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Loranger Elementary School
Faculty and Staff Handbook 2017-2018

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LES Faculty and Staff Handbook 2017-2018

Loranger Elementary School
Faculty and Staff Handbook 2017-2018

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54101 Martin Street P.O. Box 530 Loranger, Louisiana 70446
Phone: 985-878-4538 Fax: 985-878-4864

“Wolfville ...
where superheroes

come to soar”

Our Superpower is Knowledge



At LES, we are committed to providing an atmosphere where
everyone is respected, encouraged, and challenged
to persevere, every day, to reach their goals.

Table of Contents

★ Introduction: Page 4
● Forward,
● Mission
● Vision
● School Motto

★ Chain of Command Page 5
★ Support Staff

★ Solution Teams Pages 6 - 10

● Charity Teams Page 6
● 4-H Team
● Fair Booth Team

● Fundraiser Team Page 7
● Inventory Team
● Leadership Team
● PBIS Fundraiser (Carnival) and Standardized Testing Team

● Parental/Community Relationship Team Page 8
● Safety Team
● SBLC (School Building Level Committee) /Section 504 Team
● Social Team

● Sped CASE Teacher Team Page 9
● Standardized Testing Team
● Teddy Bear Letter Team
● Yearbook Team

★ Teacher’s Curricular Responsibilities Pages 10 - 11

● Lesson Plans Page 10
● Assessments
● Homework

● SBLC Page 11
● Grading
● Recess
● PBIS & Super Students

★ Teacher’s Routine Responsibilities Pages 12 - 13

● Duty Page 12
● Attendance, Money & Notes
● Leaving Campus & Visitors on Campus 2

Table of Contents, continued Page 13

● Classroom Organization Page 14
● Inventories, Checklists & Forms Page 15
● Cell Phone & Email Use Pages 16 - 17
● Non-instructional Assignments & Tasks
Page 16
● Dress Code
● Meetings & Professional Development Page 17
● Communicating with Central Office
Pages 17 - 19
★ Employee Dress Code & Violations
Page 17
★ General Information
Page 18
● Emergency Substitute Plans
● Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Page 19
● Substitutes
● Professional Learning Communities Pages 20 - 21

● Parent-Teacher Conferences Pages 20
● Videos
Page 21
★ Extra-Curricular Student Activities Pages 22 - 31
Page 23
● Perfect Attendance Page 24
● May Festival Page 25
Page 26
● Field Trips Pages 27 - 28
Pages 29 - 30
● School Parties
● Pledge & Announcements
● 2018-2018 Pledge Schedule

★ Financial Issues

● Supply Fees
● Procedure for Turning in Money

● Textbooks

★ Appendix

● Missing Textbooks
● Observation Form
● Video Authorization Form
● Request for Maintenance & Custodial Services
● Positive Contact Log - 1st Contact
● Positive Contact Log - 2nd Contact




This handbook is designed to furnish a guide to the policies and
procedures of Loranger Elementary School. All outlined policies are in
accord with the principles established by the Tangipahoa Parish School
System policies and the Louisiana State Board of Education.

Our school program will be as good as the thinking and planning of the
entire faculty and principal. Your suggestions for changes of the policy or
programs should be discussed at a Professional Learning meeting when
feasible. When an agreement is reached, the handbook will be revised.
This handbook represents our school program.


At LES, we are committed to providing an atmosphere where everyone is
respected, encouraged, and challenged to persevere, every day, to
reach their goals.


Our Vision for Loranger Elementary embraces a community of Learners
joined together in a nurturing and safe environment supported by
committed teachers and staff, devoted parents, a supportive district and
a strong community. We work together to provide students with a variety
of challenging academic and social experiences that promote
leadership, creativity, and individual responsibility. Our students will
become lifelong learners who show integrity as they cooperatively and
independently help to build a better school community and world in this
ever changing technologically savvy 21st century.

School Motto

“Wolfville ... where superheroes come to soar!”


Chain of Command

Mary Adams, Principal
Monica Smith, Administrative Assistant

Support Staff

Marlene Ochsner, Secretary
Leslie Dempster, Secretary
Paul Levi, Head Custodian

Jeffrey Lewis, Custodian
Debra Sharp, Custodian


Solution Teams

*Note: Assignments will be handed out the first day of school.

Charity Teams

This team will oversee the implementation of the following 3 charity organizations that
our LES family participates: Relay for Life, TARC Penny Power, and United Way. Duties
will include planning for school-wide activities and attending certain opening or closing
programs of the given organization. This team will include at least 6 people, 2 or more
per charity, to fulfill these duties.

Relay for Life TARC Penny Power United Way

4-H Team

The 4H leader is a volunteer leader position which involves the following:
● Recruitment of members & collecting club dues at the beginning of the year
● Organizing club meetings, setting up officer elections, attending officer training
with elected officers, & holding monthly meetings at school.
● Organizing Parish Fair Entries & getting them to the fairgrounds. Picking up fair
entries upon completion of Parish Fair.
● Encouraging participation in all club events such as: cookeries, ambassador
talks, poster contests, writing contests, talent show, fashion dress revue.
● Passing out and encouraging members to complete their project books and
portfolios. Collecting books, checking them, and turning them into the parish
● Organizing member participation in 4H Fest which includes having a club banner,
club song, and member participation in all contests held at 4H Fest.

This team will consist of at least 2 teachers and 1 or more para-professional.

Fair Booth Team

This is a creative team that will utilize the Tangipahoa Parish Fair provided theme to
inspire creative works of student art to decorate a booth representing our school. This
team will interpret the assigned theme, request student work, and decorate the fair
booth in Amite. This team will include a combination of teachers, paras and secretaries.


Fundraiser Team

This team will organize and implement a fundraising campaign so that LES will have
discretionary money in which to purchase needed supplies. Duties will include working
with the principal and making decisions as well as completing necessary paperwork
required by the parish. This team will include at least 2 teachers, 1 paraprofessional
and 1 secretary.

Inventory Team

This team will organize and implement a fundraising campaign so that LES will have
This team is responsible for recording new inventory, tagging items when necessary,
accounting for all existing inventoried items, and reporting missing inventory to
Leadership. Record keeping is crucial for this team. They are required to inventory
fixed assets as well as a Street Value Inventory. This team will consist of teachers,
paras and 1 administrator.

Leadership Team

A decision making team which meets on a scheduled basis to discuss issues and
concerns, analyze data, problem solve, build capacity, serve as liaison between grade
levels and school leaders whose primary purpose is to be effective communicators,
facilitate change, and cultivate the vision and culture of the school. This committee
also encourages positive behaviors, facilitates the implementation of PBIS, and
problem-solve student/teacher attendance. In addition, this team will lead school
planning and Title-I spending.

PBIS Fundraiser (Carnival) and Standardized Testing Incentive Team

The PBIS Fundraiser and Standardized Testing Incentive Team meets regularly to 7
solicit ideas and plans for our annual Carnival and school-wide incentives intended for
Benchmark and other standardized testing. The team is responsible for all duties
involved in these activities such as distributing tickets to the students, setting up
games, organizing Beta students to run the games, having prizes, completing P.O’s,
purchasing materials, etc. This team will consist of one person per grade level, at least
one para-professional, the counselor and one administrator.

Parental/Community Relationships Team

This is a visionary team focusing on building relationships between home, school and
the community. Building such relationships will support our overall school and improve
student achievement. This team is responsible for the dissemination of information to
parents and the community regarding student and school events through varying
forms of media (i.e., maintaining the school website, updating and maintaining the TV
informational monitors, and reporting school and student accomplishments to the
local newspapers.) This team will consult and work in conjunction with the secretaries
as they are the first persons the public meets. This team will include 1 teacher per
grade level, 1 or more paraprofessionals, and administrator.

Safety Team

This team will be responsible for organizing safety walks through the campus and plan
for the implementation of fire and other safety drills. They will also attend safety
meetings when necessary as well as complete and fax all safety reports to Pupil
Services. They will be responsible for reporting to Administration areas of safety
concern. This team will include teachers, paras, custodians and administrators.

SBLC (School Building Level Committee) / Section 504 Team

A problem-solving team which meets on a scheduled basis to receive referrals from
teachers, parents, or other professionals on individual students who are experiencing
difficulty in school due to academic, behavior, social, or speech problems. Additionally,
students who do not meet criteria for promotion will be referred to this data driven,
decision making team at the end of the year. This team will consist of Principal or
Designee, Chairperson, a Classroom Teacher, Referring Teacher, and Interventionist
and additional personnel as needed.

Social Team

This team will be responsible for organizing social activities on our campus to include
the Christmas Party, Volunteer Luncheon, Last Day of School Social, Retirements, and
various other activities throughout the school year to build a sense of oneness and
family at our school.


Sped CASE Teacher Team

The purpose of this team is to serve as a liaison between the SPED department and
Loranger Elementary. This team’s responsibilities will include the collection and
dispersing of information to and from special education teachers at the school level
and the TPSS Special Education Department.

Standardized Teasing Team

This team is responsible for handling all standardized tests by attending required
parish and state testing in-services, conducting school-level in-services, and ensuring
compliance of testing procedures and security are followed. This team will consist of 1
teacher per testing category, 1 paraprofessional and 1 administrator.

Teddy Bear Letter Team

This team is responsible for sending home letters to each student in the school (twice
per year) to help identify children who are struggling and might qualify for special
education services. Duties of this team include distributing, collecting, organizing, and
reporting to the SBLC valid referrals. This team will consist of at least 2 teachers.

Yearbook Team

This is a dedicated team that helps oversee the yearbook by being available to
photograph school events and activities, correspond with the yearbook production
company, and keep track of orders and sales. This team requires a passion for LES and
the commitment to capture the essence of our culture through yearbook design. This
team will consist of teachers and paraprofessionals.


Teacher’s Curricular Responsibilities

Lesson Plans (

★ If lesson plans are shared, they are to be submitted online no later than 8:00
a.m. on the Tuesday the week before the lessons are scheduled to be taught.
This allows for revisions to make the plans unique to meet the individual needs
of each classroom. Every teacher shall share equally in the creation of shared
lessons plans. Unshared plans are to be turned in no later than 7:30 a.m. the
week they are to be taught.

★ All lessons should be focused and led by the Louisiana State Standards and
meet the NIET Rubric.


★ All tests must include a written response section and be in the format of our
formal assessments that are given in 3rd and 4th grade.

★ Tests will be reviewed periodically during collaboration.
★ Teachers are to monitor and assist students during independent work and

should not be sitting at their desks.
★ Tests should NOT be given on Mondays.
★ Tests will NOT be given on grade level field trip or activity days.
★ No project or assignment may count for more than 1 grade.

Homework (

★ There will be no homework on weekends except in extreme situations with
pre-approval from Ms. Adams or Ms. Smith.

★ Homework assignments and individual websites must be accurate and
updated regularly on On-Course.

★ Principal must approve individual classroom homework policy before it is sent
home to parents.

★ Lack of homework should NOT be treated as a disciplinary issue.



★ When a child is referred for SBLC it is the teacher's’ responsibility to complete
paperwork in a timely manner.

★ Teachers must implement IEP/IAP accommodation plans.
★ Teachers must provide interventions for students.
★ When teachers distribute information to a class, it is the inclusion teacher’s

responsibility to see that special education students are provided the information.


★ The teacher must do ALL grading, checking, and filing papers. Grades should be
posted in the online grade book no later than one week after the assignment given.

★ Graded papers will be sent home on WEDNESDAY in the communication folder or
a test folder. Parents must sign that they have reviewed the papers and return
them. Students will be rewarded with one Hero Dollar for returning test papers that
are signed by a parent. No papers and no signature equals no Hero Dollar. You
must have both.

★ After 3 weeks of students not returning test folder, test papers or a parent
signature, the teacher must contact the parent.

★ Previous years’ test papers may be discarded discretely in August.
★ Tests that come from Basal may not be sent home. Grades on these tests must be

made known to parents.
★ All graded papers must be kept on file for six weeks. At the end of each 6 weeks

graded papers may be sent home with the exception of D’s and F’s.


★ All recess and snack time will be held on the front playground and back area. The
slab is reserved for Physical Education.

★ All grade levels must have a radio with them while at recess.

PBIS & Super Students

★ Teachers are to implement PBIS Program incentive through the use of Hero Dollars

as set forth by our PBIS Plan.

★ Teachers must provide a system where students can visually track your discipline

procedures. Team teachers must provide a system that tracks with the students.

★ Teachers will implement Super Students as set forth in our program. 11

Teacher’s Routine


★ All personnel are to be signed in by 7:40. Teachers not on duty should pick up
students at 7:45. Teachers on duty should pick students up no later than 7:52.
Teachers who fail to sign in will be docked that day. The secretaries have been
instructed that they are not to remind teachers of failure to sign in. Teachers’ day
ends at 3:20.

★ Duty begins at 7:20. Teachers should be at the duty post by 7:20. You must
prior to duty.

★ Teachers on duty should be walking and rotating in order to observe all areas.
Teachers are to space themselves out appropriately for duty assignments.
Teachers not in their assigned duty area are subject to immediate disciplinary

Attendance, Money & Notes (

★ When students enter class, roll should be checked, the online attendance
program will be used.

★ Money and notes should be collected immediately and sent to the office no

★ All mass notes / letters going home must be approved by administration. If
you are in doubt, ask.

Leaving Campus & Visitors on Campus

★ School employees are not to leave campus without permission from

administration. Upon leaving the campus you must sign-out and sign-in

when you return.

★ Any employee wishing to leave before buses must do so before high school

students are on campus, otherwise you must wait until all buses have

departed. If you must leave prior to bus departure you cannot park in the

parking lot by the office. 12
★ All visitors, including family members, MUST check in at the office.

Classroom Organization

★ Classrooms should remain neat and orderly. Materials need to be picked
up off of the floor in the afternoon.

Inventories, Checklists & Forms

★ Textbook inventories are to be completed each six weeks.
★ Teachers are required to complete a Positive Contact Log twice during

the school year. The log will be given to you. The first contact must be
made by a phone call or in person (excluding the first day of school) within
the first three weeks of school. The log form will be turned into Ms. Smith
by the 4th week of school. The second contact will be made in January
and turned into Ms. Smith by January 30th. Reminders will be sent about
the dates. (see Appendix, pages 27-30)

Cell Phone & Email Use

★ Use of cell phones at any time other than duty free recess or planning is
prohibited. This includes faculty meetings.

★ Talking on cell phones and/or texting when the students are in the room
is a violation of TPSS policy. Do not call parents from your classroom
during instructional time or in front of students.

★ It is imperative for teachers to log-on to their E-mail account periodically
throughout the day and check for announcements and information.
Classroom disruptions can be kept to a minimum if teachers check
emails regularly and remind their colleagues to do the same.

Non-instructional Assignments & Tasks 13

★ Solution Team assignments and other non-instructional tasks are
requirements of the job. Refusal to accept team assignments and
complete them accurately and timely will be reflected in observations
and evaluations.

Dress Code

★ Teachers are to act and dress in a professional manner. Please refer to
the TPSS dress code policy with LES norms included.

Meetings & Professional Development

★ All teachers are expected to attend at least one PTA meeting during the

★ Failure to attend Professional Learning Meetings will be reflected on your
Professional Practices rating in your final evaluation.

★ Personal children are not allowed on campus during half or full days of
Professional Development.

★ It is the responsibility of the teacher to meet with an administrator if a
PLM is not attended.


afternoons are reserved for Professional
Learning Meetings. Do not schedule

appointments, etc. for Tuesdays as we will
meet each Tuesday unless otherwise canceled.

Communicating with Central Office

★ Contact with central office personnel (non-personal matters) should only
be done with prior approval through the principal, or by addressing
issues at the lowest level possible.


Employee Dress Code & Violations

It shall be the policy of the School Board to require its employees to dress so that no mode of attire
may be considered proper if it distracts from or is disruptive of the positive learning environment of
the school. Administrators, supervisory staff, and faculty members shall dress as professionals in
businesslike attire. The administrator or designee shall determine what may be considered proper
and improper dress, basing himself/herself on the norms of the community and the professional
requirements to inculcate societal values to the students, especially the values needed to maintain
the school's positive learning environment.

All personnel shall dress in a manner commensurate with the designated responsibilities of the
position and/or job area.

1. Shorts shall not be worn. Coaches and physical education personnel may only wear loose
fitting shorts of the appropriate length during their physical education hours. When coaches
leave the physical education area, "warm-ups" must be worn.

2. No jogging suits or sweat suits shall be worn, except for coaches and physical education
personnel. (Refer to Number One)

3. Leggings and bike shorts shall not be worn.
4. No jeans of any color shall be worn.
5. No sleeveless garments shall be worn.
6. No see-through or mesh garments shall be worn.
7. No Capri pants may be worn. Crop pants are acceptable if the length is slightly above the

8. Dresses and skirts must be knee length or below.

In addition to TPSS policy, the faculty and staff of Loranger Elementary defined additional dress
codes to be the accepted practice at our school.

1. Crop pants must cover your calves.
2. No cap sleeves shall be worn.
3. No low cut shirts (that expose cleavage) may be worn.
4. Dresses and skirts must come to the top of your knee cap in the front and back.
5. Dress and skirt slits may not be above the knee.
6. No denim pants of any color are allowed on a normal dress day.
7. Only black or blue colored jeans are allowed on Jean Day.
8. Denim and Chambray shirts and jackets are allowed.
9. Denim and Chambray dresses and skirts are allowed (appropriate length and slit).
10. No T-shirts are allowed, printed or unprinted. Loranger spirit shirts (T-shirts included) may be

worn every Friday.

Violations of the employee dress code shall be addressed as follows:

1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense

The employee shall be counseled by the The employee shall be referred to the The employee shall be referred to the
administrator. A copy of the report shall be Superintendent. A written report of the Grievance Committee of the Board along
put in the individual's school personnel file. outcome of the referral shall be put in the with the support documentation referred to
individual's personnel file, with a copy of the above. (Written referrals of the 1st and 2nd
first offense attached. offenses) 15

General Information

Emergency Substitute Plans

Teachers are required to complete a substitute packet containing 3 days of
lesson plans and materials to be submitted to Ms. Smith within the first 3 weeks
of school. The packet can be accessed on the x drive and you were given a hard
copy the first day of school. These plans are to be utilized when a teacher is
unexpectedly out due to an emergency and cannot provide plans.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

It is expected that each teacher will take an active part in the PTA. Each teacher
is encouraged to pay the $3.00 membership fee so that she can be a voting
member of the association. The PTA will hold meetings throughout the year. In an
effort to increase parental involvement, each grade level will be responsible for
providing an activity at a PTA meeting. Please refer to the Master schedule for
your grade level assigned meeting. Faculty members are required to attend at
least one PTA meeting. It is recommended that one be active in the PTA if
requests are made of the PTA.


Teachers and paraprofessionals will use AESOP for substitutes. If you are unable
to get to AESOP, you are to call Monica Smith (985-687-1690) ASAP. Teachers
are responsible for finding another teacher to cover morning and afternoon duty
if they are absent on their duty day.

Professional Learning Communities

(formally known as Grade Level Meetings)

Collaboration /Grade Level Meetings will be held on Fridays.


Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent teacher conferences are held either before or after school or during a
teacher’s planning time. Administrators are available to participate in
conferences when prior notice is given. Although it is the ultimate responsibility of
the parent to meet at a time when we have planning, this is not always possible.
You must make time either before or after school if circumstances dictate that this
is the only time conferences are possible.


Although videos can be a wonderful means of instruction, nothing replaces the
direct instruction provided by a teacher. With this in mind, the use of videos will be
limited to two hours per six weeks. The video request form must be submitted and
approved by the principal prior to showing the video. All videos must have a G
rating. Approval forms signed by the principal must be attached to the lesson plan
form for that week. Using the television as a morning management tool is
irreplaceable. Please select videos that are aligned to the current units being
taught in core areas.

Extra-Curricular Student Activities

Perfect Attendance

Perfect Attendance is defined as attendance at school from bell to bell every
day. Students will be rewarded each week for perfect attendance from the
previous week through the Super Student Program.

May Festival

One teacher per grade level will be assigned to organized May Festival. This
teacher must have taught at LES for 3 years.


Field Trips

Field trips will be limited to one per grade level per year. It must be taken
during the first semester of the school year, and it must serve an
educational purpose. It is the responsibility of the assigned grade level
personnel to plan and organize the field trip. The person that is chosen to plan
field trips must be a teacher with at least3 years of teaching experience at LES.

1. The field trip request form must be submitted to the principal 8 weeks before
the date of the trip, for his approval and signature. Once the principal has
returned the form, submit it to the central office ASAP, via blue bird.

2. Notify the cafeteria manager of the trip, with a preliminary head count no
later than 6weeks prior to the trip. Provide the cafeteria manager with a final
count at least 5 days before trip.

3. Secure buses for the trip. Students who ride lift buses must also be
transported; therefore if a child rides a lift bus, he or she must be given the
opportunity to go. If there are no buses willing to transport the child and the
parent does not want to transport the child, nor will he/she sign a waiver to
allow them to ride the regular bus, then no children may go on the trip. It is
the responsibility of the grade level teacher to complete special education
transportation request forms. See Mrs. Bickford, special education lead
teacher, for help.

4. All children with special needs, (medication, etc.) must also be considered
before planning a field trip. If their needs cannot be met the field trip cannot
be held. Therefore, contact the school nurse before the field trip form is sent
to Ms. Adams for approval.

5. Teachers must notify the Nurse of any students using medication the day
before the field trip so that the meds can be prepared for the teacher to pick
up the next morning.

6. If medications are needed, please see Ms. Smith to arrange for a medical
trained paraprofessional to attend the field trip.

7. We cannot take money for 2 field trips in the same grade level at the same


School Parties

The Tangipahoa Parish School System recognizes that children in Grades PK-2
should have a party twice a year. The two parties selected at Loranger
Elementary shall be at Christmas and Easter. Although parties are not allowed
in grades 3 and 4: the students will be given the opportunity to pass out treats in
their classrooms. Parties and passing out treats will last no more than one hour
and must be held at the end of the day. Students and parents must be made
aware that the students will have an opportunity to pass out treats. Passing out
treats in grades 3 and 4 is not optional. All students at our school will be allowed
treats on party days.

Parents may send treats on other occasions if arrangements are made with the
teacher. This should not last more than 20 minutes and will be allowed only after
2:00 or during scheduled snack or recess. Please be reminded that ONLY store
bought items may be served. Items must be individually wrapped unless it is a
cake, cupcakes or a sandwich tray but these items must still be store bought.

Pledge & Announcements

Each morning the pledge will be said in unison with a third or fourth grade
student leading it over the intercom. This will be followed by the recitation of the
mission statement and the PBIS Cheer. Teachers need to send only one
student to do the pledge, when two are together it is more confusing. Please
have students in the office prior to 8:00. Please make sure the child knows the
words to the pledge before sending them to say it. (Follow pledge schedule


Pledge Schedule

Date Range 4th Grade Date Range 3rd Grade
Teacher Teacher

Aug. 14 - Sept. 1 Crowe Jan. 8 - Jan. 23 4th grade class

Sept. 5 - Sept. 22 4th grade class Jan. 24 - Feb. 9 Bankston

Sept. 25 - Oct. 13 Ducre Feb. 15 - Mar. 2 Easley

Oct. 17 - Nov. 3 Kendrick Mar. 5 - Mar. 23 Fletcher

Nov. 6 - Dec. 1 Nobile Mar. 26 - Mar. 20 Genco

Dec. 4 - Dec. 22 Williams Apr. 23 - May 9 Lagasse

May 10 - May 23 Puls 19

Financial Issues

Supply Fees

A $15.00 supply fee will be assessed of each student. This money will be
placed in one account and divided equally among all teachers based on
students serviced and time serviced. This will allow for equality among
teachers with high parental participation and low participation. This will also
allow for monies to be channeled towards special education and special

Tentative Allotments will be placed in teacher accounts on or about
September 11, January 16, and April 9.

Procedure for Turning in Money

1. Each teacher will be given one-3 copy receipt books.

2. When a student gives you money, write that child a receipt.

3. Give the child the pink copy and send the other 2 copies (still attached in
book) to the office with the money.

4. If you are collecting money for more than one purpose you must have
separate office receipts for each purpose. (Example, if you are collecting
May Fest, Supply Fee and Field Trip money, you will have three separate
receipts per student, turned into the office)

5. When the money is counted, Mrs. Ochsner will initial the receipt book,
keep a copy, and place the book back in your moneybag.

6. Do not receipt picture money, PTA money or Fundraiser money.

Please, if you have questions – ASK, ASK, ASK –
the Auditor is very detailed oriented.



★ Textbooks are a very expensive asset. The loss of textbooks can be
quite costly to the school. Tangipahoa Parish School System dictates
that each school is responsible for maintaining textbook inventory. The
policy states that there is to be a textbook check every six weeks.

★ The librarian will distribute textbook inventory logs to each teacher for
completion and return.

★ It will be the homeroom teacher's’ responsibility to send the letter home
to the parent to notify them that the child has lost a book. No book can
be issued until the lost book is paid for. This includes the next reader in a
series, etc.

★ Upon completion of the textbook inventory for each six weeks, each
teacher must prove that they have made at least one phone contact
and two written contacts to prove they have attempted to have the
book returned. This will be due to the Librarian within one week of the

★ The Librarian will then attempt the same contact and turn the
information into Mrs. Adams by the end of the second week of the
inventory due date. This is a different piece of documentation than the
inventory log that will be turned into the library.

★ The included parent letter can be one piece of documentation.



Loranger Elementary School

54101 Martin Street ● Loranger, Louisiana 70446 ● (985) 878-4538

Missing Textbooks

Notice to Parents


TO: The Parent/Guardian of


A textbook inventory was taken at Loranger Elementary on ___________.
Your child, ____________________________, has the following textbooks

1 $
2 $



It is the policy of the Tangipahoa Parish School System that students must replace the book or
pay for the cost of the book before being issued another book.

Students need their books to progress academically. Please check your
home to see if your child has misplaced it. You may contact us if you have
any questions.



Loranger Elementary School

54101 Martin Street ● Loranger, Louisiana 70446 ● (985) 878-4538

Observation Form

Teacher Date

As principal it is my responsibility to ensure that the policies and procedures of
Loranger Elementary School are adhered to. In order to maintain documentation of
incidents the following observation form will be used. In the event that you receive a
school observation report, you may reply in writing on the form or you may schedule an
appointment to discuss the issue with the principal.

A copy of this report will be kept on file in the principal’s office. Any habitual
violation of policy will be written up and copies of documented violations will be sent to
the office of the Superintendent of Tangipahoa Parish School System. These forms will
help me to do assessments and evaluations at the end of the school year.
❏ Late arrival, late for duty, left campus early, left campus without permission, late

picking students up, late or did not attend required meeting. (List details).
❏ Lesson plans are late, incomplete, or not available. ( List details)
❏ Students are left unsupervised or inadequately supervised, teachers gathered

together or sitting instead of rotating during duty. (List details).
❏ Grade Book/Records Incomplete. (List details)
❏ Personal matters (not emergencies) taking precedence over instructional time.

(List details).
❏ No Substitute Plans or inadequate substitute plans.
❏ Visitor in the classroom without an office pass.
❏ Unprofessional Conduct
❏ Other

Teacher’s Comments:

Principal’s Signature: Date:

Teacher’s Signature: Date:

Please sign and return top copy to the principal 24

Loranger Elementary School

54101 Martin Street ● Loranger, Louisiana 70446 ● (985) 878-4538

Video Authorization Form

Teacher Today’s Date
Grade Subject Area


Requested Date Requested Time
Video Title Running Time

Video Rating

How is this video being used? (check one)
❏ Instructional Tool - Explain How/Why?

❏ Incentive - Explain How/Why?

❒ Permission to show video has been granted.
❒ Permission to show video has been denied.

Principal’s Signature Date

*** This form must be attached to the lesson plan** 25

Loranger Elementary School

54101 Martin Street ● Loranger, Louisiana 70446 ● (985) 878-4538

Request for Maintenance

Please list items needing attention and turn into the office.

Teacher Grade Room # Date Requested

❏ lights ❏ flooring
❏ fixtures ❏ windows
❏ doors ❏ walls
❏ doorknobs ❏ other:

Loranger Elementary School

54101 Martin Street ● Loranger, Louisiana 70446 ● (985) 878-4538

Request for Custodial Services

Please list items needing attention by the custodian and turn into the office.

Teacher Grade Room # Date Requested

❏ mopping ❏ pencil sharpener
❏ sweeping ❏ general cleaning
❏ empty trash can ❏ desk / chairs / tables
❏ removal of furniture ❏ other:


Positive Contact Log

Teacher Grade

1st Contact
Student Name Phone Number Parent Name

13 27

Teacher Grade

1st Contact
Student Name Phone Number Parent Name

25 28

Positive Contact Log

Teacher Grade

Student Name Phone Number Parent Name 2nd Contact

1 ?
3 29

Teacher Grade

Student Name Phone Number Parent Name 2nd Contact














27 30


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