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FDI Alliance International Magazine - Summer 2017

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FDI Alliance - Summer 2017

FDI Alliance International Magazine - Summer 2017

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• Come Grow Globally •


• $3,500 Opportunity Zone credits AVAILABLE
• Subzone of Savannah FTZ 104 SITES
• 1,400 acre park less than 1 mile
from Interstate 95
• 30 minutes to Port of Savannah
• 200,000+ workforce includes
Fort Stewart labor pool

• Come G row Gl o b a l l y •

fortune 500 firms with branch YOUR
oper ations in billings , include: PaRtneR


ExxonMobil BNSF Wells Fargo ALLISON CORBYN,
Refinery Railway Operations Center
Business Recruitment

[email protected]


Call Allison for more
information today!

Phillips66 CHS, Inc. GE Capital
Refinery Refinery

222 n. 32nd st., suite 200 | billings, mt 59101 |


Over the past 57 years, Pembroke Pines has grown to the 11th largest city in the state of Florida with more
than 160,000 residents spread over 34 square miles. The City has easy access to three major highways,

major seaports and is home to millions of square feet of commercial, retail and industrial space.
Join Us and Discover Pembroke Pines


In 2014 Money Magazine put In April 2017, the City moved into the Pembroke Pines has been an economic
Pembroke Pines on their annual Best Charles F. Dodge City Center building. The development leader through strategic
Place to Live list and the City has 175,000 square foot facility was designed real estate transactions and creative
been praised for its diverse yet to accommodate conventions, banquets, public – private partnerships. The
inclusive community. Families are meetings, tradeshows and performance City’s takes a proactive approach to its
well served with A-Rated schools events with maximum seating around development regulations and invested
including the City’s award winning 3,200. The unique venue is complemented heavily in infrastructure improvements
municipally owned and operated by City Hall, gallery space, an outdoor plaza to support future growth. The City has
Charter School System as well as the and 5 acre park. Adjacent to the facility is a seen a rise in new private development
south campus of Broward College. 150 acre privately developed mixed use including nearly 1 million square feet
The City is also regularly recognized project with residential, hotel, restaurant, of industrial / distribution space,
for providing outstanding programs retail and entertainment uses. The rst approximately 500,000 square feet of
and services to the senior 1,000 residential units have been delivered commercial space and over 1,500
community. and the rst phase of the commercial residential units.
development is under construction.

601 City Center Way Pembroke Pines, FL 33025 954-392-2100

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who This year we successfully launched our Todd Kuckkahn - Portage County WI
has participated in this Issue. We are lead generation and video marketing Molly Howey - Go Topeka KS
happy to announce that this has been our tools which are now being fully utilised RaNoda McClain - Lee - Port Arthur TX
biggest Issue so far. by economic development professionals Kelly Leitz - Wedc WI
as we assist their efforts to connect with Mark Wickersham - Huntington IN
We have been very fortunate to sustain the right site selectors and investors on a Tiffani Wooten - Tomball TX
growth within our site selection platform global scale.
and we feel very privileged to have worked
with so many economic developers in the I would like to thank Gareth Julien, who
United States of America and Canada. has consistently produced some of the
Our mission is to continue to offer more best work I have seen and continues to
and more services than just print media add huge value to our platform both in
within this dynamic industry sector. digital and print.

Fdi Alliance International would also like
to say a special thank you to the following
elite clients who have continued to
support us through the years and have
helped our platform become what it is

Courtney Margetson
Executive Publisher

Staff: Special Thanks to: Contributors:
Gareth Julien - Editor/Creative Emily Dickerson - Harford MD Sid Voorakkara - Sacramento CA
James Arnold - Director of Operations Linda DiMario - Irvine CA Paul Willies - Appraisal Development
Kate Richards - Director of Research Andrew Golden - Nesa SC Gareth Julien - Fdi Alliance International Kristi Lumpkin - Ruston LA Olivia Varela


At GKD, water moved us to design the world’s first
mega media marquee from woven stainless steel fabric.

DORCHESTER. Water moves us. How will it move you?

The Dorchester County Economic Development Office is focused on
developing and implementing strategic initiatives to assist businesses
with growth and expansion projects and to attract new industry.
The mission of the Economic Development Office is to create a
business environment where local firms can compete and thrive in
today’s global economy. To learn more, call 410.228.0155.

Dorchester county economic Development


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UK’s Exit From the EU Chatham Kent Liberty County

Article by Paul Willies Resources and Local Culture with Ron Tolley

30 33 36

Ruston, Louisiana St. Mary’s Parish Dorchester

The home of Louisiana Tech University Metal Shark Shipyard The Eastern Shore Lifestyle

42 46 52

Mesquite, Nevada Watauga Xenia

Where Mesquite Means Business Work to Live, Not Live to Work Top 5 Reasons

67 78 84

Port Loredo WEDC Portage County

The Economy of South Texas Deep Roots, Bright Futures in Wisconsin Economic Vitality meets Quality of Life


UAS fastest lower. Current capabilities of UAVs can determine pest
growing sector levels, plant vitality, fertilizer requirements and much
iN Aerospace today more. UAVs willl not only monitor these conditions,
but soon they’ll actually administer the appropriate

Researchers are utilising research in nano-technology to
make new cameras and equipment that are even smaller,
lighter and more accurate than currently available.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are the fastest growing These new products will include more efficient battery
sector in aerospace today. Projections are that commercial life allowing for sustained air-time, new nano-batteries
applications for usage of UAS will quickly outgrow that of developed in Oklahoma may offer longer air-time while
UAS (drones) for military defense. In America, commercial provideing lighter payloads. Another area of interest
UAS applications are not yet approved for intergration into to western Oklahoma is the use of UAVs to monitor oil
national airspace by the Federal Aviation Administration. and gas pipelines, rigs and flare stacks. It’s hoped that
That pending approval will be dependant on several factors the UAVs will be able to carry out tasks that may cause
including research, planning, simulation and testing by the safety risks if attempted manually and in turn provide
six FAA authorized UAS testing centers located across the improved safety for workers. The same technology could
United States. also assist with building inspections and aid police and
fire services in certain situatiuons.

These new UAS testing centers are developing data, Oklahoma Governor, Mary Fallin has created a UAS
protocols amd procedures that will in turn lead to Advisory Council that has established a state-wide
commercial use of UAS and intergration into National air collation to facillitate development of UAV research and
space in near future. assist in the development of UAV based companies. The
Oklahoma Spaceport is located in Burns Flat (near Elk
Oklahoma researchers and companies are currently City) and will soon be a focal point for UAVs in western
planning now for for how to best utilize UAV’s once Oklahoma. The Spaceport is opened for business and
commercial usage is granted. One of the early uses will be FAA approved with a designatged airspace. The former
in precision agriculture and western Oklahoma farmwes SAC base has a three-hundred foot wide, three mile long
and ranchers are developing grid coordinates and maps runway and 5 hangars for aerospace useage. While the
for their properties in anticipation of this new technology. facility is primarily attractive to larger aircraft, there are
3000 acres of land that UAV companies may
Currently a COLA is required from the FAA for all UAV flights find beneficial.
beyond those applied to model airplanes i.e. 200 feet and

UK’s exit from EU marks political chaos

These are troubled times for the European Union as by Paul Willies
political turmoil leaves a cloud of uncertainty for what is Special to FDI Alliance
arguably the single largest trading bloc in the world.

Brexit – the successful British referendum to leave the EU to hold her position. As a staunch supporter of Europe,
- was the first major blow to the political behemoth based any wavering on the outcome could trigger a German
in Brussels. A shocking result by anyone’s standards, only retreat from the EU – which could be the death knell to
“trumped” by the US election! the remaining 27 members of the Maastricht Treaty of
1993 (when the European Union was rebranded from
There was a collective gasp of relief from Brussels, when what was formerly called the EEC – European Economic
39-year-old centrist Emmanuel Macron decisively beat Community).
the far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in the French
presidential race – in doing so becoming the youngest But what does exiting Europe mean for the UK?
President in the history of France. His win threw cold
water on the pending doom of the EU. It’s muddy waters as the terms of the exit are hammered
Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May took her majority
lead in the UK prematurely to the electorate on June Will Scotland and Northern Ireland stay in line, or take
8th – three years earlier than required - gambling on their own hasty exit out of the UK to forge their own direct
increasing her party’s position to “strengthen her hand” in ties with Europe – the Union gladly opening their arms in
negotiating the Brexit talks – only to be slapped down by salvaging any piece of Britain’s perceived arrogance.
the voters, narrowly squeaking out a win against Labour
Leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn won much praise in the final weeks of electioneering
– and against all odds, increased Labour’s lead in the
Commons to 262 (a gain of 32 seats). May, with a slim lead
of 318 (a loss of 13 seats) – not enough to form a majority
government causing a hung parliament - was forced to
seek an alliance from some strange bedfellows.

In the days after, the Prime Minister opened talks with Conservative Leader and Prime Minister Theresa May -
Arlene Foster, leader of Northern Ireland’s Democratic Opposition Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn
Unionist Party (DUP), which held a slim 10 sea ts – enough,
that if combined with the 318, would allow May to form a
coalition government – taking her over the threshold of

As of writing, this appears tenuous – and no formal agreement To be Paris, or not?
has been reached.
In London – the financial district is gingerly packing boxes
Meanwhile, May has reshuffled her cabinet, hanging on as – making plans for its own exit – but where to?
Conservative Leader, and by de facto Prime Minster… with
a minority government. Meanwhile rumours are swirling Paris is back on the map – but only just.
about her being ousted in favour of new blood.
In January, HSBC chief executive Stuart Gulliver said
The next test of the resolve of Europe will come in trading operations that generated about 20 per cent of
September where German Chancellor Angela Merkel is revenue for the lender’s investment bank in London may
facing a tough battle with the SPD, led by Martin Schulz, move to Paris.


What is a hung parliament?

If no single party reaches 326 seats and no coalition agreement is formed, a hung parliament is declared –
the Tories (Conservatives) form a minority government.
This means they would be reliant on the support of other parties to pass laws.
The other option is sending the public back to the ballot boxes – sorry folks, a fresh election could be called.

JP Morgan is already planning on moving hundreds of UK
jobs to Dublin, Frankfurt and Luxembourg, in preparation
for Brexit.

Daniel Pinto, the firm’s head of investment banking, stated
that JP Morgan cannot afford to wait for confirmation on
how the industry will be regulated after the UK leaves the

Speaking to journalists in late May, François Villeroy de German Chancellor Angela Merkel enjoys a beer during an election campaign in
Galhau, who is also a governing council member of the Munich in May.Christian Bruna / EPA
European Central Bank, said: “We are having discrete
but numerous and serious contacts” with banks in the Now the circumstances have changed. Britain has voted
UK about relocations.” He added that “Paris “has every for Brexit, but Scotland did not, with just 38 per cent of
chance” of attracting banks. Scottish people voting to leave the EU. In contrast, 53
percent of the electorate in England voted to leave.
However, speaking to BBC’s Today programme, Mr Macron’s As Brussels reckons with the result, the European project
Brexit special envoy for financial issues predicted only is looking shakier than ever. What better way to bolster
15 per cent of companies would relocate parts of their its reputation than for European leaders to say: “Well,
activities after the UK leaves the European Union. England - you voted to leave, and best of luck to you.
Scotland, welcome to the party!”
What about Scotland, and Northern Ireland?
Europe’s position on the UK exit
The union that binds together the four political entities
within the United Kingdom has never been more at risk. Back in April, at a meeting, European Union leaders
What nobody in the English political and media class declared that when it comes to Brexit, 27 of them will
seems to have realised is how badly England will fare if stand as one against the UK.
Scotland, which is more than likely, and Northern Ireland,
which is plausible though by no means certain, split off. “Unity in action,” European Commission President Jean-
Claude Juncker said on Twitter as he announced the EU
It will be the end of England - the dominant power of the government’s rubber-stamped the negotiating strategy in
UK - and when the term “Little England” will really come less than 15 minutes at the April summit in Brussels.
into its own.
Policy makers arrived declaring that they were united
Almost exactly two and a half years ago, the Scottish in their approach to Brexit and that Britain wouldn’t be
electorate decided against leaving the UK. They were told allowed to be better off outside the bloc than inside it.
by pro-union campaigners that if they did vote to leave Prime Minister Theresa May’s government was told it will
Britain, they would lose their membership of the European have to agree to pay a financial settlement and resolve
Union. the rights of citizens before the EU allows discussions to
turn to a future trade deal.
At the time this was probably true. There was no incentive
for European decision-makers to allow accession for
Scotland, not least because it would embolden Spanish
Catalonian independence, and therefore Spain at least -
perhaps Belgium too - would veto Scotland’s membership.


Work and play in the Union Talks are now set to begin after the UK’s June 8 election. The drafting of the
strategy over the past month has gone remarkably smoothly, say EU diplomats
At the moment, UK nationals can in Brussels and national capitals. The result is a common position based
turn up to an EU country, flash around ensuring Britain pays a price for leaving and that its departure isn’t
their passports and be granted made so easy that others will be encouraged to follow.
freedom of movement within the
union. But once the country pulls Among the aims listed in the document are that the British agree to pay a
out of the EU, this privilege could financial settlement before they get to discuss a future trade deal and that any
come to an end. transition comes with continued financial, regulatory and legal ties. Britain will
be asked to pay at least 40 billion euros ($44 billion) when it leaves and may
The UK government will need to face as much as 60 billion euros, Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel said
negotiate a deal for its citizens in an interview.
and will likely try to retain visa-free
travel. But the European Commission 25th March 1957 Belgium, France, Germany, Italy,
may have other ideas -- it currently Luxembourg and the Netherlands
has a proposal on that table for January 1st 1973 sign the Treaty of Rome, creating
a visa waiver system, much like the European Economic Community
the scheme in the United States, November 1st 1993 (EEC), or ‘common market’.
to tighten screening of all non-EU June 23rd 2016
members entering the EU. This March 29th 2017 Britain joined the European
would involve applying online for Economic Community, however
a visa ahead of time and paying a April 29th 2017 choose to keep the Pound currency
small fee to be given access to the March 29th 2019 over the Euro.
The Maastricht Treaty takes force
EU citizens who get a professional creating the European Union,
qualification in one EU country formerly the EEC.
may work in another safe in
the knowledge that their skill -- UK pass referendum 53.4% to leave
whether it be accounting, teaching, EU – nicknamed “Brexit”
beekeeping or wine-tasting -- will
be recognized. Prime Minister Theresa May invokes
“Article 50” of the Lisbon Treaty
It’s fairly simple for UK citizens to which gives the two sides two years
find work or training elsewhere to agree to terms of the split.
in the EU by using the European
Qualifications Framework and the Remaining 27 EU countries meet to
Europass to list their skills and discuss UK withdrawal.
qualifications. These standardized
documents help universities and UK scheduled to leave the EU. It can
employers to compare applicants be extended if all 28 EU members
from countries across the EU. Once agree.
Britain has left the EU, UK citizens
may not be able to access these
tools and countries may decide
not to recognize each other’s
qualifications unconditionally.

More than 3 million EU citizens
reside in the UK and over 1 million UK
citizens live in other Member States,
whose rights in those countries will
be directly affected.


A few bizarre examples of
what is at stake!

Although growth is projected to be slow, the EU remains the largest economy in the world with a GDP per head Trade in torture instruments
of €25 000 for its 500 million consumers. The EU is the world’s largest trading block. The EU is the world’s largest
trader of manufactured goods and services. EU member nations are banned
from importing items that have no
“The British have been on a steep learning curve when it comes to what the practical use other than carrying
red lines are and what they can reasonably expect to achieve,” said Christian out capital punishment, torture or
Odendahl, chief economist at the Centre for European Reform. “The EU has inhuman or degrading treatment.
been remarkably consistent over the last couple of months when it comes to Among them are electric chairs
its position.” and shock belts, shackles, gallows,
guillotines and pepper spray.
What’s at stake as far as trade goes? Revisiting this law could make for
some interesting deliberations in
One of the most contentious points of the Brexit debate is the UK’s trade UK Parliament.
relations with the EU. A new trade deal is expected to be one of the most
difficult and important parts of the negotiations. Bananas

The UK intends to leave the EU’s single market and may also leave the EU The EU rules on bananas have
customs union, through which Britain enjoys tariff-free trade. If no trade deal long been the subject of mockery.
is agreed upon, the UK would have to trade with the EU under World Trade According to the 1994 regulation,
Organization rules, which could lead to new tariffs and regulations. bananas must be “free from
malformation or abnormal
Post-Brexit doors could open for the UK to strike new trade deals with non- curvature,” be more than 14
EU countries like the US, China, Brazil, Australia and Canada. As a member of centimeters in length and come
the EU -- which negotiates trade deals as a bloc -- this would not have been in bunches of at least four. Other
possible. parts of the regulation say the
fruit must be free from pests and
However, the loss of free trade with Europe would come at a hefty price. mostly free of bruises. Bananas
might be bendier after Brexit --
............................................................................................................ but could they be less appetizing
Paul Willies is a commercial real estate appraiser based in Tampa, Florida.
Mr Willies’s background includes publishing multiple newspapers and magazines in the US Bright lights
and Canada, along with experience managing political campaigns in the UK, Canada, and
Could traditional incandescent
the United States. light bulbs make a return to high
street shelves in the UK? The UK
[email protected] mostly phased out incandescent
bulbs following an EU directive
............................................................................................................ favoring more energy efficient
options in 2009. But the regulation
only applied to domestic use, and
to this day the traditional light
bulbs are commercially available
in the UK. It’s possible Britain
could bring back the bright lights
after Brexit.





Economic Development Agencies across North America and the globe are
always looking for new ways to attract foreign investment in their region.
As business and technologies evolve, it is important that your marketing
message keeps in line with current trends and reaches your intended
audience in both traditional and digital media.

We specialise in creating immersive, professional design and marketing
material for teams and individuals involved in Foreign Direct Investment.

With the latest tools at our fingertips we craft stunning brochures, eye-
catching infographics, mobile responsive websites, advertorials and a range
of creative, functional literature to ensure that businesses, investors and site
selectors are given the best impression of what your region has to offer.

We ensure that both sides of the coin are presented, from your region’s
leisure and recreational activities, to your important technical business data
and state incentives - we leave no stone unturned.

With the Toronto IEDC Conference just around the corner, take advantage
of our new client offers and let us assist you in making a huge impact on the
hundreds of potential businesses attending this year’s meeting.

Our work speaks for itself and we constantly ‘wow’ clients with phenomenal
creative. Our work with “ Fdi Alliance International” has consistently met the
technical and creative needs for economic development professionals and we
look forward to working with you and showcasing your region in the future.


Chatham-Kent offers a landscape that’s
rich in both resources and local culture.

A unique blend of 25 communities, including two First Nation territories, Chatham-Kent offers a landscape
that’s rich in both resources and local culture. From historically significant sites, to multi-million dollar facilities,
Chatham-Kent manages to marry the past with the present in a way that provides unparalleled opportunities
for the future.

Set between two fresh water Great Lakes and surrounded by rich, productive farmland, Chatham-Kent is a paradise
for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. We have one of the mildest climates in Canada…meaning our golfers hit the
links about nine months of the year.

“Living the dream without breaking the bank” sums up how most residents feel about Chatham-Kent. The beauty of
Chatham-Kent combined with the low cost of living has made us very attractive to businesses looking to give their staff
an ideal place to live, have fun and raise a family.

Excellent Access to U.S. and Canadian Markets

About 45 minutes from Detroit, Michigan, Chatham-Kent is uniquely positioned central to international air, land, rail,
and shipping ports providing investors with the right routes to market, both domestically and abroad. The community
offers accessibility to three major and four minor U.S. border crossings. The region is bisected by the NAFTA Super
Highway (better known as the 401) with Chatham-Kent located in the heart of one of North America’s most prosperous
industrial and technological markets. Locate here and you will be bringing your product to a market of over 25 million
consumers within 400 kilometres of Chatham-Kent. Toronto is two and a half hours to our east and Detroit an hour
to our west.

Food Processing Cluster

If it can be grown in Canada, it can be grown in Chatham-Kent. With over 70 different crop varieties in production, there
is a combination of factors at play resulting in Chatham-Kent being a key location for agricultural companies including
food processing. Thanks to a unique combination of rich soil, abundant fresh water, warm climate, effective and
applied research and over 2,100 innovative producers, Chatham-Kent really does grow for the world. The agriculture
and agri-food system in Chatham-Kent is a $3 Billion economic driver and is modern, highly complex and internationally

Chatham-Kent has a growing and progressive greenhouse sector with approximately 350 acres of greenhouses and
plans for future development underway. Our growers lead the way in finding opportunities to reduce operating costs
and increase yield. Over $120 million has been invested in greenhouse expansion in the past 4 years.


Chatham-Kent is home to the world’s largest fresh water commercial
fishing port and the number one producer of tomatoes, seed corn,
carrots, cucumbers, Brussels sprouts and pumpkins in all of Canada.

Advanced Manufacturing Cluster

Our industries are recognized around the world as innovators and
problem-solvers that improve products and processes to be leaner
and smarter. Integration is the key with custom metal fabrication,
advanced robotics and PLC experts and other specialists creating
solutions utilizing exotic materials with intricate precision and
exceptional quality. Cutting edge materials and emerging capabilities
are expanding the limits of local productivity.
Global leaders live here, do business here and invest millions of
dollars annually in the next wave of technology. Chatham-Kent
is home to over 180 manufacturers and over 6,000 skilled and
technical employees.

Highly demanding manufacturers in the automotive, oil and gas,
and chemical sectors depend on Chatham-Kent for performance-
critical component parts. From precision moulds, tools and dies, jigs
and fixtures to piece parts and gauges, local manufacturers deliver
components that are tested daily by highly demanding manufacturers
with stringent quality and exotic material requirements.

Keep company with great companies from around the globe.
Chatham-Kent hosts a number of multi-national companies with
headquarters across Europe and the United States as well as
Canada, including Autoliv (Sweden), Continental Tire (Germany),
Rulmeca (Italy), Barry Callebaut (Switzerland), Krinner (Germany),
Mahle (Germany), ConAgra Foods (USA), Martinrea (Canada), Dana
(USA), MSSC (Japan), Union Gas Limited (Canada), KSR International
Co. (Canada), AarKel Tool and Die Inc. (Canada) and Pioneer (USA).


Skilled Workforce

Your company is only as good as the people you employ.
Here in Chatham-Kent, you can rest assured knowing you’re employing the very best, thanks to the region’s growing
population of skilled and experienced workers. From skilled labourers to highly educated individuals, Chatham-Kent’s
workforce is as diverse as the crops we grow, the products we manufacture, and the energy we produce.

Ongoing education and workforce training is a major focus in our community. Whether it’s collecting labour market
research, or hosting training seminars, Chatham-Kent’s Workforce Planning Board provides the local business
community with ongoing support and solutions designed to attract, train and retain workers with in-demand skills. The
Planning Board works with local business and industry to identify needs and gaps in training in order to help customize
future educational and training opportunities.

Post-secondary education opportunities abound in our community, thanks to the University of Guelph, Ridgetown
Campus and the St. Clair College, Thames Campus. Both are located in Chatham-Kent and are critical to the ongoing
growth and development of the local workforce.

Home to progressive thinking and state-of-the-art training, both schools contribute to the Chatham-Kent community
through projects that support our economy, enrich the surrounding region, and create sustainable environmental
solutions across a variety of industry sectors.

Outside of these campuses, investors will find an additional three universities and three colleges in the region, each
with its own unique focus. From health sciences to advanced technologies, our region offers some of the best-educated
and trained labourers in Ontario.


Taxes relief and Incentives Ontario’s combined Federal/Provincial corporate tax rate
is lower than the U.S. Federal/State average. Since 2010,
Chatham-Kent was named the second “Most Affordable the general corporate tax rate has dropped 5.5 points to
Place to Do Business in Canada” and among the top 25 26.5%. If you are considering a manufacturing operation,
overall in the 2016 ranking of Canada’s Best Places for the rate drops to 25%.
Business by Canadian Business and PROFIT.

In the second annual ranking, Chatham-Kent placed The Chatham-Kent Economic Development Services team
13th amongst “Canada’s Best Places for Business.” promotes our community to the world. We communicate
Produced by two of the country’s best-known business with senior national and international business leaders,
media outlets — Canadian Business and PROFIT — the as well as provincial and federal government decision
2016 Canada’s Best Places for Business ranking factors makers in order to identify Chatham-Kent as the ideal
in more than 20 indicators of cost, market trends and location for new investment.
business friendliness collected from various sources and
participating municipalities. The ranking is designed to help Supporting local businesses with company expansion,
entrepreneurs and executives make smarter decisions on local issues affecting their businesses, encouraging
where to start, expand or relocate their enterprises. This strategic alliances, gathering community intelligence and
ranking reinforces what we already know about Chatham- assisting local businesses with access to government
Kent – this is an innovative and thriving community that grants and programs are among the services we offer.
is a destination of choice for businesses. Chatham-Kent Whether it’s fostering public-private partnerships to help
is an ideal location for companies looking to make smart grow existing businesses or attracting new investment to
and effective growth investments. our area in order to drive market expansion, our economic
development team is focused on driving prosperity
We will provide you with prolonged, sustained savings in wherever and whenever possible.
a low-cost business operating environment founded on
lower land costs, affordable building costs, decreased Here in Chatham-Kent, we believe the best incentive is a
costs on new construction, inexpensive labour and more successful business operation. Contact us today to learn
beneficial overhead costs. In addition, the Chatham-Kent more about our investment opportunities.
Economic Development team works directly with investors
to leverage a wide range of local, provincial, and federal For Further Information Contact:
programs. Michael F. Burton
Municipality of Chatham-Kent
Programs include Brownfield and Employment incentives, 445 Grand Avenue West, PO Box 944
Agriculture and Processing grants and loans, and various
Community Improvement Plans. Provincial and federal t: (519) 350-1673
programs help subsidize capital equipment purchases, f: (519) 351-7852
leasehold improvements, training costs and job creation.
InvestCanada and InvestOntario provide significant
incentives to manufacturers in support of large-scale
investments through the Jobs Prosperity Fund and the
Automotive Innovation Fund.

Today, California is the 6th largest economy connecting foreign investors with California cooperation ensuring businesses,
in the world and continues to lead the projects; overseeing the state’s 14 investors, researchers and educators
nation in several key metrics, including: Innovation Hubs (iHubs); and managing have the resources and contacts they
job growth, foreign direct investments the state’s highly successful California may need to build partnerships that
and venture capital deals. In addition, Competes Tax Credit program. will lead to economic opportunities. As
California has the largest corporate mentioned above, California remains
tax credit program in the country, the What is the California Competes Tax the number one state for attracting
largest film credit, the largest tourism Credit Program? For businesses planning foreign direct investments and as of
marketing budget and was the first state job growth and investment, the California 2016, internationally based companies
to offer online applications for business Competes Tax Credit program provides employed 561,000 California workers and
incentives. Moreover, Governor Brown’s a credit against current and future tax were responsible for 4.6 percent of the
climate action and sustainability goals liability based on a company’s projected state’s total private-industry workforce.
are spurring innovation in emerging net new jobs and capital investments
technologies that will reduce greenhouse in each year over a five year period. These are only a snapshot of the
gas emissions and energy consumption Since 2014, GO-Biz has allocated $555.3 opportunities and resources that
while laying the foundation for California’s million to 775 companies projected to California has to offer. When combining
‘green’ economy. create 77,178 new jobs and make $14.5 California’s economic development
billion in new investments. There are no incentives, broad reach on a global scale,
Leading California’s activities to encourage restrictions on the size of companies or and culture of innovation with California’s
private sector attraction and expansion the geographic location where they intend top ranked colleges and universities, which
is the Governor’s Office of Business and to do business. Additionally, the program attract the highest performing students
Economic Development (GO-Biz). GO- sets aside 25% of available credits in a around the world and are cultivating
Biz is the one-stop shop for investors, fiscal year for companies with revenue early stage research and development,
businesses, site selection consultants and under $2 million during the base tax year it is hard to find a place better prepared
all economic development stakeholders of when they apply for the credit. and equipped to meet the demands of a
interested in accessing resources growing and highly evolving international
or learning more about financing For investors or businesses abroad, market place.
opportunities and incentives in California. the GO-Biz International Affairs unit
oversees activities related to the Sid Voorakkara
The list of services offered at GO-Biz Governor’s international business and Deputy Director, External Affairs
ranges from navigating federal, state and trade investment MOUs. These MOUs Governor’s Office of Business and
local incentives and permit requirements; provide the framework for bilateral
Economic Development
1325 J Street, Suite 1800
Sacramento, CA 95814






2nd 21st MsquILaEreS InlanCd AEmLpIirFe O R N I A

largest city in largest city in IN THE USONE OF THE FASTEST GROWING REGIONS
Riverside County CALIFORNIA

2nd 209,826largest city in 21st20-mile squareH o m e t o n u m e r o u s Inland Empire
2ndRiverside CPMoouopnruetlnyaotioVnal2le0y17 212s,t325,591largesrtacdiituys pinopulation

951.413.3460 | | edteaHmo [email protected] lu.omrge r o u s

209,826 radius population
2,325,591 Fortune 500Moreno Valley

209,826Population 2017
radius population
2,325,591 Fortune 500Moreno Valley

Population 2017

951.413.3460 | | [email protected]

951.413.3460 | | edteaFmDI @ALmLIAoNvCEa|l.oSUrMgMER 2017 17

Sometimes the
address says it all.

Irvine businesses are thriving. Grow with us. 12TH CONSECUTIVE YEAR:

Irvine was master planned to be an economic powerhouse. A strategic SAFEST CITY
location, 21st century university and colleges, business-oriented governance, IN AMERICA
a high quality of life and rich diversity energizes us and helps us attract
and retain the best talent and the brightest companies in the life sciences, (population over 100,000)
technology, digital arts & media and advanced manufacturing. - Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

We are your gateway to investing and establishing an operation in southern
California. Contact us today about our resources, talent, capital and incentives!

36 Executive Park Suite 100, Irvine, CA. 96214949.660.9112

Registration now open.

The 2017 Annual Conference in Toronto,
Canada will be all about going global. The four conference tracks we’ll cover are:
It is the first IEDC Annual Conference 1. Regional Collaboration in FDI – Regional
outside of the United States. The
conference will focus on how to connect, cooperation in foreign direct investment
collaborate and create at the global level 2. Expanding Global Trade – A cooperative
to contribute to the transformation of
local, state and regional economies. With approach to support expansion into
the emergence of new global markets, global markets and the importance
communities need to work together to of emerging global markets to local and
encourage competition and advance regional business growth
economic growth. This is a must attend 3. Startup Ecosystem – How startups,
event for economic developers. incubators and business improvement
areas and main street revitalizations are
BOOK YOUR STAY shaping economies
4. The Creative Economy – How culture,
Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel sport, film, music and creative industries
123 Queen Street West are transforming economies
Toronto, ON, Canada M5H 2M9
Phone: (888) 627-7175
Group Rate Cutoff: August 25, 2017

iedcONLINE International iedconline2 iedconline iedconline
@iedctweets Economic
Development #IEDCTorontoFDI#AELLcIAoNnCDEe|vSU#MIEMDERC2G01lo7 ba1l9

Georgia, the largest state in land is innovative programs that accelerate INFRASTRUCTURE IN GEORGIA
area east of the Mississippi River, industry growth, help educate diverse
is a South Atlantic state bordered workforces and connect business The seamless connection of Georgia’s
by Florida to the south, the Atlantic leaders, while creating thousands logistics infrastructure offers
Ocean and South Carolina to the east, of new jobs and hundreds of new businesses a significant competitive
North Carolina and Tennessee to the businesses. advantage and is the reason why
north, and Alabama to the west. The Georgia was ranked the No. 2 state
state has a varied landscape. Relocate a business to Georgia where for infrastructure and global access in
over 33 Fortune 1000 companies are America
In the past, cotton was Georgia’s headquartered, workforce training is
most important source of income. fast and free, and businesses have When companies choose Georgia,
However, Georgia has been called the direct, easy access to global markets. they are choosing a solid foundation
“Empire State of the South” because A booming, well-educated workforce, of air, land and sea transportation
of its size and impressive economic reasonably priced land, favorable that sustains business growth in an
growth since that time. Today, the taxes, and an advanced logistics and increasingly globalized economy.
state’s leading source of income is transportation infrastructure have Logistics giants such as Delta Air Lines,
from service industries, like wholesale convinced companies like Google, UPS, SAIA and Manhattan Associates
and retail trade. It is one of the chief NCR, UPS, General Mills, Boeing and are headquartered in Georgia
manufacturing states of the South; the Home Depot as well as thousands
production of textiles is its leading of international businesses to relocate PRO-BUSINESS
manufacturing activity. or establish operations in Georgia.
Georgia boasts one of the top pro-
Our economic development successes GEORGIA LIFESTYLE business environments in the nation.
are based on strong partnerships. State statutes, economic development
Private–public partnerships give Georgia Lifestyle and standard of living are practices, business development, financial
businesses a competitive advantage. two reasons Georgia continues support, fiscal conservatism, community
Dozens of development agencies to attract Fortune 500 companies leadership and an innovative, progressive
across the state collaborate on an and the skilled, educated workforce business community all combine to
ongoing basis to create partnerships those businesses and others need provide an ecosystem that is prime for
that guarantee the future health and to succeed. The state’s diverse doing business.
strength of Georgia’s economy and population, the blend of city and
the companies that drive it. The result country atmosphere, and the widely
varying topography all contribute to a
unique lifestyle.


For Further Information Please Contact:
Denise Plemmons |Program Support Analyst | 246 W. Hancock Avenue Athens, GA 30601 t: 706.613-3233 ext.229


Come Grow Globally!

Top Five Reasons for Locating in
Liberty County,Georgia.

Location with Access from Port including overnight to Miami, FL. It via I-95 north and south on the eastern
to Market: constructed a 204,000 SF facility that is seaboard, and I-16 to I-75 and Midwestern
expandable to 400,000+. markets only 20 minutes north. Both the
Located only 30 minutes south of Midway Industrial Park and Tradeport
Savannah Port (the second busiest Hankook Tire selected a 500,000 SF Business Center are located within 1+mile
container port on the eastern seaboard) building built by IDI Gazeley in Tradeport of “Midway” Exit Number 76 of I-95.
via six-lane I-95, both Midway Industrial East Business Center for a major DC
Park and Tradeport East Business Center operation. Approximately 1,000,000 tires Labor with “Team” Training:
have proven popular with major national are rotating through this Class A building
and international companies. at any given time.

Hugo Boss selected the Midway Industrial International Greetings (IG), a Everyone has a civilian labor force, but
Park for an initial 165,000 SF single- continuously growing international very few locations can offer a constant
level distribution center. It then added company headquartered in the UK, supply of 300 to 400 persons per month
a second tier inside the building. This selected the Midway Industrial Park for that have received world-class “team”
was followed by an additional 165,000 SF a relocation from Massachusetts into a training as a result of membership in the
expansion, growing the building footprint 50,000 SF shell building owned by the Army Team!
to 330,000 SF. Most recently a third tier Liberty County Development Authority
was added inside the total 330,000 SF (LCDA). It was expanded to 100,000 SF These soldiers transferring into civilian
foot-print. Acreage remains to expand for initial occupancy. life bring with them a wide variety of skills
the building footprint even more in the needed to move military equipment and
future. Over the years, IG expanded that building supplies to meet pressing deadlines.
to 200,000 SF and then to 300,000 SF. Whether mechanics, drivers, computer
Target came in big following an extensive IG then purchased an adjoining 185,000 specialists, office personnel, etc., almost
site search and built its 1,500,000 SF SF building. This was followed by the any job requirement in the civilian world is
“regional” distribution facility in the purchase of an adjoining 50,000 SF mirrored in the military. These mostly 22
Tradeport East Business Center, enabling building, bring IG’s existing footprint to to 24-year-old skilled tradesmen, mixed
that DC to serve significant portions of 535,000 – supreme acknowledgement with some 30 to 40-year-old management
Florida and Georgia. of its decision to locate in Liberty County, personnel, have all been trained to work
Georgia. as a team – a trait highly valued by private
Tire Rack searched Florida, Georgia, and sector organizations.
South Carolina and ultimately selected All of these DCs focused on access to
Tradeport East Business Center for the Savannah Port, easy overnight access Liberty County benefits from the
ability to serve the southeastern market, to markets from Miami to Philadelphia availability of this highly sought after labor


Location with access from port to market…Labor with “team” training…Parks, pads and buildings…
Competitive benefits…Continuous, long-term commitment. These are just five of the reasons
companies like Hugo Boss, Target, Arconic, SNF, Interstate Paper, International Greetings, Tire Rack,
Hankook and others have selected Liberty County, Georgia after exhaustive site selection studies.

supply as a result of the presence of Ft.
Stewart, Georgia. The cantonment (live/
work) area of Ft. Stewart is located in
Liberty County adjacent to the city limits
of the county seat – the City of Hinesville.
Hinesville/Ft. Stewart is located only 20
minutes from the Authority’s parks via
four-lane U.S. 84.

Parks, Pads, & Buildings:

The Liberty County Development Authority
has developed four industrial parks:

Hinesville Technology Park – Includes
Liberty County Campus of Savannah
Technical College. The Liberty County
School System’s College and Career
Academy is less than one mile away. Home
of Florapharm (German tea blender and
distributor), CTech (metal plating), and
Liberty County School System Bus Facility.

Walthourville Industrial Park – The
Authority’s first park. Less than one mile
from Hinesville Technology Park. Home
of Waltrich Plastics (plastic extrusion
relocation project from New Jersey) and a
former apparel manufacturing facility.

Midway Industrial Park – 1+ mile from
I-95. Home of Hugo Boss, International
Greetings, Elan Technology, SNF FloQuip,
and BMC.


The LCDA has
proven time and
again it’s desire
to facilitate
retention and
expansion projects.

Tradeport East Business Center – Less
than 1 miles from I-95. Home of Target,
Tire Rack, Hankook Tire, and Arconic
(advanced manufacturing for aero-
space). IDI-Gazeley pads and Liberty
County Development Authority sites.
1,843 acres total.

Tradeport West Business Center – 1,962
rail served acres 4+ miles from I-95 via
four-lane U.S. 84.

Competitive Benefits:

Every Authority is interested in securing The LCDA has proven time and again Come Grow Globally!
good companies to locate in their its desire to facilitate retention and
community. This naturally creates a lot expansion projects. Lebanese owned Contact Ron Tolley, CEO,
of competition for those projects. The Interstate Paper, for example, came to
Liberty County Development Authority is Liberty County in 1968, but has received t: 1+912-977-4147
accustomed to creating tax abatements, continuing assistance in both retention or
assisting with expediting permits and and expansion projects throughout
approvals, coordinating with Savannah the decades. The most recent was a [email protected]
Technical College, Ft. Stewart Career & $73,000,000 bond resolution in 2017 for
Alumni Placement, Georgia Department a modernization project at the company’s
of Labor, QuickStart Training Program, Riceboro liner board mill.
etc. to aggressively pursue projects.
SNF, a major international chemical
The Tradeport Business Center has the company headquartered in France, has
advantage of an Opportunity Zone used the LCDA’s services on several
for generous Job Tax Credits and the occasions as it has grown from 30
utilization of payroll withholding. Many employees in 1988 to approximately
companies also avail themselves of the 1,300 today. Whether facilitating the
opportunity to secure Foreign Trade closure and relocation of county roads,
Zones for their facilities. This process new tax abatements for expansion, or
normally takes approximately 45 days new machinery and equipment; the LCDA
by creating a sub-zone of the Savannah has always stood ready to assist SNF
Foreign Trade Zone. and every other company located in the
The LCDA would welcome the
The LCDA is recognized for its continuous, opportunity to show your company
long-term commitment to companies that these and additional reasons why
locate in Liberty County. Whether through companies both domestic and
monthly meetings with the Liberty County international have benefited from
Manufacturing Collaborative, semi- the acceptance of our invitation to:
annual Industry Appreciation receptions
and golf tournaments, formal annual
reviews, or the simple promotion of cell
phone exchanges for “I just thought of
something and thought I would give you
a call” opportunities, the LCDA staff and
board never forget a company once it
locates in Liberty County.



Transport and Logistics continue to Colliers International’s produced a transportation network is paramount.
evlove, no matter the type of transport “Global Logistics Report: From First Poor road infrastructure and trucker
invloved is on the road, on the sea or Mile to Last Mile” which looks at the shortages in North America, combined
in the air. The information age, with main factors that are expected to with the ability and willingness of
it’s introduction of sophisticated make dramatic changes in global railroad operators to get involved in
databases that can track inventory logistics over the next 25 years. These building and maintaining an efficient
levels and shipments on a global include population, consumption and rail network, has helped drive a new
basis via the internet, has created digital trends to global trade flows and generation of large intermodal freight
vast transport and logistic efficiencies. new infrastructure paradigms. hubs—connecting containerized sea
The rapid adoption of outsourcing freight with inland distribution options.
has led companies, when shipping Increasing containerised trade flows
is vital to their businesses, to turn and the worldwide integration of The development of this market over
to logisitcs service providers for supply chains means that port-centric the last 10 years (and longer) has
all manner of shipping support, clusters are an increasingly important created a new series of large-scale,
includinbg warehousing, scheduling part of the logistics sector, enabling a high-value assets, which have taken a
and distribution services. more efficient and cost-effective flow first-mover advantage in staking their
of goods. This is increasingly visible claim as the dominant centers of the
Meanwhile, consumers and from the huge sums of investment North American logistics market. This
government transportation agencies going into making ports capable of is an important signal for other global
worldwide have a renewed interest handling larger containerized vessels, markets in terms of “what happens
in high-speed trains and other forms creating a clearer hierarchy of global next.”
of rapid transit. The American Public ports and trans-shipment feeder ports
Transportation Association estimates
that transit ridership grew by 47% In the more established consumer
from 1995 to 2015, compared to only markets of North America and Europe,
32% in vehicle miles travelled. linking ports to an efficient, continental



Louisiana is a West South Central Louisiana’s farms produce a good Globally recognized companies such
state bordered by Arkansas to the amount of the country’s rice, cotton, as Dow, ExxonMobil, Honeywell and
north, Mississippi to the east, the Gulf soybeans, sweet potatoes, and Methanex have either established or
of Mexico to the south, and Texas to pecans. The state is also a very expanded operations in Louisiana
the west. important part of the United States and are benefiting from the state’s
space program. The C-5 boosters unique advantages.
Because of its location, Louisiana used in the Apollo moon-landing
has the world’s busiest port system program were made in Louisiana. In At the core of Louisiana’s competitive
and is one of the most important New Orleans, there is an enormous advantages is the strength of its
trading states. The state is linked facility for making the gigantic external business climate. In recent years, the
with the center of the country as fuel tanks for space shuttles. state has enacted reforms to create
well as places across the sea by its an atmosphere that Forbes magazine
water route. The Mississippi River Traditional and emerging industries called “America’s new frontier for
has made Baton Rouge, the state’s are growing in Louisiana. A highly business opportunity.” Louisiana
capital, an important inland port. productive and motivated workforce, now ranks in the Top 10 states in the
Most of the country’s petroleum and low taxes, unrivaled infrastructure country for business climate according
grain is shipped from New Orleans, and logistics, a pro-business to several national publications
the state’s largest city. In fact, New climate and the nation’s best including Area Development, Business
Orleans handles more tonnage than workforce recruitment and training Facilities and Site Selection magazines.
any other United States port. program provide a competitive
advantage. Home to more than A low cost of living, a strong economy
Louisiana produces many things. It’s a 200 petrochemical manufacturers and one of the nation’s most vibrant
leading producer of forest products, and 19 refineries, Louisiana offers and well-preserved cultures are just a
furs, and minerals including oil, considerable strategic advantages few reasons Louisiana is a great place
natural gas, sulfur, and salt. In fact, for companies in the process to call home.
the state is the leading producer of industries. From legacy sectors like
natural gas in the country and a large chemicals and refining to innovative
part of its economy is dependent technologies leveraging low cost
upon its mineral resources. Louisiana feedstock, the state’s abundance
has more than 90 chemical plants of talent, infrastructure and natural
that manufacture one-fourth of the resources provide unparalleled
country’s petrochemicals and 12 opportunities.
major refineries that have produced
10 billion gallons of gas.



Home of Louisiana Tech University:
Epicenter of opportunity and innovation



Start, Expand or Grow your
business to the next level

Ruston is centrally located in northern workforce. our local businesses. Lincoln Parish
Louisiana. As the Parish Seat of Lincoln is home to a diverse economic base
Parish (County), Ruston is large enough In addition to our educational of both domestic and internationally
to offer many wonderful amenities opportunities, Ruston has many based companies, including advanced
and small enough to maintain our advantages for new and expanding manufacturing, technology/support
unique small town charm. As the businesses. Ruston lies at the services, healthcare, and financial
home of Louisiana Tech University, intersection of Interstate 20 and services.
Ruston has an exciting energy, offers Highway 167, providing easy access
a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, and to a number of national markets. While our people are one of our
maintains a pro-business attitude. The City has a Kansas City Southern best assets, there is a quality of life
(KCS) rail line and a regional airport in Lincoln Parish that is second to
Home to the Louisiana Tech University, to provide additional means of none. Whether you are interested
a Tier One National University, Ruston transportation for the community in mountain biking trails, an 18-hole
has the ability to develop, attract, and which has the infrastructure in place professional golf course, arts and
retain intellectual capital. Economic to support further growth and entertainment, hunting and fishing,
and community development relies development. The City of Ruston collegiate sports, museums, or
on institutions and organizations like installed a 30 mile fiber network festivals, Lincoln Parish has something
Louisiana Tech and its industry around the City providing 10 Gbps for for everyone. Ruston is also home to
partners, who encourage and actively some of the best K-12 schools in the
support an entrepreneurial spirit region.
and who recognize the value of the
opportunities that these relationships Ruston recently celebrated the grand
create. Ruston is also the home opening of Monster Moto, a company
of Delta Community College. Both who selected Ruston for their United
institutions work with local business States manufacturing operation which
and industry to develop curriculum they moved from China. Monster Moto
to meet the needs of their skilled executives selected Ruston because


of the many assets Ruston has to including the grand opening of three The Ruston community is well positioned
offer, including a partnership with new hotels. Ruston has seen the to take things to the next level.
Louisiana Tech University, a qualified growth and expansion of local small Ruston has great location, education,
workforce, essential infrastructure, business, as well as, major national industry, and opportunity. Given all of
and an eagerness to make things retailers. Louisiana Tech University our assets, Ruston is the ideal place to
happen. is in the process of completing start, expand, or grow your business.
the expansion of their College of Ruston Mayor Ronny Walker ensures
One year ago, the citizens of Ruston Business Building, constructing new you will find a business friendly
overwhelmingly voted in support of student housing and football stadium atmosphere, infrastructure to support
a three-quarter (3/4) cent sales tax press box, and finalizing design your business, easy access to
to fund the Moving Ruston Forward and engineering plans for their new neighboring markets, access to a top
initiative. Moving Ruston Forward College of Engineering Building. tier university, and a great quality of
will fund over twenty water, sewer, life.
and street projects. This initiative will
also construct a new animal control We hope you will be an addition to our
facility, new walking/biking trails, and list of entities that proudly proclaim
an approximately $28 million regional “Excellence Made Here”. Come see
sports complex. Ruston’s economy what Ruston can do for you!
continues to perform extremely well,


Metal Shark Boats

Plans for the Future.


Metal Shark continues to be a bright
spot in the St. Mary Parish economy.

In July of 2014 the company commenced
operations at the new Franklin Yard in a 60,000
sq. ft. assembly building. In October 2015 the
company installed a new 150’ x 80’ auxiliary
structure for final assembly.

In the first half of 2017, construction on a fully
enclosed 200’ x 80’ large vessel assembly building,
is enabling weather independent construction of
vessels up to 180’ in length.

Yet to come is an 8,000 sq. ft. office building
for Metal Shark executive, engineering, project
management and administrative personnel.

The company employment has grown from 40 employees in Franklin with 3rd
2017 quarter projections as high as 160 employees.

In June, the company won a $54 million US Navy contract to supply thirteen
85’ defiant class near coastal patrol vessels (NCPV) for the United States
Latin American Partner Nations. Metal Shark was selected from a field of six
competing shipyards.

Frank Fink
St. Mary Parish Government
Economic Development Director
500 Main Street,
5th Floor Courthouse
Franklin, LA 70538
t: 337-828-4100, ext. 342 office
f: 337-828-4092 fax
[email protected]


Located roughly halfway between Maryland’s coastal Mid-Atlantic location and dairy farms in the state. Maryland
Boston and Atlanta, London and Los and transportation infrastructure is also an important producer of
Angeles, Maryland’s Mid-Atlantic provide an important port of entry clams, soft-shell crabs, and oysters
location offers proximity and access into the U.S. market. International and is a leader in manufacturing,
to key U.S. and international decision companies appreciate the benefits of computers, communication and other
makers, partners and agencies in the Maryland’s access to federal research high-tech equipment.
technology, biosciences, finance and facilities, a technologically innovative
manufacturing industries. workforce and more than 175 foreign Not surprisingly, printing for the
embassies, residences, chanceries and federal government and all those
Proximity to Washington, D.C. provides diplomatic missions in Washington, other service industries is big
easy access to over 400 agencies - D.C. business. Food processing, from soft
federal, academic and private research drinks and spices to seafood, is also
sectors and 50 federal agencies such The Maryland International Incubator important in Maryland.
as the National Security Agency, the is a first-of-its-kind facility dedicated to
National Institutes of Health and NASA. attracting and growing foreign-owned More than 37 percent of Maryland’s
companies to the state. A joint venture population over 25 years old have
More than 600 foreign-based between the Maryland Department a bachelor’s degree or higher. The
businesses have a presence in of Commerce and the University of strongest parts of the state’s economy
Maryland. In 2012, foreign-controlled Maryland College Park, the incubator include the following five industries:
companies employed 106,100 provides research and development,
Maryland workers, or 5.1 percent business development support • Manufacturing
of the state’s total private sector services and competitively priced
employment. The Netherlands, U.K., space to foreign-owned companies • Aerospace & Defense
France, Canada and Japan are major looking to establish a U.S. presence.
sources of foreign investment in • Fishing Industry
Maryland. Maryland changed from an agricultural
economy to an industrial one during • Life Sciences
Some of the largest international the first half of the 20th century.
companies located in Maryland include Products manufactured in the state • Cyber Security
Astra Zeneca, BAE Systems, Lonza, include electrical equipment,
Nestle, Shimadzu, Sodexo, QIAGEN electrical devices, and processed food.
and Volvo. However, farms can still be found in
Maryland. You can find many chicken



Home of the Eastern Shore Innovation Center

Expand, Relocate, or Return
to the Heart of the Chesapeake
Conveniently Located | Affordably Priced | Dedicated Incentives


Home of the Eastern Shore Innovation Center

Expand, Relocate, or Return to the Heart of the Chesapeake
Conveniently Located | Affordably Priced | Dedicated Incentives

Conveniently located off U.S. Route 50 — a major transportation route — Cambridge is less than 90 miles
from the Baltimore and Washington markets. Across from the Dorchester-Cambridge Airport, we’re only
three miles from the world-renowned Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Resort.
Our economic development team is headquartered at the Eastern Shore Innovation Center, the Tech Park’s
flagship business incubator. As business neighbors, our network ensures you real-time advice, assistance
and advocacy.

Site Location Advantages

• Competitively Priced* Turn-key Building Lots
• Water, Sewer and Fiber Infrastructure
• High Speed Broadband
• Federal HUBZone
• Fully Leased Business Incubator
• Strategic Location
• Eligible for Economic and Financing Incentives

* January 2017 Farm Market Value Assessment, W.R. McCain Associates


Enjoy The Eastern Shore Lifestyle! Mid-Atlantic Market Proximity

A world apart, yet close to the action!
Cambridge enjoys easy access to major

Outdoor Adventure: Enjoy birdwatching, IRONMAN Event: The only full distance Business & Tax Incentives

cycling, hiking and paddling throughout the IRONMAN on the East Coast brings thousands When you invest in Dorchester, we invest
county and at the 28,000-acre Blackwater of endurance athletes and supporters to in you. Businesses looking to move or
National Wildlife Refuge. Cambridge each Fall. expand here are eligible for select location
opportunities. You may also be eligible
World-class Resort: Situated on the banks of the Choptank River, the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake for financial incentives to help reduce
acquisition and operating costs. Learn
Bay Golf Resort, Spa and Marina is ideal for family vacations, weekend getaways, and business about project, income and real property
retreats. tax credits for capital investment and job
creation, loans or preferred contracting
Let our natural beauty and signature Eastern Shore lifestyle move you to Dorchester’s opportunities.
Technology Park. Conveniently located off U.S. Route 50, the Tech Park is a full-
service business enterprise zone with 12 competitively priced, builder-ready lots.

Development incentives include:

• Federal HUBZone
• Enterprise Zone
• R&D Tax Credit
• One Maryland Tax Credits
• Low Interest Loans
• Biotechnology Investment Incentive Tax
• More Jobs for Marylanders Act 2017

For Further Information please contact:

Susan Banks
Business Development Manager
Dorchester County
Economic Development
t: 410.228.0155
e: [email protected]org




Businesses that relocate or expand Nevada businesses having a long Logistics & Operations
to Nevada are often amazed by how history reaching back to World War II
easy it is to start up and operate their of researching, designing, developing Nevada is a gateway to domestic and
enterprises. Nevada is a business- and applying a variety of technologies global exporting opportunities via
friendly state, with government for defense applications. ground, rail and air.
officials committed to streamlining
approval processes and maintaining a Agriculture Manufacturing
low-regulation business environment.
Nevada agriculture is focused mainly With excellent location and transportation
Nevada offers affordable large-scale on range livestock production. Nevada infrastuctures, Nevada’s manufacturing
commercial real estate with easy access ranches rank third in the nation in industry continues to grow.
to logistics, flexible and competitive size, averaging 3,500 acres.
utility rates, and low workers’ Mining
compensation rates in a right-to-work Information Technology
state. Nevada’s mineral wealth has made
Nevada is at the forefront excellent of mining the state’s largest export
Most importantly, Nevada Governor technological research, development, industry.
Brian Sandoval is committed to innovation and commercialization.
economic development and created Tourism, Gaming & Hospitality
the Governor’s Office of Economic Energy
Development to support businesses Nevada is the global intellectual,
that are relocating, expanding or Nevada’s renewable energy portfolio financial and creative center for the
starting up operations in Nevada. has attracted significant domestic Tourism, Gaming and Entertainment
and foreign investment to the state, sector.
The Global Trade and Investment with its potential for generating wind,
programs are aimed at both assisting solar and geothermal power. Nevada’s economic platform will be
Nevada businesses to begin or driven by human ingenuity along with
expand activities in international Health Care collaboration and strategic alliances
markets and also attracting foreign with the broader community.
investment to the state. Nevada health-care providers are
focused upon the reduction of costs The basic principles of innovation,
Key Industries and the improvement of health sustainability and inclusiveness drive
results for Nevadans. the organization’s approach on a
Aerospace & Defense daily basis.

Nevada plays a major role in the
nation’s national security, with



Choose Mesquite, Nevada

Mesquite, Nevada is located in Clark expanded their business efforts to Commerce Center (MTCC) and the
County just one hour northeast of include motels and campgrounds for Sports and Events Complex (SEC). The
Las Vegas, thirty minutes east of the early travelers and tourists, leading MTCC is approximately 800 acres of
amazing Valley of Fire state park in to the beautiful modern-day resorts master planned industrial park with all
Nevada, the newly designated Gold that attract visitors for world-class golf, utilities in place, including a more than
Butte Monument, and an hour-and- entertainment, and events. adequate water supply.
a-half from magnificent Zion National
Park, and Bryce Canyon. A gateway to With exciting new projects in their
incredible recreation at these and other Situated on Interstate 15 half-way launch phases, including the 333 Eagles
state and national parks, the Mesquite between Los Angeles and Salt Lake Landing travel plaza that will include
area boasts unparalleled climbing City, Mesquite is uniquely situated a convenience store, gas and diesel
opportunities, hundreds of miles of as a logistics and transportation pumps, a fast food restaurant and a
off-roading, seven championship golf mecca. With the completion of Exit tire store – all slated to employ at least
courses, year-round youth sports 118 located in Foreign Trade Zone 80 people, as well as the expansion
tournaments, senior games, long-drive no.89 in April of 2016, the ease of and remodeling of the Solstice Motor
competition and a temperate climate access for transportation related Coach Resort, eventually resulting
that brings “snowbirds” from the opportunities are opened into in 240 spaces, and the REV Group
northern states in their RVs to winter both the Mesquite Technology and breaking ground on a 76,000 square
in our glorious community. foot RV repair and warranty center
on land it has purchased in the MTCC
Mesquite had its beginnings in the late anticipating the need for 75 new
1800s when Mormon pioneers settled employees, now is the time to make
the area and began farming, relying on the move to Mesquite.
the abundant water of the Virgin River
and their innovative irrigation system Mesquite is rich in water resources,
to grow cotton, grapes, sugar cane, and which is somewhat of an anomaly in
pomegranates. Known for agriculture Nevada. With abundant underground
and dairies, these hearty settlers water from deep aquifers, as well as


a plentiful system of surface water
rights from the Virgin River, Mesquite
is blessed with a resource that many
western communities do not have.

During the 2015 legislative session,
the City of Mesquite was successful
in getting legislation passed in
cooperation with Southwest Gas,
authorizing the gas company to work
with the Public Utilities Commission
to supply natural gas to unserved
rural areas to facilitate economic
development. Southwest Gas is slated
to make application to the PUC on

behalf of Mesquite and plans to begin key to a strong, successful community, variety of providers from pediatrics to
construction of the 14-mile pipeline we have worked diligently to build a aging services.
and the distribution system in the fall culture of education and a skilled
of 2018. With the growth of the APEX workforce in Mesquite. With the Mesquite Regional Business is here
industrial park, a 50-minute drive from creation of Mesquite Works, the local to help you navigate the relocation
Mesquite toward Vegas, we anticipate workforce development organization, process from site selection to retention.
the location of many supply-chain and the College of Southern Nevada,
industries that have no interest in we have been able to create innovative To find out more
locating in the traffic and bustle of Las training programs to meet the needs about our great
Vegas. We suspect many employees of local employers and can react region in southern
will also choose to commute from our quickly to build training courses for Nevada as a
valleys, in turn, causing a demand for new companies looking to locate their possible location
more workforce housing in addition operations in our community. for your business,
to our robust inventory of retirement
homes. Mesquite is currently the fastest contact Rachel Dahl
growing city in the state of Nevada Mesquite Regional Business
We have recently completed, with the – growing at roughly 5%, and we
assistance of Nevada Rural Housing suspect this growth is poised to t:702-613-0109,
Authority a housing survey which has continue. Boasting a beautiful medical [email protected], or visit our website
resulted in a partnership with NRHA campus at Mesa View Hospital which
allowing that organization to serve as operates a 25-bed facility along with
the housing authority for Mesquite full emergency and surgical facilities.
and help facilitate the development of Mesa View also operates an urgent
a desirable mix of housing inventory.
Believing a strong, prepared workforce is care facility. Directly across from the
hospital is a medical park with a great


North Carolina has had the country’s
fastest-growing economy since 2013.

Between July 1, 2013 – shortly after AEROSPACE, AVIATION AND ENERGY
McCrory took office – and July 1, DEFENSE
2015, North Carolina added about There are many energy companies in
194,000 people for a total population North carolina is home to more than North Carolina, including Blue Ridge
of 10,043,000, according to the U.S. 180 aerospace companies, including Biofuels, DuPont and Siemens Energy
Census Bureau. Boeing in New Bern, Lockheed Martin among others. Each year, more
in Raleigh and Cessna in Greensboro. than 3,000 students graduate from
That’s close to a 2 percent growth rate More than 9,500 people are employed colleges and universities across the
and slightly better than the national in these highly-skilled positions. state, providing a viable workforce for
average over that period. energy companies.
North Carolina is experiencing a shift TRUCK AND HEAVY EQUIPMENT INFORMATION AND COMMS
away from tobacco, furniture and TECHNOLOGY
textiles to new enterprises including North Carolina employes more than
biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and 388,000 workers in manufacturing Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook
life sciences and the state was ranked jobs in the automotive industry. There are instantly recognisable names and all
third best state for business in 2010 are more than 160 Automotive, Truck have locations in North Carolina. Other
by Forbes magazine. and Heavy Equipment companies industry names in the state include Cisco,
in the Tar Heel State. For example, IBM and Flextronics. North Carolina’s
Since Governor McCroy entered Honda is located in haw River and system of colleges and univesities offer
office in 2013, North Carolina has Arvin Meritor and Volvo have several programs and to degrees to prepare for
fostered an economic environment in-state locations. the workplace.
that has created more than 275,000
private sector jobs. Additionally, as BIOTECH, PHARMACEUTICALS North Carolina’s cost of living rivals
a result of historic tax reform, North AND LIFE SCIENCES that of many states across the country.
Carolina’s business tax climate From housing and utilities to everyday
improved from 44th to 16th, the IndustryandeducationfactionsinNorth supplies, groceries and transportation
largest single rate jump in the history Carloina have formed NCBioImpact, to healthcare, the cost of living is below
of the Tax Foundation rankings. which works to provide the industry the national average based on the
with an educated and highly skilled ACCRA Cost of Living Index.
workforce. Companies like Labcorp,
Novo Nordisk and Pfizer thrive in
North Carolina.





• Located within 650 miles of more
than half the U.S. population

• Ranked #4 in the U.S. for cost
effective data centers by the
Boyd Company

• 240 acre urban-based research park
• Regional workforce of over 800,000
• Cost of living well below the

national average (336) 723-8955






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