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Issue 24 of Fowl Feathered Review

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Published by Fire Agate Press, 2017-10-30 09:01:00

FFR 24

Issue 24 of Fowl Feathered Review

Keywords: quarterly

ISSN: 1929-7238. Published by Fowlpox Press. Cover and interior
paintings: James Johnston. Photographs: Paris Paté. Ms. Paté is not taken
for granted. Ever. Woodblock prints: Loren Kantor, who is a passionate,
curious Woodcutter/Writer living in Hollywood with a love for movies, music and
old Los Angeles.

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Roddis Franklin "Pete" Drake (October 8, 1932
– July 29, 1988)

Sometime back in 1987, Marcel Marceau performed in front of a live audience in Portland, Maine. Prior to his entrance, one could
hear just behind the curtain a beating of sticks (something of wood, it would seem), perhaps to signal to the audience that the time
had arrived for the show to start, and more importantly, that we should be attentive. This lonely page serves a similar purpose and I
sincerely hope you enjoy what follows. Clack, clack, clack…




he house was not plumb and the wind knew it. In winter, drafts broke into
whistles and spooked the old mutt; he paced the linoleum in search of calm. At times,
field mice would cozy between cinder blocks and joists while waiting out storms, only
to have the mutt paw their retreats in protest.

Most nights shades would remain up taking in the moon and stars, but with each
cold snap they would come down holding in any dying heat. On snowy nights, the
lost man and fermented fishwife would retire to the foam-fill by midnight to sleep
below a vinyl headboard with chewing gum warts or they might linger a little longer
with the residue of alcohol and ashes of death.

By one, a little man would fidget alone on his stale mattress with the glow of
a space heater from the kitchen below and the drum of ice pellets on the corrugated
roof above. In the dim, he would raise the shades and press his face and fingers
against the glacial pane. Outside a lone street light would reveal tomorrow's fate.

By three, the wind's whistle would become a melody and the field mice and the
mutt would have settled in for one last January. The ice pellets would have changed
to snowflakes too muted to stir the snoring man or the drunken mommy. And the
boy would have dozed off on the front room rug; his visions of a snow day unfazed by
the fading warmth of the space heater and the expectant blurry blush of the latest
used TV.


In an unfinished, cluttered and dusty attic, hidden beneath Sally's ratty fur-collared,
silk-lined, woolen coats, rested a distressed cream-colored dresser with three
green-apple drawers all locked up with no place to go. We used a crowbar from the

cellar, its leverage and our meddling pried open the drawers bottom to top. We
discovered each drawer contained six sealed shoe boxes, all with an index card taped
to the box top. It provided a name and a date, all from the 1940s. With a pen knife, we
warily opened the containers. We gawked at the 18 miniature 'bambinos,' the largest
the size of a chipmunk, along with the parched jumble of placenta and umbilical cord
laying on beds of cheesecloth.

Nine were boys, eight little girls, one was so tiny; it looked like a “pinky”
field mouse, gender unknown. Fourteen had the look of three day-old snow, three
had the skin color of a grocery bag. For the rest of the day we surveyed the plunder
as our mothers and Sally downstairs drank themselves through 16 double Manhattans.
When we grew fatigued from viewing these diminutive, musty, once-living creatures,
we sealed them most carefully for 8 year-olds, put them away, and covered the
dresser with at least thirty cloth coats.

The shoe-box babies remained a taboo topic, not discussed again after that day of
discovery in 1954. My cousins in the attic investigation died in a car wreck in '73.
Sally, the likely abortionist and neighborhood barkeep, died in 2003 when her house
burned down, as well as the dresser, from faulty Christmas-tree wiring that took her
straight into limbo. My two aunts and my mother lived, even prospered, well into
their 90s. In 2011, they all chose to die within a week of each other, taking any
knowledge of he back-alley scandal with them into dust. I am alone revealing this
tale to you – a tale without certainty, yet a tale I cannot deny.


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Nikhil Parekh
No petal is ever born disdainfully decayed; from the womb of the redolently mesmerizing
and celestially effulgent flower,
No fledgling is ever born a hideously treacherous vulture; from the womb of the
uninhibitedly ecstatic and timelessly soaring bird,
No raindrop is ever born smeared with satanic blood; from the womb of the impeccably
glorious and fathomlessly endowing sky,
No ray is ever born a mass of bedlam nothingness; from the womb of the Omnipotently
Golden and brilliantly optimistic Sun,
No sound is ever born cold-bloodedly cacophonic; from the womb of the vividly resplendent
and ebulliently mellifluous nightingale,
No flake of ice is ever born cannibalistically brown; from the womb of the innocuously
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No globule of milk is ever born sadistically venomous; from the womb of the unsurpassably
sacrosanct and benevolently munching cow,
No mischief is ever born insidiously crucifying; from the womb of the vivaciously dancing
and eternally cavorting rainbow,
No salt is ever born diabolically asphyxiating; from the womb of the rhapsodically
undulating and perennially poignant sea,
No soldier is ever born a disparagingly gory traitor; from the womb of the Omnisciently
proliferating and peerlessly blessing soil,
No echo is ever born ludicrously silent; from the womb of the unfathomably deep and
inscrutably reverberating gorge,

No truth is ever born an egregiously marauding lie; from the womb of the unconquerably
Omnipresent and Perpetually bestowing heavens,
No honey is ever born iconoclastically prejudiced; from the womb of the fantastically
boisterous and enchantingly exotic honey bee,
No fruit is ever born forlornly deteriorated; from the womb of the quintessentially
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And no organism is ever born a reproachfully indiscriminate terrorist; from the womb of its
unshakably priceless and altruistically blessing mother .

Nikhil Parekh is a Love Poet & an author of 47 different Books which include 1 God , and Love Versus Terrorism . The Poet is a 10
Time National Record Holder for his Poetry with Limca Book of Records India - which is India's Best Book of Records , also Ranked
2nd in the World officially to Guinness Book of World Records .

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Artist Bio O ne aspect of developmental trauma is alexithymia,
James Henry Johnston an inherent difficulty in putting words to emotions
and somatic states. A difficulty in knowing how one is
I grew up in the so-called “Troubles” in Northern feeling.

Ireland. It has shaped who I am. How I view the I have, from the start, invested my paintings with
world. quite a lot of emotion. Painting has helped me explore
the human condition of others and also mine too. In
I came to live in Wales 30 years ago. Wales has painting others, I find myself.
been a refuge to me.
Although I have only started painting relatively I also have had difficulties as a result, partly, of my
recently in life, I have expressed my creativity in other emotions and trauma, namely alcoholism and
ways throughout my life, notably through photography addiction. I have been recovering now for 12 years and
but also in film/video and formerly via writing and have increasingly explored what it is like to be a
theatre. human being in this time.

I feel there is still often a cinematic or theatrical I explore the fullness of being human and, in the
aspect to my paintings, certainly in the compositions. renaissance tradition, I attempt to love my painting
into life. Art has brought me closer to other human
I arrived at my style of painting fairly quickly. I beings.
was and am still very encouraged by this. My wife, My experience of life is at odds with most artists I
another artist, says my style came out almost know. As a result, what I am trying to express is often
immediately, as if it was bursting to come out. A style different too.
of painting is like a signature, it reveals something
intrinsic. I am an outsider in many ways. A Catholic in a
Protestant town in Northern Ireland, the only boy in a
My life, my experiences and pre-occupations are family of girls, an Irish man in Wales, a sufferer of
evident in my work. All that has gone before is evident C-PTSD and a recovering alcoholic and addict. I enjoy
in what I paint now. In fact, my prior life had stopped this difference. It informs my work.
me painting in many ways.
It is perhaps why I enjoyed Edvard Munch so
One lingering legacy of my trouble upbringing is much as a young man, this idea of being alone in a
my Complex PTSD (C-PTSD). This left me haunted crowd, of feeling different.
by a feeling, an attitude that prevented me fully
realising my creative potential. I also love how he paints the ugly side, in a
technique that matches his preoccupations and subject
I had this chronic fear of making mistakes, of matter. I try to do this as well. I also like how he paints
failing, so often I didn’t really start creating. emotion and psychological states.

After receiving a period of therapy for my C-PTSD This is what I am interested in too. Looking
I came home one day and simply started painting. My beyond the superficial, the conformist, the facades.
fear of making mistakes had gone. The stories we hide behind.
I feel as if I have always been an artist but one
imprisoned in my trauma. Healing has brought a Growing up in an extreme environment helped
stream of creativity. I am making up for lost time. me have an outside perspective, be a stranger in my
I am surprised I have become a portrait painter. own home. It allowed me to see how this conformity

warps our humanity, becomes the excuse to lie, deny Images used in this issue:
and deceive. Facejob (cover)
Still Troubled
I like to explore this idea of people wearing masks If People Only Knew
in my work. A recent series of work, “Masks”, Talk Back to Me
examines how we all wear masks in our daily lives to Never Mind
protect our vulnerabilities but if you look closely Dissociation
enough these vulnerabilities are always seeping out,
the mask is always, sometimes imperceptibly, slipping Links:
to reveal more than we would like.
A recent painting, "Facejob", shows how this
vulnerability is sown into one’s face.

Some people are so traumatized by their
experience that the mask is very flimsy indeed or
hardly there at all as in the painting “Still Troubled”, a
women still troubled by her still “disappeared” son,
from the Troubles.

There are many masks. “If Only People Knew”
expresses the idea that what we project is often, in fact,
the opposite of the truth.

The superficiality of life is nowhere more evident
than in the world of social media, obsessed with
detailing every triviality of our existence. This triviality
is a luxury.

In another project, “Sinister Selfies” I contrast
this luxury of this mind-numbing narcissism with the
darker realities of many peoples’ lives. I use an icon of
our time, the Smartphone “selfie”, to turn our gaze
onto so-called darker elements of the human

Instead of being snapshots of rampant narcissism
in various sunny or celebratory locations, they instead
invite the viewer into a world which implies darker
human realities such as addiction, co-dependency,
trauma, terror, abuse, disgust, self loathing,
disintegration of self and dissociation.

All areas of human experience close to my heart,
so to speak.

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