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Bergen 4-Day Treatment In the News ABOUT THIS INNOVATIVE TREATMENT

The Bergen 4-Day Treatment provides for a truly transformative treatment in its elegance and effectiveness.
It has been denoted “disruptive technology” meaning that once you have started implementing it, you don’t want to go back.


The mission of the International OC

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effective treatment, end the stigma

those affected by OCD and the prof

In October 2018 WHAT: The International OCD Foundation
Drs. Kvale and Hansen were
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OCD has no cure, its symptoms — which i

everyday lives — can be effectively manag

Gerd Kvale, Ph.D. Leadership
Bergen 4-Day Clinic

Dr. Kvale is head of the OCD team at Haukeland University Hospital and of the Bergen 4-Day Clinic,
and Professor at the University of Bergen, Norway. Her main professional focus has been to develop
and disseminate effective treatments for anxiety disorders and OCD.

Bjarne Hansen, Ph.D.
Bergen 4-Day Clinic

Dr. Hansen’s main dedication has been to ensure that OCD patients have access to evidence-based
treatment and he initiated and headed the Norwegian National OCD Project in which 30 OCD
teams covering all of Norway were established (2012-2016). He is an Associate Professor at the
University of Bergen in Norway, and works on the OCD team at the Bergen 4-day Clinic at Haukeland
University Hospital.

Thröstur Björgvinsson, Ph.D. ABPP
Houston OCD Program

Dr. Björgvinsson has developed a national and international reputation as a clinical innovator,
particularly in the implementation of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) for the treatment of severe
anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorders. His research interests focus on treatment outcomes,
seeking to establish the effectiveness of CBT for a wide range of psychiatric disorders within a partial
hospital program. He is the Program Director at the Houston OCD Program in Houston, TX.

For more information and to apply for the
Bergen 4-Day Treatment please visit

The Houston OCD Program Bergen 4-Day Treatment website
will be updated frequently with program information,
news updates, and training opportunities

Scholarships for treatment are available through the
generous support of our partners

Patient Information


“Through our work we spread hope and make a “This is what I have been waiting for all my life.
difference. That is why we decided to expand the Why has no one done this before?”
Bergen 4-Day Treatment worldwide. It’s too good
Linda McIngvale
to be kept in Bergen.”
Peace of Mind Board Member/Advocate for Mental Health
Managing Director Inger Elise Iverson

The Kavli Trust


“When I heard about the Bergen 4-Day Treatment I didn’t believe it was possible – after all, I had
lived with my OCD for 14 years, and had been through years and years of different therapies.
During the four days I was challenged, but never forced and gave 100% effort to battle my OCD.
After four days in 2015 my life and my childrens’ lives have been changed forever. I have just
one word: Magical.”

— Linn Tove
Former Bergen 4-Day Treatment Patient

“I am a psychiatric nurse and I suffered from OCD. Not only I, but my whole family. In 2012 I met
the Bergen 4-day team and those four days were the best investment that I’ve ever made in myself.
I’ve nearly completed my Master’s Degree in Mental Health and then will pursue a PhD. If you
have OCD and get the opportunity to complete the Bergen 4-day treatment: Grab it.”

— Ranveig Sörensen
Former Bergen 4-Day Treatment Patient

“Before the four treatment days in June each day was about surviving, now each day is about living.”

— Kathrine Mydland-Aas
Former Bergen 4-Day Treatment Patient

OUTCOMES Bergen 4-Day Treatment

• More than 1,200 patients have received the Bergen 4-Day Treatment

• 90% of the patients significantly improved after treatment

• 69% are recovered at 4-year follow-up

• Almost all patients who are offered the Bergen 4-Day Treatment accept it and enroll

• There is virtually no dropout once patients have enrolled

• OCD severity, the number of co-morbid disorders, indications of personality disorders
or presence of sleep disturbance do not predict treatment outcome

• The Bergen 4-Day Treatment is equally helpful for children and adolescents

“I’m a doctor and I have suffered from OCD since I was a kid. Four days
with the OCD team in 2014 changed my life. Since then I have been
able to complete my training as a cardiologist, and I have followed
their research and been part of their Scientific Advisory Board.
All I can say is: If you suffer from OCD and get the opportunity be
a part of the Bergen 4-day treatment: Take it!”

— Erik Olsen
Former Bergen 4-Day Treatment Patient


The Residential Center is located in a brand-new Mediterranean-style two-story house. This nearly 6,000 square-foot home is
adjacent to our Outpatient Center. It features comfortable and secure bedrooms with private bathrooms that are wheelchair
accessible. It has spacious common living areas, a state-of-the-art kitchen, a library, laundry, and wireless internet access.


The specialty outpatient services are provided by our skilled clinicians in a beautifully redesigned Mediterranean-style office
building. The Outpatient Center at the Houston OCD Program provides specialty treatment for anxiety, phobias and depression.
Our expert therapists have all received intensive training in treating these disorders. They utilize evidence-based treatment,
particularly Cognitive Behavior Therapy, for children, adolescents, adults, older adults, families and couples.


The Bergen 4-Day Treatment Team Front row (L to R) Emily Anderson, PhD • Jennifer Sy, PhD • Lauren Esworthy, MA, LPC • Lauren Wadsworth, PhD • Melissa Fasteau, PsyD
Back row (L to R) Gerd Kvale, PhD • Bjarne Hansen, PhD • Angela Smith, PhD • Chad Brandt, PhD • Saharah Shrout, MA, LPC • Naomi Zwecker, PhD • Thröstur Björgvinsson, PhD, ABPP

“We both think the Houston OCD Program is the perfect place to launch the Bergen 4-Day Treatment. The infrastructure is there and this is a

highly competent, caring, and dedicated community of therapists who want to ensure that the patients will have access to innovative treatment

that works!” — Drs. Gerd Kvale and Bjarne Hansen

Bergen 4-Day Treatment Founders

THE FUTURE Bergen 4-Day Treatment

The Bergen 4-Day Treatment is practical,
evidence-based, focused and deliberate.

It builds on four decades of empirical research
and theories about the most effective approach
to OCD treatment. The innovation and strength
of the work is how it combines the most effective
elements of proven treatment into one of the most
profound, rapid, and robust treatment approaches
that we have seen in recent years.

This approach provides for a truly transformative
treatment. It has the potential to be disruptive and
to up-end how health care can be delivered in the

708 E. 19TH Street Houston, TX 77008 • 713-526-5055 • • [email protected]

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