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2015 Donor Report Edition


Artman Celebrates 100 Years!

This year marks the
100th anniversary
of Artman, which
for a century has been
cherished by area
residents as a beacon
of quality care and
compassion for seniors.

The Early Years carpet merchant, Civil War army With due ceremony, the new
Originally located in Sellersville, PA, major and devoted Lutheran address of the Artman Home was
the Artman Home for Lutherans, philanthropist who left $100,000 for formally dedicated on June 19,
as it was initially called, grew out the “establishment of a home for the 1924. The Ambler Gazette billed
of a bequest from Enos Resser poor and deserving Lutherans of the dedication as “interesting
Artman, a wealthy Philadelphia both sexes and all ages.” and impressive,” with robust
In 1924, the Artman Home attendance and fortuitous weather
In This Issue: relocated to Ambler, a move that that was “favored with clear skies,
made headlines in the Ambler a balmy air and an unclouded sun.”
2 Greetings from Gazette of that day. As recorded
the President by the paper, “On March 26 the Artman in Mid-Century
Artman Home for Lutherans By the time Artman reached its 25th
3 New Model of Memory made its physical transfer from anniversary in 1941, its exceptional
Care Launches Sellersville to the recently acquired reputation was markedly touted
Haywood Mansion of Ambler… on the front page of the Ambler
4 Introducing the Newest All the guests are very comfortable Gazette, which proclaimed,
Resident at Paul’s Run in their new quarters and feel very “Artman Home Has Furnished Ideal
much at home.” Existence to Aged Lutherans in
6 Our Transformation Their Declining Years.”
(continued on page 5)


Greetings from the President

This is a special year for Liberty Lutheran as we
prepare to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Artman,
one of the founding members of Liberty’s present-day
family of services.

The founding mission for Artman, to be a home for “poor and deserving
Lutherans of both sexes and all ages,” is a historical tenet that continues to
influence the culture of compassion that distinguishes Liberty Lutheran
Services today.

Luanne B. Fisher Today, Liberty Lutheran ministers to nearly 58,000 individuals throughout
the entire life cycle—from infancy to end of life. From Artman’s beginning
President and CEO years in Ambler serving only 21 older adults, we’ve grown to include four
Liberty Lutheran senior living communities, home health and hospice care services, disaster
response services, and a complete range of human services for children and
families in need.
So, not only do we rejoice in Artman’s centennial year, but we also pause
to honor the dynamic and far-reaching family of services that Liberty
has grown to become—a phenomenon that might have seemed like an
impossible dream to Artman founder Enos Resser Artman, who a century
ago, was determined to help financially challenged or aging individuals live
with purpose and dignity when few other options existed to aid them.

Now, thankfully, there are many civic programs and caring communities of
people who help us in our mission to provide resources and sustenance to
vulnerable populations. For instance, a corps of volunteers offers compassion,
friendship and empathy to our hospice patients. Through many small acts of
simple, unhurried graciousness—like holding a hand, reading a story, engaging
in conversation—these devoted volunteers, who range in age from 25 to more
than 65, offer a heartening presence to patients and their families.

I think, if Enos Artman were alive today, he would be amazed at what has
grown from the original seed of kindness that he planted. With the ongoing
support of our donors, friends, families, staff, and residents that seed
continues to expand and blossom every day. We sincerely thank you for your
continued interest and, together with you, look forward to a bright future.

Luanne B. Fisher
President and CEO, Liberty Lutheran



Liberty Team Develops New Model of Memory Care

The Liberty family of senior living
communities is experiencing a
comprehensive makeover—not

just in physical renovations, but in service
delivery as well. The newest innovation, called
Inspiring Today, is a model of memory care
that dramatically enriches daily activities and
interactions for memory impaired residents.

The overarching purpose of Inspiring Today, She explains that Inspiring Today is designed to
which was developed by a team of Liberty senior stimulate person-to-person or small group experiences
living professionals, is to foster independence and according to resident interest. “We cover a diversity
well-being by focusing on a resident’s capabilities. of interests including fitness, spiritual expression,
“We help each resident to focus on their strengths— civic service, brain games, reminiscing, and creative
not their weaknesses—so that they may flourish each expression,” says Katelyn.
and every day in an environment that embodies what To support this aim, the Inspiring Today team has
‘home’ is to them,” says Daniel Brunetti, an Inspiring developed a questionnaire that staff uses to learn about
Today co-creator and Director of Community Life for the desires, interests, and predilections of each memory
The Hearth at Drexel. care resident. “When you focus on a specific hobby or
interest that was meaningful in someone’s life you have
Co-creator Katelyn McKinley, who serves as Artman’s the opportunity to rekindle pleasant moments that not
Director of Community Life, explains that Inspiring only brighten their day, but stimulate the mind with
Today is guided by six principles: memories,” adds Betty Bebian, Inspiring Today co-creator
• Accentuating resident strengths and Executive Director for The Hearth at Drexel.
• Creating moments of success for residents All memory care staff receive intensive training on the
• Putting residents before tasks Inspiring Today philosophy as pointed out by Inspiring
• Embracing an individualized approach to daily life Today co-creator and Liberty Nurse Educator Karen
• Joining residents in living in the moment Read, “Using the Inspiring Today model, staff members
• Focusing on today are educated on the importance of living in the residents’
“Our aim is to create a meaningful daily life for each world with them. This new model will truly be a source
resident, while nurturing independence and preserving of daily inspiration for our residents and staff as they look
individual spirits,” says Katelyn. forward to each day together.”

Meet Our Inspiring Today Co-Creators

Betty Bebian Daniel Brunetti Max Crawford JJ Landy Katelyn McKinley Karen Read Maria Green
3Homemaker, Artman
Executive Director, Director of Unit Manager, Artman Director of Dining, Director of Community Nurse Educator,
The Hearth at Drexel Community Life, Life, Artman Liberty Lutheran
The Hearth at Drexel Artman


Paul’s Run Welcomes Homer

Liberty’s Paul’s Run senior living Tonya Guy, CPL’s Associate Director of Marketing
community recently welcomed a new and Communications. Not surprisingly, Tonya says
addition to the community who is taking it’s an extremely rewarding experience for both the
residents and staff by storm. He comes to puppy and the inmates. The puppies enable inmates
to experience feelings of success and fulfillment
Paul’s Run with an extraordinary background and while allowing them a chance to give back to the
a unique set of skills that no one—at least among community and help change lives.
humankind—can match.
That’s because this newcomer, During his second year of
whose name is Homer, is a life, Homer was housed in the
residential companion dog—a home of a CPL trainer where
patient, loving Labrador retriever his obedience training was
who, in the words of Health perfected and he learned the
Services Director Dolores Redner, essential skills necessary to be
is making miracles happen. a residential companion dog.
Additionally, a group of Paul’s
Homer Aces Rigorous Run staff attended four sessions
Service Dog Training at CPL’s regional training facility
Homer’s odyssey to Paul’s Run to learn how to house and care
was a lengthy process. For the first for Homer.
two years of his life, he was raised
by Canine Partners for Life (CPL), Move In Day Arrives!
a nationally known organization The long-awaited, highly
that trains service dogs. anticipated day of Homer’s move
During year one, Homer’s in finally arrived on January
training began in the most 11th—and with him followed a
unlikely of places: a prison. He spirit of exuberant joy among
participated in CPL’s Prison residents and staff.
Puppy Raising Program at SCI- Homer’s depth of quiet, gentle
Smithfield, a central Pennsylvania affection continually delights
men’s correctional facility. everyone who meets him.
Homer was matched with two Even more, residents who are
inmates who were chosen via customarily more reticent
a rigorous selection process to specifically call for him and want
teach him basic obedience and him near. “It’s really a miracle,”
socialization skills. says Dolores.
“Homer accompanied his Paul’s Run feels lucky to have
trainers to work and school such a special fellow in its midst
inside the facility and lived and looks forward to a long and
with them in their cell,” says loving relationship with its new
canine companion.



Artman Celebrates 100 Years! (continued from page 1)

While the language of that long-ago headline may
sound stilted to modern ears, the sentiment it
conveys has continued to endure through the years,
starting with the “Decade of Expansion” (1956-
1966) as coined by members of Artman’s Fifty Year
Anniversary Committee.
During this prosperous period, the property saw the
addition of new wings, as well as a new dining room,
kitchen, and cellar.

service models that center on a personalized approach to
nursing, dining and living experiences.
From World War I to the Information Age, through
good and bad, rich times and lean, Artman has been
unwavering in its promise to provide comfortable
accommodation and compassionate care to seniors.
As time progresses, our many valued residents, families,
staff, donors, and friends can feel assured that Artman
stands ready to continue this ever-important endeavor.

Prior to these significant mid-century expansions, Share your Artman memories and well wishes
Artman was only able to accommodate 21 individuals, in our online Memory Book!
despite an extensive waiting list. By 1977, the community
was able to house close to 60 residents. Visit

Late 20th Century SAVE THE DATE
In 1986 another new wing was added, enabling the
community to accommodate 90 residents. Eight years 32nd Annual
later, in 1994, more expansion resulted in additional studio
apartments and a skilled nursing facility, bringing total artman golf outing
resident capacity to 184. Also, a wellness and fitness facility,
known as the Becoming Center, was added to the grounds. Monday, May 9, 2016 • North Hills Country Club
Artman Today 5
Now, in the second decade of the 21st century, Artman
is experiencing its most remarkable transformation yet.
In July 2015 it opened a new short-term rehabilitation
unit that is a prototype of best practices in care, service,
technology and design.
Additionally, Artman is in the process of re-designing its
building interiors and exteriors so the community evokes
a true feeling of home. It is also implementing new


Our Physical and Cultural Transformation Continues!

Liberty Lutheran greatly appreciates the ongoing support and enthusiasm from residents, families, staff,
friends, and donors during this exciting and pivotal time for our family of senior living communities.

Artman The exciting wide-scale transformation taking place at Artman is expected to be completed in

2016. In July 2015, the community opened a new short-term rehabilitation unit that represents a model of
best practices in care, service, technology, and design. This will be followed in 2016 with the opening of a new
memory care household, as well as new personal care and long-term care households.

Staff and residents derive greater purpose, meaning and joy from Artman’s new memory care household
their daily interactions with Liberty’s shift to person-centered care
and service.

Paul’s Run At Paul’s Run, Simply the Best isn’t just a slogan, it’s a way of life. Stunning updates were recently

completed on the front entrance, porch and lobby areas. “I anticipate Paul’s Run being a showcase for Northeast
Philadelphia retirement living, providing exceptional care in a beautiful and cozy environment,” says Executive
Director Katrina Wise.

The new lobby and lounge at Paul’s Run Staff and residents look forward to expanded opportunities for
fellowship and socialization inspired by the new spaces. Here several
6 staff members pose in front of the hearth, a stunning focal point of
the new decor.

The Hearth at Drexel December 2015 saw the opening of the East Residence at The Hearth at Drexel—an

enclave of 20, new one-bedroom apartments that echo the majestic architecture of the property. Unlike many personal
care communities, The Hearth’s model of care and approach to service enables residents to remain in the beauty and
comfort of their own apartment with all the necessary medical supports if their health should progressively decline.

Exterior of The Hearth at Drexel View from the back patio

The Village at Penn State In spring 2016, The Village at Penn State will open a newly constructed

Personal Care Home. Encompassing 12 private rooms, the Personal Care Home will feature an intimate, home-
like ambience and a personalized approach to nursing, dining and living experiences. Amenities will include
beautiful common areas for sharing meals, enjoying social activities, and accommodating family visits.

Progress continues on the Personal Care Home A back view of the soon-to-be completed Personal Care Home



Liberty’s Mission in Action

Revenue Fiscal Year July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015

Compassionate Care 56,389,045 3%

Government Programs 13,151,094 Compassionate Care
Government Programs
Community Care 477,424 Community Care (<1%)
Grants (<1%)
Grants 185,896 18% Wellness (<1%)
77% Other
Wellness 450,906

Other 2,158,454

Total Revenue 72,812,819


Program Services 45,589,762

General and Administrative 11,957,397 1%
Depreciation 4,999,359 Program Services
10% General and Administrative
Interest 2,941,188 4% Depreciation
6.5% Interest
Liability Insurance 1,867,889 Liability Insurance
16% Development
Development 578,841 60% Benevolence Fund

Benevolence Fund 7,915,000

Total Expenses 75,849,436

Loss from Operations (3,036,617) Organizational Dollars to Continue
Services Where Shortfalls Exist
Net Gain (Loss) on Investments (1,384,594)
Benevolent Care
Contributions 1,320,847
$ $1,119,000
Change in Net Assets (3,100,364)
Unreimbursed Medicare
and Medicaid Costs


Total Benevolence Fund


8 Creating Communities, Transforming Lives


Revenue by Family of Service

Paul’s Run

Lutheran Children Artman The Village
and Family Service 20% at Penn State

Liberty Lutheran 17% 12%
Liberty at Home
Liberty Hospice


Lutheran Liberty Foundation The Hearth at Drexel
Congregational 1% 1%


Total Lives that Liberty Impacts through: Volunteer Contributions

Direct 43,269 Total Number of Total Estimated Dollar Value
Service Volunteers of Volunteer Hours Served

1,140 $395,927

Community Grand Total Volunteers

13,537 1,140

Creating Communities, Transforming Lives Creating Communities, Transforming Lives 9


Liberty Lutheran Liberty Lutheran gratefully
Board of Directors
received Octo
Beverly Bortz
Blue Bell, PA - Vice Chair

Linda Breckenridge Artman Fred and Alberta Koch
Blue Bell, PA - Member In Honor of Ms. Elizabeth K. Sporer

Dr. Paul Engstrom Noreen C. Clark Bonnie Magdziak
Ambler, PA - Member Mrs. Lisa Polier Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Fielding

Luanne Fisher Margaret Gormisky Dorothy J. Marple
Horsham, PA - President Mr. Ray Haupt Mrs. Virginia M. Reynolds

Peter Goldring Jesse Habich and Anne L. McBrien
Havertown, PA - Member The Becoming Center Staff Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brockman
Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Wilkinson, Ph.D.
John Heck Anne L. McBrien
Ft. Washington, PA - Chairman Emeritus Dorothea Kishbaugh Ms. Immaculata M. Pelone
The Reverend Carol Ficken
James Himler Jessie E. McClay
Malvern, PA - Member Laura L. Knittel Mrs. Virginia Cunningham
Ms. Laurie A. Knittel
Carl Holmes, Sr. Ann F. McKenna
Plymouth Meeting, PA - Secretary Jack McGann Dr. Edward Kwasnik
Mr. Dimitrios Drivas
Rev. Fred Hopke Nancy E. McKittrick
Glenside, PA - Chairman Ruth Nevergole Mr. and Mrs. James J. McKittrick
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Leshinski
Richard Hoy Fred G. Meister
Philadelphia, PA - Member In Memory of Mr. Gerald Meister
Elaine M. Aiello
LaVerne Jones Mr. Louis F. Aiello II Stephen D. Melofchik
Philadelphia, PA - Member Mrs. Ellen Triani
Antoinette H. Bergan
Robert W. Keddie, Jr. Mr. William G. Bergan Grace C. Murphy
Yardley, PA - Treasurer Mrs. Barbara A. Cristaldi
Elsie C. Carter
Nevin Mann Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Carter Janet E. Neil
Glenside, PA - Member Ms. Catherine Neil
Grace E. Craig
Rev. Wayne Matthias-Long Mr. John Philip Crampton Walter and Helen Roehl
Media, PA - Member Ms. Cynthia J. Pullen
Sally D’Angelo
Beverly Oliver Assunta and Philip Parker Fred and Helen Schmauk
Philadelphia, PA - Member Mr. and Mrs. David W. Schmauk
Shari R. Decker
Frank Roth Mr. William Otto Anna M. Siddall
Havertown, PA - Member Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Teitman
George J. Edberg
Rick Stephan Ms. Charlotte Silversteen Ann L. Simes
Blue Bell, PA - Member Mr. and Mrs. John Simes
Charlotte E. Fields
David Stettler Ms. Charlotte Silversteen Barbara A. Vickers
Plymouth Meeting, PA - Member Mr. John H. Vickers
Alma K. Francis
Gwendolyn Webster Mr. James B. Francis Paul R. Vitek
Philadelphia, PA - Member Mrs. Laura Schenke
Earl R Freese Sr. and Rose Freese
Rev. Dave Young Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. Freese, Jr. Sarah G. Walker
Blue Bell, PA - Member Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Bortz
Howard Jorgenson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Dorn Florence Yeagley
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Elizabeth Lee
Joseph King
Mrs. Joan King Ella Ziegler
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Ziegler

10 Paul Zieger
Oreland, PA - Member


acknowledges the Memorial and Tribute Gifts

ober 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015.

Liberty at Home Lutheran Disaster Relief Paul and Brigitte Heinzel
In Memory of In Honor of Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Jim Becker

Albert Heimbach Chris DeFalco Morris and Evelyn Katz
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fox Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Carole W. Kalman Graphics To Go
Dr. Jack Lit and Bertha Lit
Ms. Maria Giunta Liberty Lutheran Florence McAnulty
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. LaBarge In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. McAnulty
Frances Polonsky Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. McAnulty
Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. G. Bechtold
Beatrice Wald Mr. and Mrs. William H. Fechtmann Ruth Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fast Ms. Doris G. Gordon
Ms. Dorothea A. Fast Leslie N. Foster
Mrs. Barbara Perotti Mr. and Mrs. Duncan J. MacMillan, Jr. Fay Parkin
Ms. Carol D. Cohen
Lutheran Children Jon S. Helman Ms. Barbara London
and Family Service Mrs. Darlene C. Helman Mr. Ross Schriftman
In Honor of
Julia K. Ruse Mabel E. Quinn
Alan T. Budde Mr. and Mrs. John M. Ruse Mr. Joseph Quinn
Ms. Ruth Darlington
William G. Erat Paul’s Run Stanley Wilkinson
Mr. John P. Knox, Esq. In Honor of Mrs. Edna Wilkinson
Luanne B. Fisher
Mr. Louis Martarano Samuel Berger The Village at Penn State
Carol Hammarberg Ms. Geraldine Berger In Memory of
Mr. John P. Knox, Esq.
Peter and Lynn Pettit Mina Jones Mable H. Buskirk
Ms. Andrea Wittchen Ms. Cindy O’Brien Mrs. Heather F. Fleck
Ms. Samantha Wittchen Ms. Mary J. Heflin
Fran Talarowski Frances Katz
Ms. Christine Belton Ms. Leatrice Segal Claude Butler
Mrs. Heather F. Fleck
In Celebration of Helen J. Keiser
Step Pep Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Michael William R. Fortney
Ms. Jessica Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ace
Sophie Pollack Mrs. N. J. Weller
Lutheran Congregational Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barsky
Services Henry Keller
In Honor of In Memory of Friends in the Department of Medical
Eleanor and Jack Brodsky Microbiology and Immunology at the
St. Michael’s Lutheran Church Sellersville Ms. Alice Heller University of Wisconsin - Madison
The Reverend Julie Bergdahl Mrs. Heather F. Fleck
Mary Casciello Ms. Lucille I. Magnusson
In Memory of Ms. Regina M. Casciello Mrs. Linda M. Morrow
Libbie Gentile Ms. Tracy Wiklund
Ms. Lisa Gentile Doreen Cush
Ms. Denise Mazza Helen C. Kustin
Mr. Richard H. Kustin
Sigmond Davidovich
Ms. Doris G. Gordon Dorothy O’Connor
Ms. Martha Adams
Donald Dean Mrs. Heather F. Fleck
Ms. Ethy Gross Ms. Lucille I. Magnusson

Martin Feldman 11
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Feldman

Sylvan Gold
Mrs. Frances Gold

William Goldstein
Mrs. Anita Goldstein


Liberty Lutheran is deeply grateful to the individuals
and organizations listed who contributed at least $100 or more

during our fiscal year July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015.

$10,000 + Donors Philadelphia Youth Network Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Beneficial Bank
Public Health Management Corporation Steelton Mr. Theodore A. Beringer
Ms. Martha Adams Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Ricker Western Assoc. of Ladies for Relief and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard and
Bank of America Ms. Elizabeth H. Scott Employment of the Poor Helene D. Boclair
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Barnum Sodexo Senior Living Ms. Linda Breckenridge
Bethanna Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod - $2,500 – 4,999 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Brown
Mrs. Helen L. Beattie ELCA Cedar Lutheran Church Cetronia
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Brenneman Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Sovocool Estate of Mr. Gustav H. Bechtold, Jr. Clifton Larson Allen LLP
Mrs. Patricia A. Bruner St Andrew Lutheran Church Audubon Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Bortz Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Cloues
Bucks County Office of Children St Matthew Lutheran Church Bethlehem Ms. Patricia Bruner Copernicus Society of America
and Youth St Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church Mrs. Beverly Coller and Mr. William Mr. and Mrs. Johnny F. Corrado
Catholic Social Services Glenside Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. DeLomba Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Coder Mr. and Mrs. John Steimer Chester County Department of Mr. and Mrs. David DeLuca
Deluxe Corporation Foundation Tabor Northern Community Partners Emergency Services Dolfinger McMahon Foundation
Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries The Addis Group Mr. Peter I. Daniele, Esq. Carol and Don Donnon
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America The Hettler Family Charitable Trust Mr. Herschel Elias Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Ehinger
Estate of Mary T. Henry The Pew Charitable Trusts Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Erb Faith Lutheran Church Whitehall
First Hospital Foundation Trust of Albert G. Bauer - SEPA Mr. Charles M. Gingrich Friedens Lutheran Church Kempton
Friends of Paul’s Run Trust of Joanna B. F. Schlechter Mrs. Jean Gotolski Mr. Richard N. Gitlen
Dr. Luanne B. and Mr. Barrett Fisher Turning Points for Children Housing Equality Center of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Ms. Nancy Gamble United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Easton
Mrs. Annie C. Harvey Southern New Jersey InFaith Community Foundation Grace Lutheran Church Belfast
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Heck Mr. Paul J. and Mrs. Sally I. Wangsness Jewish Federation of Greater Mr. Ed Guzik
Mrs. Mary J. Heflin Mr. and Mrs. Robert Whitford Philadelphia Dr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Hallock
Mr. Charles R. King Ms. Nancy Wolf Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Jorgensen Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Hendler
Mr. John P. Knox, Esq. Wordsworth Kinder Morgan Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James B. Himler
Lutheran Immigration and NFP Lincoln Benefits Group Holy Cross Lutheran Church Bethlehem
Refugee Service $5,000 – 9,999 Ms. Christine A. Offutt Holy Spirit Lutheran Church Emmaus
Mr. and Mrs. John MacChesney Mr. and Mrs. John Rhodes Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran
Mrs. Helen A. Manfull Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Jim Becker Mr. Jerry G. Richter Church Abington
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Maynard Ms. Diane Cahill Sliwinski Floor Covering Services, Inc. Holy Trinity/Salem Pastoral Charge
Mrs. Linda B. Morrow Commonwealth Agency, Inc. St James Lutheran Church Coopersburg Bethlehem
Montgomery County Department Contract Pharmacy Services, Inc. St John Lutheran Church Emmaus Hope Lutheran Church Cherryville
of Commerce Dr. Catalina Herrerías St Paul Lutheran Church Trexlertown Hope Lutheran Church Tatamy
Montgomery County Office of Children Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Mrs. J. Patricia Stanley-Lackman and Dr. Mr. Richard W. Hoy, Esq.
and Youth Wallingford Thomas Lackman Mrs. Ramona Hughes
Northeast Treatment Centers The Reverend and Mrs. Fred Hopke Thrivent Lower Montgomery County Industrial and Paper Supplies, Inc.
Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod - Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Keddie, Jr. Chapter-#31014 Industrial Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
ELCA Dr. Philip G. Keeney United Way of the Greater Triangle Jordan Lutheran Church Orefield
Pennsylvania Department of Education Ms. Annabelle Kerins University Lutheran Church of the Mrs. Catharine K. Keim
Pennsylvania Department of Human St John Lutheran Church Nazareth Incarnation Mr. Eric and Mrs. Elizabeth Kennel
Services Mr. and Mrs. David W. Stettler Wheat Ridge Ministries Mrs. Beverly E. Kiehl
Philadelphia Corporation for Aging The Huston Foundation Mr. and Mrs. George E. Koch
Philadelphia Department of The Leo and Peggy Pierce Family $1,000 – 2,499 Lancaster County Community
Behavioral Health Foundation Foundation
Philadelphia Department of Thomas Jefferson University Advent Lutheran Church West Lawn Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Lang
Human Services Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church AmeriHealth Casualty Services
Lansdale Anton B. Urban Funeral Home
12 Mr. Owen M. Bastian
Ms. Rose Beck


Lehigh Mission District Christmas Mrs. Sally S. Beil and Mr. Jerry Beil Mr. and Mrs. John M. Ruse The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. John M. Brndjar
Ingathering Mr. Thomas D. Bennett, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Schmoyer Brookwood Dental Associates
Leona Gruber Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Bonnet Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church Mrs. Carol and Mr. Michael Brown
Ms. Janet L. Lorenzon Mr. Dennis H. Bower Whitehall Mr. and Mrs. David P. Brown
Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota Mr. Christopher E. Carter Mr. Donald J. Shombert and Burns Funeral Homes Inc.
Ms. Lucille I. Magnusson Centre Foundation Ms. Sally T. Werntz Calvary Lutheran Church Laureldale
Mr. and Mrs. Nevin W. Mann Christ Lutheran Church Allentown Mrs. Dena Smith Capozzi Adler, P.C.
Mrs. Joan and Mr. Kevin Myers Christ Lutheran Church Hellertown St John Lutheran Church Centre Square Christ Lutheran Church Kulpsville
Rev. Dr. Jennifer P. Ollikainen, D.Min Christ Lutheran Church Niantic St John Lutheran Church Nanticoke Ciavarelli Family Funeral Homes
Mr. Gary Raser Mr. Robert A. Cinalli St John Lutheran Church Slatington Mr. Robert Cohen
Mrs. Karen Read Mrs. Patty Cline St Luke Lutheran Church Allentown Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Cool
Redeemer Lutheran Church Allentown Mr. and Mrs. John T. Corrado St Mark Lutheran Church Bethlehem Crescent Vending Co.
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Rights Mr. Thomas Cuddahy St Michael Lutheran Church of the Mr. Robert Cueto
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Roth Ms. Linda M. Curto Nativity Allentown Ms. Judith P. Culler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Schuman,Sr. Ms. Sandra D. Deiter St Paul Lutheran Blue Church Mrs. Pamela Cummings
Ms. Irene Segletes Mr. and Mrs. Alan and Linda C. Eickhoff Coopersburg Mr. and Mrs. W. Laurence Davis
Mr. William R. Snell, Esq. Dr. and Mrs. Paul F. Engstrom St Paul Lutheran Church Summer Hill Ms. Janice M. Diehl
St Andrew Lutheran Church Easton Estate of Evelyn M. Katz St Paul Lutheran Church Tannersville Mr. and Mrs. Donald Duckwitz
St John Lutheran Church Coplay Mr. Ralph C. Even and Dr. Kim Even St Paul’s Lutheran Church Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Egan
St John Lutheran Church Fogelsville ExxonMobil Foundation, Inc. St Peter Lutheran Church Bethlehem Dr. Paul and Mrs. Mary Lynn Ellis
St Timothy Lutheran Church Allentown First Presbyterian Church of Allentown St. John’s Evangelical Luthean Church Ms. Elizabeth B. Elmore and
Mr. Dennis L. Steffy Mrs. Heather F. Fleck St. Michael’s Lutheran Church Mr. Michael Grimes
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Stine II Mr. Marc Franzoni Sellersville Emmanuel Lutheran Church Bath
Temple Lutheran Church Havertown Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. Freese, Jr. Mr. Richard W. Stephan Employees Community Fund
The Brickman Group Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gainer Mr. and Mrs. Ken Stewart of the Boeing Co.
The Matthews Children’s Foundation GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Mr. Walter Stiver, Jr. The Reverend William G. Erat and
Thrivent Central Lehigh Chapter Mr. and Mrs. David Haight Mr. and Mrs. Karl G. Stotz Mrs. Linda Erat
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Holmes, Sr. Thrivent Philadelphia County Chapter The Reverend Carol Ficken
Thrivent Lower Northampton County Mrs. Donna and Mr. Roy Johnson #31027 Fireside Bar and Grille
Chapter Mr. Paul Jordan Thrivent Upper Montgomery Chapter Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Flynn
Thrivent South Lehigh County Chapter Ms. Felice Katz # 31392 Four Seasons Total Landscaping Inc.
Thrivent Southwest Berks County Mr. and Mrs. David S. Kratz Trinity Lutheran Church Kutztown Mr. and Mrs. Ross T. Frantz
Chapter Ms. Corrine Lamack Union Evangelical Lutheran Church Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Goldring
The Reverend and Mr. and Mrs. Gerard M. Latchic Schnecksville Ms. Doris G. Gordon
Mrs. John W. Tomlinson Leanor T Rife Memorial Fund Ms. Gwendolyn R. Webster Grace Lutheran Church Macungie
Trinity Lutheran Church Lehighton Lockheed Martin Ms. Sally T. Werntz and Grace Lutheran Church Wyndmoor
Trust of Marguerite Baur Luther Crest Chapel Fund Mr. Donald J. Shombert Grace Presbyterian Church
Union Electric Contracting Co. Lutheran Community at Telford Mr. and Mrs. David H. Zieger Greenview Landscaping
United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley The Reverend and Mrs. Wayne A. Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Zieger Mr. Michael Grimes
Upper Dublin Lutheran Church Ambler Matthias-Long Mr. Paul C. Ziegler Gute Financial Services, Inc
Warfel Construction Company Mrs. Beverly K. McGuire Zion Stone Church of W. Penn Twp. Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Gutekunst
Mr. and Mrs. Scot Williams Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Michael Zions Lutheran Church Perry Twp. Mr. Richard Hartmann
Mrs. Katrina K. and Mr. David A. Wise Northeast PA Women of the ELCA Immanuel Lutheran Church
Ms. Elizabeth Young Northern Lehigh Valley Mission District $250 to 499 Philadelphia
Ziegels Lutheran Church Breinigsville Ingathering Jacobs Lutheran Church Pine Grove
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Zimmerman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Steven Panning Mr. Otto Alden Jerusalem Lutheran Church E Salisbury
Zion Lutheran Church Northampton Ms. Dolores Redner Ambler Savings Bank Mrs. Sally U. Johnson
Republic Services Atlantic Refrigeration Equipment Ms. LaVerne Jones
$500 to 999 Mr. Stephen Reutemann Company, Inc. Mrs. Teresa and Mr. Michael Kane
Mr. Christopher Ridenhour Augustus Lutheran Church Trappe Karr Barth Associates
Aetna Foundation The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Dennis S. Ritter Augustus Lutheran Church Women Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Keinert
Allegheny Lock Company Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Rummel Ms. Elizabeth B. Beck
Arndts Lutheran Church Easton Mrs. Esther Bonnet 13
Mrs. Bonnie Lee Behm Mr. Glen D. Boyle
Mrs. Yvette and Mr. Earle Bradford


Liberty Lutheran is deeply grateful to the individuals
and organizations listed who contributed at least $100 or more

during our fiscal year July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015.

$250 to 499 (cont’d) St John Lutheran Church Whitehall Ms. Catherine Benner Emmanuel Lutheran Church
St John Lutheran Church Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Benyaker Nuremburg
Mr. Joseph G. Kloss Wms Twp. Easton Mr. William G. Bergan The Reverend and
Mr. and Mrs. Dale R. Kratzer St Mark Lutheran Church Allentown Ms. Karen Bergey Mrs. William W. Ennis
Ms. Donna J. Lee and Mr. John J. Stecher St Peter Lutheran Church Allentown Mr. and Mrs. David W. Berkel Ms. Susannah Erinle
Ms. Lois I. Leffler St Stephen Lutheran Church Bethlehem Bern Women of the ELCA Estate of Leanor Rife
The Reverend and Mr. Donald M. Stahley Mr. Charles Bernier Evangelical Lutheran Church Durham
Mrs. F. Thomas Lichner Mr. John J. Stecher and Ms. Donna J Lee Bertucci’s Italian Restaurant Evangelical Lutheran Church of the
Pastor Bruce D. MacLaughlin Mr. Thomas A. Stephenson Mr. Joseph Besecker Living Word Roslyn
Mr. Edwin W. Melvin Ms. Mary A. Stilo Mr. Arthur W. Boesler Mrs. Joan E. Fichtner
Merck Foundation The Reverend and Ms. and Mr. Donna Boesler Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Fichtner
Mr. Michael C. Miller Mrs. Richard H. Stough Sr. Mrs. and Mr. Ms. Nancy L. Filler
Mrs. Susan H. Miller Mrs. Judith Stripay Constance L. Bowers-Capen The Reverend and Mrs. Fred S. Foerster
Mrs. Elspeth Naramore Thrivent Upper Northampton Co. Ms. Rose M. Briscella Mrs. and Mr. Alma K. Francis
Ms. Catherine Neil Chapter Mr. and Mrs. James Bruno Mr. James B. Francis
New Jerusalem Lutheran Church Mrs. Elizabeth A. Tiemeyer Mrs. Mary Beth Buchanan Mr. Mitchell W. Francis
Fleetwood Mr. Roy M. Tietjen Ms. Judy Buchwald Mr. and Mrs. Harold Frank
Mrs. Dana and Mr. Mark O’Donnell Trinity Lutheran Church Coopersburg The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Buehrle Mrs. Judy E. Frank and
Ms. Celia Oleary Trinity Lutheran Church Havertown The Reverend Bishop Claire S. Burkat Mr. Mark Nevadonski
Mr. Hans J Park and Ms. Sona Kim Trinity Lutheran Church Hecktown Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Burke Mrs. Marion Frank
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Ms. Nancy Twomey Mrs. Anne H. Burns Mrs. Beverly Freed-Lawrence
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church United Way of South Hampton Roads CandC Lancaster LLC/DBA Fastsigns Mr. and Mrs. Joseph French
Johnsonville Mr. David W. Varrelman Lancaster Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. Frey
Mr. Hue H. Quach Weisenberg Lutheran Church Mr. and Mrs. Martin Casey Mr. Larry Frey
Redner’s Warehouse Markets New Tripoli Ms. Elisabeth Cassidy Friedens Lutheran Church Center Valley
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Rentschler Mr. and Mrs. Ralph G. Wellington Christ Lutheran Church L. Saucon Friedens Lutheran Church Oley
Mrs. Mary Gorman and Ms. Caroline Willms Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Christian Dr. Kilian Fritsch and Dr. Sandra Fritsch
Mr. Anthony Resch Mr. Kevin M. Wolf Cigna Foundation The Reverend Mary W. Gade
Mr. Charles Richard The Reverend and Mrs. David M. Young Mr. and Mrs. David B. Daurelle Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Galante
Mrs. Virginia M. Robertson Mr. and Mrs. John F. Ziegler Mr. and Mrs. Dawson W. Deck Mrs. June Gaskins
Rosemont Lutheran Church Bethlehem Dr. and Mrs. Steven Decker Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gazzerro, Jr.
Salem Bellemans Lutheran Church $100 to 249 Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. DeHoratius Mr. Randy Gellert
Mohrsville The Reverend and Mrs. John J. Deisinger Mr. Christopher Gibbons
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Schaeffer Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Aerni Mr. Alex DeLeon Ms. Joan A. Gibney
Dr. and Mrs. Scott T. Scheirer Mr. and Mrs. Brooke K. Alderfer Mrs. Doris L. DeLeon The Rev. Dr. and
Mr. Albert Schisler Allstate Giving Campaign Dettra Memorial Trust Mrs. Hartland H. Gifford
Mr. C. Glenn Schueler America’s Charities Ms. Jennifer DeWalt and Mrs. Arlene G. Goetz
Mr. Kenneth Schuster AXA Foundation Ms. Christine Shoemaker Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gordon
Scott Contractors Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Badolato Dr. and Mrs. Walter J. Dex Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Gounalis
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Selinger Ms. Alice G. Baer Mrs. Maureen Donnelly Grace Lutheran Church Allentown
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Siegfried Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baer Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Dorn Grace Realty Co., Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Sklaroff Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Balascki Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dougherty Ms. Annette Green
Mrs. Judith F. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Barnes Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dunn Mr. Barry Greenberg
Southeastern PA Women of the ELCA Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barsky Mrs. Marie Durchsprung Ms. Carolyn Greene
Mrs. Sally and Mr. Donn Spear Bateman Bros. Lumber Co. Incorporated Mr. Henry Ebner Ms. Lastenia Grieser
St John Lutheran Church Allentown Mr. and Mrs. John F. Beam ECBM Dr. Beryl and Dr. Donald Gutekunst
St John Lutheran Church Ringtown Bear Creek Camp Mrs. Barbara J. Edwards H.R. Benjamin Electrical Construction
St John Lutheran Church Stroudsburg Ms. Betty Bebian Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Elsenbaumer Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Haney
Diane and Austin Bechtold Ms. Barbara B. Hannon
14 Mr. Randy Bednarz


Mr. Andrew J. Harrington Mr. Bruce L. Lenich The Reverend and Mrs. Peter A. Pettit St Luke Reformation Lutheran Church
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Harrison Ms. Lynn G. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Carol and Carl W. Phelps Noxen
Mrs. Harry Harvey Little Zion Lutheran Church Telford Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R. Popp
Mrs. Ann H. Harvey Dr. Marlen and Mr. Fred Livezey Ms. Carol A. Porter St Matthew Lutheran Church Perkasie
The Reverend and Mrs. John W. Hattery Mr. Robert J. Lomicky Mr. Irving Priluker
Mr. Doug and Mrs. Dixie Haverstick Mr. and Mrs. Gerald and The Reverend Nelson Quinones St Michael Lutheran Church Hamburg
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Heaney Rosemary Lorenz Ms. Paula Ralph
Mr. John T. Heger and Ms. Louise Lovrensky Mr. and Mrs. Jurgen S. Rehnig St Paul III Lutheran Church Easton
Mrs. Deborah R. Roth-Heger Mr. and Mrs. John D. Lubell Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Reimet
Heintzelman Funeral Home Mr. and Mrs. Duncan J. MacMillan, Jr. Resurrection Lutheran Church Horsham St Paul Lutheran Church Bethlehem
Mr. Arthur H. Heiser MaGerks Pub and Grill Ft. Washington Mr. and Mrs. John W. Reyher
Mrs. Darlene C. Helman Ms. Janice L. Manwiller Mrs. Bethann E. Ritter-Snyder St Paul Lutheran Church Dallas
Ms. Judy S. Herman Mr. Steven Marcu Mrs. Linda Robbins
Mr. William M. Herrlich Mrs. Helen Marimow Mr. and Mrs. Carl Roberts St Paul Lutheran Church Easton
Dr. Ronald E. and Susan S. Hess Mr. and Mrs. William Marimow Ms. Evelyn K. Roberts
The Reverend and Mrs. Fred Holst Marcia and Sarah Martinez-Helfman Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Roessler, Jr. St Paul Lutheran Church Hamburg
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Master Mr. and Mrs. Frank Roth
Northampton Mrs. Ruth F. Master Mrs. and Mr. Helene Roth St Paul Lutheran Church Lobachsville
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Slatedale Sarah E. Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Jerry J. Roth
Holy Trinity Memorial Lutheran Church Mr. Steven Matzke and Mr. and Mrs. Rothrock St Paul Lutheran Church Norristown
Catasauqua Ms. Beth A Ritchey Mr. Gary B. Rubin
Holy Trinity Slovak Lutheran Church Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. McAnulty Dr. Kenneth G. Ryder, Jr St Paul Lutheran Church Red Hill
Northampton Mr. and Mrs. Neil N. McCardle Mr. Leon Salosky
Mr. and Mrs. Talbot R. Houck Mr. John R. McGann Mrs. Sandra G. Samkavitz St Peter Lutheran Church
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Howe Mr. John P. McGinty, Jr. Mr. Frank Sammarino, Jr Chester Springs
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Howes Mr. and Mrs. James J. McKittrick Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Satterthwaite
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Huber Ms. Terah A. McKnight Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Scheffler St Timothy Lutheran Church
Huffs Union Church Alburtis Ms. Catherine E. McMenamin Ms. Carolyn Schneider
Ms. Jerilyn J. Iacono Merck Partnership for Giving Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Schoolmaster Ms. LuAnn Steinhauer
Immanuel Lutheran Church Messiah Lutheran Church Bethlehem Dr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Scott
Philadelphia Mr. Kelly Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Donald V. Seipt Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stevens
Mrs. Tammy Jabarin Mr. and Mrs. Rhynier B. Minnich Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Sell
Jeff Dradke and Sons The Reverend and Mrs. Joseph Molnar Mrs. Anne R. Seltzer Mr. Arthur D. Stoneback
Jerusalem Western Salisbury Church Mr. and Mrs. Dean Mondelblatt The Rev. and Mrs. Carl D. Shankweiler
Allentown Mr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Montgomery Mrs. Lena M. Sichel Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stripay
Mrs. J. Kenneth Jones Mrs. Marylou J. Morgan Mr. James F. Siegfried
Ms. Michelle Kane Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Mutzig Mrs. Virginia Sinn Mr. and Mrs. Edward Suloff
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Karr Jr. Ms. Rebecca Ann Myers Mr. and Mrs. Skelly
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Keim National Penn Bancshares Ms. Marie Slowey Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Tague
The Reverend and Mrs. John S. Kerr Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Neddenriep Mr. Russell K. Smeal and
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kirst Ms. Carrol L. Nemchik Mrs. Heidi Jamieson Ms. Mary Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Kirst Network for Good Mr. Wayne C. Smith
Ms. Anna E. Kish Ms. Carol R. Neumayer Mr. Kermit S. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Teitman
Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Knobler New Jerusalem Lutheran Church Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Snyder
Mr. James Korner Bethlehem Mrs. Leona M. Souser Mr. Jonathan R. Testa
Mrs. Francine Kravitz Mr. and Mrs. Harry Newhard Mrs. Sally and Mr. Donn Spear
Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Kreidler Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nicol The Reverend Dr. and Mrs. Ellen Triani
Mrs. and Mr. Cheryl Kripke-Cohen Ms. Jo Ellyn Norman Mrs. Paul H. Spohn
Mr. Allan Kuenzel The Reverend Paulette K. Obrecht and St Andrew Lutheran Church Allentown Trinity Lutheran Church Fort
Mrs. Anne and Mr. John Obrecht St James Lutheran Church Geigertown Washington
Mr. Thomas Lachenmayer Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Olsen St John Evangelical Lutheran Church
Ms. Sarah Lamberth One2One Computer Services, Inc. Easton Trinity Lutheran Church Lansford
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lauer Mr. William Otto St John Lutheran Church Kutztown
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Pearson St John -Tinicum Lutheran Church United Way of Delaware, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Leneweaver Ms. Marie Petithomme Essington
Mr. Harry Urkowitz

Ms. Hilary Vadner

Mr. and Mrs. George Vermeire

Dr. and Mrs. Louis Vermillion

Mrs. Carolyn B. Volk

Mrs. Janet and Mr. Bruce Waechter

Mrs. Janet A. Waechter

Mrs. Donna E. Wallace

WECLA of Trinity Lutheran Church

Ms. Carol Weidler

Ms. Jane Weir

The Reverend Dr. and
Mrs. Harold S. Weiss

Mrs. Jean A. White

Ms. E. Roberta Wible

Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Wilkinson, Ph.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Woehleke

Ms. Judy Woloff

Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Wurtz

Dr. Herbert and Mrs. Carol Zemble

Mr. Matthew S. Zierold

Ms. Yolanda F. Zimmerman

Zion Lutheran Church Tamaqua

Zion Spies Evangelical Lutheran Church

Zion Women of the ELCA 15


President’s Circle

The President’s Circle recognizes any donor who has given $10,000 or more cumulatively.

(does not include unpaid pledges)

Mr. Otto Alden Mr. Robert H. Gotwalt Mr. and Mrs. Steven Pitzenberger
Mr. Allen Apter Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Z. Hartenbauer Mr. Nicholas N. Pournader, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baer
Mr. and Mrs. Wister S. Baisch Mrs. Carol Hays Mr. Steven Pribis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Barnum Mr. and Mrs. John O. Heck Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Reimet
Mr. Owen M. Bastian
Mrs. Beatrice Bean Ms. Mary J. Heflin Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Ricker
Mrs. Helen L. Beattie Mr. and Mrs. James B. Himler Mr. and Mrs. David J. Rights
Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Jim Becker The Reverend and Mrs. Fred Hopke The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Dennis S. Ritter
Ms. Karen Bergey Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Roemhild
Mr. Leonard and Mr. Richard W. Hoy, Esq.
Mrs. Helene D. Boclair Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jacobe Dr. Keiko M. Ross
Mrs. Esther Bonnet Mr. and Mrs. Frank Roth
Mrs. Marie E. Boyer Mr. Robert J. Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Satterthwaite
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Brenneman Mrs. Marcia Kavanagh
Mr. and Mrs. J. Curtis Brewer Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Keddie, Jr. Mr. C. Glenn Schueler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Byers Mrs. Catharine K. Keim Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Schuman,Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Coder
Mrs. Beverly Coller and Mr. Charles R. King Ms. Elizabeth H. Scott
Mr. William Campbell Mr. and Mrs. John W. Kirst Mr. and Mrs. Morton Sklaroff
Mr. Peter I. Daniele, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Kishbaugh Mr. Michael Slotznick, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Daurelle Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. DeLomba Sr. Mr. Robert L. Klotz Mrs. Sally and Mr. Donn Spear
Mr. Seibert L. Dorner Mr. and Mrs. George E. Koch Mrs. J. Patricia Stanley-Lackman and
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Ehinger
The Reverend William G. Erat and Mr. Richard H. Kustin Dr. Thomas Lackman
Mrs. Linda Erat Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Larson Mr. Dennis L. Steffy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Erb Mr. and Mrs. John Steimer
Dr. Luanne B. and Mr. Barrett Fisher The Reverend and Mr. and Mrs. David W. Stettler
Mr. Edward G. Fitzgerald and Ms. Mrs. Russell M. Long Mrs. Phyllis B. Taylor and
Virginia M. Duffy Mr. and Mrs. John MacChesney Mr. Richard K. Taylor
Ms. Nancy Gamble Mrs. Helen A. Manfull
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Gasper Mr. Robert B. Marsh The Family of
Mr. Charles M. Gingrich Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Maynard Violet and Harry Mitchell
Mr. Richard N. Gitlen Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Miller Mrs. Janet and Mr. Bruce Waechter
Mrs. Linda M. Morrow Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Wangsness
16 Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Myers Mrs. Denise R. Winarchick
Mr. and Mrs. Harold I. Myers Mrs. Katrina K. and Mr. David A. Wise
Mrs. Joan and Mr. Kevin Myers
Ms. Nancy Wolf
Mr. Axel K. Olsen Mr. and Mrs. Jere A. Young
Mr. Phillip and Mrs. Assunta Parker Mr. and Mrs. David H. Zieger
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Zieger
Ms. Karen Parnes
Mr. Almarin Phillips


Legacy Society

The Legacy Society recognizes the generosity of all contributions
to Liberty Lutheran’s Planned Giving programs.

Ms. Martha A. Adams Mrs. Marcia Kavanagh
Mr. Otto Alden Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Keddie, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baer Mrs. Catharine K. Keim
Mrs. Beatrice Bean Mr. and Mrs. John P. Knox*
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Koch
Mr. Gustav H. Bechtold, Jr.* Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Larson
Mrs. Alice R. Beltz* The Reverend and Mrs. Russell M. Long
Ms. Karen Bergey
Mrs. Helen A. Manfull
Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Helene D. Boclair Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Maynard
Mrs. Esther Bonnet
Mrs. Marie E. Boyer Mr. and Mrs. Harold I. Myers
Mr. Phillip and Mrs. Assunta Parker
Mr. and Mrs. F. Glenn Breen, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Brenneman Mr. and Mrs. Steven Pitzenberger
Mrs. Beverly Coller and Mr. William Campbell Mr. Nicholas N. Pournader, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Daurelle
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Pribis, Jr.
Mrs. Helen R. Davis Mr. C. Glenn Schueler
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Ehinger
Dr. Luanne B. and Mr. Barrett Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Roger Sovocool
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Gasper Mrs. Sally and Mr. Donn Spear
Mrs. Janet and Mr. Bruce Waechter
Ms.Annie C. Harvey Rev. and Mrs. William P. Welther
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Heck Mr. Robert F. and Mrs. Elaine B. Whitford
Rev. and Mrs. Henry K. Wohlgemuth
Ms. Mary J. Heflin
Mrs.Barbara and Mr.Donald Hickey Ms. Nancy Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Jere A. Young
Mrs. Bridgit and Mr. Brian Holly Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Zieger
Mrs. Karen House
Rev. Patricia H. Johnson


WINTER 2016 Annual Ingathering Delivers
Hope and Light
TO SERVICE On Sunday, December 6, 2015, Lutheran congregations
once again came together to help those in need through
Refugee Resettlement Efforts the annual Ingathering. Donations collected at numerous
Bolstered by Donor Dollars drop-off sites were received and sorted by volunteers.
and Volunteer Interest Gifts ranging from toiletries, work gloves, backpacks,
baby care items, blankets and more will be distributed to
During fall 2015 Liberty’s Lutheran Children and charities worldwide including our own Lutheran Family
Family Service’s (LCFS) Refugee Resettlement Program and Children Service.
received an unprecedented amount of volunteer
inquiries, and more than $30,000 in donor dollars. Sorting much needed donations at St. Paul’s Third Lutheran Church
The outpouring of support came in response to in Easton, PA.
widespread news about the plight of Syrian refugees.
LCFS’ resettlement office in Allentown, PA has already Volunteers at St. John’s Lutheran Church, Emmaus, PA worked
settled eight Syrian families, and expects to aid 15- tirelessly throughout the day.
20 more over the next year. In addition to Syrian
newcomers, LCFS’ Refugee Resettlement Program assists
refugees from Burma, Bhutan, Democratic Republic of
the Congo, Iraq, and Central and South America.
The success of LCFS’ resettlement efforts relies on
the gracious assistance of volunteers and generosity
of donor dollars. If you would like to make a gift or
learn more about volunteering, please visit our online
Resource Center at

More than 1,000 volunteers across the Liberty Volunteers at St. Paul’s Third Lutheran Church bundled soap and
family of services help us to build up and washcloths to include in care packages that will support those in need.
strengthen vulnerable individuals of all ages.
Visit for more
information or contact Julia Menzo at
[email protected] or 267-464-7740.



Liberty in Action

The Village at Penn State Brings Joy to Several
Families in Need
Residents and staff at The Village at Penn State helped the Christmas
spirit shine bright for 10 families in need. Through a charity drive
called the “Giving Tree,” residents decorated tree ornaments that
identified the needs and wishes of each family. Staff and residents
were then invited to pluck an ornament from the tree and fulfill the
wish—and the Village rose to the challenge! By the end of the drive,
95 gifts were collected and distributed to the very grateful families.

Blue Scarf Ladies Visit Camp Out for Hunger
The Blue Scarf Ladies of Paul’s Run amassed 259 pounds of
donated food to benefit Camp Out for Hunger, a massive food
drive spearheaded by popular Philadelphia deejays Preston
Elliot and Steve Morrison of WMMR 93.3. On December 3rd,
the Blue Scarf Ladies took a special trip to South Philadelphia
to drop off the donations, which benefited the non-profit food
bank Philabundance.

Residents Star in Fast Times at Artman High
Wissahickon High School students served as photographers
and Artman residents were the models during a recent photo
shoot for a 2016 calendar, Fast Times at Artman High. Proceeds
from the sales will benefit Artman’s Benevolent Care Fund.

LCFS’ Expert Insight into Refugee Resettlement
Makes the News
The surge in interest regarding the Syrian refugee crisis led national
and local media to seek expert commentary and insight from Janet
Panning, a Lutheran Children and Family Service Program Director
whose specialty is refugee resettlement. Since September 2015, there
have been 36 mentions in the press of Lutheran Children and Family
Services’ Refugee Resettlement Program. In addition to being a
resource for the press, Janet is regularly sought after to speak to faith-
based and civic groups about the motivations, challenges, hopes and
dreams that compel refugees to flee their countries and build a new
life in the U.S.


At Liberty newsletter is published by
7002 Butler Pike • Ambler, PA 19002

Your Legacy
215-643-6333 215-643-9908 844-651-5111
Your support of Liberty Lutheran
and our family of services has
made a vital difference in the lives 215-934-3009 610-770-9205 844-651-5111
of the most vulnerable children,
teens, older adults and refugee
families that we serve. 1-800-238-3173 610-664-5967 215-456-5700
Have you considered ways to
continue your support after you’re
gone? If you remember us in your
will or trust, you leave a legacy
that provides opportunities for
communities to heal, people to
recover and faith to be restored.

Take the first step today
to leave your legacy.

Call us at 267-464-7728 or visit

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