses Strong work ethic and exceptional customer
We have two locations to serve you better. RM of Sliding Hills 156.10 acres $399,000 MLS #487185 Exquisite yard site, overlooking service.

Grandview Modular Homes Grandview Modular Homes the Whitesand river Database of qualified buyers-both investors and
7925B 50 Avenue 142 East Lake Blvd. RM of Wallace 155.98 acres MLS #515718 Newer, large home, new large heated shop, local buyers.
Red Deer, AB Airdrie, AB
Toll-free: 1-855-347-0417 Toll-free: 1-877-945-1272 natural gas Multi-time award winner. Currently the
Email: Email: LAND ONLY: #11 RE/MAX Commercial Realtor Worldwide.
[email protected]
[email protected] RM of Sliding Hills MLS# 519866, 519865, 519864. 11 quarters of high producing farm Ted Cawkwell
land all in a block and 2 quarters close by. Beautiful yard site with 1588 sq ft home with recent Agriculture Specialist
updates. 63,000 bushel steel grain storage. 40’x42’ shop, 48’x78’ storage shed.
RM of Cana 480 acres $629,000 MLS #516638 Good farm land, yard site started, great location
RM of Wallace 319.94 acres $1,800,000 MLS #511683 Modern feed lot facility, set up for 1-306-327-7661
6000 head and an overflow capacity and wired pens for an additional 2500 head. Licenced
Dreaming on a scale for up to 25000 head. Complete with weigh scale, sorting barn/ hospital pens, dual roller mills,
feed bins and more!



GR AIN BU LY E A : 162 ac. -145 ac. reverting back to nat. grass state, GR AIN
overlooking 3 lake resorts, m any E vergreen trees planted,
D AV ID SON :1285 ac.-1224 cultac.,assess.77,935/qtr.steelgrain assess.60,400. A R CH E R W IL L :975 ac.-638,assess.57,370/qtr.
storage,wellsheltered yard site w/m ature trees. CR AV E N : 33 ac. -M ust see 1450 sq ft hom e on well treed & CH OICE L A N D : 634 ac.-536,som e hay,assess.90,425/
E L R OSE :2211 ac.-1993,assess.91,570/qtr.,steel grain landscaped yard w/the Q u’A ppelle River bordering the property, qtr.,strong water system ,steel grain storage,1989 sq ft hom e cludesoil lea se reven ll fordeta ils! 22 ac. seeded to grass,horse paddocks,barn w/m any features, with ll fordeta ils!
E STON :642 ac.-allcult.assess.92,550/qtr. sheltersand m ll fordeta ils! CR YSTA L SP R IN G S:158 ac.-140,assess.96,400.
E STON :1742 -all cult.,land isRegina H eavy Clay and SCIC ‘B ’ CU PA R : 797 ac. -138 cult. ac. + 519 ac. tam e A lfalfa/Grass, M E L FOR T: 240 ac. 174 cult. ac.,som e A lfalfa/B rom e & gravel.
rated,assess. 118,100/qtr. In cludes surfa ce lea se reven ll for 4 qtrs.fenced,strong water supply,corrals,steel grain storage, E ach qtr.avail.separately ll form ore deta ils!
deta ils!1,111 AC.SOL D 1456 sq fthom e. W A K AW :158 ac.-157,assess.125,000.
H A N L E Y: 954 ac. -393 cult. ac. + 294 ac. tam e grass,assess. D YSA R T: 159 ac. -135 cult. ac.,fenced,assess. 68,300,good
56,180/qtr.,located near B lackstrap P rovincialPark! water supply,power on property. L IVE STOCK
N OR TH BATTL E FOR D :569 ac.-445,assess.51,685/160 G OOD E V E :159 ac.-120,(reverted back to grass& has CH OICE L A N D : 319 ac. - 238 ac. tam e hay,assess. 64,000.qtr.
ac. been cutto hay),assess.75,400. Greatrecreationalproperty for the outdoor enthusiastor hunter!
P L ATO:957 ac.-890,20 ac nat.grass,assess.93,630/qtr., SOU TH E Y: 318 ac. - 239 ac. tam e grass,3 strand perim eter PA D D OCK W OOD :10,145 ac.-9,667 ac.deeded + 478 ac.leased,
cattle facilities. fencing,avg.assess.63,400/qtr. m ix of tam e & nat. grass,assess. 34,620/qtr.,perim eter & cross
SA SK ATOON : 29 ac. -21 cult. ac.,assess. 9,800,greatpotential YOR K TON :156 ac.-140 ac.tam e hay,assess.100,800.A djoining fencing,strong water supply,1056 sq fthom ll fordeta ils!
for a building site! acreage ll fordeta ils! TOBIN L A K E :435.59 ac.-311 ac.tam e grass& bal.bush.1 m ile
U N ITY:129 ac.,118,assess.69,480/160 ac. YOR K TON : 318 ac. -175 cult. ac.,approx. half seeded to hay, from Tob in La k e & Tob in La k e Resort Villa ge, suita b le for H un tin g
W ISE TON : 1590 ac.-strong water supply,corrals,cattle shed & perim eter fencing,assess.70,000. & Recrea tion w ith F ish in g.
1400 sq ftB ungalow.
L IVE STOCK A BE R N E TH Y: 9 ac.-860 sq fthom e with private drive,strong CA R R OT R IV E R :10 ac.-m ature treed yard,720 sq fthom e with
CA N D O:480 ac.-211 cult.,balance pasture,strong water supply, water supply & double garage. good water supply. S uita b le for H un tin g & R ecrea tion ; F ish in g
assess.62,100/qtr. A BE R N E TH Y: 175 ac.-1050 sq fthom e overlooking P heasant n ea rb y a tTob in La k e!
CR A IK : 159 ac. -all nat. grass,assess. 42,200,A rm River runs Creek, 64 ac. seeded to pasture m ix in 2000, strong water H U D SON BAY: 150 ac. -1350 sq ft hom e on private yard w/
through property! supply..m a n y m ore fea turesca ll fordeta ils! m ature trees,strong water system ,allpasture land.
CR A IK :955 ac.-400,bal.nat.grass,two arena’s(covered BU LY E A :45 ac.-40 ac.tam e grass,assess.equivalentto 79,490/ N IPAW IN : 4 ac. -1920’s character hom e on m ature treed yard
& com petition),corrals & cattle pens,m otel building & cabins. 160 ac.,corrals,strong water supply,1217 sq ftB ungalow. with garden areas& fruittrees.
This m ust see Guest Ranch has m any m ore ll for E STE R H A ZY: 320 ac.-269,strong water system ,1370 N IPAW IN :159 ac.-B ungalow on yard w/m ature trees& gardens,
deta ils! sq ftbungalow on welltreed yard.16 a c. a crea ge w /h ouse & b ldgs 145 cult. ac.,strong water supply,steel grain storage,calving
D IN SM OR E : 320 ac. -145 cult. ac.,balance nat. grass,assess. a va il. sepa ra tely, la n d a va il. sepa ra ll fordeta ils! shed w/m any m ore ll fordeta ils!
53,100/qtr. IN D IA N H E A D :19 ac.-1600 sq ft2 storey hom e on hillside w/a W A K AW :114 ac.-taxes$440/yr,adjacentto W akaw,SK.
panoram ic view of the Q u’A ppelle Valley,m ins from Katepwa
ACR E AGE S beach...m a n y m ore fea ll fordeta ils! OTH E R
K E NA STON : 160 ac. -1092 sq ft hom e on well treed yard,137 L E M BE R G : 40 ac.- with 1225 sq ft hom e with good water TOBIN L A K E : 59.67 ac.-Recreational property 1/4 m ile from
cult. ac., assess. 61,200, strong water supply, steel grain supply,130 tam e grass,horse barn,corrals & outdoor riding Tobin L ake & Tobin L ake Resort,land in hay with 3 fullserviced ll fordeta ils! arena. RV sites.Naturalgasalong E astboundary.
M CL E A N :20 ac.-792 sq fthom e on welltreed acreage w/strong
OTH E R water supply,large gardens & fencing on North side of the S E S AS K
N OR TH BATTL E FOR D :699 ac.-615,assess.58,590/160 property. GR AIN
ac.,incl.400 ac.potato contract,irrigation equip.3 full qtr.& 1 M E LV IL L E :143 ac.-1728 sq fthom e on welltreed yard,900 sq
half qtr. section pivots,pum p station w/ new pum ll for ftdbl insulated garage,107 ac.tam e grass,fenced/crossfenced, BIE N FA IT:2792 ac.-2433 seeded up to 2650 in the
deta ils! strong water supply. past),6 qtrs. of the cult. ac. seeded to tam e hay,strong water
M OOSE JAW /BU FFA L O P OU N D : 229 ac. -10 ac. A lfalfa with supply,two hom es.Opt.surface leases.
S W S AS K som e fencing, 1280 sq ft hom e on well treed ravine beside G R E N FE L L : 789 ac. -750 cult. ac.,strong water supply,vacant
GR AIN B uffalo Pound P rovincial Park with a beautiful view ofB uffalo yard site with nat. gas line,telephone line and built up lane.
Pound...m ustb e seen to b e a pprecia ted! 313 ac.SOL D
E A STE N D : 2880 ac.-1177 cult. ac.,entire block fenced,assess. N OK OM IS:28 ac.-24,1040 sq ft1 1/2 storey hom e with G R IFFIN : 622 ac. - 520 cult. ac.,assess. 68,420/qtr. In cludes 7
cropped land: 58,130/qtr.,grass land: 27,570/qtr.,strong water town ofNokom isW ater Supply. S urfa ce Lea ses... ca ll fordeta ils!
supply w/excellentwater sourceson grassland. R E G INA BE ACH : 160 ac. -2160 sq ftwalkouthom e nestled in K R ONAU :380 ac.-372,assess.118,010/qtr.
R IV E R H U R ST:155 ac.-150,assess.67,400. the A rm River Valley, all native prairie, corrals with strong M IL E STON E :160 ac.-157,assess.116,500
R IV E R H U R ST:311 ac.-290,assess.71,050/qtr. water supply. PA R R Y: 1118 ac. -1013 cult. ac.,assess. 64,270/qtr. strong water
R OU N D L A K E : 190 ac. - M ust see 1328 sq ft hom e on well system ,1872 sq ftbungalow.
L IVE STOCK sheltered yard site with a Panoram ic view of Round L ake, R E G INA :160 ac.-allcult.assess.112,700
M OOSE JAW :637 ac.-all nat.grass,3 strand perim eter fencing, strong water ll fordeta ils! W IN D TH OR ST:160 ac.-130 cultac.assess.76,200/qtr.
assess.40,060/qtr.,& 2 springs. W H ITE W OOD : 3 ac. - L ocated off H ighway #1,strong water W IN D TH OR ST:1748 ac.-1484,assess.72,330/qtr.,strong
supply,vacanthouse w/upgrades. water supply,steel grain storage.Opt.grain equipm ent& house ...
EC S AS K YOR K TON : 19.9 ac.-1100 sq fthom e on acreage offH ighway
GR AIN #52,fenced/cross fenced,paddocks,strong water supply...m a n y ca ll fordeta ils!
m ore fea tures, ca ll fordeta ils! L IVE STOCK
CA N OR A :103 ac.-105,strong water supply,steelgrain YOR K TON : 156 ac.-142 ac.tam e hay,9 paddocks,dairy barn,
storage. cattle shelter, 1720 sq ft hom e, second hom e with m any CA R N D U FF:470 ac.-70 cropped ac.,bal.grass/past.,strong water
CH U R CH BR ID G E : 636 ac. - 377 cult. ac., bison fencing on renovations...m a n y m ore fea tures to b e seen w ith a djoin in g qtr. supply,corrals,1040 sq fthom e..w ith m a n y m ore fea tures... ca ll for
property,1400 sq fthom e on welltreed yard. a va ila b le!
CU PA R :319 ac.-278,assess.96,250/qtr. deta ils!
CU PA R : 1033 ac. (pending sub-division),504 cult. ac.,235 ac. OTH E R K IP L IN G : 1118 ac. -746 ac. tam e grass,1350 sq ft hom e,strong
tam e grass,strong water supply,two yard sites with 1500 sq ft YOR K TON :41.79 ac.-2,815 feetofH wy #10 frontage.G rea tcom - water system . H om e qtr. & la n d a va ila b le sepa ra tely. Ca ll for
hom e. m ercia l developm en tpoten tia l!
D U VA L :316 ac.-275,2,000 bu.steel grain bin,assess. deta ils!!
66,450/qtr. NW S AS K K IP L IN G :4310 ac.-265 cult.+ 2847 ac.tam e grass,cattle handling
D YSA R T:319 ac.-210,assess.55,200/qtr.,vacanthom e, GR AIN facilities,1,920 sq ft hom e with m any renovations.This m ust see
yard site hasunderground power. ranch hasm any m ore ll fordeta ils!
H OL D FA ST:962 ac.-845,assess.59,365/qtr.,steelgrain L OON L A K E :642 ac.-391,assess.46,225/qtr. STOR TH OA K S:159 ac.-95 e grass),53 ac.nat.grass.,
storage,1536 sq fthom e...close to La stM oun ta in La k e! M E ACH A M :473 ac.-417,assess.100,960/qtr.800 sq ft assess. 56,100,strong water supply w/seasonal creek ... in cludes
ITU NA : 662.84 ac.-487 cult.,house with good water supply, hom e.
assess.73,475/qtr. surfa ce lea se, ca ll fordeta ils!
K IL L A LY:787 ac.-564 cult.+ 100 ac.tam e grass,corrals,cattle L IVE STOCK STOU G H TON : 160 ac. - 70 ac. tam e grass, balance nat. grass,
shelter & calving shed, strong water system , 1288 sq ft P IE R CE L A N D : 1745 ac.,1422 ac.deeded + 322 leased ac.205 assess.42,000.
B ungalow. cult. + 395 ac. tam e grass,bal. nat. grass/bush pasture/bush, W H ITE W OOD :159 ac.-120 tam e grass),no chem ical
L IP TON :322 ac.-250,assess.66,650/qtr. assess.47,850/qtr.strong water supply.Incl.gaswellrevenue! or fertilizer for over 10 years,assess.65,500.
L IP TON : 2049 ac.- approx. 1850 cult., hom e section fenced, SH E L L L A K E : 924 ac. -348 cult. ac.,all fenced,strong water W OL SE L E Y: 318 ac.-109,perim eter fenced,shop,barns
strong water system ,cattle handling facilities,1,700 sq ftsplit supply,assess.44,510/qtr. & paddocks,assess.86,700
level hom e. M any m ore features to be seen!! F ull lin e of SH E L L L A K E : 3090 ac.-2624.51 deeded + 466.27 leased,154 Y E L L OW G R A SS: 1934 ac. -354 cult. ac. + 1257 ac. tam e grass,
m a ch in ery a va il.! cropped,330 hay,bal.pasture,on Shell River,3 yard siteswith bal. nat. grass.,assess. 72,535/160 ac.,strong water supply,creek
M E LV IL L E : 795 ac. - 535 cult.,150 ac. nat. pasture,assess. two hom es.F a rm Equip. & Livestock Option a l! runs through property,cattle handling facility. Opt. 150 head of
61,915/qtr. B ison.M any m ore featuresto be seen!
SH E H O:159 ac.-120,assess.64,800. ACR E AGE
STOCK H OL M :279 ac.-194,assess.78,990. SP IR ITW OOD :306 ac.-1677 sq fthom e on m ature yard,strong ACR E AGE S
YOR K TON :1755 ac.-1000 507 ac.tam e grass,2 yard water supply,189,assess.63,300/qtr. BA L G ON IE : 159 ac.-1600 sq fthom e,tam e grass,barn w/calf&
siteswith 1800 sq ft& 780 sq fthom es,good water supply,cattle feeder barn extensions + m ilk room ,assess.69,000 ... m a n y m ore
facilities.Optionalone quarter ofleased pasture!
fea tures, ca ll fordeta ils!
OX BOW :321 ac.-270,hom e with good water supply on a
m ature yard site.Options to purchase house/buildings separately!
161 ac.SOL D
QU ’A P P E L L E :161 ac.-115,assess.65,400,close to Regin a !
W H ITE W OOD :166 ac.-1780 sq fthom e on welltreed yard,120 ac.
seeded tam e hay, 20 ac. fenced past. near yard, strong water
supply...w ith m a n y m ore fea ture to b e seen !

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155 Regis tered S a les in 2014.
properties -v isitou r w ebsite a t
Ph : 3 06 -56 9 -3 3 8 0 la n e re a [email protected] s a s kte l.n e t w w w .la nerea lty.c om

“ Now repres enting b uyers from a cros s
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Vis itu s a tw w w . la n erea lty. c om forfu llc olou rlis tin gs


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The cropping cycle now has its
own precision ag cycle. | Page 47

PRODUCTION EDITOR: MICHAEL RAINE | Ph: 306-665-3592 F: 306-934-2401 | E-MAIL: [email protected]

On-farm trials can provide information to help farmers adjust fungicide or fertilizer application rates. | FILE PHOTO

Farmers can take leading role on research

Experiment with inputs and application rates instead of waiting for scientists and agronomists to conduct trials, says specialist

BY ROBERT ARNASON Canada could duplicate Ontario’s “Now that you guys have auto-steer Winter wheat plots that received 150 THE ONTARIO SOIL AND CROP
success, but getting there will require and tramlines, you can do this re- lb. of nitrogen and two treatments of IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION
BRANDON BUREAU on-farm research, said Peter John- search on your farm,” he said. fungicide generated substantially
son of Ontario’s agriculture ministry. higher yields than plots with 90 lb. of • It was founded in 1939 and is
Prairie wheat growers are missing “And you can move the bar forward nitrogen and no fungicide. dedicated to developing and
an opportunity. “Look at how your (wheat) genet- for yourself, long before the research- communicating the benefits of
ics have improved. You guys should ers ever catch up.” “At 20 sites in 2008, we picked up 21 innovative farming practices.
New wheat varieties have signifi- be blowing the doors off yield,” bu. per acre (on average),” he said.
cantly higher yield potential, but Johnson told the Manitoba Agrono- Johnson and 20 Ontario farmers • It holds workshops and webinars
tapping into that potential requires my Conference in Winnipeg in mid- began experimenting with higher Johnson and producers repeated to educate farmers on stewardship
new knowledge and new agronomic December. nitrogen rates and multiple fungi- the experiment in 2009 and 2010 and and farm management.
practices, says an Ontario cereal spe- cide applications on soft winter achieved similar results.
cialist. “If you don’t have the genetics, it wheat in 2008. • It collaborates with agricultural
doesn’t work. I think you now have Johnson said the research has scientists on research projects.
Experimentation and on-farm tri- the genetics.” He had heard there might be a syn- changed winter wheat production
als have taught Ontario farmers ergy between increased nitrogen and in Ontario. It’s now normal to use • Its members frequently participate
how to harness the potential of Johnson said farmers are too reliant an additional fungicide application, higher rates of nitrogen and apply in on-farm trials to evaluate the
modern wheat varieties and in- on scientists and experts for agro- but he was skeptical because Ontario more than one fungicide treatment. potential benefits of agronomic
creased soft winter wheat yields by nomic breakthroughs. He said grow- data showed no yield gains in winter practices and strategies.
15 to 20 bushels per acre in the last ers should do their own experiments wheat from adding more than 90 “All my best wheat producers follow
several years. and share the information with other pounds per acre of nitrogen. that production package,” he said.
Spring wheat growers in Western The results proved Johnson wrong. »CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


Power Rich Fertilizer Can Add Significant

Increases in Yield and Returns!

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Researchers and producers in Ontario experimented with higher nitrogen rates
and multiple fungicide applications on soft winter wheat. Data from 2008-10
showed average yields of:

Nitrogen pounds 90 120 150

Yield (bu/acre) 93 96.7 99.4
No fungicide
One fungicide 99.9 105.1 108.6
Two fungicides
99.7 106.2 111.1

Ontario cereal specialist Peter Johnson says prairie growers should be “blowing the doors” off wheat yields. his own varieties that this synergy is “I think what the pulse growers are
He says Ontario farmers have learned there is synergy between fungicide applications and increased nitrogen real and it was bringing him 18 to 20 doing is a great thing,” Heard said, but
rates, which work together to substantially boost wheat yields | ROBERT ARNASON PHOTO bu. (more),” he said. “That’s where other associations “aren’t doing
the rubber really hits the road.” proper on-farm tests and pooling
» CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE Ontario wheat growers followed Johnson said one farmer left the data.”
the advice partly because of the study after two years because he had That sort of on-farm research, col-
“The farmers have picked it up. It’s results but also because farmers par- seen enough evidence. laboration and data sharing is com- He said this is an ideal time for
real and it works.” ticipated in the research. mon in Ontario but is sorely lacking farmers to evaluate agronomic prac-
“He learned on his own farm with in the West, said John Heard, a soil tices for wheat because some of the
fertility specialist with Manitoba existing fertility recommendations
Agriculture. aren’t relevant for the new, higher
yielding varieties.
“We don’t have an Ontario Soil and
Crop Improvement Association in Johnson said farmers around the
Western Canada. That is the farmer world are tapping into wheat’s yield
association that is behind the Ontar- potential. A New Zealand farmer set
io effort,” he said. the world record in 2010 with a 232
bu. crop.
“Farmers have been pooling test
data and sharing results for years (in Johnson said it’s impossible to
Ontario).” know what Ontario wheat producers
will discover next to boost wheat
Heard said the on-farm data from yields, but that’s why agronomic
Ontario is powerful because it’s field research is conducted.
scale, replicated and randomized.
“You just have to keep looking. We
“So each (site) on its own is good, just sort of fell into this nitrogen/fun-
but the big value is in pooling what gicide thing,” he said.
other farmers are doing.”
“It’s serendipitous. Generally the
The Manitoba Pulse Growers Asso- big breakthrough is serendipitous.
ciation has been running an on-farm It’s not planned.”
research program since 2010, but
other commodity groups haven’t fol- [email protected]
lowed its lead.


Banding urea?
Go deep

Broadcasting urea reduces gaseous losses
because it is absorbed by the soil



Farmers who band urea must make RIGAS The optimal depth when banding urea is three inches, says agronomist Rigas Karamanos. | FILE PHOTO
sure they do it deep, says an agrono- KARAMANOS
mist and fertilizer specialist who has FERTILIZER EXPERT surface. That’s the magic of deep Enhanced efficiency products have such as soil type, moisture and tem-
studied the consequences of shallow banding,” Karamanos said. generated increasing interest in perature.
banding urea. banding. recent years because of the fluctua-
The optimal depth in which to He also studied enhanced efficien- tion of input costs, a need to show Karamanos said producers who
Otherwise, they are better off cy products such as such as Agrotain that the industry is being environ- apply anhydrous ammonia should
broadcasting it. band in urea is at least two inches and Super U, which were developed mentally responsible and a shift from expect the same nitrogen losses if
and preferably three inches, said the to minimize the losses that occur operational efficiencies versus agro- they shallow band compared to
Farms are becoming larger and Koch agronomist. before the plants can use the applied nomic efficiencies as farms become when they apply nitrogen deeper.
fewer operators need to cover more nitrogen. bigger. 
acres, and “all of the sudden, inten- There are still gaseous losses of urea Visit us online at
tionally or unintentionally, we’re as ammonia being generated within “If there are not losses, you don’t Having a good packing system
cheating on that depth,” Rigas Kara- these deeper bands, but the soil need these products,” Karamanos behind the applicator may reduce to see a video about
manos told Agri-Trend’s Farm above the band absorbs the ammo- said. nitrogen losses, but Karamanos said this story.
Forum Event in Saskatoon. nia, which minimizes losses. it’s not a generic issue.
“But when there are losses, those
“So in other words, what we are Gaseous losses of urea are caused products can indeed help minimize Losses depend on many variables,
doing is shallow banding.” by volatilization, which is a physical the losses and preserve yields.”
chemical reaction that starts at
Producers who band in urea create around 4 C with urea.
a microclimate around the granule
within the band, which increases the Plants such as canola and wheat do
pH in the area up to nine or 9.5, Kara- not use a significant amount of nitro-
manos said. gen for the first 10 to 12 days after
This creates an environment where
the gaseous losses of urea as ammo- “That’s why deep banding found its
nia can be high. place. There are no losses during
those first 10 days, because whatever
Broadcasting urea avoids creating gas is created is absorbed by the soil
“very hot bands,” Karamanos said. as the gas is moving up towards the

Nitrogen losses occur when urea is
broadcasted, but Karamanos’s work
shows that broadcasting urea causes
less nitrogen loss than does shallow



Field data easy to tidy up with yield editor software

PRECISION HAPPENS be done every year. the local seed salesperson all have neighbour’s wheat field? feet down the field from where it was
The first step for any yield analysis resources to read and process the All of these are candidates for actually harvested.
TERRY A. BRASE data coming from the combine.
is getting the data from the yield cleanup. Low yield points at the edge of the
Delete low yield values and monitor. I am surprised by the num- The second step is cleaning the The most common method to field can also be caused by an incor-
ridiculously high ones ber of farmers who have told me they yield data, which is one of the forgot- rect header height calibration.
still have four or more years of yield ten elements of precision analysis. clean up yield data is to pick a low
Winter is no time to rest for data on a card. yield value and delete all the points The flow of data from the mass flow
the precision farmer. Everybody has seen those red below that. Then pick a high yield sensor should stop when the header
It’s time for the year-end “Could you help me look at my points at the edges of field that repre- value that is unreasonable and delete is lifted at the end of the row.
analysis of yield data, which needs to yield maps?” they ask. sent low yields. Do we really have all of the yield points above that.
lower yields around the field edges? However, before that happens, the
I will admit that recent technological It’s unlikely. This can be valuable, but there are full flow of grain hitting the mass flow
advances have made it more difficult better techniques. sensor may have already stopped.
to access data from the combine, but We have also seen those dark green Leftover kernels continue hitting the
that is not an excuse for leaving valu- points representing extremely high Those low yields points on the ends pressure plate, which calculates a
able yield data in the field. yields scattered randomly through of rows may have something to do yield of half a bushel per acre.
the field. with the lag time setting, which is the
There are many places where farm- time it takes between when the grain As for the ridiculously high values,
ers can get help accessing their data. Did you really get 450 bushels per is cut and when it hits the mass flow they often happen when the combine
The yield monitor manufacturer, the acre of wheat in that one spot? sensor. stops in the field. A lot of grain is hit-
equipment manufacturer, the local ting the mass flow sensor and it is all
co-operative, a local consultant and Or maybe you’ve seen that one crop Without this lag time setting, the associated with that one point.
yield point across the road in the calculated yield value would be 60
The next several points are often
suspiciously low before a new batch
of grain hits the mass flow sensor.

Incorrect swaths are another major
cause of errors.

If the last swath in a field is actually
a half swath and the operator does
not change the swath setting, the
yield monitor system measures the
grain and calculates the bushels per
acre based on a full swath. This
results in half the yield per acre of
what was actually in the field.

Farmers have a variety of options
for solving these problems, but many
of them need to be done during har-
vest, such as checking lag time set-
ting and calibrations and entering
correct swath widths.

For now, we can look at the data
included in the yield file and delete
individual yield points if they are
determined to be inaccurate.

Combine speed is one of the most
valuable attributes to use for clean-
up. Look in the yield file for extremely
low combine speeds or rapid speed

Yield values are most inaccurate in
these two situations.

The good news is that producers do
not have to clean up yield points by

The U.S. Department of Agriculture
has released Yield Editor software that
is highly recommended for cleaning
up yield data. It is available for a free

Terry A. Brase is an educational consultant,
former precision agriculture educator and
author. BrASE LLC. Contact him at precision.
[email protected]

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at or
follow us on social media.

Increase your yields by using Authority and removing weeds early The best machinery

Kochia and cleavers were put to rest by a group 14 mode of action with SELECTION
extended residual weed control. Lamb’s quarters, redroot pigweed, wild
buckwheat and others met the same fate. Authority is registered in peas, Producer Classifieds
flax, soybeans, chickpeas and sunflowers. Your first choice, your best choice!

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Save civilization — grow topsoil Don’t treat
soil like dirt,
Soil-building practices reduce flooding and disease transmission and produce cleaner water says expert



ORILLIA, Ont. — Farmers need to Mob grazing increases organic matter, which increases soil quality and water holding capabilities. | FILE PHOTO Ecologist David Pimentel, pro-
move beyond conserving topsoil fessor emeritus at Cornell Univer-
and start growing it, according to a “Labels (like organic or conven- municipalities see the positive fossil-fuel powered pumps and sity, says farmers can increase their
Vermont grazier, educator and con- tional) tend to divide us,” he said. potential. Rather than investing in excavators.” soil organic matter by 10 percent a
sultant. concrete infrastructure to control year.
“That’s not productive. But mea- floods and purify water, water can be Collins said increasing topsoil is
“The best we’ve been able to do is suring outcomes will tell us the managed at its source by increasing relatively easy: covering soil with Unfortunately, too many treat their
that we’re losing 10 times more soil truth.” the land’s capacity to act like a living biomass throughout the year soil like dirt, he said. Depending on
than is being grown. At least, that’s sponge. and leaving more litter behind. This the region, topsoil is being lost 10 to
the latest numbers I’ve seen,” Abe More than farmers have a stake. is the biological way to grow the 40 times faster than the rate of soil
Collins told the Ecological Farmers The capacity of the soil in a biologi- New York City invested in water- aggregate structure that provides formation.
of Ontario conference in Orillia in cal context is important for food and shed management in the Catskills soil with its tilth and water-holding
early December. water security and countering cli- Mountains. Farmers and other land- capacity. “Very few people care about the
mate change. owners were paid for their watershed soil. Even among the farmers, some
Collins is part of a small group of services, which Collins said is more Methods such as mob grazing feel they can get by for 20 or 30 years
agriculturalists who want to take Collins is particularly interested cost effective than building tradi- allow livestock to help with this pro- raising crops on their soil, even
that next step. He is co-founder of in water because it affects every- tional infrastructure. cess by rapidly increasing the depth though the level of the soil on their
the Soil Carbon Coalition, a non- one. He said positive outcomes in of A horizon soil. Measurable prog- farms is decreasing.”
profit organization dedicated to such areas as food security and “This (water stewardship) should ress can be made in a matter of
transforming atmospheric carbon climate change are achieved by be our new crop. This is something weeks in some cases. DAVID PIMENTEL
into soil organic matter. way of default when clean water is new, paying farmers for doing a ECOLOGIST
dealt with through soil-building good thing, growing topsoil,” Collins Increasing soil organic matter lev-
“If topsoil is renewable, at least practices. said. els is far more challenging and Pimentel made these observations
that’s the experience of our commu- requires patience, but Collins said in a paper published in the scientific
nity, we all need to learn how to grow “If I’m on a piece of land and 70 “When the landscape does the some farmers, including Canadi- journal Agriculture in 2013:
it,” he said. percent the rainfall is running off, work, we have reduced flooding, ans, have had success. • Agriculture accounts for three-
that’s a problem,” he said. cleaner water and less transmission
“Nearly everything rests on us to of disease.… We ask the landscape He’s heard of levels being in- quarters of erosion worldwide and
grow the topsoil so that the rest of “I’d like to get to zero runoff, only to do the work so we can ask less of creased by as much as 10 percent other human activity for much of
society can survive and civilization slow release.” per year. the rest.
continues.” • It’s estimated 75 billion tons of fer-
Collins said a growing number of tile soil are lost from world farms
Collins encourages farmers to each year.
evaluate their current practices and • Eighty percent of agricultural land
make the necessary changes to suffers moderate to severe erosion.
build their soil in a real and substan- • The human population relies on
tial manner. soil-grown food for 99.7 per cent of
its calories.
The first step is to establish a series • It’s estimated soil degradation
of GPS-located, strategically placed, could depress world food produc-
four-by-four metre, permanent tion by as much as 30 percent in the
plots that can be monitored over the next 50 years.
coming years. Locations should be • Sixty percent of the world popula-
photographed and ecological tion is malnourished.
observations such as earthworm • Erosion contributes to climate
activity recorded. change and affects other ecosys-
tems, such as when soil moves into
The water infiltration capacity streams, rivers, lakes and oceans.
must be measured with a tension
infiltrometer and core samples tak-
en to measure soil carbon.

Returning to the same location
each year allows farmers, foresters
and other landowners to monitor
how the changes they are making
are improving their soils.

Collins said there is no one path to
building the capacity of topsoil and
increasing soil organic matter. Prog-
ress will have been made if farmers
can achieve real, measurable gains.

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LIVESTOCK There are only a few true veterinary
emergencies when an animal’s life is
immediately threatened. Dr. Roy Lewis
provides a list. | Page 50

LIVESTOCK EDITOR: BARB GLEN | Ph: 403-942-2214 F: 403-942-2405 | E-MAIL: [email protected] | TWITTER: @BARBGLEN

GARLAND FOR THE GATE | Hoar frost on Dec. 16 at the Lazy B Ranch in Rose Prairie, B.C., made the rope on this fence look like it was more than seven
centimetres thick. | DEBORAH BUTLER PHOTO


Cow-calf sector slow to innovate: rancher

It’s time to break away from the status quo and give new ideas a try to maximize profits and production

BY KAREN BRIERE KIT PHARO Pharo said. “We like to think we’re match grass growth and feed avail- the largest were 1,698 lb.
RANCHER independent thinkers. Most of them ability. The smallest cows weaned 50 per-
REGINA BUREAU aren’t thinking at all.”
are multi-generational. The younger He was skeptical at first, but a cent of their own weight for an aver-
SWIFT CURRENT, Sask. — As good generation doing the work is operat- Pharo believes cattle producers can neighbour moved his calving from age 617 lb. The largest cows weaned
as things are in the cattle business, ing within an older generation’s par- do more with their forage resources March to May and realized a 70 per- 34 percent of their own weight for an
Kit Pharo knows that will change. adigm, he said. to maximize profits and production cent reduction in feed and labour average 572 lb.
per acre. costs the first year.
The rancher from Cheyenne Wells, Pharo said an older producer who However, most producers say they
Colorado, says most people in the won’t consider change puts every- Too many get it wrong by focusing “The other thing that happened … have big cows to get bigger calves.
industry won’t be ready. one else in jeopardy. on production per animal, he said. they were getting about 90 percent of
calves born in the first 30 days of the Pharo said producers can get those
“What are you going to do when calf Take farm meetings such as the one “I’m not making money with 100 calving season,” he said. larger cows to do what they want, but
prices go back to where they were where Pharo was speaking. cows. Let’s see what I can do with 200 that will come at the cost of more
three years ago?” he said at the cows,” he said. Calves weaned in October were feed.
Foraging into the Future conference. “Junior” goes to the meeting smaller but not as small as Pharo had
because Grandpa sent him, Pharo The “herd” of producers focuses on expected. As well, more total pounds Matching cows to available forage
“The beef industry, I believe, is at a said. He returns home excited about increasing individual weaning were weaned because fewer calves resources is one of his key messages.
major tipping point. The problem is what he heard and full of new ideas, weights as a way to increase profit. got sick or died.
nobody knows it. Things are so good but Grandpa will shoot that down This means requiring the cattle to
right now that they don’t see this.” because he has quit thinking. Herd quitters will look at increasing Pharo said 400 lb. calves will often live within their means without
pounds per acre rather than pounds be worth more than the 600 lb. calves. inputs such as feed, buying cattle that
Pharo and his family run commer- “How many times can you put per animal. fit that environment and culling
cial and purebred cattle and sell Junior down and keep Junior on the “We worked so hard to increase our those that don’t fit.
about 800 bulls a year, including to place?” he said. Pharo implemented a planned bragging rights that we’re going
Canadian customers. He also writes rotational grazing system 20 years broke,” he said. Producers who want to move in this
a regular newsletter for 20,000 cus- Pharo said people often say the ago in which most of his cattle run direction should proceed slowly.
tomers and industry observers six younger generation doesn’t want to together in one large herd and are “We put 200 lb. on for nothing.”
times a year. work, but it’s really the older genera- moved through paddocks quickly He calves his heifers at the same He said using the wrong bulls will
tion that doesn’t let them do things when grass is growing and more time as his cows and leaves the cows, never produce the right cows, yet
He told his Saskatchewan audience differently. He urged producers to be slowly when the grass is not growing. heifers and calves together so that most producers are trying to do just
that what worked for the last 50 years herd quitters, which is someone with the older cows can teach the heifers. that.
won’t work for the next 50. Input enough courage to break away from Each of the 30 paddocks on his Bull calves are weaned in December.
costs have risen four times faster the status quo. ranch is typically grazed eight to 10 The cows on Pharo’s ranch are They will say they want efficient
than cattle prices during that time, days during the growing season and intentionally small. 1,200 lb. cows that can wean at least
and those who haven’t planned will “I don’t know of any industry that is 10 to 12 days during the winter. The The biggest cows don’t always 50 percent of their own body weight
be out of business when prices drop more herd-bound than ranchers,” grass is rested the other 345 days of wean the biggest calves, he said. Plus, for many years without having to be
in the future. the year. they increase cost of production pampered, Pharo said.
because they eat more.
Pharo said innovations in most This keeps the grass healthier, Researchers from North Dakota “Those same guys will tell me that
industries are accepted and imple- decreases or eliminates supplemen- divided a cow herd into five groups they’re using bulls that were pro-
mented within 17 to 24 months. In the tal feeding and allows more cattle to based on weight. duced by 1,500 to 2,500 lb. cows that
cow-calf business, it takes 17 to 24 be run on the same number of acres. The smallest group contained cows have to be pampered,” he said.
years. weighing 1,242 lb. on average, while
Pharo is a proponent of calving in “They’re doing just the opposite of
One reason is that most operations sync with nature. He moved his cow what they’re saying.”
herd to late May calving to better
[email protected]


These cows appear to enjoy swath grazing barley, which is part of a research project at Agriculture Canada’s research centre near Lacombe, Alta. Producers say swath grazing saves
money by reducing hay requirements and manure handling costs, and improves soil nutrients. | DUANE MCCARTNEY PHOTO


Ranch pencils out profit with bale, swath grazing

Producer urges those planning to winter graze to have their feed tested and provide windbreaks for cattle

BY BARB GLEN STEVE KENYON snow and get a handful of grass, (the Windbreaks in the pasture are also Kenyon estimates that he obtains
ALBERTA RANCHER cattle) are going to have trouble get- essential, whether in the form of 30 cents per cow per day in soil fertil-
LETHBRIDGE BUREAU ting a mouthful.” trees or fences. ity from manure. Two hundred cows
“A cow is 80 percent inefficient,” he grazing for 120 days produce $7,200
MEDICINE HAT, Alta. — Steve said. “Why would nature make such Kenyon said there are three types of Fields used for bale grazing in win- worth of fertilizer, plus the value of
Kenyon uses a lot of multi-purpose an inefficient animal? Because it’s cattle in swath grazing systems: dig- ter show better water retention the organic matter.
farm equipment, and he doesn’t not for the benefit of the cow. She’s a gers, which get at the swaths through capacity during the growing season
own any of it. tool in the system. We need to be able snow; the clean-up crew, which after only one year, he said. The land “Over five years, it’s $36,000 of fer-
to recycle the nutrients into the straggles behind the others to eat; benefits in subsequent years from tilizer value,” he said.
As well, the no-till drill, the fertiliz- ground.” and the opportunists, which stand residual manure and hay decompo-
er spreader, the combine and the beside the diggers and grab feed from sition. [email protected]
heavy harrows all look remarkably Kenyon, who is an instructor in their mouths.
alike. sustainable grazing management,
said no ruminants live in the rainfor- “(However), I’ve had more trouble
They are all cows. est because insects and bacteria swath grazing because of no snow
The owner of Greener Pastures decompose plant material. than I have from too much snow,” he
Ranching Ltd. near Westlock, Alta., said.
has been ranching for 18 years and In contrast, regions with a dormant
has never owned a tractor. Nor has season, also known as winter, all have Snow that melts, soaks into swaths
he owned any cattle for the last sev- native ruminants. and then freezes causes big trouble
eral years, although he manages because cattle are suddenly out of
1,500 head on 3,500 acres of leased “Every grain farm should have cat- food and water.
land. tle on the farm because you are recy-
He has fed cattle for 56 cents per cling the nutrients,” he said. “All my wrecks with swath grazing
cow per day at best and $1.24 per have happened in February or
head per day at worst by custom “The cow is only a tool in that.” March.”
grazing on his own land and that of Kenyon said pasture plants in a suc-
other pasture owners and farmers. cessful winter grazing program He has also used bunch grazing on
KenyontoldfarmersattheDec. 2-3 should be growing actively when land where farmers have made chaff
Farming Smarter conference that he frost hits because it preserves feed piles. He called this method “a no
worries less about production prac- quantity and quality. brainer” for mixed grain and cattle
tices than he does about bottom line He has grazed cattle in February in producers because it is easy, user
economics. his region, although that is not friendly and distributes manure well
He doesn’t fertilize his grazing always possible, depending on snow over a field.
land, preferring the cows to do it for cover and other weather conditions.
him, and he doesn’t make hay in “If you can’t reach through the Bale grazing remains his favoured
summer because he is too busy man- method.
aging their grazing. Visit us online at
He also uses swath and bale graz- “Bale grazing is sexy. People love it.
ing to manage cattle through much to see a video about I’ve never had a wreck bale grazing.”
of winter. this story.
“Every breath you take is 70 percent He makes deals with farmers to
nitrogen,” he said. haul bales to a designated site and
“Why would you ever buy any?” place them in rows 25 feet apart. Cat-
Kenyon said he hauled manure tle are then allowed access to a few
once, in 1997, and hasn’t done it bales at a time through use of porta-
since because the cattle handle the ble fencing.
job. He also uses cattle to manage
problem weeds in summer, elimi- “The key to bale grazing is to keep
nating the need for herbicides. your costs low. You need to only
touch the bales once at most,” he said.

“Plunk them right where you need
them to be.”

Kenyon encouraged those who
plan to winter graze to get their feed
tested to ensure adequate nutrition.



Long-term solution to predation sought

Alberta producers want expanded elk cull and compensation for bale and swath grazing

BY BARBARA DUCKWORTH not killed,” said Jake Meyer of Well- Calving related difficulties require immediate response. | FILE PHOTO
ing. “A crippled animal such as a calf
CALGARY BUREAU is still money lost to a producer.” PREPARE FOR THE UNEXPECTED

Alberta beef producers want more Producers also want expanded Veterinary intervention
government compensation when coverage for losses to swath, bale vital in emergencies
livestock and forage supplies are lost and corn grazing.
to predators. Deer often invade pastures, ANIMAL HEALTH Laying a garbage bag underneath a
eating cattle feed. | FILE PHOTO Feed supplies in stacks are covered cow that is down in straw may help
The problems with wildlife are if deer, elk and other wildlife ravage ROY LEWIS, DVM keep it clean.
found throughout the province, and er range of claims. the bales, but newer practices are
producers are increasingly frustrat- One resolution wanted compen- not covered. There are only a few true veteri- Prolapsed uterus is not a hereditary
ed as they try to protect their live- nary emergenciesinwhichthe condition like a prolapsed vagina, so
stock and forage. More fences and sation when horses are killed or hurt “As we have moved to more of this lives of cattle can be threat- there are no greater odds of the cow
hunting have been ineffective. by predators. Horses have been lost swath and bale grazing in the prov- ened quickly. prolapsing again next year then any
to cougars but are not covered like ince, it has become a bigger issue,” other cow in the herd.
“The government has to look at the other livestock. said Bevans. Some issues can wait while others
wildlife problem rather than us try- can’t. This is where you need a trust- The prognosis for recovery is high
ing to fit a Band-Aid around it,” Some delegates said the proper Delegates also wanted more con- ing and working relationship with a and rebreeding is likely if veterinari-
rancher Roland Cailliau of Valley- route would be to seek help through trols on elk at the Suffield military veterinarian to know which “emer- ans attend these cases fairly quickly,
view said at the Alberta Beef Produc- the Alberta Horse Federation, but base in southeastern Alberta. gencies” need immediate action. particularly with heifers, which have
ers annual meeting held in Calgary in producers who use horses on their a smaller uterus.
December. ranches argued that they should be Brad Osadczuk of Jenner said the A lot of veterinarians may want the
covered. federal government released 400 elk animal brought to the clinic, where Broken legs in calves are another
Research is underway to examine on the base 20 years ago and 6,000 to they have equipment, supplies and emergency in which quick restraint
the conflicts between Alberta pro- “They are not cattle but it is part of 8,000 now live there. staff to help deal with the problem. and attendance can often lead to a
ducers and wildlife. our livelihood,” said Darren Bevans positive outcome.
of Raymond. They have no natural enemies, and The trailer should be extra clean
The non-profit Miistakis Institute the population has boomed. and contain extra straw, particularly Calves will often try to step on the
at Mount Royal University received Another resolution said compen- if there is the potential for surgery, broken leg, which increases the odds
responses from 672 Alberta cattle sation is needed when a predator There is local support to cull the because we want to keep the cattle as of the fracture compounding (break-
producers, and nearly 90 percent seriously hurts an animal. herd. Six hundred hunting tags are clean as possible. ing through the skin). As well, the
reported problems in which live- released annually, but more are need- break swells up a lot if it is left too
stock were hurt or killed and feed “There are many animals that are edastheherdcontinuestothrive. Calving related problems used to long.
supplies raided. harmed by predators but they are take up most of a veterinarian’s
“They are never going to catch up,” emergency time. Both of these problems worsen the
Compensation is available for Osadczuk said. prognosis.
some damage, but many producers The cow or heifer should be
do not bother because the burden of Rick Friesen of Vauxhall said the checked if no progress is made within Breaks lower down on the legs usu-
proof is too high. elk replaced the wild on the base an hour to hour and a half. ally require casting, while higher
with little oversight by the federal breaks, such as on the tibia, can often
Delegates at the ABP meeting government. Try to correct a regular malpresen- be successfully treated using a
passed resolutions looking for addi- tation for 20 minutes, but bring in the Thomas Schroeder splint. The leg
tional provincial coverage for a wid- “People are getting very frustrated vet if no progress is made because may not be perfectly straight, but the
and nothing is being done,” he said. time is of the essence. break will heal and the calf will go on
to be a marketable calf.
[email protected] Check to see if the calf is alive
because a dead fetus won’t hurt the Breaks in larger feedlot animals or
ANOTHER INCREDIBLE GIVEAWAY FROM THE WESTERN PRODUCER cow as long as it is removed in a rea- breeding stock may require “emer-
sonable amount of time and isn’t gency slaughter,” so don’t give antibi-
WIN AN AUTOCOPTERTM smelly and rotten. otics or pain medication until it’s
plus an all-expense paid trip to North known where the case is going.
VALUED AT MORE THAN $35,000! Carolina for a three-day training course! It is sometimes difficult to tell if the
calf is alive. Many producers have Downer cows and bulls can strug- thought the calf was alive, but it was gle and hurt themselves if down for
only the cow contracting and moving any period of time, which can cause
You’ve read about it in the Western Producer and Visit us online at www.producer. the calf. nerve damage.
now you have a chance to WIN and fly one home! com/contest to see the winner of our
last amazing contest being presented A prolapsed uterus is a real emer- As a result, they should be looked at
One lucky farmer will win an AutoCopter™ SuperScout, an incredible precision with his brand new Gator™. gency and needs to be attended to as fairly quickly from an animal welfare
agricultural tool that provides: real-time field data in the field, GeoTiff NDVI images quickly as possible. perspective.
for farm management programs, variable rate prescription maps, 12.1 megapixel
geo-referenced images and MORE! The Western Producer knows this is a seriously It is generally best not to transport a They may be injured and require
valuable resource for farmers who take their jobs seriously. cow with this condition because emergency slaughter, which would
movement and gravity may pull the need to be done on the farm because
To enter and find out more about the AutoCopter™ SuperScout Contest, uterus down farther and could rup- downer animals should not be trans-
visit us online at Or visit us at a trade show over ture theuterinearteriesandcausean ported for slaughter.
the next year to see this prize and find out why we’re Canada’s best source for internal bleed-out.
agricultural information. Cowsthat haverecentlycalvedmay
This is why these cases must be have a toxic mastitis or metritis,
Winner will receive a three day all expense paid trip to North Carolina, USA to handled gently. which requires extensive treatment,
learn how to fly and operate the AutoCopter™. Travel provided by including intravenous fluids. I used to tell producers to take their
time and get the cow to an area where Calcium (the true milk fever), phos-
For more information about the AutoCopter™, visit it could be handled. Maternity pens phorus and magnesium deficiencies
have saved the lives of many cows or combinations of these deficien- with a prolapsed uterus. cies can cause downers, and treat-
ment is often favorable if done
Cows that are down outside should quickly. This may also lead the vet-
have a lariat thrown over their heads erinarian to check the rest of the herd
in case they get up because then to avoid further cases.
there is a way to catch them.
Downers need to be bedded well
I wouldn’t totally restrain them and given feed and water if they are
until the veterinarian arrived, unless going to be down for any period of
they were already caught, because time. Again, I suggest getting them
the extra struggling could worsen the checked before attempting treat-
prognosis. ment unless you clearly know what
the problem is because treatments
vary considerably.

Roy Lewis works as a technical services
veterinarian part time with Merck Animal
Health in Alberta.

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